After a Flash Marriage Chapter 27

A small celebration banquet is being held in the banquet hall of the luxury hotel.

Xie KeYue leaned on the sofa, holding a glass of champagne and shaking slightly, with uncontrollable pride between his eyebrows and eyes.

Soon, someone leaned over.

“How’s it going, young master Xie? It doesn’t feel so bad to cooperate with me?”

The visitor is Luo Yanchuan. It’s rare for the other party to wear a suitable suit today. He has a particularly good figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist.

The eyes and eyebrows of the Luo family are handsome. Compared with Luo Lingsheng’s natural control, Luo Yanchuan prefers to provoke the romantic childe of peach blossom.

Maybe it’s because of his happy mood. Xie KeYue thinks Luo Yanchuan is very pleasant today.

He raised his glass and responded, “the cooperation that can make money is naturally not bad.”

Luo Yanchuan clinked his glass lightly and sat down beside Xie KeYue without hesitation. He asked with deep meaning, “how are you going to thank me, young master Xie?”

“Thank you?” Xie KeYue drank the champagne in one gulp, pretending not to understand Luo Yanchuan’s hint, “isn’t the cooperation sharing stipulated long ago? Master Luo, don’t worry, this wave of money is inseparable from you.”

In fact, Xie KeYue is completely gay. In terms of Luo Yanchuan’s figure and ability, it’s not impossible for them to be a gun friend in bed.

However, he has more target characters who want to attack, and doesn’t want to provoke too much right and wrong on peach blossom for the time being.

However, since the cooperation between the two is smooth this time, he plans to catch Luo Yanchuan. Maybe he can continue to cooperate and seek a career in the future.

The interests are divided into three parties – Xie KeYue, Luo Yanchuan and Zhao.

After repackaging and the name of the elegant Lan air cushion foundation, from the cheapest “micro business products” turned into high-end cosmetics.

From the day of pre-sale, they spent money to manage the most influential anchors on various platforms and give them sample promotion in advance——

The all-in-one “domestic” marketing, particularly eye-catching exquisite outer packaging, and overwhelming naval comments.

In half a month, the air cushion of their foundation has broken through one hundred thousand sales volume, and even the lipstick accumulated by Ya LAN has changed to new packaging and sold quite a lot.

Yalan’s products are actually very cheap. Even with the new packaging and labor costs, the whole cost is 70-80 yuan. But after the cooperation and joint promotion with Zhao, the prices of air cushion and lipstick soared to more than 200 yuan.

In addition to the necessary marketing publicity and secondary processing expenses, their fast money profit has reached tens of millions!

Xie KeYue was unhappy for two months and finally exhaled at this moment.

Seeing that the products came back from the dead, the senior management of Yalan’s former miscellaneous class immediately came up with the idea of continuing production. They specially came to discuss with today’s leader Xie KeYue: they planned to strike while the iron was hot and produce another batch of products!

Xie KeYue felt that there was more profit to be gained in the short term, so he nodded and agreed——

The second batch of newly produced products should not only continue to follow the route of “domestic brands”, but also invite stars to endorse and promote online popularity.

So far, everything has gone exceptionally well.

Luo Yanchuan saw that Xie KeYue perfunctorized his hint, and there was no displeasure on his face.

He obviously prefers Xie KeYue, a “valuable” person, to those playthings that are readily available and worthless. At least he can help his career.

Luo Yanchuan thought and caught a glimpse of two snooping figures not far away. He seemed to think of something and waved on his own initiative.

Yuan Hong and Chen Hui, who had been waiting for a long time, looked at each other and hurried up.

Yuan Hong nodded to the two bosses in a measured manner. Compared with his discretion, Chen Hui seemed impatient.

Chen Hui stretched out his hand to count the money. “Master Luo, should the balance you promised me be settled?”

“You two are both great heroes. I won’t break my word about the money I promised you earlier.”

Luo Yanchuan casually pointed to the sofa next to them and asked them to sit down. “Wait, bank transfer is easy to be found. I asked my assistant to withdraw cash and bring it to you later.”

Hearing the speech, Chen Hui immediately showed a greedy look and bowed down to toast the two bosses.

Xie KeYue covered his disdain and showed a particularly friendly face. “I didn’t expect young master Luo to hide so deeply and install his own people in Luo’s most important investment company.”

