After a Flash Marriage Chapter 60

Dijing central hospital.

The red light on the door plate of the emergency room was hanging high all the time.

Shi Sheng sat on the chair at the door of the rescue room, looking more dignified than ever before.

Mr. Shi was repeatedly stimulated at the banquet. Finally, he didn’t slow down, and suddenly fell to the ground and fainted.

It has been nearly two hours since they were sent to the emergency room. There is no news yet.

The nearby elevator door opened and there were two hurried footsteps one before and one after.

Xie KeYue looked at Shi Sheng surrounded by low pressure, and his face could not help condensing——

If he could, he also imagined Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei leaving at the banquet.

It’s a pity that he can’t. After all, his long-term reputation abroad is that “master Shi’s youngest grandson” and “the third young master of the Shi family is filial”.

Today, the Shi family made so many absurd things at the banquet. If he chose to leave and ignore things, wouldn’t he sit down to those unreliable remarks in the eyes of outsiders?

Besides, Shi’s mess may be a good time for him to seize the opportunity to seize power.

Shi Yunnan was right in one or two comments – Xie KeYue is a person who engraves selfishness in his bones and will never miss any profitable opportunity.


Xie Wei limped close to her son and shouted carefully.

Xie KeYue hasn’t said a word to her since the banquet.

Because master Shi fainted suddenly, and Shi Yunnan and others who “deliberately made trouble” had left with great strides, the follow-up guests dispersed quickly.

Zhang Yun, who even saw her as an enemy, left a few cruel words and hurried back to clean up her husband and the pregnant little lover.

Xie Wei’s hair was barely combed and pulled in the back, and her exquisite makeup had completely faded. Her tears appeared embarrassed red blood after crying for a long time from the initial acting to the painful truth behind.

My face, which has always been well maintained, is now red and swollen. I can vaguely see a few fuzzy slap marks. Where can I see the appearance of the arrogant rich lady in the past?

Xie KeYue remembered that more than half of the bad thoughts at today’s banquet were caused by her. His eyes ignored in disgust and went straight to Shi Sheng in his position.

He adjusted his mood and said in a warm voice, “Dad, I’ve sent off all the guests at the party. Don’t worry, they should look after grandpa’s face, not…”

“That’s enough. Don’t fiddle with filial piety in front of me.” Shi Sheng coldly raised his eyes and looked at him, “what are you doing here?”

Xie KeYue heard the unprecedented indifference in Shi Sheng’s words and unconsciously twisted his hands on both sides into fists, “Dad, you really believe Shi Yunnan’s nonsense and think I’m not your own son?”

There are complaints and reluctance in these words.

Xie KeYue admitted that he had a little heart in front of Shi Sheng and master Shi over the years, but to avoid these things, he still took each other as his father and grandfather.

No matter how selfish he was, he just didn’t lend a helping hand when Shi was in trouble, but he never hurt Shi from beginning to end.

Xie Wei heard these two conversations and hurried up, “Shi Sheng! You can’t doubt anything!”

“Heaven and earth conscience, but the more is your flesh and blood, I’m not chaos…” the woman who came.

The last four words were hidden in his throat, and he was particularly discouraged.

This was like a cluster of sparks, which immediately detonated Shi Sheng’s explosive pile that had not been completely extinguished.

“Shut up! You shameless bitch! You’re still here to argue with me now!”

Shi Sheng got up from his chair and slapped Xie Wei.


This slap used full strength, and Xie Wei was directly knocked to the ground.

She wailed with twinkling eyes, and the burning pain came out of her numb cheeks.

“Xie Wei, I tell you! When Dad’s situation is stable, we must leave this marriage!” Shi Sheng added this sentence.

Whether Xie KeYue is his own blood or not, Xie Wei’s cheating in marriage is something he can’t forgive!


Xie KeYue’s pupils trembled, and his hand that wanted to help was stuck in mid air.

If the divorce between his parents is doomed, he must stay at Shi’s house.

