After a Flash Marriage Chapter 32

Beijiao police station.

Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui finished their investigation notes respectively and met face-to-face as soon as they went out.


Shi Yunnan shouted to him and stepped forward to thank him. “I was just in the shop. Thank you for your help.”

In any case, today’s “blackmail” incident, the other party really stood in his camp, helped a lot and was angry.


Yuan Rui heard his thanks and looked back in surprise. The corners of his mouth rose rapidly, and then he became his usual attitude.

“Who wants you to thank? I’m not helping you.”

Yuan Rui looked at Shi Yunnan up and down and hummed, “if you really broke the boss’s jade carving, I’ll be the first to make you cry. Unfortunately, the boss didn’t have a good heart. I just can’t see it anymore.”

As the saying goes, virtue is like jade.

Those who sell bad Yukeng people are not good goods!

Shi Yunnan observed yuan Rui without trace, but his impression was not as bad as at the beginning.

Recalling his first meeting at the nightclub, Yuan Rui spoke for Xie KeYue from the perspective of a “friend”, but he didn’t make any small moves. Second, he didn’t have a vicious mind. Pure wine and money are also in line with the rules of the nightclub.

Shi Yunnan “set a trap” and deliberately lost dozens of glasses of spirits. He also secretly stopped Fu Ziyu from helping him drink. As a result, Yuan Rui couldn’t see it anymore and scolded Fu Ziyu for being “ungrateful”.

When we met for the second time at the nightclub last night, the drunken yuan Rui bumped into Wen Yibei. At first, it seemed that he was going to apologize?

Only when he saw Shi Yunnan later did he temporarily change his attitude towards brother ye, but finally he apologized to Wen Yibei before leaving the police station.

Not to mention today’s help, instead of adding fuel to the fire that destroys the three outlooks, it helps the “truth” speak.

Although it is said that birds of a feather flock together and people flock together, Yuan Rui is indeed a combination of words and deeds compared with Xie KeYue’s face-to-face and back-to-back practice.

Unconditionally face your friends, apologize for doing wrong things, and defend against injustice in case of cheating.

The starting point of Yuanrui’s work is to stand on the basis of “thinking he’s right”. It’s not to the point of heinous. At most, he’s a little angry. He can’t do things in his head occasionally. Otherwise, he won’t thank KeYue at a young age.

“How did you and Xie KeYue know each other?” Shi Yunnan asked.

“What’s none of your business?”

Yuan Rui immediately raised his eyes and couldn’t help speaking for Xie KeYue. “KeYue is very nice. Why are you always wary of him and afraid of him robbing your property? Besides, aren’t your grandfather and your father very nice to you? The more you are in Shi Jiacai…”

Shi Yunnan was angry and funny. “Xie KeYue said that to you?”


Yuan Rui was stunned.

“Xie KeYue and I, one of whom is left abroad like garbage, and the other is carefully cultivated by the Shi family. I don’t return home all year round. As soon as I return home, I am forced to have a commercial marriage. Do you think this is what Xie KeYue calls’ the Shi Family is good to me ‘?”


Yuanrui got stuck and his face hesitated.

Why is this the opposite of what Xie KeYue said?

Yuan Rui is not a man who likes to pry into the privacy of rich families. He always feels that he doesn’t respect others.

His initial influence on Shi Yunnan came from Xie KeYue’s dictation. Later, when the two sides met at the nightclub, the friction was not friendly, which created a “worse” impression.

Shi Yunnan didn’t intend to forcibly break back yuan Rui’s idea. He also thought that making friends was personal freedom. “Forget it, it’s up to you. In short, thank you for today’s business.”

Yuan Rui lifted up his sunglasses and muttered, “I said you’re welcome. It’s awkward.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and took two steps forward.

“I said…”

Yuan Rui wanted to stop talking and glanced at Shi Yunnan secretly. “You want to buy jade and go to Yuan’s family. You don’t choose a real century old shop. You go to a messy black shop. If you don’t understand anything, you dare to come to the jade market. Sooner or later, your money will be ruined.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows, smiled and said nothing.

He finally found that Yuanrui’s temper is really arrogant.

This was clearly meant to remind him “don’t be trapped again”, but he had to say it in a tone of “you’ll be trapped if you’re stupid”, just pretending to be a donkey’s liver and lungs.

