After a Flash Marriage Chapter 54

half a month later.

Shi Yunnan arrived at MIA hotel with an invitation.

He handed the car key to the waiter in charge of reception. The next second, he found the figure of his good friend Yuan Rui waiting.


Shi Yunnan quickly entered the inner hall of the hotel. It was cold outside in the cold winter.

Yuan Rui waved to him and looked at the time on the clock plate in the hall. “There’s still some time before the formal opening of the banquet. Let’s go to the side hall first?”


They were here because they received an invitation to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fang Ya’s marriage with her husband.

As just signed partners, Shi Yunnan and Yuan ruicai arrived one after another.

Since the end of the auction on that day, Fang, led by Fang ya, has proposed cooperation to their studio. The model is very simple——

Yuan Shi provides Fang Shi with one or two new jade design samples every two months for exhibition and sale at the auction. After deducting various costs, the final profit will be distributed according to the proportion of the signed agreement. The cooperation period is tentatively scheduled for one year.

Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui agreed to this cooperation.

One reason is that Fang’s various auctions can indeed bring together many celebrities, which is conducive to the expansion of their design studio in high-end customer contacts.

Second, to achieve a relatively stable capital income on a regular basis is what they must do in the operation of this new design studio.

Yuan Rui was also busy recently. He finally met Shi Yunnan and simply asked, “OK, how are you doing with the first draft of Mrs. Liu’s design?”

Since the end of the auction, Yunan design studio has not only received fangya’s business cooperation, but also received many private orders from guests.

Shi Yunnan, as the chief designer of “becoming famous in the first World War” at the auction, naturally received a soft invitation for this private order.

He and his new assistant chose three suitable large lists to take over. Recently, they are busy designing, “it’s fast. I’ll send you the material selection list after confirming with Mrs. Liu.”


Shi Yunnan asked, “what about you?”

Yuan Rui deliberately lost his face. “You use your brain and I use my strength. I’m busy to death.”

After the jewelry charity auction, their design studio also took the opportunity to open, and the recruitment and invitation work went well.

At present, Yuanrui divides the designers into two groups according to Shi Yunnan’s previous planning route——

One kind of experienced designers are responsible for the design of high-end private orders, and the other kind of cutting-edge designers with little experience are responsible for the mass market.

Of course, the division of audience positioning is not “dead”.

As long as designers have better design ideas, they can adjust at any time without delaying the normal design list.

In addition, the subsequent factories for mass production have also been negotiated, waiting for the first batch of design drafts to be in place.

“Thanks to Mr. Luo’s help, the site selection of the first offline physical store and the online official website have been prepared at the same time.”

Yuan Rui finished the recent content in one breath. While no outsiders paid attention, he half collapsed on the sofa.

“I can’t wait to break one day into two days. The sleeping time in these two days is less than six or seven hours.”

I didn’t know before. Yuan Rui didn’t understand until I tried——

It turned out that if you wanted to manage your career well, you really had to pay such energy and physical strength. I don’t know how Lu Zhaoan managed such a big yuan family at the beginning?

“Have you recruited your assistant? If you really can’t afford it, I can help you.” Shi Yunnan asked.

To tell the truth, even he was surprised by the growth of the other party these days.

“No, we agreed at the beginning. You just need to be relieved to be responsible for the design. I’ll try to deal with other trivial matters!”

Yuan Rui approached Shi Yunnan and took the initiative to take his shoulder. “You trust me so much, I can’t let you down.”

… we can’t let his father and elder martial brother down.

Shi Yunnan was stunned and turned to smile.

“What are you laughing at?”

Yuanrui thought Shi Yunnan was laughing at his childishness and added, “I’m very serious. I know you treat me as a friend with sincerity, so do I.”

“I joke that Xie Ke is losing more and more.”

Some people think too much of money and interests and too little of friends’ sincerity.

