After a Flash Marriage Chapter 102

Extra 3 - [Husband Extension Line (2)]

Luo Lingsheng heard his answer that was more obedient than a cat’s bark, and a smile that was almost illusion passed between his eyebrows.

In the next second, Shi Yunnan grabbed his wrist and asked drunkenly, “We…where are we going?”

Luo Lingsheng glanced at Yu Shuo, who was still watching a good show, and Shi Yunnan, who was drunk, left without a word.

Out of the bar.

The noisy bungee music suddenly disappeared, and Shi Yunnan shivered in place when the night breeze hit.

Luo Lingsheng noticed his subconscious shaking, “It’s cold? Do you remember who I am?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head and nodded again. The state seemed to be the same as the drunkenness at the birthday party yesterday.

Shi Yunnan repeatedly confirmed the appearance of the person in front of him, and couldn’t restrain his inner desire to explore, “Who are you?”

There is a clear perception of height between the two. In order to get closer, Shi Yunnan deliberately squeezed his feet and eagerly moved up, “Well? I’m asking you, what’s your name?”


——Luo Lingsheng, I will not forget you, see you next time.

Yesterday’s promise before parting was still echoing in my ears, and in a blink of an eye he asked his name again.

A faint rush of drinking appeared on both sides of Shi Yunnan’s cheeks, and Shui Yingying’s eyes were firmly locked on his face, looking pitiful and cute.

Little liar.

Luo Ling looked at Shi Yunnan in front of him, and suddenly this word came out in his mind.

Seeing that Luo Lingsheng did not answer for a while, Shi Yunnan snorted in a daze. The alcoholic taste made his tiptoe feet lose their proper balance, and he plunged back suddenly.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng quickly pulled him steady with his eyesight and hands, “Be careful.”

Once again in close contact with the warm embrace, Shi Yunnan unconsciously raised his head and introduced himself, “My name is Shi Yunnan, you…”

“Luo Lingsheng.”

Luo Lingsheng introduced his name for the second time. He didn’t push away the little drunkard in his arms in a hurry. He looked down and asked, “Can you remember this time?”


Shi Yunnan nodded like smashing garlic, stumbling and adding, “I remember, I have a good memory! Luo Lingsheng, you look so beautiful, I can…”

Chasing you?

This impulsive sentence was only halfway through, and Shi Yunnan shivered from the cold.

Luo Lingsheng collected his words and deeds into his eyes, barely restraining the upward arc of his mouth. He glanced at the time, and now had to pay for his impulse, “Okay, I’ll take you home, where do you live?”

“go home?”

Shi Yunnan murmured this word slowly, and the grievance and pain in the depths of his eyes were concealed by the drunkenness on the surface.

Luo Lingsheng failed to detect his transient emotions, and continued to ask, “Yes, do you want to go back to Wen’s or Shi’s? Or… have a place to live alone?”

This question is based entirely on his simple understanding of Shi Yunnan’s family identity yesterday.

Unexpectedly, Shi Yunnan, who was originally drunk and well-behaved, suddenly had a temper, his eyes flushed and looked up at him, “I don’t have a home! They don’t want me, where can I have a home!”

“They don’t like me… I don’t want to go back to those places…”

“I’m not going with you!” The wound in his heart was invisibly poked, and Shi Yunnan’s cries spread rapidly, “Luo Lingsheng, I, I will not go with you!”

He hurriedly dropped this sentence, as if he was afraid that Luo Lingsheng would catch him back to some ‘hell on earth’, then he turned around and stumbled to run across the road.

Luo Lingsheng reacted quickly, and followed up, “Shi Yunnan!”

A heavy locomotive roared past the road, and at the same time, Luo Lingsheng quickly dragged Shi Yunnan back to his protection area.

The owner of the locomotive stopped, and his teeth tickled with anger, “Fuck! Don’t let me die! If you want to die, tell me, Grandpa hits you into the sky with full power!”

