After a Flash Marriage Chapter 59

The sound exploded like thunder.

People turned around and looked, only to find that it was a woman in her early thirties. She looked very strange.

Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and knew each other well.

Look, the play has just reached its climax.

When Shi Sheng saw the appearance of the visitor, he only reacted for two or three seconds, and his face stiffened again.

“Why? You haven’t seen me for a long time. Won’t you forget me?”

The woman stepped on her high heels and came to Shi Sheng. She looked at Xie Wei, who was embarrassed on the ground, and uttered a cold sneer from her heart, “bitch with dog, forever.”


This remark was not polite at all, nor did it bring any self-restraint of rich family origin.

A guest couldn’t help asking, “who are you, madam?”

Master Shi glanced at Shi Sheng, and his already volatile mood was full of displeasure.

As the saying goes, a child is better than a mother.

But as a father, Mr. Shi knows something about his seemingly silent son——

Shi Sheng is by no means an orderly man, and there are by no means a few women who have played with him over the years.

Xie Wei’s affair has been humiliating enough. If there is any other relationship, they will lose the face of the Shi family!

When master Shi thought of this, he interrupted in a deep voice, “dear guests, today we apologize for our poor reception in the Shi family. Please come back. After a while, I will prepare a banquet and sincerely invite you to come.”

Obviously, this is an order to leave.

Master Shi has a judgment in his heart and is trying to control the situation to an irreversible situation.

The guests were completely reluctant to step forward, and the middle-aged woman immediately shouted, “what are you going to do? Don’t you want to know what Shi Sheng did?”

“… you! I don’t know you!”

Shi Sheng took a half step forward, and was afraid that he would be exposed too obviously, so he stopped abruptly, “what about the security guard? Can anyone come in at our Shi’s party?”

“Now you know you’re afraid?” The woman sneered.

Xie Wei, who was still pulling with Zhang Yun, was sensitive to something wrong. She quickly stumbled up and rushed to the woman, “who are you!”

Xie Wei clearly did something wrong, but now she seems to have grasped something, “is it Shi Sheng’s lover kept outside?”

Perhaps women all over the world resent the “little three” system. Even Xie Wei, who is in the “little three position”, can’t stand her husband’s betrayal.

At the moment, her sinister eyes seemed to swallow and peel the life in front of her.

“You might as well ask your own husband! Ask him how he cheated talented college students!” A woman who is pressing questions and shaking her hand is pushing back.

Xie Wei, whose ankle was injured, couldn’t keep steady. She fell heavily at Xie KeYue’s feet and gave out an unbearable pain.

Xie KeYue could no longer control his disgust and complaint as he watched his mother with her hair in a mess and her makeup in tears.

He not only didn’t help, but also pulled back half a step in silence.

Unfortunately, this scene happened to fall on the bottom of Mr. Shi’s eyes.

Luo Lingsheng tapped his wheelchair armrest and gave the key words, “female college student?”

The woman took a deep breath. “My name is Chen Rong. Shi Sheng, a dog man, said he didn’t know me? How dare you say he didn’t know my sister Chen Ling?”

“A year ago, Shi Sheng met my new sister in other provinces!”

“My sister has grown up like water since childhood. Although she can’t compare with the exquisite beauty of those stars and the mature charm of rich wives, her 20-year-old girl has become a sweet cake in the eyes of some old men before going to college

All the guests here have brought some experience, and some words can be understood without saying——

Shi Sheng took a fancy to Chen Ling, who was still in college, and tried to eat tender grass? This is the age difference between nearly 50 and early 20. You can be a father and daughter!

Another person asked, “Miss Chen Rong, where’s your sister?”

Since this matter has no direct contact with her, the party concerned should be allowed to speak out.

Hearing this, Chen Rong’s face filled with pain.

Instead of directly answering other people’s questions, she just took out a diary and revealed Shi Sheng’s next work step by step at her own pace.

“My father died early. My sister and I were brought up by my mother hand in hand. Last year, my sister relied on the No. 1 University in the neighboring province with absolute excellent results. In order to save living expenses and save enough tuition fees, she worked in a coffee shop in her extracurricular time.”

