After a Flash Marriage Chapter 18

Shi Yunnan’s rhetorical questions fell on Mrs. Zhao’s ears, giving rise to a smell of “deliberate provocation”.

Mrs. Zhao’s face changed slightly, and the corners of her flat mouth were obviously in mood.

As the hostess of the party, she has been held by many guests since she entered.

But now, I don’t know where a young man appeared, who not only helped her most hated Mrs. Lou speak, but also dared to challenge her?

Mrs. Zhao asked Shi Yunnan’s identity again, “which young master are you? Who are your parents?”

On one side, Wen Yibei saw something wrong with the atmosphere. As soon as he was ready to help speak, he saw Xie KeYue come out of the guest group, “Mrs. Zhao, this is my brother, Shi Yunnan.”

“He just came back from abroad a while ago. You look normal.” Xie KeYue went to Mrs. Zhao and stood still. His eyes silently locked on the two brothers opposite.

Wen Yibei’s face was slightly lighter and avoided each other’s eyes.

Xie KeYue, who followed his mother into Shi’s house and became the third young master, didn’t have much opinion.

However, as a brother, he naturally prefers his own brother.

At the thought of these years, Xie KeYue was praised to heaven in the Shi family, but Shi Yunnan was left abroad by them. He felt wronged for his brother.

Shi Yunnan made a short angry sound, as if he had expected Xie KeYue’s appearance long ago.

After all, he is the protagonist in the original book who has his own aura and everything goes well. It is really difficult to completely bring him down by just one “nightclub collapse”.

“Shi Yunnan?” Mrs. Zhao murmured and noticed Wen Yibei on the side. At last, she completely reacted.


Instead of responding, Xie KeYue looked at the jewelry a little, and the pleasant scene came, “I think the jewelry is elegant and luxurious, which is just right with Mrs. Zhao’s temperament.”

Mrs. Zhao falsely stroked her jewelry necklace. It was difficult to appreciate Xie KeYue. “Speaking of it, I want to thank the third young master and your mother for this birthday gift.”

“Mr. Wen knows music, master Xie knows jewelry, just…”

Mrs. Zhao deliberately glanced at Shi Yunnan’s face and said, “obviously, she is a nominal brother. Why is the difference so big?”

Shi Yunnan was not mentioned at all, but he didn’t save face for Shi Yunnan at all.

As soon as people around heard this, they immediately understood——

It turns out that Mrs. Zhao likes Youjia jewelry. The necklace was given by Xie KeYue and his mother? One by one, the price of these blind diamonds is high!

What happened?

Shi Yunnan, who doesn’t understand jewelry, talks nonsense and even says that it is on a par with Mrs. Lou’s small jewelry. He simply doesn’t know how to appreciate it and hasn’t seen it yet.

No wonder Mrs. Zhao appreciated Xie KeYue and ignored Shi Yunnan.

“How can Shi be regarded as a rich family? How can he develop such a second young master who doesn’t understand products?”

“The second young master is just a title? Go and find out. Shi Yunnan is the abandoned one. Who cares about him?”

“Well, it’s a shame to throw it here.”

“Yes, everyone who is smart knows who to talk to at this party.”

The guests ate melons and watched the play, occasionally whispering.

Shi Yunnan listened to these comments, but his face was not half embarrassed. He shook his glass slightly, and even tastefully drank a little wine.

Wen Yibei, who was close, immediately stepped forward and once again protected Shi Yunnan, the “target of public criticism”, behind him.

“Mrs. Zhao, Yunnan didn’t say you didn’t say a word just now. You shouldn’t and have no right to accuse him in public.”

Wen Yibei is a graceful and elegant childe. He almost never makes bad friends with others, but when it comes to Shi Yunnan, his tone is a bit tougher than usual.

The implication is that Mrs. Zhao will apologize in turn.

“Mrs. Zhao, master Shi Er just kindly comforted me.”

Mrs. Lou also opened her mouth and felt sorry.

“He didn’t mean anything from beginning to end, nor did he deliberately dislike your jewelry. Why should you target a child for no reason?”

She only felt that Shi Yunnan was innocent and well involved in the open and secret struggle between their women.

Originally, it was just a small friction between words. As a result, once the two sides came and fanned the flames by the guests, the situation suddenly expanded——

Mrs. Zhao became more and more angry and couldn’t help laughing. “Children? How old are you? I’ll ask, who will choose the hostess at the party?”

