After a Flash Marriage Chapter 66

Two days later, Luo Lingsheng’s operation was carried out on time.

Shi Yunnan waited outside the operating room. He usually felt his heart mentioned to his throat for the first time.

Time passed minute by minute.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes fell on the closed door of the operating room without changing his posture from beginning to end. I don’t know how long it took, his eyes began to sour and astringent.

Qin Jian looked at the time and approached, “Mr. Shi, why don’t you go and have something to eat first?”

Shi Yunnan shook his head.

Under the condition of high tension, his body became stiff.

Qin Jian and Yuan Meng, who was standing on the side, took a look at each other, so they had to move out of their boss as an excuse for persuasion. “The owner said that if the operation takes longer than expected, we must watch you eat on time.”

When Shi Yunnan heard this, he finally had a little reaction. He rubbed his temples, which were swollen due to high tension, and sighed, “just buy me something to drink. I really can’t eat.”


As soon as the voice fell, the door of the operation opened and Dr. Bens, who was in charge of the main knife, came out.

Shi Yunnan turned back slowly. When he got up, his sedentary legs fell hard. Thanks to the quick eyes and hands of the Qin Bamboo Slips standing behind him, he steadied him.

Dr. Bens knew Shi Yunnan and took the initiative to take two steps, “Mr. Shi, I just treated the patient inside. Don’t get me into trouble.”

Shi Yunnan heard his relaxed tone, implied expectation, and carefully asked, “Dr. Bens, how is he and he?”

“It’s almost as expected before the operation. The operation is progressing smoothly.”

Dr. Bens told the truth, but he didn’t guarantee, “as for the postoperative recovery and how much can be recovered, it depends on the patient’s personal constitution.”

He has focused on this medical field for so many years and has seen countless patients, so he can’t summarize it with one result.

“I can only say that Dr. Mitchell and I and our team have done our best.” Dr. burns took the medical book from the nurse and quickly signed his own big letter.

Shi Yunnan’s heart was steady. “How long will he come out?”

“Wait, about fifteen minutes.” Dr. burns gave a rough figure, nodded and returned to the side medical room.

At this moment, Shi Yunnan’s highly strained nerves were completely relaxed. He just felt that his eyes suddenly turned white and almost fell back.

Yuan Meng and Qin Bamboo Slips reacted at the same time and hurriedly held Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan was confused for two or three seconds. After he stood firm again, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Now I know. Waiting outside the operating room for a few hours is much more energy than my overnight design.”

In the past, no matter how hard he worked, he didn’t feel that his mind and eyes developed with him.

Yuan Meng glanced at the Qin Bamboo Slips and said, “I’ll get Mr. Shi something to eat. You wait.”

Qin Bamboo Slips nodded.

Shi Yunnan sat back in his chair and stabilized for a while before he shouted, “… Qin bamboo slips.”


“How long have you been with Luo Lingsheng?”

The high hanging heart fell to the ground, and Shi Yunnan finally wanted to talk.

Qin Jian replied, “at that time before the accident, I was a trainee assistant who had just joined the company.”

The original general assistant was bought by the big house in Luo’s competition and betrayed Luo’s four rooms for money without hesitation.

Less than ten days after Luo Lingsheng woke up from the car accident, he was forced to cheer up from the double imprisonment of grief and pain. Qin bamboo slips were also temporarily mentioned to the position of general assistant.

Shi Yunnan looked at him, “temporary promotion? Then why did you choose to stay?”

According to what he knew, the original Luo Sifang almost lost its core competitiveness. On the contrary, Dafang was sure to win under all kinds of coercion and inducement.

Qin Jian leaned against the wall. “The big house didn’t dig me, but I know they didn’t really mean it under their interests. If something happened, they would not hesitate to abandon my flag.”

“In that case, I prefer the situation of overturning against the wind.”

“In those days, before promoting me, the owner only said to me –”

He has nothing to lose, so even if he can’t win, he must pull others down together.

