After a Flash Marriage Chapter 63

Two days later.

As soon as the little goldfish left the airport, he jumped up with a small schoolbag on his back, “Yeah!”

This is the first time he has been abroad since he was born, not to mention how happy he is.

Luo Lingsheng sat firmly in his wheelchair. He looked at the crowded airport and shouted, “today Yu, don’t run around. In case you get lost here, it’s hard for us to find you.”

Luo Lingsheng went abroad this time to have leg surgery. The treatment period before and after is longer than before.

Knowing this, Shi Yunnan was determined to accompany him and said that the design work could also be carried abroad.

After the conversation was heard by the little goldfish, the little boy began to cry and hesitated for a long time before he said, “I don’t want to give up my little uncle.”

Shi Yunnan has experienced some “differences” since childhood. Naturally, he can understand the sad mood of little goldfish. After thinking about it, he and Luo Lingsheng planned to take the little crying bag with them.

The little goldfish is still in kindergarten, and the dropped courses can also be made up by private education abroad.

The excited little goldfish heard this and ran back to Luo Lingsheng.

He looked at Shi Yunnan, who was so tired that he yawned, shook each other’s little thumb, “little uncle, are you sleepy?”

“A little.”

Shi Yunnan squinted.

The day before departure, he and Luo Lingsheng tossed and went to bed in the early morning. When they woke up, they went to see Mr. Wen. Some exhausted physical strength didn’t recover at all.

In addition, Shi Yunnan has been unaccustomed to long-distance flight time, and he will inevitably wilt at the moment.

Luo Lingsheng saw his fatigue, “go home and have a rest first. I’ll live in the medical center the day after tomorrow.”

He has three or four private houses in the United States, one of which is close to the medical center, which is convenient for Shi Yunnan and little goldfish to and from home and hospital in the future.

Qin Jian contacted the driver’s location and the party got on the bus quickly.

After all, the little goldfish was a child. He was still jumping before getting on the bus. When he got home, he had already fallen asleep in Luo Lingsheng’s arms.

Seeing this, Yuan Meng took the initiative to say, “master, I’ll hold the young master and go back to my room to have a rest.”


The housekeeper Qin Bo is old. Luo Lingsheng doesn’t want him to follow him back and forth. In addition to Qin Bamboo Slips and Yuan Meng, he has arranged six professional bodyguards to protect him secretly.

Shi Yunnan followed Luo Lingsheng and looked around the house layout. “When did you buy this house? The decoration was very good.”

“It’s been a few years. Someone renovated it some time ago.”

Speaking of vulgarity, in fact, this house is one of the adult gifts given to Luo Lingsheng by Mr. and Mrs. Luo.

After his parents died unexpectedly, Luo Lingsheng has been reluctant to resell the house. Even if it is empty all year round, he will ask his servants to clean it regularly.

“Uncle Qin didn’t come this time. I’m going to stay in the Medical Center for a long time. If you have anything to eat, ask the servants here directly.”

“I see. I’m not a child. Can I be hungry?”

Shi Yunnan was led into the bedroom by Luo Ling’s voice. Facing him was a French window. The afternoon sun came in, and the light was very good.

Their villa is in the first row of this area, facing the wide lawn and lake view, with a particularly wide view.

Shi Yunnan happily hooked his lips. “When I just drove over, I thought the nearby buildings looked a little familiar.”


“When I was free in college, Fu Zi and I participated in a billiards interest camp. It seems to be nearby?”

Shi Yunnan simply took out his mobile phone and checked the location. “I remember there should be a coffee shop in this area, with a courtyard style design on the third floor.”

Shi Yunnan doesn’t like coffee, but he is particularly interested in the desserts at that house.

For a long time, he and Fu Ziyu ended their billiards interest camp every Sunday and went to the store to sit for a long time. Later, he began to develop in the design industry and liked to sit there when he had no inspiration.

Luo Lingsheng stared at his back, and there was a faint light at the bottom of his eyes, “Elle?”


When Shi Yunnan heard Luo Lingsheng report the name of the store, he turned around in surprise, “do you know?”

In order to commemorate his wife who died in the accident, the owner of the shop specially named her after her, and the desserts he would make were all his wife’s favorite.

Luo Lingsheng answered casually, “I stayed here for a while and heard my neighbors mention it.”

Shi Yunnan put down his unsuccessful search mobile phone and couldn’t help picking his eyebrow. “Let’s go and find it sometime? The boss made a good dessert.”

Luo Ling smiled at Shi Yunnan, “good.”

Shi Yunnan took the initiative to sit next to him, his heart moved, “Luo Lingsheng.”

