After a Flash Marriage Chapter 3


The leader is still a wheelchair?

Shi Sheng realized something in an instant, and looked at Elder Shi in shock, “Luo Lingsheng is the one here?”

“Apart from him in the Luo family, who needs a wheelchair to travel?” Old man Shi’s anger was frozen on his face, and it was rare to panic in his sharp eyes like an eagle.

For no reason, how did you recruit this great Buddha?

He patted the tabletop like a warning, “Get up quickly and follow me to the door to meet him.”

Shi Yunnan was a little far away, unable to hear their conversation, and walked towards the door on his own.

Who cares he comes from?

He was now disgusted with the word ‘Luo’, and just slipped out during this messy time.

Shi Yunnan left the house with this thought, but when he pushed the door, he ran into a bunch of people head-on. It happened to block his way tightly.


Shi Yunnan braked on the spot suddenly, his eyes fell down——

Only 30 centimeters away from him, a man was sitting in a wheelchair staring at him leisurely.

The other party is at most in his early thirties, and the pure black suit sets his temperament cold and outstanding, from the gold frame to the wristwatch to the full body outfit, without exception, it is not a luxury.

His looks are too good-looking, and his tall and straight figure hidden under his clothes can even catch a glimpse of it. Even in a wheelchair, his temperament was not compromised. With the four subordinates behind him, it gave people an aura of an ‘unangry’ commander.

Shi Yunnan just looked at it, and suddenly couldn’t walk.

In fact, he likes men. He has lived abroad for so many years. Although he has not put into practice on the road of feelings, there are not a few men who have seen him.

To be honest, the look and figure of the man in front of me can really be called a “heavenly dish”, and even those long legs that rely on a wheelchair are dancing wildly on Shi Yunnan’s aesthetic point.


If he knew that he wouldn’t brake just now, he might fall into his arms.

Shi Yunnan drilled out an inconspicuous thought, and most of the anger in his heart dissipated.

It’s true that watching handsome guys can make people feel better.

The man looked at Shi Yunnan expressionlessly. He put one hand on the wheelchair frame and gently rubbed his fingers like works of art.

In the next second, Assistant Sven next to him coughed suddenly, “…Is it Young Master Shi?”

The meaning of this reminder is too obvious.

Shi Yunnan withdrew his gaze, which was gradually irritating. Before he could respond, there was a sound of footsteps behind him.

Father Shi walked up with the whole family and actively bent over, “Mr. Luo, I didn’t expect that you would come here suddenly, and you would be welcome.”

What’s the origin of this person?

Can you let the old man say hello in a low profile?

Shi Yunnan’s expression changed slightly, and his inquiring gaze returned to the man again, “Who are you?”

“Yunnan, this is Luo Lingsheng, Mr. Luo.” Shi Sheng eagerly stopped, for fear that Shi Yunnan would offend the person in front of him without paying attention, “Don’t be rude!”

To say that no one in the entire Emperor didn’t know Luo Lingsheng, he was the youngest Patriarch of the Luo family in history.

Three years ago, he succeeded in the cruel power struggle of the Luo clan, and his resolute and resolute methods overturned the entire circle of the Luo clan and the imperial giants.

The capital he possesses behind his back and his resolute handling methods have made countless enterprise groups jealous. Chain freight companies like Shijia are not worth mentioning in front of the other party.

Shi Yunnan was interrupted by someone, and twitched the corners of her mouth dullly.

After staying abroad for a long time, he didn’t even know the turmoil of these giants, let alone how frightening Luo Lingsheng was.

He only knew that the time and place of the two meeting was wrong, otherwise he would have squatted and said hi.

Elder Shi stepped forward, “Mr. Luo brought someone here early in the morning. I don’t know what instructions are there?”

“There is an important matter.” Luo Lingsheng said, his voice as deep as a drum easily hit people’s hearts.

Xie Keyue stood at the bottom and looked at it, unconsciously revealing a glimmer of light in his eyes, “Grandpa, please invite Mr. Luo into the hall first. I will make a cup of tea for you. You can sit down and talk slowly if you have anything.”

This is a level.

Not only did he miss the distinguished guest in front of him, but he also reminded Mr. Shi and others who had not been entertained well, let alone express his own existence.

Shi Sheng nodded hurriedly, “Little Yue is right, Luo…”

“No need to be polite, I don’t have the leisure time to drink tea.” Luo Lingsheng refused, not even giving Xie Keyue an extra look.

Xie Keyue was completely ignored for the first time in normal times, and was a little embarrassed on the spot.

Shi Yunnan saw this scene in his eyes, changed a leisurely posture, leaned against the door, and walked away in no hurry.

At the same time, Luo Lingsheng met his playful eyes and made a loud voice, “I heard that Young Master Shi has returned to China. I personally came to the door today to propose marriage on behalf of the Luo family.”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the Shi family changed their expressions——

You must know that the Luo family has deep and huge roots, and the secret interest disputes involved are even more numerous. Originally, the Luo family’s side branch was to be married to the Shi family, and it is logical that Luo Lingsheng would not be disturbed by the master.

But at this moment, as Luo Lingsheng personally come to propose marriage? Which one is this singing?

This matter is going to be spread, and their Shi family doesn’t know how many people will be looked down upon by them! More secret criticism and targeting!

Mr. Shi is a shrewd egoist. He hopes that Yu has a little relationship with the Luo family and can survive the company’s asset crisis safely. On the other hand, he does not want to be involved in the whirlpool center led by Luo Lingsheng… …

He made a little bit in his heart, trying to delay time, “Mr. Locke, Yunnam has just returned to China. He has to consider this matter again.”

