After a Flash Marriage Chapter 105

Extra 3 - [Husband Extension Line (5)]

Luo Lingsheng is very reliable, even if he only said something impulsively, he never thought about regretting it afterwards.

There are some contacts in the Luo family. With Shi Yunnan’s excellent results abroad, it is easy to get into the Imperial Second High School without violating education regulations.

After confirming that he could study in China, Shi Yunnan made a special trip back abroad to pack up school materials, luggage and clothes.

It took nearly half a month to come and go.

As soon as Shi Yunnan got off the plane, he received a call from Wen Yibei.

“Hey, brother.”

“Shi Yunnan, are you hiding something from me?”

Wen Yibei’s straight-forward question, using his full name, vaguely carries a bit of anger that is not easy to appear in normal times.

Shi Yunnan groaned her heart, and the corners of her mouth hummed softly, “Brother, no, what can I hide from you?”

“Don’t come to this one! Shi Yunnan, why did the Second Middle School receive your student status file?”


Shi Yunnan was dumbfounded for two seconds, apparently he didn’t think where the news leaked.

He waited for his checked luggage and walked toward the airport exit while pushing, “Brother, how did you know? Actually, I, I just transferred back to school, and didn’t give up my studies.”

Wen Yibei couldn’t understand, “If you study well abroad, it’s okay to go to university based on your test scores, you…”

Shi Yunnan hesitated for a while, knowing that there are some things that cannot be avoided and asked. “Brother, the Shi family has not paid me tuition and living expenses for a long time. Now that I am an adult, they are even less likely to take care of me.”


Wen Yibei on the other end of the phone was silent, and the slightly increased aura was enough to hear the aura that he was beginning to emerge.

“Don’t talk about letting grandpa and uncle support me. It costs money to go to university abroad, and it will be more expensive if you want to learn music. Contradictions.”

At that time, maybe Wen Chenglang will look down on Wen Yibei even more.

“Yunnan.” Wen Yibei felt distressed.

“Brother, when you followed the Wen family, I chose to stay in the Shi family. This is the life path chosen by our brothers. You don’t have to worry about me…”

Shi Yunnan told Wen Yibei about everything he had planned. “I just change my environment to continue my studies, not to give up my studies. With such a smart head, where can I not get good grades?”

Wen Yibei hesitated to say something but stopped, “Have you really decided?”

“Well, don’t worry. Next year, I will show you the admission notice of a prestigious school.” Shi Yunnan got in the car, his expression was not at all frustrated.

Even if half a month has passed, he still feels that-being able to stay in Luo Lingsheng’s home because of going to school is enough to cover food and housing, and it is a great deal of money.

Just wait and see.

In addition to the admission notice next year, maybe he can catch up with his boyfriend.

Wen Yibei stepped back and said, “Yunnan, I will send money to your card on a regular basis. I will try to make up for all the living expenses that the Shi family lacks for you.”

“Brother, I don’t need to…”

“You are my brother. I understand your temperament. When you are an adult, don’t rely on the elders in your family. But when my mother gave birth to our two brothers, we always have to help each other.”

Shi Yunnan’s heart warmed, and after all he responded, “Okay, but don’t suffer yourself.”

Wen Yibei smiled and said, “I know that many restaurants abroad will find part-time performances, and I plan to interview for an alternate seat in the orchestra, so there is always a way to save money.”

Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei talked for nearly forty minutes, until he reached the downstairs of Luo Lingsheng’s residence, before he hung up the phone.

Shi Yunnan entered the electronic password he learned from Luo Lingsheng, but it unexpectedly displayed ‘password error’. He did not give up on entering both sides, but still failed to open the door smoothly.


Shi Yunnan frowned and took out his cell phone, just about to call Luo Lingsheng.

——Four thirty in the afternoon.

The time displayed on the phone screen came into view.

Shi Yunnan thought for a while, and had to put down the phone, “Forget it, what if you are busy? Don’t bother him.”

Anyway, will be at Luo Lingsheng’s off-duty point in an hour, so wait.

Luo Lingsheng worked overtime a bit late today, and only returned to the door at eight o’clock temporarily. His eyes were unconsciously attracted by the figure on the ground——

Shi Yunnan lays the small suitcase flat as a chair, and uses the big suitcase as a table to rest on his stomach, with a backpack in his arms.

