After a Flash Marriage Chapter 56

The two hugged each other and chatted. Shi Yunnan didn’t feel sleepy until the sky turned white.

When he woke up again, it was almost five o’clock in the afternoon.

Shi Yunnan went to take a bath with his backache still lingering. As soon as he got out of the bathroom door, he heard a knock on the door.

“Little uncle!”

This soft waxy voice line and address, you know which little cute it is.

Shi Yunnan opened the door and saw the little goldfish holding a small cake, “little uncle, I got a reward.”

“Why is school so early today? Grandpa Qin bought it for you?”

The little goldfish protected the cake with both hands and ran to the tea table beside the leisure sofa. “I’m on holiday today. The teacher gave me the cake and said I did well.”

Shi Yunnan approached and sat on the sofa with nothing to do.

The little goldfish opened the cake box, scooped out a piece with the only fork, carefully and expectantly handed it to Shi Yunnan’s mouth, “little uncle, ah –”

Shi Yunnan was so cute by his appearance that he quickly cooperated with him, “thank you, baby.”

“Is it delicious?” The little goldfish looked forward to asking.


He missed brunch because he slept. He is hungry now.

Shi Yunnan patted the empty seat beside the sofa and motioned the little goldfish to sit up. He picked up the small cake again. “Shall we share it?”

“Uh huh!”

The little goldfish resolutely handed the fork to Shi Yunnan and opened his mouth, “ah -”

Naturally, Shi Yunnan will not really be reduced to fighting with a child for food. Each spoon is filled with a lot of small goldfish.

The little goldfish ate contentedly while staring at Shi Yunnan’s neck, “… Little uncle, how red are you here?”

Shi Yunnan followed the direction of his fingertips and took photos with the reflective ornaments on the tea table. Suddenly, he was speechless.

With the heating on in the room, he casually found a thin sweater with a low collar and put it on. As a result, some ambiguous traces of last night were exposed, which looked very conspicuous.

When did Luo Lingsheng get it? Why doesn’t he know?

“Mosquito bites.” Shi Yunnan took the opportunity to feed a bite of cake to the little goldfish and changed the topic, “it will disappear in a few days.”

The little goldfish nodded thoughtfully and suddenly looked around the bedroom.

Shi Yunnan was afraid of others’ imps and thought of something. He quickly interrupted, “little goldfish, what are you looking at?”

“Because when my uncle got up, he said he was bitten by mosquitoes.”

The little goldfish obviously believed these words, and his eyes were searching for mosquitoes in the room, “what a nuisance!”


Shi Yunnan silently stuffed the last piece of cake into his mouth. Well, last night was really hateful.

Little goldfish’s attention came and spread quickly. He immediately put the “mosquito” behind him and thought of other interesting things to share with Shi Yunnan.

“Little uncle, I found a secret last night.”


“Yesterday I took a bath and went to get a small kettle. As a result, I saw Uncle yuan and uncle Qin still at the table. You and uncle Qin were gone.”

Shi Yunnan thought about the time. After he and Luo Lingsheng returned to their room, Qin Bamboo Slips came back from the bathroom.

He drank the water on the tea table and looked at the little goldfish with great interest, “Oh, what’s the matter with them?”

“Uncle yuan is very close to Uncle Qin, and praises uncle Qin…” the little goldfish scratched his head and repeated very seriously, “it’s very cute.”

Shi Yunnan almost choked on the water when he heard the last four words.

Last night, he saw that Yuan Meng was always joked and disputed by Qin Bamboo Slips, so he temporarily “taught” each other a move by drinking——

It was when Qin Bamboo Slips crackled and joked all the time that such an answer was suddenly inserted, which could definitely bluff the other party into the southeast and northwest.

Shi Yunnan thought that with Yuan Meng’s character, he must have forgotten this trick.

Unexpectedly, as soon as they left, Yuan Meng used it for Qin bamboo slips?

It seems that he was bullied by Qin Jian’s jokes in private. He wanted to fight back when he got the chance.

“Little uncle, are you okay?” The little goldfish handed him a paper towel.

“Nothing.” Shi Yunnan took a paper towel and wiped it. He was afraid of damaging the children. At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder, “then?”

