After a Flash Marriage Chapter 43

When Shi Yunnan stepped onto the roof, the night wind was blowing loudly.

The hotel has specially reinforced a high fence around the roof and locked the door on the outermost side to prevent dangerous accidents.

Shi Yunnan looked around, locked his eyes on an isolated water tank surrounded by cement, and walked slowly with the things in his hand.

Close enough, he naturally saw the man behind the water tank——

Yuan Rui leaned his back against the concrete wall and curled himself up with his hands tightly around his legs. His head was still buried in his knees, with a faint sob.

At this moment, there was no trace of the drag that belonged to him on weekdays.

Shi Yunnan calmed down a little and breathed a sigh of relief. “How old are you? Are you still hiding here and crying?”


Yuan Rui, sitting on the ground, stiffened his shoulder and raised his eyes slowly.

There was only a faint old-fashioned lamp on the roof, which was just stuck above the water tank where they were. The light scattered enough for them to see each other’s existence.

Yuan Rui saw Shi Yunnan who suddenly appeared here and wanted to strengthen his self-esteem. “Why are you here? And how do you know I’m here?”

Shi Yunnan put down a dozen cold beer and raised his eyebrows. “The front desk of the hotel hall said he didn’t see you come down. Most of the other floors are guest rooms or banquet halls. I thought, you should only run up.”

That’s not true. A cat catches a mouse, one by one.

Shi Yunnan pulled out one of the cans of ice beer, squatted down and handed it to him, “here.”

Yuan Rui hesitated for a moment and felt that his face was lost today. There was nothing to struggle with.

So he took Shi Yunnan’s ice beer with broken cans, “what, where can I drink enough beer?”

Shi Yunnan heard his awkward tone of disapproval, hummed and smiled at him, “don’t drink, just apply it to your swollen face. It’s so ugly.”


Yuan Rui was slapped by Yuan Puguang. At this moment, the right half of his face is still red and swollen. Coupled with the red eyes and nose that have obviously cried, he is embarrassed and charming at the same time.

In other words, thanks to his face, it’s OK. Otherwise, I don’t know how much people dislike it.

Yuan Rui didn’t answer. He just pressed the ice beer on his face.

Because he worked too hard for a moment, he subconsciously ‘hissed’, and suddenly glanced at Shi Yunnan with some embarrassment.

Shi Yunnan did not hide his smile, and took out a pot of Baijiu from his windbreaker pocket. He handed it over. “Hold it, the highest degree, I am not responsible for getting drunk.”

The original sharp eyes stare at the Baijiu that was stuffed into the palm of the hand, and suddenly there was a subtle touch.


Is Shi Yunnan still so considerate?

I could guess that I wanted to drink strong Baijiu now.

Shi Yunnan looked at him and simply sat down opposite him. “Don’t look at me with such poor eyes. I’m a man with a husband.”

“… Shi Yunnan you!”

The original Rui was so speechless that he had to put his ice beer on his face and twist the lid of the Baijiu bottle with his mouth. “Don’t narcissism, I didn’t see you again.”

In an instant, the strong and strong wine gas penetrated into the tip of Yuan Rui’s nose and choked him a burst of cough.

Shi Yunnan picked up the beer on the ground and took the initiative to touch him. Only then did he look up and drink.

Yuan Rui looked at his move, and the corners of his mouth bent unconsciously. It seemed to detect something and held it back quickly.

When he had a dispute with Yuan Puguang in the past, he either went to a nightclub to drink alone or hid to vent.

Yuan Rui felt that he hated being disturbed at this time. However, in the face of Shi Yunnan who suddenly appeared in front of him, he rarely gave birth to an illusion——

If only the other party were their own friends.

Shi Yunnan drank silently without speaking. Yuan Rui simply drank muggy wine.

The night wind blows in bursts, blowing the drunkenness up a little.

Yuan Rui drank hard enough. Maybe he was depressed. Within half an hour, he asked, “Shi Yunnan, don’t you want to know what just happened in the box?”

“Did you all hear it when you sat next door?”

Shi Yunnan shook the beer in his hand and calmly replied, “I didn’t hear much, and I didn’t hear enough.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t ask you what happened today. When you’re depressed and confirm that there won’t be any accidents, I’ll ignore the ‘life and death’ of you drunkard.”

This remark was cold enough, as if he just regarded yuan Rui as an irrelevant stranger.

This remark is intimate enough. At least for yuan Rui at this moment, there is less questioning and ridicule, more companionship and dignity.

Yuan Rui thought, “why? Because I helped you in the black shop that time?”

