After a Flash Marriage Chapter 15

Shi’s old house.

Xie Wei looked at Xie KeYue, who was rarely absent-minded on the table, and a touch of worry overflowed between her eyebrows and eyes. “Xiaoyue, haven’t you had anything wrong recently?”

Since returning home the day before yesterday afternoon, Xie KeYue has locked himself in his room and hasn’t eaten three meals well.

“… what?”

Xie Ke recovered more slowly and half a beat, picked up his coffee and said, “it’s all right. I had a little cold two days ago, and now I’m all right.”

“It’s all right.”

Xie Wei paused, with a trace of grumbling in his language. “Look at you, you don’t even go to the company these days. Fortunately, Grandpa and your father went to linprovince to congratulate Mr. Wu on his birthday, otherwise they would be dissatisfied with your virtue.”

Mr. Wu is an old friend of Mr. Shi. His family is engaged in wood carving and has a rich family background.

This time, the old man was willing to go to linprovince in person because the other party heard about Shi’s experience and was willing to lend a helping hand and give financial help.

Xie KeYue didn’t answer, just took a sip of coffee in silence.

Xie Wei continued, “Xiaoyue, Shi is very likely to get through the crisis this time. You have to work harder so that the old man and your father can confidently explain the group to you. Shi Yunnan’s cheap seed left home…”


Xie KeYue heard the name, and his expression was distorted for a moment. “Don’t mention him to me.”

He suddenly smashed the coffee cup on the table, and the slightly hot coffee splashed on his hand, causing a trace of pain.

Before Xie Wei could finish her words, she was interrupted by this sound. She was stunned for two seconds, “son, what’s the matter?”

“Mom, you don’t have to say something. I know it.”

Xie KeYue picked up a wet towel and wiped his hands. He got up and walked out of the house slowly.

Xie Wei frowned when she saw his back. “This child can’t listen to his elders anymore. I’m your mother. Can I hurt you?”

Xie KeYue got on the bus and closed the door, but he couldn’t express his anger.

Four days ago, he was calculated by Shi Yunnan in the nightclub he controlled. Because the drug effect happened too fast, he had no time to ask for any help.

Before he became confused, he fell into the arms of a man.

Tengsheng’s desire urges the most primitive instinct. Xie KeYue’s chaotic brain can no longer maintain the so-called reason, so he has a relationship with each other.

When he woke up the next afternoon, his whole body was swollen with acid, red marks and bruises, and there was no good skin at all.

And the most difficult thing for him to accept is far more than that!

Xie Ke became more and more angry, and stepped on the accelerator like a vent.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the exclusive parking lot of Shi group. Before Xie KeYue opened the door and got off, he called in.

Caller ID is the nightclub manager, Xiao Zhou.


“Brother Yue, you can finally get through! Where have you been these days? Brother Feng and the store are looking for you crazy!” Xiao Zhou spoke very fast and his voice sounded worried.

“What do you want me to do?”

Xiao Zhou gasped, “brother Yue! There’s another urgent thing! The nightclub has been closed down!”

“What?” Xie KeYue frowned and was surprised.

This nightclub is his most stable investment income. Because he has participated in some unspeakable transactions, he has maintained good contacts all the time. How can he say that it is closed?

“Where’s Lao Feng? Has he found someone to solve it?”

“The old man and the boss were taken away by the police early in the morning!” Xiao Zhou said another piece of bad news.

Xie KeYue’s face suddenly became ugly, and even his breathing was a little short. Even Lao Feng, the nominal boss, was taken away by the police. Is it difficult

Suddenly, the window was knocked, and three serious looking men stood outside.


Xiao Zhou on the phone was still eager to explain everything. Xie KeYue suddenly felt a burst of uneasiness, and his face turned gray.

The plainclothes policeman outside the window took out his certificate, “Xie KeYue? Now he has the right to suspect that you are related to the sexual intercourse case in fyue nightclub. Please get off immediately and cooperate with us to the police station for investigation.”

Xie KeYue managed to remain calm, hung up the phone and opened the window, “Comrade police, is there something wrong? I’ve always…”

The Police strongly interrupted him, “please cooperate! Get off immediately! Otherwise, we will take coercive measures!”


Xie KeYue’s fake gentle smile froze on his face, but he had to take the initiative to get out of the car to cooperate with the law enforcement of the police.


A week later.

Shi Yunnan took the letter of intent for transfer he had just got, and his eyes shook a trace of joy. As soon as he took out his mobile phone to share his joy, his friend Fu Ziyu called first.

