After a Flash Marriage Chapter 39

Uncle, he likes you too.

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan unconsciously frozen the smile on the corners of his mouth. He held the little goldfish on the desk and denied, “people are big, little ghosts. How do you know Luo Lingsheng likes me?”

“I must like it. My little uncle is so good that everyone likes you.”

The little goldfish shook his head and responded. He paused and continued to prove the answer with his own point of view.

“My uncle is very cruel to others, but he is very kind to my little uncle. He told me that my little uncle is family when he met me for the first time.”

“We are good to the people we like, aren’t we?”


Shi Yunnan stared at the clear pupil of the little goldfish, and suddenly there was no retort.

They say that those in the game are confused and those on the sidelines are clear.

But sometimes, adults are not as thorough as children. Their purest thoughts are often the most accurate.


Luo Lingsheng is a name that others will be frightened to hear. A person who will not be soft hearted towards Xie KeYue and gentle pomelo can let himself fool around just for a paper agreement?

Although Shi Yunnan feels that he is good enough, he will not be so proud that he thinks that he is good enough.

Ten thousand steps back, even if Luo Lingsheng wants to get married by agreement, many people will scramble to agree. How can he have to meet himself only once?

“Little uncle, aren’t you happy?”

The little goldfish looked at Shi Yunnan and stopped talking. Suddenly he put his tender little face in front of him, “it’s fun for you to poke my face.”

Shi Yunnan was amused by the little goldfish and poked his cheek as he wished.

“Don’t be afraid, little uncle. If uncle makes you angry, I’ll teach you a lesson when I grow up.”

Taking advantage of his uncle’s absence, little goldfish did not hesitate to favor Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan pretended to be surprised, “Oh, how dare you teach Luo Lingsheng?”

The little goldfish thought of Luo Lingsheng’s serious face and immediately counseled, “… Shall we work together? My uncle doesn’t dare to be cruel to my little uncle.”

“Who said that? He was cruel to me today.”

“Ah? That uncle is bad.”

A big and a small two people chatted, very daily, very trivial, and even some lovely childishness.

Maybe it was time to go to bed. The little goldfish yawned uncontrollably and rubbed his tearful eyes, “… Little uncle.”

“Want to sleep, don’t you? I’ll take you back to sleep.”

“Can I sleep with my little uncle?” The little goldfish glanced at his cat’s pajamas and buried his head in smelling, “I’ve washed fragrant, not smelly.”

Shi Yunnan smiled low and simply took him to his bed, “OK, you sleep with me.”

Shi Yunnan’s loneliness was temporarily driven away by this dialogue. He stared at the little goldfish sleeping with his eyes closed in bed. Suddenly, he was not so anxious to make a decision.

Even if his relationship with Luo Lingsheng can only stay on the agreement, it’s not bad to be accompanied by a sensible and sticky little goldfish.

Luo Lingsheng went abroad for a comprehensive physical examination this time. In fact, he only stayed for less than four days and returned.

When he and Qin Jian returned to Luo’s house, it was less than 9 p.m.

Shi Yunnan, who was drawing a design in his room, vaguely heard the movement downstairs. He habitually got up and picked up a water cup to go downstairs.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened the door, he looked at Luo Lingsheng at the door.


The two stopped looking at each other.

This was the first time they had met since they parted unhappily in the training room that day.

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to send some wechat in the past few days when he went abroad. Shi Yunnan only regarded himself as blind and pretended not to see or reply.

Shi Yunnan thought Luo Lingsheng was just passing by the study, so he kept silent, but after waiting quietly for three or four seconds, the other party didn’t mean to move the wheelchair at all.

“Just back? Don’t you go to the study?”

Shi Yunnan dryly asked this sentence and completely lost the idea of “making waves” in the past.

Luo Lingsheng naturally understood his attitude and pushed forward with the wheelchair. “Are you free? I’m here to talk to you. I want to talk to you.”

