After a Flash Marriage Chapter 42

Ten days later, Dijing hotel.

The waiter who had been waiting at the door recognized the identity of Luo Lingsheng and others, immediately came forward and said respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Luo, the top box arranged for you is ready. Please come up with me.”

The little goldfish looked curiously at the magnificent hotel hall and shook Shi Yunnan’s hand, “little uncle, don’t we go home?”

“Well, Grandpa Qin’s birthday. We’ll have dinner here today.” Shi Yunnan simply picked up the little goldfish.

Qin Bo was moved and said, “the owner and Mr. Shi have bothered. I’m over half a hundred years old. What birthday is it? It’s a waste of your time.”

“How is it a waste of time for a family to have dinner together?” Shi Yunnan answered instead of Luo Lingsheng.

Qin Bo, the housekeeper, was Luo Lingsheng’s father’s assistant at first, and later became the housekeeper of the whole Luo house. His wife died of cancer in her early years and failed to leave him a son and a half.

All these years, he has never found another half.

In Qin Bo’s heart, he had already treated Luo Lingsheng and little goldfish as his children and grandchildren.

Luo Lingsheng always remembered his kindness, but it was difficult to express it orally. Shi Yunnan first proposed a dinner celebration the day before yesterday, and he agreed.

In addition to the four of them, assistant Qin Jian and bodyguard Yuan Meng were also there.

For Luo Lingsheng, these two people were the people who accompanied him from the cruel struggle for power, and they were also his most indispensable right-hand men.

The party went upstairs in the elevator.

The box of Dijing hotel is at the highest level, which can have a bird’s-eye view of the whole Dijing night while eating exquisite meals.

A total of four box rooms are reserved on the top floor, which is relatively more private than ordinary restaurants.

The group walked out of the elevator. Before they reached the box door of the reservation number, they saw that the elevator door on the other side was also opened.

What a coincidence, it’s an acquaintance again.

Yuan Rui walked in front, followed by a middle-aged couple, and finally came out of Lu Zhaoan.

Shi Yunnan realized that the middle-aged couple were Yuanrui’s parents and Lu Zhaoan’s master and mother.

Yuan Rui glanced at Shang Shi Yunnan and swept his eyes at Luo Lingsheng and others, “what a coincidence?”

Because of the first three or four contacts, Yuan Rui’s attitude towards Shi Yunnan was not so bad at the beginning.

Shi Yunnan responded, “it’s quite coincidental.”

According to common sense, Yuanrui’s “second male” should be closer to Xie KeYue.

But recently, Shi Yunnan and Xie KeYue haven’t hit each other several times, but they have met yuan Rui twice and three times.

Lu Zhaoan came up from the end and said hello calmly and simply, “Mr. Shi, I heard about the accident in the material warehouse last time. I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right. It’s over.”

Yuan Puguang secretly glanced at Luo Lingsheng, Shi Yunnan and others.

Yuanshi has always been conscientious in his own field. He only wants to make good products and never participates in other business circles and rich families.

Yuan Puguang seemed to recognize Luo Lingsheng’s identity, but he didn’t dare to judge it rashly, so he had to ask his disciples in a low voice.

“Zhao an, are they?”

“Master, this is one of the designers I mentioned to you, Shi Yunnan and Mr. Shi, who promised to cooperate with us in the design. As for the others…”

Lu Zhao settled down and asked Shi Yunnan’s consent with his eyes.

Shi Yunnan responded with a smile, “original master, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

He looked at Luo Lingsheng and others and said frankly, “this is my husband and family. We have to celebrate our uncle’s birthday tonight. Excuse me. I’ll visit you in person when I’m free.”

Yuan Puguang had a good first impression of Shi Yunnan and nodded slightly, “of course, please.”

Yuanrui looked at his father’s attitude, and a trace of surprise surged at the bottom of his eyes, but he didn’t say much. He just asked the waiter to take them to another box.

He is also full of confidence tonight. He has something serious to talk to his family!

The boxes of the two families are just next to each other, but they can’t disturb each other under normal circumstances.

The service of the hotel is still very good.

Knowing that it was a birthday party, he specially prepared a special cake for Qin Bo.

As soon as the candle was on, the little goldfish sang the loudest, and their faces were red by the candle light.

Wait until all the dishes are ready at one time.

Luo Lingsheng said to his assistant and bodyguard, “Qin Bamboo Slips and Yuan Meng, you are allowed a day off tomorrow. You can drink tonight. You don’t need to avoid it.”