Xie Wei broke free from the pain of dizziness. She heard her husband’s cruel words and saw her son’s indifferent and ruthless response. Her heart was swept by unprecedented sadness and anger——

What is this?

The husband obviously did dirty things behind her back, but he didn’t mention it in the end?

She thought her son was her reliance, and even helped her speak a second before slapping her, but the “baby son” refused to give her even a little help and maintenance?

“What good thing do you think you are? You have enlarged the belly of female college students and made other girls unable to get pregnant all their life. Do you bear less evil obstacles than me?”

Xie Wei got up shakily from the ground. She tore off the mask of the rich lady and showed her face like a shrew. “Divorce? Shi Sheng, you want beauty!”

“What if I cheated? You didn’t force me!”

“What have I gained over the years since I told you? I’ve been criticized by the old man every day. Why can’t I get a good face? Did you say a word for me?”

“You say I’m a shameless junior? Don’t forget Shi Sheng. You were drunk after you got married and begged me to get back together!”

If it weren’t for the sake of Shi’s assets, would she eat back?

“Yes, I hung up Wen Min’s last phone call, but I tell you, you were drunk in the gentle village and couldn’t wake up!”

Shi Sheng’s face was gloomy. “Xie Wei, have you said enough?!”

Seeing Shi Sheng’s reaction, Xie Wei quickly hid behind her son. She doesn’t care whether Xie Ke is willing or not, she just takes the other party as a shield.

Shi Sheng stared at the mother and son in front of him and felt more and more disgusted. “If you hadn’t secretly encouraged me to send Yunnan abroad, I would have been separated from their two brothers?”

“You’re not satisfied with this. You take the money for your children for yourself?”

Shi Sheng tried to blame Xie Wei, but the other party didn’t care.

“What if I just deduct Shi Yunnan’s living expenses? I tell you, there are many things you and the old man don’t know!”

Even though she is a means of fanning the flames in recent years, it is because their father and son are cold people by nature. They send an eight year old child abroad and think that giving some living expenses is even raising him?

“Do you still want to pretend that you are a good father to protect the calf? Bah! Is Shisheng worthy of you?”

Xie KeYue’s ears were full of back and forth confrontations. He was difficult to be a man between his parents, and his anger was stronger than that of his parents.

Just then, the door of the emergency room was opened.

The three hurried back, thinking that master Shi had news.

A young doctor came out, took off his mask and showed a disturbing expression, “have you had enough noise?”

“When the hospital is a vegetable market, does it buzzing affect the doctors and delay the treatment of patients? Can your family afford this responsibility?”

Xie KeYue took the opportunity to break away from Xie Wei, “sorry, we’ll pay attention to an old man who was sent in before. How’s the situation now?”

He had to confirm master Shi’s situation at the first time and plan his next action.

Xie KeYue is also concerned about this issue. Shi Sheng and Xie Wei seem to be close as one. In fact, each family has its own wishful thinking.

“The bleeding has been preliminarily cleaned, and the specific situation needs to be seen later.” The young doctor had a better attitude, answered and turned back to the rescue room.

The door of the emergency room was closed again.

Shi Sheng looked at Xie Wei, who was crazy in front of him, and completely lost the purity of that year. “Divorce! We must divorce! Not only do we want to divorce, but also…”

He looked at Xie KeYue, who was silent, “when the old man’s situation is stable, we will do paternity test! You mother and son must give me an explanation!”

Xie KeYue’s heart suddenly mentioned to his throat.

Before today, he had never been so suspicious and afraid that he was not the blood of the Shi family.

If the results of the paternity test come out and it is determined that he has no blood relationship with Shi Sheng, everything he has been trying hard to pursue over the years will be in vain.

Xie KeYue holds his breath, and the line of sight of implicit inquiry falls on Xie Wei.

Xie Wei looked at her son and felt sad again. She struggled to find some confidence and accused her, “look what I do? You are his son!”

“I had several men when Xie Wei was young, but I haven’t been confused about this!”

After she and Shi Sheng were reunited, she broke off relations with other men. In order to firmly grasp the man and the assets behind him, he also looked forward to the stable position of Shi Sheng’s child day and night.