Another person gloated, “Mrs. Zhao, why don’t you check the guest list again? I think some people can’t even afford formal clothes. I’m afraid they sneaked in by fishing in troubled waters.”


The pertinence of this remark can not be more obvious.

Shi Yun’s southern eyes looked towards the sound source and found that it was master Wei who had broken his mouth at the beginning.

The other party was blocked by Wen Yibei just now. He has been unwilling. Now he finds the right time to attack.

When Mrs. Zhao heard this, she suddenly remembered something.

Although the banquet was arranged by the hotel, the guest list was personally selected by her and her husband Zhao Chengru.

She was more or less impressed by the guests invited today. Take the three brothers in name for example——

Wen Yibei was the guest invited to perform at the opening ceremony, and Xie KeYue got the invitation because of this “jewelry gift”.

But the rest of the Shi family, especially the present Shi Yunnan, is not in her invitation memory at all?

“Check the guest list.” Mrs. Zhao summoned a waiter and asked.

As soon as these words came out, it was obvious that Shi Yunnan was completely ignored.

Xie KeYue lowered his eyes and covered up the happiness in the depths of his pupils.

Last time Shi Yunnan let him fall such a big fall in the nightclub. Today it’s his turn to be humiliated in public. He’s always angry!

When Wen Yibei saw his brother being treated like this in public, he turned red with anger for a moment, “Mrs. Zhao, you…”

“Brother, it’s all right.”

Shi Yunnan gently clenched Wen Yibei’s wrist to stop the other party from speaking for himself.

He took two steps forward and looked relaxed. “Mrs. Zhao, why don’t you check your necklace while the waiter goes to check the guest list?”

Mrs. Zhao wondered, “what do you mean?”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the jewelry necklace in front of her and said fluently, “this jewelry necklace is called ‘Hera’, which is jointly created by two jewelry designers. There is only one in the world, and its value is -”

“Equivalent to RMB 50 million.”

When the guests heard the price, they took a breath of air conditioning.

It’s understandable to spend this price on luxury goods, but it’s a little too much to give gifts.

Mrs. Zhao was vaguely surprised, and Xie KeYue, who was on one side, unconsciously tightened the wine cup in her hand. She always felt that Shi Yunnan had to say something bad for him.

“Although the family scandal cannot be publicized, everyone must know that Shi’s group had some financial problems some time ago, and master Shi has always been strict in the property control of our younger generation.”

“But the more, where did the money for the necklace come from?” Shi Yunnan looked at him with great interest, “do you know that your mother and son spend so much money?”


Xie KeYue’s face changed slightly and didn’t answer.

Where did you get the money for the necklace? Of course, he used his own savings. Master Shi didn’t know it at all.

Some time ago, the nightclub was seized by relevant departments, and Xie KeYue was also taken back to the police station for investigation.

Fortunately, he was careful when he became a shareholder. Although the dirty transactions in the nightclub earned a considerable income, he didn’t ask for a penny. He didn’t even appear on such trading occasions in the whole process. He just negotiated with Lao Feng to account for more money in the nightclub’s turnover.

Lao Feng had a good relationship with him, but he was more or less greedy. He thought he had taken advantage of him and agreed.

Now that something has happened to the nightclub, Lao Feng’s imprisonment is a certainty.

Thanks to relatively clean sharing and transfer, Xie KeYue decided that he knew nothing about the secret transactions of the nightclub, and he had a lawyer to dredge

One came and two went, and he got away smoothly.

Xie KeYue has a lot of large and small investments.

The nightclub accident caused him to lose a stable investment share. Xie KeYue naturally needs to find another investment to make up for this gap.

It happened that last month he spent money to buy a small domestic cosmetics company that was about to go bankrupt. He planned to use the famous brand of “Zhao” to sell the products of the small company and make a wave of quick money.

That’s why Xie KeYue bought such a jewelry necklace in an attempt to “please Mrs. Zhao” and get to know her husband, Zhao Chengru, the boss of the Zhao family.

Of course, the guests present didn’t know Xie KeYue’s real thoughts. They were prompted by Shi Yunnan and began to guess word by word——

“Yes, why do they have spare money to buy gifts for others?”

“Come on, is the 50 million yuan that the Shi Family lacks? Maybe they just want to borrow the money for this jewelry necklace and ask for Zhao’s financial support.”

“I said, there must be a demand for such a valuable gift.”

“You are all wrong.” Shi Yunnan shook his head, and the smile at the corners of his mouth became more and more careless, “because this necklace is a fake, and it’s not worth 50 million at all.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a pumping sound in the audience.

