After a Flash Marriage Chapter 69

“– ah!”

Wen Chenglang’s scream was about to overturn the ceiling. He curled up on the ground full of medical fragments, and his face faded from red to pale.

He tried to focus his eyes on Song Zhiqiu’s direction, trying to call back his mother’s love, “Mom, I, my hand… My hand…”

“I have to play the violin, mom, mom, help me…”

These words instantly touched song Zhiqiu’s coldness.

As a mother, she has spoiled Wen Chenglang on the tip of her heart for 25 years. How can she be indifferent under such circumstances? Her heart softened again.

Song Zhiqiu, who had regained his mind, was frightened by the blood color and hurriedly ran forward to pull Wen Chenglang up.

She yelled at the medical staff, “what do you eat in the hospital? Don’t you see any injured here? Come and deal with it!”

“My son is a violinist, but his life! How can such dangerous goods be taken out! If the treatment is delayed, I will sue your hospital!”

The nurse whose cart was overturned was wronged in her heart.

These tweezers have been sterilized. Usually no one will take them to stab people. Why are they dangerous goods? And it’s clear that your son was upset first.

The little nurse thought secretly in her heart. She dared to be angry but not speak, so she had to turn her eyes to the doctor at the door of the rescue room, “Dr. Zhang, this…”

Seeing this, Doctor Zhang felt disgust in the depths of his pupils——

If she had just read it correctly, the other party wanted to poke the gentleman in front of her in the neck with tweezers. If she hurt the carotid artery, it would be regarded as intentional homicide?

I can’t blame the hospital.

But after all, the doctor was kind-hearted. Dr. Zhang had to press down his exploration and quickly stepped forward to check Wen Chenglang’s injury.

“It’s too messy here. Call for help and get ready to take tweezers.” When the nurse was told, she ran to ask for help.

Song Zhiqiu once again hugged Wen Chenglang in his arms and comforted him, “Xiao Lang, don’t be afraid, there’s a mother! You’ll be fine.”

Shi Yunnan was too lazy to look at the sit up “deep love between mother and son”, but his worried eyes looked at Wen Yibei.

“Brother, are you okay? Did you hurt anything?”

Wen Yanfeng saw Wen Chenglang’s miserable palm and immediately turned his eyes back to his nephew, “Yibei, are your hands okay?”

Wen Yibei shook his head. “It’s all right, Yunnan. What about you?”

Before Shi Yunnan could answer, there was a question of right and wrong, “Wen Yibei, don’t think I didn’t see it. You kicked that foot just now! Call the police! Wanyou! We’ll call the police now!”

Wen Yanfeng couldn’t help it. “Song Zhiqiu! When are you going to favor him regardless of black and white? Cheng Lang just got out of control first. He did this…”

Song Zhiqiu interrupted, “you father favors two nephews, but I can’t do without my son!”

Her poisoned eyes stuck to Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan, as if she had to send them to hell.

Shi Yunnan hid his right hand behind him and sneered.

call the police?

OK, he is thinking of sending Wen Chenglang, a scum, to prison!

Two bodyguards who heard the news hurried back. One of them saw the mess on the ground and immediately turned his eyes to Shi Yunnan, “Mr. Shi, what’s the matter?”

“You call the police alone and go to the hospital’s monitoring room alone. There are surveillance cameras on both sides to see if you can call up this surveillance video.”

“Wen Chenglang deliberately murdered. My brother and I defended ourselves. I believe Dr. Zhang and the nurse just now can also be witnesses.”

Shi Yunnan clearly said this series, “I want to see who sent who to prison!”


Song Zhiqiu said.

Wen Chenglang shouted vaguely in his mouth. It was so painful that he was about to lose consciousness.

The nurse called for the help of two medical staff on duty and temporarily sent Wen Chenglang, who was seriously injured in his palm, to the treatment room next door.

Shi Yunnan motioned the two bodyguards to keep up with him. The other party understood his intention and hurried away.

“Uncle, you pay first. Grandpa’s business is the most important. The mother and son’s business is temporarily supported by me and my brother.” Shi Yunnan spoke to Wen Yanfeng.

However, there was an obvious suppressed tremor in the tail tone.

Wen Yanfeng frowned, “OK, I’ll go and come back soon. If you have anything, please contact me.”


