After a Flash Marriage Chapter 67

When Shi Yunnan walked out of Dijing International Airport with a little goldfish, the housekeeper Qin Bo had crouched at the door to pick up the plane.

Qin Bo waved and shouted, “Mr. Shi, young master.”

The sleepy little goldfish yawned and brightened his eyes, “Grandpa Qin! I miss you so much ~”

With the sweet and soft tone of sleepiness, it’s lovely everywhere.

The housekeeper Qin Bo quickly opened his hand and held the child he hadn’t seen for a long time in his arms.

The little goldfish did not resist his hug at all, and skillfully hugged him. “Grandpa Qin, I brought you a lot of delicious food, all in my small schoolbag.”

“Thank you, young master.”

The housekeeper weighed the little goldfish and confirmed that the other party’s weight was fatter, which made him feel at ease.

“Mr. Shi, the owner ordered your flight two hours ago. Are you tired of this long flight? The driver at home is parked outside. Let’s go home early to have a rest?”

Suddenly, Shi Yunnan decided to come back temporarily.

Luo Lingsheng’s wound after operation has not fully healed, and then there are rehabilitation and other related events, so he can only continue to stay in foreign medical centers.

As for the little goldfish.

Shi Yunnan thought that the uncle and nephew were going to lose themselves. I’m afraid they would stare at each other every day. So after asking little goldfish for his opinions, he took him back to the country.

Shi Yunnan looked at the mobile phone time, “Uncle Qin, go back with the little goldfish first. I have some private affairs to deal with.”

Hearing this, the housekeeper Qin Bo asked, “do you need someone to help?”

Shi Yunnan was afraid of the housekeeper’s worry, so he asked, “it’s all right. I’ll just contact my brother directly because of the bad things in the Wen family.”

Little goldfish opened his schoolbag and found Shi Yunnan two pieces of his favorite white chocolate. “Little uncle, come back early after you’re busy! I want to sleep with you at night.”

He finally got rid of his uncle. He also saved a lot of stories to listen to.

Shi Yunnan took the child’s mind and rubbed his head, “OK.”

After the housekeeper left with the little goldfish, Shi Yunnan thought about sending two wechat messages to Luo Lingsheng to report peace. It was two o’clock in the morning abroad. He was afraid that wechat communication would disturb the lover’s normal rest.

Unexpectedly, the text message was sent out in less than ten seconds, and the Luo Lingsheng at the other end directly dialed back to the communication.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes were slightly stunned, but his fingers pressed the connection two steps faster than his thoughts.

“Hey, why haven’t you slept yet?”

“I know when your flight will arrive in China and deliberately guard this point.”

The sound line of Luo Lingsheng is a little heavy. It enters the ear through the rendering of electronic equipment, which virtually stirs up the heartstrings.

Shi Yunnan’s mind moved. “Well, just arrived.”

Luo Lingsheng was concerned, “are you tired after taking such a long-distance flight? Did Yu trouble you on the plane today?”

“He didn’t bother me. He’s very good. I’ve asked Uncle Qin to take him home first.” Shi Yunnan said on both sides, walking towards the exit agreed with Wen Yibei, “I’ll wait for my brother to meet.”

Luo Lingsheng at the other end of the phone coagulated for two seconds. “Pay attention to rest yourself. If there’s anything difficult at Wen’s house, you can contact me at any time.”

“You can take care of your leg injury. Don’t worry about me.”

Shi Yunnan was talking when he saw the familiar license plate number on the temporary parking lane. The window rolled down and Wen Yibei, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, waved to him.

“Yun Nan, this way.”

Shi Yunnan raised his jaw in response and continued to say to the people on the phone, “my brother has come to pick me up. It’s getting late over there. Let’s have an early rest.”

“… OK.”

Luo Lingsheng only answered two words, but it was so romantic that people felt unreasonably excited.

Shi Yunnan stood in front of the car, pinched his mobile phone and shouted in a low voice, “husband, I seem to miss you a little.”

Two clear smiles came from the other end of the phone, “well, I miss you too.”

Shi Yunnan’s mouth tilted, “good night, I got on the bus.”


Shi Yunnan hung up the communication and landed on the car.

