After a Flash Marriage Chapter 12

In the card box, two rich young masters who came with Xie KeYue also ran from the next door to watch the excitement.

The six people were obviously divided into two camps. Xie KeYue and Yuan Rui were on the one hand, and Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu were on the other.

The waiter approached with a basket of expensive foreign wine and put it on the table in turn. “Gentlemen, I’m the waiter in charge of your card seat. You can let me know if you need anything.”

The waiter looked around with a smile and finally glanced at Shi Yunnan.

Fu Ziyu looked at the foreign wine on the table, “Oh, it’s all spirits? How to play?”

Xie KeYue said in front of the crowd, “I don’t know or interested in the table gambling, so I won’t participate. However, if I lose the game, I can share the punishment.”

Yuan Rui knew that he was not particularly honest and said, “well, the more you sit and watch, don’t get involved.”

Do not understand, not interested, or deliberately pick yourself out of the game? What an undyed white lotus.

Shi Yunnan saw through without saying, “how to play? What to bet on?”

Yuan Rui thought about it and gave the play method, “it’s simpler than the size of dice. The loser blows the cup once more, and the number of blows doubles to rise.”

“If you can’t drink, spend 50000 for a glass of wine. The loser will pay for the wine at this table tonight.”

Table games that rely solely on luck have a 50-50 chance of winning or losing.

The only difference between the two sides is that the number of people is different and the pressure to bear after losing is different.

Yuan Rui doesn’t like to take advantage of others. “If you think it’s unfair, you can find another person to help. Don’t blame us for bullying you in number when you lose and can’t drink.”

Fu Zi raised his jaw and said, “who do you despise?”

When he waves around famous nightclubs in the United States, he doesn’t know where to hang out? It’s just a matter of drinking. Fu Ziyu has never been afraid of anyone.

“Yunnan, guess. If you win, it’s best. If you lose, I’ll drink it for you.” Fu Zi was not frightened at all. “I won’t drink them down tonight and call dad at my feet. I’ll read Fu’s surname upside down.”

“Well, pretend.” Yuan sharp stabbed him, picked up the dice at the table and threw it to the waiter, “come on, be fair.”

The waiter’s eyes flickered for a moment and took the task.

He looked very professional and threw it twice, which forced him down the table again, “size? A bottle of wine in the first game.”

“I guess it’s small.” Shi Yunnan did not hesitate.

“Just right, I like to guess.” Yuanruihui.

The waiter opened the dice plate, six dice, a total of 24 points, too large.

Seeing this, the waiter silently handed the foreign wine that had already been opened and poured to Shi Yunnan’s table, “… Sir, you guessed wrong.”

Shi Yunnan took the glass from the waiter and drank it leisurely.

Seeing this, Xie KeYue took a glass of wine from the waiter and drank it silently on the sofa. The dim light hid the sneer and calculation in his pupils——

Good friend Yuan Rui has no bad intentions. For the sake of fairness, Xie KeYue guesses that the other party is bound to ask the waiter to help roll the dice.

He didn’t cheat a thousand on the dice, but let the waiter tamper with the wine.

Yes, both sides can win or lose, but the wine delivered can be manipulated.

After a few rounds of play, Shi Yunnan will drink the wine with materials sooner or later. When he can’t stand the stamina of spirits and uses money to offset the amount of wine, it’s already late.

The waiter lowered his eyes and asked, “gentlemen, will the second round continue?”


Another roll of dice, sit down and choose.

Shi Yunnan continued, “small.”

Yuan Rui had no opinion, “I still guess big.”

Opening at 32:00, Shi Yunnan lost.

The waiter continued to hand over two glasses of spirits. “Sir, please.”

When Fu Zi met this, he was just about to stretch out his hand to share a cup for his friend. As a result, he was blocked by Shi Yunnan’s low voice, “Zi Yu, don’t get involved next to me. I’ll bear the loss and win.”


“Wait and see.”

Shi Yunnan pondered the answer and quickly poured down two glasses of spirits.

Fu Ziyu knew his friend’s drinking capacity. These three or two glasses of spirits were really not a big deal. He waited patiently for the next development.

The table game continues until ten minutes later——

Shi Yunnan held his hand on the wine table, and his eyes began to get confused about the taste of wine, and there were dozens of glasses of spirits in front of him. At first glance, he lost.