Shi Yunnan in his arms sobbed.

There was a sharp flash in Luo Lingsheng’s eyes, and he picked up his mobile phone and quickly took a picture of his license plate number. “Riding is forbidden at night on this section. You know if there is any illegality, shut up and stay away.”


The locomotive owner didn’t expect that Luo Lingsheng was still a stubble, gritted his teeth and rode away.

As soon as Luo Lingsheng put the phone away, he heard a low sob in his arms, “I don’t want to go back, the Shi family does not welcome me, and the Wen family is not what I should be staying.”

“Grandpa and Grandpa were pushed down by Wen Chenglang and hospitalized, but they all poured dirty water on me…”

Shi Yunnan was really dizzy, he didn’t struggle at all, and he kept wiping tears of grievance on Luo Lingsheng’s body, “I really didn’t push grandpa, it was Wen Chenglang who pushed it.”

Luo Lingsheng frowned, “Who is Wen Chenglang?”

Shi Yunnan took a lightly, and suddenly gritted his teeth fiercely, “He is not a thing!”

Luo Lingsheng was helpless, and then he heard the person in his arms continue to complain.

“He already mocked me at the birthday party yesterday and yesterday… He actually came to me again today!”

“You tell me, I’m not a puffy bag, why should I put up with him?”

Shi Yunnan raised his head to look at Luo Lingsheng, grieving and narrowing his mouth.

Luo Lingsheng understood the general idea from his words, and guessed that Wen Chenglang was the young master who mocked Shi Yunnan at the birthday party yesterday.

“I won’t send you to Wen’s and Shi’s, so do you have other places to live?”

Shi Yunnan leaned back into Luo Lingsheng’s arms and laughed at himself inaudibly, “No, I’m just rubbish no one wants.”

A word light to the dust, inexplicably with a heavy force, smashed into Luo Lingsheng’s heart, and the hidden sensibility defeated the reasonable measure.

“Let’s go, I will take you home.”


Shi Yunnan looked at the wrist that was being held dizzy, and did not move stubbornly.

Luo Lingsheng held him tightly and reversed the word order, “Take you back to my house.”

Shi Yunnan slowly stopped his tears and was led all the way back into the car. He pulled the seat belt in the co-pilot’s seat, but was so dizzy by the alcohol that he could not buckle accurately after a long time.


Let it go and say quit.

Seeing his child’s temper, Luo Lingsheng shook his head, leaning over and pulling the seat belt.

The distance between the two suddenly got close, and the faint, pleasant smell lingered on the nose again.

Shi Yunnan stared at Luo Lingsheng’s perfect profile with blurred eyes, couldn’t help approaching like a puppy, snorting and smelling it.

Luo Lingsheng perceives a seemingly slight heat, and he tilts his head to meet the thin red lips that are close at hand, and the face between youth and maturity.

To be pure and well-behaved, to be green.


The seat belt knocked in, making a slight noise, and don’t know whose heartbeat followed by missing a beat.

“…What are you doing so close?” Luo Lingsheng asked, his eyes darkened even without even realizing it.

“Smell your smell.” Shi Yunnan’s drunkenness grew more and more, and she smiled at Luo Lingsheng idiotically, “Luo Lingsheng, you smell so good.”

Luo Lingsheng finally let out a low laugh, “Really? But yours is all alcoholic.”

It’s not the rich taste of the drunkard, but the unobtrusive, inexplicably sweet smell.


Shi Yunnan frowned, groping in his pockets with both hands indiscriminately.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “What are you looking for?”

Shi Yunnan took out the only fruit candy that was left, and then tried to peel the candy wrapper, “…sugar, mine.”

Seeing that his hand movements were really clumsy, Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to grab the fruit candy and peeled it off. He met Shi Yunnan’s eyes again, and his tone eased unconsciously.

“Open your mouth.”


At the moment when the sugar was delivered, the soft tip of the tongue seemed to restlessly touched her fingertips.