She can be confused about everything else, but it can’t be wrong!

Xie KeYue’s heart fell back. He still knew his mother——

At the moment, Xie Wei didn’t dodge, but was full of displeasure. Even her voice was much louder than before.

I don’t think his life experience will be false.

Xie Wei looked at Shi Sheng, who was silent, and knew that she had completely lost her position in the Shi family after today.

Even if she is no longer willing, the marriage is bound to divorce. I’m afraid that when master Shi wakes up, her fate will be more embarrassing.

Xie Wei calmed down and the lion made a big decision, “divorce is OK, unless you Shi Sheng unconditionally give me a hundred million divorce expenses!”

Not only did Shi Sheng’s face turn blue, but even Xie KeYue felt outrageous.

a hundred million?

Thanks to her kind exit!

Before Shi Sheng could answer, the door of the operating room reopened and another doctor came out.

“Where is Shi Houde’s family? The operation was successful, but the patient’s life is not in danger for the time being. He needs to be transferred to the intensive care unit for custody. The hospitalization expenses should be paid quickly.”

Shi Sheng pressed down his dissatisfaction and hurried forward, “I’m his son. I’ll pay immediately.”

Shi Sheng took the list given by the other party and turned around with two faces that annoyed him.

He had completely lost trust in the mother and son, implicitly warning, “but the more, you know the nature of the old man.”

“If you continue to indulge Xie Wei’s absurd remarks, even if the result of paternity test can prove your innocence, you have to get out of the Shi family with her!”

With that, he left without mercy.

Xie KeYue was silent for a long time before he found his position from Shi Sheng’s cold voice, “Mom, you clean yourself out of the house. It’s not good for me to make trouble again.”


Xie Wei was stunned for several seconds.

Unable to bear it, she subconsciously slapped and asked, “Xie KeYue, I really didn’t expect that the child who has been raised for more than 20 years is a white eyed wolf!”

Xie KeYue’s face was hurt by the fan, but his eyes were cold and ruthless. “Have you ever raised me? You’ve been dragging me back.”

“If it weren’t for you, Shi Yunnan would seize the handle today and let them have the opportunity to attack in public if you were too old to cheat and find a married man?”

“If it hadn’t been for you, I would have taken Shi’s management right now, rather than falling into this dilemma.”

The sound of blame fell down like a sharp arrow, which devastated Xie Wei’s heart. Her face turned pale, leaving only a clearer red slap mark.

“You’ve thought it over for yourself. Now you promise to leave the house clean and divorce to protect me. In the future, I’ll still support you without worrying about food and drink.”

Xie KeYue said absolutely word by word, “if you insist on going your own way and want the ‘100 million’ divorce fee, don’t say that Dad will never agree. After grandpa wakes up, he will have a way to cure you.”

“The most important thing is, if you dare to implicate me, I’ll just be without you!”

Xie KeYue dropped the warning and turned away.


Xie Wei looked at Xie KeYue’s cold-blooded and ruthless back, and her heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley.

As soon as her legs were soft, she fell and sat on the cold floor of the hospital. For the first time in her life, she cried bitterly.


How could she raise such a son after her heart and lungs for more than 20 years? Is this the retribution for being late?


Locke house.

As soon as Wen Yibei was led into the house by the housekeeper, he met a small figure of half a size.

The other party trotted to him and raised his small head to say hello, “Uncle Yibei, my name is Luo Jinyu.”

Wen Yibei heard that Shi Yunnan had mentioned the child. Now he saw the white and tender rice dumplings and loved them. “Little goldfish? Hello.”

Perhaps the two brothers did have similar eyebrows and eyes. The little goldfish soon dispelled his vigilance, “my little uncle said you played the cello very well.”

My uncle’s brother, he must be as good as my uncle.

“He also said that you are very talented in violin. When you are free later, shall we play together?” Wen Yibei bent down.

The little goldfish thought for a moment and nodded.

The next second, Shi Yunnan’s voice came from the stairs, “brother, you’re coming.”