“What’s the matter?”

Shi Yunnan rubbed the tip of Luo Lingsheng’s nose. The warm breath was mixed with more and more strong love, “I want you to kiss me.”

Because he suddenly found that he was willing to share with Luo Lingsheng such trivial things a few years ago, and wanted to try one by one with Luo Lingsheng.

Some feelings are divorced from the initial superficial like, and above like——

He fell in love with Luo Lingsheng.

Luo Lingsheng saw Shi Yunnan’s love at the bottom of his eyes and breathed tightly.

Thousands of words piled up in my heart and finally turned into a deep kiss.

Luo Lingsheng’s hand stroked Shi Yunnan’s cheek and gently rubbed his chin with his finger abdomen. The teeth were easily pried open, overflowing with a sweet sob.

Ambiguous and emotional, the sound of wet kiss echoed in their ears.

Suddenly, Qin Jian’s voice came from the corridor outside the house, “young master, why did you wake up and run here alone?”


Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan pulled out from the emotional movement at the same time.

They looked at each other for a second or two, and their eyes looked out of the house——

I don’t know who entered the house and forgot to close the door. At the moment, the door is wide open.

A small figure stood at the door. At the moment, his face turned red and covered his eyes. He was whispering, “uncle, little uncle, I didn’t see anything ~”

The rising of the ending tone of “Oh” is too obvious, especially spiritual.

Shi Yunnan: ”

Luo Lingsheng: ”

The two men looked at each other for a while. It was rare that they all felt that their “old face” as elders could not hang up.

Isn’t the child asleep?

Why did you run to this place again in the blink of an eye? What did Yuan Meng do?

The little goldfish didn’t know what the two adults thought, so he ran in and said, “little uncle, are you hungry?”

He patted his flat belly. “I want to eat.”

In fact, little goldfish didn’t sleep deeply in the car. Yuan Meng woke up within two minutes after holding him back to his bedroom. Because it was a strange housing environment, he had to instinctively look for Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan.

Until I passed the bedroom, in fact, the little goldfish didn’t lie.

From the perspective of his standing, Shi Yunnan’s figure was blocked by Luo Lingsheng, and they immediately found him.

Unfortunately, the little goldfish has high EQ and is smart. I guessed that the two uncles are playing again!

It’s good to make a boo, as long as you don’t quarrel!

Qin Jian went to the door. He saw the three people in the house actively say hello, “it’s ok if the young master wakes up. The owner, Mr. Shi and the servant have prepared their meals. Why don’t you have a rest after eating?”

“OK.” Shi Yunnan quickly changed the subject, “I, we’ll come right away.”

Qin Jian heard Shi Yunnan’s answer and nodded. At the same time, a question arose in his heart——

What happened?

Why does Mr. Shi look a little unnatural?

Before Qin Bamboo Slips came out, Luo Lingsheng said solemnly, “Qin Bamboo Slips, you tell Yuan Meng that it is unfavorable for him to take care of the young master and deduct his salary for three days.”

“… ah?” The little goldfish was confused.

“…” Qin Bamboo Slips also followed.

However, as the head of the family, Luo Lingsheng’s subordinates naturally want to listen to his orders.

As soon as the little goldfish heard that there was food, he immediately shifted his attention and ran out of the room with Qin bamboo slips.

The rest of Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng sat in the room, but the atmosphere disappeared under the “accidental destruction” of their little nephew.

Shi Yunnan sighed helplessly, “what if we teach the bad little goldfish like this?”

Luo Lingsheng chuckled twice and joked deliberately, “do you know how to bring the little goldfish? He never dared to enter the house without knocking.”

“You didn’t close the door just now. Besides, he stayed outside and needed to knock?”

Shi Yunnan retorted unconvinced and thought he had a good tutor. “How lively has the little goldfish become since I came to this house? You’ve almost brought it into wood before.”

“If you think I can’t bring it well, you can find someone else to teach you?” This last sentence is a joke.

Luo Lingsheng heard Shi Yunnan’s series of bullet like remarks and helplessly pinched his Adam’s apple. “I just said, why are you still involved in this?”

Little goldfish is a measured child. He won’t spread such things verbally.

What’s more, they are legal husbands. Isn’t it natural for them to do these things?

Shi Yunnan smiled and groaned, “you’re right to say that I’m more guilty than I was when I faced the little goldfish. What did Yuan Meng do wrong? You have to deduct his salary? He’s an unscrupulous owner. Thanks to him, he’s willing to work for you.”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t retort, “I’m just talking orally. I’ll give him a bonus to make up for it.”

