After a Flash Marriage Chapter 5

Five minutes later, the car drove into Luo’s Manor.

Shi Yunnan watched the lawn green plants and relief fountains on both sides, with a raised mouth, “It’s really the style of the rich, Mr. Luo.”

“The land left by several generations of the family has become like this after repeated development and construction. The place is a bit big, let the housekeeper take you around at that time.”

Luo Lingsheng’s answer was as deep and sweet as ever.

“Mr. Luo is not curious about the reason why I agreed to’fake marriage’ with you so quickly?”

Shi Yunnan turned his head to see him, brightly tentatively, “What if I have fallen in love with Luo’s monstrous family property and try to get a piece of it from the fake show?”

The wind outside the car window rolled up a strand of his hair, which swayed easily and easily dazzled people.

Luo Lingsheng looked away, and his voice was inexplicably lowered, “I’m not curious, this proposal is my start. It is enough if you choose to accept it. As for wanting to divide the Luo family property from under my nose, the second young master Shi has to Only with great abilities.”

When the words were over, the car stopped in front of the main house.

The assistant and bodyguard in the same car got off quickly, one opened the rear door and the other placed the wheelchair.

“Patriarch, here it is.”

“Yeah.” Luo Lingsheng was obviously accustomed to their behavior, and moved from the parking space to the wheelchair.

Shi Yunnan watched this movement with his eyes down, and raised his eyebrows with interest.

Soon, an elderly housekeeper greeted others, “Patriarch, you are back, is everything going well?”

Luo Lingsheng replied in a low voice, cast his eyes into the car, “Come down.”

The butler followed his gaze and found Shi Yunnan sitting still in the car.

There was a wave of fluctuations in his eyes, and his tone seemed to fluctuate, “Patriarch, this… is this Young Master Shi?”

Shi Yunnan got out of the car and tied his hair tossed by the wind a little bit. Then he introduced himself, “Hello, my name is Shi Yunnan.”

“The reason why I am here is that your Patriarch and I are’love at first sight’, and’it hits it right away’ intending to get married.”

The jokes in the words are particularly obvious.

The butler was startled, “This…”

“Well, from today, he is one of the masters of this family.” Luo Lingsheng calmly announced a major event.

“Uncle Qin, please go down and let the servants at home pay attention.”

Uncle Qin had seen the world before, and soon calmed down, “Yes, Patriarch.”

“Qin Jian, you and Yuan Meng will go to Shi’s house again.” Luo Lingsheng instructed his subordinates, and then directed the question to Shi Yunnan, “How much did you leave?”

Shi Yunnan shrugged indifferently, “It’s just a packed suitcase.”

Qin Jian nodded, and as soon as he was about to turn into the car, Shi Yunnan added, “Wait, there should be a group photo in the second compartment of the left bedside table. Please help me get it too.”

There is less playfulness in the voice, and more attention.

Qin Jian glanced at Luo Lingsheng and responded quickly, “Okay, Master Shi Er.”

Seeing the assistant got in the car, Luo Lingsheng controlled the electric wheelchair, “Go in.”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

In order to cope with the sound of Luo Ling who was traveling in a wheelchair, a gentle slope was deliberately repaired on the side of the stairs entering the door.

The butler led a group of people behind Luo Lingsheng, and did not overstep.

Standing in place, Shi Yunnan felt an inexplicable sense of’getting into the rich’.

The reason why he agreed to cooperate with Luo Lingsheng’s ‘fake marriage’ is completely out of the consideration of the original book’s dreams. It takes time to determine whether a thing is true or false. He needs a suitable identity to allow him to stay in the country and watch its changes.

Luo Lingsheng took the initiative to give him a top-notch status, why should he be restrained and not agree?

In other words, if everything he dreamed of was true, then to a certain extent Luo Lingsheng and him could be called a “victim alliance”. If something happens in the future, maybe the two can help each other.

Finally, and the most important point-

How exciting is Luo Lingsheng, living under the same roof with such a handsome guy of the heavenly dish? Can you still worry about food and clothing in the name of ‘fake marriage’?

Where can find such a good job all day long?

The job is not active and there are problems in thinking.

He gave Yunnan a hundred happy wishes!


When Qin Jian approached the training room, Luo Lingsheng was holding a rehabilitation device to assist in training. In addition, there were several instruments for monitoring values ​​attached to his legs and body.

The accompanying private medical staff made professional records, and Qin Bo stood trembling on the side, for fear that he would fall to the ground accidentally.

The blue veins on Luo Lingsheng’s forehead violently, and the violent pain was forcibly pressed against the bottom of his eyes. There were only occasional muffled roars that overflowed, depressing like a beast trapped in a square inch of land.

A lot of sweat soaked the sports vest on his body and outlined a well-maintained figure. It is difficult to imagine the real situation of his body by looking at the smooth muscle lines of his hands.

