After a Flash Marriage Chapter 11

Luo’s manor is a little away from fyue club in the center of the city. When Shi Yunnan arrived, his friend Fu Ziyu had already booked an independent card seat on the second floor.

“Late for the treat?” Fu Ziyu scolded while pushing the cup containing tequila, “it’s time to punish!”

“Before seven o’clock, the night hasn’t started yet. What’s the hurry?” Shi Yunnan sat opposite him and took the initiative to drink the fine wine.

Fu Ziyu poured him another glass of wine and asked curiously, “just after you entered the hall, you were on the first floor, holding the waiter. What are you muttering? It’s mysterious. I can see it sitting on the second floor!”

Shi Yunnan smiled softly, “nothing, just ask him to send more good wine to entertain you, a rich young master who rarely returns home.”

“Don’t sell me nice words, but you chose to pick me up here. It really poked my heart.”

Fu Zi raised his glass to show his satisfaction and looked around with unstoppable excitement.

Fu Shili is engaged in the automobile industry and is one of the best in the domestic field.

However, Fu Ziyu is not interested in the management of his own industry. Instead, he loves to study club culture.

Whether it’s an old brand or a trendy nightclub brand, he knows it very well.

For him, disco drinking is the second. It is his dream to open a distinctive and formal top nightclub.

Fu Ziyu opened the topic——

“Make complaints about FYUE, Club,” he said. “When the investment was fifty million, the boss Feng brother was a famous hotel master. When he first bought the foundation of the abandoned factory, he was not optimistic by a group of insiders.”

“Look at the results? The nightclub became the top club in imperial Beijing before it opened in March. It has been open for two or three years now, and the daily passenger flow is still explosive.”

The first floor of fyue club is a jumping platform and card seat with a large floor area, the second floor is a surrounding independent box for drinking and jumping at midnight, and the top third floor is a lounge club, which is used to entertain distinguished guests in weekdays.

There are three layers up and down, and each layer is made the best use of.

Fu Ziyu estimated for a moment and drew his finger. “He earned at least this multiple of his original investment! Do you think the boss Feng has a good way to make money?”

Shi Yunnan picked his eyebrows and remained unmoved. “Brother Feng is only the boss on the surface, and there is another real investment boss behind the scenes.”

Fu Ziyu took a sip of wine and asked curiously, “how do you know? Who is it?”

Shi Yunnan reported a man’s name, “Xie KeYue.”

“– poof!”

Fu Ziyu immediately choked and asked, “Xie KeYue? Xie KeYue, who is your half father and half mother?”

Shi Yunnan’s face was slightly heavy. “Correct it, he is the child born of Shi Sheng’s affair.”

Fu Ziyu restrained his desire to explode and waited a while before continuing the topic, “how are you sure he’s the boss behind the scenes? Is the news reliable?”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were deep and did not answer.

Is it reliable? Anyway, that’s what the plot of the original book in the dream told him——

Xie KeYue started his own capital accumulation very early. As a Book wearer, he learned in advance that the entertainment club opened by “brother Feng” would explode in the whole imperial capital and even China.

Therefore, Xie KeYue took the initiative to create an opportunity to meet brother Feng, and took the opportunity to borrow dark stocks when the other party was short of funds.

On the surface, Feng Ge is the only boss of this club; In fact, Xie KeYue hid behind the scenes and made a lot of money.

“No, if he is really the behind the scenes investor of this nightclub, why didn’t he jump out to help when Shi’s company encountered capital problems before?”

Fu Ziyu thought of it.

After all, according to the three-year profit sharing of the nightclub, Xie KeYue has the ability to fill part of Shi’s missing capital chain.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes moved, humming and laughing, “at present, the position of Shi’s successor is not his. It’s understandable that he hides his financial strength and is unwilling to help.”

In life, most people are egoists, which is understandable.

After all, in the description of the original book, Xie KeYue is a shrewd businessman.

Or get to know the powerful leaders in various industries in the book and confirm that the projects invested are profitable. Or it’s none of your business, hang high, and never lose a penny for others.

Master Shi wholeheartedly treats Xie KeYue as his successor, but before he gets the formal assets, the latter is bound to hide his strength and is unwilling to pay.

“Yes, it’s right to think for yourself…”

Fu Ziyu seemed to think of something. He grinned and sneered, “but he hid himself and kept silent. Why should he calculate you? I don’t believe that you were forced to marry the Luo family.”

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to pour him a glass of wine. “Don’t worry, I didn’t let their mother and son succeed?”

When Fu Zi was drinking, he asked, “you confess first. Who did you get the license to marry? Why didn’t I see your potential for flash marriage at first sight?”

