After a Flash Marriage Chapter 68

“You, who do you scold?”

Wen Chenglang asked vaguely, and the sharp pain in his abdomen had not stopped.

“That kick was for Grandpa.”

Shi Yunnan clenched his fist and punched Wen Chenglang before Song Zhiqiu caught up. “This punch is for my uncle!”


Another punch.

“My brother beat this punch!”

Wen Chenglang couldn’t help but feel a pain in his cheek and spilled several instinctive help words from his teeth, “Mom, mom…”

Song Zhiqiu seemed to react suddenly. His eyes were red as if he wanted to kill, “Shi Yunnan! Dare you move him again! I’ll fight with you!”

One of the bodyguards was quick sighted and quickly stopped song Zhiqiu before he rushed to Shi Yunnan. “Madam, please pay attention to your discretion.”

With that, the bodyguard pulled song Zhiqiu back without expression, letting her keep a distance from Shi Yunnan.

“You let go!”

Song Zhiqiu shouted hurriedly.

But everything about Wen Chenglang will lose the reason and discretion that a normal mother should have.

The bodyguard remained unmoved. His boss was Luo Lingsheng and Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan took two steps towards Wen Chenglang and grabbed each other’s collar. He raised his eyes and signaled that the bodyguard who originally controlled Wen Chenglang immediately released his hand.

Wen Chenglang’s eyes are full of stars at the moment. He hasn’t escaped from the pain and dizziness at all. He can only let Shi Yunnan pull his collar.

Perhaps song Zhiqiu’s cry was too tearing, and the gentle pomelo on one side finally reacted. She walked forward a few steps and finally stopped one meter behind Shi Yunnan.

“Cousin Yunnan, calm down. What can I do to sit down and talk calmly? Now grandpa is still in the operating room. It’s not good for us to freeze like this.”

“Say, maybe there is some misunderstanding? How can my brother hurt grandpa?”

Wenwan pomelo looked at Wen Chenglang, who was slaughtered by others, and said different things.

As Wen Chenglang’s sister, where doesn’t she know the true face of her brother?

Under the doting of her mother song Zhiqiu, she has set her sights high since childhood. Obviously, she has no ability, but she can’t see others better than herself.

He always takes the flattery of outsiders seriously, but doesn’t listen to his family’s sincere suggestions. He thinks he is right to a certain level, as if the whole earth should revolve around him.

“Why can’t he hurt grandpa?”

Shi Yun turned to the south. His sharp eyes were like a sharp arrow that could break through everything and go straight to the lifeline. “Aren’t you the most direct witness of the old man’s injury and hospitalization after the birthday banquet?”


The gentle pomelo suddenly breathes and coagulates.

When Wen Yibei and Wen Yanfeng heard this, they reacted one after another.


“Wan pomelo, did you see what happened?”

Wenwan pomelo shook her head and dodged a little between her eyes.

In fact, Shi Yunnan was right. She happened to pass the stairs when the incident happened, and she did see the scene with her own eyes——

Wen Chenglang was not satisfied with Mr. Wen’s dissuasion, so he pushed the old man down out of control. As for Shi Yunnan, he stopped fighting immediately after Mr. Wen came out to make peace.

But no one thought that Wen Chenglang’s push actually sent Mr. Wen to the hospital.

Later, Wen Chenglang put the responsibility on Shi Yunnan, and indirectly triggered a fierce quarrel between Wen Yanfeng and song Zhiqiu.

As a witness, Wenwan pomelo hesitated and chose to help her mother and brother hide the facts.

It was because of this that the young gentle pomelo always had a guilt towards Shi Yunnan. Later, with the passage of time, she transformed this guilt into strangeness and estrangement.

Until the news of the flash marriage between the other party and Luo Lingsheng came out, Wenwan pomelo resented in her heart.

Before that, Wenwan pomelo always thought that no one knew that she had witnessed the whole thing.

