After a Flash Marriage Chapter 16

When Shi Yunnan returned to the table after taking a bath, the little goldfish was suffering a face and his mouth was pouting unhappily.

“Who provoked our little goldfish again?” Shi Yunnan sat next to the little goldfish and poked hard at his soft milk fat.

“Little uncle, the story you told me…”

Luo Lingsheng on the throne shouted, “today Yu.”

The little goldfish immediately hushed and stirred the fish and rice paste in the bowl with a spoon more and more unhappily.

His little eyes poked at Luo Lingsheng’s face. He had his own little idea for the first time——

Just now my uncle was shy, so he felt hot.

He’s not talking nonsense. The story told by my little uncle is very good! It won’t lie!

Shi Yunnan saw something famous and drank slowly. “What riddles do your uncle and nephew play behind my back?”

The housekeeper who saw everything passed smiled and said, “the young master said something wrong, and the master scolded him. It’s no big deal.”

In the past, the little goldfish was obedient and clever. Luo Lingsheng said he was not, and he was not angry and did not refute. However, during the period when Shi Yunnan took him, he completely released the child’s mind.

Now I’m honest in my mouth and unconvinced in my heart.

Shi Yunnan rubbed the head of the little goldfish and turned his eyebrows. “Have a good meal. We’ll drink juice after eating, or we’ll make my uncle angry again. Even the juice will be confiscated. I can’t save you.”

The little goldfish heard this and looked at Luo Lingsheng again.

He seemed to be really worried that the strict Luo Lingsheng would withdraw his drink reward, and quickly grabbed the rice paste in the bowl.

Luo Lingsheng stared at Shi Yunnan and accepted his awkward little nephew. For a moment, his mood was a little complicated——

He finally knows why this big and small relationship has made rapid progress. Dare Shi Yunnan always sing a red face and a black face with his “serious education”?

Sure enough, he is a heartless little fox. He is cunning enough.

Luo Lingsheng took back his sight, but still didn’t make a sound to stop the other party’s education.

The three had dinner quietly for a while.

Before long, the little goldfish who successfully solved the dinner happily went upstairs with a glass of juice.

Luo Lingsheng looked at Shi Yunnan and asked casually, “what is the letter of intent about when you just came back?”

“A nightclub in Rongxing District, my friend…”

Shi Yunnan paused for a second and spoke again, with a little meaning of explanation.

“It’s the one you met last time. He’s always interested in the brand culture of the nightclub, so I want to make a partner with him and distribute the profits in the future according to the amount of shares.”

Luo Lingsheng took up his water cup and hid his subtle displeasure. “Where did the investment money come from? The bank card I gave, master Shi Er didn’t seem to have moved at all.”

Even if I made money by investing with my friends, I didn’t want to spend Cary’s money? From the beginning to now, even a sum of expenditure has not been sent into his mobile phone text message.


Shi Yunnan hesitated for two seconds, and suddenly he was not sure what Luo Lingsheng meant.

This is to let him use the money in the bank card? Or don’t you want him to use the money in his bank card?

“What? It’s hard to answer?” Luo Lingsheng lowered his eyes and pressed down a touch of loss in his heart.

“No, I was going to discuss it with you.” Shi Yunnan moved a position and got closer to Luo Lingsheng, “I’m going to use a sum of money from the card.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyebrows and eyes flashed a brief pleasure, “how much?”

Shi Yunnan quoted an approximate amount, “about five million more?”

Over the years, Shi Yunnan has made a lot of money by virtue of various design and financial investment, but he is extravagant with money and can’t save it all.

In the early stage of the nightclub, it was a gold swallowing project. It was not a big problem for Fu Zi to support and invest from his family, but on Shi Yunnan’s side, the Shi family was obviously unreliable, and his savings alone were not enough.

“For the early investment of the nightclub, when I make money later, I will pay you back with interest, OK?”

