After a Flash Marriage Chapter 46

Ten minutes later, all the designers, including Shi Yunnan, left the conference room.

“What’s the matter with changing the commander before it starts?”

“Who knows? But then again, Yuan’s cooperation agreement is quite kind. What’s more, their jade materials are really famous. As long as Yuan gives money according to the agreement, I’m still willing to do design.”

“That’s right, but long-term development is different from short-term profit…”

Six designers said as they walked and left the studio.

Shi Yunnan took his carry on bag and sat down in an office seat. He didn’t leave with others.

He had brought the design draft today. Even if Lu Zhaoan put forward three temporary requirements, he did not intend to change his work plan——

No matter who cooperates with and what form of cooperation it is, he must complete the design work on time.

This is the rigid rule set by Shi Yunnan after he entered the design industry.

Shi Yunnan glanced sideways at the closed door of the conference room. Lu Zhaoan and Yuan Rui remained inside. Even through frosted glass, he could imagine the silent and solidified atmosphere in the conference room.

Soon, there was a strong dispute, or more like Yuanrui’s unilateral vent.

“My father didn’t want to accept KeYue’s investment. You gave up this industry temporarily, so you threw me like garbage? Let me manage the jade design studio? Lu Zhaoan, I don’t need your self righteous charity!”


The door of the conference room was flung open.

Yuan Rui, who rushed out of the door quickly, suddenly fell silent at the moment when he hit Shi Yunnan’s line of sight.

Shi Yunnan looked up at Yuan Rui’s dimly red eyes and his eyebrows coagulated undetectably. The latter’s hands hung down and clenched. After all, he ran away from the studio before Lu Zhaoan chased out.

Before long, Lu Zhao walked out calmly. He was stunned when he saw Shi Yunnan still in place.

Seeing the two brothers, Shi Yunnan shook his head rarely, “Mr. Lu, how are you?”

“… nothing.” Lu Zhaoan converged and went straight to Shi Yunnan. “Why hasn’t Mr. Shi left yet?”

“I brought the first design draft.” Shi Yunnan patted his backpack and asked in a relaxed tone, “but in this situation, do I want to discuss with the person in charge of you or the little crying bag?”

Lu Zhaoan shook his head helplessly and approached, “give it to me and let me see.”

Shi Yunnan passed his first electronic design draft, but he was not in a hurry for the other party’s feedback. “Mr. Lu, since I was promoted to chief designer by you at the meeting just now, I should have the right to ask…”

He paused and asked in the most ordinary office tone, “why did you suddenly quit the studio?”

Lu Zhao’an stared at the design draft with her eyes down. In fact, her mind was not on this at the moment. “This is my personal decision, and I have consulted my master.”

In fact, Lu Zhaoan is not infatuated with Yuan’s management power. Even like his master yuan Puguang, Lu Zhaoan has a preference for jade carving from his bones.

“The reason why I helped manage yuan’s family a few years ago is that Yuan Rui is not old enough to support him. I don’t want master to put too much pressure on him.”

But Lu Zhaoan gradually found that he was wrong——

The more he manages yuan’s family, the more he can’t get away from the original family. The more he takes root in this family, the deeper Yuanrui’s misunderstanding and resistance to him.

“As long as you are in this family and I am in his heart, I can’t even compare with a hair of yours.”

At the end of the box dispute that day, Yuan Rui knocked Lu Zhao’an in place for a moment. He spent the whole night trying to figure out one thing.

“Xiao Rui’s nature is not bad. The reason why he has more and more conflicts with Shifu over the years is because of my existence. In that case, I am willing to return everything to yuan and him.”

“When master told him last night that he could manage jade design, he was obviously very happy. He didn’t know what was wrong for a while. It is estimated that he can figure it out by himself after a while.”

“Yuan Rui prefers to deal with jade than jade carving.” Shi Yunnan nodded approvingly and gave a hint, “but he really doesn’t have much experience. Without you, he should be more wasteful.”

Lu Zhaoan sighed and added, “don’t worry, Mr. Shi. Since Yuan decided to open up a new road, he couldn’t give up halfway. Even if I wasn’t responsible for the jade design, Shifu invited an old jade expert to help Xiao Rui choose the materials.”

Yuanrui is capable in this field, but it takes time to cultivate.

