After a Flash Marriage Chapter 65

Five minutes later, Shi Yunnan was temporarily called out by a work phone.

Luo Lingsheng was sitting in a wheelchair, and the little goldfish stood by the wall. His uncle and nephew looked up and down, and they were right. It seemed that no one was convinced.

Luo Lingsheng listened to the phone call of Shi Yunnan in the corridor outside and took the opportunity to ask, “when did I say to let you look at your little uncle so that he won’t be cheated by others?”


The little goldfish who pulled uncle’s back saw that without Shi Yunnan’s protection, a pair of small hands hid behind him restlessly.

He suddenly remembered the picture of Shi Yunnan talking with the foreign man. His small body was tough in front of his uncle for the first time, “uncle, you didn’t say, but that’s what you mean!”

“If I hadn’t shouted ‘dad’, my little uncle would have been cheated today!”

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyebrows and continued to ask, “who? The foreign uncle you saw last time?”

The little goldfish nodded. His uncle and nephew reached a high degree of unity in the matter of ‘guarding Shi Yunnan’.

“Uncle, the man said he would invite my little uncle to have afternoon tea, and then I…”

“Then what do you do?” After the call, Shi Yunnan came in from the outside.

Luo Lingsheng and little goldfish staggered their eyes and fell on him at the same time.

Shi Yunnan tried to resist the smile from the bottom of his heart and taught him a lesson with a straight face, “when do I have to go through the strict review of you two when I go out to do business?”

The little goldfish blinked and didn’t speak.

Shi Yunnan could not blame him for saying a few words. He swished his attention to Luo Lingsheng, “Lord Luo, what about you? I dare say you are such an uncle behind my back?”


Luo Lingsheng coughed softly and had to be silent.

At least he’s an uncle. Can he really care about his nephew?

Shi Yunnan raised an arc on his lips and took the initiative to turn the matter over, “OK, go take a bath first. It’s time for the little goldfish to stand.”

“Qin Jian has found a private teacher. From tomorrow on, little goldfish will study at home in strict accordance with the class time of the kindergarten.”

Luo Lingsheng’s operation is scheduled for the day after tomorrow. I don’t know what kind of situation it will be during and after the operation. At that time, Shi Yunnan must stay in the hospital to accompany him. He may not be able to take good care of the little goldfish.

It is necessary to invite a private teacher to distract children’s time and take care of them in addition to learning.

“… ah?”

The little goldfish who had just played wild for a few days held his mouth and whispered a protest, “but my little uncle, tomorrow is still Sunday.”

Luo Lingsheng looked at the past without hesitation, “if you don’t behave well, I’ll send you home first.”

As soon as the little goldfish heard this, he had to admit his fate.

All right.

Let’s go to class. Anyway, he can stay with his two uncles.


The next morning.

The little goldfish who stayed in the hospital ward began his normal class life again. When he was still bleary eyed, he was taken by Qin bamboo slips to see his private teacher.

Shi Yunnan communicated with Yuanrui in China and completed the final private order modification.

Luo Lingsheng pushed the wheelchair closer, “are you finished?”


“When Yuan Rui and I first met, they really seemed to have changed.” Luo Lingsheng seldom speaks highly of others.

Shi Yunnan was stunned for two seconds. Yu Guang glanced at the lower right corner of the computer and found that it was past 12 noon. Yuan Rui, who had just opened a video communication with him, stayed with him until the early morning.

Shi Yunnan sighed, “people want to grow up, sometimes in a thought.”

Yuan Rui has changed a lot since Lu Zhaoan chose to leave the studio.

If you ask him, Lu Zhaoan, a senior brother, is really cruel. If he says “disappear”, he will “disappear”. I don’t know where he is hiding at the moment?

Luo Lingsheng pinched Shi Yunnan’s earlobe and said, “don’t think of other men.”


Shi Yunnan, who was caught, smiled helplessly.

He grabbed Luo Lingsheng’s wrist and rubbed his head. “Do you live in my mind? You can be caught in a temporary trance.”

Luo Lingsheng stroked his neck with his finger abdomen, “what do you have for lunch?”

Shi Yunnan closed the computer, “whatever. I’m not very hungry.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded, “OK, clean up after eating. Let’s go out.”