“I don’t deserve it. Lao yuan is the one who hides it.” Chen Hui patted Yuan Hong on the shoulder and looked like two brothers.

On that day, he offended Shi Yunnan in the investment group and had to face the end of being forced to resign and leave the company.

On the surface, Yuan Hong reprimanded Shi Yunnan and his colleagues in front of him. In fact, he asked him out to drink and talk that night. Finally, he secretly pointed out a bright way to “make money”——

Through the hand of Chen Hui, the former employee, Shi Yunnan’s design draft was transferred to Zhao and Ya LAN.

Chen Huizheng hated Shi Yunnan who didn’t give him a good face in public. As soon as he heard that he could get a generous salary for half a year, he immediately nodded and agreed!

Anyway, the design draft he handed over to ya Lan was given by Yuan Hong. It must be difficult to find his head.

Even if he does, he can pretend to be dead?

Compared with Chen Hui’s peace of mind, Yuan Hong seemed a little nervous, “Shi Shao and Xie Zong, is there really no problem with this design draft? I’m afraid…”

“What are you afraid of? We have made minor changes in the appearance of our products. Even if the other party sues, we are not so easy to be sentenced.”

Xie KeYue was a little unhappy at the bottom of his eyes. He didn’t want Yuan Hong to mention this “brush” topic again, so as not to fall into the mouth.

Yuan Hong was a visionary. Seeing Xie KeYue’s look, he had to turn his eyes to Luo Yanchuan.

In fact, he worked for Luo Yanchuan a long time ago.

Every time Luo wants to invest in large and small projects, he will immediately inform Luo Yanchuan of internal information. The other party seems indifferent these years. In fact, he has been secretly paying attention to Luo’s project investment and changes.

“Lao yuan.” Luo Yanchuan called him.

“The new products have been on sale for half a month. Five days ago, our products began to be delivered one after another, but Lou’s delay in making a voice proves that they know that it is unlikely to protect their rights.”

China’s concept of appearance copyright is vague, and their Yalan is the one who released it first. Even if Lou comes out and yells for plagiarism, they can still use the navy to reverse their comments.

What’s more, this kind of lawsuit judgment lasts for a long period. What can Lou do with them when there is no exact legal basis?

Even if there is such a day, they have already made this wave of quick money, and can clean up and leave at any time.

“Hello, it’s good for Jiaolong to stay and keep watching the new news for me, even if the headquarters really sent someone to check the leakage of the design draft and finally found you…”

Luo Yanchuan took a sip of wine and dealt with it casually. “I will also arrange a new job for you, and the salary will only increase but not decrease.”

Yuan Hong heard the promise and nodded.

Luo Yanchuan looked at the core employees who were talking excitedly in the banquet hall and turned his attention to Xie KeYue. “Everyone has worked hard for nearly a month. You boss, don’t you say a few words?”

Xie KeYue got up and was just about to say something as a “leader”.

As a result, the next second, the supervisor in charge of product network operation rushed up with his mobile phone——

“Mr. Xie, it’s not good!”

Xie KeYue and Luo Yanchuan looked at each other and frowned, “what’s the matter?”

With a serious face, the supervisor made a long story short, “our product reputation overturned in a large area on the Internet!”


At the same time, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, who were having dinner at home, also learned the news.

Shi Yunnan gave the last mouthful of fish egg soup to the little goldfish. When the other party finished the table happily, he avoided the child and asked the Qin Bamboo Slips why, “we haven’t done it yet. Why is there a problem with them?”

Qin Jian handed the tablet to Shi Yunnan, “Mr. Shi, have a look.”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of warm water and looked at Luo Lingsheng habitually. A glimmer flashed at the bottom of his eyes, moved his chair and leaned close to the main seat, “let’s see it together?”

Luo Lingsheng approached him without trace, and his face was not obvious, “good.”

They are very close.

With slight movements, their outer arms are occasionally pasted, and the touch of warm and delicate skin can make people confused.

The sharp eyed Qin Jian saw their small actions, and immediately felt that they had been fed dog food again.

He coughed, “after the other party finished the ten day pre-sale of products, the first shipment began five days ago. At present, some users have received Meiji air cushion one after another.”

Meiji air cushion, that is, Yalan air cushion after changing the packaging.

