After a Flash Marriage Chapter 51

At the end of November, Dijing cultural exchange market.

As soon as Shi Yunnan entered the venue, he saw yuan Rui looking forward to at the door. The other party rarely wore a three-piece suit. After a little care of his hair, he faded his childishness and looked like an elite.


“Ancestors, you can count!” Yuan Rui ran up and couldn’t hide his nervousness in his eyes.

When Shi Yunnan heard this address, he immediately smiled, “am I not late?”

“Sign in first, sign in first!”

Yuan Ruilian pulled him to the front desk and carefully supervised Shi Yunnan’s signing and licensing. Only then did he secretly breathe a sigh of relief.

Shi Yunnan hung the work card around his neck and followed yuan Rui into the meeting.

The Dijing jewelry auction charity party has been held for nine consecutive sessions, and the jewelry designs of cutting-edge designers have become famous at tens of millions of high prices in the party!

Therefore, it has attracted more and more designers.

Where there is jewelry design, there is no shortage of wealthy businessmen and ladies who are attracted by the name. The total price of jewelry auctioned is higher than one session, and even has become the wind vane of jewelry design in China.

The auction banquet hall has a large area, which is divided into auction area and exchange area.

Half an hour before the official auction, Shi Yunnan did not hurry to sit down. He took a thin introduction book to the auction and took yuan Rui to the communication area on the right.

A total of 22 design works were auctioned at the 9th charity party, but the most interesting one was the last two “x design”.

In other words, there is no design that shows the real face on the auction book.

“The designer (Group) participating in the auction for the first time has only two best designs?” Shi Yunnan read out the rough rules about ‘x design’ with a slight pick on his eyebrows. “I remember you told me that our works were selected as’ x ‘design.”

Yuanrui was busy with their studio’s participation in the auction. He knew all this very well. After hearing this, he replied, “the organizer has played tricks, and I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.”

Shi Yunnan asked, “what do you say?”

Yuan Rui explained, “this is a recognition of our design by the organizer’s selection team? But it was arranged at the end of the auction.”

On the one hand, it is to arouse the auction appetite of all guests and prevent them from leaving after reading all the auction exhibits in advance.

But on the other hand, the curiosity of the guests is caught to the top. If the actual jewelry on display does not meet their expectations, it is likely to lead to the auction price.

After all, at the end of the auction, many guests who really like collecting design products are easy to empty their “budget” early. It takes two hours to sit down. Where can we have the patience to shoot “less than expected” works?

“Don’t you want your design and our studio to win popularity and reputation in this auction?”

Yuan Rui quietly placed his hope, “I specially listened to my mother this morning and went to the temple of Keling in the next city to worship.”

When Shi Yunnan heard the second half of the sentence, he couldn’t help laughing. He glanced at the people around him and joked, “do you still believe these?”

“It’s always good to ask.” Yuan Rui was embarrassed and changed the subject. “Anyway, I hope your design will become famous in the first World War! Isn’t that beneficial to our studio?”

Shi Yunnan asked, “who owns the other x design work?”

“The enemy’s road is narrow!” Yuan Rui subconsciously ground the milled slot teeth and reported a familiar name, “Lingyu jade design.”

Although Lingyu design is an old company in the jade design industry, they have never participated in a charity auction before.

I don’t know why this time, I also took the design works to participate in the offline screening, and selected ‘x design’ at the same time.

Compared with other design exhibits that have been printed on the auction book, their two exhibits selected for “x design” have formed a silent competition——

Who is more popular with the rich guests? Whose works can be auctioned at a higher price?

If there is comparison, there will be win or lose. If you win or lose, you have to step on it.

What’s more, Lingyu and Yuanshi themselves had peer competition and festivals before this.

Shi Yunnan asked, “do you know the design style of their family?”

“Well, it’s all confidential.” Yuan Rui replied, “but I handed in our work at the card point this afternoon, and specially asked a specially assigned person to guard it. Nothing can go wrong.”