An Kai, who ate melons, could no longer resist the ridicule from the bottom of his heart and shouted to his face, “some people have a bad life and can’t keep their money anywhere. What’s this called? It’s home!”

“Yuan Rui, you are lucky enough to have Koi today.”

Another friend counted the number of wine glasses Shi Yunnan lost, followed by gloating.

“In addition to losing the first three innings and drinking a few cups, there are still no drinks left… At least 70 or 80 cups?”

“It was agreed before the start. If you can’t drink, 50000 is worth a cup.”

“Lose three or four million in one breath. Master Shi Er, there are no underpants left.”

Yuan Rui was flattered by his friends and hummed with joy.

He stared at Shi Yunnan, who was confused and drunk, and looked at Fu Ziyu, who was safe and sound. “He drank us down tonight and shouted at his feet for Dad? Shi Yunnan has become such a virtue, and I didn’t see you drink a drink for him. What bullshit friend?”

When Fu Ziyu heard the accusation, he was very angry.

The next second, Shi Yunnan’s right hand hidden under the table pulled the corner of his clothes and stopped it secretly.

Fu Ziyu glanced at Shi Yunnan quickly and had to continue to suppress his anger. After they had known each other for so many years, he naturally believed in his good friend’s discretion from the bottom of his heart——

At the beginning, Shi Yunnan told him to “wait and see”, so he stood still and “wait and see”.

The atmosphere on the card seat fell into a temporary solidification.

Seeing this, Xie KeYue finally opened his mouth, “Yuan Rui, don’t worry about the bet in this wine game?”

“It’s a lot of money. Yunnan didn’t return home long ago. He shouldn’t have so much money on hand. One of you is my friend and the other is my family. Don’t be unhappy about it.”

Yuan Rui heard Xie KeYue’s persuasion and was unwilling, “just Hello, old man, and don’t think about what he usually does to you?”

Xie KeYue smiled and said, “I’ll invite you to dinner another day and give me a face. Let’s forget it today.”

“That won’t work!”

Yuan Rui winked and still wanted to vent his anger on his friend, “forget the lost wine money, but on the premise that Shi Yunnan must apologize to you in public!”

An Kai answered, “yes! Shi Yunnan has been unpopular at home these years. It’s on your head on weekdays. Some mothers are cheap but no sons…”


Fu Ziyu suddenly kicked the table and stopped drinking. “Keep your mouth clean! I can drink the wine for him and I can afford the money.”

“But if you dare to force again, be careful that I beat your parents!”

Ankai reacted for two seconds and immediately turned angry. “What I said was wrong? If you can’t afford to play, don’t play! Don’t try to make trouble and change the topic.”

Shi Yunnan’s lips evoked a brief sneer, and he had to thank his friends for this wave of anger. He pretended to get up, and his eyes stained with wine seemed to be stimulated and red crazy——

“A mother is born, no mother is raised?”

“I can’t afford to play?”

“Anyway, I lost nine games in a row, and finally another big game. Do you bet?”

He put his hands on the wine table and leaned forward slightly, just like a wild fox hunting in the dark. He was very aggressive all over.

Xie KeYue’s face changed slightly and thought about it in his heart.

It’s none of his business to hang high, which is the principle he has been pursuing so far. Looking at Shi Yunnan’s appearance, it’s obvious that the drug effect is beginning to work. He doesn’t need to continue to watch the play.

Xie KeYue was just about to stop the already victorious game. As a result, he heard Shi Yunnan speak loudly.

“If I lose, I will voluntarily withdraw from the competition for Shi’s family property in the future and unconditionally give it to Xie KeYue. But if Xie KeYue loses, he will pay all the expenses of the whole nightclub tonight.”


As soon as he said this, the people on the card seat were shocked.

Fu Ziyu suddenly grabbed his friend’s hand and jumped out of opposition first. “Yunnan, are you really drunk? What are you talking about?”

Tonight’s Tanabata, the number of people in the nightclub is bursting, and the cost of drinks and other expenses is conservatively estimated to be millions, but no matter how powerful the business amount is, it can’t be compared with Shi’s property!

To be clear, Shi is one of the best logistics industries. Even when it comes to bankruptcy settlement, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse!

This gamble is a loss making business!

Shi Yunnan vaguely touched his friend’s wrist and still insisted on his own practice. He cast the net early, and it was time to close it.