“Going out this afternoon? You’re not training?” Shi Yunnan was surprised.

“No, I’ll have the operation the day after tomorrow. Just keep your energy and have a good rest.”

Luo Ling paused and mentioned what he had identified as a serious matter. “When he first came here some time ago, didn’t he say he wanted to go to the ‘ai’erli’ store?”

Shi Yunnan’s eyes brightened. “Shall we go there this afternoon? But the doctor told us not to leave the hospital?”

Luo Lingsheng looked at his bright eyes and said with a smile, “don’t worry. I told Dr. ace that Yuan Meng and their bodyguards were watching when we went out. It’s just to eat with you. There won’t be anything.”

After that, I don’t know how long to lie in the hospital bed. Moreover, the probability of success of the operation has always been very low. Luo Lingsheng wants to take advantage of his current good physical condition to accompany Shi Yunnan to complete the plan first.

Shi Yunnan had no objection, “good.”


At 3 pm, the black car stopped at a familiar landmark. Shi Yunnan and Yuan Meng helped Luo Lingsheng get off the car together.

Shi Yunnan looked at the small three-story white building that had not changed in front of him. His smile on his lips expanded a little, “I didn’t expect it to be still in business? I’m afraid I’ll go there in vain.”

“Mr. Shi, the owner must have confirmed the situation before he brought you here.” Yuan Meng on the side said a word and thought of something.

Luo Lingsheng asked, “Yuan Meng, you and others guard by yourself. We’ll go in and come out in a minute.”


Seeing this, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to push Luo Lingsheng in.

As soon as the fence like outer door opened, a familiar recording female voice sounded, “welcome.”

It was recorded by the ex-wife of the boss who died. It hasn’t changed over the years.

The middle-aged boss raised his head in front of the counter. When he saw Shi Yunnan’s familiar Chinese face, he immediately greeted him with a smile.

“Onan? Long time no see.”

Shi Yunnan heard his foreign name and clenched his lips. He bent over and looked at Luo Lingsheng, “what do you want to eat?”

Seeing this, the middle-aged boss looked at Luo Lingsheng in the wheelchair. A touch of shock and regret overflowed from his blue pupil, and then returned to calm.

Shi Yunnan, who bent over to ask, naturally didn’t find this.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “I’ll eat with you. There’s no need to order extra.”

Shi Yunnan remembered that Luo Lingsheng didn’t like sweet food, and thought about his operation the day after tomorrow. He really had to avoid some food.

“All right, then the same, the same position.” Shi Yunnan said simply to the boss, who immediately understood, “OK.”

After they went to the courtyard, the boss gave a pleasant sigh, “… So it is.”

The dessert apprentice who came in the past two years didn’t know, so, “boss, what do those two guests want?”

“I’ll come. Onan used to come every weekend. He’s our super VIP guest.” The boss was in a good mood and turned and went into the dessert room.

Shi Yunnan took Luo Lingsheng and sat at the corner of the first floor of the courtyard. In addition, several scattered guests sat at other tables.

The spring breeze comes with the fragrance of flowers, which makes people relaxed and happy.

Shi Yunnan looked around and looked at the familiar scenery around him. He approached Luo Lingsheng and said, “I also found this store by accident. As a result, the more I ate, the more addicted I became.”

“I remember a time when the boss encountered some difficulties in funding. I almost thought I was going to go bankrupt. I didn’t expect to last until now?”

Luo Lingsheng had an unreal aftertaste in his eyes, “isn’t it?”


Shi Yunnan nodded, “let me see, when was the first time?”


Eight years ago, late summer evening.

Shi Yunnan, who had just finished billiards training camp, sat in the co pilot’s seat and looked at the transnational text message sent on his mobile phone without saying a word.

Fu Ziyu glanced at him when he was driving. “What’s the matter? He was unhappy with his mobile phone when he got on the bus?”

Shi Yunnan rubbed his hair carelessly, and stopped on the mobile phone button with his other hand. He didn’t know how to reply, “… My grandfather sent me a text message. I don’t know whether to reply.”

Fu Zi frowned. “What did the old man say?”

Shi Yunnan did not answer.

