After a Flash Marriage Chapter 35

Wen Yibei walked back to his relatives from the stage, with the same gentle smile, “Grandpa, what do you think?”

Shi Yunnan looked at him with a proud look. “It’s needless to say? Who dares to have an opinion on the performance of Wen cellist?”

Wen Yibei smiled low and couldn’t help coming back to his brother, “you… Are too heavy on my filter. Keep a low profile for me.”

“Low key what? Your excellence is not a day or two.” Shi Yunnan replied.

Mr. Wen, who was close, heard the dialogue between the two brothers and said with a smile, “you two brothers are excellent in Grandpa’s eyes. Don’t be afraid of these guests listening to jokes!”

Mr. Wen knew that the two brothers had supported and encouraged each other over the years, and there had been no contradiction.

Even if Shi Yunnan failed to become a “violinist” in the end, it did not affect Mr. Wen’s attitude towards him. He was unspeakably satisfied and loved his two grandsons.

There were guests around, “yes, master Wen’s cello. It’s really speechless!”

Another young voice line sounded, “when my brother has performed, should master Shi Er, who is a brother, also go up and perform?”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, his smile solidified slightly.

He looked at the sound source for the first time. He was a young man with a fresh face.

Wen Yibei also noticed something wrong. He was just about to politely refuse for his brother. As a result, a reply sounded in the crowd, “it’s necessary.”

Wen Chenglang came out of nowhere and answered instead of Shi Yunnan, “my two cousins, one playing the cello and the other playing the violin, were famous in those years.”

When the two brothers were seven years old, they signed up for the most authoritative “Chinese instrumental music competition”. One won the special group champion of Cello and the other won the special group champion of violin.

Even their ensemble project won the victory from a mixed group of young players.

As soon as the news came out, everyone learned that they were the grandsons of old Mr. Wen. They really boasted that there was something in the sky and nothing in the earth.

But the good times didn’t last long. Less than two months after the game, Wen Min, the mother of the two brothers, died unexpectedly. Wen and Shi had a big fight and completely broke up their friendship. Finally, one person brought back a child.

Most of the guests are mixed in the music circle, and they are not very sensitive to the gossip of rich families, so——

Wen Yibei lives in the Wen family. They have heard of his outstanding achievements since childhood, but they don’t know much about Shi Yunnan’s experience in the Shi Family these years.

A middle-aged guest remembered the scenery of the two brothers and added a proposal with a smile, “yes, it’s rare to have this opportunity. Young master Shi might as well play a song on the stage to help cheer up.”


Shi Yunnan didn’t answer, but turned his eyes to Wen Chenglang.

Wen Chenglang looked at him fearlessly, walked slowly back to song Zhiqiu’s side, held up his glass and motioned slightly. It was obviously a malicious provocation.

Luo Lingsheng and Wen Yibei changed their looks when they saw this scene.

Luo Lingsheng’s deliberately restrained aura was suddenly cold and heavy, while Wen Yibei silently protected his brother.

Even if outsiders don’t know, how can the Wen family not know what happened to Shi Yunnan in recent years, and how can they not know that Shi Yunnan has already been “forced” to give up the violin?

Wen Chenglang deliberately took advantage of the interest of other guests to make a proposal. Frankly, he wanted Shi Yunnan to ride a tiger and make a fool of himself in front of all the guests after he came on stage!

Mr. Wen realized that his grandson’s words were inappropriate and frowned slightly. “Cheng Lang, I happen to have this Kung Fu today. Why don’t you play a song for everyone first? Let Grandpa see if he has made progress.”

Mr. Wen didn’t want to embarrass Shi Yunnan, nor did he want to scold Wen Chenglang in public for not giving face. He just tried to move the topic over.

But unexpectedly, Wen Chenglang deliberately didn’t take the move.

He replied in a good voice, “Grandpa, now everyone is waiting for his cousin to come on stage. How can I take his scenery?”

“When he’s finished playing, if you still want to see me play, I’m not late.”

Wen Chenglang changed his old meanness into a good temper, as if every word he said was for the sake of Shi Yunnan.

As the saying goes, people who reach out and don’t smile won’t say he’s not on this occasion even if someone sees something.

Wen Chenglang is two years younger than the two brothers. Since childhood, he also chose violin as an entry-level musical instrument.