“Then they found me. Uncle Qin said he was tired and wanted to go back to his room to rest, but I found it strange for him to walk!”

The little goldfish ran off the sofa and imitated the walking posture of Qin Bamboo Slips last night, “just like this –”

The left hand with the left hand and the right hand with the right foot are unique to the same hand and foot.

Shi Yunnan was teased out by the appearance of the little goldfish. “Is this your little secret?”


The little goldfish nodded with a simple face.

He usually knew that uncle Qin was very smart. He didn’t expect that the other party’s walking posture could be so fun.

“Just tell me about it in front of me. You can’t ‘joke’ Uncle Qin Jian face to face, you know?” Shi Yunnan did not lead the topic to a deeper place.

The little goldfish is clever.

Before long, there was some movement downstairs from the empty door.

Shi Yunnan took a look at the time and guessed, “it should be your uncle who came back. Go down and have a look first? The little uncle changed his clothes and went downstairs.”


The little goldfish left the room.

His small cake was brought back for Shi Yunnan to eat, but the award he received was to be shown to his uncle.

Shi Yunnan drank up the remaining water in the cup. Then he found a high necked sweater and casually put it on and downstairs.

At this moment, the little goldfish eagerly begged Luo Lingsheng for praise with the certificate from the kindergarten.

The housekeeper uncle Qin stood aside and smiled.

Luo Lingsheng heard the movement on the stairs and moved his sight over at the first time.

Their eyes met invisibly in the air.

Shi Yunnan remembered the unspeakable close contact not long ago, which somehow drove the temperature around him. He felt a little hot.

Luo Lingsheng flashed a trace of joy at the bottom of his eyes and asked the housekeeper, “Uncle Qin, dinner is earlier today.”

He had to rush to Luo’s headquarters this afternoon because he was busy with business. Shi Yunnan slept soundly before leaving his bedroom. He estimated that he should be hungry when he woke up.

“OK, master.”

Uncle Qin responded and just handed his sight to the servant on one side. As a result, he heard the little goldfish say, “yes, there are mosquitoes in Grandpa Qin’s, uncle Qin’s and uncle’s rooms. We have to drive away these bad mosquitoes. They all bit last night!”

Luo Lingsheng: ”

Shi Yunnan: ”

Where do we need to drive away mosquitoes? Aren’t the people who did the “bad things” far away and near in front of us?

The two people looked at each other, and it was rare for them to have the embarrassment of being “speechless”.

When the housekeeper caught a glimpse of the reaction of the two masters, he probably guessed 7788.

He smiled briefly and quickly picked up the little goldfish and walked away. “Grandpa Qin will go to find the electric mosquito repellent incense liquid now and it will be all right later.”

Shi Yunnan approached the living room and immediately said, “look at what you’ve done. Who allows you to mess around my neck? He said I taught the little clever ghost.”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and retorted in a low voice, “Mr. Shi, are you sure you want to calculate the account? Last night, I was bitten by a mosquito and scratched on my back by a cat.”

“If today Yu sees me, do I have to send someone to keep a cat at home?”


Shi Yunnan approached and, unconvinced, bit his lover’s lower lip. “Lord Luo, for the sake of your sexual happiness for the rest of your life, I advise you to let me be.”

Luo Lingsheng clasped the back of his head with his backhand and deepened the kiss without scruples.

Shi Yunnan instinctively cooperated with him and pushed his lover away before his reason got out of control, “stop making trouble.”

Luo Lingsheng stared at him with a smile. “What’s the panic? No one is here except you and me.”

Their eyes stuck together again.

Shi Yunnan thought of Luo Lingsheng’s uncontrollable ferocity in the second half of last night, and suddenly had a subtle illusion——

Thanks to the inconvenience of each other’s legs.

Otherwise, he may have been eaten and wiped clean by this man on the first day of entering Luo’s family.

“Master, Mr. Shi, you can eat.”

A housekeeper’s voice came not far away, interrupting Shi Yunnan’s thoughts.

He took the initiative to push Luo Lingsheng’s wheelchair, laughing and humming, “I’m really a little hungry today.”

“Eat more later.”


Forty minutes later, the family finished their meal as usual.