“Have you heard of Luo Lingsheng? The Lord of Luo’s family, Luo Yanchuan’s nominal uncle.”

“– poof!”

Fu Ziyu sprayed the liquor at the entrance thoroughly.

He was stunned and forced to react for a long time before he hooked his friend’s shoulder and joked, “OK, Shi Yunnan.”

“Luo Yanchuan ignored your marriage partner. As a result, he turned around and had to call you ‘little aunt’? One second ago, he was still a little young master who was not loved, and the next second, he turned into a rich lady of the chaebol? You’re good at this move.”

“Get out of the way.” Shi Yunnan refused to push him away and continued to tell the truth, “Luo Lingsheng and I are fake marriages. We have our own goals and needs. We have made three rules.”


Fu Ziyu is speechless again. He can’t catch up with his friend’s plot of nine turns and eighteen turns.

“Xie KeYue and Xie Wei, the mother and son, will have to calculate me for their family property in the future. I have stayed abroad all these years. There are no other contacts in China except my brother.”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t tell the truth about the plot in his dream, so he had to find an appropriate reason, “… Just think I hold the thickest thigh in the Beijing circle of God, so as to provide a layer of protection for his future.”

“Luo Lingsheng is not a few years older than me. He has power, status and dignity. Quan Dijing should not find the second person who is so in line with my appetite. I won’t lose if I fake flash marriage with him.”

It’s rare to hear praise for men from high-standard friends. Fu Zi smiled, “come on, just know it yourself.”

“My father won’t let me fool around abroad and forced me to come back for a career. You can come to me whenever you have something to do next.”


They touched their glasses and drank happily.

Soon, a loud song came from the first floor, and the crowd began to break out.

Fu Zi was surprised to see a swarm of young men and women jumping on the dance floor.

“Fortunately, I came early and picked up the leak and robbed a box. I just heard from the reception that the passenger flow of Tanabata Festival has reached a new high today. Xie KeYue should really be the boss behind the scenes…”

Suddenly, a loud noise of high decibels came from the stairs in front of the side, drowning the sound of Fu Ziyu.

Shi Yun looked into the sound source of the Southern Dynasty and ran into a familiar figure.

He subtly hooked his lips and motioned to his friends, “say Cao Cao, Cao Cao is coming, in white.”

Fu Zi narrowed his eyes and looked, “Xie KeYue?”

Four young men came up the stairs and looked at the childe of a rich family.

Shi Yunnan nodded with deep meaning.

He pinched this Tanabata Festival and ran to this multi eyed nightclub. In fact, there was another deep reason——

According to the plot of the original book in the dream, Luo Yanchuan and Xie KeYue, the protagonists, met at this nightclub today and fell in love at first sight.

Not only that, Shi Yunnan also planted disaster in this store.

Fleeing marriage and leaving home, he met Xie KeYue in the nightclub. Stimulated by the latter and his friends, he started the wine game. As a result, he couldn’t do it. He lost everything when he lost.

The worst thing is that someone drugged Shi Yunnan’s wine!

When he woke up the next day, he was hurt all over by a group of “leak picking” hooligans. He was also photographed with an indescribable video, laying a curse for his unfortunate life.

During a brief look at each other, Xie KeYue also recognized Shi Yunnan.

“KeYue, why don’t you go?”

“Met an acquaintance, my stepfather’s baby son.” Xie KeYue hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, “Yuanrui, take your seat first. I’ll go and say hello to him.”

“Hey, wait!”

The young man named yuan Rui took him by the wrist, and his round and bright eyes were stained with a trace of caution, “your stepfather’s son? Is that Shi Yunnan who often suppresses you secretly?”

Then he cast a strange look at Shi Yun Nan in his seat, “what do you say to him? When you leave, you don’t know him.”

“Come on.” Xie KeYue smiled gently, “Yunnan quarreled with the old man and left home some time ago. Since I met him today, I happened to go up and persuade him.”

Yuan Rui grinds his teeth secretly for fear that his soft hearted friends will be bullied. “Let Ankai take their seats first and I’ll go with you.”

On the other side, Fu Zi, sitting in his seat, frequently received the other party’s “hostile” line of sight and asked questions——

“Yunnan, who is the boy next to Xie KeYue? The milk fat hasn’t been eliminated yet. His eyes look like others owe him money.”

“Yuan Rui?”

According to the content of the original book, Shi Yunnan guessed that the other party should be the young master of Yuan’s jade, and Xie KeYue’s few friends who are willing to make sincere contacts.

While talking, the other two came up.

“Yunnan, I didn’t expect to meet you here.” Xie KeYue opened his mouth, still in the voice of the good man, “you suddenly left with Lord Luo that day. Grandpa and parents have been worried about you at home.”

