After a Flash Marriage Chapter 13

“Calculation? You’re obviously lifting a stone and hitting yourself in the foot.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Xie KeYue’s face in the mirror and slowly turned on the tap, “I’m just taking precautions.”

Shi Yunnan refused to accept his fate, but he was not a reckless man.

He came here prepared tonight, from every key figure in his dream to the result of every dice on the wine table… He remembered it clearly the next day after he woke up.

The results of the first nine innings were within his expectation. Similarly, he didn’t care. If he lost, he would lose. Anyway, he could raise the excitement of the other party and reduce his alert.

Of course, everything is uncertain.

“The last set is still a 50-50 chance, but do you know why I dare to bet? Because the Shi family’s property is just a pile of dispensable garbage in my eyes, and I don’t want it at all.”

Therefore, even if the dice in the last round change, it doesn’t matter if Shi Yunnan loses, and Xie KeYue is different——

On the one hand, he thought that Shi Yunnan was hit by the move, on the other hand, he was hit by the increased chips, so he naturally lowered his guard against drinks.

The feeling of dryness and heat on his body became more and more serious. Xie KeYue tried his best to maintain the stability of his breathing. He didn’t want to show a trace of embarrassment in front of Shi Yunnan.

He rolled his dry Adam’s apple, squeezed it out of his teeth and asked, “did you buy that waiter?”

“So what?” Shi Yunnan’s generous recognition.

As early as the first time he entered the nightclub, he paid for the waiter. The other party has been crouching around Xie KeYue’s figure and gathered up to “pay attention” at the first time.

Xie KeYue’s only mistake is that he believes too much in his dignity as the “boss behind the scenes”, but he doesn’t know that money is the first sharp weapon to win people’s hearts.

Of course, in order to prevent the waiter from turning back, Shi Yunnan deliberately didn’t let Fu Zi touch the wine. On the one hand, he secretly left room for himself, and on the other hand, he didn’t want his friends to get involved too deeply.

“But if you don’t think ill of me, there won’t be anything later.”


Xie KeYue was silent and gritted his teeth.

“The nightclub is full of drunken drunks with bad intentions. Now you are like this… Ask for your own blessings.” With a sneer, Shi Yunnan ravaged the hand towel into a ball and threw it into the trash can.

Shi Yunnan left without looking back.

He is not a saint, but he will not act like Xie KeYue. As for what happens to the other party this evening, it’s all asking for itself.

Xie KeYue just moved forward a step. After the onset of the drug effect, his legs suddenly knelt on the ground, and his knees touched the hard marble brick ground. The severe pain made his reason come back for a moment.

He has been used to the wind and water these years. He is a beloved and respected young master at home and a businessman with wide contacts and eyes closed to make money outside. Where has he ever been so embarrassed?

“Shi! Yun! Nan!” Xie KeYue gnashed his teeth.

He knew that this man was by no means a fuel-efficient lamp!

Since the other party can calculate him in turn, it means that he asked the waiter to find the group of hooligans, which should not appear.

Tengsheng’s anger was mixed with desire, which made Xie KeYue completely lose his sense of propriety in the past. He strongly supported his strength and dialed a phone call with the last trace of Qingming.

“Hey, KeYue? What’s the matter?”

“Lao Feng, you immediately find someone to monitor and block the two people in K14…” Xie KeYue briefly described the appearance and clothes of Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu, “find someone to kill them tonight. We must, must let them fold in our store!”

There was a moment of stagnation at the other end of the phone, and then he asked cautiously, “KeYue, what’s the matter? You know, unless the big customers in the store call for names to play, we can’t…”

“Lao Feng, since I became a shareholder and cooperated with you, I have never asked you anything.” Xie KeYue interrupted Lao Feng.

His knuckles gripping his mobile phone were faint white, and the voice line was trembling. “Just this time, Shi Yunnan must fold in our store! Yes! Lao Feng, I only believe in your ability to do things. Go quickly and I’ll bear it if something happens.”

“… OK, I see.” Lao Feng was so cruel that he still responded.

Xie KeYue has always been a rational and measured person in front of him, and never maliciously targeted people. Since he can say such cruel words tonight, it must be the other party’s malice that forced him to hurry.

The phone hung up quickly.

Xie KeYue climbed up against the wall, and his vision became particularly blurred. At the moment when reason was about to disappear, a man suddenly appeared in front of him.


Shi Yunnan originally wanted to go to another place to celebrate Fu Ziyu, but his cheerful friends were unwilling to move the place at all. They just loved the atmosphere in the nightclub.

The two sat drinking and chatting for a while.

Seeing the time on the mobile phone swing to 9:30, Shi Yunnan finally had the idea of returning home and forced his friend to leave.

“I really convinced you. How many bottles did I drink? Besides, Xie KeYue will pay for it tonight. We won’t have fun if he goes bankrupt?” Fu Ziyu didn’t drink much and was not drunk, so he complained reluctantly.

“Didn’t you see that the drinkers in the nightclub are ‘crazy’? They’ll lose money if they go through tonight.” Shi Yunnan took out his mobile phone and ordered the car appointment software. “I’ll drink with you another day. There are still children at home. I promised to go back and give him sugar tonight.”

The nightclub is located in the western suburb, separated from the diagonally opposite Luo’s manor. If he hurried back this moment, he estimated that the little goldfish had fallen asleep.

“Children? Who?” Fu Zi met with an unbelievable face, “can you bring children with your character?”