Of course, Yuan Puguang listened to the advice of his wife and apprentice. This time, Yuan Rui was directly responsible for the studio, which was one of the means to temper his son’s temperament.

After hearing this long series of explanations, Shi Yunnan couldn’t help feeling——

Lu Zhaoan and Yuan Rui, the two brothers, or yuan Puguang and Yuan Rui, the father and son, are always separated by a little misunderstanding.

If anyone is willing to sit down and communicate well, it may not be the current situation.

However, Shi Yunnan agreed to keep Yuanrui confidential. Second, as an outsider, he can’t take care of others’ family affairs.

Whoever unties the bell must tie it.

These contradictions and misunderstandings of the original family can only be solved by themselves. It is useless for outsiders to say more, and the more they say, the more chaotic they become.

Shi Yunnan knew that Lu Zhaoan didn’t want to deal with work at the moment. “Mr. Lu, it’s getting late. Keep this electronic design for you. If you have any comments, you can contact me at any time.”


Shi Yunnan packed up his things and entered the elevator. Only when he confirmed the floor button, his fingertip directly jumped from the bottom “first floor” to the highest “eighteenth floor”.

In a minute.

Shi Yunnan saw a figure behind him through the iron sliding door on the roof.


The rusty iron sliding door made a harsh sound, which made Shi Yunnan frown and turned yuan Rui on the other side.

Seeing Shi Yunnan, Yuan Rui quickly turned back and rubbed his sleeves, “… What are you doing here?”

“I guessed you were hiding on the roof and crying.”

Shi Yunnan jokingly approached and didn’t give yuan Rui any face at all. “Don’t hide. There’s such a big wet piece on his sleeve and his eyes are still red, little crying bag.”

The title of the last three words made yuan Rui burst red from his neck to his cheeks.

He took a deep breath. “Shi Yunnan, did you come to see my joke?”

“No, I’ll say hello to my new boss. I hope you don’t maliciously target me in your future work.”

The latter half of the sentence obviously means more ridicule.

Fortunately, Yuan Rui heard it this time and responded in a loud voice, “come on, I’m not a villain! Your designer and Yuan’s agreement is a cooperative relationship, not an employment relationship. I won’t interfere with your design work.”

Shi Yunnan chuckled twice without refuting.

Yuan Rui glanced curiously, “what are you laughing at?”

Shi Yunnan told the truth, “I thought you didn’t want to do it after Lu Zhaoan proposed to leave the studio.”

After all, the two explosions before Yuanrui rushed out of the conference room seemed like a person who would lay down his burden at any time.

Yuanrui’s fist closed back involuntarily, “… I have to go to the end even if it’s a dead end.”

This is the only recognition he has received from Yuan Puguang so far. The first time is the jade pendant that has been accidentally broken.


But there was no studio in charge of Lu Zhaoan, which really exceeded Yuanrui’s expectation.

He wanted to try to stand side by side with the other party, but the other party didn’t seem to care at all. He didn’t disclose a trace of information to him in advance and said to go.

Sure enough, his original sharp is not worth being valued in anyone’s eyes.

Shi Yunnan asked, “just what?”

Yuanrui’s eyes were filled with sour and self-confidence, and his voice was a little lighter, “I’m afraid I can’t do it well.”


Shi Yunnan couldn’t answer for the moment.

But on second thought, Yuanrui’s heart is really an inferior child who needs encouragement.

“Everyone will never come to the meeting.” Shi Yunnan took out his Handy Backup USB flash disk and handed it over, “take it.”

Yuan Rui was stunned. “What’s this?”

“My first design draft, the raw materials and positioning required for building have been noted in the document. Please help me find them all first, and then start building when I confirm the final version.”

Yuan Rui looked at Shi Yunnan and asked subconsciously, “aren’t you afraid that the design will leak out on my side?”

Shi Yunnan chuckled and raised his eyebrows. “We are working together now. What good will it do to you and Yuanrui if we leak my design draft? Head of Yuanrui.”

This is frank, but it also shows trust.

In the face of Shi Yunnan’s undoubted delivery, Yuanrui’s heart was touched, and his eyes were filled with acid again.

Compared with the doubts of other designers after hearing the news, Shi Yunnan did not express any opinions throughout the whole process, but now he is using practical actions to prove that he believes that Yuanrui can do the corresponding work well.