Shi Yunnan smiled.

This is really like Luo Lingsheng’s style.

Luo’s struggle lasted nearly a year. Luo Lingsheng finally completed the reversal against the wind, but also missed the best period of rehabilitation treatment.

Qin Jian knew what Shi Yunnan wanted to hear and continued, “when there was no accident, you should be one of the best young masters in the Beijing circle of God.”

He is the young master of Luo’s four rooms and the favorite grandson of Luo’s son before his death.

Luo Yanchuan, the “young master of the Luo family” in the nearby population, has nothing to compare with the sound pressure of Luo Ling in those days.

People are tall and look good. Equestrian shooting and other sports are never a problem. Although the temperament looks cold and light, but the behavior and behavior are their own reasonable discretion.

Even without the help of Mr. Luo and his parents, Luo Lingsheng can develop a steadily growing Internet company by himself.

Such excellent people in all aspects can easily win the hearts of people everywhere, and can be regarded as a “mythical” existence.

Shi Yunnan conceived the appearance of Luo Lingsheng, and suddenly regretted that he had returned home less a few years ago.

Otherwise, he might socialize with Luo Lingsheng at some banquets anyway.

Yuan Meng took the food back. Shi Yunnan opened the oat milk for satiety, “what happened later?”

“Once the favorite of heaven, he can only walk in a wheelchair. Even if he sits in the position of Lord Luo’s house, he still can’t guard against those who chew their tongue behind his back. At first, there were fewer people who shoot hidden arrows behind his back in the first two years…”

Gradually, Luo Lingsheng became the ruthless and vicious Luo family owner among the nearby population.

Shi Yunnan chewed oats. “Really? Why don’t I think so?”

Qin Jian and Yuan Meng looked at each other and sighed——

What’s this called?

Those who are preferred are always confident.

Qin Jian concluded, “the owner of the house is one kind in front of you and another kind in front of outsiders.”

Yuan Meng rarely nodded, “Mr. Shi, you are special to the owner.”

Shi Yunnan was coaxed by these two truths, and the fox’s tail was shaking. On the surface, he pretended to be calm, “… HMM.”


I’ll ask Luo Lingsheng to raise your salary later.

Just thinking, the door of the operating room opened again, and Luo Lingsheng lying in the hospital bed was pushed out by the medical staff.

Shi Yunnan quickly walked over and touched Luo Lingsheng’s rare pale and haggard face. At that moment, the ease of his eyebrows and eyes was covered by worry again.

“… Luo Lingsheng.”

Shi Yunnan came close and shouted.

The nurse on one side said, “don’t get so close. The patient’s anesthesia hasn’t completely passed. He can’t hear you…”

Before saying this, Luo Lingsheng raised his eyes tremblingly.

It was obvious that his consciousness was not completely clear, but the second after the shaking eyes reunited, he accurately condensed on Shi Yunnan’s face.

“Did you wait a long time?” Luo Lingsheng’s palm was blind on Shi Yunnan’s fingertips leaning against the edge of the bed, feeling slightly cool, “did you eat on time?”

Which patient cares about such small things in the first sentence after the operation?


Shi Yunnan was stunned for two seconds and felt his eyes moist for no reason.

After he confirmed that the medical staff did not stop the behavior, he bent down and approached Luo Lingsheng, who wanted to cry and laugh, “where can I eat?”

“I finally know what it feels like for my husband to wait at the door when my wife is pregnant and giving birth.”

Luo Lingsheng raised a shallow arc at the corners of his mouth, and his finger belly habitually rubbed against his lover’s fingertips, “he began to talk nonsense again.”

Shi Yunnan could see that Luo Lingsheng was trying to talk to himself. He stopped quickly. “Don’t make trouble with you. It’s okay. You can talk slowly when you have enough rest.”

Luo Lingsheng closed his eyelids slightly, which was a response.

A week later.

Luo Lingsheng, who confirmed that all body values had returned to the normal level, finally returned to the original VIP intensive care unit.