Luo Lingsheng’s breath condensed slightly, “Is it sweet?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t notice the abnormality of the person in front of him, and licked the sugar vaguely, “Sweet, my favorite candy.”

In the past, when you were unhappy, you could temporarily forget the bitterness.

“I, I don’t drink much, and there will be no alcohol in your mouth after a while, don’t despise me…” Shi Yunnan pursed his lips, “Don’t take me back to your house.”

He really has nowhere to go.

Even before that, Shi Yunnan didn’t know Luo Lingsheng at all, but the appearance of the other party gave him a sense of stability and reliability in his drunkenness.

Therefore, he is willing to put down his guard and follow the other party.

Luo Lingsheng subtly sensed Shi Yunnan’s dependence, even though the two talents had seen each other before and after.

“Sit firmly, don’t make trouble on the road later, I have to concentrate on driving.”


When Luo Lingsheng stopped the car steadily, Shi Yunnan was already completely asleep, driven by the drunkenness. He looked at the other’s peaceful face and rubbed his temples with some complexity.

What’s wrong with yourself?

In the evening, I ran to the bar for a person “unfamiliar”, and now he still led the person downstairs to his home?

But the matter was over, Luo Lingsheng had no other choice, he quickly got out of the car and went around to open the door of the second seat.

“Shi Yunnan, wake up.”

Luo Lingsheng patted Shi Yunnan on the shoulder, and the other side hummed unconsciously, and he was unwilling to raise his eyelids to look at him.


Luo Lingsheng, who had already expected this result, had to admit his fate and took the initiative to carry Shi Yunnan into the house.

Luo Lingsheng was a little bit clean and wouldn’t let outsiders touch his bed easily. He arranged Shi Yunnan in the guest bedroom where few people lived, and temporarily settled it for the night.

Luo Lingsheng returned to his bedroom bathroom, and when he took a look at the mirror, he found tear stains on the black lining that hadn’t dried completely.

It took only two days to cry and dirty his two custom-made clothes. Is this Shi Yunnan here to collect debts?

Luo Lingsheng secretly thought, and shook his head helplessly.

In this relatively private space, the joy between his eyebrows and eyes finally came out.

Shi Yunnan really woke up with a headache.

He squinted his eyes and made an uncomfortable whimper, and subconsciously wrapped himself in a quilt, but in less than half a minute, he realized that something was wrong.


The smell on this quilt is wrong.

Shi Yunnan’s sleepiness faded quickly, and he opened his eyes and looked at the layout of the room-a completely unfamiliar environment that has never appeared in memory.

Shi Yunnan suppressed the dizziness and stood up, trying to search for the blank brain.

After an effortless but useless memory, he subconsciously murmured something inappropriate, “It’s over.”

Didn’t he drink at the bar last night? How could it appear in this strange place?

I only drank wine twice after I was eighteen, and I drank pieces of myself every time, but don’t do anything irreparable.

With this thought, Shi Yunnan poked up the quilt secretly to check——

very good.

At first glance, didn’t do anything that shouldn’t do.

There was a slight movement outside the room, and Shi Yunnan had done some psychological construction for herself, and then she endured a strong drunken headache and got out of the room.

The movement came from the bathroom in the next room.

Shi Yunnan looked at the concealed bedroom door and did not dare to enter the room at will for a while. He stood still and worked hard to consider the next words.

The sound of footsteps in the house became more pronounced, and the door opened in the blink of an eye.

Shi Yunnan spoke promptly, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t…”

It was deliberate.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes to the people in the room, and suddenly stopped.

Luo Lingsheng has the habit of getting up early to work out, so he naturally takes a shower and rests after the workout.

At this moment, he is wearing a pure white bathrobe with a belt that perfectly outlines his figure. Looking up, the loose neckline is opening, revealing a smooth but not exaggerated figure line.

Coupled with Junyi’s profound facial features, it is simply an aesthetic level that Shi Yunnan has formed over the past eighteen years.

