After a Flash Marriage Chapter 28

A week later, Jiaolong investment group.

The four team members gathered together and were discussing excitedly——

“Lou’s new products are going to explode this season. Isn’t the sales climbing too good?”

“The new exterior design is amazing! Although I got the internal gift, I still chopped my hands and bought all the lipstick shells of other colors. Who can help it! How did designer Shi, a boy, think of changing the shell?”

“Shi designer is young, powerful and good-looking. It’s a pity that the famous grass has a master.”

“In other words, when the investment analysis department also has valuation errors, Lou’s performance has definitely increased by more than 2% this quarter?”

A week ago, the public opinion of Zhao’s Meiji’s “rotten face” became more and more popular, causing strong protests from countless buyers.

At the same time, Lou, as a small brand of domestic cosmetics, stood up and took out a series of evidence and the appearance patent copyright certificate, pointing directly at the appearance plagiarism of Zhao’s new products.

Zhao’s products use rotten faces and hold high the gimmick of “domestic brands”, but secretly they are engaged in appearance plagiarism?

What shit?

Consumers’ anger was ignited at once, and they made more and more complaints to the industrial and commercial supervision department.

They grabbed the leaders behind the air cushion brand and scolded them bloody.

Even if Zhao and his brands denied “plagiarism” at the first time, the “rotten face” caused by the air cushion could not get rid of the fact. Therefore, they failed to regain the trust of consumers. The stock value continued to fall and evaporate within a week, and the loss was becoming more and more serious.

On the contrary, Lou’s huachongge, which has always claimed to be a “domestic small brand”, has entered the vision of netizens and customers.

Although Lou’s huachongge used to follow the minority line, because the victory lies in conscience, the reputation of its products has always been very good.

Today, huachongge has attracted the attention of netizens by relying on the beautiful national style outer packaging, and immediately a water army jumped out of Amway spontaneously——

“Bad! My throne, domestic brand will be discovered by everyone!”

“Listen to me, sisters! The things in huachongge are really easy to use! The packaging used to be quite plastic, I’m sorry to recommend! This time, the packaging of the new product is a fairy and must be flushed!”

“One said one, her things are still very useful.”

This is an era that needs marketing and traffic. Only by finding a way to enter the vision of consumers can we open the situation of blocked sales.

With Luo’s investment, huachongge has made great efforts to open an overwhelming publicity, network promotion, video advertising, and even plane wide!

Of course, there are also questions from netizens——

“Start launching the Navy again? You haven’t had enough of the lesson of Maggie’s air cushion? Don’t get the finished product. It’s plastic again!”

“I don’t believe that domestic brands can produce any good goods. I cheat consumers with national products and national style design every time!”

In the face of this voice of distrust, Lou did not argue for the first time, but took the time to send out the existing new products in stock. Therefore, the first batch of customers who placed orders received the physical goods within three days.

Before long, the first batch of customers screamed on the online sharing platform. To sum up, it was one sentence——

“Good texture! High appearance value! Price and conscience! The product itself is easy to use!”

With Zhao’s Meiji air cushion in the same period under the banner of “domestic brand and national style design”, Lou’s huachongge simply hit the home on the ground!

After the first round of customer verification, more and more online red beauty bloggers and ordinary netizens have also entered the links of purchase, evaluation and Amway.

In just one week, Lou added three rounds of pre-sale and sold out!

Whether it is the brand Lou’s or the investor Luo’s, this is a win-win situation of making a lot of money!

A team member congratulated himself, “fortunately, we didn’t leave at the instigation of Chen Hui. I think we picked up the leak this time.”

Originally, I thought Lou couldn’t help ah Dou. Unexpectedly, the other party was a dark horse and made his own day in the highly competitive makeup market.

The rest of the group nodded in response, and someone couldn’t help whispering gossip, “you said, how did the first version of the design leak?”

“Who knows?”

