After a Flash Marriage Chapter 19

Luo Lingsheng’s understated question was like another gust of wind on the restless sea.

It was difficult for the guests to hold down the stormy waves in their hearts, and they couldn’t react for a while——

Are they right? Luo Lingsheng attended such a business banquet?

Did they hear right? Isn’t Shi Yunnan always left abroad by the Shi family? When did he get involved with Luo Lingsheng?

Because Luo Lingsheng’s powerful aura is invisible, no guest dares to speak without authorization, and only dares to communicate with each other with eyes.

Silence spread throughout the ballroom.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng’s slowly approaching figure, and then recalled the other party’s aggressive question just now. The corners of his mouth involuntarily hooked up, with a little joy that he didn’t even notice.

Luo Lingsheng looked up at Shi Yunnan with a smile. His fingertips gently buckled on the handrail for a moment, “come here.”

The word “very light and light” has no sense of pressure from outsiders in the past.

Shi Yunnan stepped forward quickly under the shocked sight of everyone, and as always bent over and smiled for the man in the wheelchair, “Why are you here?”

Don’t you mean to have your own meeting and don’t like this kind of banquet occasion? How could you come so in time?

Luo Lingsheng originally wanted to use “on the way” as an excuse, but he looked at the gaze behind the youth and couldn’t help but change his mouth, “I’m afraid you don’t adapt to such an occasion, so he specially came to accompany you.”

The right volume is enough for everyone to hear.


Shi Yunnan was stunned and the guests were surprised.

Is it their illusion? Why is Luo Lingsheng’s answer a little spoiled?

“Lord Luo, Lord Luo, what is your relationship with master Shi Er?” Some guests can’t help but wonder and dare to ask questions.

What’s the relationship?

Luo Lingsheng thought about these four words and asked Shi Yunnan, “tell us, what’s the relationship between us?”

Shi Yunnan immediately understood the meaning of his words and raised his eyebrows. “Can you say it?”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes hidden under the lens showed a trace of interest, and asked in a voice that only two people could hear, “don’t you want to see the changing faces of these people who are used to stepping on high and holding low?”


Shi Yunnan gave a low smile and suddenly felt that Luo Lingsheng was a little bad to the bone.

He straightened up, looked back at the different faces of the guests behind him, deliberately cleared his throat, “let’s formally introduce –”

“Luo Lingsheng, my husband, has received a license and is legal.”

Twelve words, simple, direct and rough, but enough to call it explosive news.

All the guests stared: “…”

Wen Yibei was stunned for a moment and looked at his brother in disbelief.

Xie KeYue, who was hiding in the middle of the crowd, also changed his look. He unconsciously squeezed his hand holding the wine glass.

He didn’t expect that he and his mother actually made a wedding dress for Shi Yunnan and let him and Luo Lingsheng get a certificate?

Soon, a rich man in the crowd asked in a trembling voice, “Shi Yunnan, what are you talking about? How can Luo and the Lord of Luo get the certificate with you?”

The excited tone was Luo Lingsheng’s admirer, and it seemed difficult to receive the news.

Another admirer muttered, “yes, how is it possible that Shi Yunnan deserves it?”

Luo Lingsheng locked the crowd like an eagle and asked coldly, “he doesn’t deserve it. Do you deserve it?”

The assailant was silent, and even the atmosphere was afraid to go out.

“Officially inform you that we do get the license and will hold a wedding in the future.”

Luo Ling paused and raised his voice, “so let me hear you say no to him again and let me see you embarrass him again. Luo will never give up.”

Word by word, they are proclaiming their sovereignty, and more clearly his unconditional protection of Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan’s heart was slightly hot, but he didn’t think deeply because of the fake marriage agreement.

However, he still remembers that one of the purposes of Luo Lingsheng’s “fake marriage” is to block these unnecessary admirers.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were delicate for a moment, and the identity of the playwright came, “husband, I’m sorry, I seem to have humiliated you.”


Shi Yunnan’s voice was sullen. It seemed that he had been greatly wronged. In fact, he was not sad at all when he turned his back to the people again. On the contrary, he winked at Luo Lingsheng cunningly.

Luo Lingsheng said that the cold ice in the depths of his pupils suddenly melted open, and he couldn’t tell, “what’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan looked away. “Some people think I don’t have money to wear formal clothes. It’s too shabby.”

Young master Wei, who said this, trembled and almost knelt down to Shi Yunnan on the spot to beg for mercy.

“Some people dislike my lack of vision and taste in jewelry.” Shi Yunnan’s tone was more aggrieved, and even stained with a faint cry.

“You just saw it. They said I wasn’t on the guest list and wanted to drive me out, but didn’t you give me my invitation?”

