After a Flash Marriage Chapter 57

Wen Yibei endured his stomach discomfort and fell asleep again after talking to Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan walked out of the ward and saw Luo Lingsheng sitting alone in the corridor waiting.

The two men looked at each other. Luo Lingsheng noticed Shi Yunnan’s complex red eyes and screwed up his eyebrows. “Yunnan, what did your brother say to you?”

Shi Yunnan approached and sat in the chair beside him, “… Luo Lingsheng.”

“I’m here.”

Luo Lingsheng turned the wheelchair to face him with a low tone, “it’s almost three o’clock. Are you tired?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head, “not sleepy.”

He just learned the past from Wen Yibei’s mouth. Where is he still in mind to sleep?

Luo Lingsheng didn’t hurry to ask questions, but quietly stayed with Shi Yunnan for a while.

I don’t know how long it took for Shi Yunnan to tell Luo Lingsheng everything.

“… you can’t just forget it!”

Shi Yunnan took a deep breath, and the unruly ‘revenge’ gushed out again. “There are some things that I can’t let the mother and son get, even if I don’t want them.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t think there was a problem with Shi Yunnan’s idea at all.

To put it harshly, Shi Sheng’s cheating is not worth forgiving, and Xie Wei’s practice indirectly harmed Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei’s mother.

Which child would be indifferent?

Not to mention, master Shi’s blatant preference for Xie KeYue over the past ten years, Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei have endured until now, which can be regarded as the best of benevolence and righteousness.

“I’ll help you?” Luo Lingsheng asked.

For the Luo family, the Shi family can be called a fat mouse at most. It does have some meat, but it’s not difficult to clean it up.

“No.” Shi Yunnan shook his head, “you and Luo will inevitably lose their tongue when they make a move. Later, they will chew right and wrong behind their backs.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Luo Lingsheng doesn’t care about this.

Shi Yunnan played with Luo Lingsheng’s fingers in an attempt to gain some stability, “I just think it’s too cheap for them to go bankrupt.”

His eyes are sharp, “watching his things be deprived little by little and powerless, so as to maximize the pain.”

He wants Xie KeYue and Xie Wei to think that “the victory is in hand”. In the end, everything is empty!

As for Mr. Shi and Shi Sheng, who are also rotten to the bone, don’t they cherish face? Then he has to step on each other’s face into the mud in front of everyone!

Shi Yunnan calmed down slightly. “Luo Lingsheng, my brother and I want to solve the people in the Shi family by ourselves. It’s also a late explanation to my mother.”

“However, I need someone to help me keep an eye on Xie Wei and Shi Sheng and check some things.”

Luo Lingsheng understood Shi Yunnan’s idea and nodded, “OK, I’ll ask Qin bamboo slips to find some reliable people to help you.”



half a month later.

A splendid banquet will be held in the banquet hall of Dijing hotel.

Master Shi looked around with a crutch, and his eagle sharp eyes finally showed a little satisfaction.

Xie KeYue, dressed in a decent suit, hurriedly greeted him, “Grandpa, why are you here so early?”

“Anyway, I’m idle at home. I might as well come and have a look early.” Master Shi took two more steps. He was 80 years old, but his energy was as good as ever.


Shi Sheng and Xie Wei walked up in arm, looking respectful.

Xie Wei smiled with concern. “Look, are you satisfied with the layout? Is there anything to add? I quickly asked the hotel to help fill it up before the guests arrived.”

Master Shi rarely affirmed, “the layout is good, which adds enough pomp to our Shi family.”

“That’s necessary.” Xie Wei’s eyes showed a little complacency, “today is our big day, I……”

Before she finished, Xie Wei was gagged by her son’s eyes.

In fact, there are two purposes for Shi’s banquet today——

One is to publicly recognize Xie KeYue’s identity.

Second, master Shi will announce his complete withdrawal from Shi’s management and give up his position to Shi Sheng and Xie KeYue.

The reason why Xie Wei is so dedicated is naturally for her further prosperity in the future.

However, before the matter was officially announced, she could not be too complacent in front of master Shi.

Sure enough, master Shi’s lips flattened, and then he took the posture of the head of the family, “I’m old and willing to retreat behind the scenes to give KeYue a chance to try, but I said something ahead –”

“If your father and son dare to occupy a position and act recklessly, I won’t give you some things.”