Shi Yunnan got up and went around to Luo Lingsheng’s wheelchair. “Let’s go and have dinner. I’m hungry, too.”


On the other side, Qin bamboo slips with little goldfish came down first.

The little goldfish saw the delicious steak on the table and immediately ran over greedily.

Yuan Meng watched the little goldfish climb up the dining chair. Before he came forward, Qin Bamboo Slips approached him, “Mengmeng, tell you a bad news and a good news.”

Yuan Meng glanced at him and said nothing.

“The bad news is that the owner said you didn’t keep the little goldfish well. You will be fined for three days temporarily.”


“The good news is that, for the love of our colleagues for many years, I decided to make up half of the punishment with you.”

Qin Jian bumped Yuan Meng’s shoulder, “how? How are you going to thank me?”

Yuan Meng thought about Shi Yunnan’s previous way of speaking and replied, “if you offset my three-day salary, I’ll consider it again.”

Qin bamboo slips by the first army of the anti general, “…”

Recently, every time he talks back and teases, he can be refuted by the other party in every way, so who broke their original honest Mengmeng?


After making some adjustments at home, Luo Lingsheng lived in the medical center the next day.

According to the doctor’s team, if Luo Lingsheng doesn’t have anything urgent, he is not allowed to leave the hospital at will, so as to avoid complications.

The operation is scheduled for half a month. Before that, Luo Lingsheng has to maintain daily simple training.

Taking advantage of Luo Lingsheng’s daily simple training, Shi Yunnan also returned to his design business.

A week later.

Shi Yunnan, who completed the private draft design, had nothing to do and arrived at the largest high luxury shopping mall in the state. He refused the enthusiastic recommendation of the counter sisters and strolled slowly by himself.

There have been a lot of jewelry designs in the new quarter. He wants to take the opportunity to learn about the real objects on display. In addition, he also wants to buy some small things for himself and Luo Lingsheng.

Suddenly, a voice line sounded on the side, “Hello, sir, can I trouble you?”

Shi Yun looked south.

The other party was a tall, handsome man with brown pupils and hair, and his clothes were low-key but expensive.

Seeing Shi Yunnan’s acquiescence, the foreign man asked the cabinet sister to hand over two brooches, “well, I want to buy a brooch for my sister as a graduation gift. I hesitated for a long time and couldn’t choose it.”

“Sir, can you help me with my reference?”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows slightly, “let me see.”

His job is a jewelry designer, and he does have some appearance control attributes. Naturally, he will not refuse this kind of effort.

“These two are the brooch series of romank in the latest quarter.”

Shi Yunnan recognized it at the first sight without waiting for the introduction of the cabinet sister, “like this brooch, it uses blue amber and diamond inlaid in the buckle, trying to reflect the purest light in every section…”

Shi Yunnan appreciated the designer’s works and couldn’t hide his praise. “Sir, have you ever seen the blue ice cave in Iceland? The light wave refraction formed by the accumulation under the eternal blue ice in the sun is very similar to this brooch.”

Shi Yunnan continued, “and this sunflower brooch, polished and spliced with yellow and white diamonds, represents the stamens blooming under the dawn and the vitality of the sun.”

Shi Yunnan’s metaphor is very appropriate. Both the cabinet sister and the man couldn’t help looking at the brooch again.

“One represents pure immaturity, and the other represents vitality.” The handsome man understood his description, “listen to you, they are very suitable for my newly graduated sister.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged. “Then buy them all. Girls never have too many things.”

As a jewelry designer, Shi Yunnan is the kind of person who knows women best.

He curled his lips and smiled. Of course, he said that spending money was very romantic. “Sir, your sister will be happy because of your double love.”

The last sentence moved the handsome man. He simply waved his hand, “just listen to this gentleman. I want both brooches. Please wrap them up for me.”

The cabinet sister was overjoyed when she heard this.

She gave Shi Yun Nantou a very grateful look and hurriedly took the two expensive brooches to bill and package.

The handsome man looked at Shi Yunnan, “Sir, thank you for your recommendation.”

Shi Yunnan replied, “you’re welcome. You should thank you for your ‘cash ability’.”

After all, the design of these two brooches is very expensive. Not everyone can afford two at one time.

Shi Yunnan returned to a Chinese who knew the language. He thought the other party would be stunned. Unexpectedly, the handsome man soon laughed.

“You are very discerning and humorous.”

Now it was Shi Yunnan’s turn to be silent.

Because the other party answered him in the most standard Chinese.

“Are you Chinese?”

“Yes.” Shi Yunnan simply admitted that he looked at the man in front of him again, “do you understand Chinese, too?”