Every word is green tea, and every word is beating in the face in the dark.

Mrs. Zhao, who was almost named, turned red and looked at her husband in a panic, “Lao Zhao, I, I don’t know…”

How could she know that Shi Yunnan took Luo Lingsheng’s invitation?

The invitation letter from the Zhao family to Luo Lingsheng is unique, which is to show the highest respect for the Lord of the Luo family.

Since this is the only invitation, it represents the identity of the other party after it is presented. Naturally, it does not need the ordinary invitation of other guests, and it has to be included in the guest list.

Besides, Shi Yunnan just pointed out in public that her necklace was an imitation, and her words were sharp and ruthless. How could he pretend to be wronged and miserable when Luo Lingsheng came?

This, this crying and complaining technology, even women like them have to sigh for themselves!

Zhao Chengru learned from a few words of Shi Yunnan that his face was very ugly. The waiter at the door called him as soon as he saw the special invitation.

Zhao Chengru quickly left the important matter at hand and rushed over. Luo Lingsheng, a big man, happened to meet in the elevator.

It was thought that the other party was willing to attend the banquet, which represented the cooperation between the two sides. But what Zhao Chengru didn’t expect was that his wife made such a difficult situation just a little late.

“Mr. Luo, master Shi Er, I’ll compensate you for my wife. It’s our poor hospitality.” Zhao Chengru stepped forward slightly and tried to turn around, “in this way, I’ll ask you two to go to the side room now…”

“No need.”

Luo Lingsheng seemed to vent his anger for Shi Yunnan, but Yan Sheng didn’t have to refuse, “Mr. Zhao, put aside the matter of looking for Luo’s cooperation for the time being.”

Zhao Chengru’s pace was stiff, as if he had missed a great opportunity.

Luo Lingsheng stopped looking at him and moved his eyes back to Shi Yunnan’s face. “Do you want to stay here?”

“No.” Shi Yunnan pretended to shake his head, clever and sticky, “husband, let’s go home. I’m so tired.”

“OK.” Luo Lingsheng suppressed his smile.

Standing in place, Wen Yibei couldn’t help it. He stepped forward quickly, “Yunnan, I’ll go with you. I just have something to ask you!”

Shi Yunnan felt guilty about the figure of Shang Wen Yibei, “brother.”

The cooperation with Luo Lingsheng just got too involved in the play. He almost forgot that his brother was still on the scene.

Wen Yibei held his wrist tightly, and his always gentle face turned red with anger. “When did you and Mr. Luo know each other? You, you are ridiculous! Can this kind of thing be fun?”

“….” Shi Yunnan had nothing to refute.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng offered for the first time, “Mr. Wen, why don’t you go out and find a place?”

Wen Yibei converged slightly on Luo Lingsheng’s line of sight. At this point, he didn’t want to mention these family affairs in front of everyone.

“Well, go out and talk.”

So the three left the banquet.

Zhao Chengru stared at Luo Lingsheng’s back without nostalgia, and his hope that he had not had time to ascend suddenly failed——

The cooperation between Zhao and Luo has not been opened, so it is impossible.

Zhao Chengru barely maintained his face, smiled at the surrounding guests and said two scene words, “welcome to this banquet. Please continue freely.”

The next second, he looked at his wife coldly and squeezed a sentence from his teeth, “come with me.”

Her husband, who had always spoiled her, suddenly turned black. Mrs. Zhao ignored the strange eyes of others and hurried out in panic.

The couple went to the elegant room.

Zhao Chengru slammed the door and scolded, “stupid woman! Look what you’ve done!”

“All visitors are guests! As the hostess of the banquet, why did you drive Shi Yunnan out?”

“Even if Shi Yunnan is not on the list, he is at least the second young master in the name of the Shi family. The other brother Wen Yibei is still the opening guest we specially invited. How can he lose face?”

Mrs. Zhao had never received such a scolding from her husband. Her face turned red and even tears burst out.

“Lao Zhao, don’t be angry.” Mrs. Zhao quickly took her husband’s arm and regretfully defended herself.

“You go out and ask. Shi Yunnan really picked the head first. He helped Lou Ying and said that I didn’t look good wearing this diamond necklace. I just couldn’t get angry at once…”

Zhao Chengru, who was in a rage, pushed her away. “Necklace? Sun Chengmin, you’re stupid!”

“Do you know how much effort I have spent to achieve cooperation with Luo? How many necklaces like this can we afford the cooperation we lost!”

“Now, because of your selfishness, not only did Zhao lose our cooperation, but also we may have a direct revenge with Luo Lingsheng!”