In less than five days, despite the long flying time back and forth, Luo Lingsheng had to cooperate with the medical team in rehabilitation training in addition to ordinary examination and treatment, so as to record the values of various activities.

Moreover, when he was exhausted from the test, he had to continue to deal with the affairs of the group. It can be said that his spirit has been in a tight state.

Even so, the first thing when he returned to Luo’s house, Luo Lingsheng still chose to find Shi Yunnan.

“That day in the training room, I said something wrong in a hurry. I’m just not used to being… Seen by you.”

Luo Lingsheng tried his best to suppress the fatigue in the sound line, and the tension that no one can peep out is condensed at the tip of his heart.

It’s enough for Shi Yunnan not to return his wechat.

In fact, after saying that day, Luo Lingsheng regretted it, but he really couldn’t find time to talk face to face.

“Mr. Luo, you don’t have to apologize to me.”

Shi Yunnan lowered his eyes slightly, calmly and generally replied, “that day in the training room, I broke in without permission. You’re right. I didn’t cross the border properly.”

“If Mr. Luo hadn’t reminded me, I almost forgot that I was just an ‘agreement’ relationship with you, but it’s not too late to realize it again.”

“From now on, in addition to acting in front of outsiders, I will keep a distance from Mr. Luo in private.”

Shi Yunnan quickly finished this paragraph, which had been arranged for countless times, and the palm of his hand holding the water cup was slightly sweating.

Even so, he didn’t want to be soft in front of Luo Lingsheng——

This is the temperament he has developed since childhood. Once he has a premonition of “threat”, he will protect himself in all aspects.

In fact, Luo Lingsheng’s two words in the training room are secondary.

What makes Shi Yunnan focus on is that the other party is likely to shut him out forever because of the white moonlight in his heart.

In that case, he took the initiative to go far is the best protection for himself.

Shi Yunnan resisted the surging emotion and replied, “Mr. Luo, if there’s nothing wrong, please let me go.”

No matter how much mental construction he had done in advance, his heartbeat was still out of his control in front of Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng’s eyebrows were complicated. The other party said “Mr. Luo” one by one, directly returning their relationship to the beginning.

Just as he was about to say something, a voice sounded nearby, “little uncle, I’m ready to take a bath.”

The little goldfish held his little blanket and ran happily towards Shi Yunnan. His sight touched his uncle, and Sahuan’s pace slowed down, “uncle, are you back?”


Luo Lingsheng looked at his little nephew, “today Yu, what are you doing?”

“I sleep with my little uncle!” The little goldfish answered proudly.

In the past few nights when his uncle was not at home, he ran night and night to sleep with his little uncle.

Only in this way, the little uncle would not leave their families and slip away in private, just like the little white rabbit in the story.

Shi Yunnan secretly breathed a sigh of relief and had to sigh that the good baby came at the right time.

He pulled the little goldfish into the room and said coldly to Luo Lingsheng, “we’re almost going to rest. Please feel free, Mr. Luo.”


The closed door without hesitation.


What Luo Lingsheng wanted to say was stuck in his throat. He couldn’t say it and swallow it. Gradually, he felt an unprecedented sense of loss.

He remained silent at the door for a long time before whispering ‘good night’ to the people in the room.

Shi Yunnan listened to the sound of a wheelchair moving away, and the whole person finally broke free from an invisible sense of tension.

Under his sign, the little goldfish loosened his mouth tightly covered by his hands and said in a particularly deliberate tone, “little uncle, has my uncle gone?”

“Well, let’s go.”

Shi Yunnan had no idea of drinking water and led the little goldfish back.

The little goldfish looked up and asked him, “are you still angry with your uncle?”

“Not angry.”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t say more in front of the child, “go to bed. It’s nine o’clock.”


The little goldfish climbed into bed with his little blanket, “good night, little uncle.”

“Good night.”

Little goldfish was a child who fell asleep quickly. Shi Yunnan adjusted the brightness of the bedside lamp and soon saw him sleep sweetly.

Shi Yunnan didn’t want to design, so he just stayed in bed.