The handsome man saw his question and spoke fluent Chinese again. “My grandfather is an overseas Chinese. I grew up beside him, so I can speak a little Chinese.”

Shi Yunnan sincerely praised, “this is more than a little. You say it very standard.”


The handsome man took the initiative to stretch out his hand. He thought and reported his Chinese name, “Ning De’an.”

His parents divorced when he was a child. Because his mother was busy working, he handed him over to his grandfather.

De’an is his first name and Ning is the last name of her grandfather and her mother. Combined, it just tastes like a Chinese name.

Just then, the counter sister took the shopping list back, “Sir, please sign.”

Ning De’an picked up his pen and wrote down three Chinese characters in good order.

Shi Yunnan looked at the Chinese name that was exactly the same as the idea, and his eyes solidified for a moment. For him, it was another strange and familiar name——

Because in the later stage of the original book, Ning De’an once appeared.

This character is not only Luo Yanchuan’s good friend, but also did not escape Xie KeYue’s hero aura. He almost turned against Luo Yanchuan and became a rival in love.

However, Shi Yunnan doesn’t care about these children and women. He is silent because he is in the world plot line he is familiar with——

Finally, it was the secret assets of Ning De’an that became the last force for Luo Yanchuan to control Luo and bring down Luo Lingsheng.

For Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, this man is an enemy rather than a friend in the original story line.

How did you meet him at this juncture?

Is the world line changing? Or is it just a purely accidental encounter?

Shi Yunnan had several questions in his mind until he heard the inquiry from the opposite side, “Sir, I don’t know your name.”

“Shi Yunnan.”

Shi Yunnan answered out of politeness.

Ning De’an silently digested the beautiful name and took the initiative to send an invitation, “Mr. Shi, do you have time next?”

It’s already four o’clock in the afternoon.

“To show my gratitude, I’d like to invite you to dinner.” Ning De’an raised the wrapped bag in his hand, and the light brown pupil shook his favor for Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan whispered, “thank you, but no. I’m just here and need to choose my own things.”

Facing Shi Yunnan’s answer, Ning De’an didn’t show much displeasure. He nodded slightly, “I’m abrupt. Please help yourself, Mr. Shi. I hope we can meet again.”

Shi Yunnan showed his polite smile on the surface, bypassed Ning De’an and walked inside. He looked at each other’s back through the mirror, and the subtle thoughts suppressed in the bottom of his heart came out again——

Xie KeYue’s road is getting narrower and narrower, but what about Luo Yanchuan, another protagonist? Will he secretly unite the assets of Ning De’an and others to deal with Luo Lingsheng, just like the original world track?

Shi Yunnan thought and regretted.

He should take this opportunity to develop a friend relationship with Ning De’an, and maybe he can stop some things in time in the future.

Suddenly, Shi Yunnan’s mobile phone vibrated. It was Luo Lingsheng’s call.


“Why didn’t you reply to your wechat? I heard from little goldfish that you went to the mall?”

“Well, I’ll take a look at the jewelry design of the new season and go back.” Shi Yunnan tells the truth.

“It’s raining outside. I asked Yuan Meng to pick you up?” Luo Lingsheng asked again.

“No, I’ll take a taxi back later.” Shi Yunnan glanced at the time, “pick up the little goldfish at home and go to the medical center. At six o’clock, you wait for us to have dinner.”

“OK, then pay attention to your safety.” Luo Lingsheng’s voice line showed a trace of fatigue, “I just finished training and took a nap.”


Shi Yunnan hung up the phone and accelerated his appreciation and examination of all kinds of jewelry in the exhibition cabinet. Unfortunately, he didn’t find what he particularly liked after walking around.

The rainstorm grew heavier and heavier, blurring all clear vision.

Seeing the pouring rain, Shi Yunnan suddenly felt that he had made a mistake – it’s not so easy to take a taxi in such weather, time and location.

When Shi Yunnan was looking at the rainstorm and ready to accept his life to wait for a taxi, Ning De’an appeared in his vision.

Ning De’an asked, “Mr. Shi, are you waiting for the bus?”

Shi Yunnan calmly replied, “yes, I didn’t expect such a heavy rain when I went out. I was lazy and didn’t drive over.”

Mr. Ning De’an suggested, “where are you going? I’ll drive you?”

Shi Yunnan considered in silence and looked at Ning De’an with a hidden look.

Ning De’an noticed his hesitation and had no choice but to say, “Mr. Shi, I just want to thank you for your advice on the choice of brooch. There is no malice.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean that.” Shi Yunnan dispelled his hesitation.

He reported the address of the villa area, because it involved privacy, he did not specify the number of several buildings.

