After a Flash Marriage Chapter 58

Master Shi was so angry that his heart beat wildly on the spot. The crutch he held in his hand hit the ground hard, and the gas sound burst out from his teeth, “presumptuous! Are you two brothers going to kill me?”

When Shi Yunnan heard his usual repressive quotations, he humed and smiled indifferently and thought of it casually——

You’re tough? Still mad at others?

Xie KeYue immediately asked the waiter to move the soft chair and helped master Shi sit down. “Grandpa, don’t be angry.”

He looked at the brothers on and off the stage and continued to be good, “big brother and second brother, our family finally held a banquet. Don’t joke about it. So many people are watching.”

Xie Ke guessed earlier that Shi Yunnan could not be so easily “soft”, but he didn’t expect that Wen Yibei, who has always been gentle with others, would do such a special thing.

But it’s good.

The more the brothers make this situation, the more the old man will dislike them in the future.

Then he is the only one who finally gets a bargain.

Thinking of this, Xie KeYue immediately gave his mother a wink.

Xie Wei seized the opportunity and immediately blurted out the accusation, “I knew you two brothers were not kind! Knowing that the old man was going to announce that Shi would be handed over to Xiaoyue today, you two brothers were unwilling to smash the field!”

Xie Wei deliberately revealed the matter before master Shi announced it, trying to “cook raw rice into a mature meal”.

Master Shi noticed her intention, and a trace of dissatisfaction flashed across his anger.

At the same time, the silent guests reacted.

It turns out that the purpose of Shi’s banquet today is really to announce that the third young master will come to power and manage the company?

No wonder the two brothers Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan came here. They are all young masters in the name of Shi. Who can watch the family property be monopolized by another person?

What’s more, it’s not from a mother.

Although Xie KeYue is Shi Sheng’s “illegitimate son” has become a tacit fact, you have to find a reasonable excuse on the face of it?

Master Shi suddenly let Xie KeYue take charge of the company alone. It’s really eccentric!

“Choose to hold a banquet on this day? If anyone else, our brothers naturally don’t care, but you -”

Wen Yibei stepped down from the stage and passed Shi Sheng with an unprecedented cold in his eyes. “Do you Shi family still have a little respect for my mother?”


Shi Sheng was silent and felt guilty for being late.

Xie Wei personally selected this day. The other party kept pointing out that today is an auspicious day for a banquet. It may help Shi’s Feng Shui development in the future.

His ex-wife has been dead for nearly 20 years. How can he remember each other’s birthday? If he remembers, he will not pick this day to avoid losing his tongue!

But when Shi Sheng thought about it, he realized that Xie Wei’s small family must have deliberately chosen this day.

He frowned, “Xie Wei, this is really your negligence.”

Xie Wei has some acting skills. When she heard her husband’s accusation, she burst into tears.

“Wronged! I didn’t enter Shi’s house until Wen Min died. How can I know her birthday?”

Xie Wei explained endlessly, “after so many days for another year, how did I know it would happen to hit?”

Wen Yibei walked back to Shi Yunnan. The two brothers looked at each other knowingly, deliberately silent, and let the “right to speak” out first——

Scum men and cheap women.

They want to see how far the couple can play?

As Xie Wei’s best friend, Zhang Yun saw the different faces of the guests and naturally spoke to her sisters at the moment.

“The Shi family’s chores over the years can’t be separated from Xie Wei. Only this time something went wrong. It was just her birthday. She didn’t mean it.”

“Is it difficult for the living to make way for the dead? Do you need to make a mountain out of a molehill if you don’t commit taboos?”

A guest nodded slightly, and a whisper came from the crowd——

“However, does Master Shi really want to give Shi’s full power to the third young master?”

“What about the eldest young master and the second young master? They don’t have any management rights?”

Zhang Yun heard the speech and said it for Xie Wei first. “Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei feel that the old man is eccentric. As outsiders, we will inevitably have this idea.”

“But think about it. Wen Yibei changed his surname and became the young master of the Wen family since he was a child. He didn’t see him come back during the new year’s festival. Shi Yunnan has been abroad and saw him return to Shi’s help after graduation.”