Shi Yunnan saw the video displayed on the tablet page and clicked to play it.

Qin Jian continued to answer, “this person is a beauty blogger with more than 500000 fans. She released this complaint video about Meiji air cushion in three hours…”

Because of the excessive marketing some time ago, the beauty blogger bought the product evaluation for the first time after hearing the news.

She received air cushion strike while the iron is hot. She opened the evaluation session on the hot air, and she felt a little scratchy when she got less than half an hour on the air.

The beauty blogger mentioned in the video——

Because I ate out with my friends, I couldn’t remove my makeup at the first time. About twenty minutes later, she realized something was wrong and immediately bought makeup remover nearby to remove her makeup on the spot, but it was too late.

The whole face of the beauty blogger showed unnatural red blood. The follow-up situation became more and more intense. Many papules grew crazily overnight. It was diagnosed as serious skin allergy by the hospital.

At the time of shooting this video, her face was completely invisible.

The beauty blogger also said that his skin is not easy to be allergic, and he has never had such a serious phenomenon before.

At the first time after the accident, she asked her friends to hurry up and help detect the Meiji air cushion, which startled them——

The bacteria exceed the standard seriously, even the air cushion paste foundation is covered with dense mites.

This kind of thing can be used on people’s faces? No matter how good your skin condition is, you can’t carry it!

The beauty blogger felt that he had been hurt physically and mentally. He took this complaint video under extreme anger. Surprisingly, many netizens’ approval soon poured into the bottom of this video——

Some people say that the floating powder is serious, and others say they are allergic after use.

Others said that they originally bought for the outer packaging, but they felt cheated after receiving the goods!

Those Promotion Videos looked at the glittering stamen drill and the harmonious Phnom Penh white relief, but when the real object arrived, it was a particularly cheap plastic texture!

Things are not easy to use and they don’t look good. How dare you sell 258?

What a hole!

Can’t you buy a more famous brand with this money?

The netizens who bought with the trend saw this scene and immediately chose to return the goods. The netizens who were still waiting and watching also pulled weeds one after another.

Shi Yunnan probably glanced at the comments on this air cushion and said, “it’s amazing that plastic products are used instead of artificial Topaz? Thanks to their imagination.”

Just want to save the cost home, at the same time, the texture of the product is also greatly reduced.

“How did this air cushion pass the inspection and sales of relevant departments?” Qin bamboo slips are hard to understand.

Shi Yunnan shook his head and felt confused.

Xie KeYue is a man of supreme interests and full of money, but he should not be stupid enough to sell such low-end inferior products?

Luo Lingsheng maintained his consistent calm face. He slightly rubbed his fingers and his way of thinking was obviously more commercial. “Qin Bamboo Slips, Zhao and Ya LAN will certainly find a way to get rid of this complaint video. You can find a way to expand the influence of this video.”

“In addition, find someone to collect their negative comments and find a way to invite the victims to make joint complaints…”

Lou’s, Zhao’s and Yalan’s market competition is obvious. Before, the other party’s plagiarism has infringed on their original interests.

Now, when the other party overturns in an unexpected place, it has automatically sent the handle to them.

Shopping malls are like battlefields.

This opportunity to fight back should not be wasted.

Qin Jian quickly realized, “master, I understand. I’ll send someone to collect relevant evidence and information immediately.”

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan simply added three points, “the legal department of the company can prepare to sue Zhao and Ya LAN. In addition, the leakage of resources within the company has also been solved.”

Yuan Hong and Chen Hui, two traitors, must not be let go!

“In addition, let the relevant beauty marketing number be ready for disclosure, and each platform can send it out tonight.”

Half a month earlier, they collected the details of Yalan brand and the product quality problems of Zhao in recent years, and exposed them to the public. Naturally, everyone will have a choice and judgment.

Zhao’s enterprise used to be a bay of clean water, but do they have to let the dirty water in the smelly ditch come in?

Now that you’re in the same boat, you should be ready to accept all the consequences.

Shi Yunnan didn’t feel pity at all. “Finally, let Lou prepare to open the pre-sale. When Zhao and Yalan have the worst wind evaluation and the highest heat, it is a good opportunity for us to win over customers in the opposite direction.”

What’s it called again?

Build your happiness of making money on the pain of losing money to the enemy.

