After a Flash Marriage Chapter 17

Wearing a suit decorated with silver patterns on a pure white background, the visitor leaned over with a glass of champagne. There was a charming taste of elegant young master.

This man is Shi Yunnan’s twin brother, Wen Yibei.

For outsiders, the two brothers are easy to distinguish in appearance and temperament——

Wen Yibei is a noble and elegant childe with charming and gentle eyebrows and eyes. He has a unique elegant temperament of the artist all over his body. Shi Yunnan’s bones hide wildness and ferocity. Even when he smiles, he gives people an elusive sense of indulgence.

Wen Yibei stood directly in front of Shi Yunnan and looked at the young masters opposite. His tone was not serious, but his weakness was obvious.

“If Yunnan wants to wear clothes, he should wear them. You need to comment here?”

“Let’s not say that he is the rightful second young master of the Shi family, not to mention the Wen family and me behind him. How can no one hurt and no one love!”

Young master Wei, who was caught, looked a little embarrassed at the moment, but he couldn’t refute because of the identity of the other party.

Although Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan are twin brothers, their situation over the years and their current status are very different——

My brother went back to Wen’s house with his grandfather and changed his surname to Wen.

The Wen family is a music family. Mr. Wen is a leading Chinese composer, and his three children are also engaged in the performance industry.

Wen Min, the mother of the two brothers, was also a famous pianist before she married the Shi family.

Influenced by the family atmosphere, Wen Yibei showed great musical talent since childhood.

At the age of 17, he entered the world’s most famous music school, and later graduated with excellent results and became a cellist.

He has won numerous international awards and even held his own personal concert tour. He can be regarded as a man of the moment in the celebrity circle.

“Wei Shao, aren’t you going to apologize?” Wen Yibei frowned and asked again.

Shi Yunnan silently looked at the maintenance of the people in front of him and smiled silently.

The elder brother’s temperament is more like their dead mother. In fact, he is a person who engraves tenderness into his bones. No matter how angry he is, he can’t scold a dirty word.

Only in his favorite Cello and the maintenance of his brother can we see his stubbornness and temper.

Of course, for Wen Yibei, his brother is always the most important.

If anyone dares to provoke Shi Yunnan, he can carry the cello as a weapon. Even if he blushes, he will hit each other’s head to vent his anger for his brother.

At present, this situation is obviously not suitable to continue to talk and belittle Shi Yunnan in front of the brother protecting crazy devil.

Young master Wei raised his glass of wine, “I and we just talk casually. There’s no other meaning. I’m sorry.”

With that, he took the lead in walking away.

The rich young masters looked at each other and left the rest area.

When Wen Yibei saw that they didn’t make trouble again, he turned around with a sigh of relief. “You don’t know how to refute when someone said it? Are you so easy to bully?”

“Who’s easy to bully? I’m just robbed by you before I attack. Otherwise, I’m sure I can beat these people to cry for their parents.”

Shi Yunnan’s coldness at the bottom of his eyes cleared up and asked with a smile, “great musician Wen, how did you come to such a party?”

“Shout brother, no big or small.” Wen Yibei corrected.

“Because you were born ten minutes earlier than me?” Shi Yunnan answered casually, but he still recognized the title in his heart.

“Brother, long time no see.”

The two brothers smiled at each other and sat back on the sofa.

“We had a charity concert to raise money before. President Zhao Chengru and president Zhao gave a lot of love money. He invited me to be the opening guest…”

In order to thank him for his love, Wen Yibei saw that he could spare two or three days, so he answered.

Shi Yunnan came late. The opening cello performance was over. Just now Wen Yibei was going to leave from the main gate. As a result, he happened to run into a scene in the rest area.

After Wen Yibei explained, he suddenly frowned, “don’t patronize me. I want to ask you.”

“My plane landed in Dijing last night. My aunt said this morning that Shi had financial difficulties some time ago? Did they affect you, sir?”

“Also, when did you return home? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You weren’t busy touring the orchestra some time ago. I’m afraid these chores will disturb you.”

Shi Yunnan thought of the bad things he had just returned home. To make a long story short, “the old man planned to ‘sell’ me to the young master of Luo’s second room for marriage. If I didn’t want to do it, I ran away from home.”

As for the fake marriage with Luo Lingsheng, Shi Yunnan didn’t mention it for the time being.

“… marriage?” Wen Yibei shook his head absurdly.

Over the years, the Shi family’s attitude towards Shi Yunnan has been in his eyes. It’s really disappointing.

“Xiao Nan, where do you live now? If you don’t plan to go abroad, why don’t you follow me back to Wen’s house?”