“Didn’t the group headquarters order a thorough investigation into this matter? Why is the efficiency so slow this time? It’s been almost a week yet…”

In the middle of this, Yuan Hong, who stayed in the independent office, opened the door fiercely. He left anxiously in front of all the team members.

“What’s the matter with brother yuan recently? He’s restless?”

“Who knows?”

Yuan Hong had no time to listen to the comments of the team members. He hurried to the stairwell according to the wechat sent. As soon as he opened the safe passage door, he saw Chen Hui smoking and waiting in place.

They look at each other and have their own thoughts.

Yuan Hong slammed the door of the stairwell, his chest undulating, “Chen Hui! Can you leave me alone?”

Luo and Lou not only sued Zhao and others for “appearance plagiarism”, but also ordered a thorough investigation to find out the insider. Yuan Hong had a frightening week in succession!

“I’m not looking for you. Who am I looking for?”

Chen Hui threw the cigarette he had smoked out on the ground, and stepped on the soles of his shoes. “Shit, Luo Yanchuan’s son of a bitch! The young master of a rich family is still so stingy.”

At the banquet that day, Luo yanchuankou said, “the assistant will give cash later.” he didn’t expect that the bad remarks of the brand side suddenly broke out on the Internet.

The agreed celebration party ended in a hurry, and Chen Hui’s money was gone.

Because he lost his job and was idle at home, Chen Hui’s wife talked all day. When Chen Hui couldn’t bear it, he couldn’t control it for a moment. He slapped his wife twice. Now the other party is determined to divorce him!

Chen Hui’s family relationship is not good, and he thinks more and more about the money he doesn’t get there.

He repeatedly tried to contact Luo Yanchuan’s assistant. The other party was either busy or hung up these days. He was directly hacked by the other party this morning.

Chen Hui was so angry that he found Yuan Hong.

He tut again, “I almost couldn’t get in without the authority of the company. Fortunately, I recognized the security guard downstairs.”

The other party didn’t know that Chen Hui had resigned. He believed that he didn’t bring his access card, so he was taken away with a cigarette.

Yuan Hong was disgusted with Chen Hui and asked, “what’s the use of you coming to me?”

“Lao yuan, since you work for Luo Yanchuan, why don’t you give me the labor fee for your work?”

Obviously, Chen Hui put his mind on him.

Yuan Hongshen seemed to hear a joke and replied angrily, “Chen Hui, I advise you to find a new job if you have this time. I don’t know the situation of young master Luo. I can’t contact him these days, but I don’t have the spare money to give you.”

“No money? How dare you play with me?”

As soon as Chen Hui’s face changed, both warnings and threats were issued, “Lao yuan, I advise you to think clearly, or I’ll break into the office and tell you clearly -”

“You gave me Shi Yunnan’s design draft, and you asked me to give it to Luo Yanchuan secretly because you were afraid to bear the burden!”

Chen Hui pointed to the closed security door behind him and began to show his true face of greed. “I’ve resigned anyway, but you’re different. Luo hates eating inside and outside dog things.”

Yuan Hong’s face suddenly turned blue. “Chen Hui! Try scolding me again? Don’t be shameless! What are you! Dare you threaten me?”

The design draft was not transmitted by the company’s computer, nor was Yuan Hong personally handed over to Luo Yanchuan. Even if the company wanted to check, there was no direct evidence on his head.

Chen Hui immediately Pooh him, “don’t be anxious to become angry from shame? The more you don’t calm down, doesn’t it mean that you have no bottom in your heart?”

“Lao yuan, can I not understand you? 200000, I want 200000!”

He paused and compared a figure with his hand. “Isn’t that more than your annual salary and commission? It’s not good to spend money to protect your future?”

Yuan Hong stared at Chen Hui’s disgusting face and smiled, “are you sure that’s all you want?”

Chen Hui thought the other party was loose and nodded, “of course, in the face of former colleagues, I specially gave it to you…”


Before Chen Hui could finish his words, he was punched by Yuan Hong and stunned on the ground.

