After a Flash Marriage Chapter 52

Yuan Rui immediately moved sideways to block Gu Jue’s glance at Shi Yunnan.

He turned his back to Shi Yunnan and whispered to Gu Jue with his fierce eyes, “fool, you don’t want to rob my carrot.”

Shi Yunnan was amused by Yuan Rui and saw his lover’s slightly confused eyes, so he whispered to explain what had just happened.

After hearing Luo Lingsheng, his eyes darkened, “do you need to check them?”

Shi Yunnan glanced sideways at Gu Jue and song Miaoke in the same row. His eyes changed slightly. He attached to Luo Lingsheng’s ear and whispered a word.

Luo Lingsheng heard the speech and quickly sent a message with his mobile phone.

In less than half a minute, the Qin Bamboo Slips in the front row got up, took a deep look at them and quickly walked towards the outside.

At the same time, the opening welcome of the host finally sounded on the field. The process of the charity auction is very simple——

The first eight auction exhibits belong to the private charity dinner given by the grand merchants. They are all relatively small objects. The amount auctioned will be fully used for poverty donations.

The latter exhibits are all provided by individual designers or design studios, and the starting price of the auction is determined by the former.

The final total price minus the cost in the early stage of design will also be used for love donation.

After the host’s brief introduction, the professional auctioneer came on the stage.

Because the first eight pieces of jewelry are small pieces, the starting price is not high for the guests present. The auction round after round is fast and smooth.

Then, the subsequent design exhibits set off the atmosphere of the auction to a climax.

Shi Yunnan has little interest in bidding, but when each exhibit comes out, he can’t help studying its design elements and can actively explain it to Luo Lingsheng.

Originally, Luo Lingsheng had no interest in these jewelry auctions, but he liked to listen to Shi Yunnan’s constant explanation. He was particularly infatuated with the heartfelt love of his lover.

“Why do you like jewelry design so much?” Luo Lingsheng never asked. He remembered that Shi Yunnan’s University major had nothing to do with this.

“Because my mother liked collecting jewelry.”

Shi Yunnan shook a glimmer at the bottom of his eyes and sighed.

At that time, Wen Min also had a special jewelry cabinet, which carefully collected all kinds of jewelry objects.

Every time she gets a brand-new favorite jewelry, she will temporarily forget her mother’s identity and carefully match her clothes and makeup with the jewelry. Ask: Yibei and Yunnan, does mother’s necklace look good?

Wen Min is not only a young lady of a big family, but also a young lady who has been spoiled.

The composition of her married world is very simple, including piano music, jewelry, baby twins and her beloved husband.

Unfortunately, fate likes to play tricks on people.

After the collapse and separation of the two families, Shi Wen did not take all Wen Min’s relics away.

Later, Xie Wei became the new hostess of the Shi family. When Shi Yunnan returned home from abroad for the first time, he found that the other party was wearing his mother’s earrings.

It was the first time he had protested against the stepmother.

However, Xie Wei is used to being clever. She wipes tears in front of master Shi and Shi Sheng, pretends to be innocent, and takes the initiative to return the earrings to Shi Yunnan. In the end, he is losing his temper as a child.

Since then, Shi Yunnan’s sense of this “stepmother” has been reduced to the lowest.

Seeing Luo Lingsheng’s face sinking gradually, Shi Yunnan quickly changed the topic with a smile, “I came into contact with the jewelry design industry by chance. If I felt very interested, I tried.”

When he first participated in the jewelry design competition, he used an alias.

He won the most innovative award in that competition, which was both luck and strength. Later, he also invited studio orders and private orders.

Gradually, he developed into his own design career.

If it hadn’t been for his temporary return, he would have encountered the most important turning point in his life. Maybe Shi Yunnan is still living a design life abroad day and night.

Yu Shuo in the front row turned to his side and ignored his friends who had been aiming at Shi Yunnan for many years.

“Mr. Shi, can you recommend to me which of the exhibits that have not yet been auctioned is more suitable for me? The price doesn’t matter. I can afford it.”