Once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the well rope.

Yuan Rui was afraid of another situation like Xie KeYue in Lingyu jade, so he took extra care to protect his own design. Even the money he asked a specially assigned person to guard was brought out by him.

Shi Yunnan smiled and didn’t speak.

In less than a month, Yuanrui has become “mature and stable” in all aspects, although the milk fat on his face has not been completely eliminated.

The two men walked forward a few steps, and Yuan Rui stopped with a bad look. Shi Yunnan looked over his eyes and saw three figures——

Two men and one woman.

One of the young men is Yang Sen, the designer who jumped into Lingyu from the foot of the wall dug in their studio.

Standing among the three is a man of about twenty-eight years old. He is wearing a dark gold suit with three pieces. A pair of long and narrow Phoenix eyes are slightly narrowed, and his thin lips stare at the movements around him like a smile, always giving people an unspeakable taste of calculation.

Another woman is wearing a black dress wrapped around her chest, with long curly hair, fine makeup and big red lips. At the moment, she is very close to the man in dark gold suit. It can be seen that the relationship between the two is not general.

In contrast, Yang Sen is more like a migrant worker following his leaders.

After a brief look, the other party also noticed the existence of Yuan Rui and Shi Yunnan.

The man in the dark gold suit came over first, slipped around them with a slightly joking look, and said with a smile, “the original young master, you should treat each other with admiration on the third day of your leave.”

“Is this the designer of your studio?” He gestured to Shi Yunnan, “Shi Yunnan designer? I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Yuan Rui didn’t show too obvious disgust. He whispered to Shi Yunnan, “Gu Jue, the Lingyu design that was only taken over last year.”

His identity in Gu is similar to that of Yuan Rui in Yuan’s jade, but he took over the Lingyu design department two years ago.

When Shi Yunnan heard the name, he finally had a reaction——

In the original book, after Xie KeYue and Yuan Rui expanded yuan’s jade design, they once acquired Lingyu design whose performance was declining, and Gu Jue was also one of his many “admirers”.

Unexpectedly, the situation is reversed.

Xie KeYue and Gu jueda have become investment partners, but they have become rivals with their original family.

Shi Yunnan soon restrained his emotions and showed some superficial politeness, “Mr. Gu, you’re welcome.”

Gu Jue didn’t speak, but stared at Shi Yunnan with interest.

Maybe Gu Jue’s eyes stayed on Shi Yunnan’s face for a long time. Yuan Rui and the black skirt woman around Gu Jue reacted at the same time——

“Mr. Gu, don’t you introduce me?”

“Gu Jue, what are you looking at?”

Black skirt women are jealous and want to find their own sense of existence;

Yuan Ruichun is a “rabbit protecting Radish”. He is afraid that Gu Jue wants to “dig out Shi Yunnan” and is always on guard.

Gu Jue took back his thoughts and introduced it without salt, “this is the design director of our Lingyu design department, song Miaoke.”

“I heard that Mr. Shi’s design is also one of the ‘x design’ of the final axis?”

Song Miaoke slightly raised his chin and said something friendly. In fact, there was a trace of disdain at the bottom of his eyes, “I look forward to seeing your work at the auction dinner later.”

Shi Yunnan glanced subtly at the corners of his lips and didn’t answer.

Song Miaoke probably felt that he had lost face and stuck in his throat. She quickly glanced at Gu Jue and seemed to hope that the other party could say a word for him.

Janssen, standing at the back of the side, saw the woman’s small movements and flashed by with a speechless look.

Song Miao can be said to be the director of the first design department, rather than the little lover Gu Jue took with him.

According to the gossip of employees inside the company, the other party took Gu Jue as soon as he graduated from an unknown design college. Obviously, he didn’t have much design ability, but he jumped up to the high position of design director like a rocket.

The favorite thing to do at ordinary times is to take the manuscript designed by the intern and “modify” it a little to turn it into your own work. However, because Gu Jue is partial with one eye open and one eye closed, no intern dares to compete with her.

