After a Flash Marriage Chapter 26

Zhao’s new product pre-sale?

And the product packaging is similar to Lou’s new products to be released in the next quarter?

As the first designer of product appearance, Shi Yunnan had to come forward personally to understand the situation. When Luo Lingsheng learned the news, he simply followed the former and went straight to Lou’s headquarters.

When the two arrived at Lou’s conference room, all the main employees participating in the investment cooperation had been in place.

When everyone saw Luo Lingsheng, the big man, they were all nervous.

Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan took their seats calmly and went straight, “what’s the situation now?”

He is the chairman of Luoshi group and naturally has the right to intervene in the investment projects under his hand.

“Let me tell you.”

Lou Fang linked his flat on the big screen. “At four p.m., Zhao’s largest cosmetics brand, Yu Ji Ji, published a new news on the official blog, saying that the company had created a new series of” Meji “air cushion foundation.

The pre-sale concept description of the product is roughly divided into two parts——

The first is the formula concept of a series of products, and the second is the product appearance design display.

With a stroke of Lou yuan’s fingertip on the flat plate, the appearance drawing of the product released by them was projected on the large screen, “Mr. Shi, have a look?”

At the moment of the appearance of the product, Shi Yunnan’s eyes showed a subtle coldness——

This is his design, but it can’t be said to be exactly the same.

Shi Yunnan previously asked that the main product of Lou’s main product in the past two years is a two tone skin care air cushion and a series of lipsticks with six colors.

It adopts the ancient formula based on extracting nectar and the upgrading of modern technology. The products are monitored by relevant departments and are harmless to human body.

Therefore, Shi Yunnan designed a series of appearance with the same color system around the element of “flower”.

For example, take the appearance design of lipstick – the cylindrical shell design, with a rare flower relief in the market at the splicing circle, and the other outer walls are designed with gold printing.

Not only that, a polished Topaz should be inlaid and protruded at the stamen of each relief.

This unique design also benefits from Shi Yunnan’s experience in jewelry design.

Artificial Topaz has the same color and gloss, but the overall cost is far cheaper than natural jewelry.

If large quantities can be processed again, although the cost is higher than that of ordinary shape design, Lou can afford it after owning the investment.

Most importantly, artificial topaz is as good as natural jewelry in appearance and will not appear cheap.

Now Zhao’s new air cushion foundation is just changed the design of the lipstick shell into the design of the air cushion shell, and the relief pattern has changed, and the other elements are almost identical.

To this extent, it is not too much to say plagiarism!

“Mr. Shi, what do you think of this?” Lou yuan waited patiently for a while before asking Shi Yunnan.

“First of all, let me state that the designs written by Shi Yunnan are original for good or bad, and there is no possibility of plagiarizing others’ design drafts.”

Shi Yunnan showed unprecedented seriousness between his eyebrows and eyes, and the implication has been very clear.

His sharp eyes crossed everyone present and finally fell on Luo Lingsheng’s face. “Obviously, some of our insiders leaked the design draft.”

Everyone at the scene looked at each other and was a little flustered for a moment.

Only Luo Lingsheng, the “gold master” behind the scenes, kept a calm face, “you go on.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged his shoulders. He had no anger after the design was plagiarized. “Since he was robbed by others, Lou can’t use this design anymore.”

As soon as Lou’s purchasing department heard this, it was urgent, “Mr. Shi, how can we do this? We have made a good sample of our new appearance, and we have discussed the batch price with the manufacturer, so we need to allocate funds for mass production after Luo’s approval!”

The online publicity group headed by Lou yuan was also anxious, “Mr. Shi, commercial content can’t be children’s play. Our online publicity group also prepared publicity materials and looked for the promotion of various platforms to sign a contract for cooperation.”

They can’t produce new products for the time being. What do they want to promote?

Mr. and Mrs. Lou, who came to watch, looked at each other and asked tentatively, “Mr. Shi, didn’t this product apply for appearance copyright patent? Can we sue them?”

