After a Flash Marriage Chapter 7

Early the next morning.

Shi Yunnan was sitting in the waiting hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau, with a rare feeling of subtlety. He did not expect that this would be the case for the first time in his life to obtain a certificate——

Make an agreement, flash marriage with someone you know less than two days ago.

Nowadays, the society is open, and both the opposite sex and the same sex are legally allowed to marry.

Today is not the weekend, and glanced at him, nor is it a day with special meanings. There are not many couples rushing to get the certificate.

Luo Lingsheng sat in a wheelchair, “Very nervous? Now there is no room for regret.”

Shi Yunnan shook his head fearlessly, “What can I regret for picking up a handsome and golden marriage partner?”

It’s just a fake marriage, and he won’t lose a piece of meat.

The closed door opened, and the staff responsible for leading the process shouted, “The next couple can come in and take pictures.”

In the next second, her gaze was fixed on Luo Lingsheng’s body, and the surprise and regret appeared alternately on her face——

In a wheelchair?

How could he hurt his leg with such a talent? Pity.

Shi Yunnan had noticed her gaze a long time ago and reminded her loudly, “Miss Sister, are we here yet? On the 14th.”

The staff moved their gazes to the side, and when they saw Shi Yunnan’s face, they secretly sighed-this pair is so handsome, and even with these legs inconvenience, they can still get married. Most of them are true love.

“Yes, come in, take a picture and fill in the information.”

Upon hearing this, Luo Lingsheng steered the wheelchair into the room. Shi Yunnan noticed his declining emotions, and followed in with a flick of his eyes.

The setting of the shooting platform is very simple, with a big red curtain hanging on the wall as the background, and even the camera position is fixed.

When the photographer saw Luo Lingsheng’s situation, he took the initiative to remove one chair, and then adjusted the other chair to the height agreed with the wheelchair.

Luo Lingsheng didn’t speak the whole time, his face was not pretty.

The assistant Qin Jian and the bodyguard Yuan Meng who followed came to look at each other, unanimously feeling nervous——

The owner hates being “specially treated” by others, but the photographer is kind enough to step on thunder everywhere, so he almost said, “Because you have inconvenience in your legs and feet, give priority to cooperating with you”.

Shi Yunnan really had any experience in this kind of thing. He sat down and asked, “Shall we sit and shoot side by side like this?”

“Yes. But this gentleman, you’d better tie your hair up and don’t block your face.” The photographer suggested that the length of the young man’s hair shouldn’t be a hindrance, but his face is delicate, and it looks better when all exposed.

Shi Yunnan nodded and fumbled for a small rubber band from his trouser pocket. He glanced at Luo Lingsheng’s stern face, and leaned in front of the man before the staff handed over the mirror.

Shi Yunnan pulled the wheelchair back on the armrest, showing that the cute bad thoughts were hidden, “Wait, you don’t move.”

The distance between the two was suddenly shortened, and the warm breath that was so close was quietly rolling.

Luo Lingsheng hid his back under his clothes, “What are you doing?”

“Use your lens as a mirror, and it will be good soon.”


Luo Ling said with his face close at hand and acquiesced to his behavior.

The young man’s skin was so pale, his apricot-like eyes were shining, and his nose was so beautiful. When he went down, his pale lips were slightly opened, and he seemed to be able to see the pink tongue.

The open collar seemed to be a silent seduction, bewitching others’ gaze downwards.

Obviously he didn’t do anything, but it seemed like he had done all the tricky things.

“Luo Lingsheng, what should I do?” Shi Yunnan murmured his name after his hair was tied up, his eyes were full of triumphant cunning, “You are full of me now.”

Luo Lingsheng stared at Shi Yunnan, without revealing any extra emotions on his face, but when the other party was preparing to retreat triumphantly, he moved

Luo Lingsheng closed the wrist of the person in front of him, his voice deep, “Don’t move either.”

Shi Yunnan was startled, “What?”

Suddenly, Luo Lingsheng reached out to his neckline and slowly fastened the two unfastened buttons.

His fingers were long and thin, but his fingertips had a thin layer of calluses. When he occasionally touched the skin under his clothes, the flash of coolness and numbness caused Shi Yunnan to breathe involuntarily.


Shi Yunnan subconsciously wanted to hide, but Luo Lingsheng followed.

A dark light flashed across his calm eyes, as if staring at the prey prey in his domain, “You are only allowed to play mischievously. I can’t stand it if I move a little? Young Master Shi, who is it? Proper measure.”


Shi Yunnan was blocked by him, and it was rare for him to be honest for two seconds.

Now Luo Lingsheng was satisfied with his hand, “Okay, you can take a picture.”

“Wait a little longer!” Shi Yunnan, who had recovered, was unwilling to show weakness.

He quickly took off Luo Lingsheng’s gold-wire glasses, and deliberately swiped his fingertips along the peak of his eyebrows to find his home court, “Mr. Luo, I think you look better without glasses.”

The photographer who was closest to watch had a hot face

What the hell are these stinky couples playing?

You won’t let me, I won’t let you, but the slimy flirting atmosphere is almost blind!

Shi Yunnan didn’t see the photographer’s reaction, and continued, “This is our first group photo. We have to show it in the best condition. Maybe I will show it off in the future.”

He blinked at Luo Lingsheng, as if the two were not trying to agree a fake marriage, but really intend to rely on this certificate for a lifetime.

Luo Lingsheng did not refuse, “Okay, let Qin Jian hold it first.”


The named Qin Jian quickly stepped forward, took the things and stepped aside again, “Did you find it? Patriarch’s mood improved.”

Yuan Meng beside him did not say a word, but just nodded.

As Luo Lingsheng’s personal assistants and bodyguards, the two know how to look at their faces best.