Before Shi Yunnan got up, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated. He took out his mobile phone and saw that it was a call from Fu Ziyu.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng and answered the phone face to face.

“Hey, Ziyu?”

“Yunnan, just answer the phone. I just sent your wechat. Didn’t you see it?”

His friend’s voice was speechless, and Shi Yunnan realized something was wrong.

“What’s the matter? The mobile phone has been adjusted to a slight vibration mode. I was just having dinner. I didn’t see wechat.”

“I’ll send you a hospital address. You’d better come quickly! Something happened to your brother. He’s still fainting and taking a drip.”

“What?” Shi Yunnan was so frightened that he got up quickly.

The porcelain bowl on the table was accidentally driven by him and made a slight impact.


“OK, I’ll be there right away. Send me the address quickly!” Shi Yunnan quickly hung up.

Luo Lingsheng naturally saw Shi Yunnan’s panic and closed his wrist, “don’t worry, what happened?”

Shi Yunnan barely calmed his mind. “Ziyu said on the phone that my brother was in the hospital and is still giving drops. I have to go and have a look.”

“What happened to Mr. Wen?” Luo Lingsheng twisted his eyebrows and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Qin Jian immediately answered, “master, I’ll drive first. The temperature is low at night. Mr. Shi had better go back to his room and get a thick coat.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded.

Shi Yunnan knew that he couldn’t wait for this minute and a half, so he had to nod his head.

Within half an hour, Shi Yunnan and others arrived at the central hospital. Fu Ziyu learned the news and waited at the door in advance.

“Ziyu, what’s going on?”

Because the phone was unclear for a while, the two met. Fu Ziyu took the initiative to explain without waiting for Shi Yunnan to speak.

“Yunnan, don’t worry. Your brother doesn’t have a big deal.”

“I heard from the waiter that your brother came before the opening of the door in the afternoon.”

In the nightclub business, there was no reason to extrapolate the guests, so the waiter arranged a remote card seat corner for him according to Wen Yibei’s intention.

“Your brother should not know much about wine. He pointed to the strongest whisky on the wine list and added two or three bottles halfway.”

“Where does he look like he can drink?” Shi Yunnan’s eyebrows were not relaxed.

Fu Ziyu nodded slightly.

As a nightclub owner, he squats in the nightclub for an hour or two every day.

Just arrived at the hotel today, I heard the waiter say that a guest on the second floor was drunk and vomited to death.

Fu Zi was afraid that the guest would have an accident in his nightclub. He went upstairs to check the situation. As a result, he found that the other party was Wen Yibei.

Wen Yibei’s neck turned red because of alcohol, but his small face was white, and his hands covered his stomach. There was something wrong.

Fu Ziyu said, “if your brother has an accident in our nightclub, you must peel my skin alive? So I quickly brought him to the hospital.”

Because of the emergency, he had to send a wechat to Shi Yunnan first, but the other party didn’t see it and didn’t reply.

“Your brother’s stomach was hurt by drinking too much liquor. Everything else was fine. I opened a separate VIP ward for him. The doctor said to avoid spicy food for nearly half a month and keep it for a while.”

Shi Yunnan wondered, “he can’t drink. How can a good man run to the most annoying nightclub?”

Fu Ziyu shook his head and continued to pick the point. “Your brother woke up in the middle of the journey. After a while, he still had a little clear consciousness. He remembered that I was your friend, so he asked me to keep it a secret.”

But Fu Ziyu took the opportunity to call Shi Yunnan.


Shi Yunnan was angry and anxious when he heard the word.

Luo Lingsheng stroked the back of his hand with his finger belly. He knew that the feelings between the two brothers had always been good. “With Mr. Wen’s temperament, I should be afraid of you.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyebrows were still not relaxed. “If he was really afraid of me, he shouldn’t run to the bar to drink spirits without telling me.”

The elevator stopped on the 24th floor.

The Party led by Fu Ziyu went out.

Wen Yibei in the ward continued to fall asleep, but his face was still pale, and occasionally showed a very painful and unstable look.

Fu Zi met that Shi Yunnan had come, and the big stone in his heart fell quietly, “sit down first. I’ll go to the meal near the hospital to buy some stomach nourishing white porridge, and I’ll have a meal myself.”