When he was seven years old, he participated in another Chinese instrumental competition, but he was eliminated because of the wrong score in the preliminary competition.

Because there is such an excellent example as Shi Yunnan, others always compare it intentionally or unintentionally. Wen Chenglang often feels that he loses face.

Later, when Shi Yunnan lost his voice in the field of “Violin”, Wen Chenglang regained some of his pride.

But the bad thing is that Wen Yibei, who is similar to his musical instrument system, does better than him.

Over time, Wen Chenglang’s unwillingness turned into jealousy, and then from jealousy to disgust and targeting, so he came to the present step by step.

Just because outsiders can’t see it doesn’t mean the Wen family can’t see it.

Wen Yanfeng saw his son’s intention, and his eyebrows immediately frowned. “Wen Chenglang, have you forgotten what I said?”

He deliberately lowered his voice, but the warning in his words was particularly obvious.

As soon as song Zhiqiu heard his attitude, he immediately began to defend his son. “What are you doing against him? Xiao Lang is good today. Besides, everyone wants Yunnan to play the violin.”

Her eyes crossed her husband, looked at Shi Yunnan, smiled and moved the topic back, “Yunnan, don’t spoil everyone’s interest.”

This time, everyone at the scene finally saw something famous – Shi Yunnan didn’t intend to go on stage? Did he give up the violin?

But soon, someone in the crowd answered, “I don’t think master Shi Er has touched much musical instruments abroad these years. Don’t embarrass him.”

“Third young master, why don’t you just go yourself? I heard you have been shortlisted as a new member of the Chinese violin association?”

It was the strange young man who proposed to let Shi Yunnan play the violin.

Shi Yunnan felt his cooperation with Wen Chenglang and smiled without saying anything.

“New members of the association?” Song Zhiqiu suddenly rejoiced, “Xiao Lang, why didn’t you tell your family this good news earlier?”

The faces of Mr. Wen and Wen Yanfeng also changed. It seems that some people can’t believe the sudden news.

After all, new members of the Chinese violin association are definitely not so good candidates.

Compared with song Zhiqiu’s blind recognition of Wen Chenglang’s performance ability, their father and son obviously understand the upper limit of Wen Chenglang’s ability.

The guests around finally understood——

Shi Yunnan had such a good talent when he was a child. Now he has given up the violin?

On the contrary, Wen Chenglang, who was brought up for comparison and with ordinary talent, relying on his own efforts, is about to become a new member of the China violin association?

This is really 30 years east, 30 years West?

In front of many guests, Wen Chenglang answered with some air, “it’s not sure about being shortlisted. After all, there are so many excellent people competing with me.”

“However, the result is not bad…”

Compared with those young violinists who are only 18 or 19 years old, he obviously plays longer and has more experience. Five places, can he take one anyway?

Hearing Wen Chenglang’s response, the eyes of all sides converged on Shi Yunnan for a time. Some expressed deep regret, some plainly lamented, and also secretly belittled the spectators.

Shi Yunnan is not ashamed of such remarks.

Not to mention that he gained the field of jewelry design, which can continue to shine, just on the violin——

He regretted that he had given up the violin, but he also knew that the past could not be traced.

Most importantly, even if he is not as good as before, Luo Lingsheng still likes his violin sound, which is enough.

As for this deliberately provocative Wen Chenglang, old Mr. Wen doesn’t want to care about the face of his 80th birthday, but once again, he can’t guarantee where his fist will fall.

On the contrary, Shi Yunnan’s calmness, Wen Yibei saw that his brother was baptized by such eyes, and immediately raised an unknown anger at the originator.

Just as he was about to speak, there was another commotion outside the crowd——

“Mr. Mo Qin is coming!”

“Hello, Mr. mo.”

The crowd automatically bypassed one side of the path, revealing the figure of the person.

The man was wearing an iron gray suit. His beard and hair were gray, but he looked hale and hearty.

Shi Yunnan recognized each other and whispered, “… Teacher.”

Luo Ling whispered, “teacher?”

Shi Yunnan bent down and actively explained, “Mo Qin, the most outstanding violinist in China.”

When Mo Qin was young, he was also the first Chinese violinist to master important international awards. This shows his identity.

“I won the first prize in the competition. Mr. Mo once took the initiative to teach me under his door for a while. Unfortunately…”

Unfortunately, Wen Min suddenly died unexpectedly, and their fate between teachers and students was forced to end, only about two months.