Shi Yunnan is confident in the future profits of the nightclub and is sure to make a profit.

Of course, if Luo Lingsheng really doesn’t want to, he naturally has other channels to get investment.

The silence on the table filled for a few seconds.

Seeing that Luo Lingsheng didn’t answer, Shi Yunnan thought the other party was not happy. Thinking about it, he whispered——

“Didn’t you promise me? I can spend Cary’s money. Unlike other rich ladies who want to buy jewelry, I can’t help you make money? Fat water doesn’t flow to outsiders…”

As he was saying this, a short chuckle came from the side. The voice was so low that people thought it was auditory hallucination.

Shi Yunnan re aimed at Luo Lingsheng, trying to verify the authenticity of the smile just now.

Luo Lingsheng looked into his eyes, “yes, I said, you can use Cary’s money at will.”

The man’s eyes were as calm as ever, but there was a clear smile between his eyebrows and eyes, which completely dissolved the cold around him, making people see that his heart slowed down first and then beat violently.

“Whatever I give out, it’s all yours.”

A good-looking person, Wen Sheng says everything like love words.

Shi Yunnan’s brain was inexplicably blank for a moment. He only felt that a heat overflowed from the tip of his heart and quickly spread all over his body.

“… Oh, thank you.” He quickly looked back, picked up his water cup and drank two mouthfuls of dryness.

Is there no air conditioning in the house today? Why is it so hot?

Just then, uncle Qin, who had settled the little goldfish, came down the stairs, breaking the ambiguous atmosphere that had not yet completely begun.

Luo Lingsheng restrained his emotions and shouted calmly, “Uncle Qin, bring the invitation letter of the Zhao family.”

“Yes, master.”

Qin Bo took out an invitation from the cabinet drawer by the stairs and handed it to Shi Yunnan. “Master Shi, have a look?”

The inner and outer layers of the invitation are covered with gold foil, which looks particularly luxurious and gorgeous.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the contents of the invitation and said, “Zhao family? Dijing business exchange meeting?”

“Well, Zhao Chengru, the inviting party, is the chairman of the Dijing chamber of Commerce. He said it was a commercial banquet, but the guests would be mixed with many figures from the rich and famous circles…”

Such a banquet, which is not only commercial in nature, but also attended by rich and powerful families, will naturally be a good time to meet people.

“I have a meeting that afternoon, and I don’t intend to go.”

For Luo Lingsheng, he is the most difficult contact in the whole imperial capital circle. He doesn’t need to go to such a place and be surrounded by others.

“If you are interested, go instead of me?”

Luo Lingsheng intended to let Shi Yunnan meet some insiders through this banquet. After all, the other party has been staying abroad for years and has been excluded by the Shi family, which has always been on the edge of the imperial giants.

Of course, whether he is willing to go to this banquet depends on Shi Yunnan’s own wishes.

Shi Yunnan has been staring at the contents of this invitation, so he can’t see Luo Lingsheng’s real thoughts, but another layer of consideration has emerged in his mind——

Coincidentally, this is another party involved in the dream plot.

Now that he has a chance, of course he wants to see it.

Shi Yunnan looked back and smiled, “yes, I’ll be there then.”



Half a month later, Dijing hotel.

When Shi Yunnan arrived in a more publicized sports car, the waiter waiting at the door of the hotel immediately greeted him and opened the door for Shi Yunnan.

“Hello, sir. Welcome.”

Shi Yunnan came out of the driver’s seat with a smile, and the length of scattered hair just stopped at the side of his neck.

Shi Yunnan doesn’t like to wear formal clothes in summer. He only wears a pure black thin lining. The luster of silk satin makes his whole skin white and bright.

He thought the pure black clothes were too dull, and deliberately tied a loose Dark Blue Leopard print ribbon on his collar

The hair and streamer were gently and skillfully blown by the wind into a beautiful arc, combined with the casual smile on his face, casual and charming.