Shi Yunnan did not deny, “I said, I don’t like to owe people.”

Yuan Rui glanced. “I wasn’t helping you that time, but I couldn’t see it when I passed by.”

Shi Yunnan didn’t answer. He was silent for a long time. Yuan Rui’s temper seemed to be unbearable.

He put down the can of face dressing beer, patted his painful but cold face and said, “my father has such a temper. In fact, he won’t beat me in front of outsiders.”


When Shi Yunnan heard the speech, a trace of surprise flashed at the bottom of his eyes.

He thought that Yuan Rui’s performance in the box would be full of resentment against Yuan Puguang and complain. Unexpectedly, the other party’s first sentence was to explain for his father?

“You can see my father’s age? He’s no younger than the parents of my friends of the same age.”

Yuan Rui didn’t deliberately go to see Shi Yunnan. He just talked to him on the spot. It was like talking to himself to find a vent for himself.

“Yuan’s family has been engaged in jade carving for five or six generations from me. It is said that the jade carving of grandfather can also be a tribute to the imperial palace.”

In an age when the level of education was not high, the most trusted word in the art industry was that strict teachers made excellent apprentices.

It is common for master to beat, scold, discipline and even corporal punishment his disciples.

Those who have talent and can endure it finally get master’s skills and continue to work. Those who have no talent and can’t stand it naturally have to change their profession and find another way to live.

“At my father’s age, when I was young, I learned jade carving from my grandfather by beating and scolding. My mother said that the more he learned, the more interesting he became. He has been drilling in jade carving all his life and can’t tolerate other crafts at all.”

Yuan’s family rules are based on his expertise in jade carving. You can’t be half hearted.

“He didn’t have me until he was almost 50. It hurt me, but he also pressed all his hopes on me.”

“I heard my mother mention…”

Yuan Rui poured himself a mouthful of wine and coughed twice before he continued——

When he was one year old, he grabbed a jade carving carved by Yuan Puguang himself, so he was praised by the guests, saying that “the son inherits his father’s industry” and that “he was born to eat this meal”.

Now think about that time, the burden was on Yuanrui under the invisible pressure.

Yuan Rui remembered his age of six or seven. When other children were still playing and didn’t even understand the word “learning skills”, he had already held up the carving knife and sat in front of the workbench all day.

“At that time, I had little strength, and the carving knife and jade were hard. I could simply carve a word and grind blisters and blood marks on my finger belly. I couldn’t help crying and made the child lose the jade. As a result, my father beat the palm of his hand with a wicker.”

Because the painful memory is too deep, Yuan Rui still vaguely remembers that day.

Shi Yunnan frowned slightly.

Beat with a wicker? This is another too pedantic rule left by the older generation.

In contrast, when he was six or seven years old, at least he was still in his mother’s gentle arms. Shi Sheng, the so-called “father”, also looked like a father.

“My mother often tells me that I’m my father’s own son, and he naturally has higher and stricter requirements for me, teacher… Lu Zhaoan was adopted. Although my father also raised him as an married son, he can’t really beat and scold after all.”

“I believe that!” Yuan Rui nodded with emphasis and added with dim eyes, “but Lu Zhaoan has always done well. He will never be beaten or scolded by my father.”

“In some trades, it depends on talent!” Yuanrui’s bitterness and grievance are heavier with drunkenness.

“Lu Zhaoan can see at a glance what the jade texture is suitable for carving, but I can’t. when I finally developed this eyesight, his jade carving works can be sold in the shop.”

He is inferior to Lu Zhaoan than experience.

He’s not as talented as Lucian.

Living under the same roof and learning from the same person, he can’t compare day by day and year by year.

“I know that my father began to be disappointed with me. He was depressed that he couldn’t ‘inherit his father’s career’, so every time he praised Lu Zhaoan, he would belittle me.”

“Every time you scold me, you always say, ‘look at your elder martial brother, how can I have such a useless son as you’!”


Shi Yunnan still didn’t answer, but was silent and silent as a listener.

However, he knows that young people have their own nature of mind. If they live in the shadow of another for a long time, they will have problems in the long run.

Yuan Rui felt a little funny. There was a trace of tears in the sound line. “I also know that I can never compare with Lu Zhaoan. He is the moon in the sky and I am the mud in the earth.”

“In the eyes of my father and those jade carvers, even in Lu Zhaoan’s heart, I will always be the one who is not qualified.”

Not qualified, not enough to stand side by side.

Yuan Rui began to become rebellious, lazy, and no longer abide by the rules. He just wanted to show a ridiculous self-esteem and face in front of people.