Wearing high heels, Mrs. Zhao’s center of gravity was unstable, retreated two steps and fell to the ground.

But Zhao Chengru, who has always been important to protect his wife, was really angry. Instead of helping her, he directly slammed the door and went out, “do you want to show your hostess’s authority? Well, stay here and show it yourself! I don’t care about you!”

Seeing her husband’s cruel side, Mrs. Zhao immediately fell to the ground and cried out of breath.

After a long time, Zhao Fu got up unsteadily and tried to go to the bathroom to tidy up his embarrassed face. As soon as she got close to the outer wall of the bathroom, she heard someone whispering a joke in front of the inner washstand——

“She shows off her jewelry every day and her husband is kind to her. What’s the result? Is it embarrassing enough today?”

“Ah, I asked my daughter to check. Shi Yunnan’s statement should be true. That necklace is the exclusive custom-made version of Foreign Actress Alice. This is the only one. The other party was drying it on the social account some time ago. How can it be resold suddenly? Mrs. Zhao’s one is imitation.”

“Even if it’s not imitation, give away the diamond jewelry from secondary sales? It’s really a drop in price.”

“One dares to send and the other dares to receive. If I say, Mrs. Lou’s clothes are much more temperament than her.”

Mrs. Zhao recognized that these voices were the three ladies who touted her most on weekdays. Unexpectedly, the other party secretly belittled her?

Mrs. Zhao stood in place awkwardly. For a while, she could not say whether she was more angry or more regretful——

If she had known this, she shouldn’t have picked on Shi Yunnan! Now, she not only made her husband angry, but also lost her face!

At the same time, there was a great anger in her heart. She always felt that she couldn’t just forget it.

In the banquet hall, three or five guests gathered together again. At present, the focus of their discussion is naturally Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan who left not long ago.

“I can’t see that Shi Yunnan still has this ability. He can take the Lord Luo down?”

“Should the Shi Family follow and stick to their thighs this time? Tut Tut, what a blessing.”

“That’s not certain. Isn’t Xie KeYue the most important thing for master Shi? Shi Yunnan was abandoned abroad since childhood, and he doesn’t necessarily recognize the family?”

“Yes, Mr. Shi doesn’t care if he puts his own grandson? He bet the wrong treasure.”

Xie KeYue heard a steady stream of comments. A trace of hatred flashed at the bottom of his eyes and drank the wine in one gulp——

What is Shi Yunnan? But it was only through Luo Lingsheng’s identity that he became powerful.

If it comes to his own assets and hard power, Shi Yunnan will not be his opponent!

Just thinking, there was a sudden sound of high heels behind him.

Xie KeYue turned and saw Mrs. Zhao. She was just about to say hello politely. Unexpectedly, the other party directly smashed the diamond necklace in his face in full view of the public.

“Xie KeYue, go as far as you can with your garbage!”

The diamond necklace was not caught in time and fell heavily to the ground.

There are two or three pearls and dozens of well cut small diamonds, which are splashed far, making the necklace look like an imitation with poor workmanship.

Xie KeYue’s smile solidified, and the whole person’s blood surged up.


Mrs. Zhao seems to have found a vent. Her eyes were just full of praise. Now there is only naked hatred.

“Don’t pretend to be a rich young master without money and goods. Just rely on an imitation and want to cooperate with Zhao? Dream.”

Mrs. Zhao was obviously so angry that she broke the jar and directly vented her anger on Xie KeYue.

If it weren’t for the other party’s angry necklace, would she need to be laughed at and humiliated so much?

Everyone looked at the farce like a melon, and their eyes were full of banter.

I thought Shi Yunnan was the one who didn’t understand jewelry and had no eyesight. Unexpectedly, Xie KeYue was the one who had no eyesight.

Genuine and imitation products can’t be separated. Now, did you overturn? In the face?

Xie KeYue felt the eyes around him, and his face sank completely. Under his extreme anger, he also took a trace of suffocation——

He shouldn’t have let Xie Wei do things! Success is not enough, failure is more than!

Xie Wei personally volunteered to choose this necklace for him. In the end, she did spend five or six million to buy it. How could she expect something to go wrong?!

He spent so much money that he thought he had a chance to win.

What happened?

Not only failed to rely on Zhao, the big tree of the cosmetics industry, but also let the other party publicly belittle and scold. In the end, it was empty to draw water with a bamboo basket, lose your wife and lose your soldiers!

Xie KeYue was annoyed and embarrassed. He felt a “pain” in his cheek for the first time. His strong self-esteem did not allow him to continue to stay in such a place.

He didn’t even pick up the dropped jewelry necklace, so he left rigidly under the mocking eyes of the people.


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