After a Flash Marriage Chapter 1

Shi Yunnan had just returned home and was leaning on the aisle waiting for a while.

The young servant walked out of the nearby study with a tea tray, and couldn’t help but look at him more when she met him——

The brown chestnut hair was a little long, and the slightly raised tails just hung on both sides of his neck, and the centered bangs couldn’t stop his delicate eyebrows.

The shirt on her body didn’t fasten the top two buttons, exposing her delicate collarbone, with a hot and exploratory sex appeal.

Shi Yunnan noticed the servant’s gaze, and his tone rose, “Are you new here? Look at the face.”

The dim top light reflected the smile in his eyes, which was sultry.

The young servant was startled, and even the roots of his ears appeared red, “Second Young Master, I…”

Before could answer the words, there was a small chattering sound on the first floor——

“You said, what is the second young master doing in this juncture?”




“Who knows? Isn’t he a disliked when he comes back? How many years have been sent abroad, where is his place in this family?”

“I heard that there was a problem inside the company, and the master planned to call the second young man back to help.”

“Help? Don’t laugh, because the second young master’s virtue of spending time and wine abroad, he is more likely to come back and compete with the third young master for the family property.”

Taking advantage of the leisurely moment before the meal, the rest of the servants hid in the utility room on the first floor and chatted in low voices. At this moment, the voice continued to be uploaded.

When Shi Yunnan’s biological mother passed away, he was sent out of the country by his family’s elders when he was less than eight years old.

At first, Shi Yunnan would return to China during the holidays, but soon there was a new wife in the family, and the other side showed his exclusion from him overtly and secretly.

Father Shi defended it on the surface, secretly facing the wife who came in behind, and even the head of the family, Mr. Shi, had an indifferent attitude towards his grandson.

The thoughts of Shi Yunnan’s Nian family were worn down and extinguished, and the fewer times he returned to his country.




In a blink of an eye, he became a dispensable person in this family, and even the servants dared to talk about him in secret.

Shi Yunnan listened to these derogatory remarks, and the smile in his eyes cooled.

The young servant panicked and was about to go downstairs to stop it, but Shi Yunnan picked up the cup on her tea tray first, “I’ll use it.”

The exquisitely crafted tea cup drew a perfect parabola in mid-air, and the ground on the first floor was torn apart with a bang.

The ears of the discussion downstairs suddenly stopped, and the servants ran out of the utility room to check the situation.

Shi Yunnan leaned on the railing of the aisle with one hand and warned with a smile, “Why don’t you speak louder? I promise that the next cup will hit your head.”

“Second Young Master?”

Chewing his tongue behind his back, but the master heard it clearly upstairs?

The servants felt guilty, and immediately picked up the debris on the ground in a panic, not daring to say half of it was wrong.


The door of the study was opened again, and a spirited white-haired old man walked out of the study, with a middle-aged man by his side.

Look closely at the two people’s eyebrows are very similar.

Shi Yunnan spoke lightly, “Grandpa, Dad.”

After so many years of separation between the two places, their grandparents, father and son have long been separated by strangers, but they are at home, and this name has to be called.

“What just happened? Such a big movement?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that some people chew my tongue and make me unhappy.” Shi Yun Nanman answered casually.

Elder Shi looked at his grandson like an eagle, and after two or three seconds he was dissatisfied with the order, “What does the clothes look like? Fasten the buttons before giving me dinner downstairs.”




In his early years, Mr. Shi made his fortune by freight, from single-handed long-distance running to large freight teams, to national chain freight companies… The Shi family’s wealth and achievements today are all traces of wheels.

Mr. Shi has been in power for decades and has a strong personality. Even now, he still has the final say inside and outside the Shi family.

Shi Yunnan was accustomed to the harsh and indifferent attitude of the other party, and arbitrarily closed his neckline. After the two elders went downstairs with their backs facing each other, he breathed a sigh at Liu Haihu and went downstairs.

At the table.

The servants who were still shattered just now didn’t dare to show up, they all stood honestly.

“Dad, this is the chicken soup I cooked for you myself, with a lot of medicinal ingredients added to it, it’s a great supplement.”




A beautiful woman dressed in wealth came out of the kitchen, saying something very nice, and the servant behind her presented the soup pot, and she couldn’t wait to get the soup bowl for Mr. Shi, “Come on, you Have a drink and be careful.”

Shi Yunnan held up the wine glass and stared at the courteous appearance of the beautiful woman without a trace.

The other party is his nominal stepmother, Xie Wei.