Seeing Shi Yunnan, the little goldfish immediately left Wen Yibei and jumped at Shi Yunnan’s feet like a joy, “little uncle!”

Shi Yunnan habitually squatted down and looked at the little goldfish, pinched his little milk fat, “our adults have something important to talk about. Would you like to go back to the room with Grandpa Qin first?”

“We’ll leave the day after tomorrow. You can pack everything you have first.”

Hearing this, the little goldfish nodded skillfully and excitedly, “OK.”

Soon, one old and one young went up to the second floor.

Shi Yunnan asked the servant to prepare tea. Then Tongwen Yibei said, “brother.”

Wen Yibei smiled and suddenly sighed, “I didn’t expect you to get along with other people’s children. The little goldfish is very cute and a little like you when you were a child.”

Shi Yunnan heard the speech and replied seriously, “he is not a child of others, but of my family.”

Wen Yibei was stunned for three or four seconds, and the smile on his lips expanded a little. “Mom, the spirit of heaven, should be very pleased to see that you can live a stable life.”

Shi Yunnan took him by the shoulder and smiled, “OK, I think your temperament is more and more similar to that of your mother.”

“Also, we were born on the same day. What is today Yu? When I was a child, we were a little like an elder.”

“Haven’t you heard of the saying that your eldest brother is like a father?”

The two brothers just teased, the elevator door opened, and Luo Lingsheng came down from the second floor.

The three simply met and sat in the living room on the first floor.

Wen Yibei mentioned the business of Luo’s house, “by the way, have you arranged for Ms. Chen Rong? I’m afraid Shi Sheng will have trouble with them if they think about it later.”

Shi Yunnan replied, “brother, don’t worry. We’ll send someone to watch secretly.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded in cooperation.

He gave Chen Rong generous treatment expenses at the first time, and helped her mother with cancer contact the best medical institution.

Not only that, he has sent people to receive the exact information about Shi Sheng in Chen Rong’s hands.

Shi Yunnan hid the details of the victim Chen Ling, but publicized Shi Sheng’s misdeeds.

The Express branch of Shi’s logistics is one of the best in China. After the fermentation of the Internet and media, even netizens who have not heard of Shi Sheng before hate him, and even the business of the Express branch has been affected.

After the incident broke out, not only did the rich spread ten or ten to a hundred, but also Shi’s market share value fell all the way.

This is the real double loss of fame and wealth.

Shi Yunnan didn’t feel sorry at all. “It’s said that when we left the banquet hall last time, the old man fainted and was sent to the hospital for rescue?”

“Cerebral hemorrhage, has been rescued.” Wen Yibei nodded slightly. “I asked my friend in the hospital about the situation. I was unconscious for four days. I woke up yesterday and haven’t been out of the intensive care unit.”

Luo Lingsheng calmly replied, “master Shi has always been in good health. This time, he seems to be angry by this series of bad things.”

If he woke up and knew Shi’s current situation, he would have to faint again.

A trace of complexity flashed between Wen Yibei’s eyebrows and eyes. “The old man couldn’t speak when he woke up. The attending doctor also said that there was a great possibility of hemiplegia. He was likely to lie in bed and be served by others for the rest of the day.”

Shi Yunnan took a sip of tea calmly without any guilt on his face. “Isn’t it good? He thought he was proud for most of his life. In the end, who can really take care of him?”

Sometimes, living is more painful than dying.

In my life, I’m most afraid that the older I get, the more confused I become. The rest of the time that master Shi lies in the hospital bed should be enough for him to see the past and repent.

Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan thought of a piece and nodded silently.

Luo Lingsheng mentioned another thing, “Shi Sheng and Xie Wei divorced.”

Shi Yunnan said coldly, “it’s a pity that they divorced. Why don’t they torture each other to white heads?”

But it’s good.

Xie Wei was obsessed with the position of a rich lady and secretly did so many immoral things. In the end, she still drew water with a bamboo basket and got nothing.

Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps behind him. It was Qin bamboo slips that came back from going out.

“Home owner.”

