After a Flash Marriage Chapter 106

Extra 3 - [Husband Extension Line (6)]

The long-lost good sleep made Shi Yunnan sleep soft and comfortable. He drooped his eyelids and habitually stretched his waist. As a result, his fingertips touched warmth in the next second.

I stuck my hands a little bit.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyes subconsciously, only to find that his fingers were ‘doing evil’ on Luo Lingsheng’s chin.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t know when he woke up, and stared at him deeply, “Is it enough to poke? It’s not honest at all when I sleep.”


Shi Yunnan reacted slowly, his ears became slightly hot.

He was now shrinking in Luo Lingsheng’s arms, seeming to force the other person’s warm body as a pillow.

Shi Yunnan hurriedly moved outwards, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the running air conditioner monitor, and then recalled what happened last night, “Has the circuit been restored?”

“Well, I recovered soon after lying down last night.”

Luo Lingsheng suddenly uttered the truth, and the body lying on his side seemed to pass towards Shi Yunnan again, “But someone fell asleep and couldn’t wake up no matter how much he shouted.”

“Shi Yunnan, are you determined to lie on my bed?”

It was too close, and there was even the illusion of exchanging good morning kisses.

Shi Yunnan was dumbfounded for two seconds, and his cheeks were also hot, “You called me? Why don’t I have any impression of me?”

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyebrows and did not answer this question directly. He took the initiative to turn over and get up, “Go and wash when you are full. Treat the wound on your calf later.”


In fact, Shi Yunnan has the habit of relying on bed. After waking up every day, he has to sit on the bed for half an hour before he officially wakes up.

However, now lying on someone else’s bed, Shi Yunnan really dare not be too presumptuous. When he finished washing, Luo Lingsheng’s breakfast had already been served.

Shi Yunnan scooped the seafood porridge, but he didn’t think it was delicious anymore, his eyes poked and fell on Luo Lingsheng who was opposite.

He has always slept lightly, not to mention the power outage and panic situation of last night, but he must admit that the sleep feeling after falling asleep last night was so good!

Although it didn’t take long to get along with Luo Lingsheng, Shi Yunnan was able to feel the word’stable’ again and again from the other person. It has been a long time since his mother died and he was sent abroad.

But having said that, Luo Lingsheng is really good-looking.

Luo Lingsheng was breathing slightly hot by the increasingly violent sight on the other side, and he had to remind him, “What do I do?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t conceal his own beauty, “It looks good.”

Luo Lingsheng stopped eating, helplessly, “What are you going to do today?”

“I will go to the bookstore to buy some supplementary learning materials later. I have to learn by myself and familiarize myself with the domestic courses, or I am afraid that I will not be able to keep up with the start of school in September.”

Shi Yunnan scooped another spoonful of seafood porridge, “By the way, look for a summer part-time job.”

Although Wen Yibei wanted to provide him with living expenses, as a peer, Shi Yunnan could not throw all the financial pressure on his brother.

In the second half of the formal senior year, it is impossible for him to be distracted to find a part-time job on the weekend. Instead of doing this, it is better to use the summer vacation time to study while saving some living expenses.


Luo Lingsheng did not speak.

He originally wanted to reject Shi Yunnan’s idea of ​​a part-time job in the summer, and future living expenses could be paid by him first, but after thinking about it, he knew that Shi Yunnan had pride and self-esteem in his bones, and that the other party had his own way and meaning to live.

He should not use his own thinking mode to bind and veto the other party’s plan.

“Okay, what do you want to eat tonight?” Luo Lingsheng changed the subject, saying that a good meal would be a must.

“Hmm…” Shi Yunnan thought about it seriously, “I want to eat fish. Can you make it for me?”

Luo Lingsheng was silent again.

His cooking skills are not exquisite, at best he can only order simple dishes.

Originally raising this question was only thinking of ‘take out’ to go home for dinner, but Shi Yunnan came up and asked excitedly.

