After a Flash Marriage Chapter 101

Extra 3 - [Husband Extension Line (1)]

The author has something to say: Front row reminder:

1 This article is Luo Lingsheng x Shi Yunnan’s if line fanfare [Assumption: Shi Yunnan did not go abroad in anger after he was eighteen years old, and Luo Lingsheng did not encounter the dilemma of family power struggle, based on this extended fanfare! ]

2 The opening timeline of this extra episode is after the birthday banquet in Chapter 62, and the rest of the plot development has nothing to do with the content of the text, please pay attention to treat them separately. (Definitely a pure cookie!)

3 Generally, the personality of the person will not change, but the husband on this extended line will experience much less ordeal, so it will be a little more lively than the age and personality at the beginning of the text.

Above, don’t enter if you don’t like it.


Teikyo Central Hospital.

Shi Yunnan stood stiffly in front of the door of the rescue room, his eyes locked tightly on the five bright red characters ‘Rescue in progress’, his eyes stabbed with a touch of wetness.

Soon, the theoretical sound from behind dragged his chaotic brain back to reality.

“I gave them a birthday banquet yesterday, and it turned out that I can act recklessly when I grow up? I dare to go out and let it go before I wake up? I’m so courageous, even my dad will be tossed into the operating room by him!”

“Dad, if there is something long and two short this time, let me see what you can do to protect him!”

Aunt Song Zhiqiu’s complaints and accusations continued to flow into Shi Yunnan’s mind, and she wanted to cut his heart alive like a sharp knife.

Wen Yibei, who had paid the fee, ran up for the first time. While protecting Shi Yunnan’s shoulders and comforting him, he retorted in as gentle a tone as possible.

“Auntie, Yunan is not such a person.”

“Grandpa is still in the operating room now, so don’t let our family get discouraged.”

As an uncle, Wen Yanfeng nodded in agreement, and his eyes were full of worries, “Zhiqiu, you have to say a few words, this matter is not yet settled…”

Song Zhiqiu retorted, “Why is there no conclusion? It was not Shi Yunnan who did a good job, but Xiao Lang did it?”

Wen Chenglang, who was guarded by her, immediately retorted, “Mom, it’s not me! It’s definitely not me! Grandpa was pushed down by the white-eyed wolf Shi Yunnan!”

Shi Yunnan’s hands that fell on both sides clenched into fists, he turned around abruptly and looked directly at the real culprit who pushed Mr. Wen with suppressed anger.

“Wen Chenglang! You know yourself! Who among us pushed Grandpa by mistake!”

Wen Chenglang dodges his eyes and subconsciously asks his mother for help, “Mom, I really don’t dare, it was Shi Yunnan who pushed it. It is clear that he is not angry with his grandfather’s birthday banquet, which is always biased.”

“I do not have!”

Shi Yunnan squeezed a rebuttal between his teeth, his chest rising and falling sharply, and it took a long time to repeat, “…I really don’t.”

Wen Yanfeng did not rush to express his stance, but instead focused on the two children of the ‘parties’ in turn—

Although Shi Yunnan was not raised in Wen’s family since he was a child, the elders naturally understand the behavior of this child. Intentionally pushing the old man to hurt this kind of thing, the other party will definitely not do it.

Today, Shi Yunnan’s worries are real. On the other hand, since the accident, his son has kept pushing the ‘responsibility’ on the former, and from time to time he shows a guilty conscience.

Obviously, today is the conflict between the two brothers. Wen Chenglang fumbled and overthrew Mr. Wen who had gone to persuade him. Now he is afraid of the serious consequences and dare not admit it.

Wen Yanfeng did not help his relatives in this matter.

He voluntarily stepped forward and brought the crying nephew to his side, “Yunnan, uncle knows you wouldn’t do this.”

Shi Yunnan’s nose was sour, and she tried to hold back the tears.

He knew the difficulty of sending someone to the fence, and the situation of Mr. Wen was still unknown, so he did not dare to argue with Wen Chenglang.