After Wen Yanfeng left in a hurry, there were only two brothers and a piece of messy ground at the door of the emergency room.

Shi Yunnan stepped back two steps and sat in the chair. The pain finally spilled out, “brother.”

Wen Yibei Yu Guang caught a glimpse of a touch of red on the fingertip of Shi Yunnan’s right hand and suddenly realized something was wrong, “Yunnan, what’s the matter with you?”

As he spoke, he carefully opened Shi Yunnan’s right cuff, and the blood color came into his eyes in an instant.

Shi Yunnan’s right forearm was stained with blood. When he looked closely, there was a short and deep wound hole, which was emitting blood.

With a black sweater as a cover, he pretended to be nothing, so he wasn’t noticed by anyone for the moment.

Wen Yibei breathed anxiously. “What did you just block for me? Why didn’t you say it when you were hurt?”

“Wen Chenglang wanted to stab you. At that time, the situation was too urgent. I instinctively stretched out my hand and didn’t expect to stab you in.”

“Anyway, your neck and hands are not hurt.” Shi Yunnan replied, “I’m fine. I didn’t feel it at first.”

Because the stay time was short, Wen Yibei quickly kicked again, so at first even Shi Yunnan didn’t notice his injury.

It was not until the subsequent pain filled in that he felt something wrong.

Shi Yunnan teased him with a smile, “brother, I didn’t expect your foot to be quite bloody. Would your foreign music fans be surprised if the surveillance video came out?”

Compared with the outcome originally recognized, Shi Yunnan felt that it was good now and was very relaxed.

“Song Zhiqiu also said that Wen Chenglang’s hand wants to play the violin. His pig hoof hand is more valuable than your jade hand. My brother is a world-class cellist.”

Wen Yibei was so angry that he couldn’t laugh. “Don’t be a liar! I’ll find a doctor for you now. If Mr. Luo knows about it…”

“Well, don’t tell him!” Shi Yunnan stopped in advance and told the truth.

“I’m just afraid he’s worried. That’s why I deliberately supported the two bodyguards.”

Shi Yunnan thought of his lover who had just finished leg surgery some time ago, and a trace of tenderness flashed between his eyebrows and eyes. “If he can know later, he will be later. He doesn’t know the best, so that he won’t have to hold my heart in a foreign country.”

Although Shi Yunnan is used to verbal waves, if there is a little red in his usual fight, he likes to look for Luo Lingsheng to pretend to be poor and play with his emotions.

But now he really didn’t have this rippling mind after he was injured. He was eager to hide and don’t let Luo Lingsheng know.

“All right, you stay here and I’ll find a doctor for you.” Wen Yibei is almost distressed.

I knew it would hurt Shi Yunnan. I might as well let the wound pierce my body.

Shi Yunnan glanced at the wound with Yu Guang, endured the pain filled by the wound, and got up straightforwardly, “I’ll go myself. Since I’ve been hurt, I’ll make an injury identification later, just to add some charges of intentional injury to Wen Chenglang.”

Wen Yibei’s sense of Wen Chenglang has dropped to the bottom, “I’ll contact my lawyer friend, but now it’s urgent for you to deal with the wound honestly.”

Seeing that Wen Yibei was really angry, Shi Yunnan quickly became a good brother, “I see, brother.”

In an hour.

The police station made a decision from the monitoring video, medical witnesses and Shi Yunnan’s wound, and forcibly took Wen Chenglang, who had just treated the wound, to the police station for preliminary detention according to law.

“Mom! I won’t go! I don’t want to be detained! I don’t want to go to prison! I’m the one who was seriously injured, I’m the victim! They beat me!”

In full view of the public, Wen Chenglang was trying his best to resist.

The blood on Wen Chenglang’s clothes has solidified, but the palm is still bleeding with gauze, and he looks seriously injured.

But the evidence is conclusive. Wen Chenglang was dragged by the relevant personnel and sent to the police car. Wen Yibei also contacted his lawyer friend to handle the follow-up matters on his behalf.

As soon as the door closed coldly, the police car drove away.

Song Zhiqiu tried to catch up for two steps, but he still fell to the ground with poor energy.

She sat on the ground, and under a series of blows, she became more hysterical and crazy, “Wen Yibei! Shi Yunnan!”

