After a Flash Marriage Chapter 100

Extra 2 - [Love and Raising Cubs (3)]

When Shi Yunnan stopped the car, Wen Yibei’s call happened to come in.

“Hey, brother.”

“Yunnam, are you and Lingsheng free this afternoon?”

Shi Yunnan estimated the time, “There should be, brother, what’s wrong?”

“Grandpa said it’s been a long time since I saw Little Goldfish. It seems that today is Friday and I want you to come home for a meal.”

Wen Yibei on the other end of the phone chuckled, “The old man is tired of seeing our brothers. Recently, I have been talking about the little goldfish every day.”

Shi Yunnan got out of the car and closed the door, “Okay, I just arrived at his school. What mid-term parent conference will be held today, I will take him there after a while.”

Wen Yibei was silent for two seconds, and laughed, “Unconsciously, you are at the age of a parent meeting?”

“Brother, don’t forget that you are the same age as me.”

Shi Yunnan passed by the bulletin board at the school gate, and checked his appearance through the glass mirror, “To be honest, this is a sudden parent meeting, which makes me a little nervous.”

Wen Yibei replied, “Little Goldfish has such a good academic performance, just wait for the teacher to praise it.”

Shi Yunnan thought of the cleverness of her little nephew, and a touch of complacency emanated from the end of her eyes.


Shi Yunnan ended the call with Wen Yibei, and then notified Luo Lingsheng on WeChat before walking towards Little Goldfish’s class.

As soon as Shi Yunnan arrived on the second floor, he found the little goldfish standing at the top of the stairs, “Uncle!”

“Baby, why are you waiting here?”

Little Goldfish held Shi Yunnan’s hand, very excited, “I’m waiting for you!”

There used to be parent meetings in kindergartens, but at that time Luo Lingsheng had inconvenient legs and feet, and Grandpa Qin, the housekeeper, went there instead.

Now, for the first formal parents’ meeting after attending elementary school, Shi Yunnan can attend, and Xiao Jinyu has been looking forward to it early in the morning.

As soon as the two of them entered the classroom holding hands, many parents and children in the same class immediately watched it, and three or four brave children directly joined them.

“Wow! Jinyu, your father is so good-looking!”

“Your father is so young! He looks like a big star.”

The little goldfish heard these compliments, and although he didn’t answer in his mouth, there was a hint of pride in his expression.

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded from the side, “You are all wrong! This is Jin Yu’s uncle! I told you earlier that Uncle Jin Yu looks very good!”

Shi Yunnan met the little girl’s gaze, and the other party immediately ran up, “Uncle! Do you remember me?”

“Remember.” Shi Yunnan remained patient with the children, “Sheng Meng, isn’t it?”

When Sheng Meng heard Shi Yunnan’s accurate and accurate report of her name, his eyes lit up, “Yes! Uncle, I guessed you would come to the parent conference. Are you free to visit my house today?”

It’s a similar invitation again.


The little goldfish shook Shi Yunnan’s hand, and said in a jealous tone, “No! Uncle, you come to my seat! The parent meeting is about to begin!”

With that, he dragged Shi Yunnan to the desk he had carefully arranged, and used his “teacher” as an excuse to block other children who were joining in the fun.

Shi Yunnan took the seat and simply hugged the little goldfish sitting on the small bench to her knees, “Little vinegar, this is not happy? Didn’t you say that you want me to have a parent meeting?”

“But everyone wants to chat with you.” Little Goldfish said glumly, “I don’t like it.”

The second half of the sentence is obviously from the heart.

Shi Yunnan frowned and readjusted Little Goldfish’s sitting posture, allowing him to communicate face to face with him, “Little Goldfish, look at your uncle, I have a very important thing to talk to you.”

Little Goldfish noticed the seriousness hidden in Shi Yunnan’s tone and muffled his attitude.

“Did I promise you very early that my uncle and I will grow up with you like the parents of other children? I will never leave you?”

The little goldfish nodded, “…Hmm.”