The waiter was almost stunned when he heard his beating heart——

He has worked in the Imperial Hotel for so many years and has seen more than half of the imperial giants and celebrities. Why is he not impressed with the person in front of him?


The waiter slowly recovered and continued his work. “Sir, are you here to attend Zhao’s business exchange? If so, please show me the invitation.”

Shi Yunnan nodded and took out the invitation full of gold foil.

The waiter was stunned at the sight of the unusual invitation.

“The banquet venue is on the 19th floor? If no problem, can I go in?” Shi Yunnan is a little hot. He wants to come in and blow the air conditioner.

“When, of course, no problem. Please come in and give the car to us for safekeeping. Stop it steadily.”

There was a little more respect in the waiter’s voice. He recruited another companion and asked the other party to bring Shi Yunnan in.

When they entered the hotel, the waiter held the invitation that could not be returned and said to other colleagues in a hurry.

“That man was a distinguished guest just now! I’ll call president Zhao!”


As soon as we got close to the banquet hall, the air conditioner inside rolled straight in.

Shi Yunnan’s open neckline suddenly felt that he was wearing less.

The banquet has begun. The guests in the hall stand in groups of three or five to chat. No one cares about the entrance and exit.

Shi Yunnan looked around a little, went straight to the sofa rest area in the corner, picked up a glass of champagne and sat down, combing the banquet plot in his dream slowly——

After the protagonist Luo Yanchuan and Xie KeYue first met in the nightclub, the second meeting was at this banquet. The latter is starting his new investment project and trying to get to know the Zhao family, the host of the banquet.

Shi Yunnan, who refused to marry and was hated by both Shi and Luo, also paid for the waiter and stole into the party.

In the dream, “Shi Yunnan” vaguely moved his heart to the handsome Luo Yanchuan. When he saw the other party talking and laughing with Xie KeYue, he became jealous and jealous. He couldn’t help deliberately insulting Xie KeYue’s identity in public.

The results can be imagined.

Shi Yunnan’s sneaking into the banquet was exposed, and was ridiculed, excluded, humiliated and thrown aside the whole imperial circle;

Xie KeYue’s generous attitude not only greatly increased Luo Yanchuan’s favor, but also made him smoothly appreciated by the host’s Zhao family and his wife.

The cannon fodder tool man once again sent God’s assistance to the protagonist’s attack and reception.

However, with the “accident” at the nightclub, I wonder if Xie KeYue will appear at today’s banquet?


Shi Yunnan pulled away from his memory and suddenly noticed a strange look from the side——

“Hey, who’s that man? He looks very strange.”

“Seems to be the second young master of the Shi family?”

“Shi family? Second young master? Remember, Shi Yunnan, who was abandoned abroad since childhood? What is he doing here?”

“To attend such a high-end banquet without formal clothes? It’s really shabby.”

“Without father’s pain and mother’s love, the stepmother’s children live more brilliantly than him, but don’t they live shabby?”

The words fell, and there was another roar of laughter, as if Shi Yunnan was not afraid to hear them.

It’s more obvious than in the entertainment industry that rich families trample on low and hold high. Once they meet a young master like Shi Yunnan, they are the object of ridicule and fun.

This group of young masters who were talking about money did not lower their voices, and each sentence was clearer than the other.

Another person sneered, “isn’t Shi Yunnan still a twin brother? They were all born from the belly of a real mother. It’s just like clouds and mud. His brother is also North…”

Shi Yunnan finally cast his eyes.

His eyes clearly contained a look at the smile, but it was colder than the sharp ice in winter.

The young master opposite noticed the color of his eyes and got stuck subconsciously.

The next second, another sound line sounded on the side——

“What does Wei Shao have to say? You might as well say it out loud in front of me and my brother?”

The visitor paused slightly, and his voice sounded mild with discontent.

“Hiding in the crowd and murmuring maliciously and alienating our brothers is called ill bred.”


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