After a Flash Marriage Chapter 61

Long time ago?

Shi Yunnan enlarged this line of words in his mind and blinked his eyes, “brother, what are you talking about?”

Seeing his confused reaction, Wen Yibei frowned and picked, “Luo Lingsheng and his friends came to our 18th birthday party.”

At 18, I’m an adult.

Mr. Wen attached great importance to his grandson’s birthday, so he sent out invitations, including the four rooms of the Luo family at that time.

“Although Mr. Luo and we don’t know each other, I remember him coming and going through a stage.”

Wen Yibei said what he had learned and turned to the key, “by the way, didn’t you quarrel with Wen Chenglang that day and run out drinking alone?”

Shi Yunnan frowned and thought, as if there was such a thing, “yes, isn’t it?”

Because eighteen represents adulthood, it was his first contact with alcohol in his life.

As a result, the heart of drinking has kept up, but the amount of drinking has not kept up. When drinking, I have no consciousness. It is the next day to wake up again.

“What is it? It is.”

Seeing his brother’s confused appearance, Wen Yibei couldn’t help knocking on his forehead, “I was really worried later, so I slipped out of the party to find you.”

“As a result, I saw that Lai didn’t give up on Luo Lingsheng. You didn’t know how many times you vomited that night.”

The last half of this sentence is a bit exaggerated, but Wen Yibei remembers it very deeply – after Shi Yunnan was brought back to the hotel room by him, he still played wine crazy and said he met a handsome man. Nine times out of ten, it refers to Luo Lingsheng.

As soon as they came and went, Wen Yibei naturally decided that they had met before.

“I wanted to ask carefully after you woke up the next day, but the result was…”

Wen Yibei thought of something and suddenly stuck in the unfinished words. Shi Yunnan knew it——

The day after the birthday party, he and Wen Chenglang had an unprecedented hand and foot fight due to the quarrel at the birthday party the day before. He found and came to persuade Mr. Wen to be hospitalized because he was pushed and seriously injured.

Because of this, Shi Yunnan was falsely slandered by Wen Chenglang. He was cold to the Wen family. He hasn’t gone back since then.

Wen Yibei sighed and returned to the topic itself, “don’t you remember what happened at the birthday party?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head.

Wen Yibei asked again, “Mr. Luo didn’t mention it to you?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head again and said, “maybe he doesn’t remember. How many years ago?”

Wen Yibei replied, “I just remember and mention it to you. However, as long as you feel happy now, Luo Lingsheng is willing to treat you sincerely.”

When Shi Yunnan heard Wen Yibei’s tone of “eldest brother is like a father”, the corners of his lips smiled.

At the same time, a wonderful sweetness of fate rose in his heart——

I thought I met for the first time. Unexpectedly, it was as early as the 18th birthday party?

It seems that his fate with Luo Lingsheng is quite deep.

Shi Yunnan pressed down his mind and asked about Wen Yibei’s recent situation, “brother, do you want to go abroad this time?”

Wen Yibei has broken away from the relationship with the Wen family, and it is impossible to take over the smelly ditch on the side of the Shi family. In recent years, he has returned home more frequently than Shi Yunnan, but the chief cellist of the main orchestra has always been abroad.

Wen Yibei shook his head. “I applied for a temporary holiday with the orchestra for one year.”

Shi Yunnan’s face changed. “Take a break? Brother, what do you think? Your position as the chief of the orchestra is not a children’s play. If you leave, how many people have to think of the top?”

This one-year temporary leave application sounds good, but it’s actually no different from leaving.

Relying on his talent and strength, Wen Yibei became the first cellist of a top Orchestra early, and I don’t know how many people envy him.

Once he leaves this position, there will be others on top immediately. When he wants to return to the orchestra, how can the other party easily give up the chief position?

“There is more than one top Orchestra in the world? The existing Orchestra position is gone, but as long as my ability is, I can still win back.”

Wen Yibei smiled calmly and said what he had thought about, “Dijing music university threw me an olive branch of a professor. The salary is very good, and the courses are stable and loose. The most important thing is to stay in Dijing.”

Shi Yunnan quickly responded, “are you for Grandpa?”