Shi Yunnan noticed the hesitation between Luo Lingsheng’s eyebrows and his eyes, and asked carefully, “You can’t do it? Just do it, I’m really not picky.”

Luo Lingsheng replied, “I see, I will do it for you.”

“doing what?”

“poached fillet.”

Shi Yunnan got his promise and drank the rest of the seafood porridge with a smile.

Fifteen minutes later.

Luo Lingsheng got into the car, but did not rush to drive.

He opened the search engine of his mobile phone and got a serious understanding of the cooking methods of boiled fish fillets. He only felt that tens of millions of orders were no more complicated than this.

——Can you do it for me?

Shi Yunnan came back to his mind with Qiyi’s gaze.

Luo Lingsheng sighed softly, and finally put the webpage of cooking steps into his favorites.

Shi Yunnan found a fairly reliable part-time job with a high salary.

The owner is a returnee, and he has already made a lot of money in his early forties. Now he has opened a winery at the junction of Teikyo and the neighboring city. It is actually used to pass the time. An easygoing personality, who doesn’t care about gains or losses.

Shi Yunnan’s work task is unreasonably simple, every day in the winery in Teikyo City is responsible for the operation of the purchase webpage, as well as the entry and exit of various wines.

In addition, he has a lot of time for self-study courses.

The daily relationship between Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng is still the same. One focuses on career and the other focuses on studies. The only two points of communication each day are breakfast and dinner.

Even so, Shi Yunnan felt the taste of ‘home’ from such a simple life.

Time flies and it is the end of August.

The electronic welcoming sound at the door of the store rang.

“Mo brother.”

Shi Yunnan heard the voice of the clerk on the other side and quickly stopped the pen in his hand and got up.

The boss Mo Ge found Shi Yunnan’s figure and approached, “Xiao Shi, are you going to resign at the end of the month?”

Shi Yunnan nodded, “Well, tomorrow is the last day, and school will start next Monday.”

Mo Ge heard the words ‘tsk’, and he pulled him aside to discuss in secret, “Look if you have time, this Saturday, we will go to the banquet on behalf of our winery.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t know why, “Banquet?”

“Do you know the Luo family of the Imperial Palace?” The boss thought that Shi Yunnan was a work-study child, and specially introduced him to the prestige of the Luo family in the Imperial Palace.


Shi Yunnan cleared his throat, “Brother Mo, what are you calling me to do?”

“I and the person in charge of the Luo family’s banquet procurement are friends. Relying on our family’s wine and relationship, he chose our wine as one of the banquet drinks.”

“It’s just that we send two people to transport alcohol and drink, and come in to watch the situation, so as not to make mistakes.”

“I should have done this in person, but my wife’s due date is only these few days, and I really can’t get away. You look good, and you act cleverly. It’s just right to replace the image of our winery.”

Mo Ge obviously valued Shi Yunnan very much, and put it on his shoulders to discuss, “A banquet will last three or four hours at most. In this way, I will give you an extra 1,000 yuan? Xiao Zhou has agreed, and you two will go together. ”

Luo’s wealth is strong, and Mo Ge made a net profit of five to six million yuan in this single business. At this time, he paid his employees generous salaries.

“Okay, I have to thank Mo Ge for giving me this opportunity.” Shi Yunnan readily agreed.

It is not a mistake to enter the venue and stare at the wine. If there are guests at the banquet who like it, it is not difficult to make a few deals.

Not only does it not delay the start of school, but it also earns an extra amount of living expenses. The most important thing is that since it is the Luo family banquet, surely Luo Lingsheng will also be there?

Mo Ge was not satisfied, “There is a special waiter dressed at the banquet, you tell me your size, and I will have someone bring you a set tomorrow.”


The venue of the Luo family banquet was set at his own manor.

Shi Yunnan came along with the red wine delivery car, but it took nearly five or six minutes to drive from the entrance of the manor to the main banquet hall.

“Hey, rich people are really rich and powerful. How many people can live in such a large estate?” The driver in charge of the transportation couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Xiao Shi, Xiao Zhou, don’t you think?”


