After a Flash Marriage Chapter 53

A necklace as deep as the ocean and as mysterious as the dense forest is placed in the display cabinet.

It was properly tiled in the black flannelette, showing its soft and eye-catching luster under the irradiation of the on-site light, so that people’s eyes could not leave it at all.

The auctioneer began to introduce the necklace, “dear guests, this is the last design exhibit tonight, designed and produced by ‘Yunan’ studio.”

Like the bright flower brooch of Lingyu, this is also a necklace jewelry composed of multiple jewelry elements.

Its base is made of platinum. A total of 18 rings with a diameter of one centimeter are connected to form a necklace ring.

The center of each ring is inlaid with a pear shaped bright natural blue diamond.

You know, blue diamonds are known as “the highest miracle of nature” by jewelry circles. They can usually be sold or sold at surprisingly high prices. One of the most popular and famous blue diamond necklaces is “the heart of the sea”.

Not only that, with the natural blue diamond as the center, it is also inlaid with extremely small natural white pearls.

The white and warm glittering light and the blue diamond flare are wonderfully integrated together. Under the perfect cooperation of the light, it is clearly a solidified object, just like a deep ocean of wave light flow.

This is just a supporting role, because the real center of this necklace is an imperial green jade bead with a diameter of five centimeters!

Round and full, without a trace of impurities!

Although it is not as eye-catching as a blue gem or as small and lovely as a white pearl, this imperial green jade is quietly in the center, surrounded by diamonds and pearls, emitting its own mysterious light.

High profile luxury and low-key beauty.

This is the freshness of nature that only belonged to tens of thousands of years ago. At this moment, it fully bloomed in the auction and spread in everyone’s eyes.


Hearing the introduction of the auctioneer, the audience focused more and more on the display stand.

There are many noble women whose eyes are full of fire. They want to go directly to the stage and put this necklace exquisite enough to make people forget to breathe into their pockets.

“Don’t introduce it! Start the auction quickly!”

“That’s it! If I introduce more, I’m afraid I’ll have more competitors!”

“I thought I couldn’t find what I wanted tonight. I didn’t expect to wait for me here.”

“What should I do? I’m afraid my budget is not enough to rob others. Is there only one? Can I make a reservation?”

“I haven’t heard of this studio before? Later, please ask the organizer if there is any contact information.”

There was a sound around, without exception, all from the guests deeply attracted by the necklace.

Sitting in the front row, Yu Shuo couldn’t help but sideways sigh, “Mr. Shi, it’s not easy to find these jewelry materials?”

Although his knowledge of jewelry is a layman, he can see that it was not easy before the necklace was made.

Shi Yunnan turned his eyes to Yuanrui on the side and praised him without stinginess. “Thanks to Yuanrui’s trouble in purchasing, I was responsible for improving my own design. He was left with all the difficulties in the early stage.”

“Yuanrui is very powerful in this regard. The cost is much lower than I thought, but the jewelry materials purchased are not bad.”

When Yu Shuo and Luo Lingsheng heard this, they all showed a glimmer of appreciation.

It is right to be recognized when things are done well.

On the contrary, Yuanrui was a little embarrassed. He covered his lips. “It’s nothing. It’s what I should do.”

The central imperial green jade bead is the one that Shi Yunnan valued at the beginning. It’s easier to handle.

Although blue diamonds are rare, he can find the corresponding material supplier, which is nothing more than one price and one goods. It is difficult to lower the price in the later stage.

The most difficult thing to do is to count the miniature natural pearls of the same size on this necklace.

Pure natural large pearls are not easy to get, and round small pearls with similar diameter and volume are even more difficult to find!

Yuan Rui was afraid that the buyer would fish in troubled waters. He personally went to the manufacturer along the coast and stared at the 170 Pieces selected under the light, which almost blinded him!

However, considering Shi Yunnan’s satisfaction with these raw materials, Yuanrui still has a sense of achievement.

“What am I? It’s still Yunnan. There’s a mystery about this necklace!” Yuanrui pressed the little joy at the bottom of his heart and pushed the credit back to his good friend.

As soon as the voice fell, the continuous introduction of the auctioneer sounded on the stage, “please be calm first. In fact, there is a small mystery about this necklace.”

Special female staff came up, and timely content was put on the big screen——

“Because the neck circumference of different wearers is different, the designer Mr. Shi made a detachable design on the spliced ring necklace.”

As soon as the host opened his mouth, the female staff with white gloves disassembled the necklace.

Until then, people knew that the two round buttresses inlaid with blue diamonds and pearls on the top could be removed by using the edge BUCKLE!

In this way, the length can be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer.

Moreover, the disassembled jewelry base can be transformed into paired earrings with a little modification of ear clips, and can even be worn as a separate necklace.

The female guests at the scene issued a new round of exclamations——

Shi Yunnan’s heart as a designer is too thin!