Qin Bamboo Slips deserve to be fast, “thank you, master.”

Yuan Meng was stunned and hesitated to refuse, “master, I’ll just drink water. I’m not good at drinking. If I get drunk and delay things, I’ll drive you back later.”

Shi Yunnan joked, “you’re allowed to drink. At the price of your master, it’s hard to go out with a bodyguard? I’m afraid no one will drive home later?”

Needless to say, there must be professional plainclothes bodyguards in the hotel lobby or outside.

Although this ostentation sounds exaggerated, it is right for Luo Lingsheng.

Compared with Yuan Meng’s honest friendship with his own people, Qin bamboo slips are obviously much more flexible and free.

Without saying a word, Qin Jian filled Yuan Meng a glass of wine with his unique ridicule tone.

“I don’t see the owner, Mr. Shi and uncle Qin. They are all happy today. Don’t spoil the fun. Drink! If you’re drunk, I’ll carry you back!”

Yuan Meng heard the last sentence of Qin Bamboo Slips, and make complaints about him.

This five scum of combat effectiveness can carry him?

Yuan Meng looked around and thought it was hard to refuse, “well, I’ll drink less.”

We have lived under the same roof for a long time, and we are not strangers to each other. Since we let go of the so-called “identity” to eat and drink, we naturally have no worries.

About an hour later, when they were amused by the little goldfish, there was a sudden sound of anger next door——

“Yuanrui! Can you stop your temper?”

“Toss this and that all day long! Think about whether you have this ability!”

Listening to this tone, yuanpuguang should be angry.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other, and the little goldfish on one side responded, “little uncle, is it your friend next door? Did they quarrel?”

“It’s all right. We’ll eat ours.”

Shi Yunnan put the small piece of meat in the little goldfish’s mouth and took the opportunity to educate, “every family has a difficult Sutra. We, as outsiders, don’t care about things that others close the door for the time being, okay?”


The little goldfish chewed the meat in his mouth and asked curiously, “but what if they quarreled very fiercely?”

“It depends on your ability to manage.” Luo Ling answered loudly, “you can do what you can according to your inner choice.”

“If you don’t have the ability, you can’t be brave so as not to hurt yourself, you know?”

The little goldfish nodded thoughtfully, and the cerebellar bag melon was rapidly digesting the meaning of this paragraph.

Well, the next door stopped with two angry words, and then there was a vague soothing sound.

Maybe Mrs. yuan and Lu Zhaoan have made a sound harmony.

Shi Yunnan secretly guessed: if yuan Puguang gets angry, he will probably attack yuan Rui. I just don’t know what the awkward young master said, which made the elders angry?

They ate for another half an hour until they were ready to get up and go home. There was another explosive quarrel next door——

“Just because I can’t learn jade carving well, it’s wrong for me to do anything from small to large in your eyes, isn’t it?”

“No matter how hard I try, I will be killed by you!”

“But what about yourself! You love jade carving so much! Our yuan family is still going downhill!”

“Enough! Yuan Rui, you have to be angry with me in front of outsiders, don’t you?”


Shi Yunnan and others had just walked out of the box when they heard the sound of cups and bowls smashing.

The floor waiter stopped awkwardly at the door of the box and walked in and out with an embarrassed face.

The door of the box next door is half open, so that people can easily see the situation inside——

Yuanpu’s face turned red and was stopped by his wife. On his side, Yuanrui also showed an angry and injured look.

Lu Zhaoan tried to stop it, but yuan Rui pushed it away with brute force. He resisted, “Lu Zhaoan! Don’t touch me!”

Yuanrui’s eyes returned to yuanpuguang’s face. It seemed that his emotions were suppressed to the extreme, “Dad, in your eyes, there is only Lu Zhaoan, and you only think of Lu Zhaoan!”

“He’s right to want to do jade design! I just mentioned the beginning and you’ll veto it immediately!”

“Yes, he’s in charge of Yuanshi now. I’m just a waste you don’t look up to! No wonder outsiders say he’s your illegitimate son. You give him everything! I don’t want it!”


“You bastard!”

Yuan Puguang slapped him hard, and the sound was too loud.

Not only the people in the box, but also Shi Yunnan and others who stayed outside for a short time were shocked.

Yuan Rui stood in situ stunned for several seconds, lowered his head and smashed bean big tears.