However, no matter how sensible and distinguishing right from wrong, he is just over eighteen years old, and he is the age when he least likes to be ‘snapped’ and ‘misunderstood’.

“Wen Yanfeng! Do you mean that your son lied? If you didn’t tell your son, is there a father you did this way?”

Song Zhiqiu, who was eager to protect her son, immediately scolded her, and she faintly cast a disgusted look on Shi Yunnan’s face.

“You two brothers have a home and can’t go back. Since you stay at Wen’s house, you should know how to stay safe and keep yourself safe. What is the cost of food and clothing these years…”

“Song Zhiqiu! Stop it!” Wen Yanfeng frowned and shouted, “The first priority now is the situation of Dad’s treatment. When he wakes up, he will naturally know which is right and wrong!”

“At that time, let me see who dares to lie!”

When he said this, his scrutiny turned to his son.


Wen Chenglang, who had a guilty conscience, pulled Song Zhiqiu secretly. He didn’t dare to let his mother really do it.

Wen Yibei firmly held his brother’s wrist, and took him to the chair beside him, sitting and waiting, “Don’t be afraid, brother will always believe in you, Grandpa will be fine.”

Shi Yunnan took a breath, “Yes.”

Until the sky will end.

The lights in the rescue room dimmed, and the medical staff came out to inform the situation. As the head of the family, Wen Yanfeng immediately went to go through the hospitalization procedures according to the doctor’s instructions.

Shi Yunnan’s heart hung in his throat fell back, and he lowered his head and covered his face, firmly suppressing the inner fear that lasted for several hours.

Although Mr. Wen was not overthrown by him, the cause of the matter was always a dispute between him and Wen Chenglang. Fortunately, Ji Ren, the old man, has his own vision, otherwise he will suffer inner condemnation throughout his life.

Song Zhiqiu took advantage of the absence of her husband, and finally said the whole truth, “Yibei, since your two brothers are already over eighteen years old, you don’t need to elaborate on some truths, you should also understand.”

“In recent years, the Wen family has not treated you badly. Yibei changed the surname to Wen, and they are still part of the family. Some people with foreign surnames—”

“Either go back to Shi’s house, or stay abroad and don’t come back to harm our Wen’s family, and even bring other good children to harm.”

“Every time I go back to the Wen family, I have to make trouble at home. I really don’t know whose debts the Wen family owed in the previous life?”

Song Zhiqiu’s tone was calm, but the calmer he was, the sharper he was.

“The old gentleman is now in intensive care. Even if he gets better in the future, I hope you two brothers will keep a little bit of justice.”

Knowing the child is more than the mother.

Song Zhiqiu naturally saw Wen Chenglang’s guilty conscience, but at this point, she still took care of her children.

The implication in this last sentence is obvious. It is obviously asking Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan to know how to deal with this matter.

Soon, the sound of high heels stepping on the ground sounded.

After Wen Yibei confirmed that Song Zhiqiu had completely left, he turned his eyes back and was about to comfort his brother, but Shi Yunnan, who was beside him, suddenly got up.

“Brother, look at Grandpa for me first. I’m a little bored and want to leave the hospital to get some breath.”

He didn’t want extra branches to cause trouble to Wen Yibei, who was also under the fence, but he was so aggrieved that he couldn’t bear it anymore.

If he eagerly follows the door of the intensive care unit now, he may have to accept what kind of cynicism.


Wen Yibei abruptly stopped the pace he wanted to catch up, and stood still and asked, “Yunnan, be careful!”

It has already happened. One of the two brothers must stay in the hospital to take care of Mr. Wen. Moreover, Shi Yunnan does need a new environment for relieving grievances.

Five p.m.

Luo Lingsheng left the company on time, only to get in the car and was stopped by his friend Yu Shuo.

“I didn’t have a lot of fun at the Wen’s birthday party yesterday. You accompany me to the bar for a drink? Finally ended a big project on hand.”

Yu Shuo knocked on the window glass and invited with a smile.