Now Shi Yunnan is not an 18-year-old boy. How can he not see the gentle pomelo subconsciously dodging? He sneered, “it seems that it was you that I saw the dodging figure at the entrance of the stairs.”

That year, the sudden black pot hit Shi Yunnan, and Mr. Wen never got out of the dangerous period.

18-year-old Shi Yunnan was independent and strong. In that case, he was inevitably in panic and self blame, and did not make a good explanation and counterattack.

Later, after the incident, Shi Yunnan didn’t want to mention it again.

Today, Wen Chenglang once again hurt old Mr. Wen, and song Zhiqiu still wants to push the pot on Wen Yibei and accuse him of his poor care?

The mother and son really know how disgusting!

Shi Yunnan’s face sank again when he thought of this.

He stared at Wen Chenglang’s swollen pig cheek, and caught a glimpse of his red finger joints due to force, “Wen Chenglang.”

Wen Chenglang tried to struggle, but he couldn’t get rid of it. “What are you going to do? Beating someone in the hospital, yes…”

Before he finished, Shi Yunnan suddenly blew up from his chin in the last lap, “this last punch is for myself!”

Shi Yunnan released his hand, and Wen Chenglang fell to the ground without any support, spitting out a mouthful of blood foam.

Probably seeing the blood color, song Zhiqiu’s reason rushed to the edge of out of control again.

She tried her best to break free from the control of the bodyguard. In a hurry, she directly bit the other party’s wrist with her hand.

You know, professional bodyguards have always been quick to respond and protect themselves.

The bodyguard instinctively threw song Zhiqiu to the ground at the moment of pain.


“… mom!”

Hearing the voice of the mother and daughter, Shi Yunnan immediately handed a line of sight to the bodyguard. The latter took the lead, quickly loosened the clamp and returned to his companion.

Wenwan pomelo quickly ran to help song Zhiqiu, “Mom, are you okay?”

Song Zhiqiu’s hair is a little messy. Her eyes are so painful that Wen Chenglang rolls on the ground. Like losing her heart, she pushes the gentle pomelo away.

“Go away! How can you watch your brother being bullied!”


The gentle pomelo was suddenly pushed to the ground by her own mother, and the whole person’s eyes were frozen.

Wen Yanfeng saw this scene, but shook his head sadly.

Wen Yibei went to Shi Yunnan and silently pulled him out of the range that the mother and son could attack. “Yunnan, now the focus is on Grandpa. Don’t make too much trouble in the hospital.”

Song Zhiqiu took Wen Chenglang, who was so sore that she burst into tears and snivel, into her arms. She aimed at her husband, who was watching coldly, and blurted out a painful complaint——

“Wen Yanfeng! You just watched your wife and son being bullied by Shi Yunnan and their two brothers?”

“You don’t care if something happens to our company or your son! Are you still a man?”

The company’s capital loopholes, the return of large orders, and the secret coercion of shareholders… Recently, a series of broken things have strained song Zhiqiu’s spirit to a certain extent.

She really couldn’t stand her husband’s indifference. She took a deep breath and asked, “Wen Yanfeng, you have to get a divorce to pay attention to our mother and son, can’t you?”

Then a nurse came out of the emergency room.

Even if the mask covered most of her look, you can see extreme dissatisfaction and anger in your eyes, “family members are going to quarrel far away! The hospital is not where you quarrel.”

Wen Yibei immediately came forward and asked, “excuse me, doctor, I want to ask what happened to old Mr. Wen Qiming who was sent in before?”

The nurse saw Wen Yibei’s attitude and handsome face. Her attitude eased a little, but she could not make any explanation instead of the doctor holding the knife. “Acute bleeding is still in rescue. We will inform you of any further situation.”

With that, she hurried to the blood bank.

This big family was left at the door of the rescue room again. Wen Yibei’s face was more dignified. He grew up under Mr. Wen’s knee since childhood, and his feelings have always been deep.