“Cheng Lang is only 25 years old. His life has just begun. Who can’t make mistakes? You two brothers will be punished for being so unforgiving!”

Song Zhiqiu knew that Wen Chenglang had done a lot of wrong things and realized that her love for her son had deviated from the track, but she just couldn’t help explaining for herself and Wen Chenglang——

Song Zhiqiu was still thinking at the beginning that as long as the mother and son could get through this difficulty.

She arranged a relaxed violin teacher for Wen Chenglang, as long as it could make him stable.

As for career and money, she is willing to earn it to Wen Chenglang, his future wife and even children.

But before the dream began, it had been declared broken.

According to the doctor, the tweezers accidentally pierced his median nerve. Even if the wound is complete, it may affect the activities of his fingertips in the future.

Song Zhiqiu looked at the two brothers in peace and couldn’t help drilling up the tip of an ox horn——

Why couldn’t it be their two brothers who had an accident? Why did God give her so much punishment? Is it wrong that she just wants to be a good mother?


Wen Yibei never liked to argue with song Zhiqiu’s nominal aunt, but Wen Chenglang accidentally injured Shi Yunnan and has touched his bottom line.

This time, he wanted to fight back in front of Shi Yunnan.

“Up to now, you still think Wen Chenglang has a heart of regret? He puts the responsibility and fault on others all day and kills them without admitting their mistakes. It seems that it comes down in one continuous line with your mother’s idea!”

Let alone Wen Chenglang, even song Zhiqiu has not been saved.

Shi Yunnan came out from behind Wen Yibei and destroyed song Zhiqiu’s last extravagant hope. “Wen Chenglang is not only detained this time, he is an intentional homicide, and we will sue him to sit through at the bottom of the prison.”


Song Zhiqiu’s heart fell to the bottom of the valley. Suddenly, her eyes focused on Wen Yanfeng, as if she saw the last straw running up——

“Yanfeng! I know you just joked with me! We have been here for so many years, how can we divorce? Will you help me persuade these two nephews?”

“Let them give Cheng Lang another chance? He’s still your child!”

Wen Yanfeng pressed down the last trace of reluctance at the bottom of his heart and tore away song Zhiqiu’s pleading wrist.

His eyes are self reproach and despair. Up to now, his wife has not recognized the facts. “Dad was injured by him twice before and after he was hospitalized. If Yunnan and Yibei didn’t react faster, they might have to die directly.”

“How can I help you? Continue to help the tyrants?”

“Song Zhiqiu, you know my temper. Even if our meeting has a family relationship, we ran to the white head at the beginning, but now, even without these things, we have come to the end.”

“As early as when you interrupted and denied my children’s education again and again, I had lost my qualification as a father and indirectly as a husband.”


Song Zhiqiu was too speechless.

Wen Yanfeng has always been a good tempered gentleman.

In fact, a large part of the so-called disputes between husband and wife in recent years are caused by her dissatisfaction with Wen Yanfeng’s family education. More often, Wen Yanfeng is persuasing and explaining, and she is strongly expressing her dissatisfaction.

It’s probably that song Zhiqiu has been a “strong career woman” for a long time. She never admits defeat in such a dispute. She knows how to handle each other——

One is to mention the dead children, and the other is to use divorce as a chip.

The former relies on Wen Yanfeng’s equal guilt, while the latter relies on Wen Yanfeng’s hidden connivance.

“Are you sure you want to divorce me?” Song Zhiqiu had not found out under the control of anger, but now his inner regret has risen uncontrollably.

She doesn’t want to divorce Wen Yanfeng, not at all.

Determined Wen Yanfeng nodded, “yes, we’re divorced.”

As a husband, he can’t get a little soft talk and respect from his wife;

As a father, he couldn’t get any right to discipline. Even if he wanted to discipline, the two children were spoiled by song Zhiqiu and separated from him.


Song Zhiqiu was given in place by this decisive sentence. Within a few seconds, his legs collapsed to the ground, and his tears naturally fell down.

“If Xiao Rui were still there, our family would not be like this…” she murmured to miss her children.

Only this time, Wen Yanfeng ignored her tears and walked towards the inpatient department without looking back.

Song Zhiqiu stared at the cold figure he had never had before, and could no longer gather a trace of unwillingness, resentment and anger. Her heart was drowned by remorse like a huge wave and cried on the spot——

What has she done all these years?