“Two hundred thousand? Are you fucking worth it?”

“If you have the ability, run to your colleagues and company leaders and say it! See who will believe you!” Yuan Hong wanted to be a scapegoat and insisted.

“I think it’s clear that Chen Hui stole his design and sold it to the right family after he was dismissed by Shi Yunnan. Now I’ve caught you!”

Yuan Hong did not want to put the blame on Chen Hui.

To say the least, even if the east window incident involved his tragic resignation, Luo Yanchuan promised to help him find a more decent new job.

Does he need to be threatened by a mean man like Chen Hui?

Chen Hui touched the blood on the corner of his mouth. Unexpectedly, he was hurt if he couldn’t ask for money? How can you bear to be so angry!

He threw himself around Yuan Hong’s leg and threw him to the ground with all his strength.

Yuan Hong lost control of his center of gravity and fell upside down. He felt strong pain all over his body. When he reacted, he had been punched by Chen Hui.

Neither of the two refused to accept the other. They wrestled in this narrow corridor. Both sides used their strength.

I don’t know how long later, a harsh sound of sliding the door sounded, and the external light fell into the dark corridor.

The two people in the scuffle stopped at the same time. The next second, they were pulled apart and controlled by the four security personnel pouring in.

“What are you tying me for? Get out!” Chen Hui turned his head and shouted. He found that one of the celebrities was the security guard who had just put him into the company.

“Security guard, you’ve made a mistake! He’s not a staff member of our company. You hurry…” Yuan Hong scared back before he could finish his words.

Shi Yunnan slowly approached and stopped outside the safety gate, while he was followed by Qin Jian, Luo Lingsheng’s assistant and Luo’s general secretary.

Yuan Hong suddenly felt a sense of crisis in the face of a great disaster. He couldn’t even care about his physical pain, “Mr. Shi, Mr. Shi, Secretary General Qin.”

Shi Yunnan’s joking eyes turned on them, “what a dog bites a dog. You fight so fiercely. I’m sorry to disturb you when I listen to the news outside the door.”

“Mr. Shi, what do you mean?” Yuan Hong asked.

“What do you mean? Didn’t you just break up with each other?” Shi Yunnan sneered and motioned with his eyes to the Qin bamboo slips on his side.

Qin Jian nodded at him and stepped forward, “Yuan Hong and Chen Hui, there is enough evidence to suspect that you have leaked the company’s internal secrets and caused losses in commercial investment.”

Trade secrets?

Raise the design draft to the level of trade secret?

Yuan Hong realized the seriousness of the implication and almost couldn’t stand when his legs were soft. “Mr. Shi, there is a misunderstanding! The product design drawing is not mine…”

“Bah! Yuan Hong, you shameless dog!”

Chen Hui interrupted Yuan Hong’s explanation and shouted at Shi Yunnan discontentedly, “Shi Yunnan, are you wrong?”

“I left my job the day you joined! I don’t know what design draft! I only know that you don’t have the right to have someone hold me now! You’re illegal…”

“You deserve to talk to me about the law now?”

Shi Yunnan leisurely stepped into the corridor, and his smiling and joking eyes suddenly became sharp and incomparable.

Qin Jian first felt his sudden change of aura and secretly sighed——

When the owner of the house was present, Mr. Shi always said “husband” in front of outsiders. He was wronged and soft, as if everyone could bully him.

In fact, as soon as the owner was not present, he completely changed his arrogant and deceptive attitude. He could frighten outsiders with his dignity after being angry.

“Help you popularize science for free. If you leak trade secrets and cause losses to the company, it is a small matter to compensate and fine money. Generally, you should be sentenced to three to seven years’ imprisonment according to the situation.”

“Guess how many years you’ll be locked up?”

As a designer, Shi Yunnan has zero tolerance for the behavior of “design being stolen”.

