After a Flash Marriage Chapter 108

Extra 3 - [Husband Extension Line (8)]

The curtains in the room were tightly drawn.

In the dark, the phone on the bedside table suddenly lit up, and the alarm started in the next second.

Shi Yunnan in his sleep was habitually awakened. As soon as he fumbled together, he was hugged back by Luo Lingsheng beside him.

Luo Lingsheng picked up and turned off the mobile phone on the bedside table, and glanced at the time, but it was only six o’clock.


Shi Yunnan, who was awake, snorted dizzyly, shrank in his arms and grumbled sleepily, “I have to get up again.”

Luo Lingsheng saw a row of alarms on his phone, “What did you do when you wake up so early?”

“Review, many courses have to be caught up.” Shi Yunnan buried his head between his lover’s chest and nudged hard, “Luo Lingsheng…I’m so sleepy…”

“Saturday, go to bed for a while.” Luo Lingsheng promptly turned off the alarms in the row on the phone and said to his ear, “At half past seven, I call you to get up.”

I get tired from getting up early at school. If I can’t sleep on the weekends, my body will definitely be overwhelmed in the long run.

Shi Yunnan struggled a little bit, and finally admitted, “Well, then, then you have to call me.”

“Okay, I will tell you to sleep at ease.”

Luo Lingsheng drew Boss close to the two of them, and lay down again.

Drowsy sleepiness swept the two again.

Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng heard Shi Yunnan groaning in his arms, “Luo Lingsheng…”


“You, you wait for me.”


Luo Lingsheng opened his eyes in the dimness, and when he looked carefully, he realized that Shi Yunnan was dreaming at the moment.

Shi Yunnan put his palm on his arm, and continued to mumble, “I will… enter a good university and try to be with you…”

He paused, still not forgetting to act like a baby in his sleep, “Wait for me.”

Luo Lingsheng was seduced by his inexplicable and well-behaved lover, and kissed his forehead, “Okay, I’ll wait for you, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t speak any more, obviously he fell asleep again.

There are always differences in the courses at home and abroad, and the knowledge points involved in the exam are different. Fortunately, Shi Yunnan has perseverance and cleverness. It took more than half a semester to catch up with the schedule.

Shi Yunnan has determined the colleges and majors that the university wants to apply for in the ‘design category’ early in the morning, and will also take time to study in accordance with the entry standards of each college.

In a blink of an eye, it’s the New Year’s Eve.

The schoolwork of the third party in the senior high school was heavy, and it was not until the twenty-sixth year of the new year that he was willing to take a formal holiday. Shi Yunnan took advantage of the rare holiday to make up for two days, and then he was energetic and pulled Luo Lingsheng to buy some new year goods.

“Are you sure you want to post the couplet at the door?”

Luo Lingsheng leaned against the door and looked at Shi Yunnan who was making excited gestures.

This suite was only bought by him to facilitate work and work. In the past, he had to return to Luo’s house for the New Year at the end of the year, and he has been unable to buy these couplet stickers.

“Of course, if you don’t buy it, you won’t have the taste of the year.” Shi Yunnan gestured again, and he couldn’t reach the top position. “You come over and help.”

Luo Lingsheng chuckled softly, approached, and moved the top of the couplet up easily, “Can you post it here? Little dwarf.”

Shi Yunnan snorted, “My height is normal, you are too tall.”

The two of them posted the opposite in a few words, and also posted the word “Fu” upside down on the front door.

Shi Yunnan admired the fruits of his busy work for five or six minutes, and did not forget to take out his mobile phone to take pictures as a souvenir.

Luo Ling praised his shining eyes, “Is that so happy?”

“Well, happy.”

Since he can remember, he hasn’t celebrated a decent Spring Festival for a long time.

Now that he has the opportunity to spend the New Year with Luo Lingsheng, he naturally feels satisfied.

Shi Yunnan was thinking about it when the cell phone in the house rang.

Luo Lingsheng entered the door and saw that it was Mrs. Luo’s call, “Hey, Mom.”

“Ling Sheng, this Chinese New Year is thirty, you shouldn’t be busy with work, right?” Mrs. Luo on the other end of the phone asked, “Your grandfather sent someone to send a message yesterday, saying that a banquet will be held in the manor tonight. …”

When Shi Yunnan approached, he happened to hear this sound.

Luo Lingsheng glanced at Shi Yunnan, but temporarily did not answer.

Mrs. Luo who did not get an answer continued, “Hello? Ling Sheng, are you listening?”

“Mom, I’m listening.”

“I’m busy with work on weekdays, so I can’t bother you, but your grandfather has already told me that we can’t help but go to this family banquet, you know?”