Gu Jue naturally noticed the little lover’s intention, but he didn’t care.

To tell the truth, he is tired of song Miaoke and is waiting to dump people after the charity auction.

However, as their “sworn enemy” all the time, yuan finally caught the opportunity. How could he easily let go of the opportunity to “humiliate” his opponent?

Gu Jue looked at Yuan Rui again and said, “I heard that Lu Zhaoan left yuan’s job?”


In a word, he strangled yuan Rui’s life door, “what’s your business?”

“What a pity.”

Gu Jue’s face shook his head regretfully. “Yuan’s family may still have a way to live in Lu Zhaoan’s hands, but if someone else takes over, we Gu’s family may lack a competitor.”

These words, both overt and covert, mean that Yuan’s family will go bankrupt in Yuan Rui’s hands.

Yuan Rui’s face stiffened, trying to suppress his anger in public, “Gu Jue, what do you mean?”

“What do you mean? President Gu doesn’t understand very well?”

Song Miaoke opened his mouth with a soft voice and a needle hidden in the cotton. “Yuan didn’t do the good jade carving, but changed his career to jade design, and came to participate in such a charity auction. Can’t the design progress of the original young master and Mr. Shi go on, and just want to get a reputation by this dinner?”

She can stay with Gu Jue, who always likes the new and hates the old, for so long. Naturally, she has a set of Kung Fu to flatter and cater to herself.

Sure enough, Gu Jue raised his lips when he heard this. It was more interesting to see yuan Rui’s angry face getting red——

In the past, when the two sides met on jade occasions, Lu Zhaoan came forward to deal with them.

Lu Zhaoan is a soft and hard person. Gu Jue feels that every test is like a fist in cotton, which can’t stimulate the other party’s reaction. It’s very boring.

But Yuanrui is much more fun.

They are all from a jade family. Gu Jue doesn’t know how many pounds each other has? Is the arrogant young master who is well protected by his parents and senior brother! How many real skills can you have?

Without Lu Zhaoan, Yuan’s family is doomed to failure in Yuan Rui’s hands! Now the diversion to open the jade design is just a dying struggle.

It is said that after Yang Sen and others were dug into Lingyu by Xie KeYue, Shi Yunnan completed the “x design” this time?

No matter how powerful Shi Yunnan is, can he compare with the success of their Lingyu design department?

Seeing yuan Rui’s suffocating and unable to vent, he had the pleasure of playing his opponent between his hands.

Yuan Rui fell on both sides, his hands clenched into fists, and his chest hidden under his suit was fluctuating rapidly.

If he could, he would have punched Gu Jue in the face, but not now. The charity auction strictly prohibits fights between designers and design studios. In serious cases, he will be directly disqualified from the auction of exhibits.

There are surveillance around the hall. Once he makes a move, he will be caught!

Yuanrui’s fist rang, but he told himself to be calm again and again in his heart——

It doesn’t matter if he is insulted by Gu Jue, but he can’t implicate Shi Yunnan!

The jade works designed and created by good friends must not lose the qualification of auction display because of their own irrationality.

During this period of time, Yuan Rui has been closed to the door and heard countless ridicules when inviting designers. Why care more this time?

Yuanrui barely held his mind, smiled and looked at his good friend, “Yunnan, let’s go. It’s almost time. We’ll sit down and wait for the beginning.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Yuanrui’s eyes and tried to suppress the fog. He grabbed his wrist and stopped him from leaving. “Yuanrui, wait a minute. I still have something to say to President Gu.”


Gu Jue felt the pleasure of the winner in the narrow Phoenix eyes, as if he had won all aspects of the next auction that had not yet begun.

Look at Yuan Rui’s advice that he doesn’t even dare to refute.

Their works can be shortlisted in the “x design”. Maybe they were bought by yuan to fight for face.

“Mr. Gu, our jade studio has just begun. We need to find ways to accumulate contacts, gain fame and expand the market.”