“Xiao Rui!” Mrs. yuan panicked.

“Master!” Lu Zhaoan shouted out of control and quickly checked yuan Rui’s situation, “don’t move, elder martial brother…”

Yuan Rui retreated half a step to avoid his concern. His eyes were terrible red and desperate. “See? As long as you are here, I can’t even compare with a hair of yours in his heart.”

There is no hoarse roar, but such a calm statement makes people feel inexplicably distressed.

Lu Zhaoan’s hand was frozen in mid air, “…”

Yuanrui walked out of the box in silence.

He pushed the door. Shi Yunnan and others, who had not had time to evacuate, seemed to want to maintain their dignity, casually wiped a tear and left quickly.

In the room, Yuan Puguang’s voice came again, “Zhao an! Mr. Xie! You don’t have to find him! I’ll see what capital he has left yuan!”

“Especially Zhao an! Did you hear what he said? If you turn to him again tonight, I’ll deal with you as a family rule!”

Shi Yunnan leaned slightly when he heard the speech. Sure enough, he found Xie KeYue’s figure.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes shimmered and thought——

When did this man come? Good friend Yuan Rui was slapped by his father. He said he wouldn’t find it if he didn’t find it?

Somehow, Shi Yunnan suddenly felt a burst of sadness for yuan Rui, who “made friends carelessly”.

Luo Lingsheng knew they couldn’t stay here and took the lead in steering the wheelchair to leave, “let’s go.”

Qin Bo and others had no objection and followed Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan put away his thoughts and went downstairs with everyone. Just when he walked to the hotel hall, he still couldn’t put aside the uncontrollable worry in his happiness and stopped.

“Wait, you go back first.”

Shi Yunnan sighed. He always felt that he was not worried at all. “… I think something is wrong. Go find yuan Rui.”

Yuan Rui’s eyes were too sad after being slapped, and the other party was always awkward. Shi Yunnan always felt that there was a secret in the dispute.

Without saying anything else, Shi Yunnan should not ignore yuan Rui’s righteous help in the black shop last time.

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes to Shi Yunnan and finally gave enough space for lovers, “I’ll send someone to protect you secretly and try to go home as soon as possible.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng’s deep eyes and suddenly moved his mind.

He bent down and covered the eyes of the little goldfish beside the wheelchair. At the same time, he kissed Luo without shyness in front of everyone, “OK, wait for me to go home.”

The sudden dog food stunned everyone, and even the waiters passing by couldn’t help looking more.

Qin Bamboo Slips and Yuan Meng looked at each other——

Compared with others, they all know that Mr. Shi is used to being wild in front of the owner, but it seems that this is the first time that the other party kisses in front of them?

The owner and Mr. Shi are really here!

When everyone around was shocked and silent, only Luo Lingsheng calmly bent his lips in a good mood, “HMM.”

Shi Yunnan smiled again, released the little goldfish, got up, returned and walked towards the hotel front desk——

He had to ask the front desk if he saw Yuanrui downstairs.

The little goldfish stared at Shi Yunnan’s back for a while, as if he had found a big secret, and smiled at Luo Lingsheng in the wheelchair.

“Uncle! I know what you were doing!”

Luo Lingsheng held his little nephew on his knee and maintained a good mood, “what do you know?”

“You and your little uncle must be poking!”


When Qin Bo and others heard this, they were helpless and funny. They had nothing to do with this little goldfish.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t deny it, but he didn’t forget education, “yes, but you are still young and can’t learn these indiscriminately. Your little uncle and I are…”

The little goldfish interrupted, “I know! My little uncle told me when he told me a story!”

Luo Ling led him out. “What did he tell you?”

“Only when I grow up and make sure that I like and like a person best can I make a Boo! I can’t do this to anyone. That’s not a good man!”

Luo Lingsheng saw that he was right and clear, and rarely agreed, “well, that’s right. We’re great today.”

The little goldfish got the rare praise from Luo Lingsheng and became more and more energetic. “Uncle, I know one more thing!”

Luo Lingsheng continued to follow him, “what do you know?”

The little goldfish shook his head, “my little uncle and uncle make a Bo, which means you are also his favorite and favorite person!”

“Uncle, am I right?”

Luo Lingsheng was finally teased by his little nephew with a short smile and answered without perfunctory words, “well, you’re right.”

The author has something to say: # little goldfish: I’m really a clever ghost!


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