How could she educate Wen Chenglang like this? And how to push her husband who has always spoiled her and loved her farther and farther until divorce?

If she could do it again, she would not do it again!

Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan shook their heads. The two brothers looked at each other and ignored song Zhiqiu.

Song Zhiqiu’s heart rending cry attracted the attention of others, and her eyes gathered more and more like watching a play.

Wenwan pomelo wants to escape this embarrassing situation directly, but she has to endure it for her future.

She pretended to squeeze out some tears and hurriedly went up to appease song Zhiqiu, “Mom, calm down!”

She pulled song Zhiqiu into the distance and whispered, “brother, he has not been completely convicted yet. He is at most an attempted intentional homicide, but don’t forget that the big thing is the matter over there in the company.”

“If those financial loopholes can’t be filled, not only brother, but also you are in danger!”

Gentle grapefruit maintains absolute rational persuasion, and there is no trace of attachment to family affection in her eyes——

In her opinion, even if Wen Chenglang was caught in prison, he deserved it, so as not to jump outside and keep bothering song Zhiqiu and herself.

Furthermore, if song Zhiqiu can survive the company crisis and Wen Chenglang can honestly go to prison, won’t she be able to get all this as her own daughter?

In this way, she has to thank Wen Yibei and Shi Yunnan for their help.

Gentle pomelo looked at the two nominal cousins who had gone far and thought in her heart.

Song Zhiqiu, who was on the verge of losing control of her emotions, failed to detect her daughter’s intention, but under the reassurance of this “painstaking care”, her reason finally converged.

“Yes, I can’t mess up. Your brother and the company are waiting for me.” Song Zhiqiu tried to calm herself down while sorting out her messy hair.

“I song Zhiqiu can’t just fall down.”

Gentle pomelo stroked her back and took the opportunity to strengthen her sense of existence, “Mom, you still have me! I can help you. I’m also your child. You have to believe me.”

Song Zhiqiu nodded again and again, and a touch of shallow comfort finally filled his cold heart.

The mother and daughter supported each other and left the hospital.


Mr. Wen was transferred to the intensive care unit, and his family can’t visit him. Wen Yanfeng looked at the time. As an uncle, he took the initiative to stay in the hospital and let the two brothers go home to have a rest.

Shi Yunnan has been tossing about since the long-distance flight. His arm still hurts after handling the injury. He didn’t refuse the kindness of his elders, so he simply returned to the luozhai first.

When he returned to the familiar Luo house, Shi Yunnan’s nerves, which had been strained for a day, finally relaxed.

The little goldfish who had just taken a bath saw Shi Yunnan and immediately ran down to meet him, “little uncle! You’re back!”


Shi Yunnan rubbed the little goldfish’s head with a smile. “Are you going to sleep? My little uncle will tell you a story in two days, okay?”

Seeing Shi Yunnan’s forbearance, the little goldfish immediately gave him a hug, “it doesn’t matter, little uncle, but can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Of course.”

Shi Yunnan took him upstairs.

The housekeeper who had just finished cleaning saw Shi Yunnan and approached him and asked, “Mr. Shi, have you eaten? I’ll ask the cook to cook some more for you?”

“No, I ate with my brother outside.”

When they talked briefly, the little goldfish ran over with his familiar blanket.

Seeing this, Shi Yunnan said, “Uncle Qin, please rest early. Little goldfish will sleep with me tonight.”

Qin Bo replied, “well, you can rest early.”

Big and small back to the bedroom.

The little goldfish went to bed and lay down without any fuss. “Little uncle, go take a bath. I’m good, good night!”

When you can save your mind, you won’t cause any trouble to adults at all.

Shi Yunnan nodded, picked up the changed clothes and went into the bathroom. The injury on his arm has been treated in the hospital. He can be cured as long as he applies medicine on time.

It does not affect the activity, and those who are lucky may not leave scars.

Shi Yunnan simply took a shower with waterproof stickers. When he came out of the bathroom again, he found that the little goldfish had slept soundly.

Shi Yunnan lay down lightly. During the time they went abroad, the housekeeper had changed into brand-new sheets and sheets. The smell of the washing liquid was very light and good.

But for Shi Yunnan, the taste is very strange and he is not used to it.