Shi Yunnan did not hide the purpose of their trip, because every new work career needs a beginning process.

He paused, his eyes suddenly showed sharp, “and some companies’ jade design is already going downhill.”


Hearing this, Lingyu’s three groups were stunned.

“Mr. Shi, isn’t that right?” Song Miaoke retorts and looks at Gu Jue.

“Do I mean your spirit jade? You don’t have to substitute yourself?” Shi Yunnan smiled and asked, “designer song, why did you Lingyu come to this auction dinner?”

“You are such a big company. You have been struggling in the jade design industry for so many years. How can you return to the same starting point as our studio now?”

Shi Yunnan looked at Song Miaoke and asked questions. In fact, he was beating Gu Jue’s face.

The charity auction has progressed to the ninth session. Before, Lingyu design disdained to participate. Why did Gu Jue step back to compete for places with a new jade studio like them within two years?

Isn’t it more humiliating to spread it?

Obviously, there was no important word. Shi Yunnan analyzed the current situation of Lingyu and held the other party’s life door.

The pleasure in Gu Jue’s eyes immediately dissipated. Yuan Rui, who was standing aside, caught his stiff lips and suddenly felt a bad breath.

“Also, Yuan Rui is very good. Yuan won’t fall on his hand!” Shi Yunnan silently clenched Yuanrui’s wrist and secretly gave support and affirmation.

“On the contrary, President Gu has the intention to ridicule others. It’s better to reflect on yourself.”

“Although it was the first time I saw Lingyu design director, Miss Song really brightened my eyes.”

Shi Yunnan learned from the other party’s “overt ridicule and insinuation”. Before leaving, he did not forget to add a “compliment” to Gu Jue, “Gu, good vision.”


Gu Jue’s face pulled down completely.

Song Miao could also hear the sarcasm in the words and blushed on the spot.

Unfortunately, Shi Yunnan didn’t want to give them any eyes at all. He took yuan ruitou and walked to the auction area on the left without looking back.

Song Miaoke stared at the two people’s back, and immediately complained to Gu Jue about being coquettish, “President gu! Look at them, I……”

“Shut up!”

Gu Jue rarely yelled at her, and his anger was pressed in the depths of his pupils.

Xie KeYue is right.

Shi Yunnan is indeed a laughing stock.

Gu Jue straightened the neckline of his suit and asked, “Yang Sen, how’s the thing I told you to do?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Gu, I’ve arranged everything.”

Yang Sen, who had been silent for a long time, stepped forward and asked in a respectful whisper, “shall I contact them again to ensure the smooth progress in the future?”


Gu Jue nodded and explained cautiously, “this is related to the status of our Lingyu in this auction. Let them do things carefully.”

Janssen replied, “OK.”

Gu Jue reluctantly pressed down his strength, and the corners of his mouth began to arc again – wait, what can verbal boasting be? The real battle has not yet begun!

Gu Jue ignored song Miaoke, who had just been scolded and ignored, and took her to the auction area to take a seat.

Janssen, who was left in place, put away his smile and couldn’t hold back his face——

He and five other designers thought that after changing jobs and entering Lingyu, he was directly divided into the newly established “group 2 of the design department”, and he was promoted to the group leader of the group 2 at the same time.

I thought I would get better treatment and room for improvement than in Hara. What’s the result? Unexpectedly, he went directly into the cold palace and sat on the bench!

Their designs are not reused and are always required by templates. Occasionally, a good inspiration point will be directly requisitioned by a group of designers.

Some designers in the second group expressed dissatisfaction, which was ignored by Lingyu senior management.

Two days ago, someone asked to leave, but Lingyu’s head of personnel told them——

“It’s OK to resign, but the work agreement signed between them and Lingyu can’t be completed, so they need to pay liquidated damages.”

Old design companies are like this. They have no human feelings or morality.

Until this happened, Yang Sen and other talents realized that Lingyu didn’t really value their design at all, but wanted to force yuan’s hidden competitor back!