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly, “Ziyu, I’m sorry to trouble you this time.”

“Friends don’t say that.” Fu Ziyu glanced at Wen Yibei again, and then quickly left the ward.

Luo Lingsheng controls the wheelchair close to the hospital bed. When he sees Wen Yibei in a comatose state, his eyebrows twist.

“It is estimated that Mr. Wen will not wake up for a while.”

“I’ll stay here with my brother tonight.” Shi Yunnan thought firmly, “don’t waste time here with me, or go back first?”

“I’m not tired. I’ll wait with you.”

Luo Lingsheng knew the worry in the lover’s heart, “don’t worry. Ask again when Mr. isothermal wakes up.”



Time passed minute by minute.

After the early morning, when Shi Yunnan was vaguely sleepy, the people on the hospital bed suddenly made a movement, “Mom…”

A slight and sad cry made Shi Yunnan wake up in an instant.

He bent down to check Wen Yibei’s state, “brother?”

Wen Yi kept talking nonsense in the North mouth. His eyelids struggled hard for a long time before they suddenly lifted up. His eyes were full of obvious red blood, and some couldn’t return to staring at the people who appeared by the bed.

“Brother, I’m Yunnan. How are you? Is your stomach still hard?”

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng silently pressed the medical bell at the head of the bed.

Five minutes later.

The medical staff confirmed that Wen Yibei was OK.

Seeing this, Luo Lingsheng simply left the ward and left the separate space for the two brothers.

Wen Yibei had recovered from his initial stupor and said apologetically, “I knew I couldn’t hide it from you.”

“If you don’t think about it, I funded the nightclub.” Shi Yunnan was angry and funny. “Are you hungry? Fu Ziyu just brought you porridge. The thermos should still be warm at the moment.”

Wen Yibei was feeble, “… Can’t eat.”

“Brother, what’s the matter with you?”

Shi Yunnan understands his brother’s temperament and can endure everything at ordinary times. This time, such an anomaly is definitely a major event.

He thought for a moment and opened his mouth carefully, “I just heard you shout… Mom.”


Once the word was mentioned, Wen Yibei’s fundus quickly filled with water light.

He couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and his needle hand almost tore the quilt to pieces.

Shi Yunnan quickly stroked the back of his hand, and his mood became tense. “Brother, what’s the matter? Have you heard any news?”

It has been nearly 20 years since their mother died. It is probably only the past that can make Wen Yibei have such great emotional ups and downs.

Wen yibeiqiang stood up with his strength and opened his mouth word by word. “It’s not a day or two for master Shi to be partial to Xie KeYue. You should know how to spread Xie KeYue’s identity outside?”

“Yes, how else can it be transmitted?”

Shi Yunnan answered and relatively calmly poured him a cup of warm water. “It’s just that Xie KeYue is Shi Sheng’s illegitimate son, so master Shi is partial to his little grandson.”

Until now, Shi Yunnan has been unwilling to shout “Dad” and “Grandpa”.

Wen Yibei took the water cup and shook his head ridiculously, “I didn’t want to believe it before.”

For one thing, Mr. Shi has never publicly admitted it.

Second, although they had a weak relationship with Shi Sheng’s father and son over the years, and the latter also married Xie Wei, Shi Sheng did what a “good father” should do before their mother Wen Min died.

“It’s also true that you don’t want to believe.” Shi Yunnan said.

He has fully confirmed the authenticity of this matter since the shit breakfast bureau that day——

Shi Sheng is cheating in marriage, and has a renewed love affair with Xie Wei, giving birth to Xie KeYue!

The reason why Mr. Shi doesn’t want to admit it is because he is a rigid and selfish person in his bones. It’s not honorable for his son to cheat in marriage. He doesn’t want to lose his face.

Although this is ridiculous, it is better to make everyone accept this fact imperceptibly than directly admitting that he has become a laughing stock and influenced Shi at the beginning.

“I think the old man didn’t take Xie KeYue seriously at first, but at that time, you were brought back to Wen’s house by grandpa, and he didn’t like me very much, so he was willing to take Xie KeYue’s blood back.”

Shi Yunnan sighed and continued, “do you know the mother and son of Xie KeYue and Xie Wei? Black can be blown into white.”