“Of course I applied for it the first time.” Shi Yunnan smiled and refused, “but it’s useless now. I don’t intend to sue for the time being.”

Someone asked, “why?”

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses and replied slowly, “the prosecution of design patent is not as simple as expected. It is necessary to make various subtle comparisons between the products on both sides, and the judgment cycle will generally be very long.”

“Now the other party releases it before us. When we sue successfully, we should not catch up with the original release time.”

Shouted the aggressive employee.

“Let’s face it. They release new products, and we also release new products! Anyway, the right is in our hands, and then pull customers to resist their copied products!”

“The two sides play a lawsuit and wrangle during the product sales period? They occupy the time advantage of the first release. As long as the marketing pours on the sky and bites back, the final sales is not as good as expected. It must be Lou.”

Luo Lingsheng continued to reject, coldly stating the facts, “can you beat Zhao’s alone in terms of the advantages of customer groups?”

The online publicity department and the procurement department vented their anger at the same time.

“Neither can this, nor can that? Have we lost our efforts for many days?”

“I mean, the most appropriate prosecution time is to maximize the benefits of winning the lawsuit and getting compensation after they make a lot of money.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t take these frustrating words to heart at all. He looked at Shi Yunnan, who was not impatient all the time. It seemed that he had guessed that the other party had a backhand.

“As for whether the product can be released according to the original time period, we have to ask the designer himself.”

Lou yuan didn’t understand, and the others didn’t understand.

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help laughing at Luo Lingsheng’s eyes. He pedaled a sliding chair close to the man and didn’t mean his praise——

“Luo Lingsheng, you look very charming just talking.”

Shi Yunnan felt more depressed when he thought of the kiss he was about to get at home just now. “What should I do? I really want to…”

Kiss you.

The tantalizing ending is vague in the mouth.

Even if this is true or false, it still makes people want to chase a kiss.

Luo Lingsheng was stunned for a moment, and then he grasped Shi Yunnan’s sliding chair handle. He didn’t know whether he wanted to push him away or keep him.

“Are you kidding? It seems that master Shi Er really has a spare design.”

“Of course, if the crisis is successfully solved, can chairman Luo give me any personal reward?”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes touched his slightly opened and closed induced lips and hooked him with a smile, “you talk about the solution first.”

Their voices were very low, but from the inexplicably sticky atmosphere, it could not be seen that they were “flirting” at the moment.

The whole audience secretly knew their “husband husband” relationship.

At this moment, seeing such a face-to-face, I can’t help falling into a dull, and I still want to cry without tears——

Please have mercy on these social animals!

Now the situation is very big. How can you sprinkle dog food to your face! Harm, although it really smells good.

Just then, a cautious figure appeared at the door of the conference room.

A young man in his early twenties knocked on the door. His eyes searched slightly and settled on Shi Yunnan.

“Mr. Shi, I have brought what you want.”

This is the intern in Luo’s investment team. His name is Changle.

“Hard work. You’ve worked overtime on the weekend. Take it in.” Shi Yunnan moved back and called him in.

Chang Le walked into the conference room and was frightened by the powerful aura emitted by the other party when he passed Luo Lingsheng. He quickly went around to the other side and handed the things in his hand to Shi Yunnan.

Luo Lingsheng calmly asked, “what’s in the bag?”

“My new design after revision.”

Shi Yunnan got up from his position and passed down a new series of samples in the bag in turn.

“Mr. Shi, when did you change the design and why didn’t you inform us?” Lou yuan asked. There was no blame in his words.

“Sorry, I was worried about the leakage of the design draft before, so I deliberately kept it from this version.”

Shi Yunnan paused and found a reason for better understanding, “just take this as design scheme B.”

Both versions are designed for Lou.

Since the first edition has been “copied”, in order to ensure Lou’s subsequent sales, we can only put the second edition on the agenda at the moment.

Everyone present recovered from the initial shock and quickly looked at the new sample.