Wen Yibei decisively admitted that there was a trace of dignity in his eyes. “Grandpa’s health is not very good. My uncle told me some time ago that he had gastric cancer. Now he is not suitable for surgery.”


Shi Yunnan’s pupils trembled, “what, when did it happen?”

“It’s been almost a year since he found out. He’s afraid that our younger generation is worried about hiding and won’t say it. However, with treatment, his situation has been stable.”

Even so, the disease either does not attack, once it occurs, it is dangerous.

“You know the situation of the Wen family. The mother, son, mother and daughter are not worried. My uncle has been reluctant to make a big noise for fear of disturbing Grandpa.”

“I discussed with him and planned to take grandpa to my new house…”

Wen Yibei and their uncle Wen Yanfeng had already discussed the countermeasures and persuaded old Mr. Wen to agree.

“Yunnan, the Shi family is not good to you. It’s reasonable for you to quarrel with master Shi now.”

Wen Yibei’s voice was very calm and clear, “but you know grandpa to me.”

“Whether it’s for Grandpa’s kindness to me or to replace my mother’s heart, I have to take the responsibility of taking care of Grandpa.”

Shi Yunnan’s heart was sour. “Brother, I’m sorry, i… I’ll visit Grandpa tomorrow.”

Shi Yunnan knew that Mr. Wen was kind to him.

He also knew that Wen Yibei, as a brother, secretly shouldered that responsibility for him.

“Say what? I’m sorry?”

Wen Yibei was stunned by his brother’s unexplained apology, and then smiled helplessly, “grandpa has lived to this age? What can’t you understand?”

“I was surprised to learn about it. He told me to hide it from you. How can I blame you?”

Shi Yunnan sighed.

Wen Yibei continued, “Yun Nan, to tell you the truth, I know that the choice made our brothers embark on a completely different road.”

“I’m happier than you at Wen’s house. Now I should bear more responsibilities than you. It’s right. You don’t need any psychological burden.”

“Grandpa and I hope you can live better now than let you think about it.”


Shi Yunnan didn’t speak.

Wen Yibei reluctantly rubbed his head, “OK, who hasn’t died of illness and death in life? Besides, Grandpa’s situation is fine now, not as bad as you think.”

“When you accompany Luo Lingsheng to finish the operation abroad, don’t you have to return home? Then you really want to put down your business and accompany grandpa every day. I think his old man will be annoyed by your mouth.”

Shi Yunnan heard the latter sentence, make complaints about it, “brother.”

The two brothers looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing at the same time. The depression dissipated invisibly.

“That’s right. Don’t lose your face.”

Shi Yunnan said, “I’ll go abroad the next day. I’ll take time to see his old man tomorrow.”

Wen Yibei didn’t refuse, “OK.”


Wen Yibei did not choose to stay for dinner.

Shi Yunnan went back to his room to tidy up his working papers. When he finished washing and returned to the master bedroom, he saw Luo Lingsheng, who put on his nightgown, sitting at the computer desk and concentrating.

Luo Lingsheng heard Shi Yunnan’s footsteps and pushed the sliding glasses, “are you finished?”

Shi Yunnan approached, “well, what about you?”

Luo Lingsheng immediately closed the computer and pulled Shi Yunnan to his side and sat down. “After you’re finished, I think you’re in a bad mood after Mr. Wen left. What did you say in private?”

Surprised by his lover’s observation of himself, Shi Yunnan told Mr. Wen’s physical condition without concealment, “… I want to take time to have a look tomorrow.”

“Yes, I’ll go with you.” Luo Lingsheng deserved it quickly. “If the Wen family needs medical treatment, I can send someone to help.”

Inside and outside, it’s like a family.

Shi Yunnan could not help bending his mouth. He answered, stepped back and sat on the soft bed.

Shi Yunnan stared at Luo Lingsheng’s handsome face and flashed the birthday party mentioned by Wen Yibei again in his mind.

Shi Yunnan thought for a moment. After all, he couldn’t resist his inner curiosity, “Luo Lingsheng, I’ll ask you something.”


“When you came to the Shi family to propose marriage, you just met me who was going to run away from home…”

Shi Yunnan stared at him seriously and happily. The hint was too obvious, “is that the first time we met?”

Luo Lingsheng heard the implication. His slender fingers slowly took off his glasses, revealing his elusive eyes, “Oh?”