The implication is that Shi’s property is still in the palm of his hand.

Xie Wei looked at what has happened to her husband and son, and quickly laughed at the request. “Dad, where do you say this? We can’t respect you and filial piety.” the two men and their sons are just sharing your burden. What is the most important thing, or you has the final say.

Master Shi clearly saw Xie Wei’s deliberate flattery, but was willing to accept it with one eye closed.

“But the last time you lied to me about your investment, you stumbled. Later, you’ll stay in Shi’s house and don’t have any messy investment ideas.”

In his view, Shi’s logistics is his Jiangshan industry. As long as it is well operated, it will be enough for his children and grandchildren to eat three or four generations.

When Xie KeYue heard this, he immediately responded, “Grandpa, I know, I won’t mess anymore.”

Last time, the storm caused by cosmetics was too big. Xie KeYue, as the boss behind the scenes, almost had to be taken away by the relevant departments and put into prison. It was master Shi who got in touch with someone.

As for the lost money, Xie KeYue also changed his way to persuade master Shi. The other party helped to repay it without blinking an eye. It seems that there is plenty of private money.

In this way, the more Xie Ke treats master Shi, the more filial and respectful he appears to be.

Because what he wants is not only the position of Shi as the person in power, but also all the private property of master Shi after a hundred years!

Xie KeYue put away his thoughts and said, “Grandpa, there is a single elegant room in the side hall. Why don’t you go and have a rest first? There’s still some time before the opening of the banquet.”

“Good.” Master Shi nodded and suddenly asked again, “did you inform the two heartless brothers of this banquet?”

When Shi Sheng heard this question, he shook his head hesitantly. “Yibei has always refused to contact our family. I think even if I send the invitation to Wen’s house, he will be thrown out by old Mr. Wen.”

“As for Yunnan, I’m afraid he’ll make you unhappy again, so…”

Shi Sheng tried to stop talking. He felt guilty about his twin son.

It’s just that Xie Wei blows in his ear every night. Over time, he doesn’t care about his two sons who have been “separated from his heart”.

In the future, Xie KeYue will help provide for the elderly. He is very relieved.

“It’s better not to come.”

Master Shi doesn’t care what he says. The heart made of this stone is harder than anyone. In his opinion——

As the eldest grandson, Wen Yibei has been staying at Wen’s house for so many years and doesn’t want to come back. He has long forgotten that his roots are in Shi’s house.

Shi Yunnan went too far. At first, Shi was unwilling to help when he had an accident. Later, he mixed with Luo Lingsheng. He only knew that he enjoyed himself and didn’t know how to help the Shi Family in private.

Both brothers are white eyed wolves who turn their elbows out. They are worthless!

Xie KeYue and Xie Wei looked at each other silently and quickly. Their mother and son were connected. Their happiness was the same at the moment.

“Dad, I’ll help you in first.”


After Shi Sheng accompanied master Shi into the elegant hall, another familiar figure came in.

Xie KeYue looked at Luo Yanchuan and thought about it. He took the initiative to bring two glasses of champagne. “Mom, my friend is coming. I’ll chat with him. You can deal with the guests first.”

Xie Wei looked at her son’s eyes and was surprised when she recognized Luo Yanchuan. “Luo Yanchuan? How did you know him?”

“Xiao Yue, don’t blame mom for not reminding you. This man is a playboy. Didn’t we plan to let him harm Shi Yunnan’s little bitch? You…”

“Mom, I know.”

Xie KeYue casually left this sentence, unwilling to pay attention to his mother’s inquiry.

Xie Wei stared at her son’s back. She always felt abandoned for no reason.

She frowned slightly and couldn’t help but say vaguely, “this child is still uncomfortable with the last diamond necklace? I’m not saving money for him?”

She said that Mrs. Zhao was too pretentious and fussy.

What if it’s a fake necklace? The price of three or four million is not good enough?

Xie KeYue didn’t know what his mother thought. He went straight to Luo Yanchuan, who suddenly visited. He handed over the champagne in his hand. “I didn’t expect master Luo to come. It’s too far to welcome.”

It’s just a light tone. It seems to hook people deliberately with a little claw.

“How can I not come and have a look at the good days of the third young master?” When Luo Yanchuan took the champagne, his fingertips deliberately lingered on the back of Xie KeYue’s hand for a moment.