They walked out of the police station one after another and immediately saw a figure at the door.

Lu Zhaoan saw them and came up, “Mr. Shi, is the record smooth?”

“Mr. Lu, why are you still here?” Shi Yunnan answered and couldn’t help but move his eyes to Yuan Rui.

Yuanrui’s eyes sank. He put back his sunglasses and threw out a sentence, “I’m gone. I’ve spent an afternoon here. It’s boring.”

With that, he stepped his legs and wanted to go around the road.

The next second, Lu Zhaoan pulled his wrist, “where are you going?”

“Lu Zhaoan, can you control it? Isn’t it enough for the original family and my father to have you as a baby apprentice? You are the cloud in the sky and I am the mud on the earth. You have to let me go back to set off your excellence, don’t you?”

Yuan Rui tugged open Zhao’an’s hand and seemed unwilling to be laughed at by Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan watched the good play silently and didn’t hurry to move his legs.

However, the other party obviously didn’t give him this opportunity. He slipped quickly after leaving the road and taking care of his safety.

Lu Zhaoan stared at his back. His always calm look was mixed with a trace of helplessness, and soon hid it again.

He refocused his attention on Shi Yunnan and apologized in an official tone. “Mr. Shi, on behalf of the market management, I have always apologized to you for such a situation today.”

“I will communicate with relevant departments about boss Chen’s store and suspend the closure of the store during the police investigation.”

“You see, do you need additional compensation or apology? Without violating the market regulations, I…”

“Don’t bother.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the time. It was less than four o’clock.

He remembered yuan Rui’s inconsistent advice just now and Lu Zhaoan’s identity. He asked, “if it’s convenient for Mr. Lu, would you please take me to Yuanji to pick up a decent jade carving? There is an old man at home who is going to celebrate his 80th birthday, and I haven’t found a suitable one yet.”

Lu Zhaoan readily agreed, “of course.”

The Linglong jade market in the northern suburb police station is not far away. They reached an agreement and simply walked back.

Shi Yunnan really didn’t suppress his curiosity and asked politely, “is Mr. Lu Yuanrui’s elder martial brother?”

Lu Zhaoan replied, “well, my master yuan Puguang, that is, Yuan Rui’s father.”

He probably remembered the situation last night and replied, “although Xiao Rui has a strong temper, he is not bad-minded. Please forgive him if he has anything wrong with Mr. Shi before.”

Shi Yunnan shook his head with a smile and didn’t remember that at all. “Are you two martial brothers? Mr. Lu has been speaking for yuan Rui, but I think he seems to have a conflict with you?”

Lu Zhaoan was silent, but there was a touch of helplessness in her eyebrows. “My mother was in bad health in her early years, and she couldn’t have a son and a half after marrying master for many years. Later, master chose me from the welfare home…”

The original family has dealt with jade for generations. Yuan Puguang himself is a famous jade carving master in the industry.

Although he has no children, he hopes someone can inherit his mantle. This is why he chose Lu Zhaoan at first. Coincidentally, the couple had just brought Lu Zhaoan, who was less than six years old, home. The original wife accidentally found that she was pregnant.

“Master only got such a precious son in his forties. When he was happy, he naturally had high expectations for him.”

Jade is moist.

But yuan Puguang chose the word “Rui” in the hope that Yuan Rui could be a better player in this industry.

This is not a secret. Lu Zhaoan didn’t hide it from Shi Yunnan. “Master is strict with Xiao Rui, and his mother dotes on him in every way. That’s what makes Xiao Rui’s character today.”

Shi Yunnan probably understood when he heard this.

The natural son has limited talent in jade, but the adopted apprentice is a first-class good material.

Maybe when yuanpuguang praised Lu Zhaoan, he also attacked yuan Rui, or when criticizing yuan Rui, he didn’t forget to say something to raise Lu Zhaoan.

Yuan Rui can be regarded as an old son. He is spoiled by his mother and other elders, but his father doesn’t pay attention to him.

Over time, the relationship between Lu Zhaoan and Yuan Rui has become like this.

“I’m just helping Shifu take care of the jade business. I won’t take any of Xiaorui’s things privately, but Xiaorui’s temperament is not suitable for the traditional jade carving industry…”

Lu Zhaoan grinds the thick cocoon on his hand. I don’t know what he thought. His thoughts are a little dignified.