Compared with the moment when he first entered the house, Luo Lingsheng’s mood obviously changed from overcast to clear, and it was all because of Young Master Shi Er? It’s really weird.

After half an hour, the two got the red book.

Shi Yunnan walked out of the Civil Affairs Building slowly and stuffed a toffee into his mouth. In order to congratulate the bureau, every pair of newcomers who received the certificate can get a wedding candy.

It’s sweet and full of milk.

Luo Lingsheng on the side borrowed his strength to get back into the car from the wheelchair, silently motioning to Qin Jian with his eyes.

Qin Jian reacted and took out a gilded VIP bank card and handed it to Shi Yunnan, who had not yet boarded the car, “Second Young Master Shi, this is prepared for you by the head of the house, and the password is your birthday.”

The two signed a ‘fake marriage’ agreement early in the morning, and what they are doing now is to perform their respective rights and interests.

Luo Lingsheng added, “There is no limit on this card, but the consumption flow will be passed to me in real time. As long as you don’t break the law, it’s your business to spend it.”

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng, and then at the bank card handed to him——

Thanks invite.

Is this what it feels like to be in a rich family?

Shi Yunnan accepted it without burden and smiled brightly, “I used a red book to exchange for an unlimited bank card. It seems that I am quite valuable.”

Luo Lingsheng got used to the jokes he put on his lips, and only asked, “I’m going to a group meeting now. It’s okay for you to take a taxi home alone? I’ll match you with a dedicated driver in two days.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged, “No, as long as you are not afraid of me running midway.”

In fact, Shi Yunnan prefers the sense of freedom of self-driving rather than dominating others to drive, but he didn’t mention this in front of Luo Lingsheng, lest he poke the other’s scars again.

After a minute, the car drove away.

Standing still, Shi Yunnan looked at the bank card he had just received, and sighed with emotion.

He lived for twenty-five years. The first seven years was the second young master Jingui, who was spoiled and grown up. The rest of his life went from loneliness and helplessness to accustomedness to heartlessness.

Shi Yunnan can save money when he has no money, and is willing to spend when he has money. He is not obsessed with getting rich, and even dismisses the Shi family property that others value.

Now that this accidental hit has entered Luo’s house by mistake, and the legal partner is still the head of the family’s Luo Lingsheng, this matter is going to be spread out, and don’t know how many people’s eyes have become popular and how many people’s way has been blocked.

“I have lived without fighting or grabbing for so many years, but the mother and son did not calculate it as a result?” Shi Yunnan sneered, taking in his usual joking expression.

In that case, he would stir up this muddy water.

As for the shit ending in the dream? Roll as far as you want!

Shi Yunnan was not in a hurry to return to Luo’s house, but took advantage of his free time to go to the physical store in the mall.

Suddenly when returned to China this time, getting a certificate of marriage was even more sudden. Since chose to stay in the country for secret observation, had to buy some personal necessities.

Shi Yunnan is accustomed to living alone and doing things in an orderly manner. He bought all the things he needed, and directly asked the running coordinator to help send them back to Luo’s house.

Suddenly, the WeChat communication rang, still with the familiar name.

——Fu Ziyu.

Shi Yunnan remembered something, and quickly answered the phone.

Fu Ziyu on the communication side complained, “I said, ancestors, where are you going to die? I waited at the airport and the day lily was cold.”

“Sorry, I forgot to tell you that I temporarily changed my plan yesterday and didn’t fly back.”

Fu Zi on the other end was gritted with teeth, and there was nothing he could do with him, “I really convinced you, let’s talk, what plan to change? Elder Shi doesn’t force you to get engaged by marriage?”

“No, but I’m married and I just got the certificate this morning.”

The sound on the WeChat end solidified for several seconds, and thundered, “Shi Yunnan, is there something wrong with your brain? It’s easy to jump into the grave? I have asked you about it. The young master of the Luo family, Luo Yanchuan, is not a good seller. He is addicted to wine all day long. Not doing business properly…”

“Ziyu, I didn’t get the certificate with Luo Yanchuan.”

“Huh? Who is that with?”

“It’s a long story.” Shi Yunnan thought about it in a few words, “Why don’t you talk to me afterwards?”

“Okay, I’m going back to China recently. When I meet you, you will confess me!” Fu Ziyu gritted his teeth and demanded, “I don’t want to leave my career abroad. If I go back to my country, I will play a flash marriage? Shi Yunnan, you can Really capable.”

Shi Yunnan chuckled twice, receiving complaints and complaints from his friend.

When the communication between the two of them was hung up, Shi Yunnan found a restaurant with high-end decoration. He chose a seat by the window and ordered some of his favorite food.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, when the passenger flow is the least, there are no more guests in the lobby on the first floor, but there are noises from time to time on the second floor, which is really annoying.

There was another piercing noise.

Shi Yunnan frowned and subconsciously raised his eyes to look at the second floor, but unexpectedly hit a figure——

At this moment, a young man was leaning against the railing of the box on the second floor and looking at him. The other person was the handsome face of Luo Lingsheng. His facial features were very deep, and his long and narrow eyes revealed the charm of a romantic boy brother.

Shi Yunnan’s expression condensed slightly, and his eyes did not dodge or hide.

Just in time, someone put on the shoulders of the young man and followed his gaze to look at Shi Yunnan’s position, “Yanchuan, what are you looking at downstairs from here?”


When Shi Yunnan heard this familiar name, his heart was horrified.

In the next second, his friend recognized him, “Fuck, is the person downstairs Shi Yunnan who wants to marry you? Why did he find him here?”

This word happened to float into Shi Yunnan’s ears, enough for him to confirm the identity of the young man on the second floor——

Luo Yanchuan, the young master of Luo’s second room.

Shi Yunnan’s original marriage partner was also the protagonist of the original world in his dream.


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