Shi Yunnan directly met Xie KeYue and raised his eyebrows, “dare you?”

Xie KeYue was firmly locked by his sight, and his body exploded an impulsive anger for no reason.

Dare you?

How could he dare not.

If he loses, as the behind the scenes owner of the nightclub, he will lose money at most and lose a night’s turnover, but if he wins

Xie KeYue thought, and his whole body was hot because of greed. “Shi Yunnan, are you serious?”

“Of course, we can swear in front of the whole audience now.” Shi Yunnan raised his glass and made a reckless gesture, “no one can rely on it!”

Ankai and another good friend followed the encouragement, “but the more you play, play! There’s nothing you don’t dare to gamble.”

“Yes! He’s losing his eyes now. The more he does, the more he can’t turn the plate!”

The waiter who used to understand the situation silently handed over a glass of wine.

Xie KeYue’s eyes loosened for a moment. Finally, he took the wine glass, touched each other and drank it.

Three minutes later, the whole audience learned about the big bet.

The cheering drinkers surrounded their seats, and countless people looked up on the first floor waiting for the results.

The waiter tossed the last round of dice, “size, who guesses first?”

It’s still a 50-50 chance.

“Old rules, I guess small.”


Xie KeYue didn’t object, but his forehead and palm were inexplicably hot and sweating.

Three seconds later, the dice open.

It’s all black. It’s six in all.

Shi Yunnan, who lost nine innings in a row tonight, seems to have finally won the favor of the God of luck in the last inning.

With a relaxed look on his face, he handed Fu Ziyu a glass of wine “drink?”

Fu Ziyu reacted and breathed a sigh of relief, “aren’t you drunk?”

“Joke, how many glasses of spirits can make me drunk? Deliberately fishing for fish.” Shi Yunnan looked at the opposite seat and pointed his fingers to the opposite seat.

The next second, he raised his voice without scruples, “everyone is free to eat and drink. The consumption before 12 o’clock tonight will be paid by Mr. Xie and others.”

The audience cheered.

All the drinkers scrambled to buy expensive foreign wine, and the drunkard Lao Lai laughed drunk——

“You can’t cheat! We’re all staring!”

“Willing to gamble and lose service, do what you say.”

“Still too young and too publicity, dare to play this 50-50 gambling game purely by luck?”

“Is there enough money? If not, go and borrow it quickly. Ha ha ha.”

Yuan Rui, who stayed in his position, listened to the coaxing and ridicule from all sides, and his face was ugly one by one.

They were elated for a long time. Not only did they not get any benefits, but they had to pay for the wine in advance?

Ankai was a little embarrassed. “What should I do? I just bought a luxury car two days ago and didn’t have so much money on hand.”

“Didn’t you just agree? It’s the two of them who bet… No, it’s none of our business, isn’t it?” Another friend simply shirked his responsibility and wanted to disappear directly.

Yuan Rui heard the ungrateful words and stared at him, “shut up, just count the best you encourage!”


Xie KeYue only felt his blood surging up. He stared at the dice on the plate, thought about the missed Shi’s property, and breathed unbearably, “I, I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

The moment he got up, Xie KeYue’s head suddenly dazzled, and his steps swayed with him.

Shi Yunnan stared at his back and smiled.

Suddenly, Fu Zi caught up with him on the shoulder and asked in a low voice, “tell the truth, even if you deliberately pretend to be drunk to lower their vigilance, what are the results of this last round of dice…”

Shi Yunnan stopped his friend’s words, “I’ll go out and explain to you when I come back.”

“Ah? All right.”

In the bathroom.

Xie KeYue constantly flushed his face with cold water in an attempt to reduce his dryness, but it’s a pity that it can’t work at all, “bad…”

Footsteps stopped at the side of the body, and a very familiar and pondering voice came——

“Is it hot?”

Shi Yunnan asked with a smile, and the contempt in his eyes was not covered at all.

Xie KeYue suddenly looked up. His always gentle eyes were full of hot flushes at the moment. He quickly realized where the abnormal situation of his body came from.

“Shi Yunnan, you plan on me!”

With that, Xie KeYue fell into a new round of dryness and heat, and countless questions appeared in his dizzy head.


What went wrong.

He clearly watched Shi Yunnan drink the wine with materials. How could he get caught?


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