That’s where she met Shi Sheng.

“This diary was written by my sister. She mentioned in it that after about two or three contacts, Shi Sheng would chat with her during coffee time.”

“Shi Sheng and my sister said that he divorced at an early age, and his ex-wife left a pair of twin sons. Now they have been brought up and stay abroad for many years.”

Only when half true and half false lies are fabricated can they become a sharp weapon for strangers to convince.

Hearing this, Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei showed their disgust.

At the same time, Xie Wei and Xie KeYue look very ugly——

ex-wife? Horse hooves?

Shi Sheng’s fabrication completely ignored their mother and son!

Chen Rong continued, “once the coffee shop was too busy to get off work late and coincided with a rainy day. Shi Sheng offered to drive my sister back to school.”

– come and go, they exchanged wechat contact information.

Chen Ling wrote in her diary: after the two exchanged wechat, she didn’t see Shi Sheng in the coffee shop for a long time, but they chatted frequently on wechat.

When Shi Sheng was young, he was a handsome man. Even now he is nearly 50 years old, he has not reached the greasy step of middle age.

What’s more, he is good at camouflage online and offline. In the words of young girls now, he is a mature and intimate uncle.

Chen Ling has been short of father’s love since childhood. In the past, he was busy reading and studying. Where would he consider emotional matters? Just a simple and controllable little girl.

Under Shi Sheng’s intentional attack, she naturally fell into the other party’s trap.

“It’s been a month since she saw Shi Sheng again. That night, Shi Sheng took her to a fancy restaurant in the name of a treat.”

Hearing this, Xie Wei, who still fell to the ground, suddenly twisted her face.

It’s the right time!

At the end of last year, there was a small problem in the freight division of the Shi Family in the neighboring province, which was solved by Shi Sheng himself. Later, the matter of the division was solved, and her husband ran back and forth several times.

Because Dijing and Linsheng are very close, they can go back and forth on the same day. Maybe the other party went there several times without telling her and her family.

“My sister can’t drink, but she is intrigued by Shi Sheng.” Chen Rong continued to say, “what happened when I was half drunk and half awake? Shi Sheng, a dog man, should know very well!”


Shi Sheng said nothing.

Those dirty things that could not be seen were suddenly exposed to the public, and he was angry again in the thick shame.

Seeing that the security guard didn’t come to catch people out for a long time, he couldn’t help but come forward and stop, “- nonsense! Get out of here quickly! Otherwise…”

“What else? Do you think I’ll be afraid of you?”

Chen Rong went back angrily. Before she came, she was ready to break the jar.

“If you want people to know, don’t do it unless you don’t do it yourself.”

Wen Yibei has completely lost his trust in the nominal “father”, leaving only his indelible disgust. “If you haven’t done it, are you afraid everyone will know?”

Shi Yunnan nodded slightly and gave Qin Bamboo Slips another look——

Chen Rong is the witness they invited. He must not suffer any human harm in this confrontation.

Qin Bamboo Slips stood in front of Chen Rong and looked at Shi Sheng with a flat face. “President Shi, there are so many people present. Please don’t move your hand feet.”

Shi Sheng knows that Qin slips are Luo Lingsheng’s men, and the other party’s attitude represents Luo Lingsheng’s attitude.

He was at a loss for time, as long as he turned his eyes to master Shi for help.

Mr. Shi looked at the worse and worse situation and his chest became more and more stuffy, but nearby Chen Rong didn’t care about his face and status, and continued to say with righteous indignation.

“It’s obviously a premeditated mandatory sexual relationship, but it has become a consensual relationship in Shi Sheng’s mouth! He clearly grasped my sister’s psychology, and even prevaricated her with nonsense such as getting married after graduating from college!”

Chen Rong holds her diary tightly. While she hates Shi Sheng, she is also complaining about her negligence——

Chen Ling called home on time to report safety. In the summer vacation, she also said that she would not come back after looking for a summer internship.

She was busy with her work, and Chen Ling kept it from her sister.

Until one day, Chen Rong received a call from the dean of the University Department, saying that her sister had suffered some bad criticism at school, and her mental and physical health had been seriously affected.