Yuan Rui heard Xie KeYue’s name for a long time, and his eyebrows filled with clear disgust, “what do you do with him?”

His character is like this. When taking people as friends, he is willing to deliver his sincerity with sincerity. When taking people as traitors, it is dirtier than the garbage in the trash can.

“Nothing. I’m talkative.” Shi Yunnan resolutely admitted his mistake. When he got up, he pulled yuan Rui up, “go upstairs and enter the hall.”


Shi Yunnan added, “by the way, I’ll go through the stage. I should leave early later.”

Yuanrui didn’t understand, “what’s up?”

Shi Yunnan smiled at the bottom of his eyes, “well, Luo Lingsheng’s birthday, I want to go home with him.”


Yuan Ruiduo was stuffed with dog food when he asked, and his eyes almost turned to the sky.

“I see.” He quickly cleared his throat and changed the topic with the gossip he heard. “We talked about business with president Fang at the last auction and left early. Guess what else happened later?”

Shi Yunnan wondered, “why do you still have free time to inquire about news?”

They entered the elevator and closed the door.

Yuanrui said to himself, “the Tuo that Gu Jue found thought he was gone, so the broken jar broke and shouted. Guess what’s behind? Gu Jue didn’t leave at all!”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he immediately reacted and smiled, “accident?”

Yuan Rui followed Yile and continued to share the gossip he heard——

After their auction price exceeded Lingyu’s, Gu Jue turned green with anger at Yuanrui’s “demonstration”, and then angrily fled the auction venue.

But Gu Jue has experienced in business. He has a plan, but he won’t be foolish enough to escape the order on the spot.

“It’s said that Gu Jue just hid on the balcony and smoked. I don’t know who called him. He just wasted time. When he returned to the auction venue, the breathless trust had poked a hole in the sky.”

In fact, I can’t blame the unstable support.

After all, Gu Jue just asked him to play a rich guest to bid, but the other party was not a real rich family. This time, the auction unexpectedly “carried” nearly tens of millions of designs, which immediately panicked.

“I heard that when Gu Jue returned to the hall, he saw that things were going on like this. His face was almost turned into a paste palette. It’s a pity that he didn’t even have to drill a hole in the ground.”

Even if he was reluctant, he had to settle the payment secretly.

But what is the occasion of the big house auction?

This kind of joke has become a talk among the people around. Gu Jue has lost his face this time, and the future of Lingyu will be buried.

The more yuan Rui thought about it, the more he felt funny.

Who told Gu Jue to target him and Hara openly and secretly before? Anyway, the other party’s life is not satisfactory, so he has a particularly good life.

Shi Yunnan shook his head and listened as a joke, “I’m unlucky. Sure enough, I can plug my teeth when drinking water.”

“That’s necessary.”

The elevator door opened and they walked towards the banquet hall on the right at the same time.

Yuan Rui took advantage of these steps to mention another thing, “by the way, Lingyu had a group of good designers two years ago. I intend to take this opportunity to send them an invitation for cooperation. What do you think?”

Shi Yunnan looked at him with an eyebrow. “Are you determined to fight Lingyu to the end?”

“Who asked Gu Jue and Xie KeYue to dig our corner first? I heard that those designers can’t stand Gu Jue’s initiative to leave. Now there are two or three individual designers. I’m not sneaking behind. I’m not afraid.”

“Yes, but first show me their previous design draft to see if it meets our future positioning needs.”

“Well, you are in charge of the design.”

As they spoke, they reached the banquet hall, and more sufficient heating came out.

Shi Yunnan saw the master of the banquet hall at a glance——

Fang Ya is still dressed up in a cheongsam and mink shawl, showing her exquisite figure. Her hair is carefully combed into a retro hand push wave, which at first glance has the charm of beauty of the Republic of China.

Beside Fang Ya stood a refined man in a three piece suit, presumably her husband, Mobian.