Shi Yunnan had no resistance to Yu Shuo the night he first met. After hearing his request, he immediately leaned forward and recommended him for a while.

Luo Lingsheng decided to sit in a wheelchair and looked at the two people who were “talking to each other”. His sour eyes seemed to corrode a hole in the forehead of his friends for many years——

Does this man have any eyesight? Doesn’t he have a date himself?

The auction progressed to half-time.

Luo Lingsheng suddenly received a text message from Qin bamboo slips that had not returned.

He looked at the news carefully and immediately took it out to Shi Yunnan with a frown. “This should be a violation in the auction. Do you want to report it to the organizer?”

Shi Yunnan saw the content of the message, “no wonder Lingyu is so powerful.”

His eyebrow tip lightly picked, “don’t report first. What’s the meaning of reporting now? The good play hasn’t started yet.”

Luo Lingsheng looked at his lover and immediately understood his intention, “do you want them to lift a stone and hit their own feet?”

“Of course.”

Shi Yunnan attached to Luo Lingsheng’s ear and explained in a very low voice.

Yuan Rui on one side couldn’t help but wholesale dog food without money. He deliberately cleared his throat, “Yun Nan, do you want to go to the bathroom with me?”

Shi Yunnan, who had just explained the important things, was speechless for two seconds and looked at it like a fool. “Are you a pupil? Do you have to go to the bathroom hand in hand?”


Yuan Rui indicated his position with his eyes. He intuitively said, “Gu Jue has just left. I have to quietly Mimi follow up and have a look. I’m afraid he will make some dirty means by malicious competition.”

Shi Yunnan heard the speech and quickly delivered it to Luo Lingsheng. “I’ll meet him again and add some chips to the next good play.”


Luo Lingsheng knew that Shi Yunnan had discretion and plan and did not stop him.

Shi Yunnan got up and followed Gu Jue’s direction.

Yuan Rui also heard the “unclear” conversation just now. He was vaguely aware of something. He ran after his friend with some uneasiness.

“Yunnan, is something wrong? Our design has been tampered with by Gu Jue?” Yuan Rui asked as he walked.

It’s not that he maliciously thinks Gu Jue and Lingyu too bad, but that the other party has a coquettish operation of “digging at the foot of the wall”.

Yuanrui is afraid that Gu Jue will do immoral things that will damage their studio again for his own win!

Gu Jue seems to have a good appearance. In fact, he must be careful!

“It has little to do with our designs for the time being. Don’t be nervous.”

Shi Yunnan patted Yuanrui on the shoulder and pretended to stand on the washstand outside the bathroom.

“It’s not so easy to fiddle with designs at such auctions. If they are exposed, their Lingyu will only work hard and be thankless.”

Yuan Rui felt relieved when he heard the speech.

In less than a minute, Gu Jue came out from the inside. He saw two people standing in the front row of the washstand close, “what a coincidence?”

Yuan Rui hissed, “such bad luck.”

Gu Jue’s fake smile converged slightly. While pressing the hand sanitizer, he tightly locked Shi Yunnan in the mirror. “Mr. Shi, you have no future in Yuanshi. Do you want to consider coming to our Lingyu?”

“I can directly promote you as the director of the design team.”

Shi Yunnan is one of the first remaining designers of Yuan’s family. Gu Jue doesn’t believe yuan Rui’s ability, but he still recognizes Lu Zhao’s eye.

He wanted to use better conditions to coax Shi Yunnan to Lingyu, and then throw it away like Yang Sen and others.

First, you can attack Yuanshi and Yuanrui, and second, you can learn from Shi Yunnan.

As soon as Yuan Rui heard this, he was unwilling to blow his hair. “Gu Jue! Don’t think I dare not hit you! There’s no monitoring here!”

Gu Jue likes to watch others lose control of their emotions, which makes him feel happy to stand in the highest player.

“Yuanrui, don’t deny it. You’re just a Doo who can’t stand it. With Yuanrui in your hand, you will only accelerate towards destruction.”

