After a Flash Marriage Chapter 29

Because of the sudden collapse of fyue club, those who love disco, drinking and nightlife in Dijing have no large place to consume wantonly.

Now, the nightclub dol Club invested and cooperated by Shi Yunnan and Fu Ziyu is officially open to the public. Within a week, they frantically solicited the original group of consumers.

From the trial operation to now, the passenger flow is full every day.

Shi Yunnan sat on the VIP card seat reserved by his friends and stared with interest at the crowd jumping around the dance floor.

“Come on, I just got the Chivas collection whisky.”

Fu Zi sat down opposite him and steadily dropped the black and gold wine bottle. “I’m not willing to drink when I’m alone. I’m waiting for you to come and celebrate.”

“I’ve been busy recently. I’ll come as soon as I have time.”

Shi Yunnan clinked glasses with his friends and drank them all in one gulp. As a result, he was choked by the strength of the wine without drinking two mouthfuls.

When Fu Zi met this bad friend, he not only didn’t help, but also joked, “they all said it was a rare version of spirits. We should taste it slowly. Who can stand your fierce drinking?”

Shi Yunnan was choking so hard that he put back half a glass of wine he didn’t drink. “Hurry and change some mild wine.”

“Isn’t it? Why did your drinking ability decline so much?” Fu Ziyu took a sip of whisky and felt fine.

“How long haven’t you seen each other? Have you really become a little white rabbit under the ‘discipline’ of Luo Lingsheng?”

“No, I can’t.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at his friend angrily and explained, “my brother will come later. He has a shallow drinking capacity and can’t drink this kind of liquor.”

“Your brother?” Fu Ziyu searched out a name from his mind, “Wen Yibei?”

Shi Yunnan nodded and suddenly remembered one thing, “although I have known you for a long time, haven’t you met my brother?”

Fu Zi screwed on the center of his eyebrows and pulled casually, “I haven’t seen it, and there’s no need to see it.”

As Shi Yunnan’s best friend, Fu Ziyu had no good impression of the Shi and Wen families at all.

Although Shi Yunnan repeatedly explained that “the elders of the Wen family and their twin brothers are very nice to themselves, they are different from the Shi Family”, Fu Ziyu just keeps his little prejudice——

Let my brother stay at Wen’s house and suffer by leaving my brother abroad.

How can these two families be better?

Half a dozen.

Fu Ziyu drank up the remaining whisky in the cup with a bit of energy of a dissolute childe, “I don’t have strong wine in this nightclub. If your brother can’t drink it, let him drink it as soon as possible…”

Before they finished, a question rang out behind them.

“Yun Nan?”

The gentle and extreme sound line is particularly special in the noise.

Shi Yunnan saw Wen Yibei sideways and got up happily, “brother, you’re finally here.”

Wen Yibei looked at his brother from head to foot and confirmed that he was not thin enough to lose meat, so he took his seat with him with a smile.

“As soon as I entered the door, I was stunned by the music. I didn’t find it for a long time. I asked the waiter to know that the card seat you gave was on the second floor.”

With that, he couldn’t help looking around, and a trace of discomfort flashed across his eyebrows.

Wen Yibei has never been in or out of a bar or nightclub. The most people he goes to are concert halls and concert rooms. He is used to the melodious sound of musical instruments. He really feels noisy about this kind of lively discotheque.

If he hadn’t heard that the nightclub was funded by his brother, he wouldn’t have planned to come at all.

“How did you think of investing in a nightclub?” Wen Yibei asked.

Shi Yunnan took his shoulder and pointed to his friend across the street. “Brother, let me formally introduce you to Fu Ziyu. He is the boss of this nightclub. I am at most a partner in the capital contribution.”

Wen Yibei reacted and said hello with a smile, “Hello, my name is Wen Yibei.”

“I used to hear Xiao Nan mention you. Thank you for your help and care for my brother over the years.”


Fu Ziyu stared at Wen Yibei for two or three seconds, covered his lips and responded slowly, “Oh, no, you’re welcome. They are all friends.”

Shi Yunnan picked up the wine list on the table, “brother, what would you like to drink?”

“Is there one with a lighter degree?” Wen Yibei looked at it incomprehensibly.

On weekdays, he only drinks at banquets, reception meetings and other occasions, usually mild champagne and red wine.

The opposite Fu Zi answered without thinking, “yes, I’ll ask the waiter to bring it to you right away.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at his friend and seemed to notice something subtle.

Wen Yibei thanked and casually asked, “where is the bathroom here? I want to wash my hands first.”

Fu Ziyu quickly replied, “just go to the end on the right.”