He really fell asleep, with red marks on his face pressed by the suitcase.

It looks pitiful and cute.

Luo Lingsheng chuckled lightly, squeezed his cheeks close and gently, but then patted his shoulder solemnly while the other party woke up, “Shi Yunnan?”


Shi Yunnan rubbed his eyes dumbfounded, and raised his head to see the person in front of him clearly, “Luo Lingsheng, are you back?”

“Well, when did you come back?”

“After four o’clock, I can’t open the door, did the electronic lock change?” Shi Yunnan’s voice just waking up was still a little soft.

“The electronic lock was upgraded two days ago.” Luo Lingsheng used his fingerprint to unlock, and asked again, “You won’t call me?”

Shi Yunnan stood up with his numb legs and approached Luo Lingsheng obediently, “I’m afraid you are busy, I was going to wait for you to call after get off work, but I didn’t expect to actually fall asleep…”

Every flight lasting nearly 20 hours is a torture for him, who has extremely low sleep quality, so he is the easiest to fall asleep after the long-distance flight is over.

Luo Lingsheng entered the key to the electronic lock and said to Shi Yunnan, “Come on, enter your fingerprint. It will be more convenient for you to enter and leave alone in the future.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, there was a hint of joy at the end of his eyes, “Huh? Oh.”

Luo Lingsheng caught his emotions and asked, “What are you laughing at?”


Shi Yunnan happily entered his fingerprints, muttered vaguely and whispered, “I feel like I have become one of the masters of this house.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t hear her pretentiously, but his wink was softer again inadvertently.

The two entered the house together.

Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan’s large and small suitcases, and said, “You return to the guest bedroom to pack up your things. I don’t know if you came back early. Eat simple pasta at night?”

Shi Yunnan was so hungry that he was panicked. Hearing that Luo Lingsheng was willing to take the initiative to feed, he nodded immediately, “Well, I can do it, I can support it very well.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled imperceptibly, and said, “It’s enough to support you. For the thousand dollars you paid, I have to calculate your breakfast and dinner amount with my fingers.”

Shi Yunnan seemed to have taken a huge advantage, and laughed back, “Then I don’t care. If you say that you will be too late to regret it now.”

After speaking, he sneaked into the guest bedroom exclusively for him with two suitcases.

Luo Lingsheng took his eyes back from Shi Yunnan’s back, and took the initiative to enter the kitchen to take care of the simple dinner for the two.

When Shi Yunnan simply packed his clothes, Luo Lingsheng was done in the kitchen.

The two settled for dinner neatly and filled their stomachs.

Although Shi Yunnan lived in Luo Lingsheng’s house for less than a week before going abroad to go through the formalities, the tacit understanding between the two seemed to be innate, and they were determined not to occupy each other’s private space when it was time for business.

After the dinner, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to ask Ying to wash the dinner plate, while Luo Lingsheng returned to the bedroom with the working papers.

After finishing his work, Shi Yunnan searched the Internet for part-time jobs nearby, until he was abruptly drawn back to his attention by a thunderstorm outside the window.

“Forget it, let’s see it tomorrow.”

He put down his cell phone, which had only 10% battery power, picked up his change of clothes and went into the bathroom.

In midsummer, the sky changes, and thunderstorms always come frequently. The violent storms clashed on doors and windows, as if they didn’t want to stop for a moment.

Luo Lingsheng, who was working overtime, was a little depressed by the noise, so he temporarily closed his work and turned off the computer.

He just picked up the coffee, and suddenly with a ‘pop’, the light source in the entire room suddenly went out.


Luo Lingsheng was startled, and immediately picked up his mobile phone to illuminate it to check the main power equipment at the hallway.

There is no trip, but there is still no electricity.

Luo Lingsheng was a little surprised at this unprecedented ‘power outage’ situation. He was about to pick up his mobile phone to inquire about the property management, but suddenly heard a dull and heavy sound.

Luo Lingsheng thought of Shi Yunnan who was also at home, and walked back, “Shi Yunnan?”

“…Luo, Luo Lingsheng.”