“Luo Lingsheng’s little nephew is very good. He has been…”

Before Shi Yunnan spoke, there was a rush of footsteps behind them. At the same time, a group of people shouted fiercely——

“Front! Stop!”

“Surround quickly!”

“Lord Feng said! Neither of them wants to escape tonight!”

Seven or eight local ruffians surrounded them, and the first one was vicious and tattooed all over his body.

Shi Yunnan quickly realized something, and his smiling eyes cooled down. “It seems that your boss hasn’t learned enough lessons? You have to pull me as a cushion when you die?”

When Fu Ziyu heard this, he suddenly realized, “it’s Xie KeYue again? How did he…”

“Xie KeYue? Who is Xie KeYue?” The leader swung the iron bar in his hand and fiercely interrupted, “don’t fucking change the topic for me. If you annoy our boss, you should kowtow and admit your mistake.”

“Brother Cong, the boss said, we can play at will…” a short fat thief interrupted. His obscene eyes lingered on Shi Yunnan, ready to move.

“You see, this man is delicate and tender. He must feel good to play with.”

This makes people sick, and Shi Yunnan’s eyes are heavy.

The next second, Fu Ziyu stood in front of him, “get out and look at me. I poked you in the eye!”

“Ziyu, be careful.”

“It’s my fault. I should listen to your shifting positions. Now when I meet these stupid things, naturally I’ll block it for you first.” Fu Ziyu is 32 centimeters higher than Shi Yunnan.

This man usually looks at the Playboy is not serious, but he is still reliable when he meets serious things, otherwise there will be no string of admirers abroad.

“Don’t forget, I’m a taekwondo black belt. Before, I was my father abroad. I covered you.”

Originally regarded as a tense atmosphere, Shi Yunnan smiled for the first time, “get out, you’re the son.”

Brother Cong, the leader, sneered, “dare you challenge?”

“Brothers, come on! Take it back and play as you want!”

At the critical moment, a luxury car with a high flash rushed to and stopped.

The high beam in front of the car suddenly dispersed, so that everyone subconsciously closed their eyes.

The door opens.

Someone jumped out of the car and shouted, “master Shi, step aside and give it to me!”

“… Yuan Meng?”

Shi Yunnan recognized the figure of the man and quickly pulled Fu Ziyu’s arm to escape from the broken gap of the other party.

The rear door of the luxury car opened.

As soon as Shi Yunnan stopped, he looked at Luo Lingsheng and was stunned——

For a period of time, Luo Lingsheng seemed to have his hair cut short. The dim yellow light on the roof projected on his face, showing a clear outline, and the whole person was more fierce.

That pair of abstinence silk frame glasses was also added to the bridge of his man’s nose. The eyes hidden behind the lenses were very light, showing an elusive cold, making people want to get close and afraid of being rejected.

Behind him came the sound of bitter fighting, but Shi Yunnan’s mind completely fell on the people in the car.

He suddenly felt himself drunk. Otherwise, the more he stared at Luo Lingsheng, the more he thought the other party was charming and good-looking?

After a short and long look at each other, Luo Lingsheng slightly lowered his eyelids and looked up at Shi Yunnan’s right hand——

He also dragged Fu Zi to meet his arm, tight and tight.

Shi Yunnan suddenly reacted and immediately let go. He rubbed the palm of his hand inexplicably and somewhat guilty, “Why are you here?”

“I should ask Master Shi Er about this.”

Luo Ling opened his mouth in a low voice, and a trace of unhappiness swayed in the depths of his pupils. “On the eve of Tanabata Festival, you dragged another man’s arm at the door of the nightclub, and provoked a group of gangsters?”

“It seems that master Shi Er’s life has been very interesting these days when I’m not at home.”


Shi Yunnan couldn’t answer, and he felt inexplicably guilty.

It is clear that he just received wind to celebrate his returning friends and handled some private affairs at this time point, but how can Luo Lingsheng say that he is so like a heartless man who “attempted derailment”?

Fu Ziyu also felt strange.

What about the agreed fake marriage?

Why does this man look at him as if he is looking at his rival? It seems that he will “kill” him in the next second?

Fu Ziyu glanced back and forth between his good friend and Luo Lingsheng. He suddenly realized something and almost shouted on the spot——

Heaven and earth conscience!

He doesn’t have any unreasonable thoughts about Shi Yunnan!

When it comes to feelings, it’s just the kind of father’s love for his son!

When the three were silent at the same time, the fighting voice behind them finally stopped.

Relying on his own strength, Yuan Meng beat all the seven or eight hooligans who came to challenge on the ground and screamed miserably one by one.

When Fu Zi met the opportunity, he put aside his just mutual brotherhood, “what? Yunnan and your husband came to pick you up, so I’ll go first. See you later!”


Shi Yunnan looked at his friend leaving at the speed of light and silently compared a middle finger in his heart.

He looked back. At this moment, the usual wave spirit turned to be clever and honest, “he and he are my friends. Usually I call him son and he calls me father… It doesn’t matter.”

Luo Lingsheng stared at him for a moment, “Oh, really?”


Shi Yunnan looked into the man’s deep eyes and felt that he was really drunk. Otherwise, how could he see a trace of inexplicable possessiveness and jealousy from the bottom of each other’s eyes?

He soon got rid of the illusion and an out of tune idea burst out of his mind——

What should I do if I am caught by my husband at the door of the nightclub?

Wait online, very urgent.

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#What should I do? Crying in bed, written by Shi Yunnan (Bushi)


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