After a Flash Marriage Chapter 24


The atmosphere in the office suddenly solidified.

The five people around turned their surprised eyes to the male colleague, who realized that he had made a mistake and was embarrassed at a loss for a moment.

The next second, a cold look completely frozen him in place.

Turning back, Shi Yunnan pulled back the distance step by step. He looked down on the other party’s work card and read his name carelessly, “Chen Hui?”

“Please explain, what is selling ass?”

There was no impatience, no harsh questioning, or even avoiding this sensitive topic.

Shi Yunnan’s words are particularly clear, but the coercion hidden under calm makes people feel more frightened.

People around looked at each other and even slowed down their breathing.

Chen Hui was named by him on the spot. While his embarrassment increased, he was also embarrassed. “Mr. Shi, I’m very sorry! I didn’t mean that…”

“What do you mean?” Shi Yunnan asked again.

He casually hooked up Chen Hui’s work card and saw more clearly the station information above. “After eight years of service, he can only be wronged to be a team member? Tut tut…”

“Are you incompetent or have no place to sell your ass?”

Shi Yunnan’s reverse questioning was completely merciless, and even the degree of ridicule was a little stronger than Chen Hui.

Chen Hui’s face flushed. “Mr. Shi! I’d like to apologize to you for that, but don’t go too far by relying on your identity.”

Chen Hui is soft in words, but he doesn’t think so in his heart.

Didn’t he just forget his sense of propriety for a moment, speak out his heart, and step on shit, which happened to be heard by the party concerned?

But that doesn’t mean what he said is wrong!

Shi Yunnan, an outsider, became the core leader of their investment team as soon as he joined the company. Isn’t it clear that he is going through the back door?

Besides, he didn’t spread the gossip about him and chairman Luo Lingsheng alone.

It’s said that the new official has three fires in office. This is a shot. Did the bird maliciously find him?

The more Chen Hui thought about it, the more he felt oppressed, and the disdain in his heart deepened a bit.

Shi Yunnan seemed to find a big joke and raised his eyebrow. “It’s interesting. You’re only allowed to chew your tongue in private. I don’t allow you to confront me openly?”

He suddenly threw the work card in his hand on Chen Hui’s face. He looked wild and crazy with a sneer, “where did you get this face?”

Shi Yunnan is a man who never eats anything.

The speech just heard at the door was just a private chat. He could pretend that there was nothing to turn over, but people have a bottom line. He can’t indulge this man-made slander again and again.

The sharp corner of the work card rubbed Chen Hui’s chin, causing a slight tingling.

Chen Hui felt that his self-esteem had been completely hurt. He turned red on the spot, raised his fist and wanted to hit people.

Seeing that something was wrong, the intern hurriedly stopped him with all his strength, “brother Chen, calm down!”

“Chen Hui!” Yuan Hong roared, his forehead covered with cold sweat, “you quickly apologize to Mr. Shi!”

“I apologize? Why should I apologize!” Chen Hui objected and refuted.

He has apologized at the beginning. Shi Yunnan is merciless!

Can you be the design director of the company’s products at a young age? Does he have the ability? Privately, I don’t know how much to spend to find someone to replace the design!

It’s just because of the shady relationship with the top management of the company!

Chen Hui thought for a moment and threw out a sentence, “if you have the ability, kick me out of this group. I don’t want to stay here!”

His cousin is the Vice Minister of the investment department and an old employee of the Department. He may be promoted to the leader of the university next month!

What’s more, his seven or eight years of work experience is not fake. Compared with Shi Yunnan, who is purely based on his background, who can’t do this project without who!

Shi Yunnan retreated slightly and didn’t want to be smelled by the stench.

He slowly turned his watch and asked, “director yuan, according to Jiaolong’s work rules and regulations, how to deal with the negative attitude during working hours?”

Yuan Hong looked at Chen Hui as if he were reminding the other party and stepping up, “write a review. If the circumstances are serious, he will be suspended for a week.”

Shi Yunnan shook his head dissatisfied and asked, “during working hours, he openly abused and slandered colleagues, undermined collective relations, and even attempted to hurt people maliciously?”

“Seriously affect the work rules and regulations, according to the labor contract…” Yuan Hong hesitated for a moment, “the employer has the right to unilaterally terminate the labor contract.”

“Very good.”

Shi Yunnan put a hook on the corner of his mouth and said to Chen Hui, “isn’t it right for you to quit this group? It’s right for me to leave this company.”