Yuan Rui brought two glasses of wine and approached his friend. “Do you think Ms. Fang’s dress looks like the Warlord’s wife during the Republic of China?”

Shi Yunnan smiled and didn’t speak. “Ms. Fang looks young.”

At the first sight, Shi Yunnan thought Fang Ya was only in her early thirties. Later, during the chat, she learned that the other party had a daughter. She was 23 years old this year.

Yuan Rui clinked a glass with him and continued to whisper, “her husband first learned design, and then changed to his own men’s clothing brand.”

Although it is not bigger than his family, he always has his own stable income.

When they spoke briefly, Fang Ya noticed them and came over with her husband, “Mr. Shi and Mr. Yuan, welcome to our wedding anniversary banquet.”

Close, Shi Yunnan naturally noticed the necklace worn by the other party.

“Mr. Mo, Ms. Fang, thank you for your invitation. I wish you a happy marriage for a hundred years.”

Shi Yunnan raised his glass and looked slightly at the necklace. “Ms. Fang’s vision is very good. Today’s dress and the necklace complement each other.”

Speaking is artistic.

Shi Yunnan’s two simple words not only praised Fang ya, but also indirectly brought his own design.

Fang Ya liked Shi Yunnan’s speech very much and took the initiative to reply, “I took the word Jinse for this necklace.”

It is not an English name commonly used in jewelry design, but with a little classical elegance.

Shi Yunnan immediately guessed what she meant and immediately smiled, “the moon pearl in the sea has tears, the sun in the blue field is warm, and the jade smoke? Ms. Fang took this poem.”

Fang Ya nodded, “what do you think of Mr. Shi as the designer of this necklace?”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes showed appreciation, “I have no opinion.”

Fang Ya knows more about jewelry than ordinary rich ladies. Taking the name of this necklace as an example, she thought of it together with Shi Yunnan when designing it.

“She photographed this necklace that day and showed it off to me as soon as she came back.” Mo Baian gently held his wife, in a helpless and doting tone.

“Mr. Shi, Mr. Yuan, if I can, can I ask your studio to design a private list?”

Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui looked at each other, and the latter answered, “does Mr. Mo want to customize another necklace for Ms. Fang?”

“Where does he want to give it to me?”

Fang Ya understood her husband’s intention and said, “he’s going to choose a birthday present for our daughter.”

As soon as the voice fell, a crisp female voice rang, “Dad, mom, come and meet you!”

Mobaian and fangya looked sideways at the same time. Shi Yunnan also moved his eyes when he saw this——

A bright looking girl came over with a long skirt, and a tall figure followed her, helping her with extra gentlemanly help.

Shi Yunnan and the visitor hit the line of sight, and the pleasure at the bottom of his eyes suddenly solidified.

“Qiqi.” Fang Ya immediately felt love on her face and didn’t forget to introduce Shi Yunnan and others, “this is my daughter Mo Xuanqi.”

“Qiqi, these two are partners in mother’s career. In fact, they are not a few years older than you.”

Although Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui were strangers, Mo Xuanqi nodded out of politeness.

Yuan Rui nodded and took the opportunity to poke his friend’s back in a place invisible to others to remind him, “Yun Nan?”

The next second, Mo Baian asked, “Qiqi, who is this?”

Mo Xuanqi immediately introduced, “Mom and Dad, this is Luo Yanchuan I often mention to you. Last time I came back late and met a gangster, he helped me.”

When Shi Yunnan heard the speech, he frowned slightly, “Ms. Fang, you talk first.”

With that, he took yuan Rui a few steps outside with great discretion.

Luo Yanchuan obviously didn’t expect to meet Shi Yunnan here. Suddenly, the word “variable” floated in his heart until Mo Xuanqi’s voice pulled him back to his attention.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. mo. I’m Luo Yanchuan.”

Fangya heard the address to herself and frowned slightly, but Luo Yanchuan’s help to her daughter was enough to make her ignore this little embarrassment.