Fu Zi didn’t respond when he met his friend. He said to himself, “if I say, you shouldn’t pay attention to the Wen family.”

“That fool named Wen Chenglang dared to do it and didn’t admit it. He pushed down old Mr. Wen himself. Fortunately, he meant to throw the black pot on you? Bah!”

“And your aunt loves her son so much that she can’t tell right from wrong. Wen Chenglang is not an adult yet. What will he look like in the future? And your uncle…”

Shi Yunnan saw that his friend couldn’t stop and had no choice but to stop, “OK, I won’t go back to Wen’s house. Don’t worry about it.”

Fu Zi said, “it’s almost the same. I’m not afraid you’ll be bullied again?”

Shi Yunnan put away his mobile phone and didn’t want to reply to Mr. Wen’s long concern for the time being.

His eyes moved outside the window and suddenly found a relatively independent white shop on the side of the road. Suddenly, his mind moved, “stop.”

“Ah?” Fu Zi stepped on the brake on the open road.

Shi Yunnan pointed to the shop that had opened too much, “have something to eat.”

“Can’t you go downtown?”

Make complaints about the other side, while still running along the direction of his car, and drove into the car park outside the shop.

They have just entered an independent store.

The mellow and bitter coffee flavor and sweet cream flavor are mixed and spread in the air to form a unique hook flavor.

Shi Yunnan immediately stepped forward and picked up the food list in front of the counter.

Fu Ziyu stood still and said in Chinese, “it’s time for dinner. What dessert do you have?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t look back. “Then you go back and sit on the bus. I’m hungry and thirsty. I’m going to eat here.”


Fu Ziyu came forward like a resigned man.

How dare he leave Shi Yunnan alone in such a place?

After ordering things quickly, the boss politely said, “there are places to do on the first floor, in the courtyard, in the second floor and on the balcony. You can choose at will. It takes about 20 minutes to serve here.”


Shi Yunnan didn’t bother to go up to the second floor and went straight to the courtyard behind the store.

It’s past tea time, and they’re the only guests in the shop at the moment. Shi Yunnan chose a corner to sit down. Although it was the end of summer, it was cool in the evening.

Fu Ziyu picked up the chair on the side and sat down. “Who did you learn this habit from? The position is specially selected to take you to a banquet occasionally, and you also hide in the rest area?”

Shi Yunnan smiled and didn’t answer.

Not a habit.

It was the anxiety of being ignored and despised for many years that automatically raised his sense of protection.

Sitting in a corner with fewer people is not easy to attract the attention of foreign students and can save some unnecessary trouble.

Hide in the rest area that few people pay attention to, so you don’t have to be teased and ridiculed by those banquet guests who step on high and hold low.

Shi Yunnan is not afraid of things, but he is too lazy to tangle with those who despise him.

Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of the standing card list on the table——

On the front is the food list they have just seen, while on the back is a group photo of two people and a text. One of the characters in the group photo is the boss.

After reading the English letters, Shi Yunnan showed a touch of complexity between his eyebrows.

“What’s the matter?”

Fu Ziyu was close to him and looked at the words of the items in his hand——

The boss and his wife were childhood sweethearts. The store was designed and built by the husband and wife together. Unfortunately, before the opening, a drunk driving accident took his wife away.

After half a year of depression, the boss finally picked up his spirits.

In order to miss his dead wife, he guarded the shop alone. The coffee drinks and sweets in the shop were arranged by the love of her wife.

Shi Yunnan suddenly remembered his father.

Not long after Wen Min died, Shi Sheng brought Xie Wei into his house. By contrast, how ironic?

Shi Yunnan unconsciously asked, “is it particularly difficult for people to live a lifetime and identify a person from beginning to end?”

Fu Ziyu knew that his good friend should think of his parents, and deliberately put a gag on his shoulder, revealing a funny young master’s style.

“Why? Don’t you think I’m good enough for you? Come on, baby, give me a kiss.”


Shi Yunnan resisted the urge to roll his eyes and treated him in his own way, “come on, kiss.”

Now, it’s Fu Ziyu’s turn. I can’t stand it.

The relationship between them is more iron than steel, and they can’t be twisted together.