Less than a year after Shi Yunnan’s mother passed away, Shi’s father led the woman into the house.

Later, Shi Yunnan learned from the old servant’s gossip that Xie Wei was originally Shi’s father’s first love, but the family was forcibly separated by Shi’s father because of improper families and wrong households.

After Shi Mu died of illness, the two reunited and came together again.

Not only that, when Xie Wei entered the Shi family, she also brought her and her ex-husband’s seven-year-old son.

It stands to reason that the old man Shi would only refuse more severely, but Xie Wei didn’t know what tricks he used, so he forced the old man to reluctantly agree.

After so many years, Xie Wei has become a veritable wife in this family, and the children born to her and her ex-husband can also be called the “three young masters”.

Let the children with their own blood live in a foreign country alone, but let the children of outsiders stay at home and be masters?

Not funny? Not ridiculous?

Shi Yunnan narrowed his gaze, and in the next second, he heard Old Shi on the main seat questioning, “Yunnan, you have graduated almost three years ago, and are you still planning to make a fool of yourself abroad?”

There was no care in the tone, and it was more like a foreshadowing of wind and rain.

Shi Yunnan pretended not to notice the clues and shook the glass, “It’s pretty good abroad, grandpa, I’m used to it…”

Sure enough, before even the complete sentence was finished, the old man snapped it off sharply.

“What’s so good? I think you are a young master, and you have a very comfortable life. You are already twenty-four or five. What else can you do besides reaching out to spend money? I don’t know how to share some for the family.”

Faced with this sudden accusation, Shi Yunnan’s mouth twitched slightly.




Two years ago, when he just graduated, he didn’t think about going back to Shi’s to help. What happened? The old man said, ‘what do you know as a sucker boy? Take it wherever it is cool! ’It was refuted.

How come now, hasn’t it become his again?

No one spoke, and the atmosphere on the dining table instantly reached freezing point.

Shi Sheng’s gaze flicked between his grandfather and grandson. After hesitating for a while, he got up and gave Shi Yunnan a whole piece of crucian meat.

“Yunnam, Grandpa is for your own good. These years you have been abroad by yourself, and we elders can’t worry about it.”

“Come on, eat a piece of fish, I remember you loved fish the most when you were a kid.”

The long-lost concern from his father should make people move, but it’s a pity that Shi Sheng, a ‘good father’,’s words and deeds are too unnatural.

And Shi Yunnan has passed the age when he needs this kind of paternal love.

He looked at the steaming fish in the bowl, smiled lightly and replied, “Dad, when I was eight years old, I was stuck in my throat by a fishbone, and the babysitter was not there. You and Aunt Xie were busy going out on a date. I cried for a long time and there was nothing else. The servant helped me deal with it.”

“This has left a shadow on me. I don’t like to eat it a long time ago. Why, don’t you know?”


Shi Sheng got stuck, where did he remember this?

As he looked at each other, his face finally showed a trace of embarrassment.

Perhaps it was because he hadn’t seen each other for too long, Shi Sheng always felt that he couldn’t see through his son.

For example, now, listening to the heartless statement, there is always an indescribable sarcasm, criticizing him for not being qualified to use his father’s identity as a good person.

Seeing that the atmosphere had solidified again, Xie Wei had to keep winking at her husband beside her, as if there was something eager to announce.

Shi Yunnan took this scene into his eyes, and turned to Old Man Shi who was still stern.

He was called by Shi Sheng to return home temporarily, saying that the old man’s health suddenly became unwell, so he, the grandson, must rush back. Looking at the latter’s complexion now, “being sick” is just an excuse to urge him to return to China.

“Grandpa, Dad, just tell me if you have anything to say.” Shi Yunnan is used to going straight from abroad, and he doesn’t like circling around.

When Xie Wei heard this, she couldn’t sit still, “Yunnan, you heard Aunt Xie say that there was a problem with the big project that the company invested some time ago, and the capital chain used for turnover was broken. If we drag it down, our family may suffer …”


With these last two words, Xie Wei didn’t dare to face the strong old man for fear of committing a taboo.

She looked around and confirmed the acquiescence attitude of Mr. Shi and her husband, and then she said naturally, “We have already negotiated with the Luo family. As long as you and Young Master Luo have a business marriage, they can…”

Shi Yunnan understood the intention in the words, and finally made his first sneer tonight, “What are you kidding?”

Although today’s homosexuality and marriage have long been unsurprising, let him marry a stranger casually for the benefit of the family?

Totally impossible.