When Mr. Luo got older, he paid more attention to the word ‘reunion’. Now that he speaks, the Luo family dare not disobey.

Luo Lingsheng hesitated for two seconds, “…I know, Mom, I’ll contact you later.”

The phone hangs up.

Shi Yunnan, who was standing by, asked, “What’s the matter? Mrs. Luo called you to go home for reunion dinner?”

Luo Lingsheng said truthfully, “It was the old man who gave the family banquet and asked us to go back in all four rooms.”

The smile in Shi Yunnan’s eyes was slightly lighter, “Well, that’s not good. You should spend the New Year with your family.”

Luo Lingsheng curled his eyebrows and didn’t answer.

He originally imagined that if tonight was Luo’s four-bedroom small family dinner, he would definitely choose to take Shi Yunnan back together, anyway, as a family, everyone would meet sooner or later.

Now the small family banquet has become a banquet for everyone, and four or five people have become a big family. Although in the name of “reunion,” it is actually a battlefield where no gunsmoke can be seen.

Seeing that Old Man Luo is getting older and it’s time to “decentralize power and decentralize profits,” Dafang has always regarded them as a thorn in his eyes and a thorn in his flesh, and he may be holding back some bad thoughts.

The most important thing is that as a century-old family of Luo, even in the age when same-sex marriage was legal, Mr. Luo still hated such feelings deeply.

Shi Yunnan was still in school, and Luo Lingsheng didn’t want to expose him to the family too early. He had to try his best to protect his lover so that he would not be disturbed.

“I’m not going, stay here to spend the New Year with you.”

“No, if you don’t go there for no reason, Lord Luo will be angry, right?”

Shi Yunnan probably guessed the twists and turns between the big family, and rejected Luo Lingsheng’s proposal.

“I wanted to tell you before. My brother asked me to return to Wen’s house to celebrate the New Year. I am afraid that you are unhappy, so I never know how to speak.”

Luo Lingsheng was dubious, “Really?”

“Of course.”

Shi Yunnan showed Luo Lingsheng the text message sent by Wen Yibei and continued to persuade him.

“Is it inevitable for a wealthy family like the Luo family to fight against each other? Father Luo has reached this age. If you don’t go tonight, you will definitely smash your head in the mouths of other relatives.”

Luo Lingsheng stroked his cheek and smiled helplessly, “Do you still know this?”

The four rooms have never been vying for power, but they can’t stand the predilection of Old Man Luo and the jealous speculation of other relatives, which secretly makes stumbling too many.

Luo Lingsheng deliberately set up his own business in the first place, just to avoid too much involvement with them within the Luo Group.

“Don’t you understand? My stepmother is always on guard against me for the little ruined property of the Shi family.” Shi Yunnan shook his head with a look of disgust.

He approached two steps and put his arm around Luo Lingsheng’s arm and demanded, “You can go there, but you will come back to accompany me tomorrow, okay? I’ll just have a twelve-day holiday.”

Luo Lingsheng reluctantly suppressed the hesitation in his heart, “Okay, I will find time to make a video call to you at night.”

If he finds an excuse not to go, it might arouse the suspicion of Mr. Luo and others. Then they will follow the vine to dig out the relationship between him and Shi Yunnan, which is bound to cause more trouble.

Luo Lingsheng wants to protect Shi Yunnan from harm, but he knows better than anyone else-he is not enough to protect Shi Yunnan under the circumstances that Mr. Luo is still in power.

Shi Yunnan smiled and agreed, leaning forward to ask for a kiss, “Kiss me.”

Luo Lingsheng kissed, but didn’t let go, “It’s not enough.”

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Luo Lingsheng drove to the Luo Family Manor.

Shi Yunnan looked at the empty suite, still unable to conceal his loss and let out a sigh of relief, “…it seems to be the New Year’s Eve alone.”

In fact, he didn’t tell the truth with Luo Lingsheng. As early as the moment Wen Yibei sent a text message to ask, Shi Yunnan had already called back and rejected the proposal to return to Wen’s house for the New Year.

Although he didn’t know how Wen Yanfeng and Song Zhiqiu’s husband and wife relationship had become, he would rather not go, lest he accidentally caused a new round of family disputes.

“It’s okay, just one person alone, it’s not like I’ve never had it before.”

Shi Yunnan gathered up his mind and returned to the room, and simply used the “Tihai Tactics” to divert his attention.

Time passed by, and the screen on the table was vibrated by video communication, which was caused by Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan suddenly regained consciousness, only to realize that the sky was completely dark.

He remembered the good things he had said to Luo Lingsheng at noon, and was afraid of gangbang, so he switched the video back to the voice, “Hey.”

“How did you change the voice?”