“On the contrary, you can accompany master Shi every year and stay in Shi’s College internship. In this way, their mother and son will be criticized by outsiders.”

“Let me say that Mr. Shi and Mr. Shi naturally have the ability to distinguish between good and bad. After so many years, it’s time to publicly prove it for their mother and son!”

Zhang Yun kept talking on the side, while Xie Wei kept performing on the side.

She showed an extremely wronged look, and even her tears had fallen one by one. “I’m not wronged, but I’m bitter. The child can be more bitter. He enters Shi’s House late, and it’s easy to be chewed everywhere.”

Shi Yunnan sneered.

The cooperation between the two girlfriends is really wonderful.

“The fundamental reason why he will be chewed by people is also thanks to your mother, who has a bad style!”

Shi Yunnan choked. “You Xie Wei entered the Shi family and became Mrs. Shi among the foreign population. You think you can clean up the dirty things of that year?”

“Know three when three, up to now, what chastity archway do you set up for yourself?”


Shi Sheng and Xie Wei froze at the same time.

These words directly pierced their shame cloth over the years, even though the hole in this layer of shame cloth had already been broken and transparent.

Shi Yunnan continued to satirize, “don’t you think that if you didn’t admit it in those years and let everyone acquiesce now, you can maintain Shi’s face?”

Wen Yibei shook his head ridiculously and asked, “our biological mother died unexpectedly when we were seven years old. Your mother and son entered Shi’s house in less than half a year. Xie KeYue is one year younger than our brothers.”

“If he wasn’t the child born of your cheating stealing love, if it weren’t for the blood of the Shi family, would the old man be willing to hand over Shi’s management to him?”

There are Shi Yunnan’s harsh voice questioning in front, and Wen Yibei’s rational analysis in the back.

Who is right and who is wrong is clear at a glance.

There was a resurgence of discussion.

Master Shi suddenly knocked on his crutch, “that’s enough! I agree to hold a banquet today!”

He looked at the two brothers with extremely disappointed angry eyes, “what occasion is this? You two brothers have a heart to make trouble?”

“I’ll ask you, do you still remember that you are the blood of the Shi family?”

“I won’t say any more. Shi Yunnan, what about you? What’s your food and clothing expenses from childhood to childhood? I didn’t expect to raise a white eyed wolf alive.”

“Where were your two brothers when Shi encountered a financial crisis?”

Master Shi became more and more angry as he thought about it. Xie KeYue saw the opportunity and bent down to give him a back without saying a word.

Seeing this, master Shi was more comforted by his anger.

“Only Ke Yue, the younger brother you despise is helping me and your father! I’m just going to hand over Shi’s management to Ke Yue!”

Master Shi was so angry that he trembled and raised his crutch. “Get out! Get out now! From today on, the Shi family will no longer recognize you two brothers! I don’t think you two grandchildren!”

Xie KeYue heard this, and a slight and short smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. He won this sentence without a word, and his heart was very happy!

Who doesn’t know that master Shi is the most face-saving?

Who can’t guess that Shi Sheng and Xie Wei hooked up early and gave birth to his extra marital son?

The relationship between rich and powerful families has always been cut and disordered. Even if you know some facts, you shouldn’t shout them out.

That’s good.

Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei thought they were standing on the moral commanding heights and forced the Shi family’s face on the ground, which made master Shi so angry. From now on, they are completely saying goodbye to the Shi family’s private property.

As long as Shi is his and his private property is his, he still has reason to refute: what if he is an extramarital son? After all, little babies can’t choose their own origin.

Xie Wei was full of confidence when she heard master Shi’s speech. “Where’s the waiter! Call the security guard right away! Drive them out!”

As soon as the voice fell, a heavy and steady voice sounded behind him, “master Shi, the people who really lose your face have never been these two brothers. I’m afraid you’re still in the dark.”

The guests were shocked when they saw the visitor.

Shi Yunnan’s lips were slightly hooked, and he quickly stepped forward to meet Luo Lingsheng, “why did you come so long?”

“The traffic jam is late.”