You know, the vast majority of jewelry are worn by women, and the fixed Necklace length can not be applied to every wearer.

Novel design is one thing, and meeting the expectation of multi-purpose is another layer of addition.

“This necklace really looks good.” Song Miaoke, as a beautiful young woman, subconsciously sighed.

Her heart is even a little unrealistic and ready to move, “Mr. Gu, can I…”

Before she could say her request, she was frightened back by Gu Jue’s excessively gloomy eyes.

Gu Chueh Gang just “sent” nearly ten million for no reason. Before his frustration could completely dissipate, he heard the news that the last design was about to be displayed and auctioned.

He managed to hold down his true feelings and continued to sit firmly in his position.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders, Lingyu’s brooch is still the highest price in the audience. But if the designs of Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui can’t get on the table and can’t sell at a high price, the apparent winner is their spirit jade!

What happened?

The genuine design of the other party was exhibited for a moment and received countless compliments!

Obviously, the auction has progressed to the last round, but the enthusiasm of the guests seems to be more sufficient than before!

Gu Jue unconsciously pinched his finger and stared at the auctioneer on the stage. He still had the last weight——

They learned in advance that Yuan’s starting price was $5 million. What if the starting price could not be changed directly at the auction venue?

Too low a starting price may cause the other party to lose money, and too high a starting price may also lead to no bidding, resulting in “miscarriage”.

The auctioneer was bought by him in advance. He should not only control the field to help Lingyu get a high auction price, but also try to embarrass Yuanshi and Shi Yunnan’s design.

Lingyu’s auction had an accident. It’s time for Shi Yunnan’s design auction to break back, isn’t it?

The auctioneer warned Gu Jue and soon avoided looking at him.

He picked up the microphone and read out the starting price of the last round of auction tonight, “No. 22, a private collection designed by Yunan, with a starting price of 5 million and a bottom line increase of 100000!”

As soon as he said this, Gu Jue’s face immediately changed.

The auctioneer didn’t even listen to his fiddling with the price? It’s the normally reported starting price!

Gu Jue’s feelings of “betrayal” burned and intertwined in his heart, and he was even more embarrassed by the “failure” of the previous round.

The auctioneer ignored the sight of “cannibalism” over there and began his own work, “dear guests, now officially start bidding!”

He is willing to help Lingyu delay the auction because the hidden rules in the industry allow him to work with money.

But let him change the auction price of other designs on site? Is it a child’s house?

If he did, he would be criticized 100% afterwards, thinking that a mere 100000 yuan would allow him to do stupid things at the risk of “losing his job”?

How is that possible?

In other words, as soon as the No. 22 design comes out, the atmosphere of the scene is better than Lingyu Brooch! As long as the atmosphere is properly set off, a higher price may be auctioned.

The auction price of each exhibit can be directly linked to the auctioneer’s whole performance. How can he push his performance out?

During a short period of thinking, the guests off the court have opened the crazy bidding mode.

“09, 5.5 million!”

“45, 5.7 million!”

“03, 5.8 million!”

“This way.” Yu Shuo in the front row raised his hand, “No. 098, seven million.”

An understatement instantly raised the bidding price by 1.2 million.

“Mr. Yu?” Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui both looked over.

Even Luo Lingsheng looked into his friend’s eyes with a trace of inquiry.

Yu Shuo answered without joke, “I like this work very much. As one of the guests entering the hall through formal channels, should I have the right to participate in the auction?”

As soon as the voice fell, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in the front row, “7.5 million.”

The guest who offered was the lady wearing cheongsam mink hair just now. Her hand brand was No. 01.

Yu Shuo raised his eyebrows and, without saying a word, opened a new round of price increase, “7.7 million.”

This offer did not wait for the auctioneer to read out. Two elegant ladies successively grabbed the price of $8 million.

Yu Shuo looked at the designer Shi Yunnan and raised his eyebrows. “Mr. Shi, your works are really popular.”

Luo Lingsheng took a slight breath and whispered to Shi Yunnan, “I really can’t bid?”

Luo Lingsheng doesn’t want to let go of the works designed by his lover. He also wants to soar the price to more than ten million in one breath.

Otherwise, less than this price, he felt sorry that Shi Yunnan was busy working a few days ago and ignored his time cost.

Unfortunately, his words only made a start, and Shi Yunnan stopped them again. “Don’t make trouble. There are no women in the Luo family who need to wear them. Why, do you still want to buy them for an outsider?”


Luo Lingsheng was easily beaten back by such a sentence.

Taking advantage of the gap where the guests around him were paying attention to the auction price, he couldn’t help rubbing Shi Yunnan’s earlobe with his lips, “don’t deliberately block me with other words.”

Where can he have any lovers outside?

I’ve thrown my whole heart on the person in front of me.