Luo Lingsheng rolled down the car window, his steady eyes couldn’t stir up any emotions, “I’m not going.”

Luo Lingsheng is not a luxury wine person. Except for the necessary banquet and communication places, he rarely drinks alcohol on weekdays, and he does not even think about going to the mixed places of bars and nightclubs.

Yu Shuo got the expected answer and sighed reluctantly, “Okay, it’s boring to be friends with you.”

Luo Lingsheng was used to this complaint a long time ago, smiled without talking, started the car and went home on his own.

Luo Lingsheng moved out very early to live alone, and his daily activities are also very regular.

When he got home, he simply handled the dinner, sat in the study step by step, and carried out the next step of detailing the company’s new project at hand.

Suddenly, two messages vibrated from the phone on the table.

Luo Lingsheng’s thoughts were slightly distracted from the work project, and he glanced at the illuminated mobile phone desktop.

Is it nine o’clock?

Luo Lingsheng rubbed his swollen temples, temporarily put aside his work, and slowly checked the message sent by his friend Yu Shuo.

——Ling Sheng, are you really not coming? This newly opened bar has a nice atmosphere.

Luo Lingsheng replied: “I really don’t want to go, you can find someone else to drink.”

The moment the text message was sent, a new message from Yu Shuo came in-OK, guess who I met in the bar?

When Luo Lingsheng saw this endless sentence, his eyebrows frowned: “I can’t guess, who?”

“Shi Yunnan, the second young master of the Shi family we saw at the banquet yesterday, do you have any impression?”

When Luo Lingsheng saw the news that came in, a drunken figure crying and acting spoiled at him immediately appeared in his mind, as well as those drunken gibberish with a little arrogance and cuteness.

The phone continued to vibrate, and news of Yu Shuo came.

——The Second Young Master Shi didn’t know what happened. I think he was almost drunk in the bar by himself right now, and some alcoholic drinkers on the side had already stared at him. How could this kid be unprepared.


When Luo Lingsheng saw this line of news, his eyes froze slightly.

The most populous people in the bar are the drunk drinkers. Shi Yunnan’s age and appearance are there. He wants to be as soft as he was drunk yesterday, and he doesn’t have to suffer anything.

When Luo Lingsheng thought of this, he sent back a text message to his friend like a ghost: Give me the address of the bar, and watch him.

Yu Shuo responded to the message extremely fast, with a few words with unprecedented surprise: What? Are you coming over?

Luo Lingsheng didn’t reply to his friend’s question again. After confirming the address of the bar, he picked up the car key and went out.

Teikyo City Center.

The newly opened bar has always been a favorite place for drinkers to explore new things. At the moment, the dance floor is full of young men and women who indulge in twists and turns.

Shi Yunnan leaned in front of the bar with one hand, his fingertips tapped the wall of the glass glowing with drunken light without a rhythm. There was a blur in his eyes, which was obviously a lot of drunkenness.

Suddenly, someone put his shoulders on his shoulders, in a slightly greasy tone, “Little handsome guy, why are you sitting here alone drinking alcohol?”

The salty pig’s knuckles that fell on his shoulders deliberately rubbed them, seeming to have a downward trend along their backs.

Shi Yunnan squinted and refused coldly, “Who let you touch me?”

“Quite temperament? How boring is this guy drinking in a bar? I have been observing you for a long time. You should be an adult? Do you want to drink with your brother?”

The other person’s appearance was a little fat, and his cheeks and neck were already stained with alcohol. The eyes of Shi Yunnan’s eyes became mad with squinting, and the scent of alcohol all over his body was almost irritating.

Shi Yunnan stays abroad all year round, and there is no shortage of friends who can play with him. He heard the other’s words and almost vomited out on the spot under the double stimulation of greasy and alcohol.

Shi Yunnan picked up the wine glass and got off the high chair, exited the man’s encirclement, and verbally stabbed back without mercy.

“I’m so embarrassed to come out to be sultry? The pigs are more prettier than yours. Pooh, how far are you going.”