Shi Yunnan lost his melancholy at the bottom of his heart. Instead, he hooked his friend and continued to play. He was so scared that Fu Ziyu almost got under the table.

At the age of 18 or 19, the two talents have a relationship from childhood to childhood. At present, they are heartless and heartless. They can say any jokes and meat words.

But what they didn’t know was that a deep line of sight fell from the balcony on the second floor——

Luo Lingsheng pinched the coffee cup and looked at the white figure just falling in the courtyard on the first floor under the cover of the white protective railing.

At first, he only overheard Chinese by accident, so he looked at it idly.

But when Shi Yunnan’s figure came into his sight, the scene four months ago got into Luo Lingsheng’s mind uncontrollably——

“Luo Lingsheng, you are so beautiful.”

“Do you like boys or girls? Do you have a lover? Can I chase you?”

Maybe the drunken Shi Yunnan impressed him too deeply. Since he left at the birthday party that day, Luo Lingsheng will recall that scene from time to time.

Because there was no contact information, after hesitation, he sent someone to inquire about Shi Yunnan secretly, but the news he got was that Shi Yunnan was neither at Wen’s house nor at Shi’s house.

As the young master of Luo’s four rooms, where can Luo Lingsheng find someone because of a drunken encounter?

After this thing was gone, Luo Lingsheng could only suppress that inexplicable emotion, but he didn’t expect that after nearly four months, he would meet Shi Yunnan again in a foreign country?

It’s just

Is the man around Shi Yunnan his boyfriend?

Luo Lingsheng, who got this guess, unconsciously twisted his eyebrows. Suddenly, his mobile phone vibrated and rang. It was Luo’s mother.

“Hello, mom.”

“Ling Sheng, where have you been this afternoon? Do you deliberately hide and don’t want to see the daughter of the Chen family?” Luo’s mother’s helpless voice came.

Luo Lingsheng turned around and closed the computer on the desk. “No, I’m busy.”

“OK, let me ask you something serious. Did you see a daughter at Wen’s birthday party some time ago? Last time Yu Shuo teased you, I happened to hear some…”

Luo Lingsheng was silent.

Although same-sex marriage has been passed, Luo’s serious family style can never accept the emergence of same-sex love among his descendants.

Luo’s mother is still nagging, “it’s not surprising to fall in love at your age. Your sister and your brother-in-law were engaged some time ago, and it’s your turn in our family.”

Luo Lingsheng returned to his mind and felt more and more inexplicably anxious.

“Mom, I’m really not in a hurry. I haven’t finished what grandpa told me. I’ll hang up first.”

He hung up the phone and couldn’t help searching for the figure in the courtyard on the first floor again.

This is just the time of a phone call. The chat topic downstairs has changed. Somehow, Shi Yunnan and his friends have talked about the Luo family in Dijing.

“Isn’t it? You’ve returned home several times and haven’t heard of the Luo family? How many rooms did they have some time ago? The engagement show…”

Shi Yunnan fiddled with his mobile phone and replied uninterested, “don’t mention the Luo family. I don’t know. Don’t you know what the young masters of those rich people in the imperial circle look like?”

“If you have this American time, you might as well hurry the boss. I’m really hungry.”

Shi Yunnan said and kicked Fu Zi.

The two are playing in the billiards training camp today. Those who lose will have to “serve” until tomorrow morning.

Fu Zi’s teeth itched because of his friend’s appearance. He couldn’t help kneading his hair to revenge, “come on, you little ancestor! I owe you in my last life?”

Shi Yunnan chuckled and did not refute.


Standing on the second floor, Luo Lingsheng silently stared at the interaction between the two people. Thinking of Shi Yunnan’s perfunctory attitude towards the Luo family, he felt empty in his heart for no reason.

——Luo Lingsheng, I’ll remember you. See you next time.

It was an accidental encounter, and it was drunken nonsense. Where is it true?

Luo Lingsheng put away his ridiculous impulse, packed up his computer files and went downstairs.

Fu Zi returned to the courtyard after being urged. As a result, he saw Shi Yunnan’s line of sight congealed inexplicably.

“Hello? What are you looking at?”

Shi Yunnan leaned slightly and raised his eyebrows. “Go away and don’t block my sight.”