“I want them to know that even if I don’t engage in the jade carving industry, I can still have my own life!”

Yuan Rui laughed at himself and admitted himself without waiting for Shi Yunnan to speak. “Yes, this idea is childish, but I can only think of such resistance.”

Then he exchanged yuan Puguang’s arguments and beatings more than once.

“The more you are, the more you care about yuan.” Shi Yunnan pointed out sharply.

What really didn’t care was that he left without attachment to Shi.

Yuan Rui did not deny Shangshi Yunnan’s eyes for the first time, “yes, because my surname is yuan! I have no ability and don’t want to watch our family go downhill!”

“Like them, do you really think I care about Yuan’s capital?” Yuan Rui shook his head, “wrong.”

Yuan Rui knows that Lu Zhaoan is more capable of managing yuan’s family than he is. He doesn’t complain that the person who takes care of Yuan’s family is the other party.

Only the self-esteem blow from small to large and the inferiority complex exacerbated day and night in his heart do not allow yuan Rui to say anything soft and admit defeat to Lu Zhaoan.

“On the day of the accident in the material warehouse, you came to me more and more and said that he wanted to invest in Yuan’s new jade design, which will be divided into shares in the future.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, a trace of irony flashed between his eyebrows and eyes——

Sure enough, some of the tracks of fate will still overlap. Unexpectedly, Xie KeYue still moved his mind to rely on Yuan’s profit at this juncture.

“I didn’t promise at first.” Yuan Rui said.

On the one hand, he knew that Lu Zhaoan was solely responsible for this matter and did not want to find another “investor” to check and balance each other’s future decisions.

On the other hand, it is because the original jade carving is going downhill, and the newly opened jade design is not sure whether it can make a profit.

In other words, when Lu Zhaoan consulted yuan Puguang at the beginning, they all felt that unless they could bite their teeth and insist on opening up the market, they would definitely lose money in the early stage.

Yuanrui doesn’t want to pit his friends.

“I’m actually confused about what’s going on with you, KeYue and Shi family, but for me, KeYue is indeed the only friend who has recognized me from childhood to childhood.”

When Yuan Rui said this, he suddenly remembered Shi Yunnan’s praise to him in the warehouse that day, so he silently added in his heart: you’re the second.

Yuanrui is a little gifted in the cognition and judgment of raw stone and jade, but this ability is the most basic and worthless in the eyes of jade carving masters like yuanpuguang.

Shi Yunnan saw that he began to show drunkenness and eye color, but he rarely showed a simple and serious yuan Rui, so he understood——

Yuan Rui grew up in the sound of suppressed words. What he needs most is the recognition of outsiders.

And Xie KeYue’s mouth, water can be said to be honey by him. Not to mention, he is likely to approach Yuanrui with a goal at the beginning.

In Shi Yunnan’s original book dream, Yuan Rui is indeed one of Xie KeYue’s few friends who make sincere contacts. Perhaps their initial friendship was based on this foundation.

“After I first rejected KeYue’s proposal, he said that he was willing to accept his life even if he lost money in the end.”

However, the only condition for Xie KeYue’s investment is to let his good friend Yuan Rui participate in Yuan’s jade design instead of him.

He said that he worked in Shi’s side and could not do two things at once. He could only do the step of investment.

“But the more I recognize my ability to recognize jade, I also think it’s better for me to guard my own industry than others. Even in the future, Lu Zhaoan has the right to make decisions.”

Shi Yunnan pulled the corners of his mouth without trace.

Xie KeYue really packaged himself as a good man. On the one hand, he gave yuan sharp face and regarded himself as the shopkeeper.

It’s probably that the first two investment projects he personally participated in stumbled. Xie KeYue is more conservative this time.

But the most important thing is that Xie KeYue, a “Book wearer”, never makes uncertain investments. Since he is willing to invest in Yuanshi, it represents Yuanshi’s jade design. Nine times out of ten, he is destined to make money.

Yuan Rui poured the last Baijiu into the cement wall and whisper it down. “When I was persuaded by him, it was hiding some selfish feelings.”


Yuan Rui snorted two times like a mockery, and his grievance returned, “… I want to help him.”

Shi Yunnan was stunned for two seconds before he realized that Yuan Rui’s “he” meant Lu Zhaoan. Then, even if yuan Rui didn’t speak, he guessed the reason——

Lu Chao’an broke the rules of Yuan’s “fine diamond jade carving” and changed to jade design, which must be questioned and pressured by others.