Shi Yunnan sat by the bed and cut the apple skin into a long skin with a fruit knife.

The little goldfish was stunned and held his breath. He was afraid that his small breath would affect Shi Yunnan’s play and make him unable to cut to the top at one breath.

When Kwai saw the child, he quickly put on a red face. Shi Yunnan had to speed up his hand until the intact apple skin fell into the trash can.


The little goldfish suddenly breathed two mouthfuls of fresh air, and then patted his little hand red, “Wow, my little uncle is so powerful! This apple must be very sweet!”

Seeing his lovely appearance, Shi Yunnan couldn’t help smiling at Luo Lingsheng in bed.

He cut out a small piece of apple with a knife and handed it over, “little clever ghost, I see, you are greedy for your uncle’s apple?”

The little goldfish happily took the apple slice, “it’s not.”

He watched Shi yunnanba occupy the bedside position, hurriedly ran to the bedside on the other side, and stuffed the apple into Luo Lingsheng’s mouth, “uncle! Ah –”

Luo Lingsheng smiled and couldn’t bear to live up to his nephew’s kindness.

It’s really crisp and juicy in one bite.

“Is it delicious, uncle?”

The little goldfish’s round eyes stared hard at Luo Lingsheng. He gulped his saliva. He was really greedy.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan divided the remaining apples into two.

“Baby, this is for you.”

Seeing that everyone had a share, the little goldfish immediately ran back to pick it up, climbed onto his little bench and ate it contentedly.

Before long, the medical staff came to check and change the dressing for Luo Lingsheng’s surgical wound.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng’s legs and was a little nervous, “how’s the situation?”

“It seems that the recovery is good.” Dr. burns answered and asked Luo Lingsheng how he felt, “Mr. Luo, what do you think?”

“It’s numb and painful.”

In short, it is the best response to the success of the operation.

Compared with the past state of ignorance and unconsciousness, the existing pain has really been lost for a long time. Luo Lingsheng came from the “sea of knife mountains and fire”. Naturally, he can bear the pain for a while.

“We will arrange and adjust the postoperative rehabilitation according to your physical condition at any time, but we must ensure that the wound is completely healed before implementation.”

Dr. burns is a man who speaks very clearly. He sounds a little rational and cold.

“Mr. Luo, the success of this operation is only the first step, which does not mean a 100% cure rate. You still have to maintain a normal attitude and don’t have too strong hope.”

Lest the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Luo Lingsheng nodded, “I understand.”

The medical staff finished their work and left the room without exception.

Luo Lingsheng actively sought Shi Yunnan’s help, “Yunnan, help me sit up.”

Shi Yunnan picked up a wet towel and wiped his hands. He immediately carefully adjusted his sitting posture.

Two people are very close, breathing occasionally linked together, is an unspeakable heartbeat.

The little goldfish on one side secretly looked at Luo Lingsheng’s legs. In his few memories, Luo Lingsheng never stood and walked like them.


The little goldfish shriveled close.

Shi Yunnan was pulled back by the little goldfish. “Well, what’s the matter?”

The little goldfish wanted to cry and approached, “when can my uncle leave the hospital? My uncle just said that his leg hurts… Hum…”

He is still young. It is very serious for him to be hospitalized when he is ill.

I didn’t feel it some time ago. Now when I heard Luo Lingsheng mention the word “pain” with the doctor, I immediately felt distressed.

Little goldfish likes Shi Yunnan very much, but for him, Luo Lingsheng is the closest elder who has accompanied him since childhood.

Shi Yunnan hurriedly took the little goldfish to the bed and sat down with a helpless smile on his face. “Look, he also said that the little goldfish usually sticks to me? As soon as you say it hurts, the little guy will cry.”

Luo Lingsheng felt a burst of relief when he heard the speech.

When the four rooms of the Luo family were suddenly in great trouble, in addition to Luo Lingsheng, only Luo Jinyu, who was still in his infancy, was left.