Just picking up good words, master Shi loves it.

Shi Yunnan said, “mom has been dead for so long, as long as she…”

“Mom knew about Shi Sheng and Xie Wei before she died. She also knew the existence of Xie KeYue.” Wen Yibei interrupted.

His pronunciation almost jumped out of his teeth. “It was also regarded by Xie Wei as a capital to show off, and even swaggered in front of her mother.”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes suddenly sank, “brother, are you sure?”

“I went to a restaurant with my band friends yesterday afternoon. I accidentally met Xie Wei and her friends for dinner. They mentioned it in a few words.”

Wen Yibei recognized Xie Wei and listened attentively for a while.

Even though the conversation between Xie Wei and her girlfriends has not involved names, Wen Yibei can connect some details together.

“Did you go up and argue with Xie Wei?” Shi Yunnan asked in a deep voice.

Wen Yibei nodded and shook his head, “no, I heard one more thing before I rushed up.”

Perhaps there was a feeling between the twins. Before Wen Yibei said it, Shi Yunnan inexplicably felt a burst of repressed anger.


“Mom’s last phone call was to Shi Sheng…”

Shi Yunnan nodded silently.

Wen Min, who had a heart attack, fell to the ground and couldn’t call for self-help. When her life was at stake, she dialed the phone. If Shi Sheng answered and informed the servant, she might have some vitality.

Because of this, Shi and Wen had a quarrel.

Wen Yibei held back the tears in his eyes and pressed the words in his crying cavity like killing his heart, “Shi Sheng was hiding from everyone to accompany Xie Wei at that time. That phone call was hung up by Xie Wei.”


Shi Yunnan’s face sank in an instant, and his anger and hatred swept through him, almost engulfing him completely.

This involves the dead mother. As a child, how can Wen Yibei resist it? He immediately rushed up to confront Xie Wei.

Xie Wei didn’t expect him to be here, let alone that the other party would hear the casual private words between her and her best friend, but after a moment of panic, she denied it, on the contrary, she kept shouting——

“Wen Yibei, don’t talk about it.”

“Your mother has died of heart disease for so long. Do you still want to blame me?”

“You two brothers are more and more useless! Even if Wen Min is still alive, you have to be angry!”

“The more the old man likes our family, that’s his ability! By the way, the more we will officially manage Shi in years! At that time, there will be no share of you and your brother…”

“You’re useless yourself. You blame others for being promising. What’s the reason?”

Wen Yibei’s temperament is more like Wen Min, and he has never been a character who will have bad intercourse with people.

In public, where would he be Xie Weiming’s opponent?

Wen Yibei originally wanted to hold his brother’s identity and hide it from Shi Yunnan, but his mind was too sensitive. After being suppressed to a certain level, he still didn’t hold it.

Wen Yibei clutched the water cup in his hand, trembled and took a deep breath, “Yunnan, I can’t swallow this tone.”

Cheating in Shi Sheng’s marriage has become an established fact, and no one can change it.

Wen Yibei originally thought that even if his mother didn’t know before she died, at least she died under the recognition that her husband loved her and her two children loved her, but now everything has changed.

“I can’t swallow the thought that my mother knew that her marriage had been betrayed and that Xie Wei hung up the last phone call before she died!”


“Can Xie Wei and Xie KeYue enjoy all this safely?”

Wen Yibei said, and his stomach was suffering from another earth shaking pain. It was not easy to return to the point, and the blood color immediately faded.

“Brother, I know.”

Shi Yunnan quickly helped him with his anger, but the bottom of his eyes was rarely full of yin and prey, “believe me, they won’t be better.”

“The more the mother and son want, the less I will let them get!”

Shi Yunnan doesn’t care about Shi’s ragged assets and inheritance rights. Wen Yibei doesn’t care about these things, but even so, they can’t afford to take advantage of Xie Wei and Xie KeYue, the mother and son!

Neither Mr. Shi nor Shi Sheng need to worry about the so-called blood relationship today.

Shi Yunnan didn’t clean up before because the time hasn’t come yet. Now it’s time to settle accounts.

Everyone who stays in the smelly ditch of the Shi family must pay a corresponding price for what they have done!


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