Xie KeYue smiled and winked at him, “there are many people here. It’s inconvenient to talk in another place.”

“Of course.”

They quickly went to the side hall rest room on the other side. As soon as the door was closed, they showed their original true face.

Xie KeYue put away his usual kind smile and sat comfortably on the sofa. “Tell me, why did you temporarily shut up about your cooperation with Fang?”

“Master Luo, you can’t even make that little girl film of Mo Xuanqi, can you?”

Luo Yanchuan retorted, “it has nothing to do with her, but Fang’s auction has cooperated with your old acquaintances.”

“Old acquaintance?” Xie KeYue responded, “Shi Yunnan and Yuan Rui?”

Luo Yanchuan approached and sat on the sofa, half surrounded Xie KeYue, “I remember, isn’t yuan Rui your friend? How can he turn back to Shi Yunnan?”

Xie KeYue clenched the glass in his hand and squeezed out a few words, “what’s he doing?”

“Shi Yunnan and Fang have cooperated. Now I rashly talk about cooperation. It’s inevitable to let Luo Lingsheng know.”

Luo Yanchuan mentioned the name, his face looked ugly for a moment, and continued——

“In order to avoid startling the snake, I had to change my target first. Anyway, there are more than Fang’s family in the domestic auction house. The batch of genuine and fake jade jewelry you cooperated with Gu Jue can be sold at a smaller auction.”

Xie KeYue frowned and disagreed.

“Don’t worry, although the final profits of other auctions are not as good as Fang’s, the level of customer contacts is not as good as Fang’s.”

“Most of the people who participate in the small auction are upstarts. Where can they evaluate the mixed sale of true and false? Just make money.”

In other words, it’s better to have less risk coefficient.

Xie KeYue thought for a moment, “you can do it. From today on, I have to concentrate on Shi for a long time. I can’t have much external assets, so as not to arouse the old man’s suspicion.”

While talking, Luo Yanchuan’s hand was hooked on his shoulder. “Isn’t master Xie’s feelings too weak? How long haven’t we met?”

The wine glasses collided and made a charming sound.

Xie Ke snorted coldly and drank the wine alone. “Haven’t we met now? I just hope master Luo doesn’t forget his goal. Since he is an ally, I can’t always contribute to some things.”

The two hooked up after the cosmetics incident. To put it simply and coldly, they used the relationship of “gun friends” to cover up their mutual use.

Now they are profitable to each other, so they are willing to cooperate while getting physical pleasure.

As for the future?

There is no stronger alliance than money and power.

Xie KeYue asked, “Shi is already in my pocket. When is master Luo going to start on Luo?”

“It is said that the dike of thousands of miles collapsed in mole ants, but if you want to bring down a giant, you naturally need another giant.”

Luo Yanchuan shook his glass. “Soon, there will be a day.”


It’s almost time for the opening of the banquet, and there are more and more guests in the banquet hall.

As the only hostess of the banquet, Xie Wei enjoyed everyone’s praise and catering.

“Congratulations, after all these years, you’ve finally had a good time. When Xiaoyue takes over Shi’s family and takes power over time, you’ll be a decent lady.”

Another graceful lady came over and congratulated her in a low voice, “the good days are still ahead. It’s really enviable.”

This is Zhang Yun, Xie Wei’s best friend for many years. Like Xie Wei, she also hooked up with a married husband when she was young and became a junior for many years.

Xie Wei heard the speech and was happy to praise her. “Over the years, you’ve been much easier than me. Unlike me, I have a strong father-in-law.”

“What’s good? I can’t have children…” when Zhang Yun said this, there was a poisonous resentment at the bottom of her eyes. “I always feel that the one in my family stole people outside behind my back.”

Xie Wei’s face changed. “You can’t talk nonsense. Is there any evidence?”

Zhang Yun shook her head and pulled the topic back, “your life is better. Xiaoyue is a promising child.”

“Yes, I used to look silly. I don’t know when I suddenly opened my mind. It’s like a little prodigy.” Xie Wei mentioned her son and felt a little more proud.

Zhang Yun asked again, “by the way, he didn’t bother you in private after Wen Yibei bumped into him last time?”

Xie Wei snorted proudly, “no, what’s the promise of that cheap son? I told you secretly that today is the birthday before that cheap life.”

In the past, on this day, in order to play his “good husband”, Shi Sheng had to go back to spend his birthday with Wen min.