Although Shi Yunnan and Xie KeYue are “half father and half mother”, they are still regarded as brothers in the eyes of outsiders.

That day, in the box of Dijing Hotel, Yuan Puguang had a brief contact with both of them, but when he returned home, his views were very different. He did not agree with Xie KeYue’s investment, but was willing to let Shi Yunnan sit in the position of “chief designer”.

Yuan Puguang has been dealing with all kinds of people in the circle all his life. In fact, his vision is still very accurate.

Yuan Rui stared at Shi Yunnan in front of him, and his heart was moved for a while. The friendship balance that has always been unconditionally biased towards Xie KeYue suddenly had a subtle shift.

Seeing yuan Rui’s desire to cry, Shi Yunnan sat down in his heart and concluded that the other party was hiding a small crying bag.

He quickly took a half step back before Yuan Rui rushed up crying. “Stop it. You broke a coat a few days ago.”


Yuan Rui burst into tears and solidified in half an instant.


Shi Yunnan, can you change your hostile strength! Bai is blind. He was still in his heart just now. He was so moved!

Yuan Rui clenched the USB flash disk handed by Shi Yunnan, took a deep breath and cheered up, “I don’t want to talk to you, I’m leaving!”

Seeing that he said to go, Shi Yunnan asked, “where are you going?”

“I’ll find you design raw materials! Just wait! I won’t hold yuan back!” Yuan Rui dropped this sentence and slipped faster than the rabbit.

Shi Yunnan stared at the other party’s inexplicably proud figure, jokingly and speechless——

Yuan Rui’s mood comes and goes quickly. As long as he touches the right temperament, isn’t that a son?

Shi Yunnan delivered the first draft and made minor modifications according to Lu Zhaoan’s subsequent comments. Finally, the final jade design was completed one week later.

“For the sake of a partner, don’t break your body.”

Luo Lingsheng saw his stay up late work in recent days. He was distressed and it was hard to stop it.

When adults fall in love, they should give each other enough working space.

No matter how rich Luo Lingsheng is, he doesn’t want to stop Shi Yunnan from pursuing his career. Of course, he and the Luo family can be Shi Yunnan’s forever safe haven.

“I’m a partner now. Maybe I’ll change my identity in the future.” Shi Yunnan replied.

Luo Lingsheng was puzzled.

Shi Yunnan leaned back in his chair and confessed his purpose. “The reason why I worked so hard on my first jade design is to use it as a stepping stone for negotiations with Yuanshi, yuanpuguang and others.”

Luo Lingsheng suddenly realized, “do you want to invest in shares?”

“Well, I want to shift the focus of my work to China. After thinking about it, I still think the old business of design is suitable for me. Yuan’s work in jade has just begun, and my design achievements in China have just begun.”

One has the ability of raw materials and the other has the ability of design, which can be regarded as an excellent partner.

“Mr. Yuan Puguang refused to thank KeYue because he was not an insider, just invested for money, and didn’t love the industry with his heart, but I was different.”

Shi Yunnan picked his eyebrow. “If the first necklace can be sold at a good price in the industry, I will indirectly take the first step in this field for yuan.”

Presumably, it can also be recognized by Mr. Yuan Puguang.

Even if the other party still does not agree to invest in shares, Shi Yunnan can stay in Yuanshi as a jade designer and accumulate his reputation in China by relying on his works one by one.

“If you want to set up a design studio, I can help you. Luo has many contacts in this field.” Luo Lingsheng said.

Shi Yunnan smiled in his eyes and didn’t directly refuse Luo Lingsheng’s kindness, “Luo Lingsheng.”


“I want to rely on my own ability to break a path in China, support a career, and then work side by side with you.”

“I hope that one day when others mention me, I will no longer be master Shi Er, nor will I be attached to the other half of your Luo Lingsheng, but a dignified Mr. Shi Yunnan.”

It’s a good life to take Luo Lingsheng’s money that he can’t spend all his life and lie in a luxury house day and night. But Shi Yunnan is afraid that he will lose himself in this kind of luxury and lose himself.

“Are you not afraid of being tired?”

“Adults who are not tired?”

Shi Yunnan paused and asked back like a kiss, “ten thousand steps back, even if I really failed in the end, you are still behind me, aren’t you?”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t answer. As soon as he was ready to capture the soft lips close at hand, there was an electric sound from his mobile phone on the table——

Yuanrui called in.

