After a Flash Marriage Chapter 47

Xie KeYue didn’t expect yuan Rui, who had always been called a “good friend”, to suddenly fight against himself. Unprepared, he was knocked to the ground with a punch. He usually felt the taste of “seeing Venus” for the first time.


Xie KeYue only felt that his cheeks became numb rapidly, and a rusty smell of blood gushed out of his mouth.

Yuan Rui felt that it was not enough to relieve his anger. In an instant, he bent down and pulled his collar. He planned to take the opportunity to make up another punch. As a result, Yang Sen quickly stopped him.

“Original young master! Why do you still beat people!”

The other five designers reacted slowly and gathered around to care about Xie KeYue who fell to the ground.

“Yes, Mr. Xie, are you all right?”

“Oh, the corners of my mouth have been broken! Do you want to call the police?”

Seeing that Yuan Rui is surrounded in the middle, Shi Yunnan can’t get rid of Yang Sen’s imprisonment on his wrist. He’s just ready to help——

As a result, Yuan Rui, who responded quickly, stepped heavily on Janssen’s shoes and said, “don’t worry about you! You don’t have much skill, but you can do more!”

This mouth is pulling and hating.

Yang Sen’s feet hurt, and Yuan Rui broke his face in public. His face suddenly turned red, “how did you talk?!”

Yuan Rui shook off Yang Sen’s grip. He seemed to feel that it was not enough to relieve his anger. He shook his wrist and glared at Xie KeYue. “Call the police? Ask Xie KeYue if he dares to call the police?”

Yuan Rui quickly withdrew to Shi Yunnan’s side while angrily asking, and even moved back slightly to seek Shi Yunnan’s protection.

Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of his small move and was funny, “counselled?”

Yuan Rui half covered behind him and replied in a very low voice, “you’re good at fighting. I just made a sneak attack. Unfortunately, my fist was too slow.”

Otherwise, Xie KeYue will get more than one punch.

Yuan Rui said, and then looked at Xie KeYue, who was picked up by others. He was angry and filled with a sense of being betrayed——

He consciously always trusted and deserved Xie KeYue, a good friend, but why did the other party secretly pry yuan’s corner behind his back?

Is this still a friend?

No, obviously not.

A true friend should never put a knife in his back.

Xie KeYue wiped the blood stains from the corners of his mouth and saw Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui standing almost side by side. At the bottom of his eyes, there was finally a trace of reluctance and hatred, “Yuan Rui, did Shi Yunnan bring you?”

“You are my friend, you should know him and me…”

Shi Yunnan took a half step forward and interrupted him, “Xie KeYue, don’t play with the villain’s suit first. Is evil disgusting?”

His sharp eyes swept over the six designers one by one and asked, “what conditions did he and Lingyu give you? They could make the six big designers rush over one by one regardless of their old owners.”

The six designers looked at each other and were still opened by the most experienced Janssen.

“Young master yuan, Mr. Shi, what you said is interesting? Our cooperation with Yuan hasn’t officially started yet. Where is the old owner?”

“People go up and water flows down. Mr. Xie has offered us higher design costs on behalf of Lingyu. Why don’t we agree?”

After Yang Sen’s “job hopping” arrived at Lingyu, he was promoted to the design team leader before he had a formal job. At present, his tone of voice is much worse than when he was in Yuanshi.

“What’s more, the person who called us to the original’s cooperation is Lu Zhaoan. Now he quit his job and gave you the position of head and chief designer.”

Yang Sen’s contemptuous eyes swept over Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui. He couldn’t bear to sneer and said, “sorry, I have to give you the word ‘vulnerable’.”

A young master with no experience, a new designer who has no fame and works in the domestic design circle, what can be done about these two goods?

It’s just a clown.

When the other five designers heard this, their eyes more or less agreed.

Yang Sen’s statement is actually the real idea in their hearts – yuan has no experience in jade design at all, and Lingyu design is the leader in the field of jade jewelry.

If they want to compare the two, they must choose the best.

When Yuanrui heard this, he became angry and came.