When Wen Yibei got up and left, Shi Yunnan saw Fu Ziyu sitting over quickly.

Fu Zi caught his friend’s shoulder and said, “I only heard that your two brothers don’t look like each other before, but I didn’t expect your brother to look so good?”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, and suddenly an elbow hit the other party’s chest, “I warn you, don’t play my brother’s idea. He is different from me.”

“– hiss.”

Fu Zi was really hurt and grinned. “What’s my idea? Why is he different?”

“My brother and I, we are not people in the same world. He grew up around his grandfather. He usually doesn’t like to make trouble or play, and his mind is clean. Anyway, don’t provoke him.”

Fu Ziyu was silent for two seconds and smiled, “I see. What you said seems like an unforgivable evil.”

“Who doesn’t know how powerful you are? There are too many admirers to count.” Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and teased.

“Nonsense, don’t hurt me.”

When Fu Zi is interrupted and stopped by his friends, where can he think about it?

He can see that people like Wen Yibei are gentle and clean from the outside to the inside, and it’s not for a childe like him who “doesn’t have a right type all day”.

They were talking. Wen Yibei came back from the bathroom. He was stunned when he looked at the seat occupied by Fu Ziyu.

“Talk to your brother first. I’ll go downstairs to the front desk…”

When Fu Zi met Wen Yibei’s line of sight, he subconsciously added, “I’ll bring you some light cocktails by the way.”

“Thank you.”

Shi Yunnan saw his friend go downstairs and took his brother back to him. “Brother, what do you think of this nightclub?”

Wen Yibei told the truth, “it’s better than I thought. I can see that Mr. Fu’s management is very standardized.”

“Just call his name. Don’t look at him. He’s tall and looks like a dog. In fact, he’s a few months younger than our brothers.”

“Like a dog?” Wen Yibei was stunned, spoiled and reluctantly rubbed his head, “how can you describe your friend like that? It’s impolite.”

Shi Yunnan smiled. There was no malice in essence.

He and Fu Zi are used to calling each other “father and son”. They really don’t have so much politeness.

Wen Yibei thought of the distance that the two people were too close to when he just came near. There was an inappropriate glimmer at the bottom of his eyes. He was just ready to say something.

Suddenly, a drunken figure suddenly fell on the edge of their card seat.


The wine cup in the other party’s hand happened to hit Wen Yibei’s foot. The fragmented wine bottle residue mixed with half a bottle of wine, making the ground messy.

“Brother, are you okay?”

Shi Yunnan got up quickly and synchronously opened Wen Yibei on his side, “did the broken residue splash you?”

Wen Yibei looked at his wet trouser legs and suddenly felt a slight pain. He pulled up his trouser legs slightly, and there was a small bleeding wound on his ankle.

However, the area of the wound is not large and the degree is not serious.

“I have nothing to do, and you?” Wen Yibei ignored this little injury and cared about his brother instead.

“It’s nothing?” Shi Yunnan frowned, blaming himself and angry.

The broken wine bottle gave off a strong smell of liquor, which was choking to the nose.

The person who fell was still lying on the ground in the residue. I don’t know whether he was really dizzy or pretending to be dead.


Shi Yunnan touched the back of the man’s hand with his toes in an attempt to remind him.

“Don’t touch me!”

The other party gave a voice of resistance irritably and painfully, which sounded drunk. After about two seconds, dizzy, he struggled to get up from the ground, “right…”

Before the complete apology could finish, it was stuck in the throat. Both sides looked up and recognized each other at the first time.

“Yuan Rui?”

“Shi Yunnan?”

Compared with the last meeting, Yuan Ruike is much more down-to-earth this time.

Most of his clothes were soaked with wine, and there were several blood marks on his exposed arm, which were obviously scratched by the residue of the wine bottle.

“See you again.”

Shi Yunnan looked him up and down and shook his head slightly. “You’re the only one? Last time you helped Xie KeYue out of anger, why didn’t he help you this time?”

“What if I’m the only one? Don’t take it with you if you have nothing to do!”

I can still remember the incident of being trapped in the nightclub last time. Yuanrui’s eyes occupied by wine are full of hostility, and his voice is as prickly as ever.

“I’m not in the mood to waste with you today. Don’t annoy me.”

“Wait, who let you go?”

Shi Yunnan quickly stopped him in place and sharply ironically said, “some people don’t have eyes as usual. They hit people when they were drunk and hurt each other. Now they don’t even want to slip away without an apology?”

“Yun Nan, forget it. I’m fine.” Wen Yibei whispered behind him.

“Brother, leave it alone. It’s a matter of principle.”

Yuan Rui was still so angry that he immediately grabbed Shi Yunnan’s collar and shook his fist. “Who do you say is blind?”