All along, Luo Lingsheng has been holding the heart of “father” according to the identity of “Uncle”. Now, he and Shi Yunnan have come together. Their future is doomed to have no biological children.

Although after the same-sex marriage law was passed, the two can go to institutions to adopt those abandoned babies, Luo Lingsheng didn’t have the idea at the beginning——

Little goldfish has always been clever and sensible, and occasionally a little clever.

But Luo Lingsheng, a close uncle, knows that the mind of little goldfish is more sensitive than that of children of his age. Every little thing can make him nervous for a long time.

As elders, what they can do is to give them a sense of security on the growth path of little goldfish as much as possible.

Luo Lingsheng held the little goldfish closer. Few gently and actively wiped the little nephew’s tearful eyes, “today Yu, my uncle is fine. I can be discharged after a while.”

The little goldfish sniffed, “really?”

Shi Yunnan pinched his little milk fat, “really, my little uncle also testified.”

He glanced at Luo Lingsheng and resolutely thought to the good in front of the children, “maybe, when he gets out of the hospital this time, my uncle can take you to ride a horse.”

Riding a horse?


“Uncle, I can only ride a pony now.”

Luo Lingsheng and little goldfish didn’t react at the same time.

Shi Yunnan shook his head when he saw the big and small eyes.

In their childhood, could they only have the fun of burning money such as equestrian and shooting? The so-called “riding a horse” used to be when children sat on the shoulders of their elders and strolled around.

Although Shi Sheng’s heart was broken, Shi Yunnan somehow enjoyed such childhood fun.

“Little uncle.”

Children’s emotions come and go quickly. In a short time, their tears disappear completely.

The little goldfish saw himself sitting between Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, and there was no empty underground bed at all. He endured and finally blushed, “little uncle.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I want to pull Baba.” The little goldfish hesitated.


Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other silently and couldn’t help laughing.

Shi Yunnan smiled and took the little goldfish back to the ground. “Go to the bathroom yourself. Wait, wipe your ass clean.”

When the little goldfish saw that his two uncles were laughing at him, he suddenly turned red from his cheeks to his neck, hurriedly elongated his voice and ran away, “– oh!”

The toilet door at the corner closes.

Shi Yunnan pulled his chair close to Luo Lingsheng and reconfirmed, “do your legs really feel? It hurts?”

Luo Lingsheng didn’t hide it from him, “fortunately, there will be anesthesia after operation.”

At first it was faintly numb, then there was pain in the numb, and now it is clear and unmistakable.

Shi Yunnan sighed, “is it a good thing?”

Luo Lingsheng nodded, “of course.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at his leg again. “If the pain is unbearable, let the doctor give you another injection to stop the pain?”

“No, this pain is nothing to me, so as not to use drugs.”

Luo Lingsheng finally relaxed the string that had been tight for many years. “It’s been a long time. It’s good to feel it.”

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips and didn’t refute his lover again.

They looked at each other silently.

Shi Yunnan suddenly thought of something and suddenly asked, “you really don’t need pain relief?”


Luo Lingsheng only opened his mouth when he refused, and he clearly distinguished the subtle smile at the bottom of Shi Yunnan’s eyes.

He turned slightly to his side and asked with great interest, “no pain needles and painkillers. Does Dr. Shi have any other tricks?”

Shi Yunnan changed his serious appearance in front of children when he saw that the bathroom had not opened yet.

He put his hands on the edge of the bed and leaned over slowly, shortening the distance between them little by little.

Shi Yunnan intimately scraped the tip of Luo Lingsheng’s nose with a full sense of provocation, “Mr. Luo, I’ll try kissing pain relief therapy for you for free? What do you think…”

The aftersound fell on Luo Lingsheng’s active kiss.

At the moment of breathing collision, they restrained their emotional impulse for a long time because of the operation.

Luo Lingsheng buttoned the back of Shi Yunnan’s head with one hand, which did not give the lover the chance to escape the kiss.