A trembling response came from the bathroom.

Luo Lingsheng quickly realized that something was wrong, he held the bathroom door handle and pressed it, but it was a pity that the door was locked from the inside, “Shi Yunnan, what’s wrong with you?”

“Luo Lingsheng, you, you help me! The bathroom is too dark, I, I can’t get up…”

Shi Yunnan anxiously cried with fear, and immediately made Luo Lingsheng’s heartstrings tense.

“Are you by the door?”


Luo Lingsheng confirmed Shi Yunnan’s position and kicked the door with all his strength. Knowing that he had broken the locked confinement, he quickly walked in.

Luo Lingsheng used the faint light of the front light of the mobile phone to capture the figure of Shi Yunnan——

At this moment, Shi Yunnan was sitting curled up outside the glass door of the shower area, and the fear in his eyes swept towards Luo Lingsheng like a tide. There was a blood stain on his exposed calf, which seemed to have just been broken.

Even in the faint light, he could still see Shi Yunnan’s abnormal bloodless face.

“Did you fall down just now?” Luo Lingsheng knelt down, “Can you still stand up?”

As soon as the voice fell, Shi Yunnan slammed into his arms with all his might, his teeth trembling uncontrollably, “Luo Lingsheng!”


Luo Lingsheng felt the completely abnormal rapid breathing and trembling of the person in his arms.

Shi Yunnan is afraid of the dark?

Still claustrophobic?

Guessing that at the moment when it took shape, Shi Yunnan in his arms tightened his clinging strength again, as if he was afraid that he would be left behind at this moment, “Sorry, it’s too, too dark, I…”

“I know, don’t be afraid.”

Luo Lingsheng put one hand around Shi Yunnan, and the other hand moved the mobile phone light source close to him, “Did you see clearly? I’m here, it’s okay.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t answer, but just stubbornly tugged Luo Ling’s voice, the whole person still shivering unnaturally.

Not long ago, he had just finished showering, and before he stepped out of the glass compartment, the entire bathroom fell into darkness.

The memory of being bullied and imprisoned in the dark utility room by foreign classmates for a short time flooded his mind, causing Shi Yunnan to fall into an uncontrollable instinctive panic.

Shi Yunnan touched the bathrobe indiscriminately, and originally planned to go out of the bathroom to find Luo Lingsheng, but when the room leaked in the rain, the soles of his feet suddenly slipped and fell heavily.

The calf was about to knock on the edge of the locker near the ground, and a severe pain like a split suddenly made Shi Yunnan’s situation worse. The moment he couldn’t breathe, he almost thought he was going to die in this place.

“Shi Yunnan, look at me.” Luo Lingsheng stretched out his hand and patted Shi Yunnan’s back, repeating his warm voice to comfort him, “It’s okay, I’m here.”

Shi Yunnan caught the life-saving straw in the dark, and his thoughts on the verge of collapse were finally relieved. His eye sockets were red, trying to suppress fear and crying, “Why, why suddenly there is no electricity?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, I’ll take you out first.”

At this moment, Luo Lingsheng did not force Shi Yunnan to get up and leave, and simply hugged the other person and brought him back to his room.

Shi Yunnan touched the relatively soft bed sheet, coupled with the continuous light source of the mobile phone, finally recovered a trace of reason, “…Luo Lingsheng, my leg hurts a little.”

Luo Lingsheng knelt by the bed, frowned and checked the scratches on his calf-the wound was not deep, but the bleeding seemed to be seeping, so he had to find a way to stop it.

Luo Lingsheng confessed, “Sit still, I’ll go to the kitchen to get the medicine kit.”

“No need!” Shi Yunnan blurted out in a panic.

He subconsciously grabbed his clothes and swallowed even more, “Could you not leave now? I, I don’t want to be alone.”

“No, the wound must be treated.”

Luo Lingsheng verbally refused, but actually slid the phone into Shi Yunnan’s hand very tenderly, and patted the opponent’s neck twice with his slightly hot palm, and the comfort was more obvious.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll be back in half a minute, okay?”


Shi Yunnan took a deep breath and reluctantly nodded.

The occasional lightning and thunder also provided intermittent light. After all, he was walking around at his own house, and Luo Lingsheng quickly took back the spare medicine kit.