Shi Yunnan coaxed his promise, “So, whether other children like me or not, or find me to chat, it won’t affect you.”

“I am your little uncle, I will always like you the most, understand?”

Seeing that Shi Yunnan had guessed her cautious thought, Little Goldfish nodded in shame, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so selfish.”

“No, it’s not selfish, and I don’t want to blame you.” Shi Yunnan patted his back to soothe him, and then asked about the business one step closer.

“Little Goldfish, it’s been almost two months since school started. Have you made good friends in the class?”


The little goldfish was silent and did not speak.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan popped up the four characters ‘Sure enough’.

The kids in the same class spoke friendly to Little Goldfish at first, but the latter hardly spoke. In the absence of a bad attitude, it is obvious that my nephew is unwilling to get together.

Shi Yunnan touched his cheek, and said in a low voice, “Why? Our little goldfish obviously loves to talk and communicate so much at home.”

Facing Shi Yunnan’s questioning, the little goldfish lowered his head, his eyes faintly red.

“When I was in kindergarten before, I thought Su Lixiang was a good friend of mine, but he took me to the toilet during the summer camp, and finally left me in the toilet again…”

Then, the little goldfish that was alone was easily kidnapped by Luo Yanchuan and taken away.

Little Jinyu unexpectedly learned later that this ‘good friend’ didn’t even tell the teacher that he was gone.

Because of this, Little Goldfish was disappointed for a long time, but he never told anyone.

“Uncle, it’s good for me to go to school by myself. I don’t want to make friends.”


Shi Yunnan reacted suddenly, a pain in the tip of his heart, and his non-serious expression immediately eased, “Little goldfish, listen to me, our life is very long, and we will meet different people at each stage.”


“Just like you would know Su Lixiang when you go to kindergarten, and now you have new classmates when you go to elementary school…”

“Everyone’s personality is different. If someone is lively and cheerful, there will be introverted shyness, if someone is brave and strong, there will be timid and fearful.”

Shi Yunnan held his nephew’s face and analyzed each word with him.

“You will grow up slowly, slowly distinguish between right and wrong, and then you will also know how to discern which is your true friend with your heart.”

Little Goldfish sat obediently on Shi Yunnan’s lap, concentrating on understanding the meaning of this passage, “But uncle, I still don’t see it.”

He stopped for a moment and said his troubles, “What if the new friends I make will still leave me behind?”

“That is their choice. We can’t interfere. You can feel unhappy, angry, and depressed, but you can’t stop because of a failure.”

Shi Yunnan gently wiped off the moisture from the corners of the little goldfish’s eyes and affirmed to him——

“Our little goldfish is so cute and handsome, has a good personality, and is smart. I am sure many people like to make friends with you, but the premise is that you have to go out and communicate again.”

As long as people live in the world, this is unavoidable.

The little nephew now “resists to make friends”, it seems that there is no big problem in the short term, but in the long run, when he graduates and leaves the family in the future, it will affect his normal social life to some extent.

“One day, you will meet good friends who are particularly in sync.”

Shi Yunnan paused for a while, and made an analogy, “Just like me and Uncle Fu and Uncle Yuan Rui, and like your uncle and Uncle Yu Shuo.”

Little Goldfish confirmed again and again, “Is it really possible? I also want to make good friends like my uncle.”

Shi Yunnan chuckled, “Of course, I was your good friend, but I hope you can have more friends, okay?”

The little goldfish laughed contentedly, then solemnly nodded, “Uncle, I know.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a movement on his side——

A woman with short hair in a trench coat sat down, and next to her was two familiar children, Sheng Wan and Sheng Meng who had met before.

Shi Yunnan’s raised eyes met the short-haired woman, and the other party proactively signaled, “Mr. Shi?”

Shi Yunnan was a little surprised, “Madam, do you recognize me?”

The short-haired woman smiled calmly, “I recognize that the wedding dress between you and Mr. Luo was the niche luxury customized brand I created abroad.”