The two exchanged a tacit look, which was clearly deliberately told to the guests present.

Luo Lingsheng came late, naturally because he arranged “special matters”.

“How did Lord Luo come?”

“What’s his relationship with master Shi Er? He’s half Shi’s family, isn’t he? It’s normal to come here.”

“In the final analysis, master Shi has arranged noodles. He hasn’t held a banquet for several years. He can invite this Buddha as soon as he holds a banquet today.”

As they whispered, Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan approached the center.

“Please forgive me for coming uninvited.” There was no apology in Luo Lingsheng’s tone

Master Shi thought of the relationship between Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, and his efforts that had not been completely vented were stuck in his chest. He was inexplicably flustered.

He said politely in a deep voice, “Lord Luo, why are you here?”

“Yunnan told me before he went out. I’ll pick him up at this point and go back to Luo’s house.”

Listening to the words of calm and no waves, Shi Yunnan was actually included in his scope of protection.

What is the status of Luo?

What is the relationship between Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng?

With Luo Lingsheng here, who dares to “sweep out” Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei?

The guests looked at each other, secretly waiting for the next development.

They should say that even if Mr. Shi likes Xie KeYue more and doesn’t like Shi Yunnan, he shouldn’t say it on the spot! Isn’t this indirect, without the support of Luo’s mountain?

“Lord Luo, what did you just say about some ‘truth’ Someone smelled the smell of gossip and hid among the guests to ask questions.

Luo Lingsheng stopped robbing Shi Yunnan of his “life” and motioned him with his eyes to continue.

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips. “Everyone heard that it was master Shi who wanted to break off relations with me and my brother. After that, whether the Shi family died or lived, prosperity or disgrace had nothing to do with us.”

This is a response to master Shi’s practice.

Their two brothers are not rare to be the descendants of Shi!


Xie KeYue looked at the sight suddenly swept by Luo Lingsheng, and his heart suddenly clicked. He always felt that the situation was bad.

If he stopped at the place where Master Shi had just chased people, Xie KeYue felt that he had won a great victory, but now he even had a sense of crisis that “this is just the beginning”, as if Shi Yunnan’s great move had just been completed.

The next second, Shi Yunnan said, “Qin Bamboo Slips, please connect the projector.”

In response to the prepared Qin Bamboo Slips, he motioned Yuan Meng and quickly walked to the computer equipment table next to the projection.

Xie Wei still has a set of skills to observe words and expressions. Seeing that neither Mr. Shi nor her husband refused, she had to take a step forward, “wait, you are an outsider…”

Before she finished her words to stop Qin Bamboo Slips, Yuan Meng came forward tacitly, twisted her arm and pulled back several steps.

Yuan Meng was born in the army and had great strength.

Xie Wei is used to being a rich lady who lives in dignity. How can she stand this kind of strength? Her arm turned red in an instant, and the pain made her tears feel a lot.

Zhang Yun hurriedly came forward to help her and questioned Yuan Meng, “what are you? What are you doing to a weak lady?”

“Weak lady?” Shi Yunnan seems to have heard something interesting.

He motioned Yuan Meng to step back. He stepped forward and looked at the two sisters who were “deeply in love.” Zhang Yun himself was the third in charge, so he could have a special chat with Xie Wei? ”


Sharp words turned into slaps, and the two people stopped moving in an instant.

Zhang Yun’s face turned red. Obviously, he didn’t expect to burn himself. “Shi Yunnan, you are young. Why are you full of nonsense and slander?”

“Really? I just wanted to say that as an outsider, Ms. Zhang Yun knows very well about the Shi family.”

Shi Yunnan picked his eyebrow and said, “I just don’t know. As your good friend, Xie Wei doesn’t know about your family?”


The projection screen opens.

Qin Jian walked back quickly and handed the flat plate connecting the projection to Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan looked around and opened the long prepared game. “Do you know what is called ‘rivers and mountains are easy to change, nature is difficult to change’? I’ll show you some photos.”

When the voice landed, several high-definition photos were reflected on the screen on the stage.

A man and a woman, without exception, are intimate photos.