Knowing this, Chen Rong hurriedly asked for leave from the unit and rushed to her sister’s school, but the following situation stunned her——

Chen Ling is pregnant!

Nearly six months of pregnancy has passed the best time for abortion. Her criticism at school is naturally due to her already hard to hide stomach!

Chen Rong was angry and anxious, forcing her sister to tell the truth, but Chen Ling didn’t tell the truth at that time.

Many things came to her when she saw this diary later.

Chen Ling only said: he met a very reliable man. The other party knew that she was pregnant and would take the responsibility of taking care of the child. When the child is born, she can continue to complete her studies and get married after graduating from college.

Chen Rong was a few years older after all. She always felt that things were not so simple, so she secretly found a private organization to investigate Shi Sheng’s situation.

Now, the paper can’t stop the fire.

“That night when I learned the truth, my sister was hung up by Shi Sheng even after making several phone calls. When I went shopping, she fell hard at home. It was too late to send her to the hospital.”

Chen Ling’s child was not saved, and he lost his right to be a mother in his life.

“I was unwilling to talk to Shi Sheng, but he threatened me in turn!”

Chen Rong looked at Shi Sheng, and every word was full of hatred. “He said that if I dared to publicize the matter, he would make people completely stink my sister’s reputation.”

When a married husband’s junior, he exchanged his body for money, miscarriage and injury, and he has lost his qualification to be a mother.

No matter which point is taken out, it is fatal for Chen Ling, who is only in her early twenties!

After hearing this accusation, the people present felt that Shi Sheng had dropped to the bottom of the valley——

Playing with the little girl’s feelings makes the other party pregnant and miscarried. Afterwards, he also threatens others to keep it secret. Everything can be amazing!

I didn’t expect President Shi to look calm and honest. I didn’t expect that he was inferior to animals in his bones.

He and Xie Wei are indeed born – yes! You shouldn’t divorce and harm others at all!

Master Shi felt the scornful sight around him, and his old face was burning.

Xie KeYue glanced at the bottom of his eyes and whispered, “Grandpa, it’s strange.”

“According to Ms. Chen Rong, it has been nearly half a year. They have chosen to be silent before. Why did they come to our banquet and shout today?”

Master Shi’s chaotic mind suddenly recovered – silk Qingming.

He looked at the two brothers, Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei, standing opposite. “Well, I know.”

The two white eyed wolves together lost the face of the Shi family!

After this, he will never give Shi’s management power and private property to the two brothers!

Xie KeYue whispered and continued to stand firm.

He kept silent in front of outsiders, but his disgust was that his parents had been better than him. It was really bad luck for eight generations!

However, as long as he can grasp master Shi’s heart and firmly safeguard master Shi’s face, the financial power he wants in his heart can still be obtained in the end!

As the head of Shi’s family, Mr. Shi had to cover up and look for steps in front of all the guests. He pressed his stuffy chest, “if it’s true, the compensation we should do will not be less.”

He paused a little, and his eagle like eyes locked tightly on Chen Rong’s face, “but you can’t listen to the words of the face.”

“You now have the identity of the victim’s family, but what if it was your sister’s intention at the beginning?”

In the latter half of the sentence, it was obvious that Chen Ling was at fault again.

The guests looked different and felt that master Shi’s remarks were too cold and unfeeling.

Can this slap ring? How could it be just the girl’s unilateral fault?

Chen Rong bypassed the Qin Bamboo Slips and walked forward for two steps, “– bah!”

She’s not from a rich family. She doesn’t need to worry about the face of the Shi family!

After the accident, Chen Ling suffered from serious depression. After two months, he began to talk nonsense in a daze. Up to now, he still has to stay at home with a forced rest.

Their mother, who had worked all her life, was also found to have advanced cancer.

Chen Rong chose to do it because there was nothing to hide when she came to the desperate situation, and because Shi Yunnan gave her enough medical expenses after she came to the door.

Shi Sheng has ruined their family like this. Why can they feel at ease and enjoy prosperity and praise!

