After a Flash Marriage Chapter 34

Luo Lingsheng narrowed his eyes, and the pupil color hidden under the lens shook out a happy glimmer.

“… jealous?”

Simple three words, repeated in his mouth, are particularly long and affectionate.

Shi Yunnan’s ears were red with this tone. When he was ready to get up, he was dragged back by Luo Lingsheng.

“Don’t worry, make it clear.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly bumped into Luo Lingsheng’s arms, and his left hand subconsciously stopped on the other party’s arm.

He barely propped up his upper body and shouted, “Luo Lingsheng, watch your legs!”

“Not in the way.” Luo Lingsheng’s wrist strength is very strong.

He held Shi Yunnan in his arms in an unobtrusive way. His nose was no longer the sweet and uncomfortable sweet orange flavor just now, but the light and clean cold soap fragrance, which made people want to be close.

Invisible ambiguity flows between the two.

Luo Lingsheng stared intently at the vivid face in front of him and looked at Shi Yunnan’s look from “angry” to “ashamed” bit by bit. He was particularly cute.

“Really jealous?”

“No?” Shi Yunnan asked.

“Last time I watched me pull with others in the nightclub, Mr. Luo ‘taught’ a good lesson inside and outside. Today, it’s his turn to start wantonly?”

Shi Yunnan re aimed at Luo Lingsheng’s eyes and stubbornly threw out a question, “Wenwan pomelo is my nominal cousin. If you really have a relationship with her and are seen and spread, how humiliating I am.”

Luo Lingsheng lost his smile.

He rubbed his fingers back and forth on Shi Yunnan’s wrist, like a silent comfort, “I see. Being jealous is a joke, and being afraid of losing talent is true?”

Although this is a question, there is an obvious ridicule in it.

Shi Yunnan took a breath, “Luo Lingsheng, you…”

“Yun Nan.”

The sudden address stunned Shi Yunnan. This was the first time Luo Lingsheng called him like this. He didn’t even have his first name and surname, nor was he master Shi Er.

“What’s the matter?”

The vinegar smell in Shi Yunnan’s heart suddenly disappeared.

“If you don’t come in again, I’ll run away. I won’t let her touch me at all.”

Luo Lingsheng paused, more obviously subdued than the previous sentence, “so don’t be angry.”

Shi Yunnan’s smile turned up. He felt as if he could always open the unknown side of Luo Lingsheng.

Probably the other side of the world that no one can think of.

It is no longer the cruel and cold Lord Luo, but the gentle and vivid voice of Luo Ling.

Shi Yunnan suddenly felt that he didn’t have to rush to pierce this layer of window paper. In fact, it’s good that they can maintain the status quo and develop steadily?

Shi Yunnan deliberately cleared his throat and asked, “then you have to abide by the agreement next time. Both men and women have to keep a distance.”

“OK, I abide by it.”

Shi Yunnan hummed twice and was satisfied.

Luo Lingsheng looked at the smiling face of the person in front of him and thought, it’s good to coax.

Shi Yunnan tentatively patted Luo Lingsheng’s side neck, “let go, it’s bad to press on your leg for a long time.”

Luo Lingsheng obediently released Shi Yunnan’s hand. After the other party got up, his eyes leisurely fell to his legs, and the pupil color with a smile caught a heavy meaning again.

The next second, Qin Jian’s reminder sounded outside the door, “master, the banquet outside has begun.”

According to Luo Lingsheng’s instructions before coming, Yuan Meng has been guarding the corner of the banquet hall outside.

First, Luo Lingsheng didn’t want to be too special in the banquet; Second, because it is the old man’s birthday, the security measures of the hotel are well done.

Luo Lingsheng came here temporarily. He should not attract any threatening figures, so there is no need for personal protection.

Luo Lingsheng restrained his emotions, “I see. We’ll be there right away.”

He glanced at his tie, but asked another thing, “master Shi, do you want to compensate me for my tie?”

Shi Yunnan looked down and saw the crumpled tie he had ruined. He laughed happily, completely unaware of his identity as the “culprit”.

He stared at his tie and thought subtly——

I don’t know if Wenwan pomelo has touched this tie? Forget it.

“No more.”

Shi Yunnan pulled off Luo Lingsheng’s tie and impolitely threw his tie into the trash can.

Luo Ling looked at the tie in the trash can and felt a little pity.

It’s not that he was reluctant to give up the price, but that this tie was specially matched when he saw Shi Yunnan’s suit color this morning.

“I’ll buy you a new one another day.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t know Luo Lingsheng’s idea at all. He verbally promised, but he easily untied a button. “However, I think Mr. Luo’s neckline is half open and half closed, which is more sexy.”

Of course, one day if you can not wear it, it will be more sexy.

Luo Lingsheng was already immune to Shi Yunnan’s occasional Sao words. He just raised his jaw slightly and let him make trouble.