This is the rehabilitation that Luo Lingsheng performs every week, and the degree of pain each time cannot be explained in a few words.

The attending doctor motioned to the nurse to push into the wheelchair, “Patriarch, let’s rest when you are away, and let you relax your legs.”

Luo Lingsheng sat down without saying a word, letting the sweat raging on his face.

The simple five-meter road took a long time and exhausted all his energy.

“How is the value?” Qin Bo handed over the towel, concerned.

“Compared with last time, there is not much change,” the attending doctor replied.

He looked at Luo Lingsheng’s face and added two more words quickly, “But it’s not hopeless. Rehabilitation is always a protracted battle, and no regression is the greatest progress. Patriarch, you…”

“Enough, I know.” Luo Lingsheng stopped in a deep voice. He stared at his legs, and he was enveloped in a shadow.

The training room quickly froze in a low air pressure, and no one dared to talk to the scales at this moment.

I don’t know how long it took before Luo Lingsheng opened his mouth hoarsely.

The medical staff was relieved and immediately packed up and left.

Luo Lingsheng noticed the Qin slips on the side, “Have you come back from Shi’s house?”

“Well, there was Yuan Meng who was able to fight with me. Old Shi and the others didn’t dare to stop them, so they took the things over easily, and they had just sent them to Young Master Shi Er.”

Luo Lingsheng remembered something, “Where did he ask you to take a photo?”

“Two children of the same age and a woman, I am afraid that the privacy of Young Master Shi Er is involved, so I did not have a photo certificate.”

“It should be a photo of Mrs. Wen Min and their two brothers before her death.” Qin Bo said.

Luo Lingsheng was silent for a few seconds, “Qin Jian, you should withdraw first, and sort out all the group documents that require my personal approval, and I will deal with it at night.”


The door of the training room was closed again.

Uncle Qin stood with him for a while, and then said earnestly, “Patriarch, do you really consider getting married with Young Master Shi? How could he agree to be so happy?”

“Fake, it’s just an agreement.”

Uncle Qin looked complicated for a moment, “Patriarch, why are you doing this? He knows you…”

Luo Lingsheng stopped the butler’s unfinished words, “He doesn’t know, he doesn’t need to know.”


The atmosphere condensed for a moment.

Luo Lingsheng wiped his sweat with a towel, covering the hostility that overflowed in his eyes, “Uncle Qin, you don’t need to treat me as a good person.”

“I can’t get what I can’t get, and I don’t want others to get it. What I want, I have to tie myself by my side if I can.”




Even if it’s just an agreement, it’s better than nothing from start to finish.

“What about others?”

“I’ve been resting in the guest bedroom after lunch, and I haven’t come out. Young Master Shi’s adaptability is very strong.”

“I was thrown abroad like garbage from Shi’s family since I was a child…” Luo Lingsheng condensed his words in a low voice, throwing the towel in his hand into the basket unhappily, “I’ll take a bath, you go call him. If you have enough rest, four in the afternoon. Click to go out with us.”


Shi Yunnan just woke up when the door rang.

The exhaustion and the upside-down jet lag after the dream last night were all set back to the right track at this moment. He readily accepted the butler’s invitation to go out. After a simple wash, he changed his clothes and went out.

It was the same car in the morning, and Luo Lingsheng was already sitting in the parking space.

The man changed his clothes, and his thin dark blue shirt looked ascetic.

Shi Yunnan looked down at his clothes, which were also dark blue with splash ink prints, and was immediately happy. “Mr. Luo, I didn’t expect us to wear couple outfits of the same color? It’s a tacit understanding.”

Shi Yunnan clicked on her earlobe again, “By the way, there is also…”

Luo Lingsheng looked along his fingertips, it was an inky blue earring.

The other party seems to like floral lining very much. The neckline is loosened broadly, occasionally revealing the delicate skin and delicate clavicle hidden under the cloth with the movement, the over-long hair is slightly curled down, and he wears ears rarely worn by ordinary men. nail.

Dressing and dressing are exceptionally consistent with daily words and deeds, so the wild attracts people’s attention.

Luo Lingsheng pushed the frame without changing his face, and then ordered, “Yuan Meng, drive.”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

Shi Yunnan looked to the front row-assistant Qin Jian was not there, and the bodyguard who had been in the co-driver was driving now, and it was the housekeeper’s turn to sit by.

“Where are we going?” Shi Yunnan wasn’t nervous, “Mr. Luo didn’t really prepare for the engagement dinner, right? Then I can dress too casually.”

“No.” Luo Lingsheng’s answer could not reveal a trace of water, “I will know when I arrive.”

“Alright, as a qualified’marriage partner’, I am Mr. Luo’s person now, and I must listen to you obediently.”