When yuan Ruigang graduated from University, he said he hated jade carving and didn’t want to touch it again in his life.

But actually?

The jade pendant that was accidentally broken in the fight last night is the only work that Yuan Puguang praised yuan Rui. The latter has been wearing it carefully and even red his eyes for this, which is not called dislike.

But in this industry, like can’t be a meal, and in today’s market, talent can’t be a meal.

Lu Zhaoan thought very clearly that whether for his mentor or Yuanrui’s nominal “younger martial brother”, he must find a new way out for the declining Yuanshi jade.

Shi Yunnan didn’t answer and didn’t excessively pry into other people’s privacy.

However, he remembered that Yuan Rui’s ending in his dream was good. After all, he was the second male in Xie KeYue’s “male host” camp. Xie KeYue still had some real friends for him.

But now Shi Yunnan won’t give Xie KeYue any arrogant chance to turn the table. I don’t know if Yuanrui’s ending will change?


At 5:30 p.m., Shi Yunnan returned to Luo’s house.

Uncle Qin, the housekeeper, saw that he was holding a thick box and came to give him a hand. “Master Shi, you’re back at last! What did you buy? We didn’t answer your call. The owner planned to go to the jade market to find you in person.”

Shi Yunnan went to the jade market this afternoon. The housekeeper uncle Qin knew it.

“Luo Lingsheng is back?”

Shi Yunnan unconsciously shook a smile on his face and hurriedly asked Qin Bo to take the box gently.

As soon as they put down the box, the nearby elevator door opened. The little goldfish walked in front and Luo Lingsheng followed.

“Little uncle!” The little goldfish immediately stuck up.

Shi Yunnan rubbed his small head, looked at Luo Lingsheng in the wheelchair and said with a smile, “come and see the good things I bought.”

Luo Lingsheng approached silently, “how do you want to go to the jade market?”

“Mr. Wen’s birthday is next Tuesday. Choose a gift for him.”

Shi Yunnan explained briefly and opened the box for everyone to watch——

White jade double dragon bottle.

The high-level fire dragon adopts carving and circling, and the low-level water dragon adopts relief bottom support. The connection design of one end after another is very appropriate.

The most ingenious thing is that the center of Hetian white jade is stained with a little variegated, but the jade Carver carved this variegated into a dragon ball, on which the word “longevity” is carved with a very fine stroke.

Not only did you not discount this jade bottle, but it was the finishing touch.

“Double Dragons hold longevity and eliminate disasters and accept blessings, which is a good moral.” The housekeeper Qin Bo appreciated it.


The little goldfish obviously couldn’t appreciate it, but also shook his head, “it’s so beautiful.”

Shi Yunnan saw exactly where Luo Lingsheng stopped. First, he rubbed the little goldfish’s hair, cleverly circled around each other’s small head, and sat down next to Luo Lingsheng without concealment.

Maybe it’s close. Luo Lingsheng’s Yu Guangli smiled, “the line and position of the jade bottle, the craftsmanship of the jade carving master should be good.”

Shi Yunnan casually said, “well, Lu Zhaoan’s carving works were chosen for me personally.”


People who met at the police station yesterday and said they didn’t know each other are already familiar with buying each other’s carving works today?

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes were slightly coagulated and looked at the past, “have you met again?”

The word “you” is particularly pressing.

Shi Yunnan seems to have noticed something, but he is not sure.

In front of the housekeeper and little goldfish, he didn’t dare to tease too much, so he had to wink at Luo Lingsheng and pretend to be too good. “I happened to meet him this afternoon. There was something wrong in the jade market this afternoon, and he was almost touched by the black hearted boss.”

Shi Yunnan told Luo Lingsheng and others what he had experienced in the afternoon.

At last, only the little goldfish looked adored and applauded the venue. “My little uncle is so powerful! He caught all the bad guys in the police station!”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help but pinch the little milk fat of the little goldfish, and accepted the praise of the other party without shyness, “then you should remember that you’ll have to find the police when you see the bad guys in the future, you know?”


Luo Lingsheng frowned and asked, “is anyone hurt?”

Why is this man ‘inviting trouble’ luck everywhere he goes?

Shi Yunnan shook his head, “No.”

“It’s all right.” The housekeeper uncle Qin glanced at the time, “master Shi, since master Shi is back, I’ll let the kitchen prepare?”