“I changed the original relief to hollowing out, and I also adjusted the color according to the pattern of each lipstick…”

It is no longer a pure platinum color, but adopts the classical tone of China——

Spring green, summer green, autumn yellow, winter white, red red and black, with these six colors as the bottom tone, the printing on it has also been changed into the original ink pattern of “Loushi Flower Pavilion”.

Low saturation is matched with appropriate appearance, giving people a quiet and elegant comfort.

Most of the online publicity department and purchasing department are girls. They can’t put it down when they see these shells. “I think it’s more sensory than white gold?”

“Yes, and there are few hollow cosmetic shells on the market, right?”

“It’s so exquisite. It feels like watching art. It’s good to take it home as a decoration.”

Mrs. Lou also came up to have a look. She was surprised and said, “what is inlaid in this hollowed out stamen is jade?”

Shi Yunnan smiled, “yes.”

He integrated the design of product appearance with the design of jewelry. In fact, the two have similar results.

Among the traditional Chinese elements, “jade” is the most noble existence. It is most suitable to match it with the color of classical ink and wash.

Lou Desheng was worried about this, “Mr. Shi, what about the cost? Will it be very expensive?”

“Changle, you say.”

Shi Yunnan sat back and handed over the laborious task to the intern assistant, “I’ve given you secret errands these days. You’ve dealt with various manufacturers and should know better than me.”

“Ah? Oh!” Chang Le responded, took a deep breath and began to elaborate——

“I’ve asked carefully. As long as we set the product pattern and use mechanical plane hollowing in large quantities, the cost is similar to that of the relief at the beginning, and there is even room to lower the price.”

“Although the volume of jade embellished with stamens is very small, Mr. Shi plans to use ice and above in order to ensure ice permeability.”

“This kind of jade is expensive and rare in the market. How can we afford it?” Someone says what they think.

Chang Le nodded and shook his head, “of course, you can’t buy jade, but Mr. Shi is very smart. He thought of another move, which can greatly reduce the cost.”


Luo Lingsheng guessed a possibility, “do the jade products use the remaining leftover materials?”

Shi Yunnan immediately looked at the man on his side, smiled and pointed out, “that’s right.”

Many jade sections will leave leftover materials of different sizes after finishing valuable authentic products such as bracelets, jade pendants and concentric circles.

Chang Le continued, “although there is not much usable area for leftover materials, they are not all impurities and no good goods, but the price is much cheaper than pieces of jade!”

“Moreover, our products only need such a little on the stamens. In fact, it is easy to pick out the usable ones from the leftover materials. It only needs a little secondary processing and polishing.”

This jade stamen looks insignificant, but the gloss and lubricity of real jade are unmatched by other A-goods imitations.

If a product wants to do well, any detail should not be careless and should be treated with care.

Shi Yunnan nodded, “I have asked Changle to contact several reliable jade processing plants.”

Large jade factories do not lack leftover materials. They also have grinding machines and technical masters. Lou can discuss cooperation and provide them regularly, saving time and effort.

“As long as it is properly controlled, the cost of the two designs will not differ too much.”

“Let the purchasing department do it. I think this design is more in line with our concept of huachongge.”

Lou Desheng agreed first and asked Luo Lingsheng for his opinion, “Mr. Luo, what do you think?”

Luo Lingsheng glanced at Shi Yunnan and unconsciously took a preference, “I have no opinion on his design.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he snorted proudly and proudly.

Because he really likes the design industry, he always accepts all the appreciation he can get.

Lou yuan took one of the lipstick shell samples in his hand, opened it and found that it was larger than Lou’s original lipstick specifications.

“Mr. Shi, this size doesn’t seem to be right? Is there a mistake in proofing?”

“No, this series is lipstick cover and air cushion cover.” Shi Yunnan explained directly.

“Let customers freely choose the shell installation after buying the product, rather than the mode of ‘one color number must be equipped with a fixed shell’ on the market.”