Shi Yunnan easily took back what he hadn’t finished speaking. Based on his thorough understanding of himself, even if he was drunk last night, it was obvious that he should have developed a’lust’ towards the person in front of him.

Of course, there is another fact here-

He, who has no experience yet, doesn’t have that kind of courage, so he missed the opportunity!

Last time at the birthday party, drunk again last night, and now it’s the third time.

Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan’s sober but familiar eyes, and suppressed the smile in his heart, “Awake? Do you remember who I am?”

Shi Yunnan rolled her Adam’s apple without a trace, with a guilty conscience and frankly, “I… I forgot to drink the fragments, are you?”

“I introduced myself for the last time, Luo Lingsheng.” Luo Lingsheng had anticipated this possibility a long time ago, so he simply told his name.

Shi Yunnan got the answer, and said silently, “Luo Lingsheng?”

Luo Lingsheng stepped forward without changing his face, leaning down slightly, “Shi Yunnan, nothing more than three things.”

“Next time I can’t remember my name, then we will not know it.”

His body seemed to carry the heat from the shower, and there was a trace of sexiness hidden in his low voice, which made Shi Yunnan’s face a little hot.

“I will, I will remember.”

“The opposite of your guest bedroom is also the bathroom. I have put the toiletries for you.” Luo Lingsheng said calmly.

Shi Yunnan reacted, hurriedly said’Thank you’, and quickly followed the other’s instructions into the bathroom.


The closed bathroom door cut off the contact between the two. Standing in place, Luo Lingsheng remembered Shi Yunnan’s overly cute early riser look, and couldn’t help but penetrated outwards, before returning to the house to continue his cleaning.

Shi Yunnan, who was hiding in the bathroom, didn’t wait to relieve her rapid heartbeat, and she caught sight of herself in the mirror off guard.

Slightly long hair, after being ravaged overnight, exploded a few bunches of dull hair, which looked a little surprisingly funny.


Shi Yunnan was stunned for three seconds, covering his face flushed with shame.

It’s over, how could this happen?

Even if he was drunk last night, he still looks like this when he gets up early. Can he still make a good impression in Luo Lingsheng’s eyes?

Shi Yunnan endured the embarrassment and finished cleaning up, and walked to the restaurant following the aroma of breakfast.

Luo Lingsheng happened to take out the ready-made simple sandwiches, “Okay? Come and have some? I made your portion.”

Shi Yunnan, who had adjusted his mood, approached, without any hesitation, “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Luo Lingsheng handed over the plate with sandwiches and a cup of freshly ground coffee.

The two sat opposite each other.

Shi Yunnan picked up the sandwich and took a bite, and then tentatively started the topic, “Did I trouble you last night?”

It was the first time that Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan who was’consciously conscious.’ He observed the other party without a trace, “Fortunately, I just cried and didn’t want to go home. I brought you back to sleep and it was quite quiet.”

Shi Yunnan breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good, I don’t drink too much. Drinking a little bit of wine will cause fragmentation.”

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyebrows slightly, “Well, I know.”

“you know?”

Shi Yunnan asked back, and immediately reacted, “By the way, you just said nothing more than three things, did we meet before last night?”

Luo Lingsheng took a sip of coffee and deliberately didn’t say the answer, “If you think about it, forget it.”

Shi Yunnan, who failed to get the truth, took another bite of the meat in the sandwich and muttered vaguely, “Aren’t you embarrassing me?”

Luo Lingsheng did not answer.

He suddenly recalled Shi Yunnan’s cry last night after being drunk in his mind, and he hesitated for a while before asking, “You should still be in school now? Where do you usually live?”

Luo Lingsheng asked tactfully, and Shi Yunnan, who was sober, also calmed his emotions.

“If you let me live there, I will live there, and if I am not welcome, I will leave with excitement.”

In the most common tone, he said the most sad words.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng, calm and without a trace of misfortune, “Actually, my mother passed away very early. My father and my grandfather sent me out of the country for school since I was a child.”