Shi Yunnan replied, feeling a little in his heart.

If it hadn’t been for this opportunity of ‘working to make money’, maybe he would have entered this overly luxurious manor in his entire life.

Compared with a century-old family like the Luo family, the Shi family can at best be regarded as a small wealthy family who made a fortune halfway through, let alone the second ‘invisible’ young master who is least favored by the Shi family.

Although Luo Lingsheng’s house is low-key, Shi Yunnan heard early in the morning that he is his favorite grandson.

All roads lead to Rome, and Luo Lingsheng was born in the very center of Rome.

In the past, didn’t feel under the same roof. Now, when compare, Shi Yunnan suddenly understands that the two people’s wealth backgrounds are almost altogether different.

“Xiao Shi, what do you think? It’s here.”

Master Song stopped the car and called back to the stunned Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan sorted out his waiter’s clothes, quickly adjusted his mood and got out of the car.

The banquet started on time at half past six in the evening.

Unlike other waiters who are responsible for welcoming guests and serving wine, Shi Yunnan only needs to stay peacefully by the side of the wine tower of his own brand.

The rumored old man Luo Baisheng is ninety-four years old, but he is still vigorous, and he is under the pressure of his own master.

Except for those children and grandchildren under his knees, the other guests who came did not dare to take the initiative to approach and talk.

“No wonder it is said that the old man likes Luo Lingsheng the most, and his eyebrows are too similar.” Shi Yunnan fantasized about Luo Lingsheng’s old age and stretched out his hand to cover the smile of his lips.

Shi Yunnan looked around the huge banquet hall round and round, and finally saw the figure of his heart when the banquet was halfway through.

Luo Lingsheng wore a pure black formal suit, not a striking color, but with his superior height and appearance, he suddenly jumped out of the crowd and became the focus.

Luo Lingsheng’s family are all high-valued, and the elegance and nobility in their gestures are far inferior to others.

In the banquet hall, not only Shi Yunnan came to the spirit, but other young masters and daughters followed and admired.

“I heard that Mrs. Luo intends to bring Luo Lingsheng and Chen’s daughter together.”

“Really? Who is the daughter of the Chen family?”

“Chen Keqing, I just graduated from Ritagarh University in the United States in June. This is the right age for Luo Lingsheng…Luo and Mrs. Chen have been in a good relationship since they were young. The parents deliberately matched it, and it was almost impossible to achieve it.”

“That’s not necessarily true. There are more people who like Luo Lingsheng. If he doesn’t want to, who can force it?”

“The marriage between the big giants, like is second…”

Shi Yunnan heard the slight discussion around her, and her emotions gradually emerged from the initial joy with a hint of complex unconfidence.

Graduated from a prestigious university, at the right age, right in the door, and matched by the parents.

The overly realistic vocabulary flipped in my mind.

At this moment, Shi Yunnan hoped that Luo Lingsheng would notice his presence, but was also afraid that the other party would notice his presence.

The feet that took half a step because of impulse, after all, restrained and took it back.

Suddenly, two amusingly rich young masters ran into Shi Yunnan, and the drinks in their hands were completely spilled on Shi Yunnan——

The crimson liquor immediately soaked the white shirt, leaving stains that were difficult to clean in a short time.

“Fuck, do you have eyes?”

The rich young master in front of him irritably shook the liquor on the back of his hand, cursing in a low voice for preemptive action.

Shi Yunnan suppressed the displeasure between her eyebrows, remembering her identity, “Sorry, I…”

“Hey, wait, this looks a bit familiar.”

The other party met Shi Yunnan’s face, thought for a few seconds and sneered, “Second Young Master Shi, is it you?”

At the same time, Shi Yunnan recognized each other. The person in front of him was the young master of the Wei family. In the early years, the two had a relationship at other banquets.

Compared with Shi Yunnan, Master Wei has a better relationship with his nominal brother Xie Keyue.