Shi Yunnan saw his figure again, and his tight nerves relaxed slightly.

Luo Lingsheng instructed in a low voice, “Go down with the phone. I will give you a simple treatment of the wound. It may be a little painful, so bear with it.”

Shi Yunnan replied imperceptibly, obediently following the instructions.

After five minutes, the wound was treated.

“Okay.” Luo Lingsheng raised his head slowly, but his eyes condensed in an instant.

Just now because of the emergency, he didn’t pay attention at all. Shi Yunnan’s bathrobe was actually half exposed, and there were still a few drops of water that didn’t fall.

The skin that is hidden in the clothes on weekdays is so delicate and white that it may be soaked in warm water, or it may be due to excessive stress. At this moment, the white is still red.

Luo Lingsheng shook his untimely impulse, gritted his teeth and quickly closed and fastened Shi Yunnan’s open bathrobe, “Is it better? Would you like to drink some water?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t notice the tension in his voice, and was still nervous, “When can I call?”

“I don’t know, I will ask.”

Luo Lingsheng drew back his mobile phone, and before sending a message to the property, he saw an emergency notice from the owner group.

“There is a problem with the main electrical box downstairs. The maintenance personnel are rushing to repair, and they are not sure about the time of the call.” Luo Lingsheng said the result of the notification and checked the time again, “It’s already over ten o’clock, just go to sleep.”

When Shi Yunnan heard the bad news, her breathing trembled, “Luo Lingsheng, I…can I stay in your room for now? I just sit on a chair and don’t disturb you.”

“If there is a call, I will go back to the next door.”

Letting him go back to the darkened room next door to rest alone is an impossible task at all.

If he could stay here, at least he knew there was Luo Lingsheng beside him.

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes changed slightly, and he lifted Shi Yunnan into the air, moved from the end of the bed to the head of the bed, “Sleep to my room tonight, I will not do anything to you, two men sleep together, you are not afraid of losing money?”


Shi Yunnan didn’t speak, but he didn’t resist Luo Lingsheng’s care at all.

The two lay down on the bed under a thin quilt.

Shi Yunnan felt an unprecedented subtle aura. On the one hand, because of the fear that hadn’t dissipated, on the other hand, because of the natural heartbeat, he carefully moved to the side of Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng could hardly notice Shi Yunnan’s approach, and suddenly said, “What is it for?”

The mobile phone was also placed at the head of his bed, temporarily acting as a lamp for lighting.

The eyes of the two met in the dim light.

Shi Yunnan, who was caught on the spot, had a bit of heat in his cheeks, and the soft crying sound has not subsided completely, “I want to be closer to you, I am not afraid of losing money anyway.”

Luo Lingsheng overflowed with a very faint smile, stretched out his hand to embrace Shi Yunnan and brought it into his arms, “Is this close enough?”


The secretly sexy and bewitching voice echoed in his ears, and Shi Yunnan inexplicably extended another kind of tension.

It will be too close to sleep.

“Since you are still young and afraid of the dark, you will sleep like this tonight.”

Luo Lingsheng’s fingertips seemed to rub against Shi Yunnan’s bathrobe, whispering into his ears.

“Isn’t tired after flying for a long time? Try to close your eyes and rest. It will be the same if you close your eyes. I won’t leave when the phone light is on for you.”

Shi Yunnan clasped the corner of the other party’s nightgown without a trace, and his mind moved slightly, “Well, good night.”

“Good night.”

Shi Yunnan originally thought it was difficult for him to fall asleep in such an environment, but Luo Lingsheng’s embrace seemed to be magical, and he actually felt sleepy unconsciously.

I don’t know how long it took.

Just when Shi Yunnan was breathing steadily and was about to fall asleep, the light in the room suddenly turned bright.

Luo Lingsheng reacted in one second, quickly picked up the remote control of the light next to the pillow, and quickly turned it off to make the bedroom dim again.

Shi Yunnan was so sleepy in her arms that she murmured after a few beats, “…a call?”

“No, it’s still dark.”

Luo Lingsheng tightened his arm around him without a trace, and said in a low voice, “Hey, you continue to sleep.”


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