The moment I saw the face of the photo, the whole audience was shocked.

Master Shi and Xie KeYue froze one after another, and Shi Sheng, who had always shown a steady look, showed unspeakable anger.

Because the woman in the picture is no one else, it’s Xie Wei!


Xie Wei’s whole person seemed to be fixed in place by magic. No matter how exquisite her makeup could cover up the panic on her face.

She swallowed her saliva and tried to calmly explain, “no, this must be a synthetic picture!”

Shi Yunnan sneered and ignored Xie Wei’s argument. “Don’t you want to know who the man in this picture is?”

Shi Shengding finally recognized the man in the picture and his face suddenly turned blue!

But before he broke out, Zhang Yun, who had just returned as a “sister”, slapped Xie Wei in the face of the public, “Xie Wei, you give shameless bitch!”

“Fortunately, I still regard you as a bosom sister! I help you speak everywhere! Is that how you treat me?!”

As soon as these words were uttered, what else could not be understood by the people present, and the sound of sarcasm rang one after another——

I’m a married man, but I’m still hanging out with the husband of my best friend who’s in the upper position of junior three?

These people are in their 40s and 50s. Why are they so debauchery and shameless!

Zhang Yun seemed to feel that a slap was not enough to relieve her anger, and slapped Xie Wei.

Xie Wei was not supported by others this time. Wearing high heels, she immediately sprained and fell to the ground.

The dull pain of killing the heart came from her ankle, with more and more serious panic, which filled her forehead with virtual sweat.

A trace of disgust flashed at the bottom of Xie KeYue’s eyes, but due to the relationship between mother and son, he was just ready to help. As a result, he heard Shi Yunnan say, “Zhang Yun, your good friend has not only ‘helped’ you this time.”

“She knows that your husband has no children and is tired of your arrogance, so she specially looks for a young and clever little lover for him. Every time she asks you out for tea and shopping, it is the day when her husband meets his little lover privately.”

Another group of pictures appeared on the screen, which were Zhang Yun’s husband and a woman whose face was mosaic.

Most importantly, the lower abdomen of the latter is slightly raised.

“By the way, the other party is pregnant at the moment.”

“In the past month or two, Xie Wei couldn’t help getting together with your husband. These photos are new. If you need to distinguish the authenticity, I can send you the original picture free of charge.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged and looked like a good man.

His eyes fell on Xie KeYue and attacked indiscriminately, “what? If your mother was a few years younger, she might be able to add a half brother and sister to you.”


Xie KeYue was silent for two seconds.

Soon, he made an “unbelievable” injured expression and picked himself up.

“Mom, is this true? Do you deserve your father’s trust?”

Xie Wei looked up at the disdainful eyes gathered around her, felt the unprecedented humiliation, and her inner panic swept her whole body.

Her ankles had begun to be red and swollen. She couldn’t stand up at all because of the pain. She had to climb to the feet of her husband and son, “no, listen to me. I really, really…”

When the words came to my mouth, I couldn’t speak.

She didn’t hook up with Zhang Yun’s husband from the beginning!

Zhang Yun’s husband, suffering from no children, had the idea of divorcing Zhang Yun very early.

After Xie Wei learned about it, she ran into each other and his little lover in an accident.

Zhang Yun’s husband was afraid that the matter would be exposed, so he took the initiative to give Xie Wei a $3 million sealing fee.

Xie Wei was blinded by money and pretended that she didn’t see it. Later, Zhang Yun’s husband would take money to ask Xie Wei to cover for help in order to have a private meeting with his little lover.

As soon as they came and went, they hooked up.

But this is only a matter of nearly a month. They can count the number of times they met with one finger! She has been very cautious. How can she be found out?

Xie Wei’s desire to talk and stop has become a proof of guilt in the eyes of others.

Shi Sheng threw away her hand in disgust. The man’s dignity made him gnash his teeth. “Stay away from me!”

Xie KeYue saw that Shi Sheng was angry, so he had to suppress all his words and protect himself. His eyes to Xie Wei for help were filled with disgust in the depths of his pupils——

How could he have such a mother? Vanity! Short sighted!