“I’ve heard Qiqi mention young master Luo for a long time. Thanks to you…”

Yuan Rui, who was taken to the side, noticed something wrong with his friend and asked in a low voice, “Yunnan, what happened to you just now?”

As he inquired, he turned his eyes back to Fang Ya and others. “Why does the name Luo Yanchuan sound so familiar? Does he have anything to do with the Lord Luo?”

Shi Yunnan touched his glasses and said, “you really don’t know these giants in Dijing?”

Yuan Rui shook his head. “I’m fine. What do you do? It’s not from the Census Bureau.”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t help laughing and simply opened his mouth to explain, “Luo Yanchuan is the young master of Luo’s collateral branch. In terms of relationship, he is Luo Lingsheng’s nephew.”


Shi Yunnan continued, “Xie KeYue didn’t tell you before? The Shi Family encountered some liquidity problems and planned to marry the Luo family.”

As soon as Yuan Rui thought of such a thing, he heard his good friend say, “Luo Yanchuan was originally the marriage object arranged by master Shi for me.”

“– poof!”

Yuanrui just drank imported champagne and sprayed it on the spot.

Several guests heard Yuanrui’s movement and cast funny eyes around.

Shi Yunnan saw that he and Fu Ziyu had exactly the same reaction. His eyes showed disgust, “are you okay?”

Yuan Rui’s face turned red and his suit was stained with wine. “I’ll go to the bathroom and come back to your client to eat melons later.”

He dropped such a sentence and ran away quickly.

Shi Yunnan ignored his friend who hurried to the bathroom. He looked again at Fang Ya and others who talked and laughed not far away, and his eyes gradually deepened.

Since the cosmetics industry invested by Xie KeYue and Luo Yanchuan had problems, Shi Yunnan had not heard Luo Yanchuan for a long time.

Why did he get involved with Mo Xuanqi, the eldest lady, after a long time of not seeing her?

Shi Yunnan took a sip of champagne and covered his observation with a glass.

Mo Xuanqi, a girl in her early twenties, should have been spoiled and loved by Mo Baian and Fang Yaqian.

From the beginning of admission, her eyes were firmly locked on Luo Yanchuan, and it was not difficult to see the palpitation of a girl’s heart.

When Shi Yunnan thought of this, he felt more and more unimaginable.

According to the timeline of the plot in his dream, Luo Yanchuan and Xie KeYue were already congenial.

Is it difficult, because he has clashed with Xie KeYue on investment twice and again, and changed the established results, indirectly leading to changes in the trajectory of the whole world?

Shi Yunnan was thinking, and Luo Yanchuan came straight over.

“Master Shi, I didn’t expect to meet you here today. Since I joined the Luo family, the second young master should have a good time.”

Last time, Luo Yanchuan lost a lot of money in the cosmetics industry. After learning the identity of the behind the scenes controller, Luo Yanchuan still had a trace of unyielding anger in his heart.

“Coincidentally, I didn’t expect to meet Master Luo here.”

Shi Yunnan heard the dark stab hidden in the second half of his sentence and smiled angrily, “can I help you speak to your cousin?”


Luo Yanchuan’s hand holding the wine cup suddenly exerted force.

Seeing his uncontrollable subconscious reaction, Shi Yunnan flashed a teasing smile in his eyebrows.

He knew that Luo Yanchuan hated being pressured by Luo Lingsheng, so he had to mention Luo Lingsheng to make the other party unhappy.

Luo Yanchuan soon calmed his heart, “of course, but how did master Shi Er appear at the wedding anniversary banquet of Mr. Mo and Ms. Fang?”

Shi Yunnan continued to be angry and said, “if you really talk about relationship and seniority, I can count you as half of your elders? I don’t have to explain to you?”


Luo Yanchuan’s face froze.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Mo Xuanqi in the distance. His sharp eyes seemed to have insight into everything. “Why? Can miss Mo help you in your career?”