The two men tidied up and walked to the banquet hall together.

Mr. Wen is a leading composer in China. In addition, as the president of Wen Yanfeng Music Association, most of the guests invited to the banquet are artists in the industry.

It is said to be the 80th birthday, but it is more like a new music exchange meeting.

In this moment, someone has volunteered to play music on stage to celebrate his birthday.

Mr. Wen was surrounded by a group of people to congratulate him. His mental state looked good.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng didn’t hurry to get close, but stood outside and watched silently for a while.

Luo Lingsheng observed for a moment, “is the lady in the dark blue dress your aunt?”

Shi Yunnan whispered, “yes, her name is song Zhiqiu. She is the chairman of Huachang musical instrument.”

Huachang musical instrument.

Sounds familiar.

Just thinking, Shi Yunnan explained, “now it can be regarded as one of the best musical instrument manufacturers in China?”

When Wen Chenglang and Xie KeYue get to know each other in the future, the former can persuade his mother to sell the series of musical instruments overseas in reverse through Xie KeYue’s handwriting.

Really made a lot of money.

“Huachang also has specialized musical instrument training institutions, a national chain.”

Qin Jian, who stayed behind, sighed, “I remember that Ms. song was once selected into the rich list of China.”

Indeed, she is a great female entrepreneur.

Shi Yunnan did not refute that song Zhiqiu’s ability to do business really put countless people down.

Luo Lingsheng thought of Wen Chenglang and Wenwan pomelo, and whispered, “how do Mr. Wen and Ms. song know each other?”

According to his superficial impression of Wen Yanfeng, the other party should be an organized and measured person, but the pair of children taught now are really inappropriate.

Shi Yunnan understood what he meant and shook his head slightly. “Grandpa and Mr. Song have been good friends for many years. Before this marriage begins, it should be matched by the elders.”

One is a music family, the other is a “musical instrument” for a living. On the premise of having a common topic, Wen Yanfeng and song Zhiqiu got married after less than half a year.

In fact, the couple’s life is perfect.

Shi Yunnan paused slightly and briefly summarized the core, “but I heard that my aunt once lost a child.”

The young child was nominally Shi Yunnan’s “cousin”, but he died unexpectedly at the age of three.

This gave song Zhiqiu an unprecedented blow, and Wen Yanfeng, as his father, fell into self blame day after day.

“I heard my uncle mention that Wen Chenglang came up at that moment.”

That’s why song Zhiqiu loved Wen Chenglang so much. Later, his little daughter was obsessed with it, even to the point of “it doesn’t matter whether it’s right or wrong”.

Wen Yanfeng has the intention to discipline his increasingly biased children, but he can often be stopped by his wife. During each temporary stay in the Wen family, Shi Yunnan can hear the couple arguing over educating their children.

Because it involves the privacy of relatives, Shi Yunnan doesn’t disclose much, but Luo Lingsheng probably wants to understand——

Now, Mr. Wen is retired. As the president of the Music Association, Wen Yanfeng’s salary is not comparable to song Zhiqiu’s enterprise income. It can be said that song Zhiqiu accounts for the majority of the current family income.

Wen Chenglang and Wenwan pomelo have become today’s temperament. It should be because her mother dotes too much.

Of course, song Zhiqiu’s pet is just to make up for his eldest son’s early death. It’s a pity that Wen Chenglang and Wenwan pomelo go astray and grow crooked.

They were talking quietly, and Wen Yanfeng, not far away, shouted, “Yun Nan, come here and don’t be so far away.”

Shi Yunnan’s friendly eyes towards shangwenyan peak nodded slightly and then approached Luo Lingsheng.

The old Mr. Wen couldn’t stand for a long time. He sat in his position and looked at the little grandson slowly approaching. His face was undisguised joy, “Yunnan, you’re closer to Grandpa.”

When he was pushed into the hospital, Mr. Wen took a long time to get better. When he woke up, he understood Shi Yunnan’s grievance and immediately called the whole family to explain everything.

There are grandchildren on one side and grandchildren on the other. For an old man like him, the palms and backs of his hands are all meat.

Disappointed with his nonsense grandson Wen Chenglang, he also made a greater apology to sun Shi Yunnan.

Unfortunately, Shi Yunnan is no longer willing to stay at this home. Over the years, the Wen family tried to contact him, but he quietly refused.

Mr. Wen is really happy that Shi Yunnan is willing to come this time.

“Your brother is preparing backstage. Wait, he said he was going to play.”

“OK, Grandpa.”

Shi Yunnan responded to his words and did not forget to introduce Luo Lingsheng, “Grandpa, this is Luo Lingsheng.”

Mr. Wen and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other, and their eyes briefly stayed on the latter’s legs for half a second.

In front of so many outsiders, he still kept the discretion of the elderly, smiled and nodded, “Yunnan brought friends to see me for the first time. Welcome.”

