After a Flash Marriage Chapter 41


Ambiguous and uncontrollable sobs echoed in the bedroom.

Shi Yunnan only felt that the surrounding air was steaming and heating. His neck and ears were dyed red by deep kisses, and even his cheeks were vaguely hot.

Luo Lingsheng released him when he was close to the critical point, suppressing his impulse, “is it still noisy?”

Shi Yunnan’s eyelids trembled, and his light colored pupils were full of wet water. His always clear and cunning eyes rarely showed a little ignorance.

It’s a natural response to emotion.

Luo Lingsheng circled Shi Yunnan in his arms, and his lips seemed to touch his hair.

Shi Yunnan took about half a minute to break free from the uncontrollable kiss. He didn’t know what he thought, and tentatively explored somewhere of Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng reacted very quickly and closed his wrist in an instant, “stop making trouble.”

“No trouble, just to confirm.”

Shi Yunnan’s voice was full of pleasure and flirtation. “I was wondering if you would be involved in leg injury. Now it’s good and quite big.”

Luo Lingsheng simply had no way to take his Sao words. He asked in a dumb voice, “what are you going to do if you are involved?”

“What can I do? If I really need it in the future, you can still help me with your hand?”

Shi Yunnan truthfully replied, “I heard that there are still props. I’ll ask foreign friends in a few days.”

Everyone is an adult. There is no need to hesitate to avoid this closed lover.


Luo Lingsheng liked Shi Yunnan’s casual appearance very much. He rubbed his red lips with his fingers again and again, “no props. If you have strength, I can accompany you at any time.”

The meat cavity was not obvious, but it still provoked Shi Yunnan to laugh again from Luo Lingsheng’s mouth.

He suddenly moved his mind and suddenly moved out of Luo Lingsheng’s arms.

Luo Lingsheng thought he was leaving and asked, “what are you doing at night?”

As soon as the voice fell, Shi Yunnan turned Luo Lingsheng back. He knelt neatly across the man’s waist and abdomen.

Shi Yunnan put his hands on Luo Lingsheng’s shoulders and leaned down, “Mr. Luo, what do you say I want to do?”

His eyes gradually slipped from Luo Lingsheng’s handsome face, and his eyes twinkled with curiosity and appreciation.

Although he had a bad time in the training room last time, Shi Yunnan still had to admit that Luo Lingsheng’s figure usually hidden under his suit was really good enough to explode.

Like now.

Wearing a black robe made of silk, the cross and oblique materials blocked the chest tightly, but the muscle lines wrapped under it still stood up.

With the sexiness of an undisguised adult man.

“Luo Lingsheng.” Shi Yunnan got closer and looked at his handsome face firmly, “I want you.”

Or he can restrain his feelings towards anyone and dare to be honest with his real thoughts all the time once he recognizes them. Shi Yunnan is such a character.


Luo Lingsheng rarely said anything.

Just listening to each other’s voice, I thought I was going to take the initiative to “suppress” him.

Just because of the long kiss just now, Shi Yunnan’s eyes still stood a little red, and the heat on his cheeks was not dissipated. Under the dim light at the head of the bed, it was a little moist, which set off the whole person’s skin surprisingly well.

The soft and soft hair fell wantonly, and the tail of the hair seemed to sweep Luo Lingsheng’s cheeks, causing people to shake with crisp hemp.

There is a word “lure” from the inside out.

The pupil color of Luo Lingsheng suddenly sank. With one hand, he clasped the back of Shi Yunnan’s head and pressed down. With the other hand, he strongly imprisoned each other’s waist, “don’t regret.”

Before the aftersound fell, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to kiss up.

The ambiguous factor in the air was instantly ignited and exploded.

Just as they kissed each other, a dull and low sob came from outside, “Uncle… Sobbing…”

At the same time, there was a timid knock at the door.

“Uncle… No… wuwuwuwuwu…”

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng stopped one after another. Their remaining reason was pulled back by the cry of injustice outside the house.

“Little goldfish?”

“You wait.” Luo Lingsheng patted Shi Yunnan on the shoulder and motioned him to leave his body temporarily.

He took the remote control of the head cabinet and opened the closed electronic door.


The electronic door opens a seam.

The cry outside the door suddenly rang. Before Shi Yunnan got up to check the situation.

The empty door was pushed open by the little goldfish outside.

The little goldfish dragged a fluffy blanket and wore the same fluffy cat pajamas. He narrowed his eyes and cried miserably.

“Uncle, my little uncle is gone. Woo woo… Does he want us? Woo woo…”

The little goldfish rubbed his eyes. At present, the eyes with big grapes are almost crying and sewing. His nose and face are crying and red into a small flower face. He even smoked the small runny nose that is about to fall down.

Poor and lovely, like a discarded kitten.

Shi Yunnan reacted slowly and couldn’t laugh or cry. He squatted next to him. “Little goldfish, my little uncle is here. I didn’t go.”

When the little goldfish heard the familiar tone, he stopped crying and opened his eyes.

He looked at Shi Yunnan in front of him with his confused eyes, and at Luo Lingsheng who got up and sat at the head of the bed. He couldn’t help burping a little cry, “little uncle, do you sleep with your uncle?”