Shi Yunnan reacted afterwards, “Are you… designer Qiao An?”

“My Chinese name is Sheng Huai’an.”

Shi Yunnan subconsciously looked at the two siblings beside him, “Ms. Sheng looks very young.”

“Mr. Shi is also young?” Sheng Huai’an smiled back.

She heard Shi Yunnan’s hidden question in the words, and answered frankly, “I am unmarried, and I don’t want to put my so-called happiness on others.”

Anyway, she is capable, has a career, and has a plan, so she can live comfortably on her own.

The two brothers and sisters, Sheng Wan and Sheng Meng, were adopted abroad by chance. They were only expressed as twins because they were similar in age. Last year, because of changes in work, she returned to China with her two children.

Shi Yunnan respected everyone’s choice and praised, “Ms. Sheng lived a very free and easy life.”


“Mom, he is Luo Jinyu who helped Shengwan on the first day of school!” Sheng Meng said, “Shengwan and I both want to be friends with him, don’t they?”

Sheng Wan, who was forcibly pulled out, blushed slightly, aside his eyes and said nothing.

Sheng Huai’an had heard of this a long time ago, but she had never found the right time to express her gratitude to Little Goldfish and his parents. Now she simply took this opportunity to express her sincere gratitude.

Seeing this in the evening, I blushed and thanked again, “Luo Jinyu, thank you, if you get into trouble in the future, I will help you too.”

Little Jinyu remembered Shi Yunnan’s words, and finally accepted the conversation with a smile, “You’re welcome, the students should help each other.”

Sheng Meng at the side seemed to have discovered the New World, “Wow! Luo Jinyu, you are so cute smiling!”


The little goldfish heard the sudden compliment and was suddenly embarrassed.

Sheng Huai’an squeezed her daughter’s mouth, “My family is accustomed to staying abroad and speaks more directly.”

“It’s ok.”

Shi Yunnan replied, leaning into the ears of the little nephew and smiling, “Look, our little goldfish is so great, we received compliments all at once.”

The curvature of the corner of the little goldfish’s mouth rose again, “Hmm!”

After the two chatted for a few words, the head teacher walked up and officially opened the parent meeting.

Nine p.m.

Shi Yunnan, who came back from the meal, immediately gestured with the certificate, “The first in the middle grade, look at the certificate, the little goldfish really gives me a face!”

“You said, do you have to buy a photo frame and mount it?”

Luo Lingsheng laughed helplessly, “Model parents, are you so happy?”

“Of course.”

Shi Yunnan approached Luo Lingsheng, “For this certificate, I plan to take the little goldfish to the park on weekends. Are you free?”



When Shi Yunnan was young, Wen Min promised that the two brothers would take them to the children’s playground if they got the certificate in the elementary school exam.

It’s just that Wen Min died unexpectedly before this wish could be fulfilled, which is a pity in childhood.

Luo Lingsheng took Shi Yunnan into his arms and stole a kiss easily, “Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

Shi Yunnan was not caught by the regrets of the past. He properly put the certificate on the table, but instead asked a little bit arrogantly, “Hey, do you want to accompany us?”

“go with.”

Luo Lingsheng deserves no suspense.

Shi Yunnan hummed, patted her lover on the shoulder and motioned to him to sit down, “I have something else to tell you.”


Shi Yunnan organized a language to inform Luo Lingsheng of what he had noticed before the parent meeting started.

Luo Lingsheng frowned slightly, “…It seems that we are still negligent, but fortunately you found it carefully in time.”

Shi Yunnan nodded, “I think Little Goldfish has listened to it. After a while, shall we chat with him?”

“Okay, it’s up to you.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and temporarily put aside the matter of raising the child, “…every time I accompany my grandpa to eat, I will support my stomach, and I feel that I can grow several catties of meat overnight.”

Luo Lingsheng held his lips imperceptibly, “Really?”

“I have to think of a way…” Shi Yunnan touched his kiss upwards, “Xiao Xiaoshi.”