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to hold Luo Lingsheng’s palm. “I’m kidding you. I know you don’t want my efforts to be worthless, but this necklace really cost me a lot of energy.”

“Instead of being bought by you in the income cabinet, I hope it can meet a seller who loves and cherishes it, wear it to various occasions and show its due value and style.”

Luo Lingsheng backhanded and clasped his fingers, “OK.”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a firm voice in the front row, “No. 01, 10 million.”

Just three minutes of auction time has set the highest auction price tonight!

As the last design exhibit on the stage, they not only did not pull their hips, but also are likely to create a new auction record for charity dinner!

Yuan Rui almost jumped up from his position. He barely pressed his excitement. “Yun Nan, did I hear you right? What’s the origin of that lady!”

Shi Yunnan shook his head. From the back of them, he could only see one back. He couldn’t see each other’s face clearly.

Luo Lingsheng heard the speech and silently sent a text message to his assistant.

Seeing this, Yu Shuo had to give up his auction. He shook his head and sighed with emotion.

These rich ladies are more and more rich for their favorite jewelry.

“Forget it, I won’t argue with them as a big man. I can’t argue with them.”

“Congratulations, Mr. Shi. You’re going to be famous in this war.”

Shi Yunnan slightly hooked his lips.

Now that the auction has completed the highest expected price in his heart, he has nothing to regret and dissatisfied with.

At the same time, Gu Jue in the same row has completely turned blue——

The temporary auction price of 10 million yuan for this necklace has exceeded the final auction price of Lingyu! And the bidder is the expensive lady who has bid for the “canhua” Brooch!


It’s also an auction price of 10 million, and the other party doesn’t hesitate at all at this time?

The lady’s attitude towards the auction of the two exhibits is completely different. It is verified from the side that it is their Lingyu group’s design, which is not as wonderful as Shi Yunnan’s design alone?

“I thought the auction price of Lingyu was very strong. I didn’t expect the price of this new design room to be higher.”

“If you don’t look at it, the design of this necklace is obviously more colorful than that brooch.”

“If I hadn’t photographed a five or six million dollar Necklace before, I would have to rob it again now.”

“To tell you the truth, I think the 9.9 million brooch is a little overpriced, but I think I can shoot higher for this necklace?”

The voices around him were like slapping Gu Jue in the face, but no matter how reluctant he was, he couldn’t change his situation of “losing again and again”.

In addition to the expensive lady, there are two rich ladies who also compete with each other.

Once the three came back, the necklace designed by Shi Yunnan was finally sold for 14 million. Of course, the final winner was the elegant lady in cheongsam and mink hair.

The auction, which lasted all night, finally ended, and Shi Yunnan and Yuanshi’s’ Yunan ‘design room became well deserved winners.

Yuan Rui could no longer restrain his child’s mind. Excitedly, in front of Luo Lingsheng, he poured Shi Yunnan into his arms, “Yunnan! We did it!”

Fourteen million! This has set the highest price of a single item in the previous charity auction!

Thinking about it, Yuan Rui has the impulse to cry again——

Although the harvest tonight was obtained through Shi Yunnan’s efforts, did he also calculate his own strength?

If only elder martial brother could see these. The design room has not fallen in his hands, and will develop better in the future!

Yuanrui’s lacrimal gland was just sour, and suddenly he looked at Luo Lingsheng coldly.


His tears dissipated in an instant. He not only left Shi Yunnan quickly and quickly, but even pushed his good friend into the arms of Luo Lingsheng behind.

Shi Yunnan was completely unaware of the brief eye contact between Yuan Rui and Luo Lingsheng. He just asked, “Yuan Rui, won’t you cry again?”

“No, I’m fine!”

Yuan Rui thought of something and immediately looked at Gu Jue in the same row.

He made no secret of his childish and arrogant temper. He was almost so proud of Gu Jue that he didn’t forget to put up a straight middle finger.

“Smelly – stupid – forced!”

Yuanrui is represented by mouth.


Gu felt his face stiff.

Some people around noticed the “war” between the two sides and couldn’t help but cast their eyes.

Gu Jue, who had always regarded himself highly, felt a complete shame. In just a few seconds, a sharp needle seemed to grow on his chair, making it difficult for him to sit and stand.

Gu Jue finally lost face, got up, left song Miaoke and Yang Sen and quickly left the auction venue.

It’s just the back. I’m embarrassed.

Shi Yunnan naturally saw Yuanrui’s childish and cathartic behavior and couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Yuan, hurry to sign for confirmation on behalf of our design office. There’s still waiting for handover.”

Yuan Rui heard the strange name and laughed twice.

In the face of Shi Yunnan, the most meritorious hero, he did not resist in the past, “OK! Dad Shi! I’ll go now!”

Luo Lingsheng saw their mutual pattern and suddenly felt that the hint in his eyes was unnecessary.