“Shi Yunnan, last time I didn’t directly swing my fist at you because of Xie KeYue’s face.”

Seeing the trend of fighting between the two sides, Wen Yibei quickly stepped forward to protect the short, “Sir, I don’t care if you apologize, but please let go of my brother immediately!”


I don’t know how this word poked Yuanrui’s heart. The trance at the bottom of his eyes flashed by, and suddenly burst out a bigger temper.

“What kind of brother are you? Don’t mind your own business!”

Yuanrui’s backhand push was not strong, but Wen Yibei stepped on the glass slide on the ground unprepared, and immediately lost his center of gravity and fell back.

His waist accidentally fell on the corner of the wine table. The strong dull pain made him unable to straighten up. He could only sit on the soft seat of the sofa on one side to ease his pain.

The original Shi Yunnan didn’t intend to do it, so he waited for yuan Rui to apologize. It’s over.

After all, Wen Yibei is not a delicate young lady. This little injury is really not enough for them to fight.

But now the situation has taken a sharp turn.

Shi Yunnan’s brother, who was bent on defending himself, was pushed to injury by Yuan Rui, and finally broke out in anger.

Yuan Rui saw Wen Yibei’s painful face and felt a sense of guilt. The next second——

Shi Yunnan punched him up with ten percent of his strength.

When Shi Yunnan first studied abroad, one of the most useful things he learned was to speak with his fist. When it comes to fighting, he has never been afraid of anyone.


Yuan Rui was suddenly thrown to the ground by Shi Yunnan.

The white jade pendant he wore around his neck was accidentally thrown out and smashed to the ground, breaking in two.

The anger on Yuan Rui’s face suddenly solidified. He stared at the broken white jade pendant, his eyes gradually turned red, and his breathing fluctuated a bit.

“Yun Nan, what happened?”

Fu Ziyu hurried forward and put the carefully prepared cocktail on the wine table. He looked at the mess and the sudden appearance of Yuan Rui. He didn’t understand what was going on for a moment.

Wen Yibei eased from the dull pain in the waist and sighed heavily, “Yun Nan…”

“Shi Yunnan!”

Yuan Rui, who had recovered, suddenly got up and roared with red eyes.

He completely ignored the physical pain and rushed up with a broken jar on his face, “I’ll fight with you!”

“Yunnan! Be careful!”

“Yuanrui! Don’t make trouble on my territory!”

Wen Yibei and Fu Zi yelled back and forth, but they still couldn’t stop the two people who began to fight

Half an hour later, Rongxing district police station.

Yuan Rui, who was beaten black and blue, sat in a chair with red eyes and didn’t speak, but he had been woken up.

Shi Yunnan sat calmly on the other side, followed by Wen Yibei.

The fighting between the two sides was too loud, which attracted the attention of other guests in the nightclub. Some consumers were afraid of making a big deal and reported to the police quietly in the crowd of onlookers.

The nightclub is a street away from the police station in this area.

As soon as the police heard that it was a nightclub fight, the police arrived at the scene in less than five minutes, and then brought both of them back for investigation.

Not far away, Fu Ziyu, a nightclub owner, was busy explaining the situation to the police at the police station.

“Look at you. Your arms are scratched.”

“Brother, I’m fine with this little injury.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t care about this scratch at all. He asked, “do you still have pain in your waist? You’d better go to the hospital to take a CT first. If you have a serious waist injury, I won’t finish with Yuanrui.”

With that, he glanced at Yuan Rui at the other end of the bench. The other party sat down on the chair abnormally, and his clenched fist exuded a lot of blood.

“That jade pendant may be very important to him. I watched him hold it in his hand all the time.” Wen Yibei whispered to his brother.

I think the blood in each other’s hands is a broken jade pendant, which cut the wound.

“I didn’t break it on purpose.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes flickered slightly, but he added, “as long as he is willing to apologize to you, I will apologize and compensate him immediately.”

Wen Yibei sighed and didn’t speak.

It makes no sense to divide who is right and who is wrong.

Soon, Fu Ziyu followed the police back. The latter was business.

“Since both of you agree to make private adjustment, it’s easy to do this. You can sign on the case confirmation and go. Remember not to do it again!”

As soon as the voice fell, the voice of Qin Bamboo Slips sounded at the door, “master, Mr. Shi is over there.”


Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng’s figure, and his relaxed strength immediately disappeared without a trace.

Before he could figure out how to explain, Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair to approach. His eyes were deep and dignified.

Shi Yunnan subconsciously counseled to avoid, but had to force a smile, “how did you know I was here?”