“Ah? Oh, I’m afraid Grandpa and Uncle would accidentally see it, so it’s safer.” Shi Yunnan said casually, closing the exercises and moving his a little stiff neck.

“Really?” Luo Lingsheng said in a low voice, “it’s snowing.”

Shi Yunnan looked out the window and found that after night fell, the emperor had fallen snow again, “Yeah.”

Luo Lingsheng asked again, “Have you eaten? What did you eat at the Wen family banquet?”


Shi Yunnan gets stuck.

He looked at the half past nine displayed on the phone and touched his empty stomach again, feeling even more guilty.

“Why didn’t you speak? Didn’t you eat?”

“How could it be that they are some common home cooking.” Shi Yunnan denied, and changed the subject, “What did you eat? Luo’s family banquet should be luxurious, right?”

Shi Yunnan asked, while quietly walking towards the kitchen.

He opened the refrigerator and saw that it was full of new year goods.

He forced Luo Lingsheng to buy these. He obviously didn’t know how to cook, and he didn’t have too much experience of ‘Chinese New Year’, but he just couldn’t help buying a lot of ingredients that he could and could not use.

Luo Lingsheng on the other end of the phone said, “Nothing special, it’s not as good as the usual dinner with you.”


Shi Yunnan’s nose was sour, and the loneliness he hadn’t felt for a long time suddenly surged. Accustomed to the excitement and stability of being accompanied, one can no longer get used to the feeling of loneliness of being alone.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help shouting, “Luo Lingsheng…”


The four words ‘I miss you’ were still pressed back by Shi Yunnan, and he forced a smile, “Happy New Year, remember to go home tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, happy new year.”

The two chatted a few more words, and Shi Yunnan hung up the phone with an excuse.

He searched and found out the frozen fresh dumplings that he bought yesterday in the refrigerator. Originally, he just wanted to cook the amount in his stomach, but he thought that Luo Lingsheng had accidentally made more dumplings.

Shi Yunnan only took his share, leaving the rest to Luo Lingsheng tomorrow morning. He simply solved his late ‘New Year’s Eve dinner’, and it was half past ten after washing up.

Shi Yunnan curled up on the sofa in the living room with the quilt, and turned on the TV Spring Festival Gala, which he was not very interested in, in an attempt to add a bit of excitement to the home.

Maybe it’s the biological clock that usually sleeps, or maybe the scent of Luo Lingsheng still remains on the quilt.

Shi Yunnan sensed his drowsiness and lay directly on the sofa. He looked at the closed door obliquely, and subconsciously hypnotized himself——

Go to sleep, go to sleep.

When he woke up, it was the new year, and he could see Luo Lingsheng.

When Luo Lingsheng hurried back home, he saw Shi Yunnan sleeping on the sofa with the quilt rolled up. There was a soup pot on the stove in the kitchen, and he opened it to see-there was still a lot of steaming steam. Dumplings.


Luo Lingsheng’s eyebrows were twisted together, and he couldn’t say whether he felt more distressed or blamed more. He gently approached the sofa and stroked Shi Yunnan’s sleeping face.

Shi Yunnan, who was not asleep yet, raised his eyelids. He looked at the figure close at hand and almost thought it was an illusion. After a long time, he said, “Why are you back? Are you back in the first year?”

“It’s still dark, it’s because you slept in a daze.” Luo Lingsheng approached, hugging him in his arms, “Who told you to lie to me to spend the New Year at Wen’s house?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t answer, he put his chin on Luo Lingsheng’s shoulder and couldn’t help but laugh twice, “I’m not dreaming? Why did you come back suddenly?”

“Hurry back and spend the New Year with you.”

Luo Lingsheng kissed the side of his lover’s neck, which was slightly hotter than usual, and he immediately became alert, “Is there a fever? Is it uncomfortable for people?”

“It’s not uncomfortable, it’s just a little dizzy.” Shi Yunnan lay in Luo Lingsheng’s arms, “What time is it? Is it time for the New Year’s Eve?”

“It’s just past eleven o’clock, it’s too late.”

As soon as Luo Lingsheng finished the Luo family banquet, he secretly found a separate room to make a video call to Shi Yunnan. As a result, the slight silence in the voice of the other party made him notice that something was wrong.

Luo Lingsheng was really uneasy, so he secretly left with everyone behind his back, rushing home as fast as possible.

Sure enough, a little liar was caught on the spot.

Luo Lingsheng temporarily released him, went to the kitchen and took the spare medicine kit to take his temperature.

“Fortunately, the body temperature is just a little bit higher.” Luo Lingsheng’s heart was not completely put down, “Aren’t you sleepy? Did you just ate some dumplings for dinner? If you are still hungry, I will make you some more?”