Shi Yunnan’s curiosity was beaten back intact by the single tone, and there was an inexplicable sense of guilt.

He just thought while taking a bath. Luo Lingsheng never mentioned the topic of “first meeting”. Instead, he said it himself the day before——

If you remember correctly, is this the first time we met?

Although there is love at first sight, but love at first sight to the day of flash marriage? Who will lose and who will earn?

Shi Yunnan’s guilty mood flashed across his face and was just seen by Luo Lingsheng.

He took a step forward in his wheelchair, and the glowing lens in his hand just set off his subtle smile, “do you remember? Or who said something to you?”



It seems that the person who forgot is really himself.

Shi Yunnan coughed and began to make up for himself. “I just chatted with my brother. He said that I sent an invitation to Luo’s fourth room for his 18th birthday party.”

“I was thinking, have we met? Do you, do you still have an impression of me?”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t hurry to answer, but asked softly, “what about you? Do you still have an impression?”


Shi Yunnan was silent again and rubbed the tip of his nose.

In fact, he has been recalling this matter since he heard Wen Yibei mention it. It’s a pity that he hasn’t remembered it since several years ago, plus the fragments of drinking.

Shi Yunnan originally wanted to ask Luo Lingsheng to understand, but now he felt guilty about his lover’s rhetorical questions and felt guilty, “I’ll just ask about that.”

Luo Lingsheng felt that Shi Yunnan’s guilty and evasive expression was unspeakably cute. He couldn’t help teasing him, “it’s a long time, I can’t remember clearly.”

“But a little impressed is that a little drunkard who came out of nowhere almost threw up on me.”

Shi Yunnan choked.

Isn’t this right with what Wen Yibei said?

He almost threw up on Luo Lingsheng? This deep first impression is not as good as none?

Luo Lingsheng looked at Shi Yunnan’s ruddy cheek and continued to tease him, “I’m a little impressed by your mention. It seemed that…”


Shi Yunnan interrupted without thinking. He quickly covered Luo Lingsheng’s mouth and occupied each other’s thigh seat, “don’t think about it. What good memories have it been so long?”

Although he has a good amount of wine, good quality of wine and goes to bed after being drunk, if he goes back to seven or eight years ago, his amount of wine and wine products can be described as Fu Ziyu——

That’s a mess, terrible, and there are too many jokes.

Shi Yunnan stayed abroad since childhood. Because of strict foreign regulations, he had never been exposed to alcoholic beverages before he came of age. It was not until his 18th birthday party when he returned home that he first came into contact with whisky and other wines.

Now, even if he can’t recall the birthday party of that year, Shi Yunnan can guess that when he was drunk, he must be in unspeakable embarrassment when he met Luo Lingsheng.

Why do you have to remember a bad picture?

Luo Lingsheng stared at Shi Yunnan’s panic and dodge appearance, and his smile easily came out of his eyes.

He took the lover’s wrist and gently put it down. “I really don’t need to remember?”

Luo Lingsheng thought about it.

If his legs can really get better, one day he will tell Shi Yunnan about these “past events”. Now that the other party wants to ask, he is certainly willing to reveal some.

Shi Yunnan took it for granted that the “first encounter” was not very beautiful. He stared at Luo Lingsheng’s thin lips and moved his mind to other places for no reason.

Shi Yunnan seemed to touch the tip of the man’s nose and hum, “with this time, we might as well…”

The lips stuck up almost instantaneously.

Between the lips and teeth, the suppressed hormones burst around the two people, inciting the pursuit of rationalization into the most instinctive desire.

Shi Yunnan was kissed to be temporarily absent-minded. In another blink, Luo Lingsheng threw him down with the strength of his waist and abdomen and strong arm strength.

Shi Yunnan’s exclamation stopped because of the soft cushion on his back.

Luo Lingsheng left Shi Yunnan’s lips to kiss his eyelashes, and then leaned down to recapture the newly empty induced lips.

The slender and beautiful hands began to swim skillfully, and their breathing sounds were intertwined and smashed together.

Shi Yunnan looked up and hung Luo Lingsheng’s arm, and an out of tune idea came up——

The legs are inconvenient, but the hands can toss.