In contrast, they know that Yuan’s original “cooperation agreement” really gives them respect, that is, they really value their ability and design!

Up to now, they have no way back.

Yuanshi couldn’t want them to be such a wallflower, and it’s not so simple to leave Lingyu.

Regret it?

Regret ah, regret so that my intestines are green!

Shi Yunnan took yuan Rui back to the auction area, found their corresponding position and sat down.

Before the chair was firmly seated, Yuan Rui rushed to Shi Yunnan with tears. He was moved to smoke, “Yunnan, thank you.”


Shi Yunnan was stunned when he heard yuan Rui’s cry. Because he was suddenly surrounded, he couldn’t help patting each other on the back. “What’s your nerve? You’re not afraid of others reading jokes.”

Yuan Rui withdrew and quickly wiped the water light in his eyes. “Yuan will get up in my hands! Your investment will not lose money! So don’t believe Gu Jue’s nonsense!”

While wiping his eyes awkwardly, he was afraid that his “Radish” would be pried away by others.

Shi Yunnan was speechless and funny. “Save you. Why didn’t I see your lacrimal glands so developed before?”

“No, don’t talk nonsense.” Yuan Rui denied it and began to look around to change the topic.

It’s only ten minutes since the official start of the auction, and most of the seats have been filled with rich businessmen kuota who came to participate in the charity auction.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure at the door, “Yun Nan, isn’t that your husband?”


Shi Yunnan was stunned and immediately looked in the direction of his fingers.

Luo Lingsheng steered a wheelchair into the hall, and beside him stood a familiar figure, Yu Shuo, in addition to Yuan Meng and Qin Jian.

Maybe there is really telepathy between lovers.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng are tens of meters away, and they can also aim at their eyes accurately.

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips and immediately got up, “sit down first and I’ll go to find him.”

I met my husband and lost my friend.

Before Yuanrui could answer, Shi Yunnan walked towards Luo Lingsheng with big steps.

“Didn’t you say you’d come later?”

“The meeting ended early.” Luo Lingsheng answered.

He glanced at Yu Shuo on his side. He seemed afraid that Shi Yunnan would be as unhappy as last time. “I met him temporarily.”

Yu Shuo heard something fishy about “raking ears”. When he was shocked, he thought it was interesting, “HMM.”

“Let me see if there are any good items at today’s jewelry auction. Buy my mother a birthday gift and do charity by the way…”

He paused slightly and lowered his voice. “I think she should be happy.”

When Luo Lingsheng heard this, he threw a short but complex line of sight at him, and then Shi Yunnan turned his attention back, “how many rows do you sit in?”

Qin Bamboo Slips reported the seat number, “eight rows.”

Yu Shuo answered casually, “I’m in the seventh row.”

These positions are close to the original positions of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui. The group quickly find their own positions and sit down after adjustment.

“What date is your design?” Luo Lingsheng only cares about lovers’ works.

“The 21st, not very.” Shi Yunnan replied.

He suddenly remembered something and earnestly asked, “don’t follow the blind auction at that time. I also want to see the real level of my design works in the eyes of these guests.”


Is going to participate in the auction, and is bound to win Luo Lingsheng.

He was silent for several seconds before answering, “OK, then you design a little thing for me in the future?”

Shi Yunnan smiled, turned his head and bit his ears, “shall I design a ring for us?”

Luo Lingsheng was preparing to answer, and there was a movement next to three or four seats apart.

Shi Yun’s southern eyes looked and couldn’t help picking his eyebrows.

He said to his friend on his side, “Yuan Rui, you’re really right. The enemy’s road is narrow.”

In order to sit next to Luo Lingsheng, Shi Yunnan specially asked Yuan Meng and Qin Jian to change the position where he and Yuan Rui had just sat.

Unexpectedly, they met Gu Jue and song Miaoke in the same row before the chair was hot.

The eyes of both sides meet, and an invisible contest begins.


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