Mo Qin took a roll of paper and ink and went straight to the edge of old Mr. Wen. He congratulated with full confidence, “old birthday star, I wish the sun and moon prosper and Songhe Changchun!”

“I have to go to other provinces to attend seminars. When I drive to this area, I can catch up and wish you a birthday.”

“That’s enough. It’s good that your old friend can come.” Mr. Wen said.

Seeing this, Wen Yanfeng accepted the ink scroll instead of his father.

Mo Qin looked around, his bright eyes suddenly focused on Shi Yunnan, “who is this?”

“Old……” Shi Yunnan’s word “teacher” got stuck in his throat, just shouted in a regular way, “Mr. Mo, I’m Shi Yunnan.”

Mo Qin recognized his appearance and immediately changed into a surprised face. “Yunnan? Let the teacher see. Haven’t you seen him for nearly 20 years? He looks so beautiful!”

Mo Qin patted Shi Yunnan on the shoulder, as if facing old Mr. Wen and telling everyone, “Yunnan is one of the most outstanding students I have ever met in this industry.”

“Even I have to give a thumbs up to this boy’s talent.”


Mo Qin is a famous straight character in the circle, and he has achieved this to the extreme when he is old.

In his mouth, good is good and bad is bad. He never tells a lie.

At this moment, he not only left an impression on Shi Yunnan, but also could boast in public as soon as he met. Obviously, he liked and remembered the student from the bottom of his heart.

When Wen Chenglang heard this, a trace of displeasure flashed at the bottom of his eyes.

He finally felt that Shi Yunnan was going to lose face in front of the public. As a result, when the old immortal came, he held Shi Yunnan to heaven in a few words.

I bah!

What about the outstanding talent? Can’t even pick up the bow now?

A guest noticed Wen Chenglang’s subtle reaction and asked with a sense of excitement, “Mo Lao, if I remember correctly, master Wen has been under your door for a while?”

Wen Chenglang took a breath secretly and suddenly felt a little more uneasy.

Compared with the excellent initiative of Shi Yunnan, he attracted Mo Qin. He was able to learn the piano under Mo Qin’s hand because song Zhiqiu had to accept Mr. Wen’s face.

And in less than three months, Wen Chenglang was dissuaded by Mo Qin.

The next second, a guest answered, “which of the students brought out by Mo Lao is not the best? Didn’t you just say that master Wen San is about to be shortlisted as a new member of the China violin association?”

“… this is also first-class!”

Wen Chenglang’s heart suddenly clicked. He looked at Shang Mo Qin and felt guilty for a moment.

As you know, Mo Qin is the president of the Chinese violin Association and one of the core judges in charge of this selection.

“Cheng Lang, you haven’t received the notice from the association? You…”

The preliminary results of the shortlisted selection have been out. Wen Chenglang has not been elected. As a party, he should know the news better.

Mo Qin’s doubts only stayed for two or three seconds, as if he understood something. His eyes were full of disapproval, but he didn’t dismantle Wen Chenglang’s platform in public after all.

“Old Wen, I didn’t say it.”

Mo Qin moved his eyes back to Mr. Wen’s face and whispered, “there is no room for falsehood in the world’s good music, and so is being a man.”


As soon as you say this, everyone who understands will understand.

The lie that Mo Lao didn’t poke Wen Chenglang in public was in the face of Mr. Wen, but the subsequent instructions were more punishing than stabbing Wen Chenglang in public.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and bent down. “Luo Lingsheng, do you see? You should know yourself so as not to lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot.”

Luo Lingsheng saw the undisguised gloating between his eyebrows and eyes and responded, “well, he’s not as good as you.”

Without any cause or reason, Shi Yunnan had just wanted to make complaints about the sound of Luoning, and he had a good mouth.

Mr. Wen and Mr. Wen Yanfeng looked at each other. It was hard to hide their disappointment at Wen Chenglang, but they all hid this idea well.

Facing the eyes of the whole audience, Wen Chenglang’s head was buzzing, and he wanted to find an underground hole to drill down directly.

You know, he has reserved room for himself – only if he has the opportunity, he may not be selected as a new member, just to respect himself in the future.

What happened?

Mo Qin took down the stage for him as soon as he came! Give it back to him invisibly and dismantle it stably and accurately!