Shi Yunnan thought vaguely. For a moment, he bit the man’s lower lip carelessly, and a light smell of blood filled the air.

Luo Lingsheng had some pain. He raised his head a little and smiled helplessly and gently, “I’m taking care of you. You’re so fierce that you bite?”

With that, his strength intensified.

Before long, Shi Yunnan almost sobbed and trembled, adding a bit of confusion to his eyes.

Luo Ling’s voice was slowed down by him for a while. Then he couldn’t bear to rub it up. Just verbally, he coaxed more and more with a flattering coax, “Yun Nan?”

Shi Yunnan finally calmed down. He looked at Shangluo Lingsheng with a painful but helpless look, and regained the self-confidence of the “controller”.

“Lord Luo, aren’t you very powerful? Why don’t you show off now?”

Get cheap and sell well.

Luo Lingsheng saw the other party’s comfortable appearance and bullied his lips again.


… [omitted]

The night is getting darker.

After tossing, the two people hug each other and lie in bed. Shi Yunnan is more adapted today than last time. At the moment, he is sleepy in Luo Lingsheng’s arms.

“… Luo Lingsheng.”


“Sorry, I don’t remember.”

Shi Yunnan muttered before falling asleep, obviously referring to the birthday party with no impression at all.

Luo Lingsheng heard his continuous and steady breathing and smiled, “it doesn’t matter, I remember.”

His thin lips stuck on his lover’s forehead, and his thoughts drifted away involuntarily——

Eight years ago, the Wen family had a birthday party.

Yu Shuo looked around at the layout of the banquet and said to his close friend, “is this the grand young master of the Wen family’s birthday extravagant enough?”

Wen Yibei chose a suburban manor for the birthday banquet. The main house is an indoor banquet hall, and a small Symphony Orchestra is arranged in the courtyard outside the house.

It can be seen that it takes more effort than the birthday party designed by the general money throwing assembly line.

Luo Lingsheng looked around and didn’t show much expression.

He didn’t know the protagonist of the birthday party at all, but the invitation to the birthday party was sent to the Luo family.

Mr. Wen used to have some human relations with his parents. Luo Lingsheng will come here today——

Nothing more than being entrusted by their parents to give birthday gifts on behalf of their Luo’s fourth room.

“The gift has been delivered. I’ll go first.”

The protagonist of his birthday is only 18 years old. He is not a world person at all with people who have graduated from college and entered the society.

As soon as Luo Lingsheng said this, Yu Shuo forced him to hold his shoulder. “What’s the hurry? Come here and ask for a drink? They all say that young master Wen’s cello is famous and may be lucky to listen to it.”

Yu Shuo forcibly took Luo Ling’s voice tape in. He was afraid that his friends would feel impatient and consciously gave the specified time, “we’ll stay for an hour. When it gets dark at seven o’clock, I’ll take you away immediately.”

They came in the same car. It’s inconvenient to walk separately.

Luo Lingsheng looked at his friend who was in high spirits and reluctantly acquiesced in the proposal.

Yu Shuo knew that Luo Lingsheng was not lively. He asked the waiter to bring two glasses of champagne and took it to the quieter second floor.

The music on the first floor came faintly. Luo Lingsheng, standing on the edge of the corridor on the second floor, hooked his lips, “the selection of songs for the birthday banquet is not vulgar.”

Yu Shuo touched his glasses and said with a smile, “Wen’s family is a music family. It’s not bad in this regard.”

As soon as the voice fell, an elegant tall thin figure came in. The other party was wearing a pure white suit. Only the neckline was embroidered with the exquisite icon of the brand with gold thread.

Soon, the young guests around leaned over. It was obvious that he was the protagonist of the birthday party.

“Coincidentally, his brand of clothes is what you wear today?”

When Yu Shuo found out about it, he was so happy that he opened his mouth, “unexpectedly, master Wen’s dressing taste is so similar to you?”

Both of their clothes came from an Austrian fashion designer. If Luo Lingsheng hadn’t mentioned it on his own initiative, Yu Shuo didn’t know this super niche brand at all.

Luo Lingsheng still leaned against the corridor. His eyes withdrew slowly, and his expression seemed to have a little more interest.

As a friend for many years, Yu Shuo naturally noticed the subtle change of his friend. He asked tentatively, “do you want to go downstairs? It’s not decent for us to hide here. This glass of wine is almost finished.”