“By the way, I also have a twin brother who has lived with my grandfather since I was a child. Originally, this time I returned to China to attend a birthday party. Now…”

Shi Yunnan hesitated to speak but stopped.

Luo Ling declared his concerns bluntly, “You told me that Mr. Wen was hospitalized.”

Shi Yunnan sighed, “Well, now I have to wait until my grandpa is ready before going abroad.”

Shi Yunnan originally had the idea of ​​transferring back to China to study, but now, if the Wen family does not welcome him like the Shi family, he should continue to stay abroad and struggle.

Not having to return to the country to make him feel uncomfortable, it also gave others a reason for deliberate sarcasm and debasement.

As soon as the voice fell, the phone alarm rang.

Luo Lingsheng took a look and closed decisively.

“What’s wrong?”

“In ten minutes, I’m going out to the company.” Luo Lingsheng paused and looked at him, “Where are you going later?”

Shi Yunnan has nowhere to go, “Go to the Central Hospital.”

Wen Yibei should still be guarding Mr. Wen in the hospital. He used alcohol to make a fuss last night, and now he has to calm down and go back.

Luo Lingsheng caught the loneliness that flashed through Shi Yunnan’s eyes, and subconsciously said, “I will send you there.”

“Huh? Drop by?”

Shi Yunnan asked, the corners of his eyes and brows were stained with joy.

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a short time, and then answered, “Soon.”

Forty minutes later, the car stopped in front of the Teikyo Central Hospital.


Shi Yunnan took the initiative to unfasten the seat belt, his eyes fell on Luo Lingsheng’s face again, with a moving smile, “Luo Lingsheng, thank you for your willingness to take me in last night.”

Luo Lingsheng’s heart condensed, and he subconsciously asked, “If you can’t drink enough, drink less.”

Thinking of the greasy man Shi Yunnan met in the bar last night, he felt unspeakable disgust and irritability.

There was a ‘prompt sound’ from the temporary parking lane.

Shi Yunnan lightly accepted his kindness, opened the door and got out of the car, seemingly forgot to give it by saying goodbye.


Luo Lingsheng stared at his figure, and there was a burst of disappointment in his heart, only to see Shi Yunnan walking around the front of the car and reaching the side of his car window.


Two knocks on the window.

Luo Lingsheng pressed the car window and met Shi Yunnan’s gaze again. The smile in the other’s eyes has not disappeared, but it is thicker and deeper than before.

“Luo, Ling, Sheng.”

Shi Yunnan called word by word, and the single tone with a small hook easily touched his heart, “I promised you only three things, and I will never forget you again.”

Shi Yunnan paused and brought up another trivial matter, “Also, I tell you a secret. I really hate drinking coffee. The cup you gave me in the morning was so bitter.”

Seeing the other’s face deliberately twisted together, Luo Lingsheng still couldn’t hold back his smile after all, “Really? I remembered, goodbye.”

Shi Yunnan put his hand on the car window and corrected his statement, “See you next time.”

“Okay, see you next time.”

After Shi Yunnan left, Luo Lingsheng’s cell phone immediately made a call to his friend Yu Shuo.


“It’s almost half past nine, why haven’t you been to the company? There is still a meeting at ten o’clock in the morning.” Yu Shuo made clear the business, and then teased in a low voice, “You tell me the truth, don’t you? Did you have a wonderful time last night?”

Luo Lingsheng connected the Bluetooth and started the car to leave, “Don’t talk nonsense, change the meeting time to 10:30, I’ll rush over in time.”

“Hurry up? Are you at home? Isn’t it half an hour from your home to the company?”

“I’m in the central hospital, and I’m driving past now.”

Yu Shuo on the other end of the phone was silent for a few seconds, so he didn’t know why, “Ling Sheng, are you ill?”

Isn’t there a fourth hospital near my friend’s house?

What did you detour to the central hospital this morning?


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