Shi Yunnan patted him on the shoulder. “Brother, grandpa won’t have an accident.”

Wen Yibei covered the water light at the bottom of his eyes, “… I didn’t think about it in place. I shouldn’t just ask a nanny to take care of it at home.”

Otherwise, how could Wen Chenglang easily break into the house and cause trouble.

Wen Yanfeng saw two nephews scolding themselves and Wen Chenglang, who was still lying next to song Zhiqiu, and finally made a complete decision.

He looked at Song Zhiqiu with resentment in his eyes and sighed with self mockery, “Song Zhiqiu, when the dust on dad’s side is settled, we’ll go through the divorce formalities.”

“Both children have grown up. You or me, let them choose.”

Without any temperature tone, we must not leave any room.


Song Zhiqiu’s eyes widened in disbelief, and Wen Chenglang, who tried to hide behind song Zhiqiu to “cover up his fault”, also panicked.


Can he still get Wen’s assets?

Wenwan pomelo walked quickly to Wen Yanfeng and tried to stop the decision, “Dad, don’t be angry. Mom just loves her brother so much that she…”

“Does she call it heartache?” Wen Yanfeng interrupted his daughter’s persuasion.

He stepped forward step by step, trying to look at the mother and son alike, “Song Zhiqiu, Wen Rui has been dead for 25 years, do you understand?”


Song Zhiqiu’s body stiffened and his tears hit him.

Wen Rui.

That was their first son.

The child who died quietly because of his parents’ negligence before the age of four.

A trace of grief flashed through Wen Yanfeng’s eyes. “The children don’t know what happened that year, but I know.”

Shi Yunnan was keenly aware of his uncle’s emotions and hinted with his eyes that the two bodyguards should leave first.

Few outsiders should know about past family affairs.

The two bodyguards nodded and silently turned away. Wen Yanfeng threw a grateful look at his nephew, and then began to tell about that past experience.

In those years, Wen Yanfeng and song Zhiqiu had their first son named Wen Rui shortly after their marriage.

The word “Rui”, wisdom, Ming and Sheng, is their best expectation for their children as new parents.

As expected, Wen Rui chose three kinds of musical instruments and music scores. He learned to speak and walk faster than a normal child.

Before the age of four, you can memorize and hum along with the music segments randomly played by adults.

At that time, almost all relatives and friends said, “Xiao Rui is a child of music prodigy. Maybe he can win awards in international competitions and continue to add face to your Wen family.”

But such a bright and lively child had an accident the week before his fourth birthday——

On the day of the accident, Wen Yanfeng, who was still teaching in the University, continued his daily teaching work. Song Zhiqiu and the nanny were watching the children at home.

The nanny went downstairs and burned the rice soup to make up for Wen Rui, so she asked song Zhiqiu, the mother, to take care of it for five minutes.

Song Zhiqiu naturally responded.

During this period, song Zhiqiu, who had just started her career, received a work call. In the gap between her calls, Wen Rui somehow ran out of bed and fainted in the bathroom when she found out again.

He fell and hit the back of his head. When he was sent to the hospital, he had severe intracerebral hemorrhage and was unable to return to heaven.

At that time, Wen Yanfeng was still in class. He didn’t receive his wife’s last phone call. Naturally, he didn’t see his son’s last side.

“… I know that after Xiao Rui left, you blamed yourself and felt guilty to tears all day. You also blame me. As a husband and father, you can’t support your mother and son at the critical moment.”

Wen Yanfeng knows the pain in his wife’s heart, but why doesn’t he suffer?

But fate may have slapped him and handed him a sugar. Two months after Wen Rui’s death, song Zhiqiu, who was deeply in grief, realized that he was pregnant.

Because I didn’t think about food and tea for months, I barely saved my baby.

“You said, this is Xiaorui coming back to you again…” Wen Yanfeng glanced at Wen Chenglang on the side, revealing an unspeakable bitter expression.