Chen Hui choked, and his clenched fist was instantly discouraged and loosened.

“Don’t you believe it? Let me put it another way. I’ll find a lawyer to sue you in my own name. You deliberately fabricated facts, slandered and publicly insulted, which seriously affected my right of reputation.”

Shi Yunnan said, “the monitoring of the office hall has been photographed. Guess what will happen to you?”

“I’ll ask you to compensate a lot of expenses and advertise to get you out of the company.”

Chen Huishun saw the open monitor in the corner with his fingers, and his face was immediately blue.

He moved his mouth to refute, but he couldn’t find a point to refute.

Shi Yunnan was too lazy to look him in the eye again. His sharp eyes scanned the other five employees in turn, “explain in advance that I don’t mind my own business. I’m too lazy to come forward to anything I can skip.”

“I don’t want to try my best to prove my strength to you, and there’s no need to convince you strangers to me.”

“Everyone is an adult. You should have a spectrum in your heart. If you really annoy me, Chen Hui is an example.”

“Now, those who don’t want to stay in this group should leave as soon as possible. If they think they can stay and work, the meeting will be held in ten minutes.”

Shi Yunnan neatly dropped the warning and walked to his office.

Until his back was cut off by the glass door of the office, the people withdrew from the silent strong pressure.

Without his suppression, Chen Hui was just ready to make up a few words in front of his colleagues.

As a result, the next second, Yuan Hong, a good tempered veteran, scolded him, “Chen Hui! Take your things and leave for me immediately!”

Chen Hui was stunned, “what?”

Yuan Hong took out a paper towel and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Why don’t you know how to carry it? Mr. Shi is just low-key. You are the one who pedals on his nose and face!”

“How can you say that he is incompetent? Our investment project team has just been established. People have finished the design early, which is much better than you sitting and not doing business!”

“What’s selling ass? What lover? He’s chairman Luo’s serious partner!”

“Do you think he didn’t hear those messy words outside the door just now? People don’t care about you!”


The whole office was stunned as soon as this was said.

In addition to Chen Hui, everyone else secretly rejoiced——

Fortunately, they didn’t follow Chen Hui to maliciously arrange Shi Yunnan’s fault. Fortunately, Shi Yunnan didn’t blame them for his generosity.

“Don’t blame me for not telling you. You’d better write your resignation letter yourself, or it will reach chairman Luo’s ears. Think for yourself!”

“Do you think your cousin who became a vice minister can protect you? I’m afraid you’ll implicate him if you seriously investigate afterwards!”

Yuan Hong didn’t say anything, but Chen Hui’s face turned from green to white.

He felt that he had been severely slapped by others, and the late panic almost swallowed him.

A careless loss, how did it come to such an end?

He subconsciously wanted to rush to Shi Yunnan to apologize, but he was finally persuaded back by Yuan Hong’s “look at a fool” eyes and left the office with fear.

The rest of the group saw Chen Hui’s embarrassed back, and there was no pity on his face. There was even a feeling that “it should have been so long ago”——

Chen Hui usually has a mouth filled with dung, but he dares to finish this and that with his long service and his relatives being the Vice Minister of the Department.

Now, kick to the iron plate!

If he is dismissed by the company and sued by Shi Yunnan, it’s not too much! I asked for it!


Shi Yunnan sat in the office.

Yuan Hong knocked on the door and came in with permission. “Mr. Shi, please don’t take what just happened to you.”

He glanced at Shi Yunnan’s computer screen and quickly moved back, “will you preside over the meeting later? What is the physical appearance of the product design…”

“Director yuan, what do you think of this investment project?” Shi Yunnan suddenly asked.

When Yuan Hong heard the speech, his face was piled with flattery, “of course, I hope to do a good job!”

“Don’t worry, I will further communicate with the team members. Everyone is capable, and the final result will not let…”

“OK, I will ask freely whether the investment project can make profits, not depend on your mouth has the final say, the so-called investment prospect valuation is not necessarily right.”

Shi Yunnan interrupted. He clicked on his design network disk and opened the folder numbered 01 after a little thinking.

“You are the project leader. The design has been determined. The physical proofing will be handed over to you and Lou to contact and connect.”

As Shi Yunnan spoke, he quickly moved his design draft and other important documents to the mobile disk.

“I’ll tell you the details of the materials later. When the actual sample comes out, I’ll contact the person in charge of Lou to have a look with me.”

Yuan Hong’s nervous heart relaxed for a moment. “Mr. Shi doesn’t stare at the group in person?”