The greasy man heard this ridicule, his cheeks quickly turned into pig liver red, and he reached out to reach Shi Yunnan, “I want to take you together, and you still…”

Originally, Shi Yunnan was in a bad mood, but this person just ran up recklessly, and the next second, the wine glass in his hand hit the opponent’s head.


“Can’t understand human words? I’ll let you go!”

The sharp corners of the six-sided wine glass easily injured the greasy man’s forehead, and all the wine in it was spilled, and the wine glass fell into countless pieces on the ground.

“Hi, ah!”

The scratches on his forehead were soaked in the liquor, and the greasy man quickly made a painful sound.

Seeing his tragic situation, Shi Yunnan kicked the high chair in front of him again by his drunkenness, blocking the road between the two.

“…Where to stay cool, don’t dangle disgusting people in front of me.”

He put down these words and turned around, walking towards the outside with a slight erratic pace.

After about three or four steps, a greasy man’s anger and anger suddenly sounded behind him. Before Shi Yunnan could turn his head to respond, he was caught off guard and pulled into a warm embrace.

His head touched his broad chest, and unlike the nauseating scent of alcohol before, the light aroma quickly occupied the tip of his nose, causing Shi Yunnan to feel dizzy and drowsy.

Behind him came the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground, followed by a more miserable scream.

The greasy man fell into the shattered dregs just now, and he didn’t know where he was hurt, his face almost distorted in pain.

Luo Lingsheng protected Shi Yunnan with one hand, but his eyes fell on the friend on the opposite side.

——The greasy man was kicked to the ground by Yu Shuo.

When Yu Shuo saw the gestures of Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan, the peach blossom eyes of the bright stars quickly brought the teasing of eating melons, “Hey, what’s the situation?”

Yesterday, was reluctant to go to the Wen’s birthday party, so why did hug him directly in just one day?


Luo Lingsheng’s mood was a little complicated when facing Yu Shuo who was teasing him.

On the way to the bar when he drove to the bar, he felt that he was over-impulsive more than once, but every time he wanted to turn around and go home, he was inexplicably reluctant to let go.

Later, Luo Lingsheng gave himself an excuse to suggest that he should only come here to accompany his friends for a drink of two glasses of wine. As long as Shi Yunnan doesn’t have any trouble, he can still be a stranger and not be nosy.

But Luo Lingsheng didn’t expect that as soon as he entered the bar, he saw Shi Yunnan being maliciously entangled by others.

The greasy man who fell on the ground was driven by the pain to drink a little, and then he got even more angry. He got up from the ground and turned into a daze and shouted aimlessly, “Who! Who the hell kicked me? !”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t like contact with these characters, and sold his friends promptly, “Yu Shuo, you can solve the one you kicked, and I will take him away first.”


For the first time in his life, Yu Shuo felt speechless, did the sun come out from the west today? It’s too obvious to see that you have forgotten your friends.

Leaning in his arms, Shi Yunnan heard the noise of the greasy man and stunned back slowly, “Good kick! I want me to kick you too!”

With that said, he was about to turn around and kick indiscriminately.

Luo Lingsheng saw that Shi Yunnan looked uneasy, and held his wrist with his backhand, “Okay, you follow me!”

Shi Yunnan felt the tugging on his wrist, and the remaining focus was quickly moved back, “You let me go! Who are you?”

He subconsciously thought that someone was looking for trouble, and he was only halfway through when he was impatient. As a result, he raised his head and met Luo Lingsheng’s eyes.

And, that very charming face in the dim light and shadow of the bar.

“I don’t…” Shi Yunnan suddenly got stuck in the words of resistance, motionless and became more cunning than a rabbit.

Luo Lingsheng naturally saw through his changes before and after, and there was a hint of joy in his eyes. He asked with a smile, “You are nothing?”

Shi Yunnan blinked, seeming to confirm the appearance of the person in front of him. He burped a little alcohol and changed the answer according to the trend of his heart.

“I, I can.”


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