He still hid behind Shi Yunnan and only leaned out half of his body to be indignant, “bah! It’s just a group of goods that step on high and hold low, false and high!”


It is human nature to choose a better company, and the termination compensation is also within the provisions of the legal provisions. But if you find a new owner, on the contrary, you constantly accuse the old owner of being bad, that is the problem of character and morality!

After all, the cooperation agreement given by Yuanshi before is the loosest and kindest in the whole industry. Otherwise, where would it be so easy for these guys to terminate their contract?

“You say I can’t, but you can’t say Shi Yunnan. His design ability is very good!” Yuan Rui’s voice was louder than before. “If you dare to look down on him again, my fist will beat you once!”

If you can’t fight, fight!

Shi Yunnan is the only designer who trusts him. Isn’t he ten times better than the group opposite him?

Shi Yunnan heard yuan Rui’s support for him, but at the same time, he was moved——

I don’t know when his relationship with Yuan Rui has evolved from an “enemy” to a friend who can “trust and support each other”?

At the same time, Xie KeYue looked at the tacit friendship between the two people, and his numb cheeks gradually gave birth to a hot pain, like being slapped more and more invisibly, and his heart was more and more oppressed and hated.

“Yuan Rui, you beat people indiscriminately when you came in. You have completely abandoned my friend in your heart, haven’t you?”

His eyes twinkled with a moist shimmer, revealing an injured and disappointed expression, “we have known each other for four years, but in the end, how many times did Shi Yunnan meet you?”

Shi Yunnan looked at Xie KeYue’s green tea performance, and his side eyes quietly watched yuan Rui’s next reaction.

If the other party can be deceived by Xie KeYue after suffering such “betrayal”, this stupid brain can’t be saved.

Yuan Rui was silent for a few seconds and gave a speechless sneer, “Xie KeYue, do you think I’m stupid?”

“You said you wanted to participate in our family’s jade design project. I was afraid to hurt you, so I didn’t promise at first. Later, I promised you. In order to persuade my father to agree, I got another slap from him.”

“You said we were friends? I ran out after being taught by my father. As my friend, you ran out to find me. Did you give me a comfort afterwards?”

“No, you have no successful investment in your heart, so you change your head and find Lingyu!”

“I don’t believe you don’t know the competitive relationship between Lingyu and Yuanshi!”

Yuan Rui said more and more clearly, and suddenly saw through Xie KeYue’s tricks over the years——

The other party constantly uses fabricated lies to win his sympathy and trust. In fact? At every critical moment, he will only use his trust and righteousness!

There was no interest involved before, so they can be safe. Now there is no way to win benefits for Xie KeYue. The other party can do this kind of cutting.

“Did I give up your friend first, or did you betray our friendship first? These people in front of you are irrefutable evidence?”

“Don’t bring everything to Shi Yunnan’s head. Let me ask you, have you told me the truth over the years?”

“Shi Yunnan was jealous of your favor and was afraid that you would compete for his property, so he bullied you secretly?” Yuan Rui shook his head. “I used to believe it, but now I don’t believe a word.”

“I used to be sincere to my friends, but you Xie KeYue… Don’t deserve it!”

This statement was unequivocal, and it can be regarded as a direct declaration of the breakdown of the relationship between the two people.

Yuan Rui left the box without looking back.

“From the day you choose to dig the foot of the wall, it means that you have given up this friendship with Yuan Rui for your interests.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Xie KeYue with an ugly face and pricked his lips. “You have done the stupidest business in the world.”

Xie KeYue and Yuan Rui in the original book were successful because Xie KeYue’s firm investment gave yuan Rui enough confidence and courage.

After Yuan Rui accepted yuan’s jade studio, he worked hard day and night to run material dealers, auction houses and customers, just to carry forward yuan’s jade jewelry and prevent one of the investors from losing money.

But what about Xie KeYue in reality?

Seeing that Yuan’s investment failed, he changed his head and went to the boss of Lingyu jade.

The chairman of Lingyu jade was afraid that Yuanshi would develop and seize their market in the future, so he asked Xie KeYue to let the other party secretly help poach the six designers.