In fact, Luo Lingsheng didn’t have to take the initiative to apologize. He knew that the other party’s “crossing the border” was just angry with shame and urgency. He knew better that white moonlight could also be a past tense that doesn’t matter.

Little goldfish’s children’s words just awakened Shi Yunnan’s cognition.

A character like Luo Lingsheng will not allow anyone to enter his inner world.

The former self may be infinitely close to the position in Luo Lingsheng’s heart, but it is only close and not rooted.

In fact, Shi Yunnan has an insurmountable hurdle in his heart, which should be more accurate——

He’s jealous.

Eating the vinegar of the white moonlight Luo Lingsheng never met.

Shi Yunnan tried to give up all his feelings and return himself to the status of “treaty object”. This is very difficult. He can’t do it overnight.

So just pretend to be indifferent and calm as just now.

Just thinking, wechat rang, which was sent by Lu Zhaoan.

——Mr. Shi, are you free tomorrow?

——You said you wanted to visit harashi’s processing plant and raw stone warehouse? I can arrange it for you tomorrow.

Shi Yunnan had this idea.

He agreed to cooperate with Lu Zhaoan for a simple reason: compared with diamond design, jade design is the design direction he really wants to develop.

Since Yuanshi and luzhao’an threw out this olive branch, he was naturally willing to accept it.

When he develops some contacts in the Chinese industry under the real name of “Shi Yunnan”, he can further create his own design studio.

Even though the scene in his dream has changed dramatically, he has to plan a way for himself in his life.


The next day.

In order to avoid Luo Lingsheng, Shi Yunnan hid in the room until near noon. Unexpectedly, he bumped into Luo Lingsheng’s line of sight again.


Four eyes looked at each other, and Shi Yunnan’s footsteps downstairs were faint.

But it would be too deliberate to slip upstairs now.

Shi Yunnan simply restrained his emotions and walked down. He casually put his thin coat and accompanying bag on the chair, “… Why don’t you go to the group today?”

Luo Lingsheng said directly, “wait for you downstairs.”

Shi Yunnan: ”

Qin Bo motioned to the servant to bring all the reserved meals, and silently took the others back to leave room for the two masters of the family.

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to care, “don’t eat breakfast and Chinese together. It’s bad for your stomach not to eat breakfast for a long time.”

Shi Yunnan scooped up a mouthful of seafood porridge, “Mr. Xie Luo cares, but I’m used to it.”

Luo Lingsheng’s chest was blocked by this sentence “Mr. Luo”. Yu Guang glimpsed the items brought down by Shi Yunnan, “going out in the afternoon?”


Shi Yunnan’s answer was very brief. His eyes stayed in the bowl and didn’t look at Luo Lingsheng at all.

He didn’t despise each other, but was afraid that once he looked at Luo Lingsheng, some emotions deep in his heart would be caught without hiding.

Luo Lingsheng saw that Shi Yunnan was becoming more and more defensive and unfamiliar with himself. His heart seemed to be clenched by invisible hands, and his breathing was tight for a minute.

Luo Lingsheng couldn’t control it after all. He controlled the wheelchair and narrowed the distance between the two. “Are you still angry?”

When Shi Yunnan heard the apologetic inquiry in his ear, his right hand with porridge shook unconsciously.

He looked sideways at Luo Lingsheng, whose eyes were focused, duplicity, “No.”

Luo Lingsheng noticed his sullen breath for a moment, and finally a smile came out of his dignified eyebrows, “last time I was in the training room, I didn’t choose my words, I…”

“I’m full.” Shi Yunnan interrupted Luo Lingsheng.

He couldn’t control his accelerating heartbeat, so he had to retreat slightly to keep calm. “I have an appointment this afternoon and work.”

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes and looked at Shi Yunnan, who had got up and left, and blurted out uneasily, “who did you ask for?”

“Lu Zhaoan.”

At the moment when the name came out of Shi Yun’s mouth, Luo Lingsheng’s heart was out of control.