Luo Lingsheng answered for the first time.

They walked downstairs side by side, but after a few steps, there was a angry quarrel in the side hall on the first floor near the stairs——

“You have no taste! Shi Yunnan, I don’t care about you because it’s your birthday today! Don’t kick my nose and face!”

Luo Ling stopped his footsteps subconsciously. He stood at the corner of the stairs.

From this point of view, you can just squint at a bright face between teenagers and young people in the side hall——

The man’s hair was a little long and curled on the side of his neck. It looked wanton and casual.

Facing the angry accusations of another teenager in the side hall, his pale red lips smiled, but in fact his slightly raised eyes showed a cunning sense of “what do you want me to do?”.

“I said I wouldn’t change it, just don’t change it for you. The music you choose is so vulgar that you’re not afraid of outsiders listening to jokes? Don’t lose grandpa’s face here.”

Luo Lingsheng stared silently at the dispute in the corner and glanced at each other’s clothes.

What a coincidence.

It is also the work of the Austrian designer, and the clothes of master Wen Yibei are of the same series and different designs.


The boy standing opposite him jammed for a few seconds and became angry. “Shi Yunnan, when did the Wen family get your decision? I’ll let the waiter change the banquet hall music in a moment. What can you do with me?”

“Your brother is a decent young master of the Wen family. Your surname is Shi. You don’t like the Shi family, so you came to the Wen family to make a show?”

“Today’s birthday party is for Wen Yibei. Do you think anyone knows you? You’ve been a garbage nobody wants from childhood!”

These words hurt people and provoked the light from the bottom of the boy’s eyes to disperse in an instant.

Luo Lingsheng watched the boy named Shi Yunnan quickly step out of the side hall, and even avoided the greeting of Wen Yibei, the birthday host, and went straight out of the door.

Yu Shuo, who saw the scene on the stairs, twisted his eyebrows and asked himself, “Shi Yunnan? Why does the name sound familiar?”

Luo Lingsheng looked back, “do you know him?”

Yu Shuo shook his head and patted his friend on the shoulder. “All right, go downstairs. There are people we don’t know. We don’t need to bother.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t speak, so he restrained his thoughts and went downstairs.

Compared with Luo Lingsheng’s calm and quiet character, Yu Shuo is obviously better able to adapt to this occasion.

Not long after they returned to the first floor, Yu Shuo mixed with the crowd with a glass of wine and disappeared.

Luo Lingsheng consciously couldn’t catch up with these people. He found the rest area and sat silently. Occasionally, shameful guests came forward to talk. He just perfunctorized a few words and passed.

About half an hour later, Yu Shuo, who had had enough, came back. He sat next to Luo Lingsheng and whispered, “guess what I found?”


“Just now we saw the boy named Shi Yunnan on the stairs. He is Wen Yibei’s twin brother. It is said that the two brothers’ mother died early. His brother Wen Yibei is raised in his grandfather’s house and his brother Shi Yunnan is raised in his grandfather’s house.”

“Moreover, Shi Yunnan went out of the country at a young age and basically didn’t stay in these young master circles in Dijing. I said, he looked at his face.”

Luo Lingsheng digested these words, and there was a faint light at the bottom of his eyes.

Yu Shuo approached again and joked, “I just saw many people coming to you. Have you…”

Luo Lingsheng smelled the wine smell on Yu Shuo and hurriedly interrupted, “no, don’t worry about me.”

The music in the banquet hall has changed its flavor inexplicably, and some are noisy and disturbing.

“I’ll go out slowly and wait for you in the parking lot for half an hour. If you don’t come, I’ll go straight.” Luo Lingsheng got up and dropped this sentence. He left the main house without waiting for his friends to react.

In the courtyard outside, a small Symphony Orchestra was playing, and many guests also gathered under the stage.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone. He walked around the main house to the backyard while no one was paying attention. Far away, the noise in the front yard slowed down a lot.

The night breeze in early summer gently brushed people’s hearts, and a few cicadas occasionally burst out on the high branches outside the courtyard.

Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng smelled a faint smell of wine.

Before he realized the source of the smell, there was a drunk and confused cry behind him.

“Hey, who are you?”


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