Well, happier.

Luo Lingsheng crooked the corners of his mouth without trace and motioned his assistant to do as he said.

Qin Jian nodded and sighed——

The owner and Mr. Shi hide behind the scenes without showing the mountain and dew, and can also make a clean pit for the company.

Sure enough, it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a house. This heart is not generally “black”!


The next day.

The atmosphere in the Yalan conference room almost solidified.

The members of the temporarily formed core team are sitting upright, for fear that Xie KeYue in the main position will vent his towering anger on himself.

After the air cushion rotten face incident, they contacted the beauty blogger at the first time.

However, the other party was angry because of serious allergy and completely did not accept the behavior of private loss and reconciliation. He was determined to expose the matter and avoid more innocent victims.

Yalan’s operation layer had no choice but to contact the person in charge of the relevant video website and spent a large public relations fee to take the video off the shelf. However, because it was not handled in time, the complaint video has been taken out by marketing numbers of all sizes, and the video playback volume has reached millions.

Not only that, there were many beauty salons breaking news at 8 o’clock last night——

They collectively accused the “Meiji” air cushion of Zhao’s unscrupulous marketing of cheating consumers and making fast money, and brought the “Yalan” behind the scenes and about to go bankrupt micro business brand to the public.

The situation is getting worse and worse.

In less than 24 hours, the backstage of the official website received a large number of return and refund applications

If it goes on like this, let alone the second batch of new products, even the first batch of products may lose money, and the situation is not optimistic.

“Mr. Xie, I found it.”

Xie KeYue’s assistant came in and handed Xie KeYue an inventory list. In addition, he held two or three air cushions that had not had time to change their shells.

Xie KeYue looked at the higher and higher refund orders on the computer screen, gritted his teeth and squeezed out a line of words, “you directly said, what’s going on?”

He had investigated the company’s product quality inspection before the acquisition of Yalan. Cosmetics such as air cushion always meet the production standards!

Although the efficacy is not as good as the big brand developed abroad, it will not cause such a serious allergy to the human body. Xie KeYue is not a fool. How can he do such a loss business that completely hurts the target customers?

“The batch of air cushions we planned to send out passed the inspection, but the problem is here…” the assistant handed over the air cushion in his hand, “which mixed with a batch of inventory that has expired for nearly two years.”

Xie KeYue opened the air cushion handed by the assistant and took another look at the production date at the bottom.

He immediately realized that he threw the air cushion on the left conference table in a hurry, “President sun! Explain to me what’s going on!”

Sun Zong, who was named to watch, split up the air cushion foundation at his desk, and the voice suddenly shivered. “Xie, I just want to add a little more performance to the company.”

“Although this batch of inventory has expired, I have checked it and it is still usable. It is intact and does not stink. There are only about 1000 left in the warehouse…”

“I think the quantity is small, and few people should notice it when they mix it into the brand-new genuine products.”

As long as the inner core of the air cushion is removed and replaced with a new shell packaging, a single piece can be sold for nearly 200 net profits. Who can not be excited?

To say the least, even if something happens to customers, they can push it to personal skin problems and return the money at a big deal. As long as they can sell these stocks, they can essentially make money.

I just didn’t expect that the first person who jumped out to protect rights was an influential beauty blogger, which accidentally made things big.

“Mr. Xie, I don’t think about it, but something has happened. We have to find a solution, don’t we?”

President sun admitted his mistake and was flustered. In fact, he was very stable in his heart.

He had already transferred Yalan’s cosmetics and production chain to Xie KeYue, and the other party was looking for others to cooperate in the sale.

Now, even if something big happens, it has to be Xie KeYue, the “boss”.

Xie KeYue’s face turned blue with anger. “Thoughtless? Sun Zhengnan! Do you know how much the company has lost this wave? Can you afford to pay?”

Xie KeYue is so angry that he wants to smash the other party’s head with these air cushions! He did not expect that the new product sales planned by himself would be destroyed by this kind of pig teammate!

Just when he was about to lose control of his anger, the mobile phone on the table sounded a shock. It was Luo Yanchuan.

Xie KeYue pressed down his anger and connected the phone, “Hey, what did Zhao say?”

Meiji air cushion is under Zhao’s banner.