He didn’t want to push the other side away with a tough attitude, so he had to ask slowly, “when did you work with him?”

“I promised Lu Zhaoan’s jade design cooperation.”

Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of Luo Ling’s frown. After holding his breath for days, his bad heart surfaced again. “In the future, I may have to work together every day. Please don’t cross the border and ask more questions, so as not to interfere with my normal social and work.”


Cross the line? Interference?

A word knocked Luo Lingsheng in place. No matter how difficult the separation calculation was when he was competing for power, it was not as good as the words of the people in front of him.

reap as one has sown.

Until now, Luo Lingsheng understood the true meaning of this sentence.

Shi Yunnan turned to leave. As a result, he heard Luo Lingsheng’s reminder, “wait, forget everything. Go out and put on your coat.”

On a gray rainy day, the climate in Dijing has been a little cold.

Luo Lingsheng personally handed Shi Yunnan’s goods. After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “where do you work? I’ll send someone to pick you up later?”

“No, Mr. Luo.”

Shi Yunnan bit the last three words very hard.


Luo Lingsheng said nothing.

Always mature and steady, he wanted to return to the day in the training room for the first time. He wanted to take back the urgent words that hurt others and hurt himself.

Shi Yunnan saw Luo Lingsheng’s faint appearance of “being hit”, and the corners of his mouth quickly bent unconsciously.

Different from the Dodge when he just went downstairs, he walked out of the Locke house very briskly.

Luo Lingsheng watched helplessly as Shi Yunnan’s back was isolated by the door. His mind was full of the other party’s recent response, and his heart was full of bad feelings.

From the day they reached an agreement, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to narrow the distance between them again and again.

Now, the other party seems to be falling back without attachment. Only then does he realize that the mature plans in his heart are a mass of loose sand before he is about to lose his cognition.

He wanted to catch the man in front of him.

This idea has not changed from beginning to end.

Luo Lingsheng took off his glasses, rubbed his swollen and astringent eyes, and shouted, “Qin bamboo slips.”

Qin Jian quickly came out of the compartment. “Check where Yunnan and Yuan’s Lu Zhaoan work? Pay attention to propriety. I’ll pick him up this afternoon.”

Qin Jian answered without thinking, “OK, master.”

Lu Zhaoan is a man of steady and decisive action.

Since he decided to cooperate with Shi Yunnan and other cutting-edge designers, he simply contracted a well decorated office building near Linglong market to facilitate the daily work of designers.

Of course, this duty station is not mandatory.

Just because it is close to the jade market, it can be convenient for all designers when sampling.

Lu Zhaoan took Shi Yunnan to visit the office briefly. “Your fingerprint has been entered at the gate. You can come at any time if you need it in the future.”

Shi Yunnan said, “OK.”

“I’ll take you to Yuanshi processing factory and jade material warehouse? It’s right behind Linglong market.”

When the market was first established, Yuanshi existed as an “old owner”, so its own factory occupied a unique geographical advantage.

They arrived at Yuanshi jade factory without walking a few steps.

“Yuanshi has two processing plants in Dijing, one large and one small. The large one is used for processing sections and the small one is used for fine carving. In addition, jade carving studios are distributed in large jade markets in all provinces.”

However, the jade carving ornaments sold by shops with the “yuan family” sign are basically self-produced and sold. If their own raw stone stalls can produce good materials, the first demand is for their own jade carvers.

Shi Yunnan looked at the five masters responsible for polishing jade beads on the outside and asked, “these are the jade beads supplied to Lou?”


As soon as the voice fell, a loud tone sounded, “Shi Yunnan, what are you doing here?”

Shi Yunnan recognized the voice owner at the first time. When he looked sideways, he was sure to be Yuanrui.

I haven’t seen it for a short time. The marks of being beaten on Yuan Rui’s face have subsided. Now his eyes are dragging and bright.