This old man!

Wen Chenglang was angry and regretful. If he knew that Mo Qin would come, he would not say that in front of everyone.

Song Zhiqiu also knew that her son had lied. Her pride was immediately relieved, but she didn’t want her son to lose to Shi Yunnan in front of the crowd.

“Cheng Lang, since it’s grandpa’s birthday, as your eldest grandson, go up and play a song to help cheer up.”

How can it be better before? Shi Yunnan can no longer play the violin.

As long as Wen Chenglang’s performance later is good enough, who will care about those remarks? Strength is the hard indicator to attract attention.

Wen Chenglang has practiced the violin for more than ten years. Although she can’t shine like Wen Yibei, her son is definitely not bad in her mother’s eyes!

Wen Chenglang thought about it and had to answer.

If he left now, he would only make his situation more embarrassing.

Wen Chenglang played on the stage in full view of the public. For Mr. Wen’s birthday party, he also practiced on and off the piano music in order not to lose too much.

Unfortunately, he was still restless and made several wrong sounds at the beginning.

Such a mistake is too obvious.

Not to mention the guests who have been immersed in music all year round, even Qin Bamboo Slips and Yuan Meng have heard defects.

The whole audience gave Mr. Wen enough face. Everyone tried to hold back a smile, but everyone sighed in their hearts——

It’s a beautiful jade or broken porcelain. You’ll know if it’s a diamond.

It’s a pity that Shi Yunnan didn’t continue to play the violin. Otherwise, with his talent in those years, he would certainly be able to stand side by side with his brother.

Not like Wen Chenglang, who can only talk big!


At 4:30 p.m., the guests in the banquet hall dispersed slowly.

Shi Yunnan accompanied Luo Lingsheng back to Yajian, sighed and sat on the sofa, “tired.”

“Listen to Mr. Wen. There will be a dinner later?”

“It’s a family dinner. Listen to my brother. The second aunt and their family can come here at night.” Shi Yunnan explained.

There are three children under Mr. Wen’s knee, the eldest son Wen Yanfeng, the second daughter Wen Xiu and the third daughter Wen min.

In his early years, Wen Xiu married a wood carving merchant from other provinces. Now he is very happy and content. Last month, he even had his little grandson. He just wanted to take this opportunity to bring it to Mr. Wen, the “foreign Grand Duke”.

“So many people?”

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes showed a trace of surprise.

Shi Yunnan caught it accurately and came forward to say, “if you don’t feel comfortable, you can actually go back to Luo’s directly. It doesn’t matter.”

He originally wanted to bring Luo Lingsheng to meet old Mr. Wen and let each other know each other.

As for the next family dinner, it was really too close in the sense of distance. The relationship between the two was still just about “contractual marriage”. Shi Yunnan didn’t want to embarrass him.

“No.” Luo Lingsheng answered.

Now that he has accepted Wen Yanfeng, he will not run away. The most important thing is that he had almost no communication with Mr. Wen at the banquet, and he didn’t read the elder’s mind thoroughly for the time being.

Seeing Luo Lingsheng’s intention to stay, Shi Yunnan felt a sense of joy in his heart, as if he really had a subtle feeling of “introducing his husband to relatives.”.

Taking advantage of the absence of outsiders in the elegant room, he couldn’t help holding the supporting hands on both sides of the wheelchair and leaned up, “Luo Lingsheng, will you be nervous?”


Shi Yunnan said “well” and said, “for me, only Grandpa, uncle and my brother deserve attention in the Wen family. The latter two should have no opinion on you, so only grandpa’s attitude is unclear.”

Shi Yunnan said this to Luo Lingsheng, more like to himself.

Luo Lingsheng’s heart coagulated and asked, “are you afraid that old Mr. Wen has an opinion on me?”

“Not afraid.”

Shi Yunnan shook his head and got closer. “I just want to tell you that Grandpa’s attitude towards you is unconditional in favor of you anyway.”

From marriage by agreement to sincerity, Luo Lingsheng is the person he likes.

Shi Yunnan hopes that the only three family members he cares about will like Luo Lingsheng. Of course, even if the family members really don’t like it, he won’t change his inner choice.

——I favor you unconditionally.

