After a Flash Marriage Chapter 44

Three days later.

Shi Yunnan finished the design of the first version of the jade necklace. He looked at the bright sky outside the window and stretched himself to the extreme. Then he went straight back to the next room.

The electronic door of the bedroom was hidden, and it seemed that Luo Lingsheng had deliberately kept the door for him.

Since the two broke the relationship, Shi Yunnan simply moved to Luo Lingsheng’s bedroom. However, his original bedroom was not empty and wasted, but was regarded as a daily private studio by him.

When Shi Yunnan walked into the bedroom, Luo Lingsheng just got up and went back to the wheelchair in bed.

He looked at the dark circles under his lover’s eyes, frowned with different approval, “have you been busy all night?”

“Not at all. I couldn’t stand it at almost five o’clock in the morning. I just lay down in my bed and slept for a while.”

However, half asleep and half awake, Shi Yunnan thought of modifying a small node of the necklace, so he simply got up again and continued his desk work.

Shi Yunnan, with a cup of unfinished coffee in his hand, approached, “good morning.”

Luo Lingsheng replied, “it’s only eight o’clock. Go to bed and sleep for a while.”

The voice line of men getting up early is lower than that of the rest of the time. They are lazy, hoarse and extremely sexy.

Shi Yunnan loved each other’s tone and couldn’t help bending down and getting closer.

All of a sudden, he found a funny thing.

“Are you going to wash and go out now?”

As Shi Yunnan spoke, he stretched out his fingertips and touched Luo Lingsheng’s chin, slightly itching.

Luo Lingsheng was so flustered by him that he couldn’t help holding his cold hand, “what’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan began to be dishonest early in the morning and raised his lips, “husband, your beard residue is coming out. Shall I help you shave it off bit by bit?”

“Not sleepy?” Luo Lingsheng asked.

He still held his lover’s fingertips. It was too cold. He wanted to help cover the heat.

“Anyway, I’m not very sleepy now. When you pack up and go out, I’ll sleep back.” Shi Yunnan replied, obviously looking forward to his proposal being accepted.

Luo Lingsheng was moved by Shi Yunnan’s request. He still pretended to be calm, “… Whatever you want.”


The two entered the bathroom together, rinsed their mouths and brushed their teeth one high and one low.

Luo Lingsheng habitually uses a manual razor because it can be treated more cleanly. As a man, Shi Yunnan naturally knows how to use these tools.

He took a hot wet towel and gently pressed it on the cyan beard residue of Luo Lingsheng, as if he were doing something extremely important, “Mr. Luo, I’m beginning to serve you.”

Luo Lingsheng never thought that he would look forward to shaving one day. He endured it. After all, his eyes still showed a trace of interest, “then trouble Mr. Shi.”

“You’re welcome. It’s called –” Shi Yunnan’s lips rubbed against the man’s towering nose, “husband interest.”

Luo Lingsheng fooled around early in the morning and clearly set to go out at 8:30, but he was eager to extend the time forever or stay at this moment forever.

Shi Yunnan covered the cream residue of Luo Ling with the special foam ointment, so he picked up the razor.

The blade slowly and smoothly crossed the smooth and aesthetic chin curve, scraped away the insignificant cyan from left to right, from top to bottom, and restored to the original perfect appearance.

Shi Yunnan picked up the warm towel in each other’s hands and wiped it. Only then did he raise his jaw proudly, “Mr. Luo, check it and remember to give a five-star praise.”

Luo Lingsheng glanced at the mirror with his side eyes. The radian of his lips became more and more obvious, “Mr. Shi doesn’t need a reward?”


Shi Yunnan nodded naturally, “I’ll trade your good morning kiss for it. Don’t suffer a loss?”

Luo Lingsheng stared at the enticing lip that asked for a kiss, strongly clasped his back neck and kissed it.

Shi Yunnan volunteered to ask for a good morning kiss, but all he wanted was a light kiss, but when they were really stuck together, everything changed.

Although Luo Lingsheng is not obvious, his tough behavior shows everything.

He pulled Shi Yunnan into his arms, one hand still fixed on the back of his lover’s neck, so that he had to bow his head and kiss himself continuously.

The other hand was not idle, tightly circled the waist of the man in his arms, locked him on his legs and couldn’t retreat.

Since the night they broke the relationship, Luo Lingsheng didn’t take the initiative to ask for any intimacy for nearly half a month. The reason is very simple——

He’s afraid of losing control.

Just like now, the hot breath is confused together, occasionally mixed with an emotional whisper, which makes people completely unable to maintain their reason.

Shi Yunnan subconsciously moved his seat. As a result, he heard Luo Lingsheng utter an unprecedented dull hum.

The next second, Luo Lingsheng bit Shi Yunnan’s lower lip punitively, which released his imprisonment like a brake, “don’t move.”

Shi Yunnan was stiff and relaxed for two seconds. Unconsciously, he rubbed the tip of the other party’s nose with the tip of his nose. “Luo Lingsheng, are you responding?”