“Xiao Rui, Shi Yunnan is a partner of our jade studio.” Lu Zhaoan explained, “if the design needs, I’ll take him to visit the jade warehouse and introduce it.”

Yuan Rui looked back at Lu Zhaoan with an awkward gesture, but he didn’t believe Shi Yunnan. “Do you still know jade design?”

Can’t it be said that Shi Yunnan has no real skills to use when he eats, drinks and plays abroad all day?

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrow. “I know a little about fur. The original young master doesn’t trust me?”

“I don’t mean that.” Yuan Rui immediately denied it.

He has suffered enough from Shi Yunnan. He’d better keep his words from his mouth. He can’t fall in the same person’s pit three times.

Suddenly, Lu Zhaoan’s cell phone rang. He looked dignified not long after he connected the phone.

I kept watching him with Yu Guang, and Yuan Rui changed his eyes. When he hung up, he asked, “what’s the matter?”

“There is something wrong with the jade carving business near the province. I have to deal with it now.” Lu Zhaoan apologized to Shi Yunnan, “Mr. Shi, maybe another day…”

“What, another day? It’s all here. You don’t have time to accompany. Can’t someone else introduce Shi Yunnan?” Yuan Rui interrupted.

Shi Yunnan heard the implication and asked with a smile, “the original young master is going to introduce me?”

Lu Zhaoan heard the speech and immediately looked at Yuan Rui.

Yuan Rui pretended to cough twice and muttered, “I’ll come if I come. Anyway, I can’t go anywhere because my father is trapped here.”

Yuanrui was banned by Yuanpu. Only when he clocked in at Yuanshi jade factory for six hours every day can he exchange a certain amount of pocket money.

This day by day, he can’t handle the jade carving, but it’s hard for him. It’s better to find something to do.

Lu Zhaoan showed a rare smile, “Mr. Shi, let Yuanrui do it for him. He knows all the problems in jade and is very professional.”

Yuan Rui heard the sound and was sure that the corners of his mouth were short and warped. He quickly recovered the unhappy appearance of the boss.

Shi Yunnan has no opinion, let alone yuan Rui. Even if he himself studies jade.

After Lu Zhaoan left, Yuan Rui was confident and supported his body, “then what… Come with me and I’ll open your eyes.”

After getting along several times before, Shi Yunnan probably understood Yuanrui’s temperament. He was nothing more than a proud young master with good nature.

He said that he would introduce Shi Yunnan to Yuanshi’s jade warehouse, which was a serious introduction without water.

The processing plant went back and opened up five warehouses for jade. One room connected with the other, which added a large area.

As one of the best signboards in the jade industry, Yuan’s number of top jade under his hand is naturally shocking.

Yuanrui is always from a jade family, which is hard to be reliable in this regard.

The five storehouse rooms were introduced without breath. They explained every cut jade thoroughly and added a lot of knowledge to Shi Yunnan.

People have to be convinced.

“The old young master knows a lot about jade? Great.” Shi Yunnan sincerely praised.

When Yuan Rui heard this compliment, he looked proud and pretended to be indifferent. “What’s the use of knowing more? In my father’s eyes, he hasn’t achieved nothing. He only has a good jade carving hand like Lu Zhaoan.”

Sometimes yuan Rui often thinks that he is the child from the welfare home.

After years of blows, let alone outsiders, even Yuanrui himself believed that he could not afford to go on the road in his life.

Seeing the loneliness on Yuan Rui’s face, Shi Yunnan suddenly remembered his ending in the original dream book——

Under the leadership of Xie KeYue, Yuanrui did develop Yuanshi jade ornaments to the forefront of the industry and smoothly inherited Yuanshi.

“Haven’t you contacted Xie KeYue recently?” Shi Yunnan asked.

“Why are you asking here? How can you tell him that you are also a family and come to inquire about me?” Yuan Rui heard his friend’s name and instinctively vigilant for a second.

Shi Yunnan was speechless. “What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I will eat you or him?”

“Who, who said I was afraid?” Yuan Rui got stuck and muttered, “but there are many bad things some time ago.”