If he loses too much in the end, everyone’s responsibility and blame will fall on him alone, but with Xie KeYue’s investment, at least the financial pressure can be reduced.

Moreover, Yuan Rui volunteered to join. If he did it seriously, he could help in jade procurement and material selection. Even if he failed in the end, Lu Zhaoan would not bear the curse alone.

On the contrary, more curses will focus on Yuan Rui——

Because he is yuan Puguang’s only son, and because he was a waste of “doing things.”.

Since ancient times, mediocre people have borne more curses.

After Shi Yunnan thought for a moment, Yuan Rui on the opposite side sobbed completely because of the wine. “I specially booked a hotel box and wanted to tell them seriously that I also wanted to make efforts for Yuan’s family…”

But just at the beginning, he was blocked back by Yuan Puguang.

When the hope in his heart failed, Yuan Rui hurriedly refuted two sentences, which led to the two accusations heard by Shi Yunnan and others halfway through the dinner.

“What about Xie KeYue? Why did he come?”

Shi Yunnan did not shy away from asking questions. He clearly remembered that Xie KeYue did not appear when the two families first met at the elevator entrance.

Yuan Rui shook his head. “I told him about today and told him not to come for the time being.”

After all, Yuanrui wants to initially convince his parents to meet his friends and family another day.

In this way, even if it is unsuccessful, his friendship with Xie KeYue will not be particularly damaged.

“But I’m afraid I can’t convince my parents, so I came here temporarily.”

“What’s the result? My father began to say more and more to me in front of him. I really tried to bear it, but I still couldn’t hold my temper…”

The more yuan Rui thought about it, the more he was wronged. His confidence accumulated in recent days collapsed again at that moment.

“Shi, Shi Yunnan.” He raised his eyes to look at his predecessors, with tears in his eyes and refused to fall.

“In your outsider’s eyes, am I really… Bad…”

So bad that no one wants to believe that he wants to do something seriously no matter how hard he tries?

Shi Yunnan looked at Yuan Rui, who was holding his mouth and crying in front of him, and somehow thought of the little goldfish at home, probably because of his face whose milk fat had not been eliminated.

Shi Yunnan moved closer and told the truth, “although you are a drag and arrogant man, I think your heart is not bad. No one can be perfect. You and I are the same.”

Shi Yunnan touched his pocket and really didn’t bring a paper towel. “Cry if you want. I don’t laugh at you.”


Yuanrui tried to hold back the corners of his mouth. As a result, tears fell one after another.

The grievances and inferiority complex over the years poured out like a mountain torrent at this moment, and they unexpectedly leaned thoughtlessly on Shi Yunnan’s shoulder.

Shi Yunnan was stiff for half a second, and Yuan Rui’s cry stopped his hand trying to refuse.

“I’m not playing. I, I really just want to help them. Why did he only scold me when he grew up?”

The more he is reprimanded, the more afraid yuan Rui is of doing wrong. The more afraid he is of doing wrong, the less he can concentrate on doing well.

At the beginning, Yuan Rui was willing to follow Lu Zhaoan’s back and cheerfully called elder martial brother, but gradually, those polarized reprimands and compliments drove them farther and farther away.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t catch up.

Because of his inner inferiority complex, Yuan Rui began to accept his life, gave up his struggle, and began to watch other masters and elders hold each other on the high platform, and then let himself fall in the mud.

The more the other party accommodates him, the more he resists.

Yuan Rui cried more and more confused, and even belched untimely.

Shi Yunnan didn’t expect yuan Rui to have a small crying bag. At the moment, he was still entangled by the drunken man. He cried so much that even his windbreaker was wet.

In desperation, he had to take out his mobile phone and send a positioning to Lu Zhaoan in wechat, which was concise and comprehensive——

“Come and pick up your weeping bag.”

Lu Zhaoan took less than 20 minutes from sending the message to reaching the roof.

The bottom of his panting eyes gathered worries that were difficult to dissipate. He barely pressed down a pant until he was close to them. “Mr. Shi, please.”

Just in the box, even if yuan Puguang strictly prohibited it, Lu Zhaoan, who was worried, ran out against the teacher’s orders, but yuan Rui turned off his mobile phone for the first time. He really couldn’t find anyone.

Yuan Rui cried half and went to sleep. At this moment, he can still snore.


Shi Yunnan made no secret of his dislike and felt funny, “it’s hard for you to stand on such a younger martial brother.”

Lu Zhaoan didn’t speak, but with the help of Shi Yunnan, he carried yuan Rui back to himself.