Wen Yibei smiled, “just reported peace to Luo Lingsheng?”

Shi Yunnan fastened his seat belt, “HMM.”

Wen Yibei didn’t ask any more and drove away from the traffic bridge.

The wind blew in from the windows on both sides, and the noise was uncomfortable.

Shi Yunnan simply closed the window to isolate the external noise. “Brother, I can’t say clearly on the phone. I remember my aunt’s company didn’t run well? How could it be suddenly sued jointly by other shareholders?”

Wen Yibei adjusted the circulating temperature in the car and shook his head. “Wen Chenglang embezzled the official seal without telling his aunt and signed two transnational musical instrument transactions for the company.”

This is not a big mistake. After all, as long as the company’s factory smoothly produces goods according to the two consistent standards and delivers the payment on time, coupled with the protection of song Zhiqiu, the largest shareholder, it can naturally make big and small things.

At best, the salesman helped the company grow its business privately.

The bad thing is that Wen Chenglang was greedy and made a yin-yang contract with the official seal.

Not only deceived the opposite family, but also deceived the company’s finance——

For cross-border transactions, he asked to pay a 50% cooperation deposit first, and the other party did so.

But for his own company, he only gave a 30% cooperation deposit and privately withheld a 20% deposit.

“Where did he get the courage? When he finally pays the final payment, he will still reveal his secret.” Shi Yunnan sneered twice and secretly laughed that Wen Chenglang was a fool without a brain.

Wen Yibei guessed his brother’s inner thoughts and continued, “he has a brain this time.”


“Mingming is the price of high standard ebony and Wuyang musical instruments. He stated in the contract that the same high batch of spruce wood, and the same standard of spruce wood, he privately used other miscellaneous spruce wood, mixed it with shoddy work and materials, and so on.”

Shi Yunnan was amazed, “replacing flowers and trees with raw materials? Cutting corners?”

Wen Yibei nodded. “Some time ago, the boss of the miscellaneous supplier was drunk and talked nonsense that the top two musical instrument suppliers in China were using their raw wood.”

The speaker is drunk, but the listener uses his heart.

This has spread not only to other shareholders of the company, but also to the other company.

These two come and go, they pierced the sky.

At present, foreign businessmen demand to terminate the contract and return 50% of the deposit. At the same time, they should also give two quantitative economic compensation according to the contract, otherwise they will sue directly.

“This batch of goods has been produced. Foreign trade customers say no when they are about to deliver. It is obvious that the early investment will be lost. Those shareholders are smart people. Where will they be willing to face their own interest losses?”

They jointly investigated the matter and found that in addition to the excessive yin-yang contract, the company’s working capital had been secretly moved in the past two months, which was also written by Wen Chenglang.

With the superposition of the two events, song Zhiqiu and Wen Chenglang, the mother and son, were naturally pushed to the forefront of the storm.

Some shareholders angrily want to call the police for investigation, privately use the official seal and move public funds. Once established, criminal detention and sentencing are indispensable.

Shi Yunnan’s eyes flashed two threads of silence, “so what my aunt meant was that she wanted to privately pad this huge fee to protect Wen Chenglang?”

Wen Yibei nodded. “I don’t know how much it costs, but it’s estimated to be very difficult. My aunt found my uncle and grandpa two days ago and asked them to come up with at least 20 million.”


Shi Yunnan grinded the groove teeth after grinding.

Is that shameful?

Wen Chenglang’s own trouble is good for the older generation to worry about.

Wen Yibei said what he knew in twos and threes, “you know grandpa’s physical condition. My uncle didn’t want him to bother. I don’t know why she didn’t talk to my aunt. She had the idea of selling Wen’s villa.”

Shi Yunnan resisted the urge to swear, “Grandpa and uncle didn’t promise?”

“Grandpa was so angry that he almost went to the hospital the day before yesterday, so I hurriedly called you. Fortunately, it’s no big deal. Now I live in my house.”

“Uncle, Wen Chenglang, they don’t know my new home address for the time being.”

Wen Yanfeng and Wen Yibei have different ideas. Mr. Wen’s physical condition is not as good as before, and he can’t stand the toss of the mother and son.