Luo Lingsheng was keenly aware of something, but he didn’t show it on his face. “Mr. Wen, you are in good health.”

“Thank you.”

Many guests privately learned Luo Lingsheng’s identity and silently stared at the scene to see the excitement.

Song Zhiqiu, standing on the right, saw Shi Yunnan’s figure, and his eyebrows showed a slight rejection, but the rejection disappeared immediately after Luo Lingsheng’s sight.

Song Zhiqiu put on a superficial smile and nodded slightly to Luo Lingsheng.

Although Luo’s company has no industrial chain related to musical instruments, song Zhiqiu had to give in just because of the other party’s name in the Dijing business district.

Shi Yunnan can hold Luo Lingsheng’s thigh. In her opinion, that is a blind cat meets a dead mouse.

Song Zhiqiu didn’t speak. He just withdrew two steps to recruit the waiter. Then he lowered his voice and said, “get the young master and young lady back quickly!”

Where did the brother and sister go on such a critical occasion?

Wen Yibei is about to play on the stage, and Shi Yunnan is accompanying the old gentleman off the stage. In the eyes of outsiders, isn’t the scenery occupied by the two brothers?

Old Mr. Wen can’t hold the family property saved by the Wen family in the palm of his hand, but he can’t be occupied by the two brothers!

The waiter heard the order and ran to find someone.

Soon, Wen Yibei put on a tuxedo with white background and gold dark pattern and calmly stepped on the stage. Only a standard bow attracted praise from the audience.

“The young master of the Wen family is really extraordinary.”

“That’s for sure. You can be admitted to Curtis Conservatory of music at the age of 16, and become the chief cellist of the orchestra before you graduate at the age of 18. It seems that you can hold up a solo concert at the age of 22? Can this achievement be a joke?”

“Let me say that among the children of the Wen family, master Wen is the best.”

“Keep your voice down. Master Shi Er is still on the side.”

Shi Yunnan did not speak, but he was not angry.

In his opinion, Wen Yibei’s excellence is indeed unmatched by him.

His eyes moved back from the stage to Luo Lingsheng’s face, bent down and asked, “Luo Lingsheng, did you like to go to concerts before? Compared with my last half hanging violin, my brother’s cello is really powerful.”


“Of course, you and the guests present today have a blessing in the ear. It’s free.”

Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan’s proud expression and was moved for a moment.

The two brothers grew up in different environments before they were eight years old. Compared with the Wen family’s careful cultivation of Wen Yibei, Shi Yunnan’s situation in the Shi family is even more unbearable.

But Shi Yunnan never blamed Wen Yibei for this lack, nor did he develop a pinching or gloomy temperament of “complaining about everything”.

According to Luo Lingsheng, Shi Yunnan is the one with the cleanest feelings and thoughts——

For those who deliberately provoke him, he has revenge on the spot, and for those who really care about him, he is not stingy to express “love”.

The bow sounded.

The gentle and continuous melody on the stage came, and the smooth flow of notes suddenly caught everyone’s ears.

Wen Yibei’s strength is obvious to all, and the emotion injected into the performance can not be ignored. He constructed a beautiful world with a cello, so that all guests indulged with him.

Luo Lingsheng lowered his eyelids and appreciated but did not enter his heart.

His mind was full of Shi Yunnan’s performance in the small restaurant that day.

Shi Yunnan didn’t notice Luo Lingsheng’s expression. At the moment, he focused on his brother wholeheartedly.

He watched Wen Yibei pull the bow skillfully and confidently, just as they promised their mother from childhood – maintaining their sincere pursuit of musical instruments and melody from beginning to end.

There was a trace of envy and longing in the bottom of Shi Yunnan’s eyes, but there was no jealousy.

The song is over.

Applause thundered at the scene.

Shi Yunnan clapped and immediately focused on Luo Lingsheng. He couldn’t help asking, “how about Luo Lingsheng? Is my brother’s performance excellent?”

Luo Lingsheng looked at him with fixed eyes and answered, “I prefer your violin.”

In the applause for Wen Yibei, only Luo Lingsheng’s words were given to Shi Yunnan unreservedly.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were sour for no reason. He took a deep breath and depressed his heart, “Luo Lingsheng.”


Shi Yunnan approached Luo Lingsheng’s ear and responded, “thank you.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and further asked, “the teacher has found the little goldfish. If you like, you can practice with him in the future.”

Shi Yunnan readily agreed, “well, in the future, one big and one small specially ran to the door of your study, and Hula made a noise to your ears.”

Luo Lingsheng imagined Shi Yunnan’s joke, and a trace of helplessness flashed across his eyebrows——

Although it’s a little ridiculous, it’s really like what Shi Yunnan can do with his little nephew.

Luo Lingsheng habitually rubbed his finger belly. I don’t know why, he suddenly looked forward to such a picture.

In other words, he looks forward to every day when Shi Yunnan is around him.


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