“It’s hard to know if you make such a big noise in the nightclub.”

Luo Lingsheng seemed insipid and returned to him, but in fact, the big stone in his heart fell quietly.

After finishing his work ahead of time tonight, he thought of Shi Yunnan’s casual remark in the afternoon: or do you want to go with me? I’d be happy to let you supervise it yourself.

Therefore, Luo Lingsheng arrived at the nightclub early with a thought. Unexpectedly, the other party gave him another surprise.

Shi Yunnan tried his best to hide his guilty conscience, “it’s just a little friction, which has been solved.”

Although yuan Rui worked hard against Shi Yunnan in the nightclub, when he arrived at the Bureau, he withdrew and offered to make a private settlement.

Wen Yibei didn’t want to make things too big, so he nodded and agreed.

Not far away, another calm inquiry sounded, “Hello, is yuan Rui here? I’m his brother.”

A policeman replied, “here, sit inside. Are you his family? Register first.”

When they heard the speech, they all moved their eyes——

A tall man walked straight towards yuan Rui and squatted down in front of each other for the first time.

Probably noticed the excessive bleeding hands, the man couldn’t help holding yuan Rui’s wrist.

“Lu Zhaoan, let go!” Yuan Rui resisted.

The man named Lu Zhaoan looked thin, but his strength seemed particularly powerful. The original sharp pressure couldn’t beat him at all.

Lu Zhaoan calmly looked into yuan Rui’s eyes and asked, “you don’t want me to deal with it. Do you want to poke it in front of master?”


Yuanrui didn’t speak, but he didn’t give up.

Lu Zhaoan did not force him to be obedient, but calmly and carefully broke off his clenched fists.

Soon, the bloody broken jade pendant was exposed. Yuan Rui, who had always been dragged boundless, couldn’t help crying, “it’s broken.”

Lu Zhaoan’s tone finally fluctuated, “it doesn’t matter, I…”

“Of course you think it doesn’t matter!” Yuanrui jerked his hand back like a puffer fish.

He sneered and looked at each other with sarcasm in his eyes. “When did Lu Zhaoan really think about my idea from childhood to childhood?”

Yuan Rui left this sentence, got up and hurriedly signed on the police’s confirmation, “Hello, can I go?”

The police looked at Shi Yunnan and others, “if you can reach an agreement, you can leave at any time.”

Yuan Rui looks at Shi Yunnan. He still doesn’t look good. Then he turns his eyes to Wen Yibei.

In full view of the public, he bowed with great sincerity and apologized in a muffled voice, “one yard to one yard.”

“I’m sorry. I just hurt you by mistake. Please go to the hospital for examination. I’ll take the initiative to compensate you in two days.”


Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei looked at each other. Obviously, they didn’t expect yuan Rui to take the initiative to apologize.

Why is the child so ill tempered?

Yuanrui quickly went out of the police station hall. Lu Zhaoan, who was left in place, slowly got up and took the initiative to go to Shi Yunnan and others.

“Everyone, Xiao Rui was spoiled by his family when he was young, and he didn’t know how to restrain his temper. Please forgive him if he offended tonight.”

Lu Zhaoan’s speech was very smooth, with a kind of experience and composure that did not accord with his young appearance.

Shi Yunnan thought of the broken jade pendant and asked, “is the original sharp jade pendant very important?”

Both sides made some mistakes today, but the jade pendant came unexpectedly. Seeing that Yuan Rui took the initiative to apologize, Shi Yunnan naturally asked about it and wanted to see if there were any remedial measures.

Lu Zhaoan returned to him, “I’ll find a way to deal with it. Don’t bother you.”

He took the initiative to hand over his business card, “if you need agreement compensation in the follow-up, you can contact at any time.”

Half a minute later, Lu Zhaoan also left the police station hall.

Fu Ziyu handed the business card he received to his friend, “Yuanshi jade, Lu Zhaoan, who do you know?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head first.

Frankly speaking, only Yuanrui appeared in his dream, and Lu Zhaoan was completely outside his existing cognition.

And isn’t Yuanrui the only young master in the original family? Lu Zhaoan and his surnames are different. Why did he claim to be Yuanrui’s brother just after entering the door?

“What happened to the scratch on your arm?”

Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng’s deep voice asked questions, pulling back everyone’s thoughts.

Wen Yibei said, “yes, Yunnan, you have to deal with the scratch on your arm.”

Shi Yunnan moved his attention to himself again, glanced at Luo Lingsheng inexplicably, and the dead duck’s mouth was hard.

“Nothing. It’s not normal to get hurt in a fight? Yuan Rui was beaten black and blue by me.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t answer, and Wen Yibei didn’t agree with his words.