Luo Lingsheng silently recalled this sentence and raised his lips slightly, “I know.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a knock at the door. The voice of Qin Bamboo Slips came, “home owner, the group has an emergency document for you to review and sign electronically.”

Shi Yunnan moved back and Luo Lingsheng said at the same time, “come in.”

In fact, the business scheduled for Tuesday was very busy, but Luo Lingsheng took four hours off for Shi Yunnan’s words.

Now there is another dinner party temporarily, which leads to the accumulation of urgent affairs.

Qin Jian pushed the door in and handed the electronic version of the report to Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the time, “I’ll go out and hang around. I won’t disturb you.”

“Fifteen minutes at most.” Luo Lingsheng gave the time succinctly, “I’ll find you after I handle it.”


Shi Yunnan hooked his lips and simply left the quiet elegant room to them.

Not long after he went out, he met Wen Yibei, who was looking for someone. “Yunnan, why are you alone? Mr. Luo?”

“The family banquet is on the sixth floor. The guests have almost dispersed. You can go down first at any time.”

“Don’t worry, he has some business to deal with.”

When Wen Yibei heard this, he nodded and didn’t ask much.

The two brothers walked side by side into the side porch. When they approached the corner, they suddenly heard a low curse.

“Shit, I’ve seen a ghost. Every time I meet Shi Yunnan, it’s bad! I lose face today!”

“Did you see his gloating expression just now? If it weren’t for my grandfather’s face, I would have punched him.”

When Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei heard this, they stopped at the same time – the owner of this voice line is Wen Chenglang.

“Brother Lang, don’t be angry. It’s a big deal to go to the bar to drink at night and pack some beautiful girls?”

“No, there will be a shit family dinner later. You don’t know my mother’s competitive nature. You don’t know which tendon you have pulled since childhood, for fear that their two brothers will occupy my position.”

“If I don’t go tonight, she can directly deduct my bank card. Where will the young master go in the future?”

“Then I’ll go first?”


Wen Chenglang replied. He seemed to feel that his strength was not enough to vent. He continued to swear in a low voice, “Shi Yunnan, a cheap son, he is worthless?”

“I can’t get along with the Shi family because I have a mother and no son. Now I’m looking for a disabled person to live. I……”

The curse stopped abruptly.

Wen Chenglang almost choked on the figures of Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei.

Maybe he abused behind his back. As a result, he was caught by the leader. Wen Chenglang’s face soon hung down, but he shouted boldly.

“What’s the matter with you two brothers? Hide here and listen to the corner?”

Wen Yibei looked at the man beside Wen Chenglang. Sure enough, he was a strange young man who had just proposed to let him play the violin at the banquet.

Now it seems that this man is Wen Chenglang’s friends. They just sang and agreed to embarrass Shi Yunnan in front of the guests.

At the moment, Shi Yunnan’s eyes have completely sunk.

He can watch other things at Mr. Wen’s birthday banquet and bear it reluctantly. But only Wen Chenglang scolded “Luo Lingsheng is a disabled person”. He couldn’t bear it!

“Wen Chenglang.”

Shi Yunnan’s right finger slipped around and shook it into a fist. His eyes were so cold that he seemed to be able to kill.

Wen Chenglang was stared at by his cold eyes, creepy, and unconsciously stepped back, “Shi Yunnan, you…”

“Yunnan, wait!”

At the same time, Wen Yibei also stopped Shi Yunnan’s action. “Today is Grandpa’s birthday. Don’t let him have a second chance.”


Shi Yunnan’s mood was stiff.

When Wen Chenglang saw that the two brothers had differences on this matter, he immediately hummed and said with a smile, “that’s grandpa’s birthday. Don’t think about what’s wrong with him…”

“Just because I won’t let Yunnan hit you doesn’t mean I won’t hit you!”


Before Wen Chenglang finished, he was stunned by Wen Yibei’s sudden punch, retreated two steps and fell into his companion’s arms.

Shi Yunnan was surprised. He didn’t expect that Wen Yibei’s hand, which can only draw a bow, beat someone for the first time.

“Brother, you…”

“Leave it alone.” Wen Yibei protects his brother.

His gentle, accustomed look was now red with anger, and his tone contained an uncontrollable tremor.

“Today is Grandpa’s birthday, so I’ll bear it if something happens! You can’t pull my brother into the water like you did in those years!”

“Wen Chenglang, you apologize to me!”


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