“What do you say?” Luo Ling asked hoarsely.

Because of the inconvenience of his legs, Shi Yunnan was destined to take the initiative in some aspects.

Luo Lingsheng is not indulgent. Since his lover didn’t mention such a thing during this period, he won’t deliberately guide and ask.

Over the years, he has been used to dealing with his inner feelings.

It’s good to be with Shi Yunnan now, rather than care about fighting for the intimacy of that moment.

Shi Yunnan didn’t think he was the prey in the pit at all. Instead, he hummed proudly.

It can make lovers feel about themselves, which is an unspeakable pleasure that can be obtained without oral praise.

“Luo Lingsheng, wait for me again.” Shi Yunnan pressed down the subtle emotional reaction of his body.


“I wanted to do it on impulse that night, but I haven’t tried with others before…” Shi Yunnan whispered frankly.

With Luo Lingsheng’s temperament, he is certainly unwilling to succumb to others.

Shi Yunnan has no taboo about this, but it is an established fact that his lover’s legs are inconvenient. Even if he temporarily takes the initiative with the posture of “navel orange”, he has to find a way to make himself suffer less.

Luo Lingsheng interrupted him, “what do you think?”

Shi Yunnan put aside those out of tune ideas and undisguised his feelings, “I like you very much and want to do that with you, but I think I have to be more prepared. Don’t worry.”

Otherwise, how humiliating it would be to take the initiative and get tired halfway?


Luo Lingsheng heard these words and impulsively kissed Shi Yunnan’s neck.

He buried his hair and sighed helplessly and happily, “I know, I’m not in a hurry.”

As soon as the voice fell, the housekeeper asked, “master, are you up? It’s time.”

“Here we are.”

Luo Lingsheng loosened Shi Yunnan’s voice and restrained his look. “Since we all wash, have breakfast and then make up for sleep?”

Shi Yunnan got up from his leg and said, “OK.”

When they took the elevator downstairs, the little goldfish was sitting on the table drinking milk. He looked up and drank most of the cup. When he put it down, there was a white “milk beard” on the edge of his mouth.

Perhaps Shi Yunnan was rarely seen at breakfast. The little goldfish immediately jumped off the table and greeted him, “good morning, little uncle!”

“Good morning.” Shi Yunnan habitually pinched his little flesh face.


Luo Lingsheng, who was completely ignored by his little nephew, shouted, “today Yu.”

The little goldfish looked at him in a low voice, “good morning, uncle.”

Without the excitement just now, there was an unspeakable sense of perfunctory——


During this time of night, my uncle always occupied my little uncle. He hasn’t heard the bedtime story for a long time!

The little goldfish looked at Shi Yunnan again, took his hand and went to the table, “little uncle, today’s poached eggs and fried sausage are very delicious! And your favorite fish porridge!”

Luo Lingsheng, who was left in place again, had no choice but to follow up with his wheelchair.

Shi Yunnan looked at the white beard on the lip of the little goldfish. He was a little obsessive-compulsive and couldn’t help it. “Don’t move. I’ll wipe the milk stains on your mouth.”

Shi Yunnan conveniently took out the napkin on the table. During this period, he glanced at Luo Lingsheng and said with deep meaning, “I didn’t expect to become a shaving expert today.”

The little goldfish looked up and let him clean it. He was surprised and afraid, “ah? Uncle, do I have a beard?”

Shi Yunnan was amused by his children’s words. “No, your white beard is fake.”

Children’s curiosity is always various, “whose beard do you shave?”

Shi Yunnan answered casually, “your uncle’s beard.”

Unexpectedly, after the little goldfish heard this, his little eyes looked at Luo Lingsheng’s face.

For a long time, he expressed his views like a little adult, “do you want my little uncle to help shave when my uncle is so old? It’s really not reassuring.”


Luo Lingsheng felt his little nephew’s dislike for the first time. He always felt that the child dared to say anything with the protection of Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan and the housekeeper who came with a small schoolbag looked at each other and smiled at each other.

Luo Lingsheng couldn’t say anything harsh in front of his lover, so he had to move out of the teacher to ‘Knock’ the little goldfish, “today Yu, after dinner, let Grandpa Qin take you to the kindergarten. If you linger a little longer, you’ll be late.”

“At that time, all the children in the kindergarten will see you standing at the door by the teacher.”


Hearing this, the little goldfish quickly stuffed the remaining half of the poached egg into his small mouth and said vaguely, “it’s around the nest! Little uncle, wow, see you in debt!”

This goodbye still failed to add Luo Lingsheng, my uncle.

Shi Yunnan looked at a little goldfish carrying a small schoolbag and dragging the housekeeper uncle Qin out in one hand. He looked back at Luo Lingsheng, who was calm to eat at the Lord’s seat, “aren’t you just arguing with children?”

“I don’t care.”

… is impossible.

Luo Lingsheng answered duplicity and scooped a mouthful of fish porridge.

Without the little goldfish, a “little trouble” competing for Shi Yunnan’s attention, he felt that the taste of breakfast was much more fragrant.


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