Shi Yunnan withdrew slightly and explained to Luo Lingsheng, “wait a minute.”


Luo Lingsheng didn’t show it on the surface, but after touching the name on the mobile phone call, there was a faint light at the bottom of his eyes.

Shi Yunnan answered the phone in front of Luo Lingsheng, “Hello, Yuan Rui?”

“Shi Yunnan…” Yuan Rui at the other end of the phone shouted to him, trying to stop talking.

Shi Yunnan recognized his repressed Snort and asked, “what happened?”

“Are you going to leave Yuanshi jade studio, too?”

Yuan Rui at the other end of the phone threw out this question without thinking. Shi Yunnan didn’t know why, “well, why should I leave? Haven’t you delivered the final design to me? Have you found the materials for me?”

Hearing this, Yuan Rui quickly replied, “we have all the imperial green jade, and the diamonds for accessories have been found according to the highest standard you require.”

“I’ll press the price with the diamond dealer in the past two days. I should be able to buy and build in less than three days. I’ll communicate when the auction house and customer source and other finished products are half developed!”

When Shi Yunnan heard yuan Rui’s breathless report, the other party seemed to want to keep him with his own efforts.

He thought of a possibility and guessed, “Yuanrui, did other designers say anything to you?”

Yuanrui’s sense of decadence suddenly rolled back, “at first it was Janssen, and then all the other designers came to me…”

They all agreed that Yuanshi jade design had no future under Yuanrui’s leadership, so they decided to unilaterally terminate the agreement with Yuanshi.

Because the two sides initially negotiated the agreement in the nature of cooperation, and Lu Zhaoan doesn’t like to use power to oppress people, the termination fee is not high.

Just now, Yuanrui received the termination request from the last designer except Shi Yunnan, and the attitude of these six people was more and more firm. No matter how Yuanrui lobbied, he refused to stay.

While generating self doubt, Yuan Rui impulsively called Shi Yunnan.

Luo Lingsheng listened to the whole process on the side and lowered his voice for the first time, “the front and rear feet will terminate the contract in a short time. Some of these six people must be encouraged.”

Shi Yunnan agreed and nodded.

Moreover, even the termination fee may be written by the same person.

“Shi Yunnan, if only you didn’t plan to leave, don’t worry, I will help you finish your jade necklace!”

Yuan Rui was once again moved by Shi Yunnan’s firm trust, and his self-confidence, which was hit by others, was restored.

“If you are the only one, I will help you. There are so many designers in the jade circle, I can always get other designers to continue to cooperate.”

Yuan Rui seems to be making a guarantee to Shi Yunnan, and he seems to be secretly cheering himself up. Without a word, he hung up the phone in a hurry and said he would continue to grind the diamond dealer to bargain.

Shi Yunnan heard the busy tone on the phone and shrugged at Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng took away his mobile phone, turned off the mute first, and then threw it on the bed. “Are you sure you want to invest in Yuan’s family? Cooperate with Yuan Rui?”

“Isn’t it interesting?”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the cell phone that was still “stained with acid gas” left on the bed, simply sat across Luo Lingsheng’s leg and leaned close to the interrupted kiss.

“Yuanrui is like a little goldfish with me. I’m just a foster son.”

Luo Lingsheng was kissed by Shi Yunnan and took away the sour taste. He responded, “two sons.”

“Ah? What?”

“One Fu Ziyu, one yuan Rui and two sons.” Luo Lingsheng repeated it again, obviously making fun of Shi Yunnan on purpose.

Shi Yunnan laughed, “why do you remember everything?”

Earlier, when Luo Lingsheng grabbed him at the door of the nightclub, he casually mentioned that his relationship with Fu Ziyu was like “father and son”. As a result, the other party actually remembered it now.

Luo Ling said to him in a tight voice, “do you want me to send someone to check the matter that Yuanrui just said on the phone?”

Since Shi Yunnan regards yuan as a future partner, he is naturally willing to contribute to it.


Shi Yunnan felt a touch of intuition, “in addition to starting with those designers, it’s best to check what Xie KeYue is doing recently?”

“Do you suspect that he is playing tricks behind the scenes?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t bother to hide his disgust with Xie KeYue. “Who knows, it doesn’t matter. It’s best. If it does matter, it’s time for yuan Rui to see the real face of this man in person.”