Shi Yunnan picked up the beer bottles on the ground, thought about it, and said, “Mr. Lu, to be honest, I don’t have a good relationship with Xie KeYue.”

“If yuan accepted Xie KeYue’s investment, I should not choose cooperation.”

Spend your energy making money for the enemy?

Shi Yunnan hasn’t been so kind.

Lu Zhao calmed down and answered truthfully, “master, he doesn’t intend to invest and cooperate with Xie KeYue. He just said some important words at the dinner table. In fact, he just wants Mr. Xie to retreat.”

After all, the visitor is a guest. Yuan Puguang is no longer willing to attack in front of Xie KeYue, so he points the spearhead at his son.

It’s just that Yuan Puguang was used to talking and didn’t worry about yuan Rui’s mood, so a big dispute broke out in the follow-up.

Lu Zhao feels relieved that Yuan Rui is frustrated, but he can’t blame the mentor who raised him to teach him. It’s not easy for him to be caught in the middle.

“Well, I’ll go back first.”

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly and chose to go downstairs with their martial brothers.

After he drove away, Lu Zhaoan weighed yuan Rui, who was rarely honest on his back.

Yuanrui seems to be very familiar with this back method. Even in his sleep, he doesn’t forget to wrap his hands around Lu Zhaoan.

“Elder martial brother…”

The sound of babbling reached his ears, Lu Zhaoan’s pace suddenly stopped, and a complex glimmer flashed across his eyes.

After a long silence, he walked towards the parking lot with Yuanrui on his back.

When Shi Yunnan returned home, little goldfish and others had washed and slept.

Luo Lingsheng, who stayed in the study, heard the slight movement on the stairs, immediately put down the report documents and came out with a wheelchair.

The next second, they were in sight.

Shi Yunnan’s smile grew wider and closer, “I thought you were all asleep.”

“No, I’m waiting for you.” Luo Lingsheng answered.

He asked about his lover’s experience in these two or three hours, “did the original young master find it? How’s the situation?”

Then he caught a glimpse of a large dark water stain on the shoulder of Shi Yunnan’s windbreaker. “Why is the coat dirty?”

Shi Yunnan looked down and couldn’t laugh or cry. “It’s a long story. Aren’t you busy? Go back to the room and I’ll tell you.”

Seeing that the light in the study had gone out, he simply pushed Luo Lingsheng to the bedroom.

After entering the bedroom and closing the door, Shi Yunnan casually sat down by the bed and explained what had happened just after he found yuan Rui.

Luo Lingsheng is not a talkative person. Shi Yunnan naturally doesn’t have to worry about it.

“Now I’m 100% sure that Yuan Rui’s heart is not bad, but he can’t be affirmed since childhood, which leads to his awkward character and some rashness.”

“People like him are too easy to be used by people with intentions.”

Luo Lingsheng poked through his hidden words, “do you mean Xie KeYue?”

Shi Yunnan hum, it’s the default.

Of course, making friends with others is a free right. Shi Yunnan is not Xie KeYue. He will not speak ill of each other in front of Yuan Rui.

He pointed to the crying stains on his clothes and remembered yuan Rui’s rare little crying bag. He couldn’t help laughing and said, “you don’t know. I saw yuan Rui four or five times. Every time he dragged him to heaven. Today he actually held me crying for the first time?”


Luo Lingsheng’s eyes did not change obviously, “did he hold you?”

Shi Yunnan was still immersed in ‘fun’ and didn’t notice the subtle changes of the other party for the moment. “Yes, this guy has great strength when he is drunk. I can’t get rid of it for the moment.”

“You said that if he remembered his words and deeds tonight after he woke up tomorrow, would he have to avoid me in the future?”

“Speaking of, Yuanrui is not as mature as our little goldfish in some aspects. It’s very funny.”


Luo Lingsheng still didn’t speak.

He always felt that Shi Yunnan always had an unspeakable preference for yuan Rui’s evaluation?

Seeing that Luo Lingsheng didn’t speak for a long time, Shi Yunnan finally found something wrong.

He approached with great interest and asked, “Luo Lingsheng, are you listening to me?”

“I hear you.”

“What did I say?”

Luo Ling’s voice fell on the side of his fingers and rubbed them slightly. He didn’t answer the question, “take off your coat and take a bath first.”


Shi Yunnan deliberately took off his coat in front of Luo Lingsheng, and joked between his eyebrows and eyes, “husband, how to deal with this coat? Tens of thousands of small.”

Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan’s deliberate ridicule, took his hand directly to his arms and threw out the answer, “don’t lose this coat.”


You let me hug, too.


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