The job is very professional and will come if you pretend to flirt.

Luo Lingsheng glanced at him briefly, and a subtle smile flashed across his eyes.


She’s pretty good at pretending to be good.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at an international elite kindergarten.

Looking out from a row, luxury cars are everywhere.

Luo Lingsheng sat in the car and didn’t move, but asked the housekeeper Qin Bo to take Shi Yunnan out of the car. The entrance inspection was very strict, and the two went through a series of registrations before they were put in.

Shi Yunnan followed the housekeeper and led him to the destination with his familiarity.

“Second Young Master Shi, it’s here, we haven’t reached the end of summer camp yet, let’s wait.”

The two were separated by a floor-to-ceiling glass window, and in the playground play area inside, a bunch of five or six-year-old children were playing together.

“Who shall we pick up?” Shi Yunnan twisted his eyebrows, “…Mr. Luo has a child?”

“It’s his little nephew.” Uncle Qin saw that Shi Yunnan had misunderstood, and pointed out an explanation. “Look, I’m holding a book there.”

Shi Yunnan’s brows eased for a moment, and he followed Qin Bo’s gaze.

At the outermost periphery of the game area, a young man in uniform is sitting on a small wooden chair with curly hair. He was holding an English story book bigger than his face and read it very seriously.

This young and mature appearance is out of place with his peers playing around.

Shi Yunnan chuckled unconsciously, and asked instead, “Where are his parents? Why don’t they come to pick them up?”

Qin Bo heaved a sigh of relief, “…dead.”

Shi Yunnan frowned in surprise.

Uncle Qin observed his expression from the blurry reflections of the glass windows, and confided in a low voice.

“Four years ago, in a car accident, four were killed and one injured. The old lady was gone on the spot, and the eldest lady and uncle were not able to rescue them.”

What did Shi Yunnan think of, “That’one injury’ is Mr. Luo, and his legs…”

“Yes, I got my life back, but my leg injury was too serious.” Qin Bo shook his head bitterly.

Shi Yunnan asked, “An accident? Or man-made?”

“Artificial.” Uncle Qin did not lie to him, and whispered while waiting for a while, “Master Luo passed away with a sudden heart attack, and the children and grandchildren under his knees are inevitably thinking about family property.”

Father Luo is the former head of the Luo family and the grandfather of Luo Lingsheng.

I lived to be ninety-seven years old, and he was unwilling to take the power out of his hands until he died.

Shi Yunnan snorted disapprovingly, “For your sake? The position of the head of the Luo family is comparable to that of the ancient throne.”

“No, the master and madam weren’t people fighting for power before they were alive. They knew that after the death of Master Luo, they had to fight against each other, so they thought about traveling abroad to avoid the spotlight, but they were calculated by Dafang on the way to the airport…”

Old man Luo was prestigious all his life. He married two wives and three children under his knees.

Luo Lingsheng’s father is an old son born by Xu Xian, so he is particularly favored by Mr. Luo, but he is separated from the other Sanfang brothers and sisters by age difference, and in fact has no close blood relationship.

I thought that withdrawing from the fight for power would be safe, but in the end it was not enough for people to calculate.

It’s true that good people are not rewarded.

It is true that power will blind all conscience and affection.

“The young master was lucky enough to get his life back in the car accident, but who can ignore the hatred of his family members who were calculated to die? I watched him get deeper and deeper, and his behavior became more and more ruthless.”

Qin Bo, who had watched Luo Lingsheng grow up from a young age, felt distressed, but he also understood that things couldn’t turn back.

In such a top giant, if you don’t fight, you will only be calculated even worse.

Finally, Luo Lingsheng became the youngest Patriarch of the Luo family in history, and his collateral relatives each had their own ends.

One room and the whole family were put in jail, and the third room was designed to go bankrupt. Only the second room, who had helped the old lady’s funeral and was willing to be a turtle in everything, took a place in the group.

After Shi Yunnan had a general understanding of the causes and consequences, he showed appreciation, “Very good.”


“I said, Luo Lingsheng is pretty good.”

When others don’t provoke him, they can let go of power, fame and fortune, and be transparent and silent.

When others hurt him, they can turn themselves into sharp swords, kill the opponent in the cannibalistic field without leaving them, and once occupy the commanding heights.


Shi Yunnan didn’t think it, and smiled and asked, “Uncle Qin, do you know the myth of Cthulhu? Mr. Luo is like the outer god inside.”[*]

Uncle Qin shook his head questioningly, “What is that?”

“I praise him.”

“Being able to stand up in adversity shows that Mr. Luo’s ability to control the situation is far superior to everyone…”

Shi Yunnan’s rainbow fart came just as he said it. He paused and recalled the appearance of Luo Lingsheng, “What’s more, he was very good-looking.”


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