Xie KeYue chose to betray his friends after a short hesitation for his own interests.

Wrong step, wrong step.


Xie KeYue heard Shi Yunnan’s merciless ridicule, and a touch of regret suddenly rose in his heart.

Besides, over the years, Yuanrui was really treated by his sincere heart. Even if his encounter with Yuanrui was fake, it was his usual way of networking.

Just as Xie KeYue was in a trance, Shi Yunnan stepped up quickly. The next second, he punched him in front of the crowd——


This is a heavier boxing than yuan Rui.

Xie KeYue was beaten back several steps, hit the back of the chair and fell to the ground.

Yang Sen and others who had been watching the play rushed up again and shouted, “Shi Yunnan, what are you doing!”


Shi Yunnan was surrounded by the crowd and rubbed his finger joints calmly. “Yuan Rui reminded me that hard fists are the most effective solution for those who can’t see well.”

“Don’t let him go! Catch him and call the police!”

Someone shouted, as if he had caught Shi Yunnan.

The next second, the young designer who shouted was thrown aside like a quail by yuan Mengti, “Mr. Shi, you go first. The owner ordered me to solve it.”

Shi Yunnan naturally accepted the concern from her husband downstairs and gave them another piece of advice, “you guys, sooner or later, you will regret today’s decision.”

Because of his original surname, Shi Yunnan, is destined to occupy a place in the jade design market and eventually climb to the top of the industry!

Shi Yunnan saw the road Yuan Meng had set aside for him and calmly walked out of the room.

A male designer wanted to catch up. Unexpectedly, he was held by Yuan Meng with great strength and couldn’t move.

Yang Sen, who thinks he is a “designer leader”, immediately shouted, “what’s your relationship with Shi Yunnan? Is it a thug he hired? I tell you it’s against the law to hire a thug! Don’t think -”

Yuan Meng stared at him with a straight face.

Although he has retired from the army, the military aura honed can still frighten many people.

Yuan Meng looked at Xie KeYue, whose left and right faces were red and swollen, and his heart showed a trace of disdain, “Mr. Xie, do you want to call the police?”

Xie KeYue recognized Yuan Meng’s identity, and the humiliation in his heart was better than that for a while – can even a cat or dog step on his head and shout now?

But he knew that behind Shi Yunnan, there was still an immovable Buddha, unable to move for the time being. He took two deep breaths, embarrassed but had to suppress his inner shame.

“No, I can handle this little injury myself.”

The unwilling Janssen and others immediately shouted,

“Mr. Xie, it’s okay for you to call him that? Why don’t we call the police and catch him?”

“Yes! At first glance, he was hired by Shi Yunnan…”

Xie KeYue felt a little annoyed by the noise in his ears and forced his displeasure to open his mouth. “Everyone, have you heard of Luo Lingsheng of Luo’s group? This is Luo Lingsheng’s personal bodyguard.”

There was no monitoring in the box, and he was only punched twice. Even if he called the police, he would probably be asked to be private.

He has broken up his relationship with Yuan Rui and offended yuan. There is no need to offend Luo Lingsheng for Shi Yunnan’s punch.


When they heard this, they gradually showed their shocked faces.

As jade designers, they have to deal more or less with the wives of customers in the Chinese family circle. How can they not have heard of Luo Lingsheng’s name?

That’s the top of the rich!

Of course, with the identity of Luo Lingsheng, they are not qualified to contact each other, and it is impossible to understand Luo’s family.

However, a sensitive female designer soon asked, “what are Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng…”

Yuan Meng thought of the owner’s advice before he went upstairs. After two seconds of silence, he deliberately raised the volume, “Mr. Shi Yunnan, he and our owner Luo Lingsheng are legally married.”

“Mr. Shi is a good talker, but not our master. Please take care of yourself.”

Yuan Meng left without looking back.

None of the six designers, including Janssen, showed a look of disbelief.

Did they just hear wrong?

Is Shi Yunnan married? And the marriage object is Luo Lingsheng! The one who everyone in the rich circle is flocking to and trying to make friends?