Today, he and Qin Jian came to the company to meet Yuan Hong, one of the ghosts. Unexpectedly, he saw the sneaky Chen Hui downstairs.

So they went on and on and caught a turtle in a jar.

Yuan Hong and Chen Hui suddenly looked flustered when they heard that they were going to jail.

“I didn’t do it! Yuan Hong instructed me! I’ve resigned from the company! I’m not a regular employee! It has nothing to do with me!”

“Mr. Shi, I…”

Shi Yunnan turned and left. He didn’t intend to listen to their explanation at all. Of course, he never planned to let them go.

Qin Jian came up and resolutely stopped their retreat. “We have reported to the police for the first time. If you have anything, please explain to the police slowly!”

Chen Hui and Yuan Hong stared at Shi Yunnan’s back. They were beaten black and blue and hurt all over. They were even more embarrassed at this moment.

Chen Hui blushed. He wanted to kill Yuan Hong on his side and scold endlessly.

Yuan Hong’s face was pale, his whole body was hot and cold, and his whole brain was dizzy.

He had no heart to stop Chen Hui’s yelling and scolding. He regretted that his intestines were green for a moment——

He had a stable and decent job, and his annual salary was enough to make his wife and children happy and envy his relatives and friends.

Why did you walk like this?

After all, there are thousands of mistakes. It’s all because he was deceived by Luo Yanchuan’s “big cake”. Now he has ruined his future. Will the other party come to the bureau to catch him? Obviously not.

It’s hard for employees inside the company to know if there is such a big noise in the safety passage.

Under the unbelievable and contemptuous eyes of a group of people, Yuan Hong and Chen Hui were both taken away from the company by the police and completely lived into a joke.

As soon as Yuan Hong left, his position was naturally empty.

During this time, Chang Le, an intern who helped run around privately, jumped, and Shi Yunnan and other senior managers were promoted to the position of team leader.

Not to mention the bonus commission that Lou will pay after the quarterly summary, the salary alone has doubled several times!

This attracted the envy and admiration of other employees of the investment department.

What’s this called?

Stand in line! Take the right money!


Shi Yunnan was very happy after dealing with Chen Hui and Yuan Hong. Seeing that it was still early, he temporarily decided to follow Qin bamboo slips to the headquarters of Luo’s group.

Exclusive elevator to the top floor.

As soon as they got out of the elevator, a beautiful young female secretary greeted them, “brother Jane.”

The female secretary looked at Shi Yunnan’s strange but handsome face and politely asked, “who is this gentleman?”

The person who can directly let Qin Bamboo Slips take to the top office must have a big background.

“Shi Yunnan, Mr. Shi.”

Qin Bamboo Slips introduced that they did not deliberately publicize the relationship between Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan, for fear that they were not used to it.

“Ling Na, is the owner busy?” Qin Jian asked.

Ling Na replied with some hesitation, “all the gentlemen and ladies in the second room have come. It’s less than ten minutes to enter Dong Luo’s office.”

“Mr. Shi, please follow me to the reception room first?”

When Shi Yunnan heard the first half of the sentence, he probably guessed some reasons.

Last week, Luo and Lou’s huachongge jointly sued Zhao and his brand for design plagiarism. At present, the case is still going through procedures.

However, due to the attention and criticism of network public opinion and sufficient design time evidence chain, Lou’s ability to win this infringement lawsuit is almost certain.

According to relevant regulations, a considerable amount of compensation should be obtained.

According to the lawyer group, Zhao put the main responsibility on the brand Yalan, and said it was a fraud deliberately made by Xie KeYue.

Xie KeYue’s factory has been closed down by the relevant departments, and he has piled up a lot of messy lawsuits. I’m afraid he will disturb master Shi. This time, he’s in big trouble.

In addition, Luo Yanchuan hid behind the shell company “Yate” and could not hide his activities that hurt Luo’s interests.

I think the second room of Luo learned about it and hurried to cover for his worried son.