Luo Lingsheng looked into the assistant’s eyes and said calmly, “Yunnan, I have something private to deal with. You talk first.”


Shi Yunnan responded.

Luo Lingsheng controlled the wheelchair into the elevator, and Qin Bamboo Slips followed.

When the elevator door closed again, Luo Lingsheng asked in a low voice, “what’s the matter that makes you stare at?”

“The owner of the house, Shi’s family has been in a mess for three or four days. It is clear that he needs employment most at present, but Shi Sheng has doubts about Xie KeYue’s identity and completely shelves him outside the management of the company. He runs alone at both ends of the hospital and the company.”

Luo Lingsheng showed contempt in his eyes and silently pressed the elevator key on the second floor.

Apart from the two brothers of Shi Yunnan, the Shi family has nothing good. The selfishness of the three generations is the same.

On that day, his temporary cooperation with Shi Yunnan planted a bomb of doubt about Xie KeYue’s life experience. Now Shi Sheng would rather suffer under the pressure of shareholders than let Xie KeYue intervene in the management of Shi.

“Owner, after Shi Sheng and Xie Wei divorced this morning, he immediately did a paternity test with Xie KeYue in the hospital.” Qin Jian lowered his voice, “I’ve prepared people according to your instructions.”

“Well, you don’t need to tell them about it.”

Luo Lingsheng turned his wrist, and the bottom of his eyes shook the light of determination.

That day they dropped a “dud” at the banquet, but Luo Lingsheng didn’t mind making a noise out of thin air, which completely broke Xie KeYue’s only relationship with the Shi family.

The elevator door opened in response.

Luo Lingsheng steered the wheelchair through the corridor, heard a faint conversation in the living room on the first floor, and said, “Shi’s side continues to stare at things, and Luo’s side can’t relax.”

“It will take me at least two months to go abroad for treatment. Don’t let some mice take advantage of it.”

“Yes, I’ll arrange it.”

Sitting on the first floor, Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei did not know Luo Lingsheng’s secret arrangement and continued to talk about the topic between brothers.

Wen Yibei asked, “Xie KeYue, what are you going to do?”

“I’ve broken Xie KeYue’s reluctance to take money to help the Shi family. Even if Xie KeYue is still Shi’s blood, with the old man’s suspicion, it’s estimated that he will prevent thieves like thieves in the future.”

Shi Yunnan drank the tea in one gulp and thought clearly, “brother, I won’t let Xie KeYue have a chance to make a comeback.”

Their revenge has been completely settled. Thanks to Xie KeYue’s revenge, as long as they can get up again, they will certainly not let Shi Yunnan and others around him go.

However, without the support of Shi and master Shi, Xie KeYue will not go anywhere in the future.

Ten thousand steps back, with Xie keyueli’s character as the leader, even Yuanrui’s sincere friends can be lost by him, and where can he go for a long time?

Shi Yunnan thought of this and ignored this dirty man.

“By the way, I’m going abroad the day after tomorrow. Lingsheng’s leg needs surgery. At present, nothing is more important than him.”

Wen Yibei nodded. While there was no one around, he endured for a while before asking, “how are you and Mr. Luo recently?”

Shi Yunnan smiled. “What? As you can see, everything is very good.”

Wen Yibei heard the deep meaning of the last half sentence and helplessly patted his brother on the shoulder, “I’m really staying abroad and say everything.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows and said, “brother, I was afraid of being scolded by you. I didn’t tell you the truth. In fact, I had an agreement with him at the beginning.”


Wen Yibei frowned.

Shi Yunnan explained before he was scolded, “but we have said it now. We are serious together.”

There was a satisfied light at the bottom of his eyes, “I really didn’t expect that some fate came so coincidentally. Mingming and he could develop today’s relationship when they met unexpectedly for the first time in the Shi family.”

Wen Yibei endured the preaching in his heart and bent his mouth with his brother’s pleasure.

Suddenly, a question burst out in his mind, “wait, what was the first time we met at the Shi family?”

“Yunnan, didn’t you and Mr. Luo meet long ago?”


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