“OK, I’ll ask Qin Jian to send someone to check it tomorrow.”


Shi Yunnan patted Luo Lingsheng’s arm and signaled the other party to let go. He was afraid that sitting on his lover’s leg for a long time would affect the other party’s physical condition. “Has the operation time been set?”

“The preliminary arrangement is at the end of next month. I will do a comprehensive preoperative examination again. If I confirm that there is no problem, I can make a formal arrangement.”


Three days later, a restaurant in the center of Dijing.

“Yuanrui, this way.”

Shi Yunnan, sitting at the corner of the hall, got up and shouted to Yuan Rui who hurried in.

Yuan Rui hears the figure of Shi Yunnan and glimpses Luo Lingsheng on the side. His face changes faintly.

However, he soon walked up, “Yunnan, Mr. Luo.”

Yuanrui suddenly received a wechat message from Shi Yunnan and rushed here.

“Why did you come to me suddenly? There was something wrong with the raw materials I was looking for?” Yuan Rui is rarely serious, but his face is childish.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng took a look at each other. Then, Yuan Meng walked down the stairs at a fast pace, “home owner, Mr. Shi.”

Yuan Meng looked at Yuan Rui and continued solemnly, “all the people in the A203 box upstairs are still there. Now it’s the right time to go up.”

Shi Yunnan nodded and motioned yuan Rui with his eyes.

Yuan Rui didn’t understand, “what’s the matter? There’s someone in the box upstairs.”

“The six designers who terminated their cooperation with Hara, and the people who poached them behind the scenes.”

Yuan Rui heard the second half of the sentence, and his eyes suddenly gushed out a little angry, “is it really ordered by someone?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t speak, but took the lead to go upstairs. Yuan Rui saw this and hurried up.

Luo Lingsheng’s legs and feet were inconvenient. He just told Yuan Meng, “you follow and protect yourself when necessary.”

“Yes, master.”

Yuan Meng responded and quickly followed.

When the three walked to the door of the corresponding box, there was a sound of cheering and laughter.

“Thank you for trusting me, and welcome to join Lingyu design department. I hope you will have a happy cooperation in the future!”

“Of course! Thank you for always recognizing our big guy’s ability. We will make good design in the future. We hope to make progress hand in hand with Lingyu!”

With that, the response of the others rang, and the lively atmosphere came out through the crack of the door.

Yuan Rui was stunned at the door of the box.

The ancestors of Lingyu jade and Yuanshi jade were once brothers. Later, they developed separately and became one of the best jade merchants in China.

The former focuses on jade jewelry, while the latter has been proficient in jade carving. Although it maintains superficial harmony, there is still hidden competition in the sale of jade raw materials.

But the most incredible thing for Yuanrui is——

The voice of the ‘Mr. Xie’ inside seems a little familiar?

Shi Yunnan patted him on the shoulder, “is there a door? Don’t you go in and have a look?”

Yuan Rui pulled in his heart and hesitated. “You know who the ‘behind the scenes’ is, don’t you? That’s why he called me to see.”

“I know it’s not important. The point is you…” Shi Yunnan didn’t force him. “If you still want to maintain a superficial relationship, you can come for nothing today and go now.”


Yuan Rui put his hand on the door handle and pressed it down instantly.

The door of the box was suddenly opened, and everything inside was invisible——

Xie KeYue sat at the main table, while the other six designers who “terminated the contract” sat around, and even a line of celebration characters were printed on the wall of the box——

Welcome six cutting-edge designers to settle in Lingyu jade design department.

Xie KeYue was stunned at the sight of Shangyuan Rui’s fire, and then gave birth to a rare feeling of guilty.

He stood up from his position and subconsciously defended himself, “Yuan Rui, why are you here? I…”

Before his words were out, Xie KeYue’s Yu Guang ran into Shi Yunnan, who was watching the play at the door. His mood turned from guilty to depressed.

“How did the original young master find here?” Designer Yang Sen said, “don’t worry, our termination fee will be paid by Mr. Xie in two days…”


The next second, the exclamation of the whole audience cut off the unfinished words.

In full view of the public, Yuan Rui, who was full of anger, knocked Xie KeYue to the ground with one punch, and roared out dirty words directly——

“Xie KeYue! Get out of your mother’s calf. I read you wrong!”


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