Fu Ziyu sat down in his original position angrily and looked along his eyes. From their position, he could just see the checkout counter of the store obliquely——

After his urging, there was a figure in front of the counter.

It was the figure of a young man, almost 1.9 meters tall. It looked very deterrent. The black thin lining perfectly outlined his latissimus dorsi. His slender and straight legs were almost impossible to look away.

But soon the other party left the shop and had no chance to show his face.

Shi Yunnan leaned back in his chair and muttered, “it’s a pity. It’s estimated that the front will be a handsome man.”

Fu Ziyu felt funny. “What a pity? Can you catch up and ask for contact information?”

Before Shi Yunnan could speak, the boss came over with dessert and drinks. “Hello, guys, this is all the food you ordered.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at Shangqi’s food. “How much is it? We haven’t paid yet.”

“No.” The boss answered truthfully, “the gentleman who just left the store has paid for you.”

Shi Yunnan once again looked at the empty counter, and inexplicably drilled an unspeakable delicacy into his heart.


“Onan, this is the food you ordered.”

The boss’s words brought Shi Yunnan’s thoughts back to reality.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Luo Lingsheng and happily took a mouthful of Matcha roll. “It smells like the original taste.”

The boss looked satisfied, “so is eating.”

“That’s right.” Shi Yunnan thought of the little goldfish trapped at home today and said to his boss, “pack me another one. The children at home want to eat.”

The boss nodded and hurried over to prepare.

Luo Lingsheng looked at him and said, “if you miss today Yu so much, he will only stick to you more and more.”

“Won’t you let him stick to me?” Shi Yunnan took a mouthful of Matcha roll and proudly raised his eyebrows.

The next second, he approached Luo Lingsheng, and his eyes and tail showed cunning and expectation, “what about you? Will you stick to me more and more?”

Luo Lingsheng stared at the lips close at hand and stained with a trace of milk, and took the initiative to deceive the body and kiss the past.

I can’t live without you.

A silent answer is better than a thousand words. Shi Yunnan withdrew contentedly, “Mr. Luo, is this dessert sweet?”

They looked at each other and smiled.


Shi Yunnan always thinks about Luo Lingsheng’s operation and doesn’t want to stay out for too long to cause changes. They stayed in the store for less than an hour and left with packaged desserts.

The boss watched the two leave with a meaningful smile.

The apprentice on his side couldn’t help but wonder, “boss, why do you always stare at these two guests?”

“About four years ago, I was deceived by my friends, resulting in the transfer of funds in the store overnight.”

Because of this, his shop could hardly open.

“Later, when I was discouraged, I got Mr. Luo’s support, and his reason for supporting me free was ridiculously simple.”

Luo Lingsheng said: he often comes to your shop.

In addition to Shi Yunnan, Luo Lingsheng was once a regular customer in their store.

However, Luo Lingsheng did not come as often as Shi Yunnan, and he was not in a wheelchair at that time.

Later, the boss passed the financial crisis and slowly returned the money to the account given by Luo Lingsheng. Unfortunately, the latter never appeared again, and the boss never guessed who he meant in the other party’s mouth?

Until that moment, the boss’s doubts for many years were answered.

In the parking lot outside, the black car drove out.

Shi Yunnan in the car looked at the white building standing all year round and suddenly heard Luo Lingsheng asking, “you haven’t finished yet. The first time was because you passed by this store. What happened later?”

Shi Yunnan pinched the cake shell in his hand and answered casually, “of course, he came here again because he likes to eat, and then he formed a habit.”

With that, Shi Yunnan quickly glanced at Luo Lingsheng, and his eyes twinkled.

He just remembered that he came to the store again the next afternoon——

Because Shi Yunnan was so curious about the man who didn’t show his face but paid for them, he wanted to try his luck again and pay back the money after eating at least.

It’s a pity that he returned in vain. Later, he naturally forgot it.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Lingsheng caught his guilty heart.

“Nothing.” Shi Yunnan cleared his throat and secretly mended himself——

When I was young and not sensible, who didn’t have a Yan control?

In order to avoid Luo Lingsheng being jealous, he concealed this little situation. Shouldn’t it be too much?

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