“Hey, son, what’s the matter?”

“Come on, I’m your father.”

Fu Zi met him and said excitedly, “I have a definite news here. It’s a pity for me, but it should be good news for you. Do you want to listen?”

“Coincidentally, I have good news here.” Shi Yunnan took a taxi home, “you say first.”

“Fyue club was completely closed down by the police for private bad transactions! Boss Feng Ge was caught in the Bureau and will be publicly sentenced in a while. I heard that the circumstances are quite serious.”

“No wonder…”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the contract in his hand and asked, “why was it suddenly sealed up? Someone reported it?”

Coincidentally, someone did it before he collected evidence?

Fu Ziyu whistled, “thanks to you.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t know, so, “me?”

“You made a bet with Xie KeYue that day, which made it cheaper for the drinkers that night. Everyone wantonly added drinks. It is said that the consumption broke through the sky that night. Guess what?”

Shi Yunnan guessed an answer and didn’t break it.

“After Xie KeYue lost, he disappeared. When it was time to check out, the manager and waiter in the nightclub could only find the drinkers who consumed that day…”

All of a sudden, it provoked public anger.

It’s agreed that they can take advantage of it. In the end, they consume it, and they have to pay for it themselves? That won’t work!

Some top drinkers immediately thought that this was a joint game between the nightclub and Xie KeYue to stimulate and cajole them into excessive consumption.

As soon as they came and went, there was a large-scale dispute between the two sides.

“As you can see, there was so much traffic on Tanabata that night. They started to fight. As a result, more and more people were injured. Later, the families of the injured protested and complained and asked the nightclub to lose money.”

Fu Ziyu paused for a while, a little confused.

“But then again, if you lose some money for this kind of thing, you can basically press it down. How can the police find a pot of private special transactions?”

Because these special transactions are basically accompanied by a complex customer relationship network, nightclubs can take countermeasures in advance when there is any disturbance, which can not be brought down in ten days and a half months.

It’s too fast this time. I’m afraid boss Feng has no chance to respond.

“Anyway, you didn’t say Xie KeYue was the boss behind the scenes? This time the nightclub fell down, he must also suffer. Is it a good thing for you?”

Shi Yunnan picked up the corner of his mouth and didn’t care, “many wrongs will kill himself. Xie KeYue, no matter what happens this time, he found it himself. What do you care about me?”

Fu Ziyu smiled and asked, “by the way, what good news did you just say to me?”

Shi Yunnan took photos of the letter of intent just won and sent it to his friend’s wechat, “look, I just got a nightclub in Rongxing District of Dijing. Are you interested?”

Half a minute later, Fu Zi at the other end of the phone broke out with a startling sound.

“How did you… Get the transfer right of this nightclub? I remember that the nightclub announced that it would not officially open until September?”

Now it’s only one month away from the official business. It should still be in the decoration state. How can it be suddenly transferred?

“I’m lucky. Did you pick up the leak? I heard that the store was anxious to transfer, so I asked the intermediary to help inquire.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t hide it. He had planned to discuss it with Fu Ziyu.

“I asked the intermediary to investigate. The transferor of this nightclub is Lao Feng’s wife. To put it simply, this nightclub still under decoration is Lao Feng’s investment.”

It was probably Lao Feng who had an accident and the bank assets were temporarily frozen by the police, so his wife was anxious to get rid of the money and comb her hair with the money in an attempt to get her husband in the Bureau.

“In the afternoon, I temporarily drafted an agreement with the other party and paid a deposit. I just wanted to call you to discuss it.”

“You mean you want me to partner in running this nightclub?”

“Didn’t your father want you to go home and start a career? What career is more suitable for you?” Shi Yunnan thought very clearly.

Fyue suddenly collapsed. The drinkers who originally belonged to this nightclub must find new consumption points. There are many small bars and nightclubs in Dijing, but there are no super large capacity nightclubs.

At this juncture, if they can open a new nightclub brand instead of fyue, it will definitely be promising.

“Of course I’m interested!” Fu Ziyu also understood the truth and responded instantly.

“But I put it before, I do not have a good job in the night shop management, and you has the final say in how you want to operate in the future, but there must be no illegal trade in the night club.”

Fu Ziyu replied, “nonsense, I’m a fair and law-abiding citizen.”

They are essentially the same kind of people. Looking at being uninhibited and playful, they actually stick to their moral bottom line and will never exceed half an inch.