He took two steps forward in an attempt to capture any trace of emotional change in Luo Yanchuan.

“Luo Yanchuan, if you want to build a relationship with their family through Miss Mo’s relationship and develop the contacts you want, I can understand it as human nature.”

“But if you want to use this relationship to do something bad for Luo Lingsheng.”

Shi Yunnan paused and hid a warning word by word, “then I’ll make you feel terrible.”

Shi Yunnan still remembers the end of Luo Lingsheng in the original book of Mengmeng – not only was forced to give up the position of home owner to Luo Yanchuan, but also was framed by Xie KeYue into prison and completely wasted his legs.

If at first Shi Yunnan only sympathized with Luo Lingsheng as part of the “victims’ Alliance”, now he is out of absolute protection for his lovers.

The silent confrontation lasted three seconds.

Luo Yanchuan suddenly smiled and raised his glass, “master Shi Er is worried more.”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of wine and ignored him.

Not far away came Mo Xuanqi’s call. Luo Yanchuan didn’t want to ask for trouble, so he just took the opportunity to walk over.

Mo Xuanqi looked up at Luo Yanchuan’s handsome face, and her spring heart ripple again.

However, her side eyes looked at Shi Yunnan, and there was a trace of dissatisfaction in her sight, “brother Yanchuan, don’t chat with that Shi Yunnan.”

Mo Xuanqi learned Shi Yunnan’s true identity from her mother Fang Ya not long ago.

Even though Fang Ya admired Shi Yunnan’s personality and design, she still couldn’t hold her sense of decline.

Because love Luo Yanchuan, Mo Xu Qi secretly investigated a lot of things, including Luo Yanchuan and Shi Yunnan that has not yet begun to end the marriage.

Not to mention, Wenwan pomelo is a good friend she has known since high school.

As Shi Yunnan’s cousin, Wenwan pomelo also complained about her cousin when chatting with her best friend in private. It can be seen that Shi Yunnan’s character is not very good.

Of course, she won’t mention these words in front of Luo Yanchuan. After all, they haven’t reached the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend. She doesn’t want Luo Yanchuan to feel that she cares too much.

“Why did Shi Yunnan come to attend the anniversary of his uncle and aunt?”

“According to my mother, Shi Yunnan’s design studio and Fang signed a cooperation agreement on jade jewelry.” Mo Xuanqi said casually.

Luo Yanchuan’s eyes coagulated when he heard this.

Mo Xuanqi asked about her concern again, “brother Yanchuan, didn’t you say you wanted to talk about cooperation with my mother? Why don’t I help you build a bridge now?”


Luo Yanchuan chose to come here today for the purpose of cooperation. But when he heard that Shi Yunnan had reached cooperation with Fang in jade jewelry, he immediately hesitated——

Luo Yanchuan doesn’t want to face Shi Yunnan for the time being, let alone make Luo Lingsheng behind Shi Yunnan suspicious.

“Brother Yanchuan, don’t you speak?”

“It’s all right. Cooperation is not urgent. At this time, today is the wedding anniversary of my uncle and aunt. Don’t disturb their interest because of these things.”

Luo Yanchuan calmed down and felt that he could not act too hastily.

He glanced at Mo Xuanqi, who was still immersed in joy. He had a set of calculations in his heart——

A simple girl like Mo Xuanqi who grew up surrounded by love has no attraction to him.

The reason why he was willing to take off the mask of “playboy” and “take heart” for her was to control mo Xuanqi.

The Mozambican couple only have such a baby daughter. Whether in the past, now or in the future, they should be willing to make all kinds of concessions for their daughter.

Yuan Rui, who handled the wine stains, came back, “Yunnan, what are you looking at?”

Shi Yunnan stared at the back of the two men who had gone away. He thought of Mo Xuanqi’s dissatisfied eyes, which just glanced at them, and dispelled the idea in his heart.