“We are talking serious with you, why are we joking?” Elder Shi finally said.

He is traditional and rigid in his bones, and he doesn’t like this kind of same-sex marriage at all, but in the face of absolute family interests, he has to agree with this approach.

The Shi family has few heirs, and only Shi Yunnan is suitable after all deliberation.

Since the Luo family doesn’t mind the male-male marriage relationship, how can they shirk?

“The family has spent money to support you for so many years, when you put some effort into it…”

When Shi Yunnan heard the firm tone, the ridicule in his heart could no longer be controlled.

Who paid for him?

He only knew that the Shi family had not sent another penny to his card since he was fifteen.

Throw it to the horizon when it’s useless, and force it back when it’s in a hurry. It really treats him as a cargo.

Shi Yunnan no longer had any interest in eating, and slammed the chair back.


The chair legs rubbed against the ground and pulled out a long, harsh sound, as if to promote Shi Yunnan’s true mood.

“I’m tired after flying on the plane for more than ten hours.” Shi Yunnan got up, giving no chance to continue lobbying at all, “Go back to the room and rest, you guys eat slowly.”

Seeing the reluctant answer from his grandson, Mr. Shi said in a deep voice, “You can’t hide this matter. I’ve thought it through these two days. Then I will contact the Luo family to arrange your meeting!”

“Grandpa, if you want to see you, I won’t stop, but don’t get involved with me.” Shi Yunnan drank the wine in one sip, turned around and walked towards the second floor, ignoring the crowd.

The servants who ate melons looked at each other and couldn’t help muttering in their hearts——

The second young master is clearly in contradiction with the old man? Haven’t seen him in a few years, is he eating the courage of the bear heart and leopard?

Before Shi Yunnan waited for the seizure, Shi Yunnan hid in the bedroom and locked it, took out his mobile phone and booked the flight abroad for the next day.

Since this family has stocked him from the beginning, it is impossible to keep him now.

Shi Yunnan likes men, but wants him to give up his free life abroad and marry someone who hasn’t seen each other a few times? Is it a business marriage?

It’s ridiculous, fucking open the door, ridiculously home!

Go dreaming!

It took Shi Yunnan a few minutes to suppress the pour out of vomiting desire/hope, and then he washed and went to bed.

Long international flights are the most exhausting.

Shi Yunnan planned to wait for a full sleep tonight, and to run away tomorrow with a baggage, but he did not expect this sleep, he himself dreamed of a strange picture first——

Shi Yunnan dreamed that his life was just the hapless male partner in a book, and the protagonist of this book was his nominal younger brother, Xie Keyue, the “three young masters” in the crowd.

The other party is a soul from a different world. After the accident, he accidentally penetrated into the novel titled “Crossing Books to Raise Ten Billions” and became the male protagonist of the same name.

Because he memorized the plot development of the original book, Xie Ke got acquainted with the big guys in the book step by step, and established his own investment kingdom all the way.

Not only was he on the list of the richest people in China at a young age, but he was also sought after by countless admirers, and he was an absolutely cool hero.

Shi Yunnan, who is a ‘fiction aboriginal’, is a completely opposite example.

Because he resisted the marriage and chose to escape the marriage, this behavior severely aroused the dissatisfaction of the Shi and Luo family, but also gave Xie Keyue and the Luo family young master a chance to get to know each other.

After leaving Shi’s house, Shi Yunnan was jealous of Xie Keyue’s wealth and connections because of her own troubles.

While maliciously obstructing the other’s career development, he learned how to hug his thighs and engage in careers. Unfortunately, under the suppression of the other’s “protagonist’s halo”, he only ended up with a notorious vain and profiteering.

He was ridiculed by Xie Keyue and others, and he owed a huge foreign debt to him, who had betrayed his relatives. In the end, he was overwhelmed and chose to end his life in a rented house.

This dream is particularly long, like it progresses from the beginning of the novel to the end, so vivid and unbelievable.

When Shi Yunnan woke up, he realized that his whole body was soaked in cold sweat. He sat up and panted hard, his body was exhausted like a hard fight.

It is said that the clearer the dream, the easier it is to blur the memory after waking up, but the contents of these “original books” seem to be printed in his mind, and he can’t get rid of it.

Time passed by every minute.

Shi Yunnan sat on the bed blankly, having huge doubts about this realistic dream.

After all, he has actually lived in this world for twenty-five years, how could he subvert his original cognition because of a dream?

Just when he got into self-tugging, the mobile phone communication rang suddenly.


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