Ning De’an pointed to the direction of the elevator, “it’s still on the way. My car stops on the negative first floor.”

Shi Yunnan smiled, “then trouble Mr. Ning.”

The reason why he was willing to travel with ningde’an was actually to save his own abacus.

The story line of “Luo’s struggle” in Shi Yunnan’s cognition has not yet happened. Ning De’an can’t be completely the camp of Luo Yanchuan and Xie KeYue. In that case, why don’t he take this opportunity to pull Ning De’an into his friend camp?

Of course, this idea has just taken shape, and Shi Yunnan is not going to blindly pull relations.

They took the elevator to the ground floor.

After obtaining the consent of Ning De’an, Shi Yunnan sat in the co pilot. As soon as he got on the bus, he found the small furnishings in the car, tea cups and teapots made of ceramics, which looked particularly exquisite.

Ning De’an noticed Shi Yunnan’s sight, started the car and said, “when I was a child, I grew up next to my grandfather. He is an authentic Chinese. He likes drinking tea, collecting porcelain bottles and playing with gourds…”

Ning De’an was deeply influenced by Chinese culture since childhood. When his peers were playing basketball and games, he followed the elderly to learn about ceramics and tea, and was deeply fascinated by it.

Four years ago, Ning De’an returned to his father and grandfather because of family changes. Last year, he inherited the best family mine capital in the country, but he still yearned for these cultures in China.

Shi Yunnan smiled and his understanding of this figure became clearer and clearer.

In the original book world he knew, Xie KeYue learned Ning De’an’s preferences and cooperated with him in the porcelain and tea industry in the name of investment.

In getting along day after day, Ning De’an has a good feeling for Xie KeYue. Because of the existence of Luo Yanchuan, his confession failed before it began.

However, Ning De’an did not hate because of love, but continued his old friendship with Luo Yanchuan under the persuasion of Xie KeYue, and secretly helped them against Luo Lingsheng.

“Since grandpa died, I haven’t drunk the tea so fragrant to him for a long time. It’s said that his hometown is in your city, where there are many ancient tea trees…”

Ning De’an suddenly sighed and interrupted Shi Yunnan’s thinking.

Shi Yunnan followed his words and replied, “if you have a chance, Mr. Ning can go to China to find the root of your grandfather’s hometown.”

Ning De’an smiled, “I hope one day.”

They chatted one after another. The atmosphere in the car was not awkward and stiff.

When the car arrived at the villa, the pouring rainstorm finally became intermittent rain.

As soon as Shi Yunnan was ready to get off, Ning De’an stopped his action, “wait for me.”

Ning De’an ran out of the car first and found a spare umbrella in the trunk.

He went around to Shi Yunnan’s door and said, “come out. This umbrella is for you.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows.

“I know you don’t trust me to report directly to my house, so send it here as you want.” Ning De’an is very clever, but not offensive.

He stuffed his umbrella into Shi Yunnan’s hand. “Don’t get caught in the rain. Bye.”

Shi Yunnan sincerely thanked him.

Leaving aside other things, Ning De’an he saw was indeed a meticulous and gentle gentleman man.

Before long, Ning De’an drove away.

Just as Shi Yunnan was about to go home, a small figure came running quickly nearby, “little uncle!”

The little goldfish was wearing a raincoat and rain shoes, holding an umbrella in his hand. The thick rain shoes stepped on the ponding ground and rattled all the way.

Shi Yunnan was startled and hurried forward, “why did you run out?”

“Wait for you, I’m afraid you didn’t bring an umbrella.”

The little goldfish raised his head and saw the black umbrella held up by Shi Yunnan. He deliberately sighed heavily, “Hey, my umbrella is useless.”

Shi Yunnan couldn’t laugh or cry. He bent down and brushed the raindrops off his white and tender face. “Little goldfish is good, but you can’t come out and wait for me in rainy days. You’re still young. What if you catch a cold?”

“Oh, I see.”

The little goldfish nodded.

He took Shi Yunnan’s hand and quickly took it home, as if he was afraid of losing him.

One big one small walked home.

Taking advantage of Shi Yunnan’s space to put things, the little goldfish quickly slipped back to his bedroom, picked up the children’s mobile phone and dialed a number skillfully.

Waiting for the phone, he pouted unhappily——


He just saw it. It was a tall foreigner who sent his little uncle back, and the man took the initiative to give his umbrella to his little uncle!

Just thinking, the phone is connected.

For a moment, the little goldfish was like burning his eyebrows. He shouted to Luo Lingsheng at the other end, “uncle! Danger! Danger! Great danger!”

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