“Not hungry, don’t bother.” Shi Yunnan didn’t take this little burning seriously.

Luo Lingsheng changed his request, “How long does it take to make myself sick without signing? I will take you back to the room to rest.”

Shi Yunnan drank Luo Lingsheng’s warm water, knowing that the dryness of his throat had been relieved, and then lazily re-drilled into the lover’s arms.

Luo Lingsheng wrapped the quilt tightly around Shi Yunnan, and her boyfriend hugged him up, “Go back to the room.”

Shi Yunnan was so happy that she almost couldn’t find Bei, and took the opportunity to kiss Luo Lingsheng’s lips again and again, “Luo Lingsheng.”


“I miss you so much.”

“You missed me for only a few hours?”

“Can’t it?”


Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to kiss Shi Yunnan’s forehead and landed him on the bed smoothly, “You take a rest, I’ll take a shower, and I will be able to catch up with the countdown to the Chinese New Year later.”

Shi Yunnan nodded and readily agreed.

After a while.

As soon as Luo Lingsheng went out after washing, he was hit by Shi Yunnan who was rushing over. He subconsciously protected his lover, and stepped back halfway to the cool wall.

“doing what?”

Luo Lingsheng caught a glimpse of Shi Yunnan’s bare feet, and made the other person step on his cotton slippers at a touch, “Do you think this is not enough?”

“Stand back and wait for the rabbit to kiss you forcibly.” Shi Yunnan had no sleep for a long time, and as soon as he dropped these words, he kissed him deceptively.

He put his arm around Luo Lingsheng’s neck and put his other hand on the wall, but he looked a bit arrogant like a ‘overlord’s hard bow’.

Luo Lingsheng let Shi Yunnan mess around for a while, then suddenly turned around and pressed him against the wall.

Shi Yunnan subconsciously said, “Sigh, it’s a bit cold.”

Hearing this, Luo Lingsheng quickly took him back half a step, scanned his eyes up and down, smiled and said nothing.

“What are you laughing at?”

“It’s really taller.”

Shi Yunnan raised his chin triumphantly, “I’m still at my growing age, and maybe one day I can surpass you.”


Luo Lingsheng obviously didn’t believe it.

Shi Yunnan actually didn’t want to surpass Luo Lingsheng. For him, his height of just over one meter was obviously enough.

The TV in the living room was still on and finally came the sound of a countdown.

Shi Yunnan counted silently in his heart, stepping on zero and said, “Luo Lingsheng, happy new year.”

“Happy New Year.”

The kiss fell, the stronger and stronger.

Shi Yunnan was kissed so hard to breathe, and then another reasonable thought came up.

He took advantage of the gap between the two people who were separated and paused, and seemed to rub up again, “Luo Lingsheng, I will be nineteen years old after the Chinese New Year.”

“Ok, I know.”

Luo Lingsheng’s breathing was mixed with a trace of unobvious desire, which was obviously the result of his restraint.

The intimacy of the two people has always remained in holding hands, hugging, kissing, and sleeping in each other is just purely sleeping under a quilt.

Shi Yunnan was busy with his studies before and I am embarrassed to say that at this moment, maybe the atmosphere is in place, and the little devil in his heart is about to move. He tilted his head towards Luo Lingsheng’s ear, leaned out and licked and kissed.

“Then can we…that?”


Luo Lingsheng’s hands around his waist suddenly pressed hard, and they were a little tight.

Three seconds later, the voice of the answer was also tense, “No.”

Shi Yunnan was a little embarrassed when he was rejected, he hesitated, “You, don’t you want it?”

“It’s not that I don’t want it, but it’s not right now.” Luo Lingsheng grabbed Shi Yunnan’s lips again, kissed for a while and continued, “You will still focus on the school exams next.”

“Isn’t it winter vacation? No, it doesn’t matter, right?”

“It’s a big deal.” Luo Lingsheng tilted his head, deliberately learning to lick and kiss Shi Yunnan’s earlobe.

The slight hot itching sensation spread over Shi Yunnan’s limbs like an electric shock, and inexplicably softened his hands and feet.

Luo Lingsheng circled him tightly, and let out a hoarse and helpless smile, “You really thought that you started a meat, this time in winter vacation is enough?”


Shi Yunnan understood the deep meaning of the words, and was so embarrassed that she reddened from her earlobes to her neck and her cheeks, but the ‘wave’ in his bones was causing trouble——

He kissed Luo Lingsheng’s chin, and asked in a low voice, “Then let you ask for enough after the college entrance examination is over, okay? Luo Lingsheng? Brother?”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t respond, but the breath he exhaled was distinct and heavy.

“Shi Yunnan.”


“Who did you learn from? Do you dare to try one more sentence.”


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