Luo Lingsheng nodded silently.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan simply stood up, “Uncle Qin, please help me collect this jade bottle first. I’ll go upstairs and take a shower. I’ll come down and have dinner later.”


Shi Yunnan took two steps towards the stairs and turned back. “I almost forgot. Little goldfish, come here. I have something to give you.”

As soon as the little goldfish heard this, he ran over happily.

Shi Yunnan took a small brocade bag from his pocket, squatted down and looked at the little goldfish, “open it and see if you like it?”

The little goldfish took out a Hotan jade safety buckle from the brocade bag. The round and small Hotan jade outlined Ruyi Xiang pattern and tied a black woven round rope, which was generous and beautiful.

“Thank you, little uncle! I like it very much!”

The little goldfish’s eyes were shining, and he suddenly jumped into Shi Yunnan’s arms. He was very happy.

“You’re welcome. Jade can keep people safe. Our little goldfish must be healthy.”

“Well, I’ll take it away, little uncle.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes bypassed the little goldfish and looked at Luo Lingsheng’s eyes. His lip smile expanded more and more, “I’ll take a bath first and have dinner with you later.”


When Shi Yunnan disappeared at the corner of the stairs, the little goldfish took the jade pendant and ran back to Luo Lingsheng and the housekeeper happily.

He fondled the round jade ornament, and couldn’t help but swing and show off the child’s mind and Luo Lingsheng, “uncle! Is it good? My little uncle gave me a gift!”


Luo Lingsheng, who got nothing, was silent.

He watched his little nephew get the precious jade pendant sent by Shi Yunnan, which was sour for no reason.

But the little goldfish continued to swagger, “uncle, is it good? It shows that my little uncle likes me best!”

… like you best?

Luo Lingsheng pushed his glasses, ignored his nephew’s problem for the first time, and steered the wheelchair towards the elevator again.

The little goldfish, who didn’t wait for a response, glanced at the housekeeper, “Grandpa Qin.”

“Good looking.”

The housekeeper’s response came quickly.

He looked at the elevator door that had been closed again and couldn’t help laughing and shaking his head——

Lord, how old are these people?

How can I be jealous with my little nephew today?

Shi Yunnan simply took a shower, changed his plain clothes and went out. Seeing that the light at the door of Luo Lingsheng’s room was still on, he turned back, picked up the medicine bag in the house and walked over.


The knock on the door attracted the attention of Luo Lingsheng in the house.

Shi Yunnan leaned against the door and lifted the obvious medicine bag in the handle. “Do me a favor. It’s a little inconvenient for me.”

In fact, he is not really inconvenient, and it is just a small scratch. There is no need to apply the medicine again. He just wants to find some reason to get along with Luo Lingsheng alone.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t expose his trivial excuse, moved his wheelchair to him, “come in.”

Shi Yunnan walked in impolitely and sat down on the single sofa.

Luo Lingsheng looked at the caked bruise on his arm and only took out a ointment, dipped it with a cotton swab and smeared it carefully, “… How did you think of sending a jade pendant to today Yu?”

“I bought it when I thought it looked good.”

Shi Yunnan answered casually. Later, he realized that Luo Lingsheng’s question was a little deliberate. He bowed his head thoughtfully close to Luo Lingsheng and raised his eyebrows, “do you want it too?”

“No.” Luo Lingsheng recognized it very quickly and calmly.

Shi Yunnan hummed and explained to himself, “jade is either suitable for children, rich wives as jewelry, or middle-aged and old people.”

“I wanted to buy it for you this afternoon, but I carefully selected it and couldn’t find the right one. I’m afraid I bought it casually and you don’t like it, so I only brought it for the little goldfish.”

It was not that I didn’t think of him, but carefully selected, but didn’t find the right one?

Luo Lingsheng’s subtle jealousy disappeared completely. He threw the cotton swab into the dustbin and bent the corner of his lips, “well, I see.”

The housekeeper hasn’t come up to shout. It’s probably there’s still some time to leave the meal.

Luo Lingsheng thought of the jade carving gift just now, “Mr. Wen’s birthday banquet, do you intend to send gifts or go in person?”

“Go in person. I haven’t seen grandpa for a long time.” Shi Yunnan’s eyes flickered slightly.