“Mr. Shi? Please follow me to the meeting room?” Lina asked again.

As soon as Shi Yunnan’s word “good” came out, the closed office door opened.

Luo Dexing and his wife walked out of the office one after another. The former didn’t look very good, while the latter took some “afterlife” happiness.

They seemed to recognize Shi Yunnan, but due to the current situation, they bypassed Shi Yunnan and others without saying a word.

“It’s less than five minutes to go in. Why did you come out so soon?” Lingna whispered to Qin Jian.

Shi Yunnan stood still and stared at the couple in the second room. They entered the elevator and left.

Ling Na glanced at Shi Yunnan standing in place and said friendly, “Mr. Shi, wait a minute. There will be an international conference in 15 minutes. Let me go in and inform you of your visit…”

“Fifteen minutes?” Shi Yunnan muttered.

He didn’t wait for the other party to finish talking, so he smiled and walked towards the office.

Seeing his “rash” words and deeds, Lingna immediately wanted to stop him. On the contrary, she was stopped by Qin Bamboo Slips first. “Go with Mr. Shi. The owner won’t be angry.”

Mr. Shi is probably the only person who can go in and out of the main office without saying hello.

When Shi Yunnan opened the door of the office, he found that there was a cubicle inside.

Yuan Meng and another bodyguard are guarding the left door. On the right is a small glass office. It seems that it should be the usual work position of Qin Jian.

Shi Yunnan stepped forward two steps, and the bodyguard guarding the door was very alert. He stretched out his hand to stop him, “stop!”

Shi Yunnan stopped in cooperation, just moved his eyes to the more familiar Yuan Meng and joked, “Yuan Meng, you won’t let me in? The Qin Bamboo Slips let me in.”


Yuan Meng silently took back his hand stopped in mid air and said solemnly to his bodyguard colleagues, “you can’t stop him.”

Otherwise, when Mr. Shi pats his ass and leaves, the owner will be angry when he knows, and they will suffer in the end.

Then he will certainly be teased privately by Qin Bamboo Slips, absolutely not!

Yuan Meng was the main captain of this group of bodyguards. Seeing this, another man had to take back his hand.

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows with satisfaction and knocked politely on the door of the inner office.

“Enter.” A crisp single tone.

Shi Yunnan resolutely opened the door and entered.

Even at the end of September, the air conditioner in the office is still fully turned on, the internal space is larger than expected, and the overall tone is calm black.

Luo Lingsheng sat at his desk and bowed his head. He didn’t know what documents he was examining and approving. He just frowned, which could show the coercion of not entering the birth.

He changed a pair of black thin wire frame glasses that were not eye-catching, but lined his facial features more coldly. The three piece suit outlined the body proportion to the extreme.

For Shi Yunnan, Luo Lingsheng is a superior who can form a deadly aggression by appearance.

Maybe he noticed the excessive gaze at the door. Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes with an unhappy resistance, “who let you…”

If it was a lesson, it stopped after only four words.

Luo Lingsheng subconsciously loosened his eyebrows and stared at the person who suddenly appeared at the door of the office. Leng Rui’s temperament suddenly eased down.

“Busy? I came at a bad time?”

Shi Yunnan said sorry, but walked to the table without hesitation.

Luo Lingsheng closed the documents that would be used for the late meeting, but he hadn’t finished reading, and replied without changing his face, “not busy.”

Shi Yunnan stopped at the table. “What did Luo Dexing and his wife come to you for? Did they defend Luo Yanchuan?”

“They didn’t mention Luo Yanchuan in the whole process. They just said that they wanted to retire when they were old and wanted to transfer back 5% of their shares to me.”

Luo Lingsheng’s expression when talking about it was a little ponderous, mixed with a trace of insignificant contempt.

Shi Yunnan responded, “they used this chip to let you spare Luo Yanchuan this time? What do you think?”

“Do you know how much Locke’s 5% stake is worth?”