Originally laughing at Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui in their hearts, they actually have a trace of continuous regret——

Shi Yunnan has Luo Lingsheng, and the original family has Shi Yunnan. Do you still worry about the contacts of early investment, design and later transaction?

Not at all!

And it can develop better than they think.

Can they go back now? Maybe he can develop into an old level figure.

Xie KeYue was used to guessing people’s hearts. His eyes crossed the dark awn and reminded everyone with a business tone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the contract between you and Lingyu has been officially signed. The entry design will begin next Monday. According to the previous regulations, the first version of the design draft must be delivered within half a month.”

“Know, know.”

“We will deliver it on time. Please rest assured, Mr. Xie.”

Designers have to suppress their remorse and regret and force a happy look to respond.

After such a encounter, it is obvious that the wine tower half held can no longer continue. They all made excuses to leave, and they dispersed in less than five minutes.

Xie KeYue waited until everyone left, and then touched his cheek, which could no longer be numb and painful. His inner complexity reached the peak at this moment.

He suddenly overturned the wine tower on one side to the ground, and the wine glasses cracked together, as if announcing some hatred——


Suddenly, he became the one who was’ abandoned ‘by everyone again? Is it wrong that he just wants to earn his own profits?

What if you don’t have a friend? As long as he has money and capital, he can still gain more friends in the future!

One day in the future, he will double today’s shame!

When Shi Yunnan went downstairs, he saw Luo Lingsheng still sitting quietly in that position.

He approached his lover and subconsciously looked around, “where’s Yuanrui? Did you see him coming down?”


The first sentence downstairs is to ask yuan Rui?

The bottom of Luo Lingsheng’s eyes shook the subtle acidity and calmed down, “I saw him running to the bathroom as soon as he came downstairs.”

“The little crying bag, I guess, hid in the toilet compartment and cried again.”

Shi Yunnan gave a low smile, hooked the chair on the side and sat down close to Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng was not interested in Yuan Rui’s private life. He just looked at Shi Yunnan and asked, “did you have a fight upstairs just now? I asked Yuan Meng to follow up.”

“Well, I know.”

Shi Yunnan thought of the punch he punched Xie KeYue and raised his lips with great satisfaction. “It’s really cool to punch Xie KeYue.”

“Did you hit him?” Luo Lingsheng’s eyes fell on his hand, “which hand?”

Shi Yunnan was stunned for a moment, then raised his right hand and said, “this hand, husband, hurts to death. Can you rub it for me?”

Luo Lingsheng heard this too familiar joke tone, still rubbed it with his finger belly, and said, “don’t beat people yourself in the future. Let Yuan Meng do this kind of fist thing.”

“He has rough skin and thick flesh. He is not afraid of pain.”


Yuan Meng, who had just come downstairs and heard these remarks, did not know for a moment whether he was too fed up with dog food or whether he should feel sorry for being regarded as a “fighting tool”.

Just thinking, there was another sound of disgust nearby, “I said, what skills do you have here? If you have the ability to go home, close the door and roll the sheets!”

Now, it’s Shi Yunnan’s turn to talk to Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Yuan Rui, who had come out of the bathroom, hummed and smiled, “after beating people, he ran to the bathroom to cry? The original young master is no better than us?”

“I, I didn’t cry!”

Yuan Rui took a breath and killed him and didn’t admit it.

But his mood was so boring that he changed his mind and asked, “Shi Yunnan, would you like to drink? Today is my treat, so I’ll go to the last nightclub?”

Shi Yunnan thought of the nightclub he had invested in and was ready to move.

The nightclub has been open for nearly three months. He barely went there once. Apart from others, the shopkeeper who threw his hands off has really done it too simply.

Shi Yunnan refocused his eyes on Luo Lingsheng and teased him. “My husband is strict and I can’t go until he agrees.”


Yuan Ruika continued to try to persuade him for two seconds. “Wouldn’t it be good for Mr. Luo to go with me? I’m not in a good mood today. I can’t think of anyone else to drink with.”

Yuanrui doesn’t like drinking alone.