Then he made a big red face himself.

Seeing the little goldfish dragging his favorite sleeping blanket, Shi Yunnan soon understood, “did you sneak to my room to find me when you woke up halfway through your sleep?”

The little goldfish doesn’t speak.

He slept with Shi Yunnan every day for nearly a week. Tonight, Shi Yunnan accompanied Luo Lingsheng to the hospital for examination, so he slept back to his small bedroom under the comfort of the housekeeper and nanny.

Just woke up from a nightmare, little goldfish habitually dragged his little blanket to Shi Yunnan’s room.

As a result, there was no one in Shi Yunnan’s room as soon as he pushed the door. Holding his grievance and smearing, he went to the first floor to have a look. There was still no one, so he returned to the room and thought more and more sad and cried more and more miserably.

He thought that Shi Yunnan ran away from home like the little rabbit in the story. After enduring it again and again, he ran to the door of Luo Lingsheng’s room and cried.

After a short time, the little goldfish realized that he had done wrong.

“Yes… Burp… Sorry.”

As he apologized, he cried and burped until he couldn’t stop.

“You’re right. Don’t apologize.” Luo Lingsheng said.

He took two wet wipes from the inner bedside table and gave them to Shi Yunnan. He was half helpless to his crying nephew and half depressed about being interrupted by the other party.

Shi Yunnan also couldn’t laugh or cry. He was afraid that the little goldfish would catch cold barefoot, so he took him to the bed and gave him a circle with a small blanket.

“Don’t cry, it’s my fault. I forgot to say good night to the little goldfish tonight.”

Shi Yunnan rubbed the soft flower face of the little goldfish and comforted with patience, “we little goldfish are so cute. How could I not want you.”

The little goldfish nodded. Without sadness, he became curious.

“Little uncle, why did you sleep with your uncle? You have nightmares, so are you afraid to come and find your uncle?”


Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan looked at each other and remembered the picture just now. Suddenly, they couldn’t answer this naive question.

“It’s getting late. Today Yu, you have to continue to sleep and go to kindergarten tomorrow.” Luo Lingsheng changed the subject.

Hearing this, the little goldfish lay in Shi Yunnan’s arms and refused to go, “little uncle, can I sleep with you tonight?”

Before Luo Lingsheng refused, Shi Yunnan responded softly, “OK.”

Anyway, Luo Lingsheng’s bed is big enough. It’s not a problem to lie down with another good child.


Luo Lingsheng didn’t say a word.

He saw the little goldfish climb to the inside of the bed and lie down. He didn’t forget to pat his side, “my little uncle is in the middle, and my uncle is lying outside to protect us.”

In a word, the two adults are arranged clearly.

After making such a fuss, Shi Yunnan naturally put those romantic thoughts behind him. He especially cooperated with the command of little goldfish and lay down in a big room and a small room.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng had no choice but to press down other ideas and control the remote control to close the electronic door again, “well, go to bed and good night.”

“Good night.”

“… good night.”

Three consecutive sounds sounded, revealing a unique warmth of the family for no reason.

At eight the next morning.

The little goldfish was awakened by the habit of biological clock. He rubbed his little eyes vaguely. When he opened his eyes, he saw his little uncle sleeping in his uncle’s arms.

He blinked stupidly and looked at Luo Lingsheng, who was also awake.

The little goldfish shouted, “good morning, uncle!”

Shi Yunnan, who was still sleeping, snorted and subconsciously approached the heat source on his side.

Luo Lingsheng quickly and gently covered the man’s ears and motioned to his little nephew, “keep your voice down and let your little uncle sleep a little longer.”

The biological clocks of Luo Lingsheng and little goldfish are relatively fixed, but it is common for Shi Yunnan, a designer, to go to bed late and get up late.

“Oh, OK.”

The little goldfish answered with an air tone very seriously and made a gesture.

Luo Lingsheng told, “get up, go back to your room and wash yourself, and then go downstairs to find grandpa Qin. They will take you to the kindergarten.”

The little goldfish nodded wisely, folded his little blanket into four directions, held it in his arms, and went down to bed. It seemed that he was afraid of waking Shi Yunnan.

Luo Lingsheng remembered what happened last night, but he couldn’t help shouting, “today Yu.”


“From tonight on, you still have to go back to your room to rest. You can’t sleep with your little uncle every night.” Luo Lingsheng asked.

The little goldfish was stunned for two seconds. He looked at Shi Yunnan, who was surrounded by Luo Lingsheng’s baby, “but uncle, you haven’t stuck to your little uncle to sleep.”


Luo Lingsheng was silent for a moment and said, “anyway, you can’t be like last night. You’re a boy. What do you look like crying for your little uncle all day?”


The little goldfish dared not object to Luo Lingsheng’s words. He reluctantly answered and ran out.

It was not until he ran out of the room that he gave an unconvinced hum through the closed door——

Uncle doesn’t understand!

If he hadn’t guarded his little uncle a few nights ago, he might have slipped away in anger!

The author has something to say: # little goldfish: if it weren’t for me, your wife would have been gone!

#Lord Luo: if it weren’t for you, my wife would have slept with me!


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