Shi Yunnan secretly poked Fu Ziyu to send an eye signal. They are worthy of being friends for many years. The latter immediately gave the steps, “why don’t we go out and talk about it?”

“Well, let’s go out.”

Three minutes later, they all left the police station.

Wen Yibei originally wanted to accompany Shi Yunnan to the hospital to deal with his injury, but with Shi Yunnan’s repeated assurances, he had to follow Fu Ziyu to the nightclub to pick up the car.

Not long after they left, Qin Jian, who took the car one step first, drove his car over.

After Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan got on the bus, he took the medicine bag in the front row. “The owner, Mr. Shi, I just saw a drugstore near the parking lot, so I bought some medicine on my own. Why don’t you deal with it first?”

It will take at least half an hour to go home from here. It’s better to deal with the wounds in time.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative, “thank you.”

Luo Lingsheng gave Qin Jian a look in his eyes. The other party nodded and silently closed the rear door, but he didn’t hurry back to the driver’s seat.

There are only two people left in the car. The whole space is quiet and quiet.

Shi Yunnan turned to Luo Lingsheng and asked tentatively, “Luo Lingsheng, are you angry again?”


Luo Lingsheng looked at him and asked, “in the eyes of master Shi Er, I’m so easily angry?”

“On the contrary, master Shi Er came to the nightclub twice and had to make some noise twice.”

His eyes are very cold and heavy. For a moment and a half, people can’t see the superfluous emotion.

“… I thought you were worried about my wound. After all, you were angry that if I made a big deal, I would humiliate you and Luo.”

Shi Yunnan avoided his eyes, muttered, and secretly mocked his amorous self at the bottom of his heart.

He opened the medicine bag and checked it——

Qin Jian bought a wide range of drugs, from wound cleaning water to special disinfection cotton swabs for trauma, and then to the application of ointment after treatment.

Shi Yunnan tried to clean his elbow with clean water, but because the position of the wound was too awkward, he was not particularly convenient to deal with.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t have the heart to take the things in his hand, but he shouted because it was inconvenient to sit, “get closer.”

Obviously, I’m going to take medicine for him.


Shi Yunnan stole a smile from the corners of his eyes. He didn’t just extend his hand close, but the whole person leaned over.

Luo Lingsheng slightly coagulated his breath and began to deal with the wound.

The wound was stimulated with a little pain, and Shi Yunnan, who has always been able to endure the pain, gave a “hiss” for the first time.

It’s different from the “careless” in the police station just now. It’s like a wounded and pitiful little animal.

However, there was something deliberate in the pain of this cry, deliberately trying to attract the attention of others.

Luo Lingsheng saw through, but his face finally eased.

Shi Yunnan naturally felt his mood change and explained, “I didn’t cause trouble today, Yuan Rui provoked it first, and I didn’t even drink a few drinks, and no one else was pulling…”

“I can see that the other party’s face is black and blue. You are really not an ordinary ‘pull and pull’.”


Shi Yunnan was so blocked that he couldn’t refute. He always felt that Luo Lingsheng was hiding some deliberate teasing.

Luo Lingsheng initially cleaned up the wound and picked up a disposable disinfection cotton swab. He stared at the bruise with a large area after cleaning. After enduring it again and again, he shouted his full name.

“Shi Yunnan.”


“Don’t take yourself seriously in the future.”

Even if it’s a small injury, don’t have it again.

Shi Yunnan was stunned and felt his nose sour for no reason.

When he was a child, he often had this kind of bumpy wound, because he had no family around, and he dealt with it casually every time.

After all, it’s a boy. It’s not so pretentious as to cry.

When he grew up, Shi Yunnan didn’t pay attention to the minor diseases and injuries in his life, but he didn’t expect that someone would care for him today.

——Don’t take yourself seriously in the future.

Shi Yunnan remembered this sentence in his mind. He broke away from his sour and moving face and responded seriously, “Luo Lingsheng, I know.”

Luo Lingsheng got his reply, and the disinfection in his hand became more and more gentle. “If it really hurts, tell me.”

Shi Yunnan was free from his initial guilt and restraint. He stared at the man in front of him wantonly for a long time, and his mood couldn’t stop rippling.

“What should I do? I really feel a little pain now.”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes flashed a trace of joy. After a long time, he could easily distinguish Shi Yunnan’s tone.

For example, now, I can tell that he is teasing and careful again.

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes and asked calmly, “what do you want to do?”

Shi Yunnan closed Luo Lingsheng’s wrist, looked particularly moving, and his tone seemed to be soaked with honey.

“You need your husband’s kiss to be good ~”


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