“No, I specialize in technology. I don’t think it’s troublesome to do things other than design.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes flickered a glimmer and handed over the mobile disk with files, “tell you, since you choose to stay, you don’t have a different heart.”

Yuan Hong slowed down half a beat and answered, “of course.”

Shi Yunnan has his own steelyard in mind. “If you arrange a dinner for everyone after work, I won’t go. I’ll reimburse the meal expenses myself.”

“Yes, thank you, Mr. Shi.”

Yuan Hong breathed a sigh of relief without trace. “Then I’ll go down and prepare for the meeting.”


The door of the office was lightly closed by Yuan Hong.

Shi Yunnan tapped his fingertips on the solid wood table for a while. After thinking over and over again, he finally dialed a phone.


Fifteen days later.

Luo Lingsheng steered his wheelchair out of the VIP channel of Dijing International Airport. As a result, he saw Shi Yunnan leaning leisurely against the door, holding a bunch of roses in his hand.

Soon, their eyes hit each other.

Shi Yunnan whistled, walked quickly and handed the flowers to Luo Lingsheng, “long time no see, Luo ~ Xian ~ Sheng ~”

The tone of voice is floating, like a feather across the heart.

Luo Lingsheng looked at the rose forcibly stuffed in his hand, with uncontrollable surprise between his eyebrows and eyes, “… What do you do for me?”

“I saw it in the flower shop and wanted to buy it for you.”

Shi Yunnan approached and asked with a smile, “besides, who stipulates that men can’t receive flowers?”

Seeing this scene, Qin Bamboo Slips, Yuan Meng and airport staff automatically left, but they couldn’t help but observe them secretly.

In full view of the public, Luo Lingsheng had to restrain his look.

“… then you don’t have to come to the airport in person. You’re not tired?”

Shi Yunnan tilted his head and teased with a smile, “you’ve been out for nearly a month this time. I miss you a little, so I’ll drive to pick up my husband myself, can’t I?”


Luo Lingsheng’s hand on the flowers involuntarily exerted a force, and the peripheral paper packaging immediately made a slight sound.

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a long time. He could only think of one sentence, “who bullied you again?”

In the past, when the name “husband” came out, it must be the little fox who gave birth to the idea of drama and deliberately played with people who had no eyes.

“Can’t we really call you? We’re legal husband.” Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and replied jokingly.

Shi Yunnan has considered it carefully since he was impulsive in the corridor that day——

He did have a certain reputation for Luo Lingsheng, but he didn’t want to say the word “pursuit” rashly.

If Luo Lingsheng refuses, or guesses that he has another purpose, it will only cause embarrassment.

Shi Yunnan thought over and over again and planned to do some not too close behavior in the name of “fake marriage”.

In this process, try Luo Lingsheng’s attitude and give yourself a time to confirm——

Is the current favor impulsive? Or will it become true love in getting along?

Shi Yunnan pulled away from his thoughts and smiled more wantonly. He took the initiative to push Luo Lingsheng to the side of the car, “let’s go.”

As a close bodyguard, Yuan Meng was just about to follow up when Qin Jian grabbed him. “Mengmeng, do you have some eyesight? Don’t go.”

Yuan Meng didn’t understand, “don’t we go with the owner?”

Qin Jian replied, “we drive by ourselves.”

“That won’t work. What if the owner is in danger on the road?”

“What danger can there be if we follow?”

Qin Jian had no choice but to make fun of his working elm head, and couldn’t help but get close, “you follow the master closely, and he and young master Shi will do that kind of thing in the future…”

Yuan Meng quickly blushed and walked to other cars with his luggage.

Qin Jian quickly smiled and followed, “Meng Meng, don’t be shy. I’m teasing you.”

Luo Lingsheng closed the door and fastened his seat belt.

He looked at Shi Yunnan, who was sitting in the driver’s seat excitedly. A smile flashed across his face and hid again. He watched Shi Yunnan navigate a strange address.

“Where are you going?”

Shi Yunnan asked, “are you tired? It’s boring to eat at home every day. I found a restaurant.”

Luo Lingsheng shook his head slightly, “OK.”

Shi Yunnan heard the speech and winked at Luo Lingsheng, “Luo Lingsheng, you have collected the flowers and people are sitting in my car.”


“Then it’s not too much to ask you to have a candlelight dinner with me?”

The author has something to say: # little fox: where is candlelight dinner I want to eat

#Owner: “the surface is stable, but the heart is crazy”



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