“My aunt called me this morning…” Wen Yibei stopped talking for fear that his brother nearby would be unhappy.

Shi Yunnan snorted and laughed twice.

Even before he finished, he guessed that song Zhiqiu must have come to Wen Yibei for money. Between the lines, there must be the meaning of “the Wen family’s kindness to his upbringing”.

“Brother, just ignore her.”

Shi Yunnan told him again and again, but he felt strange in his heart.

According to common sense, song Zhiqiu has been in Huachang musical instrument for so many years. Should he have saved two private assets in his hand? No matter how bad it is, it should be able to barely cover this huge loss?

How can a strong person like her ask others for money?

“You look tired. Why rush back twice?”

“I’m worried about Grandpa, and more worried that you and your uncle are soft hearted and can’t resist the affectation of the mother and son.” The reason why Shi Yunnan came back is naturally that he intends to stand out for his own people when he meets the tough.

Wen Yibei was helpless, “OK, go to sleep for two days first. I’ll call you when I get home.”

Dijing International Airport is a little away from Wen Yibei’s new home. It still takes about 20 minutes to get off the fast track.

Shi Yunnan answered twice and simply put down his seat to make up for sleep.


At the same time, Bauhinia villa.

Two nannies dressed in simple and clean clothes walked on the road full of green plants. She looked down at the fresh ingredients in her hands and was thinking about the cooking steps tonight.

Mr. Wen also told his brother to come before he went out. He had to cook more delicious food today.

The nanny thought of this and accelerated the pace of returning to the villa. She picked up the spare access card to open the door. She just stepped into the house two seconds ago and was hit on the shoulder two seconds later.

Two strange and slightly fat figures burst in unexpectedly.

The nanny sounded the alarm bell and shouted in panic, “who are you? Why are you still breaking into the house?”

“I’ve already inquired. You’re the nanny hired by Wen Yibei. The villa you’re entering must be his too.” The other party confirmed the information on its own.

He looked around for two times and shouted, “Wen Yibei, come out! Where did you hide grandpa! Grandpa, I’m Cheng Lang!”

The nanny quickly put the ingredients on the porch cabinet and rushed up to stop, “you, you get out! Otherwise I’ll call security!”

Wen Chenglang was annoyed. When he saw the nanny stop again, he immediately gave a fierce backhand push, “you old woman, get away and die?”

“– bang.”

The nanny fell on the porch cabinet, and a lot of ingredients on the top fell on the ground.

At the same time, two old voices finally sounded above the stairs, “Cheng Lang, you are so mischievous!”

Wen Chenglang saw the figure of old Mr. Wen and ran up the stairs in three steps and two steps.

His slightly fat face swept away decadence and irritability, showing full excitement and expectation, as if he saw some Savior.

The nanny stood up from the ground with her waist in pain, “old Sir, this is…”

“This is my little grandson, ah Ling. I’m really sorry. Are you okay?” Mr. Wen ignored Mr. Wen Chenglang. Instead, he cared about the nanny first.

The neglected Wen Chenglang changed his face, and his resentment overflowed again.

Nanny sister Ling looked at Wen Chenglang, the uninvited guest, “old Sir, I’ll call Mr. Wen and say it twice?”

“No, it’s estimated that they are driving at this time. They should be back soon.”

Mr. Wen said and looked at Wen Chenglang standing in front of him.

He knew that there had been a “long-standing resentment” between the three brothers, and he didn’t want his grandchildren to rush to get the news, so as not to be distracted and have something wrong on the road.

Wen Chenglang, who learned the two news, noticed that it was bad and immediately made a sound to find his sense of existence. “Grandpa, I beg you to help me, otherwise I won’t be able to hide this time.”

Mr. Wen looked at the nanny who was picking up food and turned his eyes to his grandson. “Cheng Lang, what do you want grandpa to say about you?”

“Grandpa, i… I…”

Wen Chenglang exuded a weak sweat on his forehead and said nervously, “Grandpa, I told you the truth. My mother’s money is about to be lost by me…”

“The company’s affairs can be barely solved with the 20 million you give, but there are other places that need money.”

Mr. Wen took two deep breaths. “Where did you use it?”

