After a Flash Marriage Chapter 45

As soon as Shi Yunnan sent Luo Lingsheng away after breakfast, he received a wechat message from Lu Zhaoan——

The other party invited him to arrive at Yuanshi jade design studio at 3 p.m. and said that there was something very important to announce.

Shi Yunnan calculated the time slightly and agreed happily.

He has just finished the first edition of the design draft. He just needs to discuss the details with Lu Zhaoan and the polishing master of the jade factory.

A quarter to three in the afternoon.

Shi Yunnan arrived at the original design studio around Linglong market. As soon as he was ready to take the elevator upstairs, he heard a request at the door, “Hey! Please wait!”

Shi Yunnan recognized the owner of the voice and pressed the “door open button” for the first time.

At the same time, Yuanrui sidled in, “thanks…”

He said the word “thank you” to Shang Shi Yunnan’s familiar face slowly, and then his face showed an inexplicable blush.

Shi Yunnan poked, “Yuan Rui, why are you shy?”

“Nonsense! Can I be shy of you?” Yuanrui denied it.

Then, he hesitated, “what, I was on the roof of the hotel the other night. Ma, please.”

“No trouble.”

Shi Yunnan joked, “but someone suddenly soiled my clothes like a small crying bag, tens of thousands of yuan.”

“I’ll pay!” Yuan Rui answered quickly and suddenly thought of something embarrassing and added, “when I get paid, I’ll save money to compensate you the first time.”

After getting along with each other for so many times, Yuan Rui’s bad impression of Shi Yunnan has disappeared. On the contrary, he feels that the other party is still a very good person.

It’s a pity that Xie KeYue has a bad relationship with Shi Yunnan. Otherwise, Yuan Rui really wants to make this friend.

Shi Yunnan pressed the elevator floor button, “did the original master agree you to participate in jade design?”


Yuan Rui responded with an excited and satisfied light in his eyes.

Last night, Yuan Puguang and Yuan Rui reached an unprecedented reconciliation. The other Party promised him to participate in Yuan’s jade design.

However, in order to prevent yuan Rui from fooling around again, Yuan Puguang frozen his bank card and asked him to exchange his hard work for wages.

Yuan Puguang, who has always scolded himself for being useless, finally assigned him other work besides jade carving, or the jade design he chose before!

So Yuanrui agreed to this condition without thinking.

He was so excited that he didn’t sleep all night. After learning that he had to have a meeting with all the staff at three o’clock this afternoon, he hurried to the nearby area to wait.

In order not to let others see his excitement, Yuan Rui waited until just now and stepped into the building where yuan’s jade studio was located. As a result, he met Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan did not reveal his excitement, but it was difficult to tease him in his voice, “original young master, come on.”

“That, of course.”

Yuan Rui coughed twice deliberately and solemnly for fear of revealing his stuffing.

The elevator door opened in response.

Lu Zhaoan went down the whole floor as Yuan’s independent jade design work. As soon as he came out of the elevator, he could see the office hall in the transparent glass.

Yuan Rui saw Lu Zhaoan’s tall thin figure and subconsciously stopped his pace, “Shi Yunnan.”

“What’s the matter?” Shi Yunnan, who was walking ahead, turned back and asked.

Yuan Rui glanced at Lu Zhaoan with Yu Guang again, and then covered his mouth like a mask. “Can you please… Keep it secret for me? At least, don’t let my family know.”

Yuan Rui approached him and rarely softened his voice. “Please, just think I owe you a favor. I’ll pay it back next time!”

Shi Yunnan was acutely aware of something and raised his eyebrows. “Don’t worry, I don’t like to get involved in other people’s private affairs. I forgot what you said that night.”

The latter half of the sentence was obviously deliberately said to Yuan Rui.

Yuan Rui was slightly relieved, “thank you.”

Apart from anything else, based on his understanding of Shi Yunnan for nearly two or three times, the latter can fully trust what he said.

Shi Yunnan was funny. He found that Yuanrui liked to say “thank you” to himself more and more. It was eighteen thousand miles away from the guy he met for the first time. He was about to be promoted to a polite pioneer.

“All right, go in.”

Shi Yunnan dropped this sentence and took the lead in entering the studio.

Yuan Rui stayed in place for a few seconds and saw Lu Zhaoan and other designers in the studio through the glass. This was the first time he was full of energy after giving up jade carving——


It turned out that he still had the opportunity to participate in his own career and stand side by side with that man.

Yuan Rui pressed the smile on the corner of his mouth and stepped into the design studio with a serious look.

Lu Zhaoan not only invited Shi Yunnan and Yuan’s cooperative design, but also invited six other designers, three men and three women, half of which are young, cutting-edge and experienced designers.

This was Shi Yunnan’s first meeting with other design colleagues. In addition to being polite, they also looked at each other secretly.

Lu Zhaoan was relieved to see yuan Rui who arrived at the studio on time. Then he opened his mouth as a ‘leader’, “everyone, since everyone is here, please take a seat in the conference room?”

“Today I want to announce three things, but it shouldn’t take you a few minutes.”

“OK.” “No problem.”

Shi Yunnan heard the response of others, but silently followed at the end. He actually doesn’t like dealing with a lot of strangers except when necessary.

Shi Yunnan originally wanted to find a back seat to sit down casually, but as soon as he entered the conference room, he heard Lu Zhaoan’s voice, “Mr. Shi, why don’t you sit here?”

Lu Zhaoan refers to the vice chair in the conference room.

It looks like an ordinary position, but in the eyes of other designers, it represents the “second top chair” of the design studio.

Yang Sen, one of the designers, just opened the vice chair and heard this sentence. He kept calm and stepped back to Shi Yunnan, “please.”