It was not enough to be a junior in the past, but now it’s still making such a ridiculous thing? She has become a rich lady. What else are you dissatisfied with?

When Xie Wei saw that she was rejected by her husband and her son’s hidden look, she immediately felt like being poured with a basin of cold water, and her heart was like falling into an ice cave——

Shi Sheng is dissatisfied with being “green hatted,” so she can understand that she needs to vent her anger.

But Xie KeYue is her son! Why don’t you speak for her at this time? Let her be laughed at by people’s eyes? Is this her own? So cold and heartless!

These years of heart and lung pay, in exchange for children’s preference for their own maintenance.

Compared with Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei’s love for Wen Min, Xie Wei suddenly felt that even if she won Wen Min’s hundred steps, she would lose completely on the road of “children”!

Just regretting, Xie Wei’s scalp suddenly hurt.

“– ah!”

The more Zhang Yun thought about it, the more she felt angry. She still couldn’t help moving her hand in front of everyone. “I’ll deal with the dog man and woman when I go back! But now I must calculate this account with you!”

“Xie Wei! You shameless woman! Can I not know if others don’t know?”

“How many men have you slept with since you broke up with Shi Sheng?”

“See Shi Sheng coming back to you and pretending to be considerate and pure? While saying that he didn’t ask for fame, he deliberately blocked Wen Min and provoked him!”

“When Wen Min had a heart attack, she made the last call for help to Shi Sheng! As a result, you dog men and women were busy having an affair in private, and you secretly hung up her phone! Bah!”

At this point, the whole audience showed a look of shock——

Oh, my God! This is a dog biting a dog, biting out the secret of the year?

Even if Mrs. Wen Min’s body is not good, isn’t Xie Wei’s practice really indirect murder?

Xie Wei’s scalp was pulled into sharp pain, and she screamed helplessly, “no! I don’t! It’s all your blood!”

Wen Yibei stared at Xie Wei. The hatred in his eyes was obvious, “Xie Wei! Do you know it in your heart!”

Shi Yunnan did not speak, but a light light appeared in his slightly drooping eyes.

Even though he had learned the truth from Wen Yibei’s mouth, the moment he really heard Zhang Yun and Xie Weila admit it, he still felt worthless for his dead mother!

How can such a beautiful person be ruined by this dog man and woman!

What makes the other party feel at ease to step on her pain and suffering, sit in the position that should belong to her and enjoy everything stolen!

For what?

Luo Lingsheng was not interested in such dirty things at all. He focused on Shi Yunnan. He noticed that the lover was getting more and more depressed and approached in a wheelchair.

Luo Lingsheng, regardless of whether the people would pay attention or not, directly put his hand around Shi Yunnan’s palm, stroked the palm again and again with a slightly thin cocoon, and silently gave gentle comfort.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes fell, and his gloomy mood finally improved for a moment.

He breathed out a sigh, and his backhand clasped with his lover’s fingers, and continued to look coldly at the good play.

Master Shi never knew there was such a secret. He was exposed in public today!

They missed the best time to dismiss their guests. At the moment, they had to watch their face lose.

For a moment, master Shi had to vent all his anger on his son, “Shi Sheng! This is the good daughter-in-law you’re looking for!”

At this moment, Shi Sheng felt guilty again in his anger. He couldn’t respond to his father’s eyes at all.

He felt guilty that when Wen Min had a heart attack, he and Xie Wei were really doing warm things.

What shocked him was that Xie Wei hung up the unanswered call without telling him!

This snake hearted woman!

So many eyes were staring at him in the banquet hall. If he didn’t react at the moment, he would be laughed at by other rich families later.

Today, he must divorce each other!

Shi Sheng’s chest fluctuated for a moment and roared, “Xie Wei! It’s the most cruel woman’s heart! I can see you today. We’ll get a divorce tomorrow!”

Before the rest of the voice fell to the ground, a loud and mocking voice rang out in the crowd.

“Divorce? How do you like Shi Sheng to ask for divorce?”

“I think you scum men and women are a perfect match! So as not to harm other families! Other innocent people!”


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