“Our previous generation fought for so long and didn’t win or lose. Believe it or not, it won’t take two years…”

Gu Jue raised his hand and aimed at the foam that was unexpectedly propped up in his palm. “The original is just like this bubble, and the blink of an eye is gone.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and took the place of Yuan Rui.

“To tell you the truth, Mr. Gu, I have invested in Yuanshi jade design. I am a partner and designer, so it’s disgusting to accept your superficial Kung Fu of ‘digging people’ openly and secretly.”


Gu Jue’s eyes were rekindled with a trace of anger, and his words became impolite. “It seems that Mr. Shi’s eyes are really not very good. It must be a mess of mud.”

Who won’t talk fast?

The more Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui refuse to admit defeat, it may mean that they have less confidence in their hearts.

Lingyu is preparing the exhibits for this auction three months in advance. With the temporary cramming of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui for one month, what good things can they make?

How is that possible?

When Gu Jue secretly despised it, Shi Yunnan suddenly approached and attached it to his ear, “Gu Jue, since you took over the Lingyu design department, it has been less than two years that your capital chain has torn down east walls to make up for west walls?”


Gu Jue only felt that the invisible powerful aura fixed him in place, and the sharp questions made it difficult for him to refute for a time.


Lingyu jade design was once a big fat meat of Gu’s family. Gu Jue wanted to go down to this high-level position, which was actually used to install ability and deceive all kinds of little lovers.

Because he had no intention of management and no design experience, he forced three or four veteran designers away in the past two years. The remaining designers began to form gangs and fight openly and secretly, and had no intention of creativity and development.

When Gu Jue found out, the working capital and sales amount of this independent department could not be brought.

If not, how could he be willing to put down his body to participate in the auction? It is impossible to accept Xie KeYue’s investment so easily.

Of course, he didn’t show up in front of Xie KeYue.

If their design exhibits can attract the rich and sell at this auction, they should be able to win a lot of private design orders in the future!

In addition, with “charitable design” as a public publicity gimmick, other civilian designs under Lingyu should also have another wave of sales rise.

Step by step, he will be able to recover the deficit he lost.

“Lingyu is very good. Don’t bother Mr. Shi.” Gu Jue withdrew half a step, and washed the foam in his hand.

Shi Yunnan shook a dark light at the bottom of his eyes, changed his low-key style in design work, “Gu Jue, you wait and see!”

His tone was very arrogant, “my design works will certainly be able to shoot the highest price in the audience, and then trample on your Lingyu’s design works under your feet.”

This sentence hit Gu Jue like a big stone, and he looked at it——

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were firm and confident. It seemed that he had predicted the results that had not yet happened.

With that, he turned and left.

Seeing this, Yuan Rui suddenly shook his wet hands, and the water splashed on Gu Jue’s face.

“Yuanrui! What’s wrong with you!”

“Gu Jue, you’d better sit down and watch a good play! The most correct thing I’ve ever done in my life is to know Shi Yunnan! His design will amaze the whole audience!”

“You Lingyu can only make small movements behind your back, I……”

Yuan Rui took advantage of no one around and added angrily, “bah! What!”

He dropped this derogatory remark and quickly caught up with his distant friend.

Gu Jue became more and more angry. He didn’t even understand why Shi Yunnan knew Lingyu’s capital and profit and loss! Can you even say that his works can be auctioned to the best in the audience?

impossible! No!

Gu Jue crushes the tissue he used to wipe his hands into a mass of garbage. He feels he must increase his chips and gamble——

For the “x design” works exhibited at the final auction, his and Lingyu’s design must win over the studios of yuan and Shi Yunnan!

Yuan Rui quickly caught up with his friend and suddenly hooked his shoulder, “Yunnan, I’ll keep it a secret for you!”

He smiled happily. It was rare that he was nervous and joked.

Shi Yunnan asked, “what’s the secret?”

Yuan Rui replied, “you just got so close to Gu Jue. Mr. Luo won’t be jealous when he knows?”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t cry or laugh. “Don’t talk nonsense in front of him.”