Chen Rong thought of this and said sarcastically, “sure enough, like father, like son. Your father and son are all raccoons of the hill!”

Mr. Shi has been tough for most of his life. Where was he scolded by pointing at his nose like this? His face suddenly sank and sank.

Xie KeYue quickly said, “Ms. Chen Rong, please speak with respect! My grandfather didn’t…”


Shi Yunnan, who had seen enough of the play, finally opened his mouth.

Seeing this, Chen Rong took the opportunity to minimize his sense of existence. Of course, this is not the end——

Chen Rong will not only tear off their masks in front of the imperial giants, but also completely publish it on the Internet Although the power of an ordinary person is small, she will never give up!

At least, Chen Ling is enough for such victims.

However, at this moment, Xie Wei withdrew and Shi Yunnan naturally stepped on the stage.

“Xie Wei was scolded as Xiao San and Shi Sheng was scolded as a scum man. I didn’t see your filial son come forward and say a word. You’re not polite to the old man.”

Shi Yunnan loosened his clasp with Luo Lingsheng’s fingers and walked up step by step, “people who don’t know praise you for your good grandson.”

The last two words bite very hard and deliberately.

“If you know, you will understand that you are greedy for Shi’s management power and Shi’s private property, and try to please the old man.”

Xie KeYue’s face was stiff.

Wen Yibei and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other, showing a spoiled smile.

Shi Yunnan’s mouth, ah, either doesn’t work, or he can choke with blood.

“Shi Yunnan, don’t think so much of everyone! Do you make a fuss at the banquet with outsiders and pay attention to Grandpa?”

Xie KeYue still takes “master Shi” as the topic center. Instead of wronging himself, he wrongs master Shi——

“Even if my parents made thousands of mistakes today, what’s wrong with Grandpa? You live abroad these years. You and others think grandpa is eccentric, but what’s missing from him in terms of clothing, food, housing and transportation?”

“You don’t have grandpa’s support. What do you rely on to be happy abroad?”

“Spend money to support me?” Shi Yunnan seemed to hear a big joke, and his eyes were cold.

“All I know is that the Shi family hasn’t remitted any more money to my card since I was 15 years old. My tuition is earned by working part-time!”

Hearing this, Wen Yibei immediately frowned – Shi Yunnan never showed this in front of him.

Luo Lingsheng’s eyes were as heavy as paint, and his eyebrows were distressed.

“Do you know what fifteen is?”

Shi Yunnan doesn’t like to sell miserably, but he doesn’t mind telling the past on this occasion.

Because the more obvious the comparison is, the more people present can feel Mr. Shi’s preference, which is more conducive to the follow-up development.

“When you Xie KeYue were treated with dignity and were respectfully called the third young master, I was also a minor. Because I couldn’t find a better internship, I had to be a waiter in the restaurant! I could only wear puppet clothes and send leaflets in summer!”

Mr. Wen loves his grandson and will regularly secretly ask Mr. Wen Yibei to give him living expenses, but the high tuition fees abroad can only be saved and earned by Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan said to Xie KeYue’s eyes, “you are not qualified to question me all over the world!”

Master Shi was shocked and denied, “lie! Where is the difficulty of the Shi family? When did I lack your living expenses and tuition fees? I…”

Master Shi said a half and suddenly got stuck.

At the same time, Shi Yunnan reacted from the old man’s statement.

With a sharp hook in his eyes, he stabbed Xie Wei, who was embarrassed and panicked, “it seems that someone has swallowed it again!”

Master Shi suddenly smashed his crutch at Xie Wei, “stupid woman! I asked you to call Yunnan’s tuition. Where have you been?”


Xie Wei stopped talking and couldn’t say why.

Where else can the money go? Naturally, she took it as her own expense.

In fact, since Shi Yunnan was 12 years old, she began to reduce the supply of living expenses and tuition fees year by year.

Shi Yunnan always thought this was what the old man meant. He was a hard bone and didn’t say a word.

Xie Wei has been tossed about enough today. Obviously, she didn’t expect to mention this old past. The worst thing is that it was started by her son.

Xie Wei looked at Xie KeYue with a guilty heart, hoping that her son could help say a few words.