The flexible tip of the tongue reaches into the lip and licks any territory that can be invaded.

The crisp and numb feeling rises with the burning blend of breath, ambiguous and affectionate to the explosion of sobs, and the sound of water echoes in their ears.

Shi Yunnan’s arm on the edge of the bed was inexplicably kissed out of strength. He fell and hit Luo Lingsheng’s arms.

He raised his head and withdrew, leaving a wisp of reason and soberness at the bottom of his blurred eyes, “wait… Your legs…”

“It’s all right. I can’t touch it.”

Luo Lingsheng rubbed Shi Yunnan’s lips stained with water light with his finger abdomen again and again, and rarely kindly gave him a little reaction time, “doctor Shi, your pain relief therapy has just begun.”

Luo Lingsheng’s voice was too low and charming, which made Shi Yunnan’s cheeks too hot. “The little goldfish is still in the bathroom.”

“I know in my heart that I won’t let him see what he shouldn’t see.”

Luo Lingsheng gave an explanation and grabbed the warm lips again.

Shi Yunnan was afraid of being bumped into by a little goldfish, while he was uncontrollably disturbed by his lover, “um…”

The time slowly lengthened until they could no longer ignore their physiological reactions. Luo Lingsheng suddenly withdrew from the uncontrolled kiss vortex with Shi Yunnan.

His hands encircled the lover’s waist from top to bottom. After struggling to take a deep breath, he gave his evaluation, “doctor Shi gave very good pain relief effect. I’ll come to you later.”

Shi Yunnan suddenly felt that he had dug a huge pit for himself.

He didn’t fully recover, but he didn’t want to admit defeat. “When your legs are good, you won’t enjoy this pain relief.”

Luo Lingsheng gave him a chuckle and couldn’t help biting each other’s lips. “When my legs are ready, we have to do more than that.”


Shi Yunnan reacted slowly.

He felt Luo Lingsheng’s increasing strength on his waist. Inexplicably, he felt an acid in his waist and abdomen, which made him nervous somewhere in his body.

Immersed in the warmth of kissing, they forgot their little nephew who was still in the bathroom for a while.

At this moment, the smelly little goldfish has long finished pulling and tidy up everything. He lay on the door of the bathroom, cocked up his ears and listened to the movement outside. He looked as tangled as ever——

Is uncle and little uncle booing?

If he goes out now, what if his little uncle is embarrassed again?

Hey, it’s really difficult!


The little goldfish stayed in the bathroom for almost ten minutes.

Until Shi Yunnan realized that the time was wrong, he knocked nervously and shouted him out.

At the same time, the nutritious meal and dinner prepared by the medical center were sent together.

It was getting dark in the evening, and a warm sunset glow happened to be stuck between their windows.

Shi Yunnan groped out his mobile phone and subconsciously wanted to record a beautiful moment. As a result, he found that his mobile phone didn’t know when it ran out of power.

“You eat first and I’ll recharge.”

Shi Yunnan got up from his position and walked to the charging port on the other side.

The mobile phone connected to the power supply soon returned to normal. Shi Yunnan retained his sense of work and clicked on his wechat list to view it.

Unexpectedly, after a brief Caton reaction on the wechat interface, Wen Yibei’s wechat quickly popped up dozens of messages.

Voice and missed communication.

The previous call message that was not connected stayed six minutes ago.

Shi Yunnan converted the domestic time and subtly realized that something was wrong, so without saying a word, he dialed Wen Yibei’s wechat phone.

After a short wait of less than three seconds, Wen Yibei connected the other end of the wechat phone, “Hello, Yunnan?”

Shi Yunnan heard that Wen Yibei had not yet pressed down. He asked directly, “brother, what’s the matter?”

Wen Yibei distinguishes the voice line from his brother’s home, and suddenly brings dignity and anxiety in his always gentle tone.

“Yunnan, something happened to the Wen family.”


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