Luo Lingsheng put his hand into the bathrobe, teasing deliberately, “Aren’t you afraid of oversleeping again tomorrow?”

Shi Yunnan was a little itchy when he rubbed his fingertips, and retorted like a cat, “Don’t forget it.”

Luo Lingsheng ignored his irony and replaced his answer with action.


A family of three arrived at the park.

“Wow! Uncle, look! There are big dinosaurs over there!” It was the first time for the little goldfish to come to such a large amusement park. He was incredibly happy. “There are so many fun, where shall we go first?”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t understand, “Don’t worry, wait for your uncle to come back.”

As soon as the voice fell, Shi Yunnan brought back a play guide from not far away.

He flattened the map on the guide, slightly out of the ‘mature’ age excitement, “Let’s take a look, baby, let’s study it!”

Little Goldfish responded immediately, “Okay!”

Luo Lingsheng watched one big and one small effort staring at the map to study the signs, exhilarating posture like fellow soldiers fighting, silently guarding behind him helplessly but shook his head indulgently——

Come on.

It is two children.

Shi Yunnan cooperated with the little goldfish to study the play route enthusiastically, and was just about to start today’s play plan, but after a few steps, he ran into an acquaintance.

“Luo Jinyu! So it’s really you!”

Sheng Meng, wearing a beautiful little skirt, ran up to recognize the person, and greeted Shi Yunnan unfamiliarly, “Hello, uncle!”

As soon as the voice fell, Sheng Huaian led Shengwan closer, “Mr. Shi, we meet again.”

“Yes, what a coincidence.” Shi Yunnan replied.

He immediately introduced to Luo Lingsheng, “These two are classmates of Little Goldfish, Ms. Sheng is the designer Qiao An, and our wedding dress is her brand.”

Luo Ling was clear, and politely nodded, “Hello.”

Sheng Huai’an smiled calmly. She saw that her two children wanted to be with Little Goldfish, so she asked politely, “If you don’t mind, would you like to let the children play together?”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other. They did not directly approve or reject the proposal, but instead passed the decision to the little nephew.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “Jin Yu? Do you want to be together?”

Both of them hope that Little Goldfish can take the step of making friends again, but they will not interfere with each other’s freedom to choose friends.

This time, Little Goldfish didn’t resist as much as before, “Yeah.”

Sheng Meng, who had originally thought Little Goldfish would refuse, turned around happily.

Sheng Wan on the side still didn’t speak quietly, but there was also a glimmer of light in his eyes. He is a boy after all, so he naturally hopes to have a boy of the same age playing with him.

Sunday is the peak period of tourists, and every project needs to line up, but for children, as long as the project can be perfected, it is worth the time spent.

The two families lined up for nearly half an hour before reaching the front row of the ‘Flying Runner’ project. It’s their turn to play in the next round.

The project staff stared at the heights of Little Goldfish and others, and reminded them, “These three children are not yet eight years old, right? Adults are required to sit with them later.”

When Little Goldfish heard this, she held Shi Yunnan for the first time, “Uncle, shall we be together?”

“Of course.”

Shi Yunnan responded.

Luo Lingsheng is not interested in these projects, so naturally he obeys their arrangements for one big and one small.

Bian uploaded a question, “Mom, what shall we do? Shengwan and I want to play.”

Sheng Huai’an hesitated, this own child and Luo Lingsheng are not familiar with each other, and he certainly can’t make it difficult for him to help and accompany him.

“Xiaowan, sister will play first, mom will take you up later, okay?”

The staff heard this, “Hello, we have regulations here. If tourists who are scheduled to play will give up, they will be re-scheduled later.”


It was agreed that the two families were playing together, so Luo Jinyu and his family could no longer be wasting time with their home.

Shengwan saw the long queue behind him, suppressing his reluctance, “Mom, I won’t play anymore, you can take your sister to play, I’ll wait for you to come down here.”

Very good child.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng glanced at each other, and they guessed each other’s thoughts.