Luo Lingsheng knew that the relationship between Shi Yunnan and the Shi family was bad, but he knew little about his relationship with the Wen family. He flashed a hesitation in his eyebrows and asked, “you haven’t had much contact with the Wen family these years?”

“Well, I haven’t been in touch since I was 18.” Shi Yunnan said frankly, “some things are a long story, but it’s not that the old gentleman is bad to me.”

Compared with Mr. Shi’s ruthlessness and ruthlessness as a businessman, Mr. Wen has the elegant demeanor of a musician.

In the first two years when Shi Yunnan was left abroad, the Shi Family deliberately hid the matter. The Wen family sent people to visit him several times, but they only got a sentence: “the second young master doesn’t want to see you.”.

Mr. Wen believed it and was disappointed with his little grandson who didn’t want to be close.

Later, he learned that Shi Yunnan had been sent out of the country. He was so angry that he came to the door and had a quarrel with master Shi.

Mr. Wen had hurt Shi Yunnan. When he was strong, he personally flew abroad to see him. He also tried to avoid the Shi family and wanted to bring Shi Yunnan to his side to raise him.

However, due to multiple factors at home and abroad, it failed to succeed.

Later, Wen Yibei also went abroad for further study in music. Mr. Wen always added an extra fee to him. In fact, he asked him to hand it over to Shi Yunnan.

When it comes to holidays, Mr. Wen will also let Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan go back to Wen’s house to live together.

However, Shi Yunnan and his cousin Wen Chenglang really don’t deal with each other.

Wen Chenglang’s own musical talent is not strong, so he always envies Wen Yibei who is better than him. When Shi Yunnan stayed at Wen’s house for the holidays, the other side was openly and secretly satirizing their brothers for relying on free food.

After the birthday party of the 18-year-old adult ceremony, the friction between the two people was too great. For a moment, Wen Chenglang accidentally pushed old Mr. Wen who came to persuade him to fight to the ground, causing the other party to fracture and be hospitalized.

As a result, he went to the hospital——

In front of his parents, Wen Chenglang insisted that he was pushed by Shi Yunnan. He also said that he “wanted to deliberately kill the old man and inherit part of the Wen family’s heritage.”.

Aunt song Zhiqiu turned to her own son, and uncle Wen Yanfeng helped him or not. The husband and wife in charge also quarreled because of this, which made the scene once embarrassing.

Obviously, it was the fault of the two people. In the end, it turned out that Shi Yunnan had ulterior motives and deliberately harmed others?

Shi Yunnan firmly denied what he had not done, but he did feel remorse for Mr. Wen. He accompanied the old man through the dangerous period in the hospital without saying a word, and then he didn’t step into a warm family in recent years.

First, he didn’t want to affect Wen Yibei’s situation at Wen’s house because of himself; Second, he knew that his aunt song Zhiqiu was in charge of the family and didn’t want to make it difficult for Mr. Wen and his uncle; Third, he really doesn’t want to fight for Wen’s property.

“The Wen family is still a little away from the real rich family, but it can be regarded as a scholarly family and has no worries about food and clothing. My mother has always been the eldest daughter loved by the second old man.”

Unfortunately, the trust is not a good person, and the jade is lost early.

This has become a worry for the old couple, and it is also the reason why they love their two grandchildren very much. Like old lady Wen, she was still thinking of her foreign grandchildren before she died.

After counting the time, except for the funeral after Mrs. Wen’s death, Shi Yunnan really hasn’t had contact with the Wen family for a long time.

“Luo Lingsheng, are you free next Tuesday?”


Luo Lingsheng answered directly. Even if he was not free, he would make time for Qin bamboo slips.

Shi Yunnan hesitated for a few seconds and asked, “my grandfather is eighty years old. Would you like to join me?”

Shi Yunnan knew that Luo Lingsheng didn’t like to attend such banquets, but he wanted to try and bring Luo Lingsheng to his few cherished relatives.

He wants to let Mr. Wen know that he has found a good marriage partner. Although the relationship between the two is still only a paper agreement, can he catch up with his husband?

Luo Lingsheng looked into his eyes and asked, “can I go to Mr. Wen’s birthday party? Why?”


It’s not easy to tell the truth now.

Shi Yunnan thought about it and had to express it in a joke, “in front of outsiders, we have all received the certificate, so we have to do enough…”

He paused and then got closer. “You have to meet your elders with me?”


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