Luo Lingsheng remembered the dark “fight” in those days, and his pupils faintly became angry.

In those years, big house and Sanfang could compete for even 1% of the shares, and secretly they didn’t know how many conspiracies they had to make.

Only the couple in the second room saved their lives in front of the shrinking turtle. At present, they are willing to take out nearly half of their shares at one time in order to protect Luo Yanchuan.

I really don’t know whether the couple are eager to love their son or too afraid of Luo Lingsheng’s cruel means.

“Compared with Luo Yanchuan’s loss in the cosmetics industry, this share is a piece of fat.”

Originally, these shares should have been left by the Erfang couple to Luo Yanchuan, the only son, and now they have been unconditionally transferred to Luo Lingsheng.

If Luo Yanchuan knew about it, he would be so angry that he would vomit blood. Not only that, he had to be more prepared than ever to suppress Luo Lingsheng.

Spiritual lessons are the most painful.

Luo Ling sounds like a hunter who has already taken control of the situation, with his prey throwing nonsense within his control.

He will always stand high. When the prey think they are safe and try to cross the border, he will mercilessly kill them in his territory.

Shi Yunnan realized that Luo Lingsheng had his own plan and didn’t say anything against it for the time being – after all, Luo Lingsheng has been on guard earlier than the plot development in the original book.

Luo Lingsheng looked at him and changed the topic, “what are you doing here?”

“Can’t I just come to see you?”

Shi Yunnan bypassed most of the long table and, as always, stopped and bent over for Luo Lingsheng, meaning something. “If I didn’t come here, I didn’t know that Mr. Luo’s female secretary general was so beautiful? She spoke softly and was very likable.”

“Oh? Do you think so?”

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses and slightly bent his lips, “I forgot to tell you…”

“Whether Miss Lou or the female secretary, master Shi doesn’t have to test me with them every time. I’m not interested in women.”

Is this a confession of your sexual orientation?

Shi Yunnan obviously didn’t expect to get this answer unexpectedly. After a slight reaction for two seconds, he responded happily——

“What a coincidence, so am I.”

Shi Yunnan Yu Guang glanced at the watch on Luo Lingsheng’s wrist and smiled more obviously, “Luo Lingsheng, I’m here to report to you.”

The female secretary said that Luo Lingsheng will have an international conference in 15 minutes. Shi Yunnan is not a sticky person who will disturb others’ work. Simply speaking, it’s the purpose here.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “report?”

“The nightclub I invested and cooperated with Fu Ziyu has been open for nearly a month. A while ago, I was too busy to find a suitable time to go.”

“I want to go to the field tonight. I must drink, but I will never fool around.”

Shi Yunnan came closer, with a smiling tone of intimacy and scratching.

“Husband, do you want me to go?”


Luo Lingsheng breathed tightly. Unexpectedly, Shi Yunnan really remembered his last commitment to admit his mistake.

Seeing that he didn’t finish, Shi Yunnan added, “or do you want to accompany me? I’d be happy to let you supervise in person.”

Luo Ling, with his thin lips close at hand, found his breathing rhythm. At the same time, he gathered up a little without trace, and his breathing was entangled again.

“So good?”

Simple three words, the deep voice pressed in my throat, a kind of unspeakable sexy and


In the end, Shi Yunnan was defeated first. He felt his heart beating faster and moved a little farther away, but his mouth began to be out of tune.

“Of course, there are few obedient friends like me in the world. Mr. Luo has to be nice to me. Others can’t envy him.”

Luo Lingsheng gave a short smile without any objection. “Go ahead, I’ll be busy later.”

The implication is that he certainly does not intend to accompany Shi Yunnan to the nightclub.

Shi Yunnan got the expected answer. While secretly calming his heartbeat, he also had an unspeakable sense of loss. Before he understood this inexplicable emotion, he heard Luo Lingsheng add a sentence——

“Give me the address of the nightclub. I’ll pick you up later.”

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