Shi Yunnan wanted to innovate on this point, but not reluctantly, “this is just my personal idea. Let’s decide. It’s convenient to simply change the size.”

“That’s good! Mr. Shi knows too much about girls!” Immediately, a female employee jumped out and agreed.

“I originally wanted to say, what if I like this red number, but like the shell of another color number? Now it’s OK, match it by myself.”

The publicity department immediately said, “this can be used as a key point of publicity! Even if there is no new product in the future, the lipstick shell can be sold separately?”

After all, girls never have too many good-looking items, even if they are just outer packaging.

Lou yuan nodded. “I think so. The inner core of lipstick and air cushion can be improved and sold separately.”

When the discussion was over, they were completely relieved.

I thought the road was blocked, but I didn’t expect Shi Yunnan to create a new route for them, which suddenly improved his enthusiasm——

“From tomorrow, we can still start the pre-sale publicity according to the original time?”

“Well, almost.”

“I’ll send someone to check the leakage of the design of the first edition. If there is a similar situation in the second edition today…”

Luo Lingsheng looked around and said in the tone of absolute leader, “I will not only make the ghost unable to stay in this industry, but also let him eat a few years in prison.”

When they heard this, they could not help nodding.

Although they were afraid of Luo Lingsheng’s momentum, they did not do anything wrong after all. Naturally, they were not afraid of being punished by conscience.

When Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng left Lou’s conference hall, it was completely dark.

When the two got on the bus, Qin Bamboo Slips sitting in the front row handed over a freshly baked survey data, “home owner, Mr. Shi, have a look.”

Their name for Shi Yunnan has changed from “second young master” to “Sir”.

Although there is little change, the latter represents Shi Yunnan more than the second young master of Shi.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to take over the investigation materials and read them.

“I’ve been sending people to watch. Strictly speaking, Zhao’s new products do not belong to their independent research and development, but get the goods through other companies.”

In other words, the original factory should be “Ya Lan”, that is, the air cushion foundation sold by their company at the beginning.

It’s just that after cooperating with Zhao, they put on a brand-new package and logo. The “new bottled old wine” was used to deceive ignorant consumers and make a wave of quick money.

Shi Yunnan sneered and had to obey.

At the beginning, it was so noisy at Zhao’s banquet that Xie KeYue could still find a way to cooperate with Zhao?

“In fact, even if Zhao and Yalan cooperate, as long as Lou is not involved, there is little relationship between their products. After all, it is normal to have sales competition in the same industry, but I didn’t expect them to plagiarize the design and release it first.”

Qin Bamboo Slips showed disgust and said, “thanks to Mr. Shi, you have one more heart.”

At Jiaolong investment group that day, Shi Yunnan was keenly aware of a trace of strangeness, so he kept an extra vigilance against Yuan Hong and the investment group——

But he felt that as an intern, Changle was a man of practical words and deeds, so he told Qin bamboo slips to secretly send someone to stare at the investment group and dial Changle to work alone for him.

Qin Jian, as Luo Lingsheng’s assistant, naturally reported the matter truthfully.

Luo Lingsheng guessed that the situation might change and deliberately asked people to card Lou’s investment funds. Fortunately, his decision was accurate.

Otherwise, Lou’s has already produced the appearance of the first edition in a large area, and it will only cause unnecessary investment losses if it wants to temporarily revise the production.

“Did you find the ghost?”

Shi Yunnan glanced at Luo Lingsheng and shook his head. “The salary of Jiaolong investment department is good. Who can’t think of secretly opposing the company?”

He was afraid of designing an accident and deliberately buried a pit. Unexpectedly, someone really jumped into it.

“I’ve sent someone to hurry up and check. I probably locked the target, but the design leakage was too hidden and needed time to collect evidence.”

Qin Jian said, blaming himself, “I’m not responsible for this. I should personally go to the investment department to select honest and reliable employees.”