Soon, Yang Sen sat in an ordinary vacant seat beside him and looked at Shi Yunnan’s strange face in a low-key way.

He had been in the jade design circle for 15 years, and had never heard of the name “Shi Yunnan” before.

Compared with others, Yang Sen should be the leader of Yuanshi jade studio in terms of qualification and performance.

At present, in Lu Zhaoan’s mouth, he was replaced by an unknown Shi Yunnan, who said that it was false to have no objection.

Shi Yunnan pretended not to see Yang Sen’s look. He would be at ease if he came. After all, he is not without strength.

Lu Zhaoan is not a person who can speak polite scenes. After a simple opening speech and an introduction to the names of the designers, he cut into the theme briefly.

“Today I would like to announce three important things on behalf of Hara -”

“Although the cooperation agreements signed by Yuanshi and everyone are free, after all, the studio is opened here. There must be a visible chief designer to facilitate everyone’s occasional communication.”

When they heard this, they nodded.

“This is the first point.” Lu Zhaoan looked at Shi Yunnan and said quietly and steadily, “Yuan decided to let Mr. Shi Yunnan take over the post temporarily. I don’t know what the intention of Mr. Shi himself and other designers is?”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise.

Half a minute ago, he didn’t know that Lu Zhaoan and Yuan had such an idea.

Before Shi Yunnan, the party concerned, made a statement, the other six designers present whispered.

Yang Sen spoke on behalf of everyone, “excuse me for my ignorance. I don’t know what representative works Mr. Shi had before? Are there any contacts in the jade circle and the auction house?”

Yuanshi’s jade design takes two routes——

The first is the popular new route, and the second is the luxurious high-end route.

The former relies on online and offline shop publicity, while the latter needs to be sold by auction houses or celebrity contacts.

Shi Yunnan smiled. “I’ve been abroad before, and I’m more engaged in the design of diamonds and jewelry. I’m sorry, I don’t have any domestic representative works for the time being.”

In exchange for more questions from others.

Shi Yunnan doesn’t think the position of “chief designer” is very important.

After all, he is only a person who needs to come to town when he encounters design trouble, and the cooperation agreements signed by all designers present are equal.

“Mr. Shi is too modest. Lou’s appearance design is very famous in the circle.” Lu Zhaoan added for Shi Yunnan.

Of course, Shi Yunnan did not deliberately disclose his true identity to outsiders.

When Lu Zhaoan added an exit, Yang Sen and other designers stopped a little.

After all, Lou’s appearance design involving jade beads has attracted a wave of heat a while ago, and even caused many similar industries to follow suit.

They are jade designers, but they have heard of it.

But Shi Yunnan looks so young. The most successful design is good luck! How can it represent all the strength?

This is too hasty!

The other six designers don’t agree, but they want to be a good man and have a good temper. They are unwilling to be the first to object.

Lu Zhaoan continued to ask, “Mr. Shi, what do you think?”

Shi Yunnan felt the “contempt” gathered around him, and suddenly felt that this position was not for nothing.

He said subtly, “thank you. I can accept it.”

Shi Yunnan never denied that there were bad roots in his bones——

The more others show their disapproval or malice to him, the more he wants to win or lose secretly.

What did you say? I just like to see the way other people don’t like him and can’t fight him.

As soon as the voice fell, a loud voice of support rang out in the conference room——

“I have no problem!”

The crowd looked at the source of the sound one after another, and found that Yuan Rui, who was sitting at the end, made a noise excitedly.

Yuan Rui clapped slowly to show his sincerity to Shang Shi Yunnan’s eyes. He didn’t care about the doubt and displeasure in the eyes of other designers.

make fun of!

The designer only knew Shi Yunnan. From the perspective of light familiarity, he must choose each other!

“Mr. Lu, who is this?” Another young designer asked.

Lu Zhaoan replied, “this is the second thing I want to tell you. From today on, Yuan Rui will take over my position and become the core person in charge of Yuan’s jade design studio.”

This is the result of his discussion with Yuan Puguang.

As soon as they heard yuan Rui’s surname, they understood each other’s general identity and immediately had no opinion.

“Please rest assured that the contents of the contract signed before are still the same. You are responsible for providing the design draft, and Yuanshi is responsible for providing stone materials and processing. The subsequent profits will be divided according to the signing.”

“Both I and Yuan Rui are responsible for all matters after the design for you, and will not affect your design.”

“Of course, I hope all your designs comply with the standard line of originality. In addition, if you encounter any unnecessary problems in the future, we, Mr. Yuan and Mr. Shi, as the forefront, will solve them for you.”

Hearing this, Yang Sen and others had to acquiesce in the first two points. After all, this “design business” is really not a loss for them.

Among all the people, only Shi Yunnan noticed something wrong. His eyebrows flashed doubt, “Mr. Lu, did you just say yuan Rui replaced you? Not assistance?”

“What about yourself?”

With this question, the audience unconsciously reacted.

Yuan Rui, sitting at the end, was stunned and subconsciously focused on Lu Zhaoan on the main position.

Lu Zhaoan was silent for a moment and spoke calmly. “This is the third thing I want to say. From now on, I will quit Yuanshi jade studio and Yuanshi’s management. I also hope you can abide by the previous agreement and go better and better hand in hand with Yuanshi.”


For a moment, everyone was silent.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the last yuan Rui and saw the smile on the corners of the other party’s mouth solidify in an instant.

Shi Yunnan looked back at Lu Zhaoan’s face and understood in time in two seconds——

No wonder in his original dream, even if Yuanrui and Xie KeYue did a good job in the field of jade design and sales, there never existed Lu Zhaoan.

It turns out that Lu Zhaoan chose to quit automatically before everything officially started?


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