Young Master Wei confirmed Shi Yunnan’s identity, and immediately sarcastically said, “Shi Yunnan, Shibie should treat each other with admiration for three days. Are you wearing waiter’s clothes? Are you embarrassed?”

Shi Yunnan unmovedly picked up the wine glass on the ground, stuffed it into the recycling basket under the wine tower, and handed over a new glass of red wine to the bottom, “Master Wei, hold this new glass firmly.”

Shi Yunnan is still a reasonable person. Now it is time for him to work with money. He is not angry because of the other party’s deliberate sarcasm, and his tone is still neither haughty nor humble.

It’s a pity that this sentence fell into the ears of Young Master Wei and became ironic.

Young Master Wei overturned Shi Yunnan’s wine glass, “Should stop me from taking these uninfluenced red wines, what kind of good wine can Shi Yunnan afford?”

“What kind of cat or dog can come in at this banquet?”

The red wine splashed on Shi Yunnan’s cheeks and chin, and once again slipped into his clothes.

Xiao Zhou, the waiter who came with Shi Yunnan, looked dumbfounded. He had no idea where this young master was so malicious.

Shi Yunnan chuckled, his eyes cold, “The red wine was purchased and selected by Luo’s family, and we were also brought in by Luo’s. If Master Wei is not satisfied, why don’t we just ask Mr. Luo to oppose it?”

Master Wei got stuck, “You…”

Shi Yunnan wiped the liquor on his face and asked, “Do you need me to help you attract more guests’ attention?”

Young Master Wei’s complexion became stiff, and the friend beside him noticed something was wrong and immediately whispered, “Wei Lian, stop making trouble, if it really attracts the attention of Luo family, we can’t eat around with our parents.”

Young Master Wei knew that the timing and occasion were wrong, but fortunately Shi Yunnan didn’t have any real impact on him, so he had to follow his friends and leave first.

A small farce that happened in the corner quickly turned over.

Waiter Xiao Zhou came up and immediately took out a clean wet tissue and handed it to Shi Yunnan, “Xiao Shi, are you okay? These wealthy young masters are all bad-tempered. If you don’t follow them, you will go wild. Don’t be wronged.”

Shi Yunnan took the wet wipes from a colleague and looked at Luo Lingsheng subconsciously.

I don’t know when Luo Lingsheng has a young and beautiful elegant daughter beside him. Besides the two, it should be the parents and elders of both sides. They are toasting and don’t know what they are talking with.


Shi Yunnan has always been accustomed to the cynicism and sarcasm of other young masters of the same age. For him, the so-called’grief’ is a trivial thing that can be forgotten by turning his head.

But the scene not far away really made him panic.

“Brother Xiao Zhou, I want to clean up first, can you look at the wine tower first?”

“Of course, no problem.”

Shi Yunnan got the permission of his colleague and quickly left from the side hall door.

far away.

After Luo Lingsheng noticed the fleeting back in the side hall, the unspeakable sense of familiarity made him immediately put down the wine glass and prepared to chase.

“Ling Sheng.” Mrs. Luo noticed the change of her son, and took his wrist, “What are you going to do?”

Luo Lingsheng smiled politely and estranged at the Chen family, took Mrs. Luo two steps to the side, and whispered, “Mom, I beg you to stop messing with mandarin ducks.”

Mrs. Luo doesn’t like to force her son, but she feels a bit pity, “Why are you…”

Luo Lingsheng said straightforwardly, “I have someone I like. It’s no surprise that I want to get married in the future.”

Mrs. Luo was shocked by this sudden news-two or three months ago, she said she had no idea, why suddenly there are people who like it and think about getting married?

Before Mrs. Luo could inquire about the situation, Luo Lingsheng decisively left.

No matter whether that figure is an illusion or not, he is unwilling to stay here anymore, pretending to be perfunctory for the so-called rich etiquette.

Chen Keqing saw Luo Lingsheng’s resolute back and smiled calmly, “Parents, you and Mrs. Luo talk slowly. I will go to the side rest area to sit for a while.”

Chen Keqing had long seen that Luo Lingsheng had no interest in her, but he needed to be polite in front of both parents.