“Well, I’ll push all the relevant contacts to you. You’ll be responsible for docking later. When the money is spent, you’ll tell me that I’ll be ready in the next two days.”

Shi Yunnan doesn’t talk nonsense, “this nightclub is in the name of Lao Feng’s wife. There should be no big problem in selling and transferring. Legally, we are legal assets, but there may be quarrels in the future…”

“Don’t worry, I have a way to deal with such things.”


The two chatted all the way, and Shi Yunnan didn’t hang up until the taxi stopped outside Luo’s manor.

It was getting late, and the sunset red half the sky of the manor.

As soon as Shi Yunnan returned to the main house, the little goldfish ran up and hugged his thigh, raised his little head and spoiled, “little uncle, where have you been this afternoon? I miss you so much.”

“Do you want me? Or do you want me to buy you delicious food?” Shi Yunnan bent down and pinched his soft milk fat, handed him the juice drink in his hand, “take it.”

The little goldfish held the drink in his hands and was happy.

Before he could find a way to unscrew the bottle cap, Luo Lingsheng took the elevator downstairs, “today Yu, have you forgotten what I said?”

“Uncle…” the little goldfish suddenly counseled.

Luo Lingsheng was strict with him, and even his diet made the servants pay special attention.

In addition to the milk necessary for the growth of the body, he is not allowed to touch other drinks, candy and snacks.

The little goldfish was reluctant to drink and turned to Shi Yunnan for help, “little uncle.”

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll cover you.”

Shi Yunnan turned the children behind him, smiled at Luo Lingsheng’s eyes and said, “this fruit juice drink is pure natural. It doesn’t matter to drink a small half bottle.”


Luo Lingsheng looked at them big and small. A few seconds later, he quietly compromised, “we’re going to eat and drink after dinner.”

The little goldfish was so happy that he almost wagged his tail.

“Little goldfish, remember to give your uncle a drink when you drink.”

Shi Yunnan bent down to talk to the child, but glanced at Luo Lingsheng and joked, “otherwise, your uncle will be jealous and envy you for having a drink.”


Luo Lingsheng approached the wheelchair and changed the topic, “where have you been?”

“A little private.”

Shi Yunnan shook the letter of intent on transfer in his hand and approached Luo Lingsheng, “although I entered your Luo family and took an endless bank card, I always have to find a way to make money for myself in my life.”

After getting divorced, he had to live on his own.

In addition to designing this main job, he has long wanted to find some investment as a sideline. This time, he had the opportunity to practice.

Shi Yunnan didn’t tell the truth at the end, “the taxi driver drove off the road, so it took a little time.”

“I’ll give you a driver to make it easier to travel in the future.” Luo Lingsheng remembered it.

Shi Yunnan thought for a while and planned to tell the truth, “I don’t like the driver following.”

“If you can, Mr. Luo might as well give me a car key. I see many cars parked in the garage. I can drive myself when I go out every day.”

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a moment, and the housekeeper uncle Qin changed his eyes.

Drive yourself.

It’s also a scar that the owner can’t uncover in his heart.

Shi Yunnan guessed something from the man’s silence and got closer and closer, “Luo Lingsheng, if we have something to go out in the future, I can drive you.”

He was not afraid of the man’s dark eyes, but smiled deeply, “I’m good at driving. Do you want to try?”


a phrase with a double meaning.

Of course, another meaning is his jokes.

Luo Ling’s voice was slightly undetectable and condensed his breath. “Whatever you want, go to the garage later and pick one you like.”

Shi Yunnan raised his lips and said, “well, I’ll go back to the house to take a shower and come down for dinner later.”


Shi Yunnan’s figure soon disappeared on the first floor.

Luo Lingsheng recalled Shi Yunnan’s deliberate low Nan joke just now. Inexplicably, he felt a dry heat. He couldn’t help pushing his glasses.

“Uncle Qin, the air conditioner at home is broken?”

“No, it’s always on.” Qin Bo was surprised, “master, do you feel hot?”

Silently watching the play, the little goldfish suddenly thought of something and trotted down in front of Luo Lingsheng, “uncle! Told me in my little uncle’s story!”

“What?” Luo Lingsheng didn’t understand for a moment.

The big gray wolf fell in love with the little white rabbit. Whenever the little white rabbit approached him, his heart beat thump, and he felt hot and sweating.

The little goldfish thought over the story in his mind and answered confidently.

“Uncle, the air conditioner is not broken. You are heartwarming!”


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