“Consider? Who said I would consider it?”

Shi Yunnan quickly retorted, smiling profoundly.

He thoroughly understood that the entire Shi family might not be able to match Luo Lingsheng’s power.

Unexpectedly when the other party came to the door, the confused Old Man Shi was afraid of burning his body, so he changed his previous attitude of forced marriage.

But Shi Yunnan is not a tool person who allows the other party to push around. Since this play has changed the singing method, he, the protagonist, should naturally perform well.

“Since Mr. Luo came to propose marriage on behalf of the Luo family, let me ask one more question, are you proposing marriage for that Master Luo?”

Shi Yunnan’s gaze was fixed on Luo Lingsheng’s face, he leaned over and smiled and leaned closer, “Or did you mention it for yourself?”

“Mr. Luo’s answer is different, and the result of my consideration is also different.”

In the second half of the sentence, Shi Yunnan’s rising tail sound seemed to have a small hook, and it was completely naked/naked/naked molesting when it fell in other people’s ears.


The audience was so quiet that even a needle could be heard clearly.

The entire Luo family panicked, and even the subordinates who accompanied Luo Lingsheng were shocked.

**, this Second Master Shi is too wild!

Actually dare to ask if the owner of the family proposes marriage for him? Is this too long? Or did the joke hit the tiger’s head with a bad brain?

Everyone was ready for Luo Lingsheng to have a black face. He didn’t expect that he only asked calmly, “What is the difference between the answers of the two?”

“If you are proposing marriage for that Young Master Luo, then I’m sorry, you have to go as far as you can.”

These last six characters are another invisible **.

How dare to let Luo Lingsheng ‘get out’?

Is this deliberately trying to bury the entire Shi family?

Mr. Shi was so excited by this conversation that he was about to have a heart attack, “Shi Yunnan! What are you talking nonsense! Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Luo!”

When Shi Yunnan heard the old man’s panic reprimand, he hooked his lips triumphantly, and a long-lost pleasure was in his heart.

It seems that power is indeed a good thing, and when one head is high, people can bow their heads and bow down, panicking and afraid.

Didn’t you force him to marry the Luo family? Didn’t you insist on making him obedient?

Although he couldn’t be 100% sure about the true and false dreams, he still remembered that if he escaped from the Luo family marriage this time, it would only become a turning point in his unfortunate life.

Okay, then he will change his gameplay.

Luo Lingsheng caught the ridicule in his smile, and the sharp eyes hidden under the lenses seemed to have insight into everything, “What if it was me who proposed the marriage?”

Luo Lingsheng did not go wild in public, but continued to follow Shi Yunnan’s topic?

Standing at the end, Xie Ke Yue saw the development completely out of expectations, and finally changed his face.

The young master of the Luo family is a fascinating boy, but Luo Lingsheng is the head of the powerful family, and the chain of interests behind this is very different.

When Shi Yunnan and Luo Shaoye got married, they were forced to sacrifice their own happiness.

But what does he have to do with Luo Lingsheng is that he will climb to the sky in one step, and even his status in the Shi family will rise with the tide.

Seeing the look of her son, Xie Wei clearly understood the stakes. “Yunnan, Aunt Xie knows that you play crazy abroad on weekdays. You haven’t had enough fun at this age and you don’t want to get married, but how can your young master’s temper? Mr. Luo is messing around in front of you? Obedient, you can’t lose your sense.”

This sounded like a painstaking persuasion. In fact, in the connotation of the yin and yang weirdness, Luo Lingsheng hoped that Luo Lingsheng could see his ‘nature’ clearly, and loathed him to the bottom of the cliff.

Laughing to death, sure enough, when people are in a hurry, the level of speech will become lower.

Shi Yunnan straightened up and went back, “What is my relationship with you? Where can I get your lesson?”


Xie Wei also tried to speak, but was caught off guard by Luo Lingsheng’s sight.

The man slowly took off his glasses, revealing a colder gaze under the lenses, “I don’t even think he’s messing around, but you all open your mouths and make a lot of noise.”

In a word, it completely ended the possibility of the Shi family’s opening and blocking.

Luo Lingsheng resolved the noise, then raised his eyes to look at Shi Yunnan, and repeated, “Second Young Master Shi, you haven’t answered me yet. Is my proposal worthy of it?”

When his eyes met, Shi Yunnan suddenly felt a strange and subtle cooperation.

No matter what purpose Luo Lingsheng followed him for, he helped him secretly at this moment, blocking the mouths of his family members, and allowing him to leave this ‘**’ home as a matter of course.

“Of course it’s worth it.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were bright like a successful little fox.

This stage is here, what a pity not to continue the show?

He squatted down for Luo Lingsheng again, his tone and demeanor was a little familiar, “Is the wedding banquet time set? Husband~”

The language is not surprising and endless.

The whole audience was shocked by Shi Yunnan’s claim, and Luo Lingsheng’s subordinates were almost dreaming.

Wedding reception? husband?

This Second Young Master really dared to think about it! really dare to shout!

Why did the owner not lose his temper uncharacteristically today? If it were normal, those with dirty thoughts would be over.

Elder Shi also showed an unspeakable complex expression. The grandson, who is least valued by him, has actually gotten into a relationship with the head of the Luo family? This is too ridiculous!

Luo Lingsheng didn’t speak, no one dared to grab the beat.

The deathly silence was still spreading.

Shi Yunnan blinked, and urged in his smile, “Huh?”

Luo Lingsheng stared at the smiling face of the person in front of him, rubbed his fingertips for a moment, and he definitely answered——

“Why, just tonight?”


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