There was such a big storm of public opinion last night. After the opening of the market this morning, the stock value plunged and suffered heavy losses. Zhao’s senior management showed strong dissatisfaction with this matter!

Seeing that the matter became more and more serious, Luo Yanchuan, who had been hiding behind the scenes, had to solve it himself.

At this moment, even across the phone, Xie KeYue also felt the low pressure of Luo Yanchuan.

“A high-level meeting has just been held, and it is planned to recycle this batch of products in all aspects…”

In order to maintain the reputation of the group, Zhao unilaterally announced to take back this batch of air cushion products. Even the used air cushion can be refunded without reason.

Xie KeYue was surprised, “what?”

No reason or full refund?

This time, they not only can’t make money, but also obviously will lose a large amount of early investment!

Luo Yanchuan took a heavy breath and listened with gnashing teeth. “They asked me to fully compensate for this transaction. Young master Xie, you can’t bear it by me alone?”

Xie KeYue was confused and said subconsciously, “there is no room for turning around in Zhao’s side? Not all our air cushion products…”

“Thank you, young master. So you are so naive?” Luo Yanchuan sneered and felt like a mirror. “Zhao just wanted to use us to make money from beginning to end. Now something has happened. They have planned to sell us completely in order to protect themselves.”

He used shell companies as a cover and used the name of “Luo” to seek cooperation.

Now that the product has an accident, the “fake” boss is obviously unreliable. Luo Yanchuan has no choice but to negotiate with Zhao himself.

What happened? This morning, a senior member of the Zhao family yelled in front of him——

“See? Not all people surnamed Luo have the ability! The Lord of the Luo family can’t make mistakes in any decision. Unlike some collateral relatives with the name of ‘Luo’, they will only hurt their partners.”

The second half of the sarcastic words almost put Luo Yanchuan’s face on the ground.


At this point, both sides of the phone fell silent.

Zhao is unwilling to bear this additional return loss because of the decline in stock value. The pressure of loss lies on Xie KeYue and Luo Yanchuan.

They were still drinking and having fun yesterday. Today, when they encounter things on the aspect of interests, they all have their own small abacus in their hearts, and they are unwilling to let themselves lose too much.

Suddenly, Luo Yanchuan at the other end of the phone made a little irritable sound. He called his name, “Xie KeYue.”


“I just received the news that Lou and Luo jointly sued the three of us to investigate the ‘plagiarism of original design’…”

Luo Yanchuan felt bad as he said. The whole person seemed to have fallen into a bottomless cold pool.

Because the accountability statement released on the official website comes from the legal department of Luo’s headquarters, and the Dijing Nanyang law firm sealed on the statement has become Luo Lingsheng’s exclusive lawyer team. They never fight an uncertain official war!

The most frightening thing for Luo Yanchuan is that Luo Lingsheng may have noticed his private moves!

He spent so much energy before and after, but he didn’t get anything in the end?

Instead, expose your years of careful concealment? What is this!

Luo Yanchuan hung up the phone in a hurry. Xie KeYue realized his situation and looked embarrassed.

He just felt as if he had been roasted by everyone on a fire and had nowhere to stay.

“Mr. Xie?” The director of the operation Department looked at Xie KeYue’s pale face and asked carefully, “what should we do now?”

“The first announcement means that there is something wrong with a single batch of goods. We can replace the second batch of goods with freight. For those customers who need a refund before delivery, let the customer service contact one by one to change the price and add small gifts…”

Xie KeYue spoke out what he could think of at present.

The profit of this batch of goods is high. As long as it does not involve a full refund, their loss surface should be reduced. Moreover, the second batch of products are still in production. They can replace the logo for low-cost sales.

Up to now, it is a little to get back.

Before the supervisor of the operation Department answered, a small employee outside hurriedly ran in——

“Mr. Xie, no! People from the industrial and commercial administration department are coming!”

“They said they had received a large number of complaints from customers. Now they want to suspend and block our production line, and confiscate all the remaining products!”

“Mr. Xie, supervisors, you, you go and have a look!”


This is as heavy as a boulder, which completely blocks the last road Xie KeYue can think of at present!

Xie KeYue was stunned in situ. He couldn’t accept the fact. His face was red and white——

Why did this happen again?

Yesterday, he was still the winner of profits, but overnight, his investment in the cosmetics industry was lost, and he lost all his money!


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