He originally looked at Fang Ya’s face and planned to wake up and let Miss Mo guard Luo Yanchuan a little, so as not to be deceived and hurt in the future.

But now, everyone’s emotional direction is his own choice.

He is a “unattractive” person in the eyes of the other party. Why should he make such a hard and unattractive warning?

“Nothing.” Shi Yunnan put down his glass. “Yuanrui, I’ll go first. You stay here for a while on behalf of our design studio.”

“Go now? You haven’t made it clear to me what happened to your marriage with Luo Yanchuan?”

“It’s all about old sesame seeds and rotten millet. You’re really interested. I’ll tell you later.” Shi Yunnan pointed to the couple’s watch on his wrist, “but now, I really have to go home to find my husband.”


Yuanrui almost choked on dog food and laughed and scolded, “go away!”

Shi Yunnan patted his friend on the shoulder and quickly left the banquet hall while no one was paying attention.

Shi Yunnan drank some wine in the banquet hall and directly called Dai Jia home.

Dijing has had several heavy snowfalls in recent days. The snow on the ground is very thick. Even Luo’s manor has just straightened out a free ride path.

When the car stopped at the fountain at the door of the main house, Shi Yunnan found several figures in the snow at the door of his house.

“Young master, look who’s back?”

This is the voice of the housekeeper uncle Qin.

Wearing a white down jacket and a white knitted hat, the little goldfish poked his head out of the snowman and rushed to Shi Yunnan’s thigh.

“Little uncle! I miss you so much!”

“Didn’t we meet in the morning?”

The little goldfish raised his head and showed his red face and nose. He was cute and energetic, “but I still miss you.”

Shi Yunnan smiled. Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the snowman on one side. “Are you making a snowman outside?”

“Uh huh!”

The little goldfish dragged Shi Yunnan to the front of the snowman with both hands, and said in a manner, “the snowman with spectacle frame is my uncle, the little uncle has long hair, and the little man is me!”

“I want to pile grandpa Qin and them. My little uncle will help me continue to pile!”

Shi Yunnan barely saw the difference between the three snowmen, smiled and picked up the little goldfish, “isn’t it cold?”

As soon as the voice fell, Luo Lingsheng, who sat firmly at the door, said disapprovingly, “today Yu, if you play again, you’ll catch a cold.”

It was completely dark, and Shi Yunnan was afraid of the cold.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t want to suffer for both the big and the small.

Qin Bo also advised, “young master, the snow won’t melt. Shall we come out and pile it tomorrow noon? Don’t you still want to eat cake for the owner’s birthday today?”


When the little goldfish thought of it, he was greedy for the sweet cake in the house.

Shi Yunnan motioned Luo Lingsheng to enter the house with his eyes. The latter understood his intention, turned his wheelchair and walked into the house. “Uncle Qin, close the door in ten seconds. If anyone doesn’t come in, he won’t have to eat or sleep tonight.”

Sure enough, the little goldfish panicked as soon as he heard this, “little uncle, let’s hurry up!”


Shi Yunnan took him two steps inside. As a result, he heard the little goldfish humming like a clever ghost, “my uncle lied, so he was reluctant to close the door!”


The little goldfish hugged Shi Yunnan and said quietly, “little uncle, you haven’t entered the house yet. My uncle will hold you to sleep at night.”


Shi Yunnan was stunned for half a second and couldn’t help pinching the tip of his cold nose, “do you know again?”

The little goldfish laughed twice, then approached Shi Yunnan’s ear and asked, “little uncle, do you buy a gift for your uncle? Grandpa Qin said that he hasn’t had a birthday for a long time.”

When Shi Yunnan heard the speech, he thought of Luo Lingsheng’s pressure and experience in recent years.

“Little uncle?”

Shi Yunnan looked back and smiled meaningfully. “Don’t worry, my gift has already been prepared. I have to close the door and secretly give it to your uncle.”

You child can’t hear or see.


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