“I’m doing well, so I won’t bother you to worry.” Shi Yunnan didn’t get up.

“You and Lord Luo…”

“I fell in love with Lingsheng at first sight and the speed of light is heating up. You will be invited to the wedding at that time.” Shi Yunnan raised his eyes and interrupted, ostentatiously and wantonly.

“After all, if your family hadn’t collaborated, I wouldn’t have met such a good husband by mistake.”

Finally, he didn’t forget to raise his glass and signal, “thank you.”


The irony in the words was so obvious that Xie KeYue lost his voice for a moment.

Yuan Rui couldn’t see that his friend was targeted by the connotation. He was angry and came up at once.

“Master Shi, don’t be weird here. What’s the point of just showing off? See Zhenzhang at the wine table if you have the ability! Don’t cry for your parents when you lose.”

“Yuanrui!” Xie KeYue was eager to stop it, and explained to Shi Yunnan, “Yunnan, my friend is this temper. There is no malice.”

“You’ve been abroad for so many years, we haven’t had a good chat. If you don’t mind, let’s share the table?”

Xie KeYue’s gentle face remains unchanged. He seems to be looking forward to the friendly coexistence between the two people.

In the dream, the plot happened in front of him. Shi Yunnan’s eyes flashed a trace of contempt.

He will not escape the character of accepting his fate. The worse the predicted encounter, the more he wants to break the fate track of this shit.

Shi Yunnan looks at Yuan Rui and catches his topic. “What do you want to play? Dice? Do losers blow bottles or spend money?”

When Fu Ziyu heard his friend’s promise, he quickly whispered, “Yun Nan, are you sure you want to see the same with them?”

“Have fun and have more fun.” Shi Yunnan returns.

“OK, I’ll accompany you.”

Fu Zi met with a quick agreement and squeezed two tucked slots in his teeth. “I can’t make complaints about Xie Ke’s occupation of your young master’s position. I still have a fake that I won’t fight for.”

Yuan Rui saw that they were ‘biting their ears’ and quickly made a sound to find their sense of existence. “What are you muttering about? Don’t be too drunk. You’re afraid of losing your temper after drinking.”

Oh, who do you look down on.

These days, who hasn’t got the real ability to get out of the nightclub?

Make complaints about the real Tucao, “sit down, we’ll play here!”

The two sides reached an unprecedented consensus.

Xie KeYue made a noise when he saw this, “well, sit down first. I’ll go to the bathroom and come back soon.”

“Well, go.”

Xie KeYue, who got the answer, quickly disappeared into the crowd. He quickly tore off the mask of kindness and walked into the backstage of the nightclub.

A waiter recognized his identity and hurriedly and attentively ran up, “brother Yue, what can I do for you?”

“Box K14 on the second floor, send some good wine.” Xie KeYue deliberately bit the word “good wine” harder.

“Also, find some people who can play and squat around…” he lowered his voice and described Shi Yunnan’s external clothes.

“It’s a good thing. Don’t waste tonight.”

The waiter looked stunned and quickly replied, “Ming, understand.”

Nightclubs are a world controlled by rich people. It is inevitable that there are some potential transactions and some dirty means to entrap people.

Because of alcohol, leave some photos and videos.

Leak picking hooligans and rich people have fun. The victims don’t want their nude photos and sex videos to leak out. They can only swallow it, break their teeth and swallow it in their stomach.

The waiter pinched the corner of his clothes and didn’t suppress his curiosity for a moment. “Brother Yue, how did that man recruit you? I can’t even bear your good temper?”

“Mind your mouth, don’t ask, do as I say.” Xie KeYue’s eyes were cold, slapped a sugar, “after the success, you will benefit.”

“Know, know!”

The waiter was startled by his eyes and hurried to prepare.

Xie KeYue stayed where he was and his eyes were full of calculations.

In fact, Luo Lingsheng has always been the target he wants to approach, but Shi Yunnan got ahead of him? The other party still deliberately swaggers in front of him? Absolutely not!

Xie KeYue secretly sent someone to check. Luo Lingsheng was not in China at all. How much emotional foundation can he lay with Shi Yunnan? The latter is completely playing a fat face!

After tonight, Shi Yunnan will not only be fooled by people in turn, but also threatened by taking photos and leaving certificates. Finally, this glorious story will spread all over the imperial capital’s rich circles.

Luo Lingsheng is a dignified figure. How could he accept that such an unbearable Shi Yunnan will become his other half?

“Don’t blame me…”

Xie KeYue put on the good man’s mask again, but in a low murmur, “blame yourself for hitting the muzzle of the gun. You’re so dead that you’re blocking my way.”

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#Nanxiao Fox: don’t panic at all, and even look forward to beating your face ~


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