“Why should I go back to Wen’s house?” Shi Yunnan interrupted him with a casual smile. “When I was a child, I didn’t choose to go back, and now it’s even more impossible to go to Wen’s house.”

Wen Yibei mentioned the past and looked a little bleak. “You know, Grandpa and uncle always cared about you. They wanted to take both of us away.”

That year, Wen Min had a sudden heart attack.

It was a working day, and her husband and two children were not around. After lunch, she said she was uncomfortable. As a result, when Mr. Shi heard it, he directly scolded her with a “hypocritical” to block her back.

Wen Min endured discomfort and went back to the house to have a rest. When the servant found something wrong, it was already late.

Later, Mr. Wen learned that his little daughter’s last phone call before she fell ill was to her husband, and she was hung up without being connected.

Later, they were surprised to learn that master Shi’s indifferent “affectation”.

As a result, there was no surprise that the two families completely collapsed.

Mr. Wen spent a lot of effort to get the custody of a child. As a result, the two families began to compete for the ownership of the two brothers.

The Shi family wanted a more clever and obedient Wen Yibei. The Wen family did not show any obvious intention, but left the choice to the two brothers.

The young Shi Yunnan made a choice in front of his brother.

Wen Yibei thought that his brother couldn’t live without his father, so he also assumed the responsibility of being a brother and reluctantly didn’t give up going back to Wen’s house.

Wen Yibei saw that his brother didn’t speak, “Yun Nan?”

“Brother, of course I know that grandpa and uncle are kind to me, but don’t you quite understand? The Wen family is dominated by aunt now…”

Shi Yunnan smiled as usual and had no dissatisfaction at all.

Their aunt song Zhiqiu has developed rapidly in the musical instrument production industry. In recent years, old Mr. Wen’s body is inconvenient, and their uncle is busy with music work, so song Zhiqiu has the right to take charge of the family.

Song Zhiqiu has a son and a daughter. Being a mother is always biased towards her children.

Although she didn’t know what to say, she obviously didn’t want her relatives and children to get a share of the Wen family in the future.

When Shi Yunnan was in his teens, he returned home with master Shi behind his back and lived in Wen’s house for some time, but he also clearly felt the secret exclusion of his cousins.

Since then, he didn’t even want to get in touch with the Wen family.

In fact, Wen Yibei has not suffered from this kind of secret exclusion, but he doesn’t put this kind of thing on the surface. After all, Grandpa and uncle treat him really well.

Wen Yibei knew his position and did not covet the property of the Wen family. He had plans to move out early. Of course, Shi Yunnan was also considered in this plan.

“Yunnan, I bought two suites in Dijing some time ago. One of them is for you. If you…”

“Brother, what do you do with your money to buy me a house? Why don’t you discuss it with me?”

Shi Yunnan interrupts him in tears and laughter, “I’m not without hands and feet. I have to rely on you for support in my life?”

It is said that the eldest brother is like a father.

Wen Yibei is obviously the same age as him, but he keeps it in mind and takes his brother into account in all aspects.

“You really don’t have to worry, I’m now…”

After Shi Yunnan’s meal, Luo Lingsheng and little goldfish suddenly appeared in his mind, and the corners of his mouth hooked up unconsciously.

“I’m doing quite well now.”

Even though his relationship with Luo Lingsheng will end in divorce sooner or later, he can take advantage of this sudden agreement opportunity to briefly feel the temperature of “home”.

Really, very good.

Wen Yibei was going to say something. A female voice sounded in the center of the hall in front of him, “Madam Lou, what a coincidence. I didn’t expect our tastes to be so similar?”

It sounds like an ordinary conversation, but it is actually sharp and mean.

The conversation between the two brothers was interrupted and cast their eyes at the same time——

In the center of the banquet hall, a plump lady was wearing a black strapless dress.

Opposite her stood a thin woman in uniform, looking more elegant from her appearance.

Guests whispered around, “how dare Mrs. Lou and Mrs. Zhao collide?”

When the lady heard what others said, she frowned. “Hit the shirt? I ordered this evening dress from a foreign designer two months in advance.”

“Madam Lou, where did you come from?”

Both inside and outside, they implied that the dress of the lady opposite was “fake.”.

“Brother, who is that arrogant lady?” Shi Yunnan asked low.

“This is Zhao Chengru’s wife and the hostess of the party.”

Wen Yibei whispered, “their husband and wife have been married for nearly 20 years. President Zhao’s cosmetics group is taken over from his father-in-law. I heard that the current development momentum is leading in the industry.”

“Mr. Zhao has always spoiled his wife. Over the years, Mrs. Zhao has been a rich wife at home and attends these occasions from time to time.”