Yuan Rui patted his chest and promised, “you know, I’m your mother’s family! If your relationship doesn’t go well, I’m afraid my career will suffer.”

“Yuanrui, get out of the way.”


When they returned to their seats, the auction in the second half had already begun.

The atmosphere at the venue was very warm, and the No. 18 work was shot for 7.6 million, the highest price so far tonight!

Soon, the auction went to the last process tonight – the display and auction of cutting-edge ‘x design’ works.

Yuan Rui took a deep breath nervously, “Yunnan, it’s our turn.”

“Now, let me open work No. 21 for you, from…”

The auctioneer had a momentary jam, but soon returned to the original state, “from the ‘canhua’ designed by Lingyu.”

The large screen shows the display diagram of the details of the work. At the same time, the authentic display cabinet is also pushed up by the staff.

Yuan Rui said unresponsive, “what’s the matter? Shouldn’t our works be displayed first?”

“Don’t worry, I deliberately asked someone to change it temporarily.” Shi Yunnan answered in a low voice.

He asked Qin bamboo slips to find an excuse for “data error” and temporarily changed the auction order between them and Lingyu, because it had little impact, and the organizer’s staff easily accommodated it.

Yuan Rui wondered, “why?”

Shi Yunnan looked at Gu Jue’s direction and said, “some people who pursue victory too much will pursue the highest point more blindly and impulsively before the final price and result are still nothingness.”

Yuan Rui listened to the fog, but when he saw that his friend was not nervous about it, he simply lowered his mood and waited for a while.

The auctioneer on the stage cleared his throat and immediately opened a smooth introduction, “ladies and gentlemen, please look, this exhibit is a brooch combined with diamond and jade, which looks like sunflower, so it is called ‘canhua’.”

The petals of the brooch are long strips, which gradually transition from yellow diamond to colorless diamond. The transition of the whole color strip is very natural.

The most fascinating thing is that the center is inlaid with an emerald round jade. The color of green onion heart makes people like it from the bottom of their heart.

This brooch is a very bold innovation in jewelry design, because compared with the dazzling diamond and the calm texture such as jade, the two are difficult to integrate.

But now, under the irradiation of professional lights, the brooch petals emit a nearly golden yellow light, which gradually blends with the colorless fine drilling light, just like the morning sun, shining but not dazzling.

The emerald jade in the center of it has the highest quality and luster. Even if outsiders look at it, it is one of the top green!

For a time, several rich families around Kuo Tai exclaimed, “it’s so beautiful!”

“Isn’t this brooch too exquisite?”

“What’s the starting price? Husband, I like this one!”

Gu Jue heard a steady stream of exclamations and love from around him, and there was another trace of confidence in his heart.

He looked at the three or four position numbers in the fifth row and the fifth row respectively, and looked forward to the next development.

“No. 21, a private collection designed by Lingyu. The starting price is 4.5 million, and the bottom line is increased by 100000! Now officially start bidding!”

As soon as the voice fell, a guest sitting in the fifth row raised his bidding number plate, “No. 35, five million!”

A sudden increase of 500000.

Yuan Rui heard the number and clicked for a moment.

Sitting next to him, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and saw the play clearly.

The next second, another six rows of guests raised their cards and shouted, “5.2 million!”

“OK, Mr. 06, raise the price to 5.2 million. Is there anyone else?” As soon as the auctioneer asked, another lady raised her hand to increase the price.

Auctioneers will play up the bidding atmosphere.

In less than three minutes, the bidding price of this brooch has soared to 7 million, and the guest No. 35 sitting in the fifth row is the most and fiercest.

Secondly, guest 06 sitting in the sixth row.

“Seven hundred and one thousand times, does anyone increase the price?” The auctioneer looked around and shouted.

Suddenly, a familiar voice line in the front row opened, “No. 14, 7.7 million!”

All of a sudden, it refreshed the highest price of the whole auction tonight!

Gu Jue, sitting in his position, brightened his eyes and showed the winner’s smile he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Yuanrui’s sight immediately chased him, but he almost jumped up after seeing each other’s face.