Before they could think of a word, the little goldfish shook Shi Yunnan’s hand suddenly, “Uncle, will you accompany the grand night to play? I will go up together with uncle.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows in surprise when facing his initiative proposal——

This little vinegar bottle, don’t you usually dislike his contact with other children the most?


“Okay, you just have to decide.”

Little Goldfish confirmed the answer, and then took the initiative to invite Shengwan, “Shengwan, are you with my uncle? We have been in line for so long. What a pity not to play?”

My uncle said that he wants to take the initiative to make friends.

It was the first time that Sheng Wan saw Little Goldfish take the initiative to communicate with him, and the roots of his ears were slightly red.

His eyes moved back and forth between Sheng Huai’an and Shi Yunnan, and finally fell back to Little Goldfish, “Can you?”


Little Goldfish seemed to be afraid of him being shy, and took the initiative to bring him to Shi Yunnan’s side, “In the evening, my uncle is not only handsome, but also has a good personality. You don’t have to be afraid of him!”

Shi Yunnan hid the smile at the corner of his mouth, and his nephew was not ashamed of boasting.

——Ding Dong!

The new round of approach prompt sounded.

Shi Yunnan fully cooperated with the arrangement of the little nephew, holding Sheng Wan’s little hand, “Let’s go, let’s play together.”

Sheng Huaian breathed a sigh of relief, “Mr. Shi, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, the children are friends, they just want to do it.” Shi Yunnan said, and glanced at his lover again.

Luo Ling declared his expression in his eyes, took the initiative to hug the little goldfish, and tacitly said the compliment in Shi Yunnan’s heart, “Jin Yu, your performance like this is great.”

The little goldfish suddenly received the compliment of the ‘big guy’, and the dull hair on his head was so happy that he trembled, “Uncle!”


“Hurry up, hurry up! I want to sit in the position of the dinosaur.”


Because of this unexpected but happy episode, the friendship between Xiao Jinyu and the two brothers and sisters of the Sheng family has progressed rapidly. There are several projects that do not require an adult to accompany, and the three can go hand in hand to play together.

There is an open-air lawn on the east side of the amusement park, and the three little goldfishes who have finished their games are running happily.

When Luo Lingsheng returned from buying mineral water, he found Shi Yunnan was sitting in a high corner of the stepped seat around the lawn. There was all kinds of noise around him. He was the only one sitting quietly.

For some reason, Luo Lingsheng suddenly sounded the graduation ceremony of that year.

Only this time, the step by step steps could no longer stop him from approaching Shi Yunnan’s footsteps.

Shi Yunnan noticed Luo Lingsheng for the first time, and the smile on his lips became more and more obvious as the distance between them shortened.

Luo Lingsheng fell into his smile and handed him the mineral water, “Why are you sitting here alone? Tired?”

Of course it was deliberately waiting for you to find me.

Shi Yunnan, who had received the mineral water, replied silently. He watched Luo Lingsheng sit down beside him, and his unquenched love made him cling to each other’s fingers.

The two of them just sat quietly.

The setting sun slanted on the huge lawn, and the late autumn wind engulfed the scent of sweet-scented osmanthus which did not know where it came from, and there was an inexplicable taste of quiet time.

Little Goldfish ran wildly underneath, besides the two brothers and sisters of the Sheng family, there were a few new friends beside him.

Shi Yunnan recalled the little bit when he first met in the kindergarten, and couldn’t help but conceive of what the little goldfish would look like when he grew up, and subconsciously called out the name of his lover.

“Luo Lingsheng.”


“It’s been two and a half years in the blink of an eye. The little goldfish seems to grow up soon, and we will grow old unknowingly…”

Luo Lingsheng took his hand tightly, and hid affectionately in his calm promise, “But I will be by your side.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly injected a warm current into his heart, knowing the answer, but couldn’t help asking, “Really?”


Reunion for two years, first encounter for ten years.

His feelings will not change.

Their feelings will never change.

The author has something to say: #恩爱养仔番外 (End)


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