This is also good, saving each other’s time.

The shirt is completely dirty.

Shi Yunnan didn’t clean up the dirt on his body, but went to the back kitchen and stole a bottle of decanter. Then, following the direction where Wei Lian had just left, he found two people who were smoking in the open-air backyard of the main banquet hall.

Shi Yunnan squeezed the bottleneck of the decanter and quickly approached.

Wei Lian, who was smoking, heard the sound of footsteps behind him, and after turning around, he suddenly received a ‘perfect’ baptism of a large amount of liquor from beginning to end.

Shi Yunnan admired his embarrassment and smiled fearlessly, “Wei Lian, you deliberately splashed me once, and I kindly return to you once, so I won’t owe it anymore.”

No matter if he is a waiter, Shi Family Master, or other status, the other party is not qualified to be superior.

If we say that Wei Lian accidentally spilled the liquor the first time, then as a waiter, he naturally needs to be patient during his work, and it is obvious that the other party spilled the liquor the second time deliberately.

Shi Yunnan didn’t want to have an episode in the banquet hall, simply because he didn’t want to disturb other people’s excitement, and he didn’t want to let Luo Lingsheng, who was also present, watch a joke.

During Shi Yunnan’s years abroad, she has long formed a character that will be retributable to Jacques.

Even if he couldn’t fight back that day, he would accumulate the ability to fight back in the future. He was a wicked person in his bones, and he couldn’t repay his grievances with virtue.

Master Wei was smeared by the liquor, and the custom suit was messed up. He wiped his face indiscriminately, gritted his teeth, “Shi, Yun, Nan! Are you looking for death?”

Before the sound was over, he raised his fist and tried to punch Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan had long expected that the other party would be unwilling, and quickly knocked Wei Shaoye on the head with the decanter still in his hand.


The opponent fell back and fell on all fours.

When Wei Shaoye’s friend saw this, he immediately joined the battle.

Shi Yunnan was holding a gloomy fire in his heart, and when he moved his hands and feet, he became fierce. He was one enemy and two but did not fall into the wind, until he was about to beat the two people crying father and mother——

“What are you doing? Is being the Luo family a battlefield?”

The overly familiar, unpleasant voice rang, causing Shi Yunnan and Wei Lian to stop at the same time.


Shi Yunnan didn’t expect Luo Lingsheng to appear suddenly, and quickly let go and got up. He caught a glimpse of his overly dirty waiter’s clothes, which was actually caused by unfounded inferiority.

“come here.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes were directed at Shi Yunnan impartially, distressed and helplessthe other party’s face still had liquor remaining, dirty and cute, like a little tabby cat who didn’t know when he was lost.

After all, Shi Yunnan still couldn’t resist Luo Lingsheng’s gaze pressure and walked up. He looked at Luo Lingsheng in front of him, inexplicably wronged but wanted to be aggressive.

see that?

Others drank and drank in the banquet hall, dressed in a mess of waiter’s clothes, beating people here.

The Shi family didn’t want him, and the young masters of the same age laughed at him. Shi Yunnan was just not worthy of Luo Lingsheng, no place.

There was a subtle condensation in the atmosphere between the two.

Wei Lian and his friends finally got rid of Shi Yunnan’s restrictions and unanimously supported them to get up.

Shi Yunnan is too hard to beat people!

Neither of them can beat him, it’s shameful! How long did it take? The two of them were beaten so that their whole body hurts!

Wei Lian covered the corners of his bloody mouth, feeling aggrieved.

Although he is afraid of Luo Lingsheng’s identity, he consciously has more rights to speak than Shi Yunnan, “Master Luo, this waiter…”

Unexpectedly, this complaint was too late to speak.

Luo Lingsheng suddenly pulled Shi Yunnan into his protection. He turned a blind eye to Shi Yunnan’s ‘fierce beating’ just now, and his words softly seemed to coax his heart and liver—

“The two of them bullied you? Are you wronged? Where does it hurt?”


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