Not to mention anything else, song Zhiqiu should be able to save tens of millions of money these years. How can he say it’s gone without it?

“These years, I don’t earn much, but I use a lot of food, drink and fun. I also lost a lot of money learning from others. The main reason is…”

Wen Chenglang Putong knelt on the ground. After days of torture, he finally shed crocodile tears. “Last time I had a dispute with Shi Yunnan. After my hand was injured, my mother gave me her bank card.”

Song Zhiqiu gave his son a large amount of bank card to relax. No matter how much trouble a dandy can make, he will be millions smaller under two kinds of circumstances.

Wen Chenglang said, “I drank too much wine that day and took it off in the casino in two hours.”

Song Zhiqiu was so angry that he almost vomited blood that he broke out the second beating and scolding in recent years. Wen Chenglang knew he had done something wrong, and of course let his mother teach him a lesson.

But he heard later that Shi Yunnan had made money from other rich children, so he became more and more unwilling——

In terms of investment ability, he can’t compare with Shi Yunnan.

In terms of playing ability, he is not as good as Wen Yibei.

It was at that time that Wen Chenglang met the foreign businessmen in the contract through the introduction of others.

“I, I just want to make two more money, make up for the loss I lost in gambling, and give her two surprises from my mother.” Wen Chenglang mends for himself.

It’s just that you forget the pain when you get the scar.

Encouraged by his friends, Wen Chenglang took his earned share to the casino for two laps. As a result, he lost two times.

Wen Chenglang, who was addicted to gambling, believed in usury and was afraid that the profits would not return, so he secretly misappropriated the company’s working capital and wanted to make up for it after winning.

As a result, I was dreaming, and these two series of things were exposed.

Wen Chenglang hugged old Mr. Wen’s leg and refused to let it go. At the age of twenty-four or five, he cried like a three-year-old child, “Grandpa, I’m your only grandson. Please help me!”

“If I can’t make up the money, I may go to jail.”

If song Zhiqiu resells her equity, she will lose control of Huachang. Now the shareholders are staring at the meat in her hand, and the latter is still stubborn.

“You’ve lived in that villa for two years and don’t want to sell it, but I know our Wen family has money! Grandpa, you still have money, don’t you? You’ll give me your property earlier, okay?”

“Otherwise, you ask Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan to make up the money for me. Both of their brothers have money!” Wen Chenglang has ignored it.

“As long as you are a grandfather, they will agree.”

Wen Chenglang inquired about his situation twice. If he was imprisoned, he would have to stay for more than three years and less than ten years.

His life has just begun!

The best two periods of time must not be wasted in prison!

Mr. Wen heard two bouts of dizziness and boredom. “What’s the good intention of bothering your two cousins to solve the confusion caused by yourself?”

He still has some savings on hand, but it was divided last year.

Two for his grandson without his mother, two for his second daughter who married far away in linprovince, and two for the villa. He plans to leave it to Wen Yanfeng and his wife.

Of course, he hasn’t told everyone about it in detail.

Children and grandchildren have their own blessings.

Mr. Wen knows his physical condition and is really unable to take care of these bad things.

Even if he nods to take care of it now, with his little grandson being completely spoiled, I’m afraid he will continue not to reflect and do wrong in the future.

Mr. Wen pressed down his disappointment and said, “Cheng Lang, grandpa can’t help you.”

“– why?”

Wen Chenglang originally thought that these were two conversations with a winning chance. Unexpectedly, old Mr. Wen refused without reservation.

He raised his head and stared at the old man with split eyes. “If you don’t leave the money to my grandson, do you want to leave the money to Shi Yunnan? What are they? Do they deserve it!”


Old Mr. Wen was almost shaken by him and shouted, “Wen Chenglang!”

Wen Chenglang got up from the ground, his cheeks on both sides trembling with anger, “Grandpa, wait! You’ll regret it!”

When Mr. Wen saw the hatred in his eyes, his heart shrank sharply and quickly came forward to grasp his little grandson’s wrist, “Cheng Lang, you…”

“You old man! Leave me alone!” Wen Chenglang broke away from Mr. Wen’s control.

But what both sides did not expect was that the struggle with emotion was too large.