“It’s impossible to prevent people. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Now that things have happened, don’t rush to scare the snake at this moment, so as not to make people itch and want to steal the idea of the second edition.”

Luo Lingsheng is not interested in this kind of “miscellaneous fish and shrimp” who can only do things secretly, let alone think that this insider is the key to threatening the situation.

When Lou’s side is secure, you can find out and deal with it at any time.

He took off his glasses and asked the key point, “the cooperation between Zhao and Yalan was achieved by Xie KeYue?”

“No, master, look at the last page…” Qin Bamboo Slips stopped.

“I sent someone to inquire. Party B who signed cooperation with Zhao is Yajie company, a small temporarily registered company.”

Luo Lingsheng took the investigation data in Shi Yunnan’s hand and turned to the last page.

“Company legal person, Ling Yong?”

As soon as the voice fell, Qin Bamboo Slips pulled out another line, “but I found that he has been in contact with Luo Dexing recently.”

Luo Lingsheng’s air pressure cooled down.

Luo Dexing is the current head of Luo’s second house, that is, Luo Yanchuan’s father.

“The cooperation with Zhao this time should be a private transaction in which the second room is covered with ‘Luo’s’ skin, but does not go through Luo’s public account.”

In recent years, Locke’s second house is mainly responsible for the overseas trade docking of Locke’s industries, which can make some money.

Qin Jian didn’t understand, “Er Fang and his wife seem to be in line. How can they play this in private?”

Shi Yunnan thought of another possibility and raised his eyebrows. “It’s not necessarily Luo Dexing’s idea.”

“Luo Yanchuan?”

Luo Lingsheng immediately remembered the nominally nephew who was only a few years younger than himself, and the dark tide surged at the bottom of his eyes.

Qin Jian reacted, but shook his head——

Luo Yanchuan is famous for not doing his job and only drinking. How can he secretly engage in such activities? If he wanted to make money, he would take over the foreign trade industry under Luo Erfang directly.

“Luo’s second room’s assets are always monitored by the group headquarters. Since Luo Yanchuan intends to hide, he will not be foolish enough to cooperate in the open.”

Shi Yunnan analysis.

It’s not just to avoid the tiger that Luo Lingsheng made such a detour.

“Xie KeYue and Mrs. Zhao tore their faces. Obviously, the cooperation with Zhao disappeared, but he couldn’t lose money from this investment, so he went to master Luo Yanchuan.”

“The latter is afraid that the owner will find out, so they find someone to secretly cooperate with Zhao in the open instead of themselves? Make use of Zhao’s marketing power in the cosmetics market and share it after making profits?”

Qin Bamboo Slips soon straightened out the relationship between them.

Xie KeYue and Luo Yanchuan made a profit, and Zhao also made a profit. It was a happy situation.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough for them to make their own money. They also arrange others to calculate their peers and plagiarize designs!

The former Lou family was a small family, weak and deceptive, but few people should think of it——

Now a small investment project has really attracted Luo Lingsheng’s attention. If you dig deep, you can’t hide anything.

Shi Yunnan thought of the ending of Luo Lingsheng in his dream. His eyebrows were frozen again, “Luo Lingsheng.”


Shi Yunnan reminded, “you’d better guard against Luo Yanchuan from now on. He’s playing a pig and eating a tiger. His mind is definitely not simple.”

Luo Lingsheng caught the worry that flashed through his eyes, and the cold on his body warmed up a bit, “I know.”

“Master, what shall we do now?”

“No hurry, it will take time for Lou’s products to be newly refitted.” Luo Lingsheng put on his glasses and changed back to his calm and steady appearance.

“Well, let them hop a little more.”

Shi Yunnan was not a bit anxious. He suddenly thought of something fun, “Qin Bamboo Slips, help me stare at Lou and Ya lan…”

He whispered a few instructions, looked playful and indulged, “after a while, let them taste the taste of ‘making wedding clothes for others’.”

Anyway, if the design is plagiarized, he must get it back!


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