He looked at Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng in disbelief and asked in a low voice, “Yunnan, what’s the matter? Isn’t assistant Qin Mr. Luo’s man? Why did he shoot our home design works!”

It was the Qin bamboo slips that disappeared for a long time after the opening.

Shi Yunnan pressed yuan Rui, who was about to become a puffer fish, close to him and explained in a low voice, “deliberately.”

“What do you mean?”

“The guests holding No. 35 and No. 06 are actually invited by Gu Jue.”


Yuan ruimeng forced him to blink. This time, he quickly responded, “they are maliciously bidding up the auction price? This is against the rules of the auction!”

Deliberately or even maliciously create an atmosphere of “hot auction” and guide guests who really love auction products to broaden their bidding chips again and again under the condition of excitement and impulse.

Wait until the auction price reaches the critical point, and then stop in time. The successful bidder buys the goods at a premium, which is not a profit, but a loss!

The ultimate profit maker is often the commodity seller who hides behind all this.

“Of course we know.” Shi Yunnan replied.

The auction money is donated as love money. No matter how high the auction price can not flow into Lingyu’s pocket, but what they want is such a high price victory and effect——

In order to obtain higher attention and gimmicks, coupled with the design of acceptable jewelry works, it is natural that high orders will come to the door.

Yuan Rui didn’t refute. After all, this is the purpose for him and Shi Yunnan to attend the auction.

However, if they want to win again, they can’t engage in such small private operations! Isn’t it clear to the guests who really like this work?

“Don’t worry, this is a psychological game.”

Shi Yunnan patted his friend on the back of his hand to appease him. “With me, Gu felt that he would only stumble.”

During their brief conversation, the auction price has soared to 8.6 million.

The two ‘guests’ on the 6th and the 35th are scrambling to raise the price, and two expensive ladies who really value jewelry are bidding.

Another round came down, and the auction price had reached 9 million. The bidder was a lady wearing cheongsam mink hair.

Yuanrui can’t see it anymore. His disgust with Gu Jue is getting deeper and deeper.

He has too high a moral bottom line for everything about jade.

Just when everyone thought the auction price was too high, a familiar and indifferent voice sounded in their front row, “No. 098, 9.5 million.”

All of a sudden, the eyes of the whole audience focused. Even Luo Lingsheng narrowed his eyes in surprise, “Yu Shuo?”

Yu Shuo in the front row waved his hand with interest and covered his mouth with the sign. “I guess what you’re doing. I’m free to help you.”

“Don’t worry, the price will continue to increase over there. If I lose the bet, this 9.5 million will be used as a premium.”

This money is just a little itchy meat.

Sure enough, Yu Shuo’s price was exported, and the auction house solidified for a moment——

Although love and impulse are the truth at the auction venue, a diamond brooch sold for 9.5 million, which is already a sky high price!

Gu Jue sat in his seat and his mobile phone vibrated.

“Mr. Gu, do you want to continue to increase the price?”

“Mr. Gu, it’s almost time to stop?”

The first two short messages came from the ‘fake guests’ on the 6th and the 35th respectively. They are the core clients responsible for driving up high prices.

At this critical point of high price, they can no longer raise the price rashly for Gu Jue behind the scenes, so as not to stumble and cause accidents.

Gu Jue was still hesitant, and a voice of discussion suddenly sounded next to him, “according to this auction trend, this brooch will not reach 10 million? That’s a new high!”

“Not necessarily. I think this 9.5 million is about the same.”

“It’s all 9.5 million, but it’s only half a million? I don’t think it’s good enough. The rich woman has to do it again. Women are always willing to spend money on things they like.”

Gu Jue listened silently in his heart, and his mind somehow passed what Shi Yunnan said at the bathroom——

Gu Jue, you can wait and see. My design works will certainly get the highest price in the audience, and then step on your Lingyu’s design works under your feet.

“Mr. Gu, what’s the matter with you?” Song Miaoke reminded, “it’s been the second time.”