The old man standing at the edge of the stairs staggered and fell down. He rolled several steps before he could barely stabilize himself. He didn’t wait for the pain on his body to react.

Mr. Wen felt that his internal organs suddenly shrank in two, and the sudden severe pain almost took away his consciousness.

“Old gentleman!” Nanny sister Ling rushed to the platform in the middle of the stairs to check the situation.

Wen Chenglang’s anger coagulated on his face and looked at the two scenes that were particularly similar to those in those years.

In just a few seconds, a large amount of guilty sweat rose on his forehead. He completely forgot his identity as a “grandson” and hurriedly fled away.

As soon as Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan got out of the car, they saw Wen Chenglang’s anxious figure.

The two brothers looked at each other and realized something was wrong on the spot.

Wen Yibei took the lead in running back to the main house. Shi Yunnan looked at the direction of Wen Chenglang’s escape, quickly picked up his mobile phone and quickly explained to the person at the other end of wechat.


Wen Yibei looked at the helpless nanny and old Mr. Wen who had fainted on the ground, and suddenly changed his face.

Shi Yunnan, who entered the house later, breathed slowly and hurriedly followed up.

“Brother, hurry up! The second hospital, I saw it when I passed by! It’s close!”

“Yes, good!”

Wen Yanfeng, who learned the news, immediately rushed to the door of the emergency room. After more than ten minutes, song Zhiqiu and Wen Wanyou rushed to the emergency room.

The gentle pomelo looked at Shang Shi Yunnan with a short unnatural expression.

Since she failed to “seduce” Luo Lingsheng at the Wen family birthday banquet last time, she dared not meet Shi Yunnan again.

Song Zhiqiu didn’t pay attention to his daughter’s reaction. He just frowned and looked at Wen Yibei. “Why did the old man suddenly have an accident? Yibei, didn’t you ask him to live in your new home and ask a nanny to take care of him?”

Because of the money problem, song Zhiqiu complained about his father-in-law and husband.

Wen Yibei’s eyes were red and didn’t speak.

Mr. Wen had an accident at his home. Even if it had nothing to do with him as a whole, he inevitably felt guilty.

Shi Yunnan stood in front of his brother and blocked song Zhiqiu’s inexplicable interrogation eyes for him.

“Aunt, if you have the confidence to question my brother, you might as well ask what your baby son has done?”


Song Zhiqiu’s face changed. “What do you mean?”

Wen Yanfeng looked coldly at his wife, and his eyes no longer had any superfluous feelings. “Wen Chenglang spent money to inquire about Yibei’s new home address, and when he entered the house, he had a dispute with his father, who was pushed down by him.”


Song Zhiqiu subconsciously denied that her preference for her son over the years had formed an instinctive reaction regardless of right and wrong.

The elevator door at the end of the corridor opened before the aftersound fell to the ground.

Two strong men pressed Wen Chenglang and dragged him in.

Wen Chenglang had no strength to tie a chicken. He could only shout at his throat, “what are you doing! Let go of me!”

Song Zhiqiu and Wenwan pomelo looked at each other, but they didn’t respond. Only Shi Yunnan quickly walked up, and his eyes were so heavy that people were afraid.

The two bodyguards are subordinates of Luo Lingsheng and are specially arranged to secretly protect Shi Yunnan.

Not long ago, Shi Yunnan saw Wen Chenglang fleeing in panic. When he realized something was wrong, he immediately asked them to find someone.

“Mr. Shi.”

Wen Chenglang guessed that the two bodyguards had something to do with Shi Yunnan. He glanced at the door of the emergency room with a guilty heart and swallowed tense saliva, “Shi Yunnan, you let them…”

Before he could finish his request, Shi Yunnan kicked Wen Chenglang in the abdomen.

“– ah!”

Wen Chenglang’s complexion twisted for a moment.

Song Zhiqiu heard the scream and immediately came forward, “Shi Yunnan, what are you doing?”

Shi Yun turned to the South and showed Leng Hai’s sight. The powerful atmosphere between the two hours stopped song Zhiqiu.

“What am I doing? You song Zhiqiu are doting and won’t teach children. I’ll clean up this shameless dog for the Wen family for free!”


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