But Shi Yunnan took a step faster and seized the opportunity for this reason.

“Xie KeYue, your ability to catch thieves is the same as your mother. I think all the living expenses she deducted from me have been spent on you?”

When master Shi heard this, his face seemed to be a little black again.

Even if he doesn’t like Shi Yunnan anymore, he can’t tolerate this fraud in his eyes.

“No, I don’t know about it.” Xie KeYue quickly denied it.

His twinkling eyes on Xie Wei could no longer control his anger——

This woman who can’t accomplish anything but fail!

Don’t you think it’s enough to hurt him? Is there anyone in the world who makes her a mother like this?

“Don’t you know? Your mother and son are one thing in front of the old man, and another behind his back. Are there still few such things that flatter and contradict?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t give up his right to speak at all. He looked at master Shi, spoke very fast and fluently, “master, you are wise, but today’s things are seen by the whole audience -”

“Your seemingly honest and calm son secretly tricked female college students into going to bed!”

“Your daughter-in-law who flatters you on the surface can still hook up with your sister’s husband behind your back!”

“And Xie KeYue, your most valued little grandson, do you really know what he is behind his back?”

Xie KeYue was stunned, shaking out his unprecedented panic, “Shi Yunnan, you…”

The next second, Shi Yunnan punched him in front of everyone.

In a burst of startled cries, Shi Yunnan’s face became more and more indifferent. “You’ve talked enough in front of the old man these years! It’s my turn to talk.”

At the same time, Luo Lingsheng raised his right hand slightly, and Yuan Meng and Qin Bamboo Slips, which he motioned, walked up front and back.

The former forcibly controlled Xie KeYue, while the latter projected the enterprise survey data prepared in advance onto the big screen.

“Xie KeYue invested in five or six industrial projects in the name of Xie Wei and others. He was profitable six months ago. It is conservatively estimated that his assets are about 80 million.”

The information on the screen is very comprehensive, and there are even three or four internal investment signing documents. Even seemingly unrelated investments can eventually be related to Xie KeYue through clues.

This level of detail is difficult to fake.

Everyone present let out a gasp of surprise.

80 million?

How long did Xie KeYue graduate from college? Don’t you stay in Shi’s work after graduation? Where did he get so much private property?

Master Shi’s pupils trembled slightly. He didn’t know that his little grandson had such skills, “but Yue, what’s going on?”

Xie KeYue shook his head slightly, unable to suppress his inner shock.

In fact, this money is a thing of the past. Since Shi Yunnan returned home for half a year, he has lost money no matter how he invests!

But the most important thing is that Shi Yunnan’s investigation is so detailed that he is obviously prepared!

Before Xie KeYue could find a good reason to refute, he heard Shi Yunnan’s cold laughter.

“Old man, it seems that today’s big play has really dazzled you. You haven’t understood what I mean.”

“There was a problem with Shi’s capital flow. The mother and son encouraged you to take my marriage as a marriage chip, but they didn’t mention their private property.”

“You can ask. Xie KeYue can buy a $45 million necklace to please Mrs. Zhao for his cosmetics investment.”

“To pave the way for the cooperation between the two sides, but he was unwilling to lend even a penny to Shi from beginning to end.”

The guests who had attended Zhao’s banquet heard the speech and couldn’t help but respond to the authenticity.


Master Shi’s mind was very confused, but he sensed it inexplicably – silk Qingming.

“He hid behind the scenes and sold fake and shoddy cosmetics. While facing the compensation expenses, he had to be taken by the relevant departments for interrogation.”

“I heard it was the old man who helped solve it yourself?”

“It’s a pity that Xie KeYue can’t afford to pay the small million compensation. Their mother and son somehow deduct money from you!”

Shi Yunnan sneered and told the truth, “their mother and son are rich, but before Shi Shi has become their property, they hide their money more tightly than anyone else.”

“Selfishness” is Xie KeYue’s nature, and “mercenary” has been integrated into his blood.

“Of course they have to be filial to you and listen to you.”