Obviously, these two people really have a good relationship between “father and son”.

Yu Shuo photographed a piece of jewelry in the previous exhibit, and this moment he also handed it over to the left side hall.

Qin Jian and Yuan Meng came back from the front.

Qin Bamboo Slips approached Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan and whispered, “the owner, Mr. Shi, the lady who just took the necklace is Fang ya. She is one of the organizers of the auction.”

“Fang ya?”

Shi Yunnan is not familiar with this name.

Qin Jian, as an assistant, has no choice in his business ability. He has made clear the general family background of Mrs. Fang ya. “The pawn shop of the Fang family is a national chain. It has been developing smoothly over the years, and there have been no illegal disputes…”

However, after working in the pawn business for a long time, it is inevitable that some high-end goods that have not been taken back for a long time will accumulate, so the Fang family naturally started all kinds of auctions.

Over time, it has also made a scale.

Fang Ya’s husband makes brand clothes, but Fang Ya doesn’t like couples working together, so she has been busy in her own industry for years after marriage.

Qin Jian continued, “all the jewelry charity auction dinners over the years have been sponsored by her.”

Shi Yunnan nodded clearly, “no wonder Ms. Fang’s auction hand is No. 01.”

As soon as the voice fell, a gentle voice rang out on the edge, “Mr. Shi?”

Shi Yunnan looked back and found that it was Fang Ya who won his design works at the auction.

Speak of the devil.

“Hello, Ms. Fang.” Shi Yunnan smiled politely and took the initiative to say, “thank you for valuing my design and buying it.”

Fang Ya’s first impression of Shi Yunnan was very good. Coupled with her love for the design work, she naturally expressed a friendly smile.

She recognized the identity of Luo Lingsheng on the side, nodded slightly and then turned her attention back to Shi Yunnan.

“Excuse me, Mr. Shi. In fact, I came to ask you, does the necklace I just bought have a name?”

“Not yet.” Shi Yunnan tells the truth.

“Although I am the designer of this necklace and have the right to attach the name label I want to it, I hope this necklace can be given new meaning by the first owner who bought it.”

Fang Ya heard these words, and a trace of surprise and praise flashed at the bottom of her eyes, “OK, then I’ll take this right.”

Shi Yunnan replied, “of course.”

Fang Ya nodded, but she didn’t hurry.

Luo Lingsheng glanced at the bottom of his eyes and asked calmly, “Ms. Fang, do you have anything else to talk to Yunnan? Let me avoid it first?”

Fang Ya smiled and looked at Luo Lingsheng. “Lord Luo is very serious. However, you can’t hide anything from your eyes.”

Fang Ya had heard about the relationship between Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan for a long time, but this time, she came for Shi Yunnan’s design ability, which has nothing to do with the complex relationship of any rich family.

She turned her eyes back to Shi Yunnan and opened her mouth gently and firmly, “in fact, on behalf of Fang’s jewelry auctioneer, I want to seek cooperation with Mr. Shi and Yunan design office.”

As soon as this was said, the other guests stopped and immediately had the idea of looking for Shi Yunnan to design private orders.

Before everyone could talk about cooperation, there was a loud noise of broken cans in the docking side hall, “I have no money! I am the price on behalf of Mr. Gu Jue!”

“I can’t contact him now! You’re going to ask him for money yourself!”

“I just work with money. Wait, what are you doing with me?”

The guests who had not dispersed in the auction hall looked at the sound source——

Two people in security uniforms dragged a figure out. The person who was caught was No. 035, who had just asked for the hardest price at the auction.

Someone asked, “what’s going on?”

Another informed guest replied, “I heard it was Lingyu design’s invitation. He deliberately bid up the price at the auction just now. As a result, he accidentally played big and his family took his own design.”

“Now the organizer is making payment. Where did this client get so much money? He couldn’t find president Gu of Lingyu, so he was in a panic.”

When the guests heard the explanation, they all looked contemptuous——

Fortunately, they also thought that Lingyu’s auction performance tonight was good. Unexpectedly, they played such a dirty trick? Can such a company design good products with heart?

Obviously not.

The guests who originally failed to auction and planned to place a private order to Lingyu gave up their ideas one after another.

Such jewelry design companies, not only do they have to avoid, but also ask their relatives and friends to avoid!

Fang Ya saw this scene and could not hide her disgust at the bottom of her eyes.

She had just photographed the brooch for nine million and stopped because she noticed the clue. She didn’t expect that this was really the case now.

“Tell me. From now on, the jewelry design of Lingyu is not allowed at any auction of Fang’s.” Fang Ya picked up her mobile phone and gave an order to the assistant at the other end of wechat.

Shi Yunnan watched the farce happen and shook his head.

Even if Gu Jue, the boss of Lingyu design department, can do one of the best design results in the past, I’m afraid he will inevitably go downhill in the future.


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