“I deliberately choose this day. Even after her death, I will respond to her! Let the bitch see how my son brought Shi into his pocket on this day.”

Before the aftersound fell, the sound line came as heavy as frost.

“Xie Wei, are you really not afraid of retribution?”


Xie Wei turned her head and saw Shi Yunnan. She almost lost her soul. She covered her beating heart. “How did you come? When did you come?”

“This is the banquet of the Shi family. Am I not qualified to come?” Shi Yunnan sneered. The frozen ice in his eyes seemed to freeze people alive.

“I’m sorry to disturb you because you’re so serious.”


Xie Wei was guilty of being a thief, so she had to turn her eyes to her best friend.

Zhang Yun received her sight and opened her mouth with a stab. “I’ve always heard that master Shi Er is used to being wild abroad. Only when I met him did I know that it’s true. You don’t make a sound when you walk and eavesdrop on the speeches of your elders?”

Shi Yunnan looked at her two eyes and replied, “Ms. Zhang Yun, I hope you have the confidence to help your good friend speak later.”

Before Zhang Yun understood what this meant, a burst of exclamation rang out not far away——

“Why is Mr. Wen here? He still has a cello? Is this going to play on stage?”

“Look what you said. Wen Yibei is also the grandson of master Shi. It’s not surprising that he can come to the banquet of the Shi family.”

Shi Yunnan caught a glimpse of his brother who had come to power on his own not far away, and his eyes approached him faintly

Xie Wei realized that something was wrong and hurriedly pulled her best friend up.

At the same time, master Shi and others also walked into the banquet hall. Xie KeYue looked at Shi Yunnan and others who came uninvited, and a bad hunch crossed his heart.

Master Shi saw his eldest grandson, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, and a trace of joy shook out in the depths of his pupils, “yebei, why are you here?”

Mr. Shi is a traditional and rigid man in his heart. As his eldest grandson, Wen Yibei has been sensible and smart since childhood. He has always had a preference.

But later, Wen Yibei chose the Wen family without looking back, and he didn’t want to go back to Shi’s house all year round. Master Shi felt cold and became more and more unhappy over the years.

Shi Yunnan, who was ignored, didn’t feel embarrassed. He just watched quietly——

He said that if Wen Yibei had stayed in the Shi family and the other party had enough ability to protect himself and was willing to flatter, the old man’s eccentricity over the years would not necessarily turn to Xie KeYue.

Wen Yibei put on his cello and stepped down from the stage. “Grandpa, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you all right? I’ve been too busy abroad these years. I’m really sorry for the identity of Shi changsun.”

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan silently gave his brother a thumbs up.

These words sounded gentle and polite, and deliberately bited the word “eldest son” very clearly in public, which was clearly used to remind everyone.

Mr. Shi naturally heard something of the way, but looking at his tall, thin and handsome grandson, he still gave some face, “Yibei, why did you come suddenly?”

“It’s said that Shi hosted many guests today. I specially came to see Yunnan with nothing to do.”

Wen Yibei still kept a gentle smile and looked at Shi Sheng again. “Grandpa, Dad, you won’t be unwelcome?”

Shi Yunnan followed and cooperated, “brother, why don’t grandpa and dad welcome us? I’m afraid it’s someone else…”

He paused and looked brightly at Xie Wei and Xie KeYue.

Xie Wei saw Shi Yunnan’s intention and was even more afraid that they would come up with any moths. She was so angry that she almost blurted out the word “unwelcome”.

The next second, Xie KeYue took the lead, “brother, we’re all very happy to come to our banquet when he’s free.”

It’s ok if the two brothers come.

After all, no one can easily change the decision made by master Shi. In that case, it’s just in front of their announcement——

He Xie KeYue is the rightful third young master of the Shi family and will manage the Shi family from today on.

Step on the enemy openly? This taste is pleasant to think about!

Further thought, if Shi Yunnan disagrees with master Shi’s decision, there will be a face tearing quarrel later.

In this way, if master Shi’s heart is hurt, it is even more unlikely that Shi’s private property will fall into the hands of their brothers in the future. In any case, he is the biggest winner.

“Grandpa?” Wen Yibei gave a voice to remind.

Master Shi loves face. Even if the family’s relationship is chaotic, he won’t show it in front of outsiders, “it’s good for you two brothers to come.”