The money invested in the cosmetics industry was wasted. Not only that, he also lost a lot of money one after another. Even he himself was taken to investigate by the relevant departments.

It was said that this alerted master Shi. The other party entrusted him with some relationship before taking him home. After closing the door, he was severely reprimanded.

Yuanrui knows Xie KeYue’s recent situation and has made some changes to Shi Yunnan, but one yard to one yard. He won’t tell Shi Yunnan about his friend’s privacy.

Suddenly, footsteps sounded.

Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui looked sideways and couldn’t help but sigh that Cao Cao has reached the effectiveness of this proverb——

Under the leadership of the jade carving master, Xie KeYue, who had not seen for a long time, suddenly appeared at the door.

The three saw each other’s figures, and the air seemed to freeze suddenly.

“KeYue, why are you here?”

Yuan Rui approached his friend, but his eyes couldn’t stop turning to Shi Yunnan. He felt guilty about being the sea king.

It seems that he betrayed his friendship with Xie KeYue and privately developed an intersection with Shi Yunnan.

“Didn’t you say it was boring to be locked up in the jade factory by your father these days? I came to you after work. I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

Xie KeYue said, and his eyes focused on Shi Yunnan. “However, I didn’t expect Yun nan to be here?”

Shi Yunnan smiled but said nothing.

The two of them are natural enemies, and now they express their kindness in the form of naked models.

Yuanrui noticed that they didn’t deal with each other, but he didn’t completely favor Xie KeYue like the first night club meeting.

“I was so busy that I didn’t notice that it was almost time to get off work.”

Yuan Rui put on Xie KeYue’s shoulder and took the opportunity to move away from the topic. “Go, go, KeYue. I’ll treat you to dinner today. Didn’t you say you had something to talk to him?”

With that, he didn’t give Xie KeYue time to interrupt and looked at Shi Yunnan.

“Are you leaving? Our jade factory leaves work at six on time, which is consistent with the closing time of Linglong market in front.”

“You go first. I want to study it alone.”

Each material warehouse is monitored, and there are masters who are responsible for locking the door after work. Moreover, with Shi Yunnan’s character, he will not sneak around.


Yuanrui only wanted to separate the two people so as not to create complications, so he agreed very quickly.

Xie KeYue watched the interaction between the two without trace, and his eyes fell on Shi Yunnan.

He suffered a great loss a while ago. He didn’t want to provoke Shi Yunnan to repeat his mistakes. He followed yuan Rui without saying a word.

“Shi, Shi Yunnan, watch the time yourself.” Yuanrui gave a reminder.

“I see.”

After they left, Shi Yunnan took out his mobile phone and took a look.

Five fifty.

There are ten minutes left before work.

Suddenly, the wechat interface belonging to Luo Lingsheng suddenly pops up, which is different from the straightforward text expression in the past. It is a voice for ten seconds.

Shi Yunnan should have ignored it, but he couldn’t help opening his voice.

“Are you finished? Shall I pick you up?”

Never had a soft tone, the meaning of cajoling people is also obvious enough, making people crisp and numb into the heart.

There is no one around.

The corners of Shi Yunnan’s mouth could not help bending and bending, as if he was disgusting with himself and Luo Lingsheng who would say this.


One moment he said he had crossed the boundary, another moment he hid the white moonlight in his heart. Now, under the reputation of “Lord Luo”, he took the initiative to show him kindness again and again?

Shi Yunnan still didn’t reply according to his small nature. There was only a trace of blood left in the power of his mobile phone. He had to hurry up and select a piece of material as the base for his first attempt at jade necklace design.

“There seems to be a good piece in the innermost No. 5 material warehouse…”

Shi Yunnan said to himself. According to his memory, he went to the innermost room. He found the section of Imperial Green he wanted and remembered the number in his heart.

Just as he turned to leave, suddenly, there was a click——

The light overhead suddenly went out, and the whole material warehouse fell into dead darkness.


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