Compared with a relatively silent Mrs. Lou, Mrs. Zhao is obviously the core figure of the party.

Soon, other rich ladies came forward to stir up the flames, “Mrs. Zhao, what does it matter to hit the shirt? After all, the comparison of the jewelry they wear shows the difference?”

“A small door is a small door. Where can you compare with you?”

“Yes, Mrs. Zhao, your necklace today is so beautiful that it brightens your face…”

Word after word of flattery and beautiful words, let Mrs. Zhao instantly become floating.

An exaggerated inverted triangle jewelry necklace in front of her body emits dazzling light under the light of the banquet hall.

Gorgeous and rich, it looks expensive.

“Isn’t it nice? There’s only one in the world. I received it last week. It was sent by others…”

When Shi Yunnan heard these loud and ostentatious speeches, he looked at the necklace and then took back his sight, “it’s strange.”

As soon as the voice fell, a flustered high-heeled shoe sounded.

Mrs. Lou, one of the parties, withdrew from the embarrassing situation and walked quickly to the rest area. Her eyes were slightly red and looked angry and helpless.

Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan looked at each other. The former maintained a gentle gentlemanly demeanor, “Mrs. Lou, are you okay?”

Mrs. Lou was stunned for two seconds and shook her head.

She seemed to be talking to herself and whispering to the two polite and friendly young people——

“This evening dress is for the show. My daughter bought me a birthday present when she was traveling abroad. Why is it a fake?”

Mrs. Lou smiled bitterly, “forget it, I shouldn’t come to this occasion of stepping on high and holding low…”

If the company’s sales hadn’t stagnated all the time, she wouldn’t want to make friends here.

It turned out that she was beaten as a “small door and small household” in front of Mrs. Zhao, a leader in the same industry. She was completely ridiculed and couldn’t lift her head.

Wen Yibei didn’t understand the infighting between these rich ladies, just out of politeness and comfort, “Madam Lou, in fact, this dress is especially good for you, elegant and generous.”

Mrs. Lou thanked her and stroked the small and elegant jewelry necklace around her neck. There was still a trace of loss in her eyes.

Shi Yunnan took a sip of champagne and put her look into her eyes. “Mrs. Lou doesn’t have to care about those comparison words. What she wears is suitable for her.”

An evening dress with diamond itself and large jewelry can’t distinguish the primary from the secondary.

“Sometimes, expensive jewelry is not necessarily good.”

As soon as the voice fell, the familiar thin voice rang, “what do you mean? Is it difficult? Can my jewelry necklace still have defects?”

The three looked up at the same time.

Mrs. Zhao, who was originally surrounded and praised by the crowd, didn’t know when she came to the edge of the rest area.

She should have heard Shi Yunnan’s words, and her hidden dissatisfaction fell straight down.

“Mrs. Zhao, I’m sorry. I just mentioned it casually. There’s no malice.”

“This evening dress and jewelry necklace are also very good for you. You and Mrs. Lou have different temperament, and they naturally give people a different feeling after wearing them.”

Shi Yunnan got up, explained and apologized for the first time, and gave the banquet hostess enough respect.

Mrs. Zhao didn’t relax when she heard the speech. She glanced at Mrs. Lou on the sofa, and her discontent continued to emerge.

In fact, there is still a secret between the two——

Mrs. Lou used to be Zhao Chengru’s first love. Although they finally broke up, it became a thorn in Mrs. Zhao’s heart.

Today’s invitation was deliberately sent to Mrs. Lou in order to show off in front of each other. Unexpectedly, she bumped into each other’s shirt. Fortunately, she was not robbed of the limelight.

“Mrs. Lou is really good at getting someone to speak for you so soon. It’s a pity that wearing a fake is always a fake and will never be on the table.”

This sentence is really pricking.

Mrs. Lou’s face, which had just stabilized, hung down again.

Mrs. Zhao didn’t give her a chance to refute. She looked at Shi Yunnan, who was a stranger. She was not kind. “Which young master are you? Do you know how much it is worth? Don’t pretend to understand.”

“Jewelry really depends on people. After all, pheasants can’t become Phoenix.”

In the name of preaching to Shi Yunnan, she is still expressing her contempt for Mrs. Lou.

Unfortunately, Shi Yunnan never liked to be used as a “gun” by others, not to mention that he was really innocent today.

Shi Yunnan stared at the jewelry in front of Mrs. Zhao, and a subtle light appeared at the bottom of his eyes.

He stooped to pick up the champagne on the table and asked, “Oh, how does Mrs. Zhao know I don’t understand?”


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