Hearing this, Gu Jue immediately replied with his mobile phone.


Add it to 9.9 million!

Not long after the news spread, the “trust” in the front row increased the price to 9.9 million before the auctioneer called a stop for the third time!

As soon as the price was exported, Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng laughed at the same time.

Yu Shuo was relieved and shook his head——

This man’s heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant. Sure enough, he guesses one by one.

“It’s only 100000, it’s 10 million!” Song Miaoke was nervous and looked forward to it.

Gu Jue held his breath tightly and locked his eyes on the expensive lady wearing cheongsam and mink hair.

He’s gambling!

Bet the other party is willing to pay for this brooch!

After all, the other party has been willing to bid up to nine million. A mere one million is an impulsive decision!

However, as time went by, there was no new movement in the audience. On the contrary, it was a little unnatural.

Gu Jue’s panic gradually seeped out from the bottom of his heart.

In fact, it is stipulated in the auction that the auction time for each price increase is limited to one minute, but the organizers and auctioneers often delay time in order to obtain higher benefits.

The auctioneer secretly accepted Gu Jue’s benefits. From time to time, he glanced at Gu Jue’s position and tried his best to delay time and raise the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, no one is willing to increase the price.

“Almost! Why haven’t you decided yet?”

“Yes, it’s been too long?”

“Is this auctioneer professional or not?”

At first, some guests made a noise impatiently. It was almost ten o’clock. They were still waiting for the last exhibit to come out, auction it early and go home to have a rest!

The auctioneer received a strange sound, and the end sound of the organizer’s field controller was also received in his ears.

He took a deep breath and had to make a final decision in front of the guests. “Congratulations to guest 06. Take this brooch at a price of 9.9 million!”

At the moment of saying this, song Miaoke shouted in panic.

Many people around heard the exclamation and looked sideways. Many people recognized Gu Jue’s identity and congratulated him, “President Gu, congratulations.”

“The auction price of Lingyu is so beautiful!”

Gu Jue couldn’t answer at all, and even the fundus of his eyes didn’t have the first light and pride.

He was rarely stunned in his position, suddenly alternating hot and cold sweat on his forehead, and his depression stuck on his chest——

How did this happen? He lost the bet!

At the moment, the congratulations of others are a great irony in his ears!

He spent 9.9 million on his company’s design? The most important thing is that all the money has to be donated as love money in the end!

Coupled with the management fee and registration fee spent in the early stage, this auction has lost nearly tens of millions.

Suddenly, Gu Jue smiled sarcastically at Shi Yunnan, and his face suddenly turned blue.

At the moment, he seems to have been slapped by countless people. The auction price of nearly ten million can completely crush him! But you can’t shout or say anything!

If it is exposed that he has asked for “trust” to bid up prices, it will be more serious than losing nearly ten million! I’m afraid Lingyu’s design works can’t appear in major auctions in the future!

Up to now, Gu Jue has to break his teeth and swallow it in his stomach.


Shi Yunnan, who finished the game, whispered to his lover and friends, “once people don’t have a clear understanding of themselves, they will dig a deep hole and bury themselves.”

He deliberately put the order of his design works at the end in order to create more uncertainty for Gu Jue——

If yuan’s and Shi Yunnan’s design works can finally get a higher price than 9.5 million?

Not to mention, Shi Yunnan also used words to give him psychological hints at the door of the bathroom.

Under multiple invisible pressures, Gu Jue did not allow such a thing to happen. Under impulse, he lost his calmest judgment, which led to such a result.

Luo Lingsheng caught the cunning in the lover’s eyes, “Gu Jue fell a lot this time.”

Shi Yunnan hums and laughs, “he makes a cocoon and binds himself. No wonder I am.”

Yuan Rui on the edge heard this and made no secret of his gloating, “yes! He deserved it!”

A happy family and a sad family.

Before long, the last design work was finally brought to the eyes of the guests.

Before the auctioneer introduced a word and a half, the exclamation of the whole audience rang one after another at the moment of genuine exhibition.


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