Shi Yunnan scratched his lips with a smile and saw through, “because you value the family affection and filial piety in your eyes, which is just one of the means for the mother and son to obtain Shi’s property.”

It is said that those who are in the game and onlookers are clear. The guests present have already noticed the subtleties when they hear these words.

The family’s mind is not simple.

Master Shi’s eyes changed and his breathing was a little thicker than before, “but the more, you make it clear to me!”

Xie KeYue, knowing later, broke away from Yuan Meng’s imprisonment and found his voice from the panic. “Grandpa, you see what kind of person I am when I grow up. You know!”

He squatted in front of master Shi’s chair and tried to do the same.

“I’m your grandson and Shi’s blood! If I’m really rich, how can I not help?”

Xie Wei, who looked at Qian, realized that something was wrong and quickly helped her only son speak.

“Old man, I think it’s Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei who want Shi’s financial power. That’s why they made trouble again and again today. These evidences are forged!”

As she spoke, she put on a cry of regret.

“I know I’ve done something wrong, but you must not get more and more away from me!”

Luo Lingsheng steered the wheelchair forward.

He looked at the mother and son who had been exposed but were still acting. Without changing his face, he threw out a shocking sentence, “my grandson can’t leave my heart, but can’t he?”


The audience fell into a dead silence.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng with some surprise. The latter looked at him. The scene of the sudden appearance was so tacitly connected by the two.

“Xie Wei’s private life is so chaotic, and she is so restless when she became Mrs. Shi. Who knows whether the paternity test ten years ago is true or false?”

Shi Yunnan mended the knife lightly.

In fact, they have not carefully examined the blood relationship, but people with a clear eye can see that master Shi’s preference for Xie KeYue stems from the key of “Shi’s blood”.

But he is suspicious and selfish. Once the seed of doubt falls, no one can easily pull it out of his heart.

Sure enough, master Shi’s face completely changed.

Shi Sheng, who was originally wearing a “green hat”, also stared straight and suddenly roared, “Xie Wei!”

Xie Wei was so frightened that she didn’t expect them to doubt it——

Heaven and earth conscience!

Xie KeYue is the flesh and blood of her and Shi Sheng. It can’t be fake!

It’s just that Xie Wei has revealed too many immoral past events today. Now this uncontrollable shivering looks like her guilty reaction in the eyes of outsiders.

Shi Sheng slapped her unbearably, “you shameless bitch!”

Xie KeYue saw Xie Wei suddenly fall to the ground, and his breath suddenly solidified. He had been disturbed by this series of things, and even doubted his life experience.

“Do you mother and son deserve to calculate Shi’s financial power? I tell you, dream!”

Master Shi was so angry that he threw out this sentence in a trembling voice.

Shi Yunnan stepped back silently and watched the absurd farce like the other guests in the audience.

Suddenly, Wen Yibei came up.

His eyes circled around the guests and finally fell on Mr. Shi’s face. “Your old man always cares about the face of the Shi family, but the people who really lose your face are never me and Yunnan.”

“Our relationship with your grandchildren has been weak from the beginning. In that case, please give a witness to the guests present -”

“From today on, according to what you said at the beginning, our brothers have nothing to do with the Shi family. I hope Xie KeYue, whom you value, can bring you back to your old age in the future.”

The last half sentence was obviously ironic, which made master Shi’s pupils shake.

Wen Yibei ignored his reaction and just grabbed Shi Yunnan’s shoulder, “Yunnan, let’s go.”


Shi Yunnan Yinghe.

Mr. Shi looked at the back of the two brothers who had no attachment, and at Shi Sheng, Xie Wei and Xie KeYue beside him. His thoughts had never been chaotic——

His son played with female college students, and his daughter-in-law cheated on her son. Even his beloved little grandson may not be his own blood?

What he can’t accept most is that these absurd things will spread all over the upper reaches of the imperial capital, making Shi shiche a complete joke!

Master Shi’s eyes lost focus. He scanned the different eyes around him. He has earned the face of most of his life and has never been more painful than now!

The depression in his chest rushed all over his body. At the moment when he fell into darkness, master Shi finally had an emotion he had never had before——


He regrets!


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