Mingming is exhausted to the extreme, but Shi Yunnan just can’t sleep. He looked inward subconsciously——

The little goldfish tightly wrapped in a small blanket with a familiar smell, and his mouth was close to the edge of the blanket from time to time. He had already fallen asleep and made two small, undetectable dreams.

“Uncle, little uncle…”

Shi Yunnan’s heart suddenly moved. He couldn’t help getting up and went to the cloakroom to find a coat of Luo Lingsheng, and then put it on himself.

The familiar smell left on the clothes came.

Although it was much worse than Luo Lingsheng’s embrace, Shi Yunnan always found a little familiarity before going to bed and lay back in bed contentedly.

The next second, the mobile phone on the bedside table sounded a silent vibration. It was the video communication from Luo Lingsheng.

Shi Yunnan was afraid of making a noise to the little goldfish. When he connected it, he connected the wireless headset, “hello.”

He leaned his cell phone against the napkin box at the head of the bed and lay on his side aiming at the video.

Luo Lingsheng at the other end of the video saw the lover’s coat, and a trace of love flashed between his eyebrows and eyes, “can’t you sleep?”

Shi Yunnan didn’t expect to be grabbed by the master of clothes so soon. His cheeks were slightly hot, “… Husband, I want to sleep with you.”


Luo Lingsheng at the other end of the video was silent for two seconds, but his breathing was slightly heavy.

Shi Yunnan, who was aware of something, snorted and joked, “in the morning, shouldn’t Mr. Luo have any physiological impulse?”

Luo Lingsheng at the other end of the mobile phone was teased by him. He couldn’t help but coax gently, “take your mobile phone closer. I want to see you, good.”

Lying on his side, Shi Yunnan could only reach it with his right hand. As a result, the wound on his arm was accidentally involved and unconsciously gave a stuffy hum.

“What’s the matter?”

The sound line of Luo Lingsheng tightened for a moment.


Shi Yunnan biased his mobile phone. After confirming that there would be no difference, he focused the camera on himself again. “You don’t want to know what I’ve experienced since I returned home?”

“Yes.” Luo Lingsheng answered briefly and firmly.

Shi Yunnan told Luo Lingsheng what happened after leaving the airport. Of course, the only thing he ignored was the fact that he suffered a small injury to his arm.

It is estimated that this wound will heal when Luo Lingsheng comes back.

Luo Lingsheng’s perception of song Zhiqiu and Wen Chenglang’s mother and son has been reduced to the lowest, “Wen Chenglang, do you need me to find someone to help?”

He doesn’t mind letting such people stay in prison for a few more years.

Shi Yunnan thought, “my brother has hired a lawyer friend, so don’t interfere. But there’s one thing I really need you to ask for help.”


“Song Zhiqiu’s company, Huachang musical instrument, you send someone to keep an eye on the situation for me. I’m afraid that things over there can’t be solved, and she will continue to make Yao moths.”

Shi Yunnan thought for a long time. Now the Wen family can’t afford the reconstruction of mother and son and mother and daughter.

Luo Lingsheng answered.

Maybe the smell of the coat played a role, or maybe after hearing the voice of Luo Lingsheng and seeing the voice of Luo Lingsheng in the video, Shi Yunnan fell asleep after a few words.

“I’m sleepy.”

“OK, go to bed. Good night.”

Shi Yunnan dropped his mobile phone, “good night, husband.”

It was not until there was a continuous and steady breath in the video that Luo Lingsheng, who was far away in the United States, hung up the phone.

At the same time, Qin Jian came in from the outside of the ward, “the owner, the two bodyguards who followed Mr. Shi have reported the situation. There was an accident at Wen’s house.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded, “I know, how about Yunnan?”

“The bodyguard said that Mr. Shi didn’t show any difference in front of them, but they got a message from the doctor. It seems that Mr. Shi’s arm has suffered some trauma.”

Because the protection was not in place, both bodyguards planned to “plead guilty” and deduct their wages.

Sure enough, Luo Lingsheng changed his eyes as soon as he heard this.

How long have we been apart?

Well, how did you hurt your arm?

Luo Lingsheng could not blame the lover for deliberately concealing it, but his heart was hanging, “Qin Bamboo Slips, please ask Dr. Bens to come.”

“Home owner?”

“I think I have to go home early.”

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