Soon, a guest asked, “the young master has brought a musical instrument. Is this ready to play?”

Wen Yibei took a look at his brother, still gentle and decent, “yes, I’ll give you an opening to help cheer up.”

Xie Wei didn’t want Wen Yibei to steal the limelight from her son. She smiled and stopped, “don’t use it? I arranged a performance to cheer everyone up.”

“It’s not easy for Yibei to come. If the visitor is a guest, don’t bother?”

“Aunt Xie joked and played at her own banquet. I’d love to.”

Wen Yibei blocked back and handed over the decision to master Shi. “Besides, grandpa didn’t speak. Aunt Xie, what’s your hurry?”

Xie Wei was blocked.

Compared with the perverse Shi Yunnan, master Shi is indeed more inclined to the gentle and measured Wen Yibei.

It’s probably that I haven’t heard each other’s address of “Grandpa” for too long. At the moment, master Shi is a little softhearted, “well, it’s good for you to have this heart. Since all the guests want to hear it, it’s time to play.”

Wen Yibei smiled and calmly stepped on the stage.

The whole audience followed him.

Shi Yunnan silently took a glass of champagne and looked at Xie Wei and Xie KeYue with a needle——

Wait, the play has just begun.

The cello was debugged in advance, and Wen Yibei started his performance with a little preparation.

The gentle and soothing melody slipped from the strings, very light and soft, and the delicate emotion seemed to swing out of the depths of the soul, making everyone’s mood fluctuate.

“Good day, how to play such a sad tune?”

Xie Wei took two steps forward. In front of master Shi, she deliberately exaggerated and muttered this sentence.

But what she didn’t expect was that at the moment of landing, the string sound on the stage turned, and the slow music suddenly became more cheerful.

“Aunt Xie, haven’t you ever been to a large concert hall before? Why don’t you understand any etiquette?”

Shi Yunnan refuted with a smile, “don’t judge at will until the song is finished. You’re easy to make jokes when so many guests are present.”

Master Shi originally hated Xie Wei’s petty manner. When he heard the speech, he immediately stared at her, and his displeasure was expressed in his words.

The performance on the stage continued, and the carefully beating notes fell on Xie Wei’s face like an invisible slap, so that she dared not speak casually.

The song ends.

There was warm applause and praise.

“Mr. Wen’s Cello Sound is also wonderful.”

“It’s not in vain to hear the young master’s performance today.”

“Speaking of it, master Shi is capable. The three young masters of the family have their own style.”

Shi Yunnan approached and asked, “Grandpa, Dad, what do you think of my brother’s performance?”

Without the previous fierce targeting, Shi Yunnan is really like a child who skillfully discusses the art of playing with his family.

Master Shi looked at his abnormal performance, but followed his words, “well, Yibei’s performance naturally has nothing to say.”

After all, no matter how unhappy Shi Yunnan made him at the beginning, Wen Yibei’s performance does give him a long face now.

Shi Sheng saw that his father had made a statement and said with a pleasant voice, “you and Yibei’s music cells followed your mother, I…”

“The sun came out in the west? So you remember your ex-wife?” Shi Yunnan interrupted the sarcasm.


Shi Sheng has some problems.

Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei on the stage looked at each other and continued to speak, “it’s difficult for Aunt Xie to choose today.”

“The Shi family has a lively banquet. It’s my mother’s birthday.”

Master Shi didn’t expect this time at all. After hearing Shi Yunnan’s deliberately provocative words, he was stunned first and then angry, “Shi Yunnan, what are you talking nonsense? Do you understand discretion!”

Suddenly, Wen Yibei on the stage said, “by the way, you don’t know the name of the music I just played?”

The voice was no longer gentle at the beginning, but it was obviously cold and hard with thorns.

“The first half is from mother, and the second half is from Canon in D major. Naturally, the first half is to miss our brothers’ dead mother today. As for the second half…”

During the deliberate pause, some guests responded, “canon? I said, why does it sound so familiar?”

Shi Yunnan raised his lips. “Of course, it sounds familiar. This famous song is the most played at funerals abroad.”


Master Shi and others who reacted suddenly froze.

The audience fell into a dead silence, and the guests finally realized that something was wrong——

Play funerals at Shi’s banquet?

Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan are too cruel and unique!

The author has something to say: # brothers: is this still unique? The good play is still ahead:)


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