In fact, Wen Yanfeng doesn’t believe in reincarnation.

In order to cheer his wife up from grief, he had to acquiesce in the idea and take root in his wife’s heart.

After Wen Chenglang was born, song Zhiqiu took care of her more carefully, even to the point of all-round vigilance. Even if old Mr. Wen wanted to hold his grandson, she would be nervous enough to stop it.

Wen Yanfeng knew that his wife still had lingering fear because of Wen Rui’s death, so she would protect her especially.

But gradually, the love of such protection changed.

Wen Chenglang grew up safely to the age of six or seven, and it was time to be sensible and educated when he did something wrong, but song Zhiqiu kept protecting him and couldn’t blame Wen Yanfeng and outsiders for education.

Once, Wen Chenglang lost his temper and knocked Wen Yibei’s forehead out of the swollen bag with chopsticks.

Wen Yanfeng saw this and gave a severe education. At that time, Wen Chenglang knew to apologize. Unexpectedly, after Song Zhiqiu came home and learned the news, the couple broke out an unprecedented dispute over education.

Since then, song Zhiqiu will move out of the dead Wen Rui at the end of every quarrel about children’s education.

Wen Yanfeng was more and more helpless and powerless.

“A loving mother often defeats her son, and being used to her son is like killing her son.”

“You never agree or obstruct my education of my children, but song Zhiqiu, look, what kind of good son have you taught?”

Wen Yanfeng paused and counted the disasters Wen Chenglang had done in recent years.

“If you do something wrong and refuse to admit it, you have to push the pot. You can’t see that others are better than yourself. If you lose, you will abuse and hit others. If you lose, you will run to gamble and lose tens of millions. Now you dare to take the official seal as a yin-yang contract and misappropriate the company’s money!”

“Why does he dare to do this? It’s not because his father can’t control it and his mother has no bottom line!”

“I wen Yanfeng is not a good father, and you song Zhiqiu is not a good mother…” Wen Yanfeng looked at Wen Chenglang, who is already inferior to his bones, and sighed like his life, “he is Wen Chenglang, not Wen Rui.”

Wen Yanfeng thought of the child in his memory, tears swirling in his eyes.

“I have imagined more than once that if Xiaorui can grow up, he will probably be as excellent as yebei and as bold as Yunnan.”

As a brother, he will take good care of his two cousins.

As the younger generation, Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan did not know the deep sadness of the past. The two brothers looked at each other and felt emotion with Wen Yanfeng’s narration.

Wen Yanfeng had fantasies and expectations about the deceased child, but song Zhiqiu regarded Wen Chenglang as the original Wen Rui since he was born.

In the past, he took into account his husband’s identity and was unwilling to mention “Wen Rui” to touch his wife’s scar, but now he’s wrong.

“Song Zhiqiu, how long will you deceive yourself and others?”

Wen Yanfeng’s last words directly hit song Zhiqiu’s psychological defense line.

“Mom, go to the toilet, go to the toilet.”

“Baby, wait a minute, mom will come right away.”

Song Zhiqiu thought of the last sentence his son left to him, and his tears ran down uncontrollably.

Her Xiaorui is so good that she can’t bear to disturb her work.

She lost her first son in the rising period of her career, and now what about another son? But destroyed all her years of hard work.

The pressure accumulated in recent days completely collapsed at this moment, completely losing the image of being stronger than usual.

“He is not Xiaorui… How could he be Xiaorui…”

“My Xiaorui, my Xiaorui…”

Song Zhiqiu repeated the name Wen Rui, and her attitude has shown everything——

What Wen Yanfeng said is right.

In Song Zhiqiu’s mother’s heart, Wen Chenglang is just a substitute for Wen Rui.

She doubled all the guilt about Wen Rui to Wen Chenglang. Such doting deviated from the original track of maternal love and harmed others and herself.

Wen Chenglang heard his mother crying and whispering, and realized that the truth was like falling into an ice cave.