Mrs. Zhao was stunned, as if she couldn’t believe it. “What are you talking about?”

“Yunnan, what are you talking about? How can this necklace be a fake?”

Xie KeYue immediately followed his mouth. Although his speed was a little anxious, the confidence in his tone was still there.

He did spend money to buy it back from abroad, but the price was only a few million, not the sky high price in the other party’s mouth.

Shi Yunnan didn’t look at him at all. His sharp eyes were fixed on the necklace.

“The real Hera is composed of 520 diamonds and ten giant pearls. The base is made of 18k rose gold.”

“Every diamond above is the highest grade in terms of clarity, color and cutting, which makes its price.”

Because there are too many diamonds on the same bottom chain, it is very troublesome to make it by hand.

The reason why Shi Yunnan knows so well is that this real Hera necklace is one of the works he personally designed and participated in creating.

The genuine product is a private customized collection of a foreign female star, and the name of the buyer is engraved on the bottom. It can never be easily changed.

So he hesitated a little when he saw the necklace just now.

“The clearness of this one on you, Mrs. Zhao, is only VS2 at most, but it is level I and J. even the cutting work can only be called average…”

Shi Yunnan didn’t say too much, but it was enough to show that this necklace was not the best.

Mrs. Zhao should not be a real diamond collection fan. In addition, the lights of today’s banquet hall are used as a cover, so no one noticed.

For everyone, Shi Yunnan’s words were too professional and fluent, which not only made it difficult for them to refute, but also a little believed.

“Mrs. Zhao, I wanted to save you some face, so I didn’t say it at the beginning, but you don’t seem to appreciate it…”

Shi Yunnan looked back and shook his head.

“Even if the imitation is good, it is worth a certain price, but fake is fake. It’s not as good as Mrs. Lou’s diamond necklace.”

Shi Yunnan felt that he was not really a good man from his bones.

Others don’t annoy him, and he doesn’t bother to annoy others, but if others have nothing to ask for, he doesn’t mind fighting back to make the other party lose face.

“But Mrs. Zhao is right. Pheasants can’t become Phoenix.”

Shi Yunnan slowly looked at Xie KeYue and showed his mockery without concealment.

“Some people wear serious clothes in front of the rich young masters in everyone’s mouth, but they don’t necessarily rot in their bones.”


Shi Yunnan’s counterattack was too sharp. It was like a series of slaps falling, which didn’t give people a chance to breathe and counterattack at all.

Xie Ke’s face was stiff. He didn’t expect that the other party would make trouble for him under such circumstances.

“No wonder I just looked at this necklace so familiar. I always think I’ve seen it somewhere.”

“Now it seems that the gloss is a little worse than mine.”

The rich ladies present murmured that there was some element of schadenfreude in their words.

Mrs. Zhao is the most important to face. Originally, she was still laughing at Mrs. Lou’s petty dress. In the end, she was pointed out by Shi Yunnan that she was wearing a fake diamond necklace?

Later, no matter whether the necklace is true or false, it’s enough to make her fall!

The waiter sent to check the list hurried back.

He looked at the whole banquet hall and said cautiously, “madam, I checked it. It’s on the guest list…”

“There is no Mr. Shi Yunnan.”

The guests looked at each other and were almost dumbfounded by the successive reversals——

Oh, my God.

Dare you make trouble for a long time, Shi Yunnan really came in in troubled waters?

Feeling angry, Mrs. Zhao seemed to have grasped something. For the first time, she shouted regardless of her feelings, “come on, drive Shi Yunnan out of the banquet hall!”

At the same time, a stern and eager roar came, “Sun Chengmin, shut up!”

Sun Chengmin is Mrs. Zhao’s real name.

Zhao Chengru, the real host of the banquet, the chairman of the Dijing chamber of Commerce, hurried away from the crowd and arrived. His face was very ugly and uneasy.

What shocked everyone most was that there was a figure at the door of the banquet hall——

“Lord Luo? Why is he here?”

“President Zhao can actually invite him? That’s a big face, isn’t it?”

Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair to approach slowly. Even the posture of sitting still did not affect Luo Lingsheng’s shocking aura.

The audience recovered from the initial exclamation and unconsciously became silent.

Luo Lingsheng stopped at a distance of about three or four meters from the crowd. His eyes hidden under the lens examined him and pressed him word by word——

“Shi Yunnan is the man I brought. Who dares to drive him out?”


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