He just broke up with Xie KeYue. The group of bad friends around him are all rich children who don’t lose heart. It’s hard to vent their pain. If Shi Yunnan doesn’t want to go, he can only find a place to cry secretly.

Shi Yun joked in the south, but he understood yuan Rui’s blows over the years. He silently looked at Luo Lingsheng and tentatively asked, “I’ll go for an hour or two and don’t make more trouble.”


Luo Lingsheng always couldn’t say no to Shi Yunnan, so he had to nod his head.

Half an hour later, the noise of the nightclub began.

It was a late autumn day, but the heat waves inside turned up and made people blush and heartbeat.

Yuanrui had something hidden in his heart. As soon as he came, he suddenly poured more than half a bottle of liquor. In less than half an hour, he fell on the card seat and cried with a face. His mouth turned over and over, just a few words of Wei qubaba’s criticism.

For a moment, it was about Xie KeYue, who inserted a knife in the back, and for a moment, it was about Lu Zhaoan, who said “just go.” obviously, he vented his grievances through drinking.

For some reason, Fu Zi, who was regarded as a human pillow, couldn’t fight back when he was forced to drag him. He frowned and despised him. “How long has it been? Yun Nan, how did you turn the enemy into a friend with Yuan Rui?”

“Yuan Rui, loosen it!”

“I don’t!” Yuanrui slipped a little, and all his tears and snot rubbed on Fu Ziyu’s clothes.


Fu Ziyu, who was always obsessed with cleanliness, almost broke out rude words on the spot.

Shi Yunnan looked at the ridiculous scene in front of him and immediately got up to put aside the trouble. “Brother Fu, don’t you always want to be a father?”

“Take care of this cheap son tonight.”

Fu Zi couldn’t laugh, so he grabbed his friend’s wrist for help, “isn’t it? Don’t leave him to me!”

“Where is this lost? I’m giving you the right to be a father.” Shi Yunnan nodded solemnly and mercilessly got rid of his friend’s involvement in asking for help.

He promised Luo Lingsheng that he would never stay more in the nightclub and did what he said.


At the same time, Yuan Meng guarded his boss’s side with vigilance, and even the waiter who delivered the wine would receive severe scrutiny.

The waiter quickly turned and left after the wine was released. While withdrawing and returning, he looked back: what’s the great character? He came to the nightclub with a bodyguard?

Luo Lingsheng calmly sat on the card seat sofa and took a sip of wine. “Don’t be so nervous. This nightclub is invested and opened by Yunnan. I can’t make a big deal here.”

“… yes.”

Yuan Meng still didn’t adapt to the noisy atmosphere here. He straightened up solemnly behind Luo Lingsheng, and his heart rarely whispered——

The reason why he was so vigilant was that Luo Lingsheng had an accident in the bar.

Luo Lingsheng was just injured in a car accident. In order to attract necessary contacts and gain a foothold in the family’s seizure of power, he was once taken by a boss to the nightclub to talk about cooperation.

As a result, after the boss went to the nightclub to drink, in order to “insult” the once famous family and rich and young, he actually called many nondescript men and women to comment on Luo Lingsheng.

Others, even more ignorant of life and death, directly asked “how much is Luo Lingsheng for one night.”.

Luo Lingsheng is a bad owner in essence. In that case, he directly injured the boss with an ashtray and deliberately made a big situation to get away.

Of course, after he succeeded in the position, the boss and the group of people’s experience will naturally not be there.

Because after this incident, Luo Lingsheng hardly set foot in any nightclub.

But now?

Luo Lingsheng was afraid that Shi Yunnan would encounter any trouble in the nightclub again. He waited here half an hour early, but did not call in advance to disturb each other’s drinking interest.

The more Yuan Meng thought about it, the more he felt that the owner loved Mr. Shi miserably. He could even endure all the discomfort and change all the rules for him.

Yuan Meng bent over and asked, “master, we really don’t need to tell Mr. Shi in advance that we have…”

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a figure coming up to Luo Lingsheng.

Someone interrupted Yuan Meng’s question and said, “long time no see, old classmate.”


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