He shook song Zhiqiu’s arm, “Mom, what are you shouting? I’m the only son you have left in the world!”

“You don’t deserve it! You don’t deserve to be song Zhiqiu’s son!” Immersed in pain, song Zhiqiu pushed him away out of control and shouted.


Wen Chenglang’s hand was frozen in mid air and looked silly.

This is the first time in 25 years that song Zhiqiu has been cruel to him.

Wen Yanfeng looked at the mother and son whose relationship had broken and slowly and rigidly moved away.

As early as day after day, he and song Zhiqiu wasted their affection for each other.

“I’m not kidding about the divorce. You said 20 million before. I can’t let dad pad this bottomless hole for you.”

He may not be a good husband or father, but he can no longer be an unfilial and unjust son.

“I will hire a lawyer to hand over the divorce to him, and he will speak on my behalf at that time.” Therefore, Wen Yanfeng is willing to bear all losses and expenses after divorce.

Song Zhiqiu was immersed in great grief and couldn’t recall.

Gentle grapefruit looked at her embarrassed mother and her completely useless brother, and turned out a cold calculation at the bottom of her eyes. Soon, she covered it up properly and showed a pair of tearful eyes.

“Mom, I’ll help you up first.”

Gentle pomelo helped song Zhiqiu to one side to sit down and whispered, “Mom, you can’t just fall down. Brother is useless, but you still have me!”

“I’ll help you through this pain. I’m your daughter. You can trust me, can’t you?”

Song Zhiqiu holds up to 40% of Huachang musical instruments. If Wen Chenglang is doomed to fail, she has to plan for herself and let song Zhiqiu keep these assets.

The silent silence spread.

The door of the rescue room finally opened. A medical staff shouted with a disease list, “Wen Qiming’s family?”


Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan greeted him for the first time. Wen Yanfeng adjusted his mood and followed him.

The medical staff looked at Wen Chenglang, who was paralyzed on the ground, and frowned slightly. However, she soon regained her consciousness and explained the details solemnly.

“The patient was rescued temporarily, but he was not completely out of danger. He returned to the intensive care unit later…”

Wen Chenglang sat still, his pain had turned into numbness.

He stared at the back of Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan, and his eyes gradually became vicious.

——If Xiaorui can grow up, he will probably be as excellent as Yibei and dare to do and recognize as Yunnan.

For what?

Why should song Zhiqiu regard him as a substitute, and in Wen Yanfeng’s eyes, he can never compare with the brothers? When did he grow up, the pressure didn’t come from the two people in front of him?

If only they disappeared like Wen Rui, no one compared with him. Whether the old man is dead or not, all the assets of the Wen family are his own blood!

Wen Chenglang caught a glimpse of the nurse pushing the tool car and preparing to go to the outside for inspection. His strength was aroused by hatred, and he suddenly got up and grabbed it.

“Be careful, sir!”

There was a sudden sound of panic behind them, and even the medical staff facing them suddenly changed their look.

Shi Yunnan instinctively realized something was wrong. Turning around, he saw Wen Chenglang holding a sharp medical forceps and stabbing Wen Yibei’s neck——

“Brother, be careful!”

Shi Yunnan’s mind suddenly flashed the fragments in the original world line, remembered the end of Wen Yibei’s hands being abandoned, and suddenly stretched out his hand to block the harm for Wen Yibei.

As soon as Wen Yibei’s eyes changed, he never became cruel. He learned from his brother’s first foot and kicked Wen Chenglang’s abdomen with full strength.

“– ah!”

Wen Chenglang knocked over the special tool cart for medical care. The crackling sound was mixed with a scream.

They all looked at the center of the sound source.

Wen Chenglang fell into a mess of broken medicine bottles, with countless small openings on his body and face, but